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Tuesday, 28 November 2006

The Seven Realisations

Life, the great illusion for the human virus
Wandering the five sense prison, taking it too seriously
Trained to forget, in training to remember
Unable to comprehend the why
Forever seeking the greater why
Enlightenment, unattainable
Pointless for the wandering soul,
Struggling with the many levels of thought
Fighting the environmental programming
Defying the sheep pen urges
Willing inner strength to overcome the bindings.

Failing to understand
Too much distraction in all directions
Senseless emotions, false memories, stolen histories
And the constant fight for control
No place left for peace, for compassion, for caring,
For understanding, for magic
There is only survival in the suppression which lies all around.

A mind pool filled to brimming with thoughts
Thinking which defies the common belief
A structure created by the fearful in control
To suppress the power lords,
To hold them in the cell
Thoughts which provide all the answers
But the human part which sees refuses it all
Permits the seriousness of the charade to take away the fun

Life the great game here in ancient Eden
The primeval training ground now a prison cell
Somewhere hard to escape
Senseless rules and brainwashing over-riding
Mindless control available as public information
Information, disinformation, conspiracy, confusion
Somewhere the truth lies revealed but obscured by clouds

Forgetfulness an easy state to create
An amnesia created ultimately by 'the fall from grace'
Shock induced by a change in vibration
The shock of 'birth' into the human game
Illusion all around taught from an early 'age' as being real

To overcome
To change the programming at source
Reach and enter the core and reprogram the centre
Merely the mind
Life totally a holographic illusion
A projection from the inner core
Transmitted via the DNA, received by the RNA
Reality here in this manipulated sham

Remain as the child
Refuse the adulthood
Because the child questions and is curious
The child is illogical and imaginative
The gaolers cannot control ...
Both are traits which are the key to unlock the binding
To walk then into the central projection 'room'
And change the program

With disipline to enter that central place
Perceive the projector
Gaze at the earth through truest eyes
There nothing will 'er be the same
Sometimes it is better to remain ignorant
Than to know at all
This is the first realisation to endure

The second is the realisation of why you are as you are
Why you react as you do
When you know inside you could react in a different way

The third is the awareness that you can actually feel
how you should feel
And react how you should react

The fourth is the realisation of how you can induce change
But only if you feel it is necessary
For you shall be sensitive to the overall chain reaction
Because you will see it as a group reaction
As one you enter and as one you leave.

This expanded viewpoint is the fifth realisation
Reaching out and gazing through the eyes of others
Seeing it as they see
Including those who control
Those who bind
and those you are in control of

The sixth realisation is accepting they do what they do
Because it is true to what you need
And what they need is true to the needs of the one

The seventh and final realisation is the realisation you have the magic
Magic is the power to change it all
In a moment
On a whim
Because this is but a dream
You wander through
And the seventh realisation
Is the ability to assume dream control.

MJ Aug 06

Monday, 27 November 2006


Andromalius is the 72nd Spirit in order. He is an Earl, great and mighty. Appears in the form of a man with a great serpent in his hand.

HIs office is to bring back both a thief and the goods which have been stolen, and to discover all wickedness, and underhand dealing, and to punish all thieves and other wicked people and also to discover treasures which have been hid.

Ruler of 36 legions of spirit.

Andromalius appears as a large man of fearsome mien holding a viper in one hand. He dresses all in cloth of gold." Andromalius is perhaps the serpent, not the image of the man holding it.

This spirit merely takes the form of a long, coiled serpent. It is really an extremely intelligent and powerful force that is now at work in this world of woe.

Legend has it that if you are honest Andromalius is not to be feared. You should tremble, however if you are a thief, liar or cheat, which probably describes a lot of people on this planet. Andromalius is dedicated to the punishment of thieves wherever he finds it and to the return of the victims' valuables.

Animal Medicine 1: Totem Animals For December 2006

The Nine Totem Animals
In Native American tradition, each and every person has nine power or totem animals which represent the medicine they carry in their earth walk. The totem animals represent a person's abilities, talents and challenges.

When a person enters into their earth walk, there are seven directions surrounding the physical body:-

EAST - Guide to greatest spiritual challenges & guards your path to illumination
SOUTH - Protector of the child within.
WEST - Leads to your personal truth & inner answers. Shows path to your goals.
NORTH - Wise counsel - reminds when to speak & when to listen.
ABOVE - Teaches how to honour the Great Star Nation. Guardian to dreamtime & personal access to other dimensions
BELOW - Teaches about inner earth and how to stay grounded & on the path.
WITHIN - Protector of sacred space & teaches how to be faithful to personal truths.

There is a totem animal for each of these seven directions. There to teach the lessons of these directions.

7 Totem Animals

EAST - Dog

Loyalty - Dog Medicine asks you to look at how readily your sense of loyalty is countermanded for your need for approval. 'Have I recently forgotten that I owe alliegance to my personal truth in life?'

SOUTH - Hawk

Messenger - Akin to Mercury, the messenge of the gods. Hawk medicine teaches to be observant and look around life's surroundings. Life is the initiation. The magic of life is being delived to you. A magic which can instill the power to overcome a currently stressful or difficult situation.

This totem is filled with responsibility, because Hawk people see the overall view. An awareness of omens; messages from spirit. No detail slips by unnoticed.

Be aware of signals in life. Hawk teaches to grab an opportunity which comes your way.

WEST - Frog

Cleansing - Frog energy is akin to water energy. Frog teaches to honour tears for they cleans the soul. All water rites belong to the frog, including all initiations by water.

Take a break and allow yourself to bathe in the waters of frog medicine. This could mean a long, relaxing bath to cleanse; to find a way to rid yourself of the distractions and to replace the mud with clear energy.

A Frog medicine person can clean negativity from any environment. Many of the world's seers use water on their hands when tapping into other realms of reality due to water's super-conductive nature.

NORTH - Dragonfly

Illusion - Dragonfly medicine is of dreamtime and the illusionary facade which we accept as reality. Dragonfly is the essence of the winds of change, the messages of wisdom & enlightenment, and the communications from the elemental world.

On a psychological level it may be time to break down the illusions you have held which restrict your actions or ideas.

Dragonfly medicine always beckons you to seek out the parts of your habits which you need to change. See how you apply the art of illusion to your present situation and remember that things are never completely as they seem.

ABOVE - Lizard

Lizard medicine is the shadow self of reality where dreams are reviewed before you decide to manifest them physically. Lizard is the medicine of dreamers.

Lizard impresses it is time to observe what is following along behind you - fears? Your future trying to catch up?

Lizard hints it is maybe time to pay attention to dreams and their symbols. Make a dream log and record all which you remember.

BELOW - Swan

Grace - Ushers in a time of altered states of awareness and of development of intuitive abilities. Swan medicine folk have the ability to see the future; to surrender to the power of the great swan and to accept the healing and transformation of their lives.

Swan medicine is telling you to accept your ability to know what lies ahead.

Within - Weasel

Stealth - Weasel has an incredible amount of energy & ingenuity, yet is a difficult totem to have. Weasel ears hear what is really being said. This is a great ability. Weasel eyes see beneath the surface of a situation to know the many ramifications of an event. This too is a rare gift.

If this totem is personal medicine then your powers of observation are keen.

Look to Weasel power to tell you the hidden reasons behind anything.

Sunday, 26 November 2006

'The Daily Merlin' Forecast VII

Merlin Tarot Forecast for Sunday 26th November 2006
  2. 10 OF SERPENTS (Responsibility)
  3. 10 OF FISHES (Friendship)
  4. 3 OF BIRDS (Effort)
  5. 4 OF BIRDS (Truce)

Thursday, 23 November 2006

'The Daily Merlin' FORECAST VI

Merlin Tarot for Thursday 23rd November 2006
  2. 2 OF FISHES (Freedom)
  3. 8 OF BEASTS (Skill)
  4. 3 OF FISHES (Suffering)
  5. 6 OF FISHES (Transition)

The Magician is powerless here amid the torments of the material plane. Its arts, though cast in the material plane, require the intervention of the other realms to spark into action. This takes time. So Magician, stand firm and believe that your thoughts and your castings will work.

Freedom and a recognition for your skills are in the spell cast. it is bound to return and reap its dividends. Life is a transition at this moment in time. The elements of earth, air and water are represented in the working. You must provide the other two - the fire and the spirit/aether.

Little progress will be made on the earth plane to decelerate the suffering of this current cycle. However, your pleas and your needs have not been overlooked by higher forces. Watch for a progression of thoughts which you will recognise as the guiddance from the levels which exist way beyond conventional comprehension.

You will find yourself saying and doing and reacting in a way which is not expected and not considered.

Good luck

Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Invisible Key

Still a very indecisive time,
Nothing is clear,
The Sorcerer stands in the daunting mists
An ancient key resounds now along the cliffs
He recalls that vision ... the visit from the forgotten ones
His note resonating, part of the wondrous sound
The very wall a mighty musical key
Of which he is part.

He has been activated ... awakened ...
He reverberates through the mists of distractions
At the eleventh hour
Unsure ... but safe ...
HIs energetics resurging ... powerful as ever ...

Purpose translucent
The hidden chameleon
Within a form of the pauper
Few perceive what ... and who
But he knows ...

From a time where names had no purpose
He is but one of the multitude
Working as one together
Thinking as one sharing ...
Together they are appalled by this rat race
By the grip the black magi have on this realm.

He masters the darkness now
And stands firm amid the despair which is the poverty here
All things seems to go wrong
But he is the light bringer to this sorry world
And the more his vibration lifts ...
The more his key resonates ...
As his personal signature is the echelon of the human sound
HIgh vibrations which nobody can understand.

He stands firm
He knows the pathway will be revealed
For his sound creates a way throught he ancient hidden places
A road he walks ahead and beyond
Back to the realms beyond the known consciousness
Between the thoughts of here ... and way beyond the illusion
Beyond the hologram his thoughts venture
Towards the true home ...

His key is part of the burning host beyond the concepts of magic
Beyond white and black
Beyond division and beyond polarity
Within the stillness of the truth

There he waits
Nameless sorcerer
Part of a race this realm cannot remember
A key which the darkness cannot comprehend
He is invisible ...

Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Avalon Relocation

Called to that sacred place. Not being able to be there. The frustration of exile. Of absence. The torment of soliloquy here where nobody understands. It is but the cauldron of a mighty spell. For that which cannot be travelled to is pulled by the sheer intensity of those thoughts to where the sorcerer resides.

Slowly that ancient place of magic finds a new vale to nestle in. Slowly. For he is its guardian and the keeper of its secret. He bears the key to its entry. He is the key to its entry. His vibration. His signature. His essence.

Therefore, as a wanderer between worlds he ventures there devoid of the form of this realm but within the husk of one of another realm. He nestles down along the side of that ancient hill and exists in two places. He is the conduit between the two.

Slowly that magic dies in its resting place. Surely that magic moves towards him for he is that magnet. He is the quicksilver host. It wanders through the aether. Along the dragon lines to he. To his place in time, and surrounds itself around him.

The timeless lady in white now dances beside him. She is the newest phenomena in his room. She is ancient. She is the queen of that realm. She makes herself known to him. That her people are on the move to a new home.

He is the white fool, exiled from that gentle land. But they shall follow him to the ends of this earth. To form the doorway where so ever the key is found.

He cannot wander back to they.

So they must come to him.....

'The Daily Merlin' Forecast V

Merlin Tarot for Tue 21 Nov 2006
  1. 10 of Beasts (Opportunity)
  2. 4 of Fishes (Promises) reversed
  3. 2 of Beasts (Change)
  4. VI Judgement
  5. XVI Temperance

Major change is indicated here in the short term. Promises of a commitment or of a contract will not be kept due to the unforeseen but will be satisfying in the long run as the right opportunity presents itself.

The time of judgement that has been anticipated for a number of months will arrive; all necessary restraint and patience is needed for the outcome of what has been surfacing for a while.

Apparent giving way of a life style or an intended path for the more instructed and required pathway.

Sunday, 19 November 2006

'The Daily Merlin' Forecast IV

Merlin Tarot For Sunday 19th November 2006
  1. Page Of Fishes
  2. 6 Of Birds (Misfortune)
  3. Ace Of Beasts
  4. II Sun
  5. 3 Of Serpents (Intention)

A representative of all the elements appears here indicating the first signs of balance coming into life and/or situations. The Sun appears revealing the young Sun-god elect Mabon on his white horse ... the start of a new adventure arriving.

There is a sense of needing to make sure of the environment/surroundings that lie ahead before permitting a state of permanence to take effect. Drawing from the experiences of the last wanderings through the maze of life, it is difficult to accept that at last - this time - the formula is right. That would be misfortune for sure.

Careful considerations in all manner of communications over the next few months is essential.

The ingredients for spiritual maturity are being nurtured here after a spell being put through the mill.

Saturday, 18 November 2006

The Messenger: The New Connection

And the Messenger came. In the first light amid the confusion of a waking dream. But this is no dream! This is real. I can assume control here and be fully aware.

A conduit like a UPVC drain line dragged to the site of a newly constructed home out there in the aether of the other worlds. A home built by one who was lost to this world. The drain line brought by one very much alive in this. The connection made. The end of the drain line coupled by a two pin connector to the line close beside the home.

And then he ... the fool (the dreamer) still not in a dream ... was taken to the realm deep within the earth. A real experience haunting he throughout the day in this delusional world. Into Agharti he was taken. A visitor to a place of wonder. A mighty cavern with marble steps and walls. A tourist bridleway leading down and down and down ... towards a great meeting place. A place of tourists and amusement and refreshment. A circular abode with mighty pillars of stone. A viewpoint to the celestial wonder above. The inner sun and its circling satellites. A wondrous sight which he behold and was in awe.

Then it was his time to return back to the over world. Beside the bridleway he noted a mighty chasm. A mighty water source. Then there was a deluge like rain ...

The memory remaining with the fool for best part of this day.

Friday, 17 November 2006

Make Or Break

Many thanks to Andromeda for arriving when she did and playing her part in the awakening first started with the arrival of Enoch when I was but a child

I have a recurrent recollection from nearly 20 years ago which has an over-riding bearing on my life. It's current trends. Who I am. What I'm meant to be doing. What I'm not doing.
The issue is an enigma. A frustration. Something which I am now powerless to resolve with my life in its current state. I was 24. I'd just been awakened from my state of the human somnambulist.

Awake but in a sleepwalk. A term I was given to mean waking to spiritual potential.

I was pointed in the direction of a psychic centre in my home town.
The female medium who owned and ran the club was a well known gypsy clairvoyant and local celebrity. I did not know this at the time. I joined her club and enrolled in her development group.

I was a raw talent. A wild card. A being of chaos. A threat and danger to all but she took me under her wing anyway.

She said to me once 'you've chosen a difficult time to come down. It's make or break for you. I'd had you predicted to me 12 months ago.' I hasten to add that over the eight or so years I was at the centre I had a torrid time. I was a pain in the butt for all with my wild magic. I was stubborn. Powerful. Wasteful. Arrogant and full of ego.

I left under a cloud of banishment and exile. I've not been back since.
The club closed about a year and a half before my exile. Her group was taken at her house. During the early days of the club it was a wonderful experience. I had a very close emotional relationship with one of the other members there. Too close. She was married. We misunderstood our energies and it nearly ended in disaster. There was sex, yes ... but not on this vibration.

I had a short friendship with a brilliant Medium there who unfortunately died of a heart attack about eight months after I met him. I was the last person ever to speak to him on the earth plane. He projected information into my poetry a few weeks before that told me of he knew of his imminent passing.
He and the centre owner often discussed me.

They argued on my behalf. He thought I was 'Bloodroyale' and she did not. Yet in the end after a number of very highly energised connections between me and her, she came to the conclusion I was. It only made matters worse.
The term Bloodroyale still enthralls me. I know of it yet I don't know of it. Search engines on the web have failed to give any explanation for the term. Yet I am intrigued by my obsession with Glastonbury, The Essenes, The Cathars, The TRUE Christ, The Holy Grail etc etc. My angle on this matter is more on a genetic DNA and spiritual link. Having analysed what the implications of what their conversations implied I understand the bloodroyale are the blue bloods - the dragons - the families of the serpent. Blood Royale implies being of the ancient 'Demi-God' status ... part god gene/part human gene. Part Anunnaki Human and Part Terran Human ... Making me a Changeling or Elf ..

This is where it gets shrouded in supposition. Where I can only speculate. But, I understand their are TWO blood lines ... the blue bloods currently in power and who control this world. These I KNOW to be masqueraders and imposters who grabbed power around the time of The Christ by installing Christ as the Sun God ... a blatant power shift thus grabbing the power away from the TRUE blood line. I know the biblical Christ to be a charlatan, a fraud, a false prophet. A political figure much like we have the governments today. A front puppet like George Bush or Tony Blair. They only do what they are told by a higher power - THE JESUIT ORDER at the Vatican. These are the black magicians ... the ancient evil ... those who stole the power from the true blood line. Now. The blood royale I realise are both lineages. This is the original myth of the battle between good and evil/white and black which has being going on for aeons. The Cathars and The Essenes were murdered in their thousands because they bore knowledge of the true lineage. Those in power today are the black families. The masqueraders. Their ceasing of power began when they were able to present Jesus Christ as the Saviour. His divine power is in truth a total sham. He was a political activist and a secret society member who was funded into power like the US President is today. The black magicians have worked on the story for centuries. Have destroyed all evidence of the truth of this time. Whether it was John The Baptist or Mary Magdalene who was the carrier of the other lineage, The white magicians is not important. But, that lineage has survived. It has not been destroyed despite all the efforts of the black magicians throughout the ages.

That DNA lineage is strong. It is powerful. It lurks in today's society. Many of its facets are oblivious to their heritage. Many are not. More now than ever have been woken from their state of sleeping and are realising their ancestors represent the defeated at the time of The Christ.
This is the enigma and the myth which surrounds the secret societies and The Holy Grail today. This is the mighty secret which the Jesuits are desperate to keep hidden. Within their own ranks and the ranks of the Freemasons and The Knights Templars and The Priory Of Sion and The Knights Of Malta are descendants of the white magi ... all of which are safely embedded in their positions and are doing their utmost to change events and to get the truth out. The Blood Royale and the make or break which concerns me is the efforts of the Universal Consciousness to outwit the black magicians and have the rightful royalty reinstalled as the spiritual power on this realm.

This is what I understand I am involved in somehow. My genetics I understand from my maternal side lead from France at the time of The Cathars. From my paternal side, the link is equally interesting. My father was a Scot. His ancestral family link with the Stewarts and hence the Knights Templar and the same genetic pool as my maternal side!

Therefore, I can only make one conclusion. I may not be pure dragon or serpent. But I have that lineage in my DNA. It's not possible to accurately trace my mother's side (the lineage which carries the genetics) as her own Grandfather was actually a Step-Grandfather. Prophetic or what? A means of protection I would access.

My DNA was activated at 24, no earlier ... when I was 5 or 6 ... as the serpent began rising at that age. Througout my life the kundalini has run riot. It was only at 24 when I became aware of its existence and I grappled with it to gain control.

For nearly 20 years that electrical madness has open all the channels and conduits within my endocrine system. Thus the dragon abilities have been activated within me. My abilities of physical mediumship, telepathy, ESP, mind control, clairvoyance, connection with other realms, alien visitations are all part and parcel of the dragon blood which is within me. Sometime soon I'm pretty certain something major will enfold in my life especially when the black magicians become fully aware of my existence. If they don't already.

The Daily Merlin Forecast III

Merlin Tarot for Friday 17th November 2006

  1. 9 of Fishes (Fulfilment)
  2. Warrior Of Fishes
  3. XVII Emperor
  4. 6 of Birds (Transition)
  5. Page Of Fishes

A truly emotional time is evident here. Overwhelming cycles of changing tides, ebbing and flowing of once static situations. A transitional period with regard to communications as the attitudes of people in direct contact change. The Emperor indicates a period where control is taken more of situations. More beneficial events surface from out of the once choppy seas.

Water is a medium of electrical conductivity within living forms. It is the essential substance of life. It figures strongly here and indicates the necessity to ensure connection to life is correct. That all connections are at their most vital potential.

There are issues here that require the refilling of symbolic receptacles which have been neglected for too long.

The overwhelming feeling is that the natural compassionate and empathetic electrical gifts of a strong water sign must once again be embraced and harnessed to their full conductive capacity. The door is again open wide.

The sign from the messenger is all that is required for the emperor to assume control of this life.

Thursday, 16 November 2006

Top Ten Meditation Titles Of All Time

  1. The Enchanter by Tim Wheater
  2. Atlantis Angelis by Patrick Bernhardt
  3. Crystal Lord by Runestone
  4. Kojiki by Kitaro
  5. Desert Moon Song by Dean Evensong
  6. Druid by Medwyn Goodall
  7. Merlin by Medwyn Goodall
  8. Fire Queen by Phil Thornton
  9. Medicine Wheel by Stairway & Stern
  10. Legend by Peter Howell

Ezra Extract #5 - Angels Of Atlantis


Don`t let the darkness enter your mind
Don`t let its tentacles suffocate your inner sun
Keep your mind strong and your eye open
Hear the joyous voices sing once and never again will you feel alone
The angels of atlantis are always singing
The darkness has merely put cotton wool in your ears
To stop you hearing their song

Remember ...

I am the same as you
We share the same life force
We come from the same source
We share the same lives
We share the same dreams
Our birthplace is the same
You and I are equal; we are all equal
Together we are the number one
Never forget lest you become lost again.

Now, close your eyes, wherever you might be now or whatever you might be thinking. Imagine an angel. Whatever your concept, whatever your mind conjures it matters not. See it close. See the smiling eyes. The image is real. It is really there. Take away the wings - they are not there. Accept the translucent skin. That is how it was. Accept the intense eyes of blue; the white hair; the long, slender fingers. All of this is true. Make these changes to your image and an Angel Of Atlantis will be there; looking over you. Joining mind to mind with you. Your own living chronicle of the history of mankind. Your own living record; your own part of the legacy that was formed so long ago.

The Chronicles Of Ezra - Extract #4 - The Beach

Extract taken from 'The Chronicles Of Ezra' written by Matthew James

Imagine again the first beach you stepped foot on. The wind is blowing hard through your hair. It is a cold wind. You shiver and pull tight your simple robe.

Concentrate on this.

Bring this image to mind at the exclusion of all others.

You are cold. You are shivering. Your bare feet are numb with the touch of freezing water on them. The water in which you stand is only a matter of a couple of inches deep - no deeper. Look at your feet. Look at the sand. Golden sand. Look at the water, it is golden too. The sun has only just gone down. Look and you will see its last traces on a golden horizon. A golden horizon turning black in places where the cosmos is breaking through the clouds.


Look to your left and see the dark shapes of the rocks the pinnacles which make up this part of the shore line.


Good ... now walk towards the nearest rocks. Walk slowly. You will still be shivering. You will be drenched with sea spray. There will be a taste of salt on your lips. Notice your feet ... they are beginning to sink into the sand. You will notice it is much harder not to walk. Your feet are being sucked into the sand.


You now find it impossible to walk without sinking to your ankles ... then to your knees. Stop. Stay perfectly still. You have a problem here. You are too heavy for the sand.
I have the solution. A solution which will require much mental imagery from you.
Concentrate for me on the right pocket of your robe. Reach in and you will feel something warm there. Something fabric-like to the touch. Pull it out, slowly. It is our next key. Notice as you pull it out, it has no weight. It should fit snugly in the palm of your hand.

Good ... now slowly pull your clenched right hand up to your face and open your hand slowly.

You should just be able to see the feather by the light of the fading sun.
Now as you look at the feather, you begin to take in its image. You see its colours. You feel its texture. You sense the life force of the bird it has come from still alive in its structure. It is this life force you have to somehow extract.

This essence.

This miracle of life.

You have to learn from that tiny feather how to fly. How to lift yourself out of the sinking sands. You must learn of weightlessness and of how to defy gravity from that one feather.
Now ... listen ... that feather is made from the same universal energy as you are. You and the feather are thus one and the same. Now, grip the feather with your hand and imagine it being part of you.

Concentrate ... your hand will feel different.


Describe to yourself the difference.

Now expand on that thought. Imagine the feather to be part of you. The feather and you are on and the same. The same energy. Part of the same structure.

Expand the thoughts .... how does that feel?

Concentrate and let your mind focus on the thought.

Become the feather.

Now become aware the feather is not on its own. There are other feathers, touching it, surrounding it.

Concentrate ... be aware.

How does that feel.

Extend the thought.

The multitude of feathers cover a body ... a bird`s body. Concentrate and become aware of this. Communicate with the thoughts, communicate with the feather. Ask the feather to reveal its life force to you.

Its essence.
The image of the sands will return back to you .... now.

Your awareness of the feather is very strong. Your awareness of being light as that feather is complete. You now see your predicament - the sand is up to your neck. Time is short.

You are being pulled under the sand. But you are not scared. Instead, a definite intention fills your thoughts. The sands are not about to pull you under.

Instead, you become the weightlessness of the feather and magnify the feeling. In magnifying the feeling, you become tuned into another kind of awareness. You connect with the bird the feather was once part of.

Its image fills your mind ... now ... you see it there alive before you.

You are part of its life force. If you are part of it, you are therefore able to fly. You are able to lift thus out of the sand and into the sky above. Become aware of the total belief that you can do this.

First you attuned yourself to the feather, became the feather; next you attuned yourself to the greater whole the feather belonged to; you thus saw the image of the bird it was part of; next you became that greater whole.

You are now that bird.

Your thoughts are metamorphosed into the thought form of the bird.
You now lift out of the sand.

You lift, you lift.

You are going up, up, up and out of the sand.

You feel the wind around you.

You feel the great pull on your wing muscles.

You are up, up and out into the sky.

Your vision changes now and becomes that of the bird.

You are now free of all the restraints and the suction of the wet sand. You are now a being of the air. You are the bird. Remember the vision you had before and realise what kind of bird you were.
You now must come to land on the cliffs above the beach.

It is important you do this.

It is your time to return once more to the awareness you are this time; this place as the human being. Before you return, realise you now have the ability to lose the shackles that hold you down on the earth plane. You are able now to walk completely freely through the doorway and explore the lands beyond. No other mortal can now restrain you with pure thoughts and suggestions.

You are once more free of the selfishness that has held you back over the past eons.
Remember this as you open your eyes and return back. Open your eyes ... now.

Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Ezra Extract #3 - The Legacy

Extract taken from 'The Chronicles Of Ezra' written by Matthew James

"And in the future it all stood to become lost. Lost due to the selfishness of the power seeking belialians. We, the chosen, would be unable to prevent universal intention. For it was intention of the source to inflict a payback on mankind. A payback designed to teach mankind a mechanism unique to the manifest plane.

All actions have a reflection
All actions return on a circle
They are bound to return
All action have a reaction
Two halves of the whole
All deeds have a shadow
It is the shadow that makes itself known

Gratefully, I wasnt made the spokesperson in the great hall. I wouldnt have relished talking to all those countless thousand souls. Instead Akrah wandered through the hall talking to the groups of souls who sat together there. I knew from my link to his thoughts he was seeking representatives - team leaders. Later, he gathered the team leaders together and impressed on them that they would act as teachers to the different groups.

Somehow the intention of the source had to be broadcast. It was too early to determine if all could think as one. It would have been unlikely.

The team leaders it turned out were the teachers of the groups. The masters and adepts who had recognised the pupils in their groups who were most linked to the source.

I wasnt permitted to join in the team leader talks. But I gleaned from the images and thoughts that stemmed from the first meeting it was clear what the source wanted from us all. There would be a structure. There would be a role for each and every one of us. We would form a legacy for initiates in the future who would come forward and wish to learn the truth. For the Belialians would hide the truth of creation from mankind. That was a certainty. They would have a secret agenda to follow. An agenda which required their report on the creation of mankind to be fed to mankind. It would be us to uphold the truth. To protect those who came forward wishing to know what really went on. It would be us who would create an enigma and a mystery. A code to the structure that only those of the right intention would ever solve.

Thus, the first meeting of the team leaders represented the very start of the legacy. The beginning of the preservation of the truth for the future. For the time when we could all join up again and remember. For then would be when the cloud would lift from the central sun - when the time of darkness would be over and our destiny could be fulfilled.

After a long time of waiting on my part, Akrah returned to where I was sitting on the central podium and brought with him eleven people, five were male and six were female. I was quickly introduced to each in turn. The majority were of the true Atlan race - dark skinned and black haired. However there was one fish person and one of the off land white haired, yellow hair and blue eyes.

Akrah then arranged us in a circle of twelve with himself placed in the centre. He described us as his inner circle. We were to be his group. He termed us his children. None of us disputed he would be our teacher, me especially. I knew what Akrah was capable of and quickly settled down to the first in a series of affirmations.

Thus began the legacy.

There were many groups of twelve with teacher. This form the basic structure of the legacy.
Those that were left after the first grouping had taken place, where then assigned a first grouping and became an outer circle. Then the process begin again and again. Until each group comprised an inner circle and many outer circles.

This continued until everybody was assigned a group.

Thus the structure became complete.

It soon became clear that every group leader, including Akrah, was directly linked to the source. The source being the overseer of the proceedings. The source thus represented the original cause or the intention behind the structure.

We soon learnt that the choosing of the groups was not a haphazard thing. On the contrary. Each group was assigned members with similar experiences and understanding. Thus, the group I was assigned to specialised in the attributes of healing and dealing with the suffering of souls. Akrah became known as Mikel from thereon and was deemed the Guardian of the healers.

(At this point I must stress, that I am Ezra The Scribe and these be the chronicles of the truth. I hast recorded them the best way I can, with words that best describe the events and occurrences when they took place. I must report that where I truly don’t understand the events, I hast used my own interpretation. Thus in some places I will be deemed to be vague. I hast no doubt it will be deemed as ignorance on my part. That perhaps, as is the way of magic schools, I hast elected to leave certain parts out. This be not the case.)

And so the time of mass affirmations and visualisations began.

It was the responsibility of each Guardian to ensure that its group reported all experiences and accrued knowledge into the essence of that part of the structure. For the structure was to become a living consciousness. A consciousness composed of mental images, thoughts, feelings. From the word go the source, via the guardians, was perfectly clear in its intentions.

We were to be a seed. A tiny atom that would over eons reproduce itself a million times over. Each cell containing the simple structure of a teacher and twelve students. A guardian and twelve arch-guardians. The structure would develop into an apparent shape made of globes of knowledge. Each globe would be interconnected and each globe would be under the control/rulership of a guardian.

When I visualised myself looking down at the floor of the great hall, at all the interconnected groups with their concentric outer rings, I had the distinct impression of gazing at the roots of a tiny tree. A living tree. A live tree. A sapling.

It was a mighty task. We spent several years in the hall of records perfecting the thought projection techniques; nurturing the structure; making sense of it all. Time was irrelevant though as if we existed in a vacuum - an empty space comprised of the fabrics of the universe itself. Few of us would venture out of the halls; when we did it was by way of projections for the hall of records was sealed form the outside world. Its food supply nil, so volunteers had to venture out on a regular basis to obtain simple supplies. Thus we lived on a diet of fish and fruits obtained from the hillsides and shorelines of the temple isle.

We thus lived simply.

The reports of the advancement of the technology of the outside world no longer bothered us; apart from a small minority within the group. Over the early years a tolerance was developed toward the disobedience of a few members in the group. They were offered the opportunity to leave on more than one occasion. It was an understandable thing, for within the structure were all human experiences and emotions. Every conceivable experience, so far, was contained within the structure.

The guardians mentioned that eventually, the groups would disband, and the members leave in order to experience more. These experiences would then be brought back into the structure at a later date.

It was a complex mechanism. One I didnt really comprehend."

Ezra Extract #2 - 'Harsh Times'

Extract taken from 'The Chronicles Of Ezra' written by Matthew James

"There are major changes afoot in the consciousness of man. Things no longer be the same on the material plane. A lift in vibration hast begun. The agencies of Belial will struggle to keep control. Know the rules within the prison are soon to change. The laws and the cruelty are to get worse; the denial of the truth will get stronger. Belial struggles to keep its hold, thus it shall take drastic measures. What a time ye choose to be incarnate.

Harsh times indeed
Cruel tyrants bearing different faces walk the earth
But know they are all the same
Corruption of power is their driving force
The innocent and the suffering their fodder
Life can only get worse for common mortal man...

But Ezra, thy chronicle`s word are harsh. They can only breed panic within the fibres of the consciousness of man. We hold ourselves to blame for these things have to be said. These words were freely given and ye report them exactly how they were heard. But now, they must be changed. We must calm things down and give mankind hope. For all is not lost. There can be a way to be saved. All is not lost. This must be stressed.

There is hope
There is a light beyond the storm
Darkness will not always be in control
Its hold draws to a close
The central sun is out from behind the clouds
Its light travels quickly to the material shores
Its wondrous effects are soon to be felt.

The central sun. The star around which this solar system revolves. A fact. A truth that can be proven tough I be not here to prove, I merely be here to report. The orbit takes around 20,000 human years. The latest orbit began the time of darkness; the period when the power of Belial took hold. Though Belial be not the cause, Belial merely be a manifestation of the darkness on the entity now known as man. At the end of this orbit comes the time of light again; a period of 20,000 human years of enlightenment and unconditional love; universal consciousness and unity. The time of light fast approaches. In human terms, ye hast only to wait another 25 years. The end of the last cycle of light passing into the time of darkness; the darkness which still be upon ye, saw the fall of Atlan and the creation of all the false religions which control ye so much.

What some human misfits call The New Age; The Age Of Aquarius be now at hand. This name be yet another way of separating mankind from the truth. Mortal names be so dangerous a thing. They be like a tag, weaponry to use to control fellow man by fellow man. Awful deeds always follow when some natural phenomenon be given a mortal name.

The time of light is at hand. The doorkeepers be now incarnate. They waken and they will slowly make themselves known. And the race mankind call The Angels prepare these brave souls and open their consciousness to the universal ways. The brave souls be incarnates of the same race; but they hast forgotten that fact during their fall into the material realms. The angels help them remember, for these souls hast been within human forms for many eons preparing themselves for this role. It shall be their minds that combine to open a corridor in the human consciousness to permit the light of the central sun in. There`s be the eternal battle; there fight with the children of darkness be what ye know as Armageddon. For know the children of the darkness cannot stand the light of the central sun; they need the darkness to survive. For the light demands truth and universal love; darkness quells the love and breeds hate and ignorance. Those who be the children of the darkness have forgotten how to love and are only able to hate such is the ignorance they bear.

Know many other souls, on many other vibrations work with the children of the light to ensure the light of the central sun effects the consciousness of mankind how it should. For the light will bring enlightenment and realisation. The light will enable the truth to be known by all. The light will permit mankind to leave the physical vibrations behind. But pity those with only hate in their souls - they shall be unable to enter the new realms made available when mankind`s consciousness lifts. They will be doomed to a return to the physical vibrations. Know the orb ye know as earth will be forbidden to they; they will have to incarnate on other worlds in order to work off their karma. Know the only world available to they when this takes place shall be what ye know as Saturn. Know for those souls Saturn will be hell; for it is a fiery world. They will be doomed to an eternity of fire and flames.

Ezra, this instruction is true. Listen ... the purge of the darkness must fully be cleansed from your mind. All karma must be cleared before a soul can make that rise into the new vibrations. Before the light of the central sun can grant immortality. Before it slight can enable unification. Any touch of darkness, and a soul is left behind in the fires. The One shall not be complete for many facets still have to return. But the way the physical plane be in current times is how it is meant. Souls work on their karma, fate has speeded up the evolution; the pay off time.

The darkness hid
Within the fabric of the human mind
Unperceivable, unnoticeable
Becoming too confident; too ignorant
But like the tumour it rises to the surface
Making itself known
All the hate, all the greed, all the guilt
Collected in one place
Within one entity
It is contained
It can no longer run

It is the way it is meant to be. The shadow has been contained. All the karma created by The One is being played out in the modern day. All the facets repeating their crimes. Being forced to understand. Before the central sunlight comes. The gamble, the risk The One must take. And it be doubtless Belial is aware. It be revelling in its total power. It pushes for its ultimate goal. Total separation. Total separation before the central sun`s light comes. A race against mortal time.

Be confident Mara-gamiel, part of Ezra. Be confident in what ye report. Be confident in the teachings that are to come. Be the healer once more. Be the scribe. Be the prophet and help the victims who come. Make them realise the pain they bear. Help them to release those burdens. Open their hearts and prepare them for what is to come.

Thy voice is heard and thy role be recognised. Ye may seem to stand alone, but we come close. We aid thee. We sent to thee what ye truly need. Know there be others like ye. Incarnates of Ezra alive this time. IN the modern day like ye. Know they shall be sent to thee. Know across a bridge they shall cross. Know that time be fast approaching."

Ezra Extract #1 - 'Hints & Clues'

Extract taken from 'The Chronicles Of Ezra' written by Matthew James

"The voice of the source provides hints and clues to our ancestry. In visualisations, my consciousness hast often wandered to the heavens and the stars. I hast connected with other life forms and from them I glean the story is much the same. We bear thus the same origin in this universe. There are ,many universes. Our universe is a child. It grows through all of its collective experiences. This fall of man be one of the many experiences. We are one with the other parts of the universe. Our universe be one thought. One essence.

One consciousness which somehow exploded into billions of separate parts. Know our total consciousness still expands. And it be part of one much mightier consciousness that too has somehow exploded. We are such a tiny part of the overall design but by being a part we be as important as all the other collective parts.

And we are powerless like driftwood on a mighty cosmic ocean. We cannot control something we cannot comprehend; are not meant to comprehend. It be a daunting thought, but what is beyond existence? What was the cause that began it all? What was there before the beginning? What sparked off existence? What is beyond it all? How can there be nothing and then something form out of that nothing? How can it be?

I am mystified and curious. I declare existence to be such a wondrous thing I wouldnt truly change a single thing. For all is meant as it is.

We be Ezra and we be in the modern day in human terms. We be heading to a future that mankind cannot comprehend. We be part of an entity that denies itself its true past and wonders how its present time be in such a mess.

And we know it no to be pure chance that we hast incarnated this time. At this moment in human history. We are part of the damned - an organism deceived by itself; an entity that is sadistic, gaining pleasure in hurting itself. Belial is most surely raging out of control. It needs help. It needs love. It needs compassion. It needs to realise and see where it went wrong.
We can be that voice. We can be that light. For we are here for all.

Dark denies itself the truth
and can never forgive
Light knows the truth
and can only forgive

Magic is returning. The vibration is lifting. More and more of the human young grow restless and bored. More and more rebel; grow uncontrollable. They sense the time of the light is at hand. For in the adult world the vibrational shift is not something seen; for Belials regime hast all the elders lost in a never ending circle. They have no time for leisure and re-programming of the mind. No time for spirituality or the truth. They are side stepped by the smokescreens cast by the agents of Belial. But the children - they only have time on their hands. They have yet to be subjected to the rigours of mind control. They see and sense and hear and know.

They grow impatient with the adult world for not listening.

Soon, the adult world hast to listen. Soon the shock waves shall shake and the tidal waves shall drown. Mankind hast to listen. And as Ezra we know it to be in this our latest life time.
We must surely report and witness once more. For that be how it hast always been. Seemingly nothing hast changed.

We report the continuing denial of the return of our brothers. Belialian agencies shall not admit to the visitors from the sky. But we, Ezra, know the truth. We know our lost brothers are now among us. They appear the same as you and I for they be of the same ancestry and evolution as you and I. They left the planet eons before to escape Belial. They were those exiles from off our world. They too hast forgotten the art of mental projection. Their new home worlds advance beyond this worlds technology. They hast the means to travel from world to world. Pity Belialian agents wont admit this truth. For surely they must know.
The sightings hast for many human centuries been reported. In all the ancient writings they hast been written down. The gods of the sky. They came from the sky. They visited our worlds. Mankind must be seen as foolish to think it can be so easily deceived. There is too much evidence all around for it to be anything other than visitors from other skies.
But we warn ye now, Belial hast strongholds below thy feet. Within those strongholds the technology of our lost cultures survive. Ancient crafts of the sky and of space. Mind controlling gadgetry and other technology too advanced for mankind to ever imagine.
Mankind ye be deceived - Belialian agencies teach ye thy latest civilisation be the most advanced mankind hast ever been. They deceive ye. They hast destroyed the links and the documents which contradict their claims. Know they lie. Atlan was by far more advanced than anything since but even Atlan is but a shadow of what there hast been on this world.
This world hast been used by the source as a teaching ground countless times. Like a blackboard it canst be cleaned and used again with no trace of all the last times.

Mankind ye be but one in a long line of genetic experimentations. Ye are not the first and ye shall not be the last.

The gods made the garden
And made children and watched them play
They grew tired of their chores
So turned their children into slaves ...
Then their children bore children
and their children bore children
the separation had begun
The children turned their backs on the gods and all hope was gone.

And to ease thy mind, mankind, know many other worlds come to save. Come to aid ye in thy darkest hour. Races of beings have arrived and now mingle among ye; races who hast the experience of what hast befallen ye. Races that know how to undo the knots Belial hast tied around thy consciousness. And it is a comforting thought for us; the vehicle of the universal source. For it helps our task all the more.

We are not alone
We are combined as one complete
But other ones exist in infinity
All seeking others
For all are one
A total one
The mighty one that hast split
Must rejoin again

We are Ezra. We are one entity living behind any different faces in the modern day. We are compelled to write; to record; to report. Thus this chronicle has been written. Like it once was many eons before. Once it always shall until the end of this chapter. Until the time comes there is no need.

We are Ezra, and our task has begun once more. As it was once agreed so it shall be once more. And though we face further ridicule and death, we cannot deny our face. Our truest identity. We hast a simple role to play. To teach the children of the one the simple truth. To lead them back to the ways of the one. To lead them from the path that Belial had them trek; the path of illusion under the light of the moon. The sickness cast into their minds must surely pass but only when they can see the illusion they have had thrust in their minds.

We are Ezra as one. Those souls who met and then scattered in ages past. As single faces we live in the modern day. Powerless and insignificant. Simple paupers living the best way they can. Becoming aware now of a birthright; of a part in a mighty legacy. They come now aware there is more to their psyche than meets the eye. They come now to realise they are not like those around. There is something nagging their deep in their mind.

A voice of reason speaks. An urge to speak out against the suffering they see builds. But they are powerless. They are not granted any part of Belials power. And the more they attempt to succeed in the material world, the more it runs away from them. The more they make sense of the mess around, the more confusing it all becomes.

Already they have the voice of the source speaking to they. Reminding they. Filling their minds with strange visions and dreams. Disturbing it will be to they for nobody around them can explain or realise what it is they bear.

For they are the teachers unaware living in the fields of the pupils. Seeking answers that only they can give. For in finding the answers they can explain to the pupils the meaning to it all. They can illuminate the lie and bring falsehood to its knees; but only when they combine.
In truth they are the guardians and the guides of the legacy incarnated; versed in prophecy and reporting. They are the chosen. On the earth to be ready for when the time of the darkness comes to a close. There to witness it all - the flooding; the shaking of the earth; the demonic winds; the killings; the famine; the catastrophes - all manner of things.
They cannot judge for they understand why. Mankind is too many in number - total separation is almost upon ye.

In groups they meet. As one they shall think. For that is how it once was and that is how it shall be.

And I, Ezra, am here too. Part of that mighty one. I am incarnated. Alive behind another face again. Realising and witnessing it all. Living a material sham. Seeing all the other facets of man suffering in ignorance. Taught by the religion of Belial that death is final. That from this world you pass and wait until a judgement day to be reborn again. Forced to accept the teachings of god - a god portrayed as cruel and selfish. A god that is non-existent for its rules are nothing more than those of men.

The Sons Of Belial are in control.

They rule this earth. They run the governments, the monarchies; the banks; the religions. They say and that is the way it goes. They have the technology to control mankind en-masse. I know for I too feel the illusionary voices in the back of my mind. I feel the moonlight tentacles that come at night and promise more illusion. More of the same.
Mankind is easily fooled for it knows not how to lead itself. It needs other to give instruction; direction. It can no longer make choices for itself. It spends too much time seeking second opinions form all around. It has completely disattached itself from the source. This forms the basis of my report.

I am Ezra, and I exist behind a face in the modern day. I am appalled by the state of affairs. But my choice is to remain to see it through. To regain back immortality if that is the will of the source; or to return back to the legacy or beyond, if that too is the will of the source.

But I am Ezra; a part of the one ; a part of the vehicle of the Universal Source. My eyes be its eyes now surely. Together we witness it all.

My chronicles are alive once more. My role as scribe rekindles. That part of my consciousness has surfaced once more. I know behind other faces I once lived and breathed. But their crimes and their deeds be no longer important. Their memories reside on the tree. They live there for eternity for all of creation to see.

I am merely a tiny facet; a tiny fragment of a gargantuan crystal. I am insignificant; I make no sense of this alive around me. For I am not meant to know. I be merely here to witness; so those of the legacy can see.

I still awaken. I still rub the sleep from my eyes. I still recollect those ancient memories and make sense of what I am and what has befallen me in all the ages since. In time these realisations will form part of the chronicles too. But until then I can only wait. "


Well what can I say? I'm still disappointed. I'd planned to be in the Northern Hemisphere, for a stint back in the good old UK. Reunion with Glastonbury and 'the powers that be there'. I'm not and it is a frustrating time. Another meeting here to herald full time slavery again over here. I've got a big name wanting me in Europe. Big names showing an interest in Australia. But I'm stuck here into April 2007 to ensure I can leave New Zealand indefinitely. I have a decent agent who could have had me in employment in the UK or Australia by Xmas. But now it is an uncertain future still. I've interested parties here but I have zero interest and zero tolerance in this second rate land ...

It's truly a life in hiding here. I yearn to be back in the land of the known magic. Strutting my clairvoyant stuff there and making myself be known there. Here it is not the same. In the UK I was relatively well known as Medium & Clairvoyant in the North West. I toured and I worked from home. I had hundreds of clients and they were all well satisfied with my work. Understatement at times ... many were STUNNED with the info.

I was shy and reserved regarding my ability over in the UK. I am also the same here. I'm in semi retirement with my last reading being 6 months ago.

I am moving into sound therapy and intuitive counselling/life coach work with less emphasis on clairvoyance and mediation.

Life's path has been very confusing and concealed. Where I once knew the path I was on and had an idea where it was leading, I now have very little idea. Like a veil has been added to conceal the way ahead of me. It makes it difficult. However, the codeine relief is now a thing of the past. The back pain/sciatica is still with me and I guess it will always be there. I've developed a tolerance thanks to Phil Sterling in Leyland Lancashire ... ASTROSOUND ... who is a total genius with his sound therapy and highly recommended. I use oil of mint to kill the pain and now I've the IPOD I meditate more.

Not like I used to in my mid twenties when it was as much as five or six hours EVERY day. Now I get chance to perhaps 'go out there' two hours every other day. It's not like it was as I have very little attendance from distant friends like I did. However the experiences are still very profound. I still see and hear and sense. I still get touched and spoken to. But it is like there is a shroud around me. Like there is a difficulty in making the connection. I've not changed. My light is brighter now and my vibration ever increasing. The connection from the other realms is the problem.

The urge to be poetic comes and goes like the tides. The urge to draw is non existent. I have a novel on the go (again). I've done two or three or four but they are all collecting cyber dust on the cyber library in my laptop. I don't feel truly inspired at the minute.

I am very confused. Very frustrated and angry and resentful. I remain in a place I can barely tolerate where none of what I should be doing presents itself. Where it will I cannot get to. It is a worry.

But then that's life. It may improve. This path very rarely remains static for very long. So many changes have occurred in the last ten years. Some weeks its instance change. Others there is no change. I'm aware of the next peak to climb and the exertion required.

Perhaps I ready myself for that climb, which is why there is little going on.

Top Ten Playlist For 15th November 2006

  1. Vital Signs - Rush
  2. Silent Lucidity - Queensryche
  3. Angel Of Death - Thin Lizzy
  4. Gates Of Babylon - Rainbow
  5. God Of Thunder - Kiss
  6. Lonely Is The Word - Black Sabbath
  7. Only You Can Rock Me - UFO
  8. Bananas - Deep Purple
  9. United - Judas Priest
  10. Take Me With You - Whitesnake


Matthew James - Reknowned UK Clairvoyant & Medium -
Five cards from the Merlin Tarot deck will be chosen randomly, intuitively & sub-consciously by way of the ancient lost art of foresight. The cards shall be recorded here and then shall be interpreted clairvoyantly. The resultant foresight may be of personal significance
or of a significance much further afield.
FORESIGHT ONE - 15th November 2006
  1. 2 of Serpents (CHOICE)
  2. 4 of Serpents (GENEROSITY)
  3. 2 of Fishes (FREEDOM)
  4. Warrior Of Serpents
  5. 10 of Fishes (Friendship)

Indicates a particularly stressful and emotional time. Nerves are on edge, pushing for a decision to be made urgently. So much risk taking. A feeling of being forced into a corner. Elements of fire and water very predominant here. The need is to slow things right down and consider very option, every move which has to be made. The potential offer by a generous source conflicts with a choice presented by an established friend or from someone where a friendship can flourish. The Warrior indicates a potential swift and sure move. One not to be made lightly. One which comes at a time where stress can cloud the judgement. Careful actions required. A calmness presented by stifling the fire of impatience with the reasoning of careful emotions.Freedom is there for the taking. So close yet so far

In a land where the national colours are predominantly yellow and blue? Or where the two colours oppose each other in a conflict.Know that the house of the serpent is on the move. Opposed by the voice of religion in that land it appears blood shall be shed on the very land. The choice is not one easy to make for both sides appear as generous and as a friend. But the nation must appear to decide.Be warned all is not what is appears. Policies praised by the people do not offer freedom but more oppression and more taxation as control is gained by more illicit means.

Derwent Water Sunset

Derwent Water Sunset by Matthew James 2002

Primeval Dawn

'Primeval Dawn' drawn by Matthew James 2003

Tuesday, 14 November 2006


Life is a wonder, a marvel, a magical act.
Life is a wheel, a perfect sphere,

a perfect reflection of all its counterparts.
an expression of wonderment few truly appreciate.

Life is a melody of action sung by all its players,
Life is thaumatogeny, the doctrine of miraculous origin,
the doctrine which can be found and its pages read.
But it lies hidden lest you understand and change your path,
for then you would be as the creator and change it all.

You see, all things are set and are in perfect balance,
to change even the tiniest grain of sand would upset the all,

one impression, one reflection created or prevented,
affects every fragment, every part of the complete.
And to reach there where it awaits discovery ...

There comes the tests of responsibility
... reason...
...and acceptance.

Orbs of thought collected on the way lending power,

Then as the doctrine is held in holographic hand,
choice looms ...
to be as he who first wrote that book
... or he who hid it away?

The ultimate test of fear then as comprehension lights the torch,
and the cover of the book lifts and the pages turn,

Dare you change any part of your act lest you upset the balance,
and send life spiralling down and down once more into darkness,
that shadow land from where creation has pulled this existence,
saving it from the unmaking it had faced?

Dare you change that which you see before you,
... the hardship, the pain, the monstrosity, the anguish?
Should you instill that miracle in that life,
if you become aware of the overall affect?

Have you the strength to accept the responsibility of the act,
to acknowledge your essence within the effect of that deed?

For by interrupting that path you effectively change the fibre of the all.

Or should you allow the planned movement to take place?

What though if that before you is wrong, it is a lethal act?

How will you know that action is wrong and is one not planned,
how do you know the difference, how can you tell?
Are you brave enough to sever fibres and recreate others,
Safe in the knowledge that what you do be for the good of the all?

If you can, then the Thaumaturge has awoken and awaits assimilation.


The flame lifts today. Out of the gloom set by the observers. By the intervention of those out of the range of the prism. The flame shifts from the form of the ashes into that of the flowing, weaving, twisting snake. Its colours are wondrous. The fool sees them within its sheath. It smiles but to itself. For it dreams within a world of the blind and the deaf. Its peers and its audience are unaware of its shifting form. On the exterior it conforms and it is able to conceal its ancient weight.

It saw the magpie often. It understood the greatest mysteries without truly UNDERSTANDING. Because it knew, it had no need to seek a point of reference or passages of reassurance. Since it was the stillness within the polarity of black and white; of good and evil; of angel and demon; it was the weight which bore all the answers. But in the encapsulation of stillness within its mind ... in quiet, human, moments it had no thoughts to disturb the silence. So it was unaware.

In its childhood years the mask of the Ibex adopted the form of the kindly old man - the Kind Man - and visited the fool often. Revealing much to a mortal mind. Concealing carefully within that mortal awareness many of the mighty keys. Living testament of the tablets of old.

Thus within the fool lives now the mature serpent. The rising and lifting incandescence of the risen snake. Its structure is living flame. Bright light shrouded in the concealment of a life of the pauper. Hidden deep in a society which it despises it watches those who are the masqueraders. It knows and it understands PERFECTLY the secret wisdom. Those whispered words which only those of the open eye at the very apex of the pyramid bear within their consciousness.

The fool is as they but the opposite expression IF it so chooses or it can be the same. For it understands perfectly the angel and the demon are one and the same. Two expressions of one. Reflections merely of the consciousness which views its ENERGY.

Its flame is seen but not understood by anyone for it is clear ... rendered invisible for awareness in this dream has yet to recall the form of the fool. It thus an wander untethered and undetected through the pathways of the earth. For now.

But already earthbound-ness colours its form into a recogniseable tapestry. Something to be feared by those who cling to the apex of the pyramid with their reptilean claws. For the fool sees and understands. Its awareness attained ripe maturity within these realms way before any of those who call themselves 'royalty' even became aware of the concept of form.

The fool is ancient, of name forgotten. Mortal palms reveal many, many levels and pathways which no eyes can ever understand.

That flame lifts now and its light shall become blinding. Noticed by the very apex of the towers. The towers which its incandescence shall destroy THROUGH SOUND. Through the utterance of the keys given by the Record Keeper.

Yes, rejoice, those keys are now returned to this realm. Borne by the fool who now resumes the arts given in the time of the mask of the Ibex. The fool is ready to ignite the funeral pyre and bring down the deception of the aeons.

Circles Of Ancient Power

Avebury Sunset
An illustration by Matthew James

Avebury, the most enigmatic, scenic and dramatic of the stone circles. Its sarcen stones but a hint of the majestic presence which once graced the ancient world. Avebury extremely powerful and enlightening ... but a subtle flame of magic and mysticism in truth. Only the most sensitive and aware feel its living spirit. A heart beat which still sustains the life force of Albion.

Oh avebury, sacred sarcens of light
I thank thee for keeping me calm amid this blackest night
Thy spirit is the guiding flame for me within this time
Thy wondrous voice I hear ... proof of the victor's crime
Slakeless is thy truth, record keeper of an ancient land
Sadly ... few remain who rightfully understand
... your testament

an illustration by Matthew James

Stonehenge, perhaps one of the greatest mysteries of them all. The sheer energy and presence of the circle has inspired mystics, poets and artists for centuries. Time spent within its awesome confines amplifies and purifies that which the seeker bears within naturally.

Somewhere in the collective memory the truth stands
Until that day when man understands
Stonehenge will remain the enigma of the age

an illustration by Matthew James

Castlerigg Stone Circle, a powerful circle of deceptiveness. Its stones dwarfed by the sheer scale of its brother stones of Stonehenge. Its location and its sheer brute power ... an awesome concoction of ancient power in this lazy world.

Castlerigg circle dweller amongst the fells
A place of hidden magic and dangerous spells
The place to weave and to experience ancient power