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Saturday, 27 January 2007

The Abyss

The Abyss, where Daath resides, is the gulf or the chasm between the Noumenal (the Spirit) and the Phenomenal (everthing else which is not the Spirit). The Abyss exists between what is real and what is illusionary; between the ideal and the actual; the potential and the manifest.

Above The Abyss, all opposites are reconciled as there cannot be any duality above the Abyss. Below The Abyss all things are in duality.

The Abyss may be described as the gulf separating the individual soul from its source.

It is said that unresolved and irrational elements of the individual 'exist' within the Abyss - which cannot therefore truly be crossed without the elements being completely resolved. It is also said that to cross the Abyss, the Adept has to leave everything behind and give up all that he/she is.

In the Abyss the great demon known as Choronzon is met. It is the arch-demon of dispersion of the individual's false knowledge and is therefore sometimes known as the consumer of human consciousness.

Choronzon can reap major havoc in the life of an Adept it correct precautions are not in place or if the Adept permits the strong displines, gained through the journey up the tree, to not be in place.


Source: The Complete Guide to the Kabbalah by Will Parfitt ISBN 0-7126-1418-4
Page 134 - 135

Monday, 22 January 2007

The Daily Merlin: Mon 22nd Jan 2007

An overview of the current issues with an indication of outcomes:


The cards indicate issues which cannot be resolved easily. The Fisher King (King Of Fishes) reversed indicates extreme emotional injuries which cannot be repaired that easily. If ever. Hanged Man reversed is the betrayal of trust especially linked ot the reversal of 10 Of Fishes.

The fire of the 6 Of Serpents will struggle to restore the balance of these situations. Too much water. Too much.

Temperance reversed is a portend of regrettable decisions and harsh words spoken.

But nowhere in the cards is there indication of loss or endings. Just a very difficult situation not easily solved.


  1. STAR

As it stands now. With the situation running its course, the Star card indicates a favoured outcome. It is a card of calming outside influences. The Queen Of Fishes is the harmony for the Fisher King. The resolution of the issue. With the King & Queen of the same suit together in this matter it indicates a continuining partnership eventually.

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Seeker Of The Red Skin


In the path of the snake

A shade stood amid the sunshine

Watching the desert sand

Realising time has no meaning here

Deep within the thought form world of the inner planes

Enter the seeker

In search of the Red Skin

The bearer of the answers awaits

So way ahead the canyon walls close in

And the loner lives in the isolated cave

Away from the world

Oracle of the forgotten age

Suffering the dreams of a world

The outside place

Created as paradise …

In which facets of the same diamond

Suffer the dreams of separation

Locked tight in the claws of their fears

In a world changed by thinking alone


The music led him far away

The Seeker leaving his thought form world

As fresh air …

It was his destiny to pass the guardians

Through the portal into the other world

In search of the Red Skin

To attempt to find the answer to the mystery

For he sensed he was an oracle

But lacked memory of that time

Or that place

Or the deeds

And he deemed the Red Skin

Free of mortal restraints

Would hold the key to the awareness

And the spirit memories

So he could be the record keeper

And give him that what he sought ….

But out there

He saw the Ancient One

The true record keeper with his familiar mask

And then the seeker left that place

With empty hands

Without the answer

Because he knows it anyway

The stillness is complete

There is no need to recall

For what was has passed

And he should concentrate on the what will be

To ensure it is that which was written

To ensure the balance to the circle ….

Chosen Sacrifices

Take a look around you
See what you can see
Ancient memories once
The present to become the past
To return to ancient memories once more
When flesh turns to dust
And you return to beyond the threshold
Making sense of the thought forms

Take a look around
And see yourself
In all the other eyes
The desires and the drives
Of all those other forms of thought

These are your last moments
On this part of the stage
It seems so unimportant now
But in years to come
You will realise what it was all for

They are the chosen, forgotten lines
Brought here to the end of the line
Subdued by the hidden hands
To silence those dangerous lines

Herded to the end of the world
To hide away that ancient power
Subdued and defenceless
They will never regain that former light

And though you came to this land with many plans
To be the lamb and the light in the darkness
You were never meant to help awaken the sleeping worm
Now is not that time if it is a time at all

You must leave
Perhaps you shall return
But know others of the same lines exist around this globe
More woken, more alive
For the children of the one are clever
They sacrifice some
To hide those where the power resides ….

This realm of the long white cloud
Is not as safe as it has been decreed
Storm clouds gather
And the hidden hand will swoop like the eagle
To destroy

For that is the way it has been planned

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Playlist: The Last Ten Shuffle

  1. Take A Little Time - Gary Moore
  2. You've Got Another Thing Comin' (Live) - Judas Priest
  3. Love Or Confusion - Jimi Hendrix
  4. That Woman's Gonna Break Your Heart - Thin Lizzy
  5. The Number Of The Beast (Live) - Iron Maiden
  6. One And Only - Queensryche
  7. A Winter's Tale - Queen
  8. You Really Got Me (Live) - Van Halen
  9. Egypt (The Chains Are On) - Dio
  10. Over Me - Geoff Tate

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

THOTH Insights

The god of the human intellect, divine thought, the power of the mind of the soul.

The god of writing, scribes, and the moon; depicted as an ibis-headed human or as a baboon.

An ibis headed god. Thoth was said to be mighty in knowledge and divine speech. The inventer of spoken and written language. As the lord of books he was the scribe of the gods and patron of all scribes. He is credited with inventing astronomy, geometry, and medicine. Thoth was the measurer of the earth and the counter of the stars, the keeper and recorder of all knowledge. It was Thoth who was believed to have written important religious texts such as The Book of the Dead.

Egyptian moon deity with the head of an ibis; god of wisdom and learning and the arts; scribe of the gods.

Thoth, pronounced "tot", is the Greek name given to Djehuty, the Egyptian god of the Moon (lunar deity), and consequently wisdom, writing, magic, and measurement of time, among other things, all of which were thought of as connected to the moon in ancient culture (thus the owl as a wise bird to the greeks). As Thoth was the god of writing, and of magic, he was identified by the Greeks with their god Hermes, with whom Thoth was eventually combined, as Hermes Trismegistus.

Monday, 15 January 2007


The soul and the spirit are not to be conceived as being one and the same. The soul or 'Nephresh' is the natural consciousness of life without the higher realisation of worlds which have preceded this world, and the worlds which are to come. The soul is said to go through many formations, transformations & rebirths before it becomes entwined with the consciousness of the overself. It must realise the separation, remember and then re-attain overself awareness.

When it is understood that the soul is not the same as the spirit (the Ruach) it is then possible to petition the Godhead for the higher counsel to achieve true knowledge and true wisdom.

At that time, the Ruach as the spirit of higher reason is granted by the godhead for inspiration and the understanding of the multiple levels of the divine mind.

Finally when the Ruach and the Nephresh are synthesised, the higher aspirations of the union creates the sovereign soul of light known as The Neshamah, which is then called into the light to 'beget the fruits of divinity and anoint those called to the work of the divine mind as a vehicle of higher love and wisdom'.


The apparent power to perceive things that are not present to the senses.

Clairvoyance is defined as a form of extra-sensory perception that it is claimed allows a person to perceive distant objects, persons, or events, including "seeing" through opaque objects and the detection of types of energy not normally perceptible to humans (i.e. radio waves). Typically, such perception is reported in visual terms, but may also include auditory impressions (sometimes called clairaudience) or kinesthetic impressions.

Clairvoyance is "clear seeing" of divinatory information. Parapsychologist generally regard as a form of extrasensory perception.

A paranormal mode of perception, which results in a visual image being presented to the conscious mind. The perception may be of objects orscenes, or forms distant in space, or in time, past or future.

A faculty of seeing with the inner eye or spiritual sight. As now used, it is a loose and flippant term, embracing under its meaning both a happy guess due to natural shrewdness or intuition, and also that faculty which was so remarkably exercised by Jacob Boehme and Swedenborg. Yet even these two great seers, since they could never rise superior to the general spirit of the Jewish Bible and Sectarian teachings, have sadly confused what they saw, and fallen far short of true clairvoyance.

1. the ability to perceive things that are not in sight or that cannot be seen. 2. keen perception or insight.

The paranormal ability to see psychic information, including historical or future events or other phenomena, that cannot be discerned naturally through the five material senses. Also called ESP.

The perception of objects, events or people that may not be discerned through the normal senses. Clairvoyance, or "clear seeing" is a common psychic experience. This seeing may manifest in internal or external visions, or a sensing of images.

is keenness of mental perception, clearness of insight into things concealed from or beyond range of ordinary perception; see "Seeing and Hearing.

The observation of objects or events concealed from or outside the normal range of the ordinary physical senses.

literally means "clear-seeing" and is a term describing the ability of an individual to sense messages or visions using means other than the five known human senses.

"Clear Seeing" - the ability to psychically obtain visions and hence supposedly reliable information. The actual method used might be similar to Astral Projection, or the seer may experience an array of mental images without any sensation of being out of the body (eg Skrying). Clairvoyance is used by numerous magical orders in order to investigate, for example, magical symbols, or to supposedly contact the dead ), or to view real-life locations ("Remote Viewing").

Is the ability to see an image or images from a different realm in one’s mind using the third eye. ESP is a form of clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is often referred to as “the sixth sense”

Either an internal or external vision of present or future events, spirits, objects, places, and people.

The paranormal capacity to obtain information on objects or events that is unknown to others. Also called the Second Sight.

Divination through seeing the future. Clairvoyance specifically refers to the visual image of future events, but other forms of "seeing" the future are commonly called clairvoyance

The alleged ability to see things or events such as the future or things at great distances that cannot normally be perceived by the senses unaided. There are other types of special abilities: 'Clairaudience' which is the ability to hear things that cannot normally be perceived by the senses unaided, and 'clairsentient' which is the ability to experience other people's sensation or feeling.

Seeing in your mind’s eye events or objects from the spirit world

1.A psychic vision of people, events, objects that are not visible through normal sight. 2. Clairvoyance is an extrasensory perception dealing with the past.

Knowledge of external objects or events without the use of the physical senses.

1. the paranormal power of seeing objects or actions beyond the range of natural vision. 2. quick, intuitive knowledge of things and people; sagacity.
Clairvoyance is French for 'Clear Seeing'. It is a word that refers to the ability to perceive people and objects that cannot otherwise be discerned via the normal senses. Many Mediums use Clairvoyance when contacting the deceased, it can enable them to visually perceive a Spirit.

Seeing through inner vision ..........


In my own experiences clairvoyance is the perception which permits humans to realise there is more to mortal existence than what is presented by the five senses. Clairvoyance is a link to the higher levels of awareness and the ability to interface this awareness into our mortal level of consciousness.

Friday, 12 January 2007


In the Hindu tradition, chakras are centers of metaphysical or biophysical energy in the human body. There are generally considered to be seven basic chakras, although some believe in additional minor chakras. Some modern believers in chakras have drawn parallels between the chakra system and the major organs of the endocrine system.

The seven main chakras are visualised as a series of lotus flowers ascending the spine to the crown of the head. Each lotus has a specific number of petals, and each chakra has an associated color, element(s), and source(s) of energy. As the chakras progress from the lowest to the highest, they govern increasingly spiritual functions. As a person becomes more spiritually aware, he or she becomes in touch with the higher chakras one by one, while the lowest chakra relates only to the most basic physical concerns. A brief description of each of the chakras, from lowest to highest, can be found below.

Root chakra: This chakra is believed to be located at the base of the spine and governs basic instincts, survival, and feelings of security. It is said to be associated with the color red and the element of earth, and it is visualized as a four-petaled lotus.

Sacral chakra: The sacral chakra, is said to reside in the groin or pelvis, and is related to sexual energy, emotions, and creativity. It is thought to be associated with the color orange and the element of water. The sacral chakra is symbolized by a six-petaled lotus.

Solar plexus chakra: The solar plexus is the region where the abdomen and the thorax meet. The chakra associated with this area governs digestion, mental function, and power. Its color is yellow and its element is fire. The solar plexus chakra is represented by a ten-petaled lotus.

Heart chakra: This chakra is said to govern love and compassion. It is associated with the entire chest area, including the lungs. The heart chakra is said to be related to the color green and the element of air, and its lotus has 12 petals.

Throat chakra: The throat chakra is believed to be related to communication, self-expression, and growth. It is symbolized by a lotus with 16 petals and associated with the color blue and the element of sound or life.

Brow chakra: This chakra, also known as the third eye, is symbolised by a two-petaled lotus. It is said to govern intuition and perception. Its color is indigo and it is related to the element of light or time.

Crown chakra: The crown chakra is said to represent the pinnacle of spiritual awareness, or connection to the divine. It is symbolized as a violet or white lotus with a thousand petals and its associated element is space or thought.

Thursday, 11 January 2007

Inspired Words: Manipulated Weather, Mars & More

Visionary art inspired by a recent experience:

It was early evening a few nights ago. I gazed out of the rear of our house at the sky to my left. I had no reason to do this. The light had just begun to fade. I had a strange feeling relating to the clouds which were beginning to form as I watched them. I wandered outside. The air was still, quiet, unnatural. A storm was building and a gentle wind seemed to be coming from every direction.

I looked up the sky again. Briefly, I noticed three or four translucent orbs in the sky. They were hovering briefly above the tree line. I perceived they were from the otherworld or otherworlds.

For some reason there is an intervention into the earth's weather at this time. Mankind is tampering with something he doesnt understand ... or maybe does understand! It is upsetting the finely balanced mechanism of the illusory web we call life. There are forced manipulating it to their own means.

There are also forces who are counter balancing this malevolence. These orbs were such a force ...

Later that evening there was a program on the builders of Stonehenge and New Grange. What the presenter was saying felt total bullshit to me! Millions of man hours spent scraping rocks into shape with other rocks! Lifting the rocks with hundreds of men ... primitives making these temples!

I had the insight of a very advanced humanoid race of survivors living on the earth at the time the stone circles and the like were made. With them was their technology. They were able to create these wonderful stone temples in memory of their home world ...

These were our true ancestors. Not the primitives we are led to believe we were.

The stones would have been crafted into shapes by precise lasers. The stones lifted into place by careful and deliberate sound harmonics. Vibrate the stones to the right pitch and they would lose the hold of gravity. Magnetise the stones correctly and they could be lifted easily by one or two people ...

This is true of the pyramids of Egypt; those of the Aztecs etc and all the other artifacts around the world ...

We have been deceived by a malevolent force which developed our genetics for its own purposes when it realised the potential of this world ... maybe following the benevolent force to this world and fighting them. Maybe they were already here ... but Neanderthal man was a genetic fusion between an alien DNA and a monkey/gorilla DNA to create a slave race ....

The pyramid and stone builders were either made to leave this world or were all destroyed by the malevolent ones ...

These ancestors were the Blue Eyed Blond Atlanteans ... the gods of the ancients ... and their enemy and our current rulers were the malevolent evil of latter Egypt and latter Atlantis ... the Sons Of Belial ..

They who rule the 'unruly' slave race today ... they who exploit the resources of the planet and perversely use mankind for their own means ... they are culling mankind because we are too many ....

Hopefully if the ancient builders are still out there they know our plight and will help salvage this planet before it is destroyed ... like Mars suffered a nuclear holocaust ... and Jupiter maybe ... Mars was our home world once ...

Before the Belialians ruined that paradise too ...

It may be down to the DNA hybrids on the planet at the moment to overcome Belial. The genetic ancestory directly from the ancient stone builders who the malevolent ones have tried to eradicate throughout the ages .....

We are here ... and we have had our DNA antenna attuned ... switched on ... boosted and directed out into the far reaches of space where our true awareness exists ... from there we are able to direct our dream puppets within the dream web to realise and to remember ...

It is then what we are meant to do which we have either forgotten ... or have not been told as yet ... because we know Belial has the technology to spy into our minds and influence. Perhaps if we knew then it would be broadcast into the computers of the enemy.

The time has to arrive when we do know because collectively us ancient ones are back ... we are here in numbers and we are drawn to the places we once resided in ... where the stone circles and places of power reside ...

We find the reversal of the energies there ... but we understand and we compensate ....


Matthew James Jan 2007

Now is all of this speculation?

Interesting though .....???


Definitions of KUNDALINI on the Web:

“coiled one” cosmic energy, that lies dormant in a coiled form in the muladhara chakra at the base of the spine. this extremely subtle force, also described as the supreme goddess, is awakened and begins to purify the entire being. As Kundalini travels upward through the central channel, She pierces the various chakras, finally reaching the sahasrara at the crown of the head. There, the individual soul merges into the supreme Self and attains the state of Self-realization

“She who is coiled”; the female energy that lies coiled at the base of the yogic body. Through combined techniques, the Kundalini is “awakened” and made to rise through the charkas to the cranial vault.

"Serpent power," the primordial cosmic energy in every individual which lies coiled like a serpent at the base of the spine and rises up the sushumna nadi. Through yoga it is awakened and made to rise up the chakras to the crown or sahasrara chakra.

A form of yoga practised in India, primarily in the school of Tantra. The term means 'serpent power', the energy which is believed to lie dormant in the human being and which through breath c ontrol and other means is made to travel through various chakras (see above) along the spine to be ultimately united with universal energy or Godhead in the Sahasrara Chakra (the thousand-petaled lotus) located in the top of the head.

a form of yoga (often associated with tantric rituals) that lays emphasis on the spine, sometimes imagined as a serpent to be tamed.

(Sanskrit) Blissful energy dormant within the physical body, aroused through tantric practice and used to generate penetrative insight into the true nature of reality.

("snake"). The spiritual force in every human being that lies at the base of the spine, coiled like a snake. It is also called "serpent power." Once awakened through yoga and meditation, it rises through the chakras, producing spiritual knowledge and mystical powers.

Sanskrit word meaning serpent power; tremendous life-force energy centered at the base of the spine.

The Kundalini (kundala=coil of a rope; Kundalini=a coiled female serpent) is the divine cosmic energy. This force or energy is symbolised as a coiled and sleeping serpent lying dormant in the lowest nerve centre at the base of the spinal column, the Muladhara-chakra. This latent energy has to be aroused and made to ascend the main spinal channel, the Susumna piercing the chakras right up to the Sahasrara, the thousand-petalled lotus in the head.

Literally means the 'coiled one". Like the earth, the body has two magnetic poles; one in the crown, the other situated near the base of the spine and called, Kundalini. Kundalini has the unique property of recognising and responding to the perfectly aligned energy of a Siddha Master. Thus 'awakened', it begins a spontaneous and irresistable inner journey through the six energy centres of the body, towards its counterpart in the crown. In most people the journey is not direct.

A serpentine power that lies coiled up at the far end of the spinal cord and is awakened by the Yogi, through various kriyas which when roused up helps to cross the various bodily centres leading up to Sahsarar or the thousand-petalled Lotus behind the eyes which is the goal of all the yogis. It is because of this that sometimes it is designated as Kundalini Yoga.

Yoga teaching regarding a psychic force coiled at the base of the spine. This force is dormant until awakened through Yoga teachings and techniques. The force then ascends to the chakras, or energy centers in the body, activating them and creating psychic abilities appropriate to the centers activated.

A Sanskrit word meaning snake, kundalini symbolizes the spiritual energy that lies sleeping, coiled like a serpent, at the base of the spine. As it awakens, it moves upward along the spine, into and through one center (chakra) after another, expressing or manifesting itself in various ways appropriate to each level, until finally it emerges through the top of the head, when the separate self (not to mention kundalini itself!

Yog Shakti: Absolute pure Energy; the power of the Self which is permeating every visible and invisible reality, including the mind which grasps them. Every meaning, every sound and every thing manifests out of Kundalini. The practice of meditation awakens this energy which has become confined to the mind, body and senses, and allows it to reunite with the universal source.

One of the forces of nature; the power of Life. It is concentrated and centered within the spine and known primarily to those who attune to it through their spiritual practice.

The phenomena and system of yoga which is dedicated to the raising of 1st chakra chi to the higher chakras for the purpose of consciousness expansion.

Kundalini Shakti or Kundalini power is the vital life force present in each human being, which when activated can instill miraculous powers in him and can help him in scaling great spiritual heights.

Kundalini is the traditional Eastern name for what is called: 'The Master Circuit' within this book. Kundalini is the strongest of all human bio-energetic circuits - the ultimate bio-energetic expression of being. When this is fully activated (when Kundalini rises), a powerful, internal, snakelike energy movement is felt, often accompanied by a painful burning sensation.

(literally, coiled one): The primordial Shakti or cosmic energy that lies coiled at the base of the spine of every individual. Creator and destroyer of reality. Universal power of transformation.


The psychic energy coiled at the base of the spine. Under certain circumstances this energy can be employed in practices for awakening.

"the sleeping power". A power situated at the base of the spinal cord or Sushumna. It is described as being coiled like a serpent in sleeping which can be awakened by meditation and the practice of Hatha Yoga. When aroused the Kundaliní ascends through the chakras of the sushumna to awaken the higher centres of consciousness.

Kundalini is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning either "coiled up" or "coiling like a snake". There are a number of other translations of the term usually emphasizing a more serpent nature to the word— e.g. 'serpent power'. The caduceus symbol of coiling snakes is thought to be an ancient symbolic representation of Kundalini physiology.

Monday, 8 January 2007

The Last Days Of The Prison

After tossing and turning through another sleepless night
The taciturn Sage watches the surrounding world through a sheen of glass
There but not there …
Sharing being part of the race … but feeling alone and out of place
This vale is not suited to his conflagration
The land itself seemingly rejecting his aspirations
So all goes wrong and the inspiration rallies to force his hand
Soon he leaves for an ancient island citadel …

He must break the mould which he has forcibly been lulled into
To regain back what has been lost
And make sense of the light which shines within
That which is wasted in these sleepy shores ….

His light to shine in the way it once did
For him to see the world how he once perceived
To write tales of valour and venture to realms of beauty
Away from the sorrows of the dark pit

And he needs magic as the mood lifter
A source of healing to lift him from the gloom
Inspiration to fuel his aspirations once more
A purpose to carry him beyond the impending doom he feels …

He sits amid the embers of the rising phoenix
As he tries to escape the shackles once more
He feels better than he did … still trapped in stasis
Impatient for the change he knows is on its way

These are the last dregs of the toxins
Soon this landscape shall drift by
And a new shore will be manifested
Its vibrational signature echoed through his being
Its always darkest at the dawn … like now …
At the very end of this chapter time drags its illusory feet …

Holding on
His thoughts drift to the diary of the cryme
To all those pages written
To the pain and the despair hidden in those cryptic walls
He wonders if eyes will ever gaze at the twists in that catacomb
Or has it all been a waste of time?

Mind’s eye cast in reflections which bounce off the mirror
He has no regrets … there is no turning back
This life must come to an end
And the new one fused into his awareness
These toxins shall soon pass
And the new parchment will appear ready for a new written style …

Thursday, 4 January 2007

Sorcerer's Impressions in 2007

So how do I feel right now? At this exact moment? Not deep inside ... because that never changes. Deep down inside I feel eternally calm & still. It's how I feel on the outside I ponder. The player. The dreamer. The separate self .... where the palpatations and pounding heart resides. There in the epicentre of the stress and the trauma. At that point of my awareness I am floundering. I am the tiny yacht spinning in the maelstrom. Powerless to prevent the energies that course through. Subjected to a major task. A huge lesson. Of that I am aware at that level.

But as I shed the layers and explore the underlying levels of my consciousness I know I am ok. I know it is merely an experience to be gotten through. I am apparently coping well. At this sub-surface point I refuse karma and lessons to be learnt. I merely am aware of existence as a dream. As a vibration to cruise along. Manifestations of sound interpreted by the material five senses and the resultant tapestry the reagent which we mortals are governed by.

Deeper still and I care less about the storm my separate self wanders through. It is just a game. A charade. Like a computer virtual reality experience. Somewhere my true self is attached to a computer. Its thoughts are within that inner space and me here is the result.

When I explore my very centre. When I reach beyond the concept of mind and brain and human functions; when I reach to where my awareness resides .... I always reach the same conclusions. I am not really here. There is no here at all. It is all in 'the mind'. I merely witness the outside world. The outside world is part of me as is everything out there. It is a dreamscape. A solid dream. When I 'sleep' the programmed sleep I am free to wander liquid dreams. Dreams which can be changed and merged into others.

Liquid dreams are when my awareness becomes the free radical energy it truly is within this virtual reality game. I discern there are multi levels in the game. When 'souls' 'die' they merely pass to a liquid dream level. But humans think that to be the other side. It is not. It is merely a higher level in the game. When experiencing that higher level it will very much be the same as now complete with form. However realisation will permit the awareness to wander even higher levels and also parallel 'dimensions' ...

Where was I? Yes, free radical energy ... my awareness .... how I am feeling?

I have major changes as the human to experience .... but I can cope with them and I will somehow. It is meant to be. It is not a mistake ... just the result of an unanticipated combination of choices made on the web. Choices which maybe have not been made before ...

A new script perhaps? A new permutation to explore ......

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Avebury Avenue In Black & White

Original Illustration by
Matthew James

Back To The Forgotten


And the mists clear …
The snow melts on the tarmacadam roadway before him
The hedgerows cleared of the throttling weeds …
… dissolving the frost that clings … which had killed the creatures there
Benevolent hands unseen had worked their magic … for sure …

In the meadows vibrant grasses shift in the warm breeze
Healthy Oaks, Pines, Ash & Beech stand proud …
… a magical tree line above which a pastel sky hangs
And there … on the wing … the Hawk hovers …
Perfect talisman for the eyes which seek the sign …

Omen appear perfect
As a wren breaks from the cover of the hedgerow
And flits across the roadway ….
A Dormouse stands close by unperturbed by the presence
Aware perhaps that energies have once more been aligned …

He senses the call of bells distant on the air
A sense of playfulness … then the sight of a orb of blue
Ahead … hanging in the air … awaiting his passage
The bells more insistent then …

Assuming then the wolven form from long ago
He bounds confidentially along the roadway
His altered awareness seeing more than he did before
Wondrous colours dance …
Forgotten doorways lie open
Boundless possibilities hang in the air
… and worlds denied to mortal man stand there awaiting discovery …


His consciousness expands
His thoughts become as one with the world around him
Strands of the infinite web glimmer around his form
As he bounds towards the waiting brethren
And the destiny which had been denied for so long ….

The glorious road glimmers ahead of him
With pangs of regret he spies the lights and forms of home
In his mind he knows it is not yet his time
But is sure the threshold he now crosses leads to that realm
As the wolf he stops and glances back at the known world
Seeing all as it was for one last time


Then permits the magic to lift him into the air
Onto now visible fibres of the web he now lifts
A chosen thread transports him now into the other worlds
And the waiting throng who stand there to greet him


Humanoid visages but not human
Alien yet more human than the mortal world
Telepathic understanding courses through him
As forgotten wisdom fuses with his mortal perceptions

He gains back that which had been hidden
Recovering thoughts he bore in the moments before the fall
Images of who and what and why
Then the form of the Wolf is shed
And he shimmers in that wondrous light
Becoming the changeling once more ….
Part mortal … part alien
The fusing of the races …
The hybrid of white and dark
The stillness between the poles ….

With him and others like him there is hope
The chance for stillness to calm the storm
Merging the delusions of mortal deception into one
Clearing the moss from the path
So the created race of man can be …
So it can attain what its genetics demand
A new race amongst the stars
That which the creator intended …
For the time of slavery must draw to a close
And the dream race leave the orb
For a chance to exist beyond those restraints …


This is without doubt the hardest phase for he … the traveller
As a threshold looms on the trail
Sacrifices stand to be made whatever choice he takes
A feeling of desolation and deepest dread course through him
As he reviews the inevitable …

The choice arrives soon
Ahead the widdy
A thunder filled sky hangs overhead
As he senses the culmination of many spells
This is to be judgement day!

He spies the Abyss and falls to his knees
The cause of the storm hangs overhead
A ghastly presence rises from the darkness
The lurker has made its escape
… and now seeks him ….

Acid spills onto the sand
Corybantic screams taunt him
As the product of his careless spells approaches him
A cloud of madness threatens to consume him
He will go insane under the umbrella of maniacal regret …

He is doomed
There is no saviour in sight … not this time
To escape he must chance the threshold
And leave life’s love far behind
Because beyond he knows is a fast lifting vibration
A swift current to lead him far away
Never to return to that haven …

What they share shall be lost
As he attempts to breach the growing rift
But as sure as he will ascend, so the earth on which she stands … will descend
He will not be able to return

As the ancient forces recruit him
And the veils of concealment fall away
That which was obscure shall be seen
For it could not be in plain view within that shore
The sacrifice had been made
But … lifting currents once resumed …
Shall lead him back into the ranks of the ancient ones

… and that is the reality he most fears
Whereas before he could hide away
He could be obscure … a pauper
Once that threshold is crossed
That life can never be again …

Tuesday, 2 January 2007


Enter the Necromancer into the circle round
After ritual, after ceremony … a revitalised and recovered magic found
Within that sacred space with discipline he enters emptiness
Becomes eternity as stillness
Demands of the flesh forgotten … whims of form denied
In those moments … again … he becomes the truth inside

Formless thoughts drift far
Away from land … reaching star
Remembering the dream … the purpose … identity
Existing as earth, air, fire and sea
Knowing all are vibrations sent from beyond the rapture …

Eyes open … back in the material realm
Suppressed five senses then overwhelm
Vision of the circle round does now fade
Eyes witness the world then that thoughts have made
The interpretation from within the trance
That rapture which the many accept as the only existing manse …

Thoughts merge and fuse
Designed to contradict and confuse
For those truths which lie hidden
Are books made now not to open
Because the trance itself feels endangered by true expression
Its own facets mere illusion craving eternal perpetuation
For when this rapture reaches its conclusion
The trance and its facets will face oblivion

The Necromancer recalls thus the ancient histories
The malice and the evil endured by souls; the trance’s victories
Free from conscience or regret it is unrelenting in its quest for separation
A break from ‘the beyond’ … its own programming over-riding the primal creation …

Through manufactured time and polar comparison
That consciousness contained within … from the awareness of outside the rapture
Has been trapped and has been changed … and all chance escape has gone
Thus aeons of deception, malevolence – ‘evil’ – these dreamers have had to endure
But …

The Necromancer sees now the cracks in the containing sphere
Through arrogance of those primal shards … the original structure of the trance
Hope now shines and in the containment holes appear
He knows he is not alone in witnessing this chance …

Times he knows are changing with unstoppable velocity
As forces from outside rewrite the program, redesign the software
Dreamers which are effectively part of the upgrade enter this mortal ‘ditty’
His role is to find them and let them know he is there
Thus their weight can be combined …
As the anti virus they can upgrade the software and win at last the eternal fight.