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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Tarot Card of the Day - 7 of Cups

Angel Paths: The Lord of Debauch is a deceptive card and can bring in some difficult influences when it's about. We will always be tempted to do things that we will later regret, and we will find ourselves weak-willed when it comes to choosing what we know is the right course of action. And again, the Lord of Debauch might come up to indicate that we are placed in a situation where we can make easy money, or obtain things in an inappropriate and unethical fashion - though it would not cover actual theft. But, for example, buying stolen property, or engaging in trickery to obtain money and possessions would come up here. We might find ourselves showered with apparently great opportunities and have no idea which of them is valid and which is not - then we become children gazing in wonder at the treasure chest of jewels and wondering which one to take first! Perhaps the answer is that if we don't know what to choose, we should consider leaving them all alone!! ... read more>>>...

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