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Thursday, 31 May 2007

Seek Limits and beyond ...

"If you're proactive, you don't have to wait for circumstances or other people to create perspective expanding experiences. You can consciously create your own."
-- Stephen Covey

Connect with the edge, the unknown, of your experience. Allow this pull towards unexplored territory to take you to new dimensions of yourself. Allow life to touch you in new ways. For this is how we truly live life. Become more alive as you grow through your consciousness barriers. Ask questions that seek answers beyond yourself. The depth of life is revealed as you go further into it.

Nothing is lost upon a man who is bent upon growth; nothing wasted on one who is always preparing for - life by keeping eyes, mind and heart open to nature, men, books, experience - and what he gathers serves him at unexpected moments in unforeseen ways."
-- Hamilton Wright Mabie

"Nurture great thoughts, for you will never go higher than your thoughts."
--Benjamin Disraeli

The Longest Link

People often ask, " Does communicating with spirit not drain you?" All I can say is "Not at the time!"

My longest link with one person in spirit was way back in 2002 before we left Uk for NZ. Our local Doctor's receptionist Sue* asked me to book a reading with Matt for her and her Mum and 2 other friends. She had readings before with Matt but she really wanted more and in particular to hear from her father.

Now Matt's readings can go on quite some time, so with 4 people booked in for the one night, I knew we were all in for a long night, a very long night! I asked Sue* to bring something with her that had belonged to her father and I would try (not promise) to do some psychometry and hopefully get a link. That night, armed with a huge bottle of wine (that 'opens' me up by the way!) we sat down in our lounge, Matts first reading of the night went into another room and I began to try to link with Sue's* father.

She handed me a pipe. As it touched the palm of my hand immediately I heard a stern man's voice say to me "What are you doing with that pipe? Give it back to her right now, no-one is allowed to touch that pipe!" I was a bit taken aback, not only was the link there immediately, but he was telling me off in no uncertain terms! I passed the pipe back to Sue* repeating what her father had told me. She laughed.

As I handed it back to her her father said "Tell her to put it back in the tray where it belongs and never touch it again!" I again repeated this to her. Luckily Sue* knew her father would be not too pleased about his pipe being touched so she brought along a silver necklace. He was fine with me holding this and the link and communication flowed...and flowed...and flowed....4 hours in fact! It is one link I will never forget.

He went on to tell me about Jan*, his ex wife (not Sue*s mum who was sitting there listening to all of this) He went on to say that she was 'mutton dressed as lamb'...wore short skirts, had just changed her hair colour from blonde to red, and that she was 49 years old! She had diddled 3 people out of money, moved house, sold a car with a dud engine etc...He said that the family had been right all along about her and he was wrong! He went on to tell me about Sue's* brother David*, he had been asking his neighbour Ray* to install a gas fire for him! Sue's* father was telling me to tell David* that he cannot allow this Ray* to install a gas fire as he did not know what he was doing and they had to look at an example of his gate to prove it!!

Well at this point Sue* and her mum was falling about laughing! I had no idea of course what was so amusing. I didn't know enough about Sue* to know she had a brother.

She later told me that she did have a brother called David*, he lived next door to Ray*, he was asking Ray* to install a gas fire for him and that Ray* had made a new front garden gate but it didn't close properly as it wasn't square!

Sue*s dad continued all night like this giving me information that only the family could possibly know. He even described his first house when he got married and the new windows and doors he installed himself, he told me it was the fourth terraced from the end with no front garden!
Sue*s mum confirmed this had been their first home when they married!

He brought her grandparents through, so clearly I could give a description of what they looked like and the songs they sang (Danny Boy). Again Sue* confirmed both her father and grandfather used to sing this song both believing one was better than the other! Her grandfather removed his false teeth at one point to me and showed me them! Yuk! Again Sue* confirmed this was her grandfathers funny joke and he used to chase her around the house with them as a kid!

Spirit come through with the most amusing things at times, I learned never to question it, but just go along with it! Anyway after four long but entertaining hours, her father started to drift away, but not before placing a box of chocolates on my knee as a 'Thank You'. I told Sue* what he had just done and again she started to laugh!

I asked what was so funny about receiving chocolates!
"Oh" she said, " It was a family joke about my Dad, whenever there was an occasion, be it a wedding, christening, birth, death father always bought chocolates, he just never knew what to buy so for every occasion we all got chocolates!"

Iwas so glad that Sue*s father came through that night and with as much family information as possible. It made her day.

One last thing before he went he told her that he was glad she had chosen the white top to wear that night because at 3pm that day, she had pulled a red top out to wear and he finally revealed through me that he never did like her in red! Something Sue* always suspected but in life he would never tell her!

Was I drained after that...No, not at all. But the next day, I surely was!!

*Real names have been changed to protect identity

The Crying Moon

Any reference to 'the crying moon' is of no significance. It is irrelevant. It is not part of the casting .... it is merely the trump image of the Moon which is of importance -- and its meaning. It is not depicting 'the obvious' so to speak.

Full Moons

Full Moon dates 2007

Year Month Day Time Day of week
2007 Jan 3 13:59 Wed
2007 Feb 2 05:47 Fri
2007 Mar 3 23:18 Sat
2007 Apr 2 17:16 Mon
2007 May 2 10:11 Wed
2007 Jun 1 01:05 Fri
2007 Jun 30 13:50 Sat
2007 Jul 30 00:48 Mon
2007 Aug 28 10:35 Tue
2007 Sep 26 19:46 Wed
2007 Oct 26 04:53 Fri
2007 Nov 24 14:31 Sat
2007 Dec 24 01:17 Mon

Daily Merlin: XVIII The Moon Symbolism

The Fool travels through the night. And she begins to feel disoriented, as if walking in her sleep.Suddenly, she looks around to find herself in another land entirely, from when she was in the presence of the High Priestess. There is, on the nearby shore, a small boat, but it has no rudder, no oar.The Fool gets into the boat


10:20 -
Thursday 31st June 2007
New Zealand

"Why abduct the little girl? What is the reason behind it?"

The Fool: This depicts 'the blind folly' or the leap of faith. The Fool depicts 'the spiritual journeyman' commencing a new journey.

Giver Of Crescents: Depicts a robed figure standing before a woman surrounded by a swirling sea; the woman's arms are raised above her head and are holding a crescent . The moon is seen to be crying. Its tears fall into the crescent held by the woman in the sea.

(this card has appeared in previous Daily Merlin castings)

Three Of Crescents: what I deem as 'the birth card' Three crescents and three stars hang in a night sky. Below them is a river in torrent. Out of this river a hand is seen protruding, reaching out for the bottom crescent.

Four Of Staves: 'Established Strength'; victory and fruition.

Is the little girl still alive in this present time?

1 The Magician
: 'the mental image has been provided which provides that answer'. There is to soon be a communication or announcement.

What is the location of the little girl in this present time?

18: The Moon: 'Imagery depicts an ornamental pool with a pathway leading off from the top middle of the pool past towards the background of the image where there is the ocean. The path first passes through two dogs who stand facing each other. There are also two towers, one on either side of the path. There is a moon in the sky. It is crying. In the pool is a crustacean -- a lobster or a crayfish.

(this is an adaptation of the classic Moon tarot image)

"It is a scary card in that it warns that there might be hidden enemies, tricks and falsehoods. Following the star the Fool travels through the night. The full Moon rises, illuminating for her a watery path. And she begins to feel disoriented, as if walking in her sleep. She passes under the moon, between two pillars ancient and strange. Suddenly, she looks around to find herself in another land entirely than when she was in the presence of the High Priestess, she saw hints of this dark land though the sheer veil draped behind her throne. The path the Fool was walking is now a river, and she stands hip-deep in the powerful pull of its salty, moonlit waters. There is, on the nearby shore, a small boat, but it has no rudder, no oar.

The Fool gets into the boat, and shoves off. As the waters sweep her away, moon beams light her "path" and she feels the Mistress of this dark land gazing down at her with the High Priestess's approving eyes."

Daeg: Rune of Light, Health & Prosperity

The warrior who bears no faith
lacks spirit in his sword
yet he who burns with passion
shall inherit his reward
and man should ponder for a while
on that which hath occurred
for only through adjustment
shall his purpose be assured ..

Daeg, as the rune of midday, midsummer and opening, signifies 'day'. It is a truly beneficial rune of light, health, prosperity and openings. On a more transcendent level, it signifies the cosmic consciousness -- light as the source of strength and joy. As a marker of the high point of the year, Daeg expresses the seeming paradox of conjunction, the point at which apparent opposites are unified.

It is a rune of catalysis -- in the cause of sudden change without itself being changed. This change is typified in catastrophic theory -- 'where one apparently stable state flips over inexplicably into another quite different yet steady state'.

The physical form of Daeg mirrors the balance between the polarities -- light and darkness. The pattern is archetypal and is actually apparent in the station stone rectangle at Stonehenge.

In a casting, Daeg, indicates a change for the better; a shift in mental outlook to something more positive. This is a slow and deliberate change. It is measured progress. Daeg symbolises growth which in itself is a slow and natural process.

What is 'Clairaudience?

Clairaudience, in effect means 'clear hearing' and is a term that is used for psychic hearing abilities. It is a form of channelling.

A clairaudient person will receive psychic information in the form of words or ideas that are perceived and interpreted through the normal 'hearing centres' within the brain. Sometimes a clairaudient person will receive this information by hearing voices internally (in the mind), or receive ideas and hear sounds.

Other clairaudients may receive information by actually hearing a person speak, as if they were in the room next to them.

Many people have a degree of clairaudience but do not recognize it like so many intuitive/spiritual abilities, it has always been there. Some people have clairaudient experiences in the form of voices of someone they have known, or a voice they don't recognize, others don't recognize their psychic ability initially as the messages just sound like them thinking to themselves.

It is believed that area of the brain just above the ears is processing the information for clairaudient experiences. This is where sounds perceived through the ears are interpreted as well as ESP information.

Opening the clairaudience faculty has to do with DNA activation of encoded cellular memories, activations of the chakras, raising the frequency of awareness, balancing the energy bodies, and the ability to trust in what is being 'heard' and 'seen'

Bird flu checks reach hospitals

Hospital patients and staff are being offered treatment by officials fighting a bird flu outbreak in north Wales.

Nearly 80 at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd at Bodelwyddan are being offered tamiflu as a health worker is treated. Around another 70 at Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor are being contacted, and 13 people with flu-like symptoms or conjunctivitis have been identified. Bird flu has been confirmed on a Conwy smallholding, but tests have now proved negative on a Llyn peninsula farm. The National Public Health Service for Wales (NPHS) said on Wednesday that 13 avian flu contacts had been identified who have had symptoms of a flu-like illness or conjunctivitis. They stressed that no-one has been seriously ill and the risk to the health of the general public is low. So far the service has found a total of 221 people who may have come into contact with the virus, which is not as serious as the H5N1 strand of the disease.

BBC News

US nominates new World Bank chief

"He is deeply devoted to the mission of the World Bank"

US President George W Bush has nominated Robert Zoellick, former deputy secretary of state, to be president of the World Bank.

His nomination will be considered by the World Bank's 24-member board of governors, although the US nomination has always been accepted in the past.

Mr Zoellick would replace Paul Wolfowitz, who steps down on 30 June.

President Bush said of Mr Zoellick: "He has earned the trust and support of leaders from every region of the world."

"He is deeply devoted to the mission of the World Bank," he added (my emphasis on this quote.)

So -- it's not going to be Tony Blair-Clone then? Wonder what role he's got lined up then. Watch this space?

Scientists find 28 new planets beyond our solar system

The world's leading team of planet-hunters has announced the discovery of 28 new planets outside our solar system. They are among 37 objects outside our solar system found to orbit distant stars.

For Madeleine's sake, beware the juggernaut of publicity

I don't necessarily agree with everything which is said in this piece written in the Daily Mail, but there is a valid point to be made. The media wagon is now in full flight and will be very difficult to slow down .... what will the long terms effects be of this snowball now careering down the hillside at a ever increasing speed? I totally admire the McCanns for trying to move heaven and earth in their attempt to find their daughter -- who wouldn't in their shoes? Come on, if you had the resources the McCanns have been able to muster ... who wouldn't do the same? I, you, we all would be focussed on one thing, and one thing only -- finding our abducted child. At all cost. Within the bubble of emotions we just wouldn't stop and think of the consequences? Now would we? Adrenalin would be coursing through our veins -- we'd be tearful, scared, frightened and desperate. We'd all do the same wouldn't we?

Amanda Platell
of The UK Daily Mail, says,
It is an almost unutterable message to Kate and Gerry McCann, but I feel I must say it before it is too late: "Please, please, for your own sake and the sake of your missing daughter Madeleine, step off this speeding juggernaut of publicity for just a second. Be still for one moment and think about what you are doing, about where you go next."

What mother or father in their situation could think of anything but getting their child back? Who could pause when every second might make the difference? But hear me out.

Like millions of people, each night my first prayer is for Madeleine’s safe return. My second is for Kate and Gerry McCann, to give them the strength to endure the horror that has befallen them.

Any parent would move heaven and earth to try to find their missing child. If that means shouting Madeleine’s name in every corner of the globe, then the McCanns have made it plain they will do so. To that end, they have helped orchestrate a publicity campaign to keep their daughter’s face in the forefront of the public’s mind, to maximise public support.

But I do feel that the McCanns’ sustained public agony is so intense it is becoming almost unwatchable — thereby destroying its very purpose. None of us can imagine the full extent of the torment they are going through, day after day, as hope grows dimmer and desperation fades toward grief.

But this I do know: the McCanns cannot be in a fit state to make rational judgements about what they are being asked to do. If someone told them that cutting off their arms would bring Madeleine back, they’d do it.

And I do wonder about the people who are advising them

Surely they need to take stock, to preserve their sanity, if not for their own sakes then for the sake of two adorable children who remain their most precious hope of happiness in these dark and desperate weeks.

Apocalypse 2012 , The Sun & Increasing Earth Changes

A recent posting on a current 'site of interest' of mine caught my eye -- it features a commentary on a book entitled 'Apocalypse 2012 - An Optimist Investigates The End of Civilisation'. Basically, its content is on a par with previous postings on ALITD relating to Global Warming and the effects the erratic sun's behaviour is having on Planet Earth.

From: Collaborating With Fate:
"The author Lawrence E Joseph tries desperately to find the good and leaves the final conclusion about 2012 up to the reader. Reading between the lines though, it's quite obvious that due to the overwhelming weight of scientific evidence he uncovered in his 2+ years of research, he believes we better be ready.

Ready for what?

The Sun has been behaving in its most tumultuous way since records began and the Earth's magnetic field is dwindling. The shield that protects us is thinning. Temperatures are the highest they have been in climate change terms for 50,000 years. On January 20, 2005 (when Mars was closing in on the GC ) a proton storm, which are normally caused by Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) hit the Earth with a force and magnitude that astounded Scientists but couldn't be attributed to these CME's. A storm in September 2005 was slightly less powerful than a huge series of storms around Halloween 2003, but was more notable as it came at the trough of the Solar Sunspot Cycle, rather than the peak.

The Solar cycle has an average periodicity of 11 years. We have just begun a new Solar cycle - number 24 - that will 'coincidentally' peak in 2012. What concerns Scientists is that if the Sun is now 'misbehaving' and sending peaks where there should be troughs, how big will the next expected peak (called a Solar Maximum) be and what size radiation storms are we looking at? Large storms are not only potentially damaging to all Satellites, power stations, electronic equipment but also to humans. It's also becoming increasingly apparent that they coincide with upheaval in the eco-system. Since 2003 we have had many reports of animals having problems with their internal navigation system (that rely on electromagnetic currents) but also we have witnessed some of the worst natural disasters. Ice caps are melting, temperatures soaring, hurricanes, tsunami's and volcanic activity seems to have stepped up. The tectonic plates (which cause earthquakes) are also loosening as they are not weighted down by so much Ice at the poles.

"There are three important energy sources denied or completely downplayed by orthodox scientists. These are:

1) The dynamic, incremental conditions of the interplanetary mediums ( to us of an esoteric persuasion that would be the ethers or for the more modern metaphysicist, The Field - my words)

2) energetic effects of the planetary configuration of the Solar System ( harmonics i.e planetary angularity or aspects - my words)

impulses from the center of the galaxy"

The book makes it clear that almost everyone involved believes that we are going to witness planetary upheavals that will culminate, not begin, in 2012 That means building up from now to 2012 to a crescendo."

Pirates On Capitol Hill ...

Dee Illustrations

An Interesting Astrological Angle

I, for one, am open to any possibility -- as far as the Paranormal & Occult (hidden) arts are concerned. Having been involved in the field for the best part of my adult & teenage years -- having ABSOLUTE proof of other existences beyond the material plane all the way through my primary school & junior school days -- I do not doubt the reliability and the feasibility of information received by 'paranormal & occult' means.

I've always asked the question 'why are the spheres of influence & control who rule our lives so determined to have us believe there is no truth in any of that psychic hotpotch?' when they themselves have the EXACT same sciences so embeded in their own lives and beliefs? If it was the bollocks they said it was ... then why do they live by the same sword?

No, I came to one simple conclusion years ago ... the Occult is the Occult because it is hidden ... it is kept secret ... it is a right we all have ... but it is kept as an exclusive club for the rich and the influential and it has been since very very ancient times ...

My purpose in life? To live by the same sword ... and to become what I truly am so that I might influence others to some degree so they might question they stability and reality of their own lives ... I have never forced my beliefs on anyone. I have always merely shown what my own personal journey is ... and left others to decide for themselves what it is I am doing ....

So whether it be a sceptical reaction I receive from folk. Or enthusiasm and support. Or ridicule. Or bruises and broken bones (I've had that) -- or mud slinging (mud doesn't stick for very long) -- I merely shrug my shoulders and say 'see, I got a reaction' ...

Cutting to the chase ... there is an interesting Astrological angle presented through this door ... which offers further insights and opinions on current events ...

'Go for depth'

"Mastery does not come from dabbling. We have to be prepared to pay the price. We need to have the sustained enthusiasm that motivates us to give our best."
-- Eknath Easwaran

Our world now offers us a smorgasbord of opportunities. In the personal growth field alone, there are myriads of books and products, all promising relief from what ails us. It's easy to flip quickly from one program to another when something new captures our imagination.

If I long for change in my life, however, I need to do more than skim the surface. I need to make time and take time to both learn new approaches and then -- most importantly -- to apply what I've learned. If I jump around to new techniques too rapidly, I won't benefit from any of them.

"Genius is only the power of making continuous efforts."
-- Elbert Hubbard

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Madeleine McCann: 'her freedom is very close'

31st May 2007
New Zealand

'Her freedom is very close ... they see the plight of her parents and know it is bigger than they were told it would ever be. It was a simple case of snatching to order for them ... until she became the shining star ....'

A rose garden of THANK YOU's

Many, many, many thanks to everyone who has been sending me their wonderful heartfelt words of encouragement. I am extremely grateful for your support ... I am truly wearing my heart on my sleeve at the moment.

Sceptics Corner

A sceptics haven ... here ... ???

Just for all you sceptics, cynics and general 'debunkers' of everything and anything 'occult' or 'paranormal' or 'extra-terrestrial' .... a new Index Catergory is soon to be added to ALITD -- 'The Sceptics Corner'

Just to prove I don't accept anything and everything. Just to prove I too have analytical processes ... just to prove that I too am a 'Doubting Thomas' .... at times ....

Sssh .... want to know a secret?

They see all the conspiracy theories on the internet and generally do nothing at all but watch and wait

The power's that be -- those who have a secret agenda -- those who decide our future for us -- what conspirators would have us believe all the "Lizard Men' -- 'The Babylonian Brotherhood; The Illuminati; The Elite ..... they test their 'future intentions' by sending out disinformation through cyberspace. They are fully aware of the network news which is one of the realities of the Internet. They know because they invented it for that purpose. They are behind many of the so called 'New Age' and 'Alternative News' websites .... it is an ideal scenario for them -- 'test the waters' of an imminent policy or plan by casting 'underground news' out into the world --- then they watch to see how we all react to it all.

From our reactions they can then see what level of opposition they are going to encounter when it comes time to actually impose their will on us.

They see all the conspiracy theories on the internet and generally do nothing at all but watch and wait ... they will only do something about it when someone gets too close to the truth....

The mind sets the limits

Everything is possible when you believe it's possible.
What you envision you can do, you can do.
What your mind can conceive and believe,
your mind can achieve.

Success is actually a state of mind.
Start thinking of yourself as a success.
Know in your heart that you can do the job you've set out to do.

Believe in yourself.
If you think you can, you can..

I took a picture of MI5 building and was arrested for terrorism’

Via: David Icke
I took pictures of many beautiful views. The final one I took, minutes before being arrested, was a building belonging to the MI5 security services – which I only discovered was an MI5 building when in jail. We did not realise we were being watched. As we approached Scotland Yard we were stopped by police. They questioned us, took our student IDs and searched us. “They radioed other police who arrived in two cars and they too questioned us, searched our bags and frisked us. They told us we were being arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. We were handcuffed and taken to a police station. There we were strip-searched, fingerprinted, photographed, swabbed for our DNA and put in separate cells. While I was in jail the police raided my room at the university. The broke down the door and seized my laptop, my other camera, CDs, books, passport and clothes.'

Read more ...

Brits Could Be Forced To Give Up Meat, Milk To Fight Global Warming

Climate hysteria reaches new heights after revelation that government is considering making population switch to vegan diet

Prison Planet, says: "Secret plans to encourage the nation to give up eating meat are being examined by the Government. A leaked e-mail expresses sympathy for the environmental benefits of a mass switch to a vegan diet - a strict form of vegetarianism which bans milk, dairy products and fish."

"The change would need to be done "gently" because of a "risk of alienating the public", according to the document. The extreme policy is being examined on the basis it could make a major contribution to slowing climate change," reports the London Daily Mail."

Well ... it's one crazy way to force us to have to eat their genetically modified foods ... we'd have no other choice if that was all that there was to eat .... but imagine the black market ....??? Illegal breeding of Cows & Sheep ???? Black market meat and milk .... think of the high levels of unemployment with all the redundant dairy & meat farmers .... improbable? Hopefully ... but I wouldn't put anything past these mad & desperate nutters who are the Ruling Elite ...

Crop Circle

For information on the scientific approach to the Crop Circle phenomena; I would thoroughly recommend a wander through this door ...

Find Crop Circle Answers here

Crop Circle reports sunspot activity ...

Woodborough Hill Crop Circle Formation Wiltshire, UK August 2000

Following a major Solar storm during the Summer of 2000 that sent several of the largest CME's of the peaking Sunspot cycle hurling Earthward, two Crop Circle formations appeared that stunned us with their awesome beauty. The Avebury Trusloe and Woodborough Hill formations (above) were the two of the most extraordinary and complex formations to appear to date, and in their precise graphic designs can be seen to be grandly proclaiming the might of the furious Solar Maximum ...

"Our Planet Earth is now in the process of a dramatic transformation; by altering the electromagnetic skeleton through a shift of the geomagnetic field poles, and through compositional changes in the ozone, and hydrogen, saturation levels of its gas-plasma envelopes. These changes in the Earth's physical state are being accompanied by resultant climatic/atmospheric, and biospheric adaptation processes. These processes are becoming more and more intense, and frequent, as evidenced by the real time increase in "non-periodic transient events"; i.e.: catastrophes. There are reasons favoring, or pointing to, the fact that a growth in the ethical or spiritual quality, of humanity would decrease the number and intensity of complex catastrophes


Crop Circles: Mystery Solved!

Er ... somehow I think not ...

Daily Merlin: 'Where is the little girl?'

Night descends over the idyllic meadows where 'material' bees are busy by day .


11:05 -
Wednesday 30th May 2007

New Zealand

Time is of the essence ... especially now. There is momentum and purpose. A look of absolute desperation in her mother's eyes ... I looked on feeling as helpless as everyone who saw them ... two brave souls before one of the most enigmatic & influential men in the world. If anyone can gain advantage ... the head of the Roman Catholic church can.

For that is the emphasis. So crucial in this delicate case. The hunt to find 'the shining star'?? Why do I call Madeleine McCann by that description ... because it is instinctive ... besides I turned over the 'Star' in a previous Daily Merlin ... it is significant ... but is it as significant as the Promise? Perhaps ...

Thus, again I must commence ... with ... 'Where is the little girl? Where is Madeleine McCann?'

( ..........transcript to be retained and passed to appropriate sources ............)

However, symbolically ... using the Servants Of The Light tarot ....

11 - Justice - A robed figure is seated beneath a descending beam of light. He wears an Egyptian mask. He is flanked both sides by pillars; black to his right - white to his left. At his feet rests a golden scales of justice ...

5 of Staves - Three people in conflict; opposing views -- opposing decisions. But clearly one with violent intent shall not have the final say on the ultimate decision. Significantly their weakness is (------------------------) ... for at that location their argument will be overheard ... and blue branches will realise their intentions.

4 of Staves - Under pressure from crown and hearing what is known on the grapevines ... those who crept in that still night ... must permit a safe recovery

Prime Of Staves -- Night descends over the idyllic meadows where 'material' bees are busy by day ... an innocent dreams a peaceful sleep ... close by four realise they must modify their plans ...

The Pope's words of comfort for Madeleine's weeping parents

"The Knight Of Swords shall assist, aiding well with the task at hand. The merging of minds, the cohesion of acquired powers held by the two ... merging into a powerful force ... an incredible energy of success and determination." --Matthew James

The Daily Mail Headline, reads:

An emotional Kate McCann today handed a picture of missing daughter Madeleine to the Pope as he blessed her in Rome. The couple, who were given front row seats in St Peter's Square normally reserved for dignitaries, wept as Pope Benedict XVI blessed them after his address. With them was British ambassador Francis Campbell. Kate handed the Pope the picture of Madeleine as the Pontiff took hold of her hand and blessed her after finishing his address. The McCanns sheltered from the fierce sun under an umbrella as temperatures soared to 26C while they waited for Benedict XVI to begin his open-air audience in front of crowd of 40,000 gathered in the square. The couple looked tired and drawn


Blindman's Bluff

Wheels within wheels
Circles within circles
Light beams connect the thousand points
Energy courses across the networks
Filling vessels with sights and sounds
Impressions of the landscape
Imagery to trigger thoughts
Within the recesses a circuit activates
A trigger depressed;
On the anvil, the hammer pounds
Drowning out the sounds the watchers see
A film crosses over the lines
And the blindman can suddenly see
Reading what he is told to read
Knowing what is shown
And questioning nothing
Because it is all he is permitted to see ...
-- Matthew James

Another one from the shoal ....

This was a daughter whom they named Tamar. This name means "palm tree". It may be significant that a major river in the Celtic kingdom of Cornwall, which in ancient times included the area of the South-Western penisular of England in which Glastonbury is situated, is called the River Tamar.

It is not widely known that the marriage of Jesus and Mary did result in three children, of which two were sons. Thus, they did fulfil Jesus' dynastic obligations as a royal leader of the Tribe of David.

According to several sources, their first child was born in 33 A.D. when Mary was aged 30. This was a daughter whom they named Tamar. This name means "palm tree". It may be significant that a major river in the Celtic kingdom of Cornwall, which in ancient times included the area of the South-Western penisular of England in which Glastonbury is situated, is called the River Tamar. It is not known whether Jesus' daughter ever travelled to that land, but it is not unlikely.

It is almost certain that Joseph of Arimathea, a rich merchant of religious sect known as The Essenes, (to which Jesus belonged) travelled to that region after The Crucifixion, bringing news of Jesus' death (and possibly some belongings and/or relics of Jesus) back to the Druidic College which had been his "alma mater". This would be the natural occurrence whenever a graduate of an esoteric college died. This taking of a dead person's magical tools & regalia back to their source is still carried on in modern times by esoteric groups such as Wiccans and Masons; as well as by other religious orders, including Christian ones.

Legend tells that Joseph of Arimathea brought to Glastonbury the Cup (Chalice) or Grail which had caught Jesus' blood as he hung upon the cross, and that he buried it there in England. It is an almost certain fact that Joseph of Arimathea remained in Glastonbury and there established the first Christian church in Britain, as a firm tradition in the English county of Somerset holds good to this day that a grant of tax-free land there was made to him in order that he could do so.

According to the Jewish custom of the times of Jesus and Mary underwent a compulsory period of 3 months' "monastic seperation" after Tamar's birth. Under Messianic Law, a 3-month period of celibacy was expected of the couple after the birth of a daughter, and a period of 6 months after the birth of a son. This was because Jesus was of The Royal Line of David and also a Priest. In times when children were weaned later than they are today, this could have been a measure undertaken to ensure that the children of important families would thrive. The first year of life is even more critical in agrarian societies, as infant mortality is much more common in the first year of life.

During the time of their official 'seperation', Mary would, according to Jewish custom, have been referred to, (and treated in society) as a "widow". (At least, this is the closest translation in English of the Aramaic word concerned. It does not necessarily mean that a woman's husband had died, but the same word may heva been used in that context also - thus this could have led to confusion in our modern understanding of the word.)

Another 'red herring'

OUR Master lies asleep and is at rest:

His Heart has ceased to bleed, His Eye to weep:

The sun ashamed has dropt down in the west:

Our Master lies asleep.

Now we are they who weep, and trembling keep

Vigil, with wrung heart in a sighing breast,

While slow time creeps, and slow the shadows creep.

Renew Thy youth, as eagle from the nest;

O Master, who hast sown, arise to reap: --

No cock-crow yet, no flush on eastern crest:

Our Master lies asleep.

-- Christina Georgina Rossetti

Source: Seeking the Elohim Grails

Another Meeting with The Priestess & The Flaming Sword

'Four figures surround 'the flaming sword'; two men & two woman'

Without much effort in interpreting the four merlin tarot card chosen earlier under the muse of 'looking at nothing in particular' the lines in the sand again form the familiar spiralling pattern which has been seen in recent castings -- indeed another meeting with the Priestess and 'the flaming sword' -- it was unintentional; not what I set out to do earlier. However, it is a confirmation in my mind that I cannot disregard the information I've been presented in previous Daily Merlin portends!

Wednesday 30th May 2007
7:15pm -

The Priestess
Wheel: fortune
Partner Trumps: The Magician; Strength; Temperance; The Innocent
Spheres & Planets: 7th (foundation) and 9th (victory); Venus

To reach this feminine archetype is necessary to pass through three worlds of levels and generated nine spheres or loci of polarised energy.

'The ancient system of system of sacrificial kingship is dependant upon a magical or inner-world location, in which the goddess mediates the spirit of a king of hero to and fro between death & birth. In Christian symbology, we have the Virgin Mary and the conception announced by Conception announced by Gabriel, who is Archangel of the lunar sphere; in the Merlin legends there are the curious semi-material beings who live between Earth & Moon who are said to sometimes consort with human maidens and cause them to have children.'

(Remember, it is the Priestess or High Priestess who is the recurring image in all the more recent Daily Merlin castings.)

8 of Beasts
(8 of Coins)
Skill: Depicting material skills & means of income. The exchange of monies for goods in return. The mundane material world.

8 of Serpents
(8 of Staves)

Ability: Consistent progress up the ladder of success; well qualified in chosen career. Well respected and talented individual. Influential connections

Ace Of Birds
(Ace Of Swords or Prime Of Weapons)

Movement, change & possible promotion. Change of residence; risk taking (depicted by the talismanic 'path of the arrow' ... the path of the flaming sword ... !!!

So we have the Priestess once more -- a 'religious' woman who is with the innocent (the child); we have the Flaming Sword again ... which by numerological means has been established as being 777 ... not necessarily a doom & gloom portend -- but indicative of something significant on or around 7th July 2007. When we study the image of the Prime Of Weapons -- which is IDENTICAL to the Ace Of Birds -- we see the flaming sword itself; this is the card of its creation -- the instruction which led to the Priestess becoming in possession of the innocent maybe? Surrounding the flaming sword are four figures - two men and two women; possibly then we are to seek out four abductors if this relates to the plight of Madeleine McCann?

There are even more implications which can be read into these two very significant cards. It provides insights into the reasons behind why it is Madeleine McCann who was taken. The remaining two cards ('Skill' and 'Ability') are not there by chance. They are significant too ... there is a vibration here and important numerology. There is also further significance relating to the situation.

Not forgetting the symbolic mask at the foot of the Priestess -- this woman bears TWO identities. Not forgetting also, the Magpie in the background ... a talisman which is always associated with 'the taking of shiny things out of nests'; there is the nest itself in the original image of the Ace Of Birds ... the bird in flight following the trail which the arrow is pointing in -- is that not the indication of the McCann's travelling by Plane to find their daughter because they discovered the 'empty nest'?? Behind the Priestess is a landscape of mountains & a lake -- maybe it is where the Priestess is currently residing with the Innocent - in a mountainous region somewhere in the world??

There is limitless symbolism in these four cards - so much more than I've not mentioned here. I can only conclude therefore ... what was initially intended as a gaze into nothing in particular -- is in truth a further insight into a very current and concerning event.

An introduction to 'my old friends'

In the Merlin Tarot, elemental cards use symbols of creatures rather than the customary Sword, Wands, Cups & Coins. The overall emphasis of the Creation Vision, from which the Merlin Tarot is drawn from, is an interacting set of worlds teeming with orders of life. A major part of the Vision, namely the Celtic tradition, contains a magical world view -- often described as being 'Shamanic in modern day literature.

It is from this tradition that the suites of elemental & number cards in the Merlin Tarot are resourced from -- following the interlace patterns that are so essential to the symbols in Celtic art. In more basic terms, the interlaced patterns of Pictish & Celtic art represent a vision in which energies & worlds are woven together. Thus, is it possible to see aspects of the weaver's pattern through four orders -- these orders or modes are represented in the Merlin Tarot as follows:-

AIR: Birds - Swords, Arrows, Weapons
FIRE: Serpents - Rods, Wands or Staves
WATER: Fishes - Cups, Chalices or Crescents
EARTH: Beasts - Shields, Discs, Coins or Spheres

Daily Merlin: "Looking at nothing in particular"

I'm turning to my trust old friends to see what they have to say ...

Much has been apparently revealed recently by way of one technique or another. Whether it is right or wrong is not important at the moment. It has been said. I've stuck my neck out by going against my usual 'elusive' nature and posting them in this sector of cyberspace. I'm not going to remove any of the portends or tamper with them in any way. If ... they prove to be wrong; they are wrong. I will be the first to put my hand up and say 'I was wrong' ... it comes with the territory ....

It is not in my nature, though, to leave things be. I am extremely analytical and hyper-critical of my own work and my own abilities. Contrary to what folk might think ... I am a 'Doubting Thomas' with everything which is 'given to me'. Nothing comes ... from off the top of my head. After years and years of communications -- hours and hours of meditations -- thousands of professional consultations -- dozens of mediumship demonstrations ... I have developed a process of elimination & acceptance of information I receive ...

With that in mind; I'm turning to my favoured Divination aid ... the very first pack of cards of any kind I purchased ... to just see what my 'trusty old friends' have to say ...

Merlin Tarot
Wed 30th May 2007
New Zealand

Priestess; depicts a diminutive & charismatic female; a woman of the mystic arts; a descendant of ancient bloodlines; a mask is discarded at her feet; a magpie looks on from behind her; a Rowan tree stands to her right;

8 of Beasts; 'Skill'

Ace of Birds; depicts an Eagle holding an arrow in its talons hovering above a nest

8 of Beasts; 'Ability'

Another Reason Why Reality Sucks

Meanwhile; Psychic joins The hunt

Her ability to visualise past and future events has led to her being called upon by police in England, Ireland and Wales, her accuracy in several murder investigations promoting senior officers to call for her psychic assistance in a number of high profile crimes. Diane recently re-investigated the murder of twelve-year-old Muriel Drinkwater, a case that was closed fifty years ago. She was able to describe the child’s final walk home from school, her rape and shooting by a ‘friend’. She identified the murderer as an old man living in Wales and police re-opened the file. DNA testing is currently being carried out. (taken from Diane's web site)

The Sun
, says:
A TOP psychic will travel to Portugal today to join the hunt for Madeleine McCann.Diane Lazarus, 40, has already helped cops with high-profile cases including the murders of Jill Dando and little Sarah Payne.In an exclusive interview mum-of-two Diane from Crosshands, South Wales, told The Sun online:

- Maddie was targeted after being secretly watched by her abductors, including one woman; She is in Spain after travelling by car on main roads from Portugal and is being well looked after; One of the culprits has olive skin, dark hair and a drawn, skinny face;

Diane said: “I don’t think Madeleine is in Portugal and they have kept moving her around.I hope going to Praia da Luz will give me the leads to where exactly she went from there. I feel she could be in Spain. I have also picked up that they cut Maddie’s hair and made her look like a boy.I feel there are a few people, including a woman, involved in the disappearance. They went out of their way to get a girl of a certain age."

Madeleine's parents arrive in Rome

The parents of missing Madeleine McCann have arrived in Rome ahead of a meeting with the Pope.

Hopefully the McCann's meeting with The Pope will prove significant. Their anguish is clearly apparent on the latest press release pictures. Let's hope a message from The Pope ... will be the 'straw that breaks the camel's back ... as far as her abductors are concerned. I feel intuitively, that this meeting WILL be significant ... I sense whoever has Madeleine will listen to the Pope, letting Madeleine be reunited with her family ....

UK MSN, headline reads:
"Travelling in Sir Philip Green's private jet, Kate and Gerry McCann flew from the Algarve to the Italian capital. It is the first time the couple have left Portugal together since their daughter was abducted 26 days ago.Mr McCann said they were feeling nervous about meeting the Pontiff because it was such a huge opportunity to raise the profile of their daughter's case. "Meeting the Pope is so potentially hugely important to what we are trying to achieve as a family. We never for one moment thought we would get such publicity, but it means we can get our message across." The couple said they hoped to spend a few moments speaking to Pope Benedict XVI when they meet him at the General Audience on Wednesday. "This is a huge privilege and absolutely brilliant that we are having the opportunity even to be in the audience. If he did speak to us, then we would be delighted," he said. Mrs McCann, who is still taking Madeleine's favourite toy Cuddle Cat everywhere she goes, added: "I think it will really help us."

From Beyond The Grave ...

'look for the diamond shape
and the DIAMOND itself
and the De Beers!'
Is this significant or is it like some folk have said 'just a red herring?'

The Lesotho 'Promise'

The largest diamond found this century

The 603-carat Lesotho Promise - the largest diamond found this century, and the 15th largest ever - fetched $12.36m on tender in Antwerp. The stone was recovered at Letšeng Diamond Mine in Lesotho. Letšeng is owned and operated by Clifford Elphick's Gem Diamond Mining, and the Government of the Kingdom of Lesotho is a 30% partner

Caution: Some soft drinks may seriously harm your health

This is basically a confirmation of what so many of us have known for a long time.

The Independent, says:
Expert links additive to cell damage

A new health scare erupted over soft drinks last night amid evidence they may cause serious cell damage. Research from a British university suggests a common preservative found in drinks such as Fanta and Pepsi Max has the ability to switch off vital parts of DNA. The problem - more usually associated with ageing and alcohol abuse - can eventually lead to cirrhosis of the liver and degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's. The findings could have serious consequences for the hundreds of millions of people worldwide who consume fizzy drinks. They will also intensify the controversy about food additives, which have been linked to hyperactivity in children. Concerns centre on the safety of E211, known as sodium benzoate, a preservative used for decades by the £74bn global carbonated drinks industry. Sodium benzoate derives from benzoic acid. It occurs naturally in berries, but is used in large quantities to prevent mould in soft drinks such as Sprite, Oasis and Dr Pepper. It is also added to pickles and sauces. Sodium benzoate has already been the subject of concern about cancer because when mixed with the additive vitamin C in soft drinks, it causes benzene, a carcinogenic substance. A Food Standards Agency survey of benzene in drinks last year found high levels in four brands which were removed from sale.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Then A Sad One

Matt and I along with another medium friend were doing a psychic fayre. Matt stood up to do a demonstration of mediumship. He was drawn to one woman in particular. He gave her some messages but felt she needed it to be more private so he moved onto someone else. The woman asked to come back later in the evening for a private reading. When she arrived with another woman, Matt asked if it would be ok for me to join in and do some psychometry.
She agreed. Very quickly we had picked up on her husband in spirit who had been tragically killed in an explosion. Now in life, he had been a bit of a joker, and in death he was still no different. He told me that they had 5 children, 3 and 2 he said.

I asked the woman if she had 3 boys, 2 girls.

Ok. have you 3 girls and 2 boys then?

All her husband would say to me was 'work it out' I have 3 and 2! After lots of guessing by me, I gave up! The woman eventually told me they had FIVE girls, 3 girls then the youngest 2 were twins! Ah! Then he told me that he had bought a pink bike for one of his daughters birthdays, he went on to say that he saw the bike, but didn't see the bike! I thought, 'Oh hello, here we go again, cryptic clues'.. I repeated exactly what he had said to the woman. I told her I wasn't even going to try to understand what he meant. It turned out that he bought the bike in July for his daughter, he was killed the next month in August and her birthday was actually September! So he meant that he had seen the bike but hadn't seen her receive it for her birthday! I also said that he looked around 40, and he quickly told me that he was younger! oopppss...but his wife said that he had always looked older than he actually was! He hated that! I then turned to the woman who had come with his wife and told her he was saying to me "Hello 'our kid'"...She burst into tears. Although she was older than he, she was his older sister and he always referred to her as 'our kid'.

It is one reading that stuck in my mind because it was the most emotional one ever. We continued to give the wife as much information as would come through, wishing her well for the future and even told her that another man would be in her life in a few years time and her husband would make sure of it! The reading ended with us all in tears it had been so emotional.

Love Thy Shadow

Each of us has characteristics we define as 'good' and those we define as 'bad.' The parts of ourselves that we continually reject want to be acknowledged and loved. Until we honour these aspects, they will continue to assert themselves. They will do whatever they can to get our attention.

What aspects of yourself do you reject?

Take a few moments to open to the parts of yourself that you do not love. See each one honestly for what it is. Explore the wounds and the motives that gave rise to its condition. Love a wounded part of yourself and it will heal.

"Strangely enough we strengthen love in ourselves when we raise into consciousness the shadow side of our lives. Conversely, when we keep negative feelings out of sight, they smother the love that seems to lie deeper and closer to the real self. This is probably why there is so much pain in not loving. The life that is not able to express the love which is so integral to it grows deformed."
-- Elizabeth O'Connor

A Favourite Message

One of my favourite messages I received was about Matts tooth!

Favourite because it showed my Mum as never seemingly wrong, in life or death! Matt was having trouble with a back tooth. He kept visiting the dentist, treatment after treatment, pounds after pounds paid out..but still nothing would 'cure' this problem! After spending around 500 gbp, he finally thought it was sorted, the dentist thought it was sorted. But not me, or my Mum!

One day Matt was at work and his whole cheek swelled yet again.

Now a few nights before my Mum (in spirit) had casually whispered in my ear "Third tooth from back... you know it'll have to come out"...She was so sure about this. The dentist however was not as impressed with me!! He was sure it was not the tooth that was the cause of the problem but an abscess, the tooth he was sure could be saved.

Ha ha, he didn't count on my mother!

So, when I asked Matt which tooth was the cause of his problems, he too got annoyed and said "It isn't my tooth at all"...

"Ok" said I, "But just out of interest, can you tell me whereabouts the abscess is then?"

"Oh, its my third tooth from back, why?"

"Nothing" said I, "But you do know it WILL have to come out don't you?"

It did. Weeks later!

Funny I could never tell a white lie to my Mum when I was a kid, wonder why?? Ha ha


I am off to see a medium today.

Strange you may think, being married to one and having the ability myself. But this reading I will be having today is the result of a raffle prize win! Matt and I went along to see a local medium early this year, she was at a hotel venue close by to where we live. As we entered the room, we were handed raffle tickets, no 12 and no 13.

Ha, I thought to myself, no 12 will win!

As the medium progressed through the evening giving out vital messages to many people, I was aware of my father standing to my left, (he passed away in January this year) but I also knew that my dad would not come through with a message on that night. Sure enough he didn't. I also knew that I would win one of the 2 prizes for a free reading. I did.

Today is the day.

I had been aware of my fathers passing weeks before he actually died. I had been getting songs in my head for weeks, old songs, songs my Mum (herself a medium) had often sang to my dad in her younger days. I was clueless as to why. Then I had a dream of a beetle, this was a sure sign someone close in the family was about to pass over. Dreaming of a beetle was also a sign my Mum used to get in her dreams before someone's passing.

I KNEW someone was going to die but who??

It was the weekend after Xmas, and I was in a very sullen mood, not knowing why. I unplugged the phone as I did not want to be disturbed.

As I was sat in my favourite chair, I heard a unfamiliar womans voice in my head asking me "Your dad wants to know if you still have his ship in a bottle".. I didn't know who this woman was or why she was asking me about such a thing!

I mentally replied " yes I do still have the ship in a bottle and it is here in my dining room and YES, I am looking after it"

Again, I overlooked all the signs. Not once did I stop to think WHY my father was asking about this! Oh I should have known!

Anyway, the morning of Jan 2nd, (New Years day in UK) I woke up with songs in my head and my first reaction was " Oh these are songs normally sang at a funeral"...then my sons mobile phone rang (I still had my phone unplugged), it was my sister telling me she had found my dad dead at home behind the door that morning (new years day)

I immediately knew then why I had been getting all the signs, the songs, the beetle, the message about the ship in the bottle...but sometimes, we as humans, just overlook these things!

I think it has taught me a lesson though, from now on, I will never ignore signs again!

Eliminating the 'Lesotho' Myth

The intention here is to re-establish the 'Lesotho' link ... and eliminate it as a myth or a figment of my imagination. It does sound an unlikely location for Madeleine McCann to be taken to ... my first reaction when I received the information was to dismiss it.

Why would Madeleine McCann be taken to Lesotho?

Tarot Casting
29th May 2007

Keeper Of Weapons -- the bearer of 'the Flaming Sword' stands amid a masonic-like hall. Behind him are seated three figures. The central figure is sitting slightly higher than the other two. Above him is a circular porthole like window. To the left and the right of the bearer are circular columns with serpent-like creatures crawling round them.

Ten Of Weapons -- the curtain falls on a stage. There is the symbol of the lightning flash on the stage.

Three Of Weapons -- Three swords; one of which is the Flaming Sword pierces a heart ... the tip of the flaming sword touches a symbol of the third eye ... two eyes and two tears ... the flaming sword is held by a female hand.

Two out of the three cards have appeared in castings relating to Madeleine before ... the cards provide further indications of a strong link with something, somewhere or someone on or in Lesotho. Some connection keeps surfacing that relates to Lesotho. Sorry, but I cannot eliminate Lesotho ... it is relevant. It is necessary to pursue the pathway which leads from considering a link with Lesotho. There is a DIRECT connection with the situation around Madeleine ... I cannot therefore eliminate the 'Lesotho Myth'.

Proof reality sucks

Ok, so what is 'The Matrix'?

Observe a whirlpool in a river and so long as the flow of water continues in a certain direction and speed the vortex will hold indefinitely

Think of the Matrix as a whirlpool and the Infinite Oneness as the river. The Matrix. is still the 'river', the Infinite One, but, like a whirlpool or eddy, it is operating in its own little world to its own agenda. What has happened is that the Matrix has forgotten it is the Infinite - the whirlpool has forgotten it is the river. Vortices can be remarkably stable if the circumstances don't change too drastically. Observe a whirlpool in a river and so long as the flow of water continues in a certain direction and speed the vortex will hold indefinitely. In the same way, the Matrix/Time Loop is going around and around in a perpetuating spiral or cycle that has become a prison for the consciousness trapped by its seductions and illusions. The imprisoned consciousness, too, has forgotten it is Infinite Oneness.

Taken from 'Tales Of The Time Loop' by David Icke

Avebury Sarcen

Avebury Sarcen
Original Artwork by Matthew James