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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Image Of The Day

Sigilart 'Force'
original artwork Mathew James

Spiritualism in the 21st Century

It is mentioned in the Talmud that we see things not as they are but as we are. This explains not only why men have trouble finding anything in the kitchen, but also why the moment you understand the law of karma, you no longer get irate about parking fines. The more you see, the more there is to see. The more you know, the more there is to know. For example, take the paradox of love. C.G. Jung, one of the greatest psychologists of last century, said that ‘true love’ doesn’t exist but is a reflection of an inner archetype made real. Paradoxically, the more we search for ‘true love’, the more we learn how to love ourself, and in doing so, allow ‘true love’ to flourish with someone else.

Spiritual symbolism, where inner states are mirrored by outer events, is as old as humanity itself. Our mind uses physical objects (totems, icons and mantras) as means of representing our inner feelings and emotions. Thus, when we see an external object that closely resembles an inner symbol or hear words that resemble known inner dialogues with self, we impart these external sounds and sights as having supernatural, mystical or spiritual origins. That is, a spiritual message arising from a mundane source. The more symbolic our daily life is, the more imbued it is with symbols, and the more symbols and signs begin to appear in our everyday life.

St Francis of Assisi, always bent to the spiritual life, once heard the words ‘Go, and repair my house, which as you see is falling into ruin." St. Francis interpreted this as meaning that he had to repair the church, and so this became the burning mission of his life. If another person had heard those words, they may have interpreted it to mean a need for psychiatric counselling or a backyard blitz. Few would have listened to those words as having a spiritual message. Even fewer would have heeded the implications of those words, or acted upon them the way St. Francis did. Thus it seems that spiritual symbols can be trivial or numinous, depending on the listeners ears, and with them comes a responsibility of acting upon the advice more...

The Necessity for Purity

The cardinal point emphasized in this rule is purity and, in the last analysis, purity is largely a question of motive. If the incentive to action of any kind in the three worlds is based on personality desire and brought about by the applied use of the mind, then impurity characterizes that action. If the impulse emanates from the Dweller in the form, it is then subordinated and controlled by the Dweller to the desired end. Then the characteristic is purity within the group limitations, for absolute purity only exists when entire freedom from control has been brought about. The soul is group conscious and group controlled, and (until the causal body has been overcome and liberation from its control achieved) the real significance of purity will not be comprehended. Suffice it to say that there is a close connotation between impurity and limitation of any kind, physical, emotional and mental.... read more....

Manifesting Your Reality (we create our own illusion)

Anomaly Gallery

More structures from the south polar region of Mars .... the official story reports would have us believe all structures on Mars can only be formed by 'natural means' ... since there has never been, or ever will be, intelligent life on Mars. Structures ... such as these ... provide an alternative, and more likely, insight into what is really on Mars. These structures strongly suggest construction by an intelligent civilisation.

Vaccine Deaths And Injuries Skyrocket As Cover-Up Implodes

'Cases of debilitating illnesses, soft-kill side-effects and even instant deaths as a result of vaccinations across the world are skyrocketing as the cover-up of deadly inoculations implodes and more people than ever become suspicious about what they are being injected with by health authorities who have proven they cannot be trusted.

The implosion of the vaccine cover-up is sure to discourage more parents from vaccinating their children in the coming months, with the swine flu shot now being combined with the regular seasonal flu jab. A recent Rasmussen poll found that 52 per cent of Americans were concerned about the safety of vaccines as we approach the start of school and college terms, where many children and teenagers will be “required” to take shots before they can attend.

A global revolt against dangerous vaccines is brewing following a series of cases where children have been killed as a direct result of inoculations...Read more:

An Epidemic of Ghosts

'Mozambique is being ravaged by an epidemic of spirit possession. These ‘outbreaks’ have traditionally been dismissed as superstition by commentators from afar, but it is becoming increasingly recognised that different cultures have different ways of expressing mental distress and social anguish – to the point where a team of medical scientists have just published the first large scale epidemiological study on spirit possession and its link to mental and physical illness in post-civil war Mozambique.

In this form of possession, the person feels as if their normal identity has been ‘pushed aside’ by a ‘spirit’, who takes control of their body and typically communicates with other people. After the possession episode, the person usually has amnesia for the episode...Read more:

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our Eternity . . .

Inspiration For The Day

“The world situation that life is presenting us with in the 21st century is a natural outcome of the state of consciousness that has created it."

“People having an internal system for understanding life that is based on limited thought processes and giving a view of themselves as separate and insecure individuals, naturally creates a world full of conflict and fear."

“But consider that this may also be part of a perfect unfolding!"

“This may be how life works, that each stage of consciousness along the way in our development brings with it its own crisis."

“Each crisis forces individuals to question their current reality system, and to try to find a new stability by stretching into new versions of themselves with fuller capabilities and by outgrowing any old habits that no longer support them."

“Life creates situations that cannot be solved at their own level because the ways of seeing and knowing that have brought us to this point aren’t working anymore. Our old paradigms and models are failing us and we are forced to let go of our old ways of constructing reality and look again to see what we have missed.”

Inner Sunrise

When today is not going well, it is tempting to focus on tomorrow as a blank slate with all the possibilities that newness provides. It is true that tomorrow will be a brand-new day, but we do not have to wait until tomorrow to start fresh. We can start fresh at any moment, clearing our energy field of any negativity that has accumulated, and call this very moment the beginning of our brand-new day. There is something about the sunrise and the first few hours of the morning that make us feel cleansed and rejuvenated, ready to move forward enthusiastically. As the day wears on, we lose some of this dynamic energy and the inspiration it provides. This may be why we look forward to tomorrow as providing the possibility of renewal. Many traditions consider the light of the rising sun to be particularly divine in its origins; this is why so many people in the world face east when performing ritual. We too can cultivate that rising sun energy inside ourselves, carrying it with us to light our way through any time of day or night, drawing on its power to awaken and renew our spirits. One simple way to do this is to carry an image or a photograph of the rising sun with us in our wallet or purse. We can also post this image on our wall at work or at home, or have it as our screensaver on our computer. When we feel the need to start fresh, we can take a moment to gaze at the image, allowing its light to enter into our hearts. As we do this, we might say out loud or quietly to ourselves, I am ready to let go of the past and start anew. We might visualize anything we want to release leaving us as we exhale, and as we inhale, we can take in the fresh energy of the eastern sun, allowing it to light the way to a brand-new day.

Just For Fun - Name The Songs #11

Another Just For Fun ... can you recognise the artist and the three songs from the following jumble of lyrics?

I have dealt in mysteries and trickery, of light to entertain
Undercover of the veil of your disguise
Looked into the abyss, called it by its name
Restless sleep the minds in turmoil
The men that fear you are the ones that you despise

Stranger than the truth I know before my open eyes
No one's certain what you future will behold
It's getting to me so scared to sleep

But scared to wake now, in too deep.
You're a legend you own story will be told

A clue: the artist has just released a new album; one of the new songs is one of the three here.

Good luck!

Monday, 30 August 2010

Inspiration For The Day

"He who has achieved success has worked well, laughed often and loved much." -- Elbert Hubbard

"Too often, people focus only on results. But getting results without learning something or without having fun are incomplete. So is having fun without getting the results, or having fun without learning something new to help and empower you in the future. Accomplishment is all three: the result, personal growth and having fun." -- Peter L. Hirsch

"There are many aspects to success; material wealth is only one component. ...But success also includes good health, energy and enthusiasm for life, fulfilling relationships, creative freedom, emotional and psychological stability, a sense of well-being, and peace of mind." -- Deepak Chopra

"You don’t have to stay up nights to succeed; you have to stay awake days." -- Source Unknown

Anomaly Gallery - Mars Once More

More evidence of structures on in the south polar region of Mars that appear to be much more than mere natural formations on an empty and lifeless world.

A Word On 'Innerworld Contacts'

There is a simple rule in magical contact work; do not bother to debate the so called reality of your contacts, but do behave as if they are real at the time of communication or interaction. Like people in the outer world, innerworld contacts will come and go; some will prove to be important, others will be fleeting encounters. An innerworld contact that proposes absurd suggestions is just as dangerous as any imbalanced personality making absurd suggestions in the outer world. If a contact appears to be absurd, the magician challenges it; often the image and message will transform if correctly challenged or channelled. (RJ Stewart- Living Magical Arts)

'Ban them for life': England captain Andrew Strauss calls for Pakistan players found guilty of match fixing to be kicked out of cricket

England captain Andrew Strauss has called for anyone found guilty of match fixing to be banned from international cricket for life. His announcement follows allegations that Pakistani bowlers Mohammad Aamer and Mohammad Asif deliberately bowled no balls during the final Test against England at Lord's as part of a betting scam. Four players including the captain and vice-captain were questioned by Scotland Yard over claims that they took cash from an international betting racket. ‘If someone is proven to categorically be guilty then the only way forward is for them not to play international cricket again,’ said the England more...

Manchester United 3-0 West Ham

Wayne Rooney scored his first goal since March as Manchester United cruised to victory to remain two points behind Premier League leaders Chelsea. Rooney converted a 33rd-minute penalty to end a 13-game drought after Jonathan Spector fouled Ryan Giggs. Nani's cool finish from Rooney's neat pass made it 2-0 while Kieron Dyer hit the post for winless West Ham. Dimitar Berbatov capped a fine performance by volleying past Robert Green from Nani's chipped cross. West Ham's defeat left them rooted to the foot of the table and without a point while Manchester United remain third, level with Arsenal. The Hammers' task was always going to be difficult, with Avram Grant's side without an away win in the league since the first game of last season. (BBC Sport)

POLICE STATE – Colorado Cops To Use Biometric Iris Scanners

Anomaly Gallery

More interesting structures on Mars uncovered from Google Mars material ...

Federal Taxpayer Dollars Used to Install Tracking Devices on Preschool Children

'California officials are outfitting preschoolers in Contra Costa County with tracking devices they say will save staff time and money. The system was introduced Tuesday. When at the school, students will wear a jersey that has a small radio frequency tag. The tag will send signals to sensors that help track children's whereabouts, attendance and even whether they've eaten or not....Read more:

Quotes ... for today

"More than any other part of the body, our hands reveal our inner state." -- Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

"What is always speaking silently is the body." -- Norman Brown

An Enlivening Force

We all know inspiration when we feel it. It is a force that enlivens us and activates us to do something-we might dance, sing, paint the house, or envision a new career. We might call an old friend or plan a trip abroad. Whatever the case, doing what we do from a place of inspiration makes all things seem possible. Inspiration sometimes comes out of nowhere, landing unexpectedly in the midst of your life and lifting you out of your habitual mind and into a higher level of seeing. However, we can be more intentional with our relationship with inspiration than just waiting for it to come to us. There are many ways to cultivate its presence, from journaling to scrap booking to visiting with a particularly interesting friend. Finding what inspires you and consciously cultivating it will give you access to new ways of thinking and energy you didn't know you had. Some people find that frequent trips into nature inspire them. Others have a box full of objects-a seashell, an old photograph, or even a collection of rocks-that does the trick. There are as many ways to find inspiration as there are people looking for it. If you already know what inspires you, find a way to incorporate it into your life on a regular basis. If you aren't sure what inspires you, or if it has changed, take some time to think about it. When was the last time you felt the spark of your imagination? When was the last time you acted on an impulse that felt totally right? When we are in the presence of what inspires us, we hear our inner guidance more clearly and we have the energy to follow its cues. If it has been a while since you have been touched by inspiration, you may feel listless and dissatisfied. Know that you can turn things around by remembering what lights you up and bringing that into your life.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Buddhist Inspiration ..

In today’s highly interdependent world, individuals and nations can no longer resolve many of their problems by themselves. We need one another. We must therefore develop a sense of universal responsibility . . . It is our collective and individual responsibility to protect and nurture the global family, to support its weaker members, and to preserve and tend to the environment in which we all live.

Anomaly Gallery ...

More indeterminable anomalies .... more indications of intelligent life?

How to make Magick work

Seek, and Thee shall find - but first man, know thyself.

This is the first adage of magic, and is a phrase that only those who have attained the realization of adept-hood will understand to its fullest.

Knowing yourself is the key to psychic power. All the rituals and spells in the world will never work without psychic power being present in the mind of the practitioner. This is one of the most unspoken rules in the whole of more...

Image Of The Day

Great Langdale, Cumbria, UK
original image GAH

Deadly Fungus Spreading Across US and Canada

'A research study out of Duke University has found that a dangerous mutated form of an airborne fungus called Cryptococcus gattii is spreading across the Northwest United States and some parts of Western Canada. The fungus, which typically only infects people with autoimmune disorders and compromised immune systems, now seems to be infecting healthy people as well, worrying experts. Published in PLoS Pathogens, a journal of the Public Library of Science, the report explains that the new fungus is currently infecting people across the Pacific Northwest region and its scope is continuing to expand. Though the fungus was originally discovered in tropical and subtropical regions, it is somehow thriving in temperate regions far different than its native home...Read more:

The Lost Lands of Mu and Lemuria: Was Australia Once Part of a Sunken Continent?

Lemuria and Mu are interchangeable names given to a lost land believed to have been located somewhere in either the southern Pacific or Indian Oceans. This ancient continent was apparently the home of an advanced and highly spiritual culture, perhaps the mother race of all mankind, but it sank beneath the waves many thousands of years ago as the result of a geological cataclysm of some kind.
The thousands of rocky islands scattered throughout the Pacific, including Easter Island, Tahiti, Hawaii and Samoa, have been claimed by some to be the only surviving remains of this once great continent. The theory of a lost continent in this area has been put forward by many different people, most notably in the mid 19th century by scientists in order to explain the unusual distribution of various animals and plants around the Indian and Pacific Oceans.In the late 19th century occultist Madame Blavatsky reincarnated the idea of Lemuria as a lost continent / spiritual homeland and influenced a host of subsequent occultists and mystics including well known American psychic healer and Prophet Edgar Cayce. The popularisation of Lemuria / Mu as a purely physical place began in the 20th century with ex-British army officer Colonel James Churchward, and the idea still has many adherents today.

But is there any physical evidence to back up these claims of an ancient continent beneath the Pacific or Indian Ocean? Or should these ‘lost homeland’ stories be interpreted in another way entirely, perhaps as the symbol of a mythical vanished ‘Golden Age’ of man?... read more...

Anomaly Gallery

More structures on the surface of Mars that provide strong evidence of an intelligent civilisation ... 'intelligent structures' which are most surely not mere natural formations.


Inspirational music by Tangerine Dream

Inspiration For The Day

The recognition of the Natural Great Completeness does not provide an escape from the experience of being human. Rather, it brings an end to the restless desire for something more or other.

Maddie McCann investigator to get legal aid in battle against U.S. fraud charges

A private detective whose firm was paid up to £500,000 from publicly donated funds to find Madeleine McCann is to get tens of thousands of pounds in legal aid to fight extradition to the US for fraud charges. Kevin Halligen, 50, told Kate and Gerry McCann he could find their daughter but allegedly spent the cash on a lifestyle of first-class flights, chauffeured cars, nightclubs and luxury hotels and goods. In a separate alleged scam he was arrested last November at the £700-a-night Old Bank Hotel in Oxford.
US authorities issued an extradition warrant accusing Halligen of defrauding a law firm of £1.3 million by ­claiming he could help free two men jailed in war-torn Africa. It is claimed he instead spent the money on a mansion. A document filed in the District Court of Columbia claims he took money, saying his firm could help secure the release of two executives from the multi­national company Trafigura jailed in Ivory Coast in 2007 for allegedly dumping toxic waste. He is said to have suggested a rescue operation to fly in South African mercenaries, but it was cancelled. The duo were freed a few months later after a reported £120 million payment. (Daily Mail)

Power Downs, Evacuations, Strange Events in Weeks Before 9/11

Gripe of the Day

Reasonable 3g broadband performance tonight ... but still 482 Kbps short of the advertised guaranteed minimum speed (Which has occurred once or twice in the last 6 months!)

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Anomaly Gallery - Mars Once More

More structures on the Martian structure which provide more strong evidence of an intelligent civilisation on Mars ....

Some Buddhist Inspiration ...

You can think of the nature of mind like a mirror, with five different powers or “wisdoms.” Its openness and vastness is the “wisdom of all-encompassing space,” the womb of compassion. Its capacity to reflect in precise detail whatever comes before it is the “mirrorlike wisdom.” Its fundamental lack of any bias toward any impression is the “equalizing wisdom.” Its ability to distinguish clearly, without confusing in any way the various different phenomena that arise, is the “wisdom of discernment.” And its potential of having everything already accomplished, perfected, and spontaneously present is the “all-accomplishing wisdom.”

New Outrages Keep Gushing From BP

'With BP's well capped and CEO Tony Hayward exiled to Russia, perhaps you thought that surely there will be no additional revelations about BP to enrage you. But now comes this: prison labor.

In its national PR blitz to buff up its image, the oil giant has loudly been boasting that it has hired devastated, out-of-work local people to handle the clean-up. Many have been hired, but the people themselves say not nearly enough. The Nation magazine now reports a big reason for the shortfall — BP has been using inmates to do much of the shoveling and scooping to remove oil from Louisiana beaches.

In the early days of the cleanup, crews suddenly appeared wearing scarlet pants and white t-shirts with bold red letters spelling out, "Inmate Labor." Investigative reporter Abe Louise Young writes that the sight of prison laborers outraged the local community, so they were removed..Read more:

Image Of The Day

A Review ....

The above spread represents a Daily Merlin review of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann ... in an attempt to glean new insights from the situation. Recent connections with one of 'the two old dears' heralded the fact one of the two old dears would, when on the earth plane, communicate with children who had passed over to the other side. This lady is still adamant Madeleine has NOT passed over to the other side. She's adamant Madeleine is still on the earth plane .... further posts relating to this review will be added shortly. The middle row is intuited as being related to all the media deceptions, which seem to have been created as a smoke screen to hide the real events which were unfolding at the time. A 'person of considerable importance' appears to have been close to being uncovered as being involved in the situation ... MJ

Ipod Playlist of the Day

The Creative Work of Sound

One of the primary conditions that a disciple has to cultivate, in order to sense the plan and be used by the Master, is solitude. In solitude the rose of the soul flourishes; in solitude the divine self can speak; in solitude the faculties and the graces of the higher self can take root and blossom in the personality. In solitude also the Master can approach and impress upon the quiescent soul the knowledge that He seeks to impart, the lesson that must be learnt, the method and plan for work that the disciple must grasp. In solitude the sound is heard. The Great Ones have to work through human instruments and the plan and the vision are much handicapped by failure on the part of these instruments. (Alice Bailey)

Sun Storm to Hit Earth With the Force of 100 Million Bombs

After 10 years of comparative slumber, the sun is waking up - and it's got astronomers on full alert. This week several US media outlets reported that NASA was warning the massive flare that caused spectacular light shows on Earth earlier this month was just a precursor to a massive solar storm building that had the potential to wipe out the entire planet's power grid.
NASA has since rebutted those reports, saying it could come "100 years away or just 100 days", but an Australian astronomer says the space community is betting on the sooner scenario rather than the latter. Despite its rebuttal, NASA's been watching out for this storm since 2006 and reports from the US this week claim the storms could hit on that most Hollywood of disaster dates - 2012.
Read more:

Inspiration For The Day

"Breath is the link between the inner and outer worlds." -- Alice Christensen

"Controlled deep breathing helps the body to transform the air we breathe into energy. The stream of energized air produced by properly executed and controlled deep breathing produces a current of inner energy which radiates throughout the entire body and can be channeled to the body areas that need it the most, on demand." -- Nancy Zi

Full-Body Scan Technology Deployed In Street-Roving Vans

'As the privacy controversy around full-body security scans begins to simmer, it’s worth noting that courthouses and airport security checkpoints aren’t the only places where backscatter x-ray vision is being deployed. The same technology, capable of seeing through clothes and walls, has also been rolling out on U.S. streets.'...Read more:

No. 62: Preponderance of the Small / Conscientiousness, Line 3:

"If one is not extremely careful, Somebody may come up from behind and strike him. Misfortune."

The Yi says: Watch your back! The main message and changing lines are all about not overextending yourself in this time of Progress. Line 3 says: Self-confidence is dangerous if it blinds you to reality. As Henry Kissinger famously said, "Even paranoids have real enemies." There are external sources that are indeed hostile to you and your plans. Be alert and be prepared. (Daily Yi)

Anomaly Gallery

More indeterminable objects on the Martian surface that indicate something more than mere natural formations .

Offering Comfort

Sometimes it is difficult to see someone we love struggling, in pain, or hurting. When this happens, we might feel like we need to be proactive and do something to ease their troubles. While others may want our help, it is important to keep in mind that we need to be sensitive to what they truly want in the moment, since it can be all too easy to get carried away and say or do more than is really needed. Allowing ourselves to let go and simply exist in the present with another person may actually provide a greater amount of comfort and support than we could ever imagine. Perhaps we can think back to a time when we were upset and needed a kind word, hug, or listening ear from someone else. As we remember these times, we might think of the gestures of kindness that were the most healing. It may have been gentle words such as “I care about you,” or the soothing presence of someone holding us and not expecting anything that were the most consoling. When we are able to go back to these times it becomes easier for us to keep in mind that giving advice or saying more than is really necessary is not always reassuring. What is truly comforting for another is not having someone try to fix them or their problems, but to just be there for them. Should we begin to feel the urge arise to offer advice or repair a situation, we can take a few deep breaths, let the impulse pass, and bring our attention back to the present. Even though we may want to do more, we do not have to do anything other than this to be a good friend. The more we are attuned to what our loved ones are feeling, the more capable we are of truly giving what is best for them in their hour of need. Keeping things simple helps us give the part of ourselves that is capable of the greatest amount of compassion—open ears and an understanding heart.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Quotes ... for today

"It would be glorious to see mankind at leisure for once. It is nothing but work, work, work." -- Henry David Thoreau

"Anxiety breaks a man’s backbone." -- Hebrew proverb

"Don't hurry, don't worry. You're only here for a short visit. So be sure to stop and smell the flowers." -- Walter Hagen

Gripe Of The Day ... the 3 Mobile Tortoise

3G wireless mobile is on form again tonight ... ! High speed broadband at a blistering 21kbps above dial up.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

A Word on 'Ki Energy'

'Ki' energy is universal life force energy and this energy creates a sense of well being in all of us, which in turn fills us with motivation, lightness and a more positive mind. It helps to maintain true happiness, this happiness of course being Joy. Once accessed, it allows us to feel ‘happy’ a lot more often, leaving little room for thoughts that bring you down. Joy comes from ‘within’ and cannot be fulfilled by something outside of is a feeling that is born of pure contentment and cannot be affected by outside influences. Outside happiness comes and goes but true happiness is born of pure Joy. It resides within our hearts, resonating outwards to all that we touch, see and do. When in this positive state, you find yourself surrounded by other positive people and in situations where the energy is conducive to bringing out the best in more...

Soul Light and Body Light

Enough human units have now contacted the hierarchical plan so that it may be safely concluded that the collective brain of the human family (that entity which we call the fourth Kingdom of Nature) is susceptible to the vision, and has fashioned its lighted form on the mental plane. Later, the thought of service and of self will be found inadequate, and a more suitable form of expression will be found, but this suffices for the present....Alice Bailey...

A Lightning Flash ...

The summit has gone out of view, hidden by thick black clouds
A storm is brewing; I hear the distant thunder
I shiver; the air has grown cold; I sense the hold of winter
There is no new life in this cycle, only destruction
It’s gone too far and a long time to wait for the new era ...

A lightning flash and I see the impenetrable rock walls and the vertical screes momentarily
I wonder how I scaled that tower so easily as a child
Maybe I had wings and I could fly; it appears to be the only way
But how do I adopt that imagination again now I am a man
All that ability seems now so lost to me ....

Extract taken from 'Waiting For The Clouds To Lift' written by Matthew James 11.53 a.m on 10th September 2001


Music by Dream Theater

British clubs await Thursday's Champions League draw

Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham and Rangers will find out their Champions League group opponents in Thursday's draw at about 1700 BST.

Chelsea, United and the Gunners are in pot one, with Spurs - who beat Young Boys 6-3 on aggregate to qualify on Wednesday - and Rangers in pot three.

Holders Inter Milan are also in Pot One along with Bayern Munich and Barcelona, while Real Madrid are in pot two. Any one of the five British clubs could be drawn with Real in the group stages.

The English sides cannot play each other before the quarter-finals, but the trio of top seeds could face Scottish champions Rangers in the group stages. (BBC Sport)

Image Of The Day

Castlerigg Sunset
original image Matthew James

Some More Buddhist Inspiration ...

Everything can be used as an invitation to meditation. A smile, a face in the subway, the sight of a small flower growing in the crack of cement pavement, a fall of rich cloth in a shop window, the way the sun lights up flower pots on a windowsill. Be alert for any sign of beauty or grace. Offer up every joy, be awake at all moments, to “the news that is always arriving out of silence.”

Anomaly Gallery

An interesting landscape on Mars with more than a suggestion of lifeforms ....

Pre-Crime Technology To Be Used In Washington D.C.

'Law enforcement agencies in Washington D.C. have begun to use technology that they say can predict when crimes will be committed and who will commit them, before they actually happen. The Minority Report like pre-crime software has been developed by Richard Berk, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Previous incarnations of the software, already being used in Baltimore and Philadelphia were limited to predictions of murders by and among parolees and offenders on probation....Read more:

The Government's New Right to Track Your Every Move With GPS

'Government agents can sneak onto your property in the middle of the night, put a GPS device on the bottom of your car and keep track of everywhere you go. This doesn't violate your Fourth Amendment rights, because you do not have any reasonable expectation of privacy in your own driveway - and no reasonable expectation that the government isn't tracking your movements. That is the bizarre - and scary - rule that now applies in California and eight other Western states. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, which covers this vast jurisdiction, recently decided the government can monitor you in this way virtually anytime it wants - with no need for a search warrant...Read more:

America’s Mental Illness Epidemic: It Turns Out That the Drugs are the Problem

'Tens of millions of innocent, unsuspecting Americans, who are mired deeply in the mental “health” system, have actually been made crazy by the use of or the withdrawal from commonly-prescribed, brain-altering, brain-disabling, indeed brain-damaging psychiatric drugs that have been, for many decades, cavalierly handed out like candy -- often in untested and therefore unapproved combinations of drugs -- to trusting and unaware patients by equally unaware but well-intentioned physicians who have been under the mesmerizing influence of slick and obscenely profitable psychopharmaceutical drug companies, a.k.a. BigPharma...Read more:

Softening and Expanding

In order to get what we want in life, we have to be willing to receive it when it appears, and in order to do that we have to be open. Often we go through life with defenses we developed early on in order to protect ourselves. These defenses act as barriers, walls we needed at one time to feel safe, but that now serve to shut out desired influences, like intimacy or love. So an essential part of being receptive to what we want is to soften these barriers enough to let those things in when they show up. For example, we may spend a lot of time alone as a way to protect ourselves from being hurt by other people, but we can see how this is now preventing us from meeting new friends. Another obstacle to our receptivity can be our tendency to believe that we have to act aggressively in order to achieve our desired goal. This can cause us to become mono-focused and to fail to see, and be open to, opportunities on the periphery of our vision. So becoming receptive involves a softening of our defenses and a willingness to remain open to possibilities outside our immediate realm of vision. If we are looking for love or friendship, it means first looking within ourselves to see where we are shut down, and second, not getting too fixated on where we might find the love we want. In this way, we become more open as individuals and more expansive in terms of what we see as possible. Often, the things and people we want to draw into our lives elude us because we are unconsciously blocking them out, either with our defenses, or with tunnel vision that causes us to not see them when they appear. When this is the case, we can take action by exploring and softening our barriers, and expanding our vision to encompass new possibilities. These actions are the essence of receptivity.

Quotes ... for today

"Character isn’t inherited. One builds it daily by the way one thinks and acts, thought by thought, action by action. If one lets fear or hate or anger take possession of the mind, they become self-forged chains." -- Helen Douglas

"Too often we underestimate how quickly our feelings are going to change because we underestimate our ability to change them." -- David Gilbert

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Discovered beyond the sun: Solar system with seven planets

A solar system containing up to seven planets orbiting a sun-like star has been detected 127 light years from Earth. The planetary system is believed to be the largest ever discovered beyond the sun. Astronomers have confirmed the presence of five planets and have tantalising evidence of two more. And it comes as Nasa has said that it plans to make an announcement about an 'intriguing' planetary system that it has discovered using the Kepler space telescope. Kepler looks at the telltale 'wobble' as planets pass in front of distant stars and, earlier this year, astronomers announced that it had discovered more than 700 possible planets. The conference is scheduled for 1pm EDT (6pm BST).The distance of the planets from their parent star follow a regular pattern, similar to that seen in our own solar system. 'We have found what is most likely the system with the most planets yet discovered,' said Dr Christophe Lovis, who led the European Southern Observatory (ESO) scientists. (Daily Mail)

Buddhist Inspiration ..

"Many people think of excitement as happiness. They are thinking of something, or expecting something that they consider to be happiness, and for them, that is already happiness. But when you are excited you are not peaceful. True happiness is based on peace."---The Art of Power"

Cinderella Search

Classic Marillion with Fish on vocals

Anomaly Gallery

There are numerous indeterminable anomalies within this martian landscape. There are numerous potential lifeforms ...

Kellogg's Loves Their Frankenfood Ingredients!

'Please take a moment to write to Christina. Let her know that genetic contamination of organic isn't an excuse to grow more Frankencrops, it's one of the reasons we need to get "biotech" out of the food business. Teach her the dangers genetically engineered ingredients pose to human health and the damage genetically engineered crops are doing the environment. Tell her that you're part of the Kellogg's boycott, and, until they give up genetically engineered ingredients, you'll be avoiding their products...Read more:

UN Carbon Trading Scheme: $2.7 Billion Market Could Be 'Biggest Environmental Scandal In History'

'An obscure U.N. board that oversees a $2.7 billion market intended to cut heat-trapping gases has agreed to take steps that could lead to it eventually reining in what European and U.S. environmentalists are calling a huge scam.

At a meeting this week that ended Friday, the executive board of the U.N.'s Clean Development Mechanism said that five chemical plants in China would no longer qualify for funding as so-called carbon offset credits until the environmentalists' claims can be further investigated...Read more:

Just For Fun: The Seasiders Vs Fulham

A deep breathe and 'say what you see' time as this type of prediction is still a learning curve. The death card depicts Fulham's colours and represents 'out with the old and in with the new' .... Fulham end their drawing streak is the obvious? The High Priestess sits in the middle to bring in a portend of the unexpected/the divine intervention. Is there a high wind on the day of the match? Wind assistance ... ??? The High Priestess shows on its pillars two letters ... B & J ... perhaps initials of goalscorers? B for a Seasider's player (Baptiste or Basham?) ... and J for a Fulham (Johnson)? Or applying numerology is it B=2 and J=1 .... is this the scoreline 2v1??? Or are we looking at 3 v 0 to the team in black and white (Fulham) with two goals in one half and one in the other?

Update (31st August 2010)
Still a learning curve! Ok, so the Seasiders were winning 2 v 1 with 3 minutes to go ... that bit was correct. But, no where in the spread is there an insight that refers to a 2v2 final score. better luck next time!

Turn to Yourself

We spend a lot of our lives looking for role models, mentors, teachers, and gurus to guide us on our path. There is nothing wrong with this and, in fact, finding the right person at the right time can really help. However, it is important to realize that in the absence of such a figure, we can very safely rely upon ourselves. We carry within us everything we need to know to make progress on our paths to self-realization. The outer world serves as a mirror. Or to use another metaphor, our inner world has a magnetic force that draws to us what we need to evolve to the next level. All we need to do to see that we already have everything we need is to let go of our belief that we need to seek in order to find. The path of the spirit is often defined as a journey with a goal such as the fabled pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In this metaphor, a person begins a search for something they want but do not have and then they find it, and there is a happy ending. However, most of us know that getting what we want only makes us happy for a moment, and then the happiness passes until a new object of desire presents itself. Joy is a permanent aspect of our inner selves and is not separate from us at any point. We do not have to travel to find it or imagine that it resides only in the body of another. In fact, what the best teachers will do is point out that this very precious elixir is something we already possess. So when we find ourselves on our path, not knowing which way to turn and wishing for guidance, we can turn to ourselves. We may not know the right answer rationally or intellectually, but if we simply ask, let go, and wait patiently, an answer will come. The more we practice this and trust this process, the less we will look outside ourselves for teachers and guides for we will have successfully become our own.

Quotes For The Day

"He who would be serene and pure needs but one thing, detachment." -- Meister Eckhart

"The bird of paradise alights only on the hand that does not grasp." -- John Berry

"It’s best not to get too excited or too depressed by the ups and downs of life." -- Dalai Lama

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

John Dee

The most notorious wizard in English medieval history was the Tudor alchemist and court astrologer Dr. John Dee. He reached the height of his fame during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, and was known across Europe as a scientist, scholar and sorcerer. He enjoyed a period of considerable wealth and influence, but eventually fell from grace, and died nearly penniless. He left behind him a legacy of philosophical, wizardly, astrological and chemical writings and translations that remain important today.
John Dee was born in 1527 and educated at the Chantry School in Chelmsford. From there, he proceeded to Cambridge University and entered St. John’s College before transferring to Trinity College. In 1547, aged 20, he made his first journey to continental Europe, and spent some time discussing various matters with assorted people in the various Dutch universities. The next year he travelled to Europe again, to the University of Louvain in France, where he obtained his degree as a doctor.
In 1551, Dee obtained an introduction to the Court of King Edward VI, to whom he had already dedicated two of his books. He returned to court in 1553, when Mary Tudor gained the throne. By this time he was known as an astrologer, and was invited to prepare the Queen’s natal horoscope for her. He also calculated a horoscope for a young Elizabeth, at that point still a princess. Shortly after this time he began to experiment with magic. He quickly ended up in trouble, being arrested on the testimony of a man called George Ferrys, who accused Dee of cursing his children, killing one and blinding another. Other rumours accused Dee of trying to curse the Queen. His home was searched and he was brought to trial in front of the Secretary of State, but he was cleared of all charges. Astrology was a common fascination right throughout society at the time, and anyone with a skill at casting horoscopes was in high demand. Dee’s reputation ensured that his fame as an astrologer spread. He became quite a common figure at court.
In 1581, Dee met up with a would-be medium and alchemist named Edward Kelly, who convinced Dee of his abilities. Kelly claimed to have found a pair of caskets containing mysterious red and white powders with which he was able to turn base metals into gold. Dees diaries record Kelly using his powders to turn mercury into gold, and later pieces of brass, copper and other metal. This process is described as involving nothing more than adding Kelly’s powders to the metal and warming it a fire – with Kelly coming nowhere near the experiment. Although Queen Elizabeth’s favour protected him to a certain extent, it was commonly said that Dee was a magician of dubious reputation. He openly practised the sorcerous art of divination, and held séances at which he claimed to raise spirits. His divination was conducted with the aid of an oval mirror of black obsidian, which he claimed could conjure an image of a person into thin air. The mirror itself can now be found in the British Museum in more...

Avoiding Your True Power

There are times when we feel the pull to meditate but are swayed from it by the excuses that spring to mind. We may think that we are too busy, have no time to ourselves, or that we do not have the right place to meditate. Our minds can think of dozens of reasons to put off meditation. But those are even stronger reasons to look past the illusion of the hustle and bustle of daily life and to connect to the place within that intersects with the timeless power and limitless potential of the universe. From that place we can experience that potent stillness that exists at all times, and it is only as far as away as our breath. It might be useful to ask yourself why you would put off something so beneficial to your peace of mind and general well-being. There may be fear that if you were to stop your frantic pace, your world might fall apart, and then you would have to face the undeniable reality of who you really are and the results of the choices you have made. You might be afraid that you will be forced to make huge changes in order to align yourself with the universe and harness your true potential. Sometimes the frustrations of the known world seem less scary than the possibilities of the unknown. But the truth is that when we cooperate with the universe by creating our lives from the truth of our being, life becomes less of a struggle and more of a process of living blissfully on purpose. Finding yourself alone for a few moments can give you the opportunity to turn within to infuse a sense of calm wisdom to your work. Whenever you can take the time to recenter and refocus, it will remind you how beneficial it is to connect to your source. Then you will make the time for longer sojourns of spirit, because once you are rejuvenated and enlivened by knowing that you are made of energy and light, you can channel the power to create your life in alignment with the highest potential of your soul.

Space Warfare: Preparing the 'Battlespace' for A New Imperial Adventure

'Built by Boeing Corporation, the multibillion dollar project was the culmination of a decades-long dream of Pentagon space warriors: to field a reusable spacecraft that combines an airplane's agility with the means to travel at 5 miles per second in orbit.

After the craft's successful April 22 launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) denied that the X-37B was a prototype for a near-earth weapons platform.

Back in 2005 however, The New York Times reported that General Lance W. Lord, then commander of AFSPC, told an Air Force conference that "space superiority is not our birthright, but it is our destiny. ... Space superiority is our day-to-day mission. Space supremacy is our vision for the future"...Read more:


Anomaly Gallery

Another look at an area of 'parallel line' anomalies on the martian surface. Within this area there also appears to be evidence of lifeform activity.

Inspiration For The Day

“It is difficult to see the picture when you are inside of the frame.” -- Author Unknown

“What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.” -- Abraham H. Maslow

Spiritual Connection

When you are in the quiet of meditation you are bridging the gap between the ego, that goes about taking care of everyday life events, and your true Spirit within. This Spirit is the core of your being the energy that supports your life. Letting go of outside distractions allows you to touch your Spiritual core.

Have you ever been so involved in a project you love doing that time passed without notice, everything just flowed as it should, and all the pieces fell into place with ease? Your inner Spirit was guiding you, because you let go of everything around you and focused on the task. Spirit is that place inside you that gives you the inspiration and love for that task because it is right for you, it is what you were meant to do.

So when you ask what is Spirit? It is your centre, the core of your being that knows all you need to know to live a happy fulfilling life. This is not to say that you will never experience ups and downs in your life. Being in touch with your Spiritual centre will help you to deal with stressful situations, because you will be approaching it from the calm of your Spiritual centre. Answer the question for yourself, what is Spirit? Explore the meaning for yourself, read, learn, seek out Spiritual teachers. You will touch the core of your being and begin the journey to Spiritual awakening then handling life's challenges will be more...

A Word on 'Haniel'

Haniel is a Celestial Angelic Being within the Angelic Order known as the Archangels. Archangels are responsible for ministering to humans, considered somewhat like “manager angels,” Archangels oversee the responsibilities of Guardian Angels and the other Celestial Light Beings that act as our guardians and guides.

Haniel is experienced as a feminine angelic presence with a beautiful opalescent blue-white energy. Her name means Grace of God and her presence helps us to return to our True State of Being. Haniel’s energy helps us to realign with our True and Natural State of Grace and to return to the Integrity of our Divine Essential Self.

Archangel Haniel is aligned with the Stars and the Moon. She is one of the archangels who guided the priest-astronomers of ancient Babylon with their work in astrology, astronomy, divination and spiritual healing.

Archangel Haniel is also an Angelic Ambassador of Intuition, assisting those who desire to open and develop their intuitive/psychic abilities. Haniel reminds us that we all are naturally intuitive, reminding us that our intuitive abilities are innate and are already a part of our consciousness. Everyone has “psychic” abilities, albeit many use their intuition without being consciously aware. They may follow their “gut” feelings, may have foresight of some event or “just know” what to do without realizing that this is their natural intuitive consciousness at work within their lives. And for many, this system of “under cover” unconscious intuitive existence serves their current life plan properly. However, there are many that do desire to become consciously aware of their intuitive/psychic abilities and to consciously utilize these abilities for their own personal development and personal life enhancement. While others may wish to consciously utilize their intuition for personal development as well as channel the energy professionally to assist and guide others. Whatever the application, Archangel Haniel is an excellent angelic ally for further opening, developing and consciously utilizing our natural intuitive/psychic abilities. (pyramid company)

The Facial Recognition Software That Will Put a Name to Every Photograph in the Internet

'A software company is developing revolutionary software which provides the ability to identify people from photographs posted on the internet. has produced technology that can identify individuals on social networking sites and online galleries by comparing their image against a known picture of them. It means detailed profiles of individuals can be built up purely from online photographs and critics have said it could lead to exploitation by employers.'..Read more:

Military Ray Gun to be Tested on Inmates

'A military grade, high-tech ray gun that fires an invisible heat beam for unbearable pain will be tested on inmates in the sheriff's detention facility in Castaic, California officials said Friday. All military weapons must be tested on humans. Major loopholes exists that allow the U.S. government to run experiments on individual and populated geographical areas. "The 'Assault Intervention System' (AIS) developed by the Raytheon Co., could give the Sheriff's Department 'another tool' to quell disturbances at a 65-inmate dormitory at the Pitchess Detention Center's North County Correctional Facility, said Cmdr. Bob Osborne, head of the technology exploration branch of the sheriff's Department of Homeland Security Division," reports Blacklisted News....Read more:

Words are Energy

When we speak or write, we use the vehicles of words to carry meaning, as well as energy, from ourselves to another person or group of people. We may be speaking to our baby, our boss, or to an audience of 500 people. We may be writing a love letter, a work-related memo, or an entry in our own diary. Whatever the case, each word we speak or write has a life of its own, a vibratory signature that creates waves in the same way that a note of music creates waves. And like musical notes, our words live in communities of other words and change in relation to the words that surround them. When we are conscious of the energy behind our words, we become capable of making beautiful music in the world. If we are unconscious of the power of words, we run the risk of creating a noisy disturbance. Some of us know this instinctively, while others come to this understanding slowly. Most of us, though, speak without thinking at least some of the time, blurting out our feelings and thoughts without much regard for the words we choose to express them. When we remind ourselves that our words have an impact on the world at the level of energy, we may find within ourselves the desire to be more aware of our use of language. A fun way to increase our sensitivity to the power of words is to simply make a list of our favorite words and notice the energy they contain. We can write them down and post them where we can see them, or we can speak them aloud, feeling them reverberate in our bodies and in the air around us. This is like learning to consciously play an instrument that we have been playing unconsciously for most of our lives, and the effect can be startling and delightful. As we grow more comfortable and confident playing the instrument of language, we will begin to compose beautiful messages, creating positive energy every time we write or speak.

You are here: Incredible photo of the 'twin star' that is the Earth and Moon taken from 114 million miles away

It is an image that should put us firmly in our place. Set against the inky blackness of space our Earth can be seen with the smaller Moon orbiting around it from a distance of around 114 million miles. Taken by Nasa's Messenger deep space probe the incredible image illustrates how insignificant we really are.(Daily Mail)

Quote ... for today

"Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast -- you also miss the sense of where you are going and why." -- Eddie Cantor

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Anomaly Gallery

Another landscape containing some indeterminable anomalies ... clearly something of interest but what?

The Wings Of The Eagle

Then just as the moonlight died; the cover of clouds choking that blessed light
He ate the fruit of the earth which took him to the realm of the dead
From there he took to the wings of the eagle
and flew to his vantage point
Thus he was unaware of the freezing cold
The killing frost was unable to gnaw the meat of his bones
Their technology was prevented from sensing his thoughts
He witnessed as they donned their masks of black
and drew strange symbols in the desert soil
He was silent when the energy bolts lit the sky
and the air was charged with electricity
which fizzled and buzzed and crackled
He remained at his post when the first shapes began to form from nowhere...

Extract taken from 'The Rift Between Worlds' written by Matthew James December 2002

Britain braced for flash floods as Met Office issues severe weather warning

A blast of stormy weather will bring flash flooding and gale force winds to Britain tonight. The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning for the south of England and severe travel disruption is expected. Thousands of holidaymakers are expected to be caught up in the bad weather as a swathe of southern England, running diagonally from Land's End to the Wash, receives up to 3in (8cm) of rain. A spokesman for the Met Office said: 'Heavy rainfall overnight may give 20-30mm of rain quite widely and 50-80mm locally. This rain will be accompanied by strong, possibly gale force winds.'The heavy rain could lead to flooding in some areas and cause disruption to outdoor events and transport networks.' The south west and central southern England are expected to face the brunt of the weather tonight and in the early hours of Monday. Winds will peak at 45mph on the south coast near Southampton during that time (Daily Mail)

China floods force 94,000 people to flee port city after river bursts its banks

Flooding has forced the evacuation of 94,000 people in the north China port city of Dandong after heavy rains caused the Yalu river to breach its banks. Around 200 houses have been destroyed in Dandong, and three people are reported missing, state media said.
More rain was expected to pound the region, which borders North Korea, and threatened to trigger more flooding today, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.Flood waters yesterday punctured a dike between the river and an economic development zone in Dandong, inundating many neighbourhoods. The river's water level had fallen since then but remained dangerously high, Xinhua said. North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency said torrential rain and water from the overflowing Yalu swamped houses, public buildings and farmland in more than five villages near Sinuiju, the city opposite Dandong. The report described Sinuiju and the surrounding area as having been 'severely affected' by the flooding and said officials, the military and ordinary civilians were involved in rescue work. It said at least 5,150 people had been evacuated and residents were clambering on rooftops or taking shelter on hilltops. (Daily Mail)

Kanye West’s “Power”: The Occult Meaning of its Symbols

'Kanye West’s “Power” is a short, almost stationary video that manages to tell a profound story in symbolic language. By decoding the occult meaning of the symbols present in this moving tableau, the viewer discovers who really holds the “power” in the world and understands the story of Kanye West’s initiation. We will look at the meaning of those symbols as they appear in the video....Read more:

FDA Admits NOT Testing for Mercury, Arsenic, or Other Toxic Heavy Metals in Crude Oil Soaked Seafood

Saturday, 21 August 2010


Inspirational music by Medwyn Goodall

The Book Of Life

Technology has made it possible to gather and store vast amounts of information on almost everyone living in modern society. The records of our birth and death, financial and marital status is all filed away somewhere. Yet, way back before even the concept of computers existed there were the Akashik Records. Also referred to as the Book of Life, the Akashik Records is a universal storehouse containing the history of humankind, as well as all manner of spiritual information. Thus, every deed, feeling, and intent that has ever occurred at any time is recorded. The records are interactive and have influence on our everyday lives, relationships, and belief systems. The Akashik Records have been referred to in many ways, cosmic or collective consciousness, the universal mind, collective unconscious or collective subconscious. Folklore, myths, and spiritual texts make reference to these records. They are the inspiration of dreams and inventions, molding and shaping levels of human consciousness and connecting us to one another. Unbiased judge and jury, the records attempt to guide, educate, and transform every individual to become the best that they can be. It is believed that the Akashik Records may be ascertained in certain states of consciousness such as meditation, going into trance, the use of drugs, even stages of sleep. Certain people, such as shamans, mystics, and psychics may be more attuned to reading these records, but everyone has the ability to tap into their subconscious and gather information that is beneficial to themselves and/or others. Such insights can be helpful in releasing blockages, overcoming addictions, or negative behavior patterns. The Akashik Records can give us insights into the nature of ourselves and our relationship to the universe.

Eternal Life ...

There is a power blowing through from the garden to where he sits
Something ancient; something subtle yet overtly powerful
making its presence known to all; appearing around him
touching on his dreams; strengthening him
needing him to touch on his inner silence

and travel to the crystal cavern
to reach the realm of the dead
for there is one there who wishes to talk with he
To teach him there is no death and there is only eternal life ....

Extract taken from "More Shamanic Wisdom' written by Matthew James Jan 2002

Gripe of the Day

This line speed test reports a much improved 283kbps ... a decided improvement on line speeds in recent times....