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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Three of Wands

It's quite easy to mistake the meaning of a card named the Lord of Virtue. We can easily be misled into thinking that this means being dutiful and 'doing the right thing'. However there is a much deeper level to this card than is immediately apparent. Virtue is about excellence - ethically and personally. It is about developing and maintaining high standards of behaviour, and then learning to have the confidence, self belief and strength of character to live out those standards through our every act. When we fall short of our expectations of ourselves, we retreat, disappointed and ashamed of ourselves. We can then take a long time to climb back up to the higher ground from which we can regard our own acts as part of the grand pattern of life. And, in the meantime, we continue to disappoint ourselves. This is obviously not good for us, and neither is it good for life. So we need strategies to reduce the number of times we feel we let ourselves down, methods of forgiving ourselves when we do, and ways of recovering lost virtue as quickly as we can. This is where the 3 of Wands comes in. So, on a day ruled by him, make yourself a will spend a little time moving back into the centre of yourself - do this by sitting quietly and gently drawing in breath, directing it to your heart centre and allowing it to fill you up with more>>>...

Quote for Today

"Walk in balance with one foot in your spiritual understanding and one foot in your physical world of accomplishment." -- Lynn V. Andrews

Mysterious Light and Meteor in the Sky Over Colorado

"HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO - Suha and Mike Owens took video Wednesday night from their home in Highlands Ranch. It shows a light in the sky that appears to change colors, and it moves left and right, up and down. "Is it somebody's toy or is it a UFO?" Suha Owens says in the video. 9NEWS received several calls and emails Wednesday around 8:45 p.m. from viewers, all reporting a bright light in the western sky. 9NEWS spoke with Chris Peterson, a researcher at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and Cloudbait Observatory, about the light. Peterson looked at Owens' video. He says what they captured was most likely a reflective balloon blowing around or possibly a helicopter or some other aircraft. Peterson says what the Owens saw was not the same as other reports he received. From several cameras, he captured a meteor passing over the Grand Junction-Delta area around 8:45 p.m. Wednesday. The meteor came relatively close to Earth, about 30 miles above the ground. Peterson says it only lit up the sky for a few seconds, unlike the Owens' video, and the meteor was likely the size of a golf ball. From the Front Range looking west, it looked large, but the view from the Western Slope, he says, was even better. "I do have witness reports from people out there, and they saw something much more impressive than what the Front Range people saw," Peterson said. "They saw it light up the whole sky with multiple colors and glaringly bright; a really spectacular event because it was right over their heads." Peterson says that in a single night, 10 to 15 meteors fall over Colorado."

Amalgam Fillings Leach Mercury Vapour Into The Brain

Isle Of Avalon

An enigmatic hill rises out of the mist over the flat moors of southwestern England. Though worn by use, a terraced pathway, believed to be at least four millennia old, winds around and up the hill - a labyrinth. At the pinnacle stands a tower, the remnant of a medieval church long since destroyed, but now a symbol of the locale's enduring spiritual power. Nestled at the hill's base is the Chalice Well, where you can drink of its legendary healing waters. The hill is Glastonbury Tor, overlooking the market town of Glastonbury. You are here to explore Glastonbury's rich and varied spiritual history.

Glastonbury has been a place of spirituality and pilgrimage for at least several thousand years. Long-established as a Druid center of learning and sanctity, the town became host to the first Christian church in the west, built on the site that later housed the Glastonbury Abbey. The abbey grew in prominence as a center of learning and spirituality in its own right, and was a significant medieval pilgrimage destination.

Glastonbury is now visited by pilgrims of myriad beliefs interested in its treasure trove of mystical sites. Once a small cluster of islands rising above the submerged Somerset Levels, Glastonbury plays host to the myths of Avalon - the sacred Druid island spiritual center later tied to Arthurian legend. The ruins of Glastonbury Abbey provide modern pilgrims a peaceful atmosphere for meditation. Walking the labyrinthine path up the Tor is not only a spiritual journey, but also allows ever-widening views of the green countryside. The gardens at the Tor's base provide an idyllic spot for thoughtful contemplation after drinking from the restorative waters of the Chalice Well.

Because of its contemporary renaissance as a pilgrimage destination, Glastonbury has evolved to meet the needs and interests of its visitors. After visiting the town's mystical locations, you can browse the myth and spirituality book shops or relax with a cup of tea at one of the local cafes.

Image of the Day

Matthew James 'Reading Corner' - The Hurstbridge Psychic Expo, Graysharpes Road, Hurstbridge, Victoria
PREBOOK YOUR 1-2-1 READINGS FOR SUNDAY 1ST APRIL 2012 (10am - 5.30pm) by ringing 0458-22-75-76 now

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Are You Alone? Or Strategically Placed!

I hear from so many people who feel isolated and alone during this awakening and massive pardigm shift taking place around the globe. Spouses can't wake up partners to the truth; family members and close friends think you've gone wonky, while the mainstream matrix mouthpieces keep up their barrage of derision against anyone who dares to look past the range of their narrow blinders. It does suck. We all experience this phenomenon and the isolation that seems to accompany the wake up.

Here's a hugely happy thought. If we're an organic, cosmically influenced body of crystaline receivers and broadcasters in an alive and amazing all-knowing Universe, perhaps we're exactly where we're each supposed to more>>>...

"Talking With Shadows"

Here and now at the end of time,
With the solar seas in disarray,
He provides the keys for others to truly hear,
And suffers the consequences of attack by jealous souls,
As their separate selves launch malice in his direction,
As the shadow summons the weak to eradicate the threat to its existence.

They know not what they do
They are weak ... and foolish ... and blind.
They know no different ... they are puppets to the glamours,
For their folly is not to question what links to they.

Talking with shadows, his soul is the candle blown in the universal wind,
Swaying to and fro by the vibration of truth,
Remaining true, unchallenged by the threat of distortions in the air,
Well versed in the path that lies ahead, recognising the signs,
The lifting energies shaking loose all glamours and falsehood ...
Unconventional has been he ... defiant in the field. 

Refusing to accept the norms, the traditions, the expectations,
Seeing through the fables and the archetypes,
Understanding truly his arts ... truly a purveyor of the force,
Despised and ridiculed by others in service for refusing to conform.

But now ... at this crucial time,
He watches the foolish dig themselves deeper into the malaise,
Watching their separate selves claim their souls for the shadow,
Un-phased by the enormity of the moment,
Knowing truth ... realising that vibration courses through his being,
His keys freely given ... instruments of freedom for those that come.

Selfless and caring he donates his compassion,
Ancient light of truth incarnate once more,
Aware completely of the shadow’s reaction to his existence,
Watching intently the summoned attempting to prevent his mission at this time.

Their deeds failing to prevent his course ... or change his direction,
Their desperation ... apparent in all that they do,
The shadow controlling ... their separate selves becoming darker day by day
Their souls lost to the vibrations of truth ...
Their lessons still to be learned ... for they fail to see the truth before their eyes.
_Copyright Matthew James March 2012

Mysterious tortilla chip-shaped UFO is spotted again

The mysterious "Dudley Dorito" UFO has been spotted for the fourth time in five years flying through a cloudless sky over woodland in Yorkshire. The object, which looks like an extra-terrestrial tortilla chip, was captured by an amateur cameraman who posted the footage on YouTube. He can be heard saying "I don't know what that is" as the triangular aircraft glides silently across the frame above a forest in the north of England. The UFO was dubbed the Dudley Dorito after its first sighting over the Midlands in 2007 but it is unclear whether the YouTube footage is real or a hoax. Eye-witnesses first saw the black triangle hovering over Halesowen and they reported the close encounter to UFORM, a local group of more>>>...

'Climate change' in the sun could leave Earth at the mercy of violent solar storms and cosmic ray blasts - and our aircraft may not be built to cope.

The magnetic field around the sun is set to change in the next decades - cutting down the number of sunspots and explosive solar events. But the events that DO occur will be more damaging - and our aircraft and spacecraft may not be able to cope, an expert has warned. Changes in the Sun's magnetic field could also leave our planet more exposed to galactic cosmic rays - and people in planes and spacecraft would bear the brunt of this alien radiation...>>> more...

Intensive Mediumship Training Workshops Introduction - "The Art Of Knowing"

A brief look at an excerpt of the IMT Workshop Level 1 & Level 2 notebook which is provided to everyone attending the IMT courses. In this video, IMT Facilitator Matthew James discusses 'The Art Of Knowing' ...."This is essentially the essence of a quick connection ... the ability to have a telepathic communication is with us constantly, but most of us choose to ignore the mutterings that occur in our mind.

Mediumship is essentially made possible by paying more attention to internal dialogue ... and having the confidence to know that the internal dialogue is an actual connection and relates to a client in front of you! That is the hard part ... the bit where practice makes perfect.

This essence is a major constituent of THE ART OF KNOWING ... the ability to totally trust implicitly the connections and communications you receive by direct telepathic means ...

To fully incorporate the art of knowing it is necessity to develop a 'fail safe device' ... an indication of what is wrong and what is right. This might sound daunting but it is easy. It is just child's play really ... in reality it all relates to re‐programming the brain as if it were a computer hard drive; which in essence is just what it is!" Copyright Matthew James 2011

Some Buddhist Inspiration

Always recognize the dreamlike qualities of life and reduce attachment and aversion. Practice good-heartedness toward all beings. Be loving and compassionate, no matter what others do to you. What they will do will not matter so much when you see it as a dream. The trick is to have positive intention during the dream. This is the essential point. This is true spirituality---Chakdud Tulku Rinpoche

Image of the Day

~Swinside Circle~

Empowering Ourselves With The New Energy Dynamic

The chakras are an important part of our energy anatomy. Ideally we would like to feel that all of the chakras in our body are fully functioning. This is not the case. The un-empowering beliefs & excess electromagnetic energy within our energy anatomy, which we hold onto, create blocks. Excess electro-magnetic (blocked energy) surrounds the fear filled & worry filled events of our life. Clearing the energy anatomy releases its buildup. This released energy then becomes available to us in the Now. The electrical potentials in the brain pathways can be altered by an act of consciousness, i.e. intent. These intents focus our attention to various centers of the body, using our consciousness to direct the flow of energy. Light is literally the messenger of the electromagnetic field. Light is within the essence of our cells, and the DNA. The DNA is tuned and corrected by this flow of light. Our innate systems operate on the basis of flow without resistance. Correcting the flow of light restores and enables the natural, normal, healthy processes within our systems. Increasing the flow results in evolution of our innate potentials! To increase our consciousness we must increase the “charge” or “energy flow” of our whole energy anatomy, our whole being. This requires our active participation in consciously creating our more>>>...

Throat Chakra Meditation (Vishuddha)

Love Shows the Way

We are living in a time of great change. Many thinkers and seers agree that humanity and the planet Earth are evolving at a quickened pace, and that this evolution will necessarily be severe and seemingly chaotic at times. It is natural for people to react with fear, because these changes will doubtless bring some level of difficulty and loss to many of us. However, it is essential that we all remember that our souls chose to be here at this time and to be part of this process. Every movement in the universe is a movement toward love. This is true even in situations that appear on the surface to be the opposite of loving.

Since we chose to be here, we are capable and ready to rise to the challenges in which we find ourselves. It is helpful to reflect on our own lives and make any changes necessary to fully support humanity and the planet into the state of love. When we open our hearts in love instead of closing them in fear, we serve the divine process. We are all powerful spirits who took form at this time in order to serve our fellow humans, our planet, and the universe. As we find ways we can serve, our fear dissipates. We may serve by remaining calm and loving with our children and our families, even as the situation seems dark. We may serve by sending money to people who need financial assistance. We may serve by going out into the world and actively helping to rebuild lives. Regardless of what actions we choose to take, the essential element will be the internal gesture of choosing to remain in love. This is all that is needed.

When it is difficult to remain in love, we may always call upon our unseen helpers: the teachers and guides who are always with us. All we need to do is ask and then trust that we are being helped. The guidance we receive is love itself, showing us the way

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Matthew James Promo

'The Truth Vibrations'

These are difficult times. Mankind truly wanders a fragile shoreline fully mesmerised in the blinding glare of overtly imposed glamours. All of us wander a maze with mirrored walls. The majority follow the whims of their seperate self without realising those impulses are not their true selves. Those walking the spiritual paths barely fare any better. The glamours manifest themselves as 'guides', 'angels' etc. Few spiritual travellers ever question the origin or the occurrence of these glamours. They have gone along with these 'traditional' archetypes ... as it has been the unquestioned norm for so long. It has become fable and folklore associated with the 'new age movement' ... but it doesn't mean that these glamours are real ... or are correct assumptions.

2012 is going to bring in many things. But the biggest thing of all ... it seems ... is 'the truth vibration'. A big challenge for so many as it will bring the seperate self into line ... and force the majority to acknowledge the false ego and all of its tribulations. For the spiritual travellers, the truth vibration is going to reveal all of the falsehoods associated with mysticism and true magick. This includes the deceptions around the glamours of 'guides' and 'angels'. All is strictly not as it seems. The connections with 'the other realms' are arriving at their strongest for eons. In order for souls to be able to attract & benefit from these connections, they must be 'cleansed' by the truth vibrations. This includes losing the need for the traditions and glamours of the New Age. It means all who are truly walking the spiritual path ... must shed the baggage they have been carrying along their journey to date ...! They must truly be prepared to be 'open minded' and be prepared to see the 'spirit world' as it truly is. First truth to truly accept that 'guides' and 'angels' are NOT what they seem to be ... MJ 28th March 2012

David Icke - The Schism People

Osho Quote for the Day

The faraway has a tremendous magnetic force, particularly for the ego, because it gives you the promise of great achievement. The psychology of the ego is contained in the word achievement: achieve something. The truth is already there, within you; you cannot achieve it, you cannot lose it, because it is your very being. That’s why millions of people never become interested in it — what is the point? You can neither lose it nor can you attain it — it is already there --- Osho

What in the World Are They Spraying?

Simple Gestures of Solace

Sometimes it is difficult to see someone we love struggling, in pain, or hurting. When this happens, we might feel like we need to be proactive and do something to ease their troubles. While others may want our help, it is important to keep in mind that we need to be sensitive to what they truly want in the moment, since it can be all too easy to get carried away and say or do more than is really needed. Allowing ourselves to let go and simply exist in the present with another person may actually provide a greater amount of comfort and support than we could ever imagine.

Perhaps we can think back to a time when we were upset and needed a kind word, hug, or listening ear from someone else. As we remember these times, we might think of the gestures of kindness that were the most healing. It may have been gentle words such as “I care about you,” or the soothing presence of someone holding us and not expecting anything that were the most consoling. When we are able to go back to these times it becomes easier for us to keep in mind that giving advice or saying more than is really necessary is not always reassuring. What is truly comforting for another is not having someone try to fix them or their problems, but to just be there for them. Should we begin to feel the urge arise to offer advice or repair a situation, we can take a few deep breaths, let the impulse pass, and bring our attention back to the present. Even though we may want to do more, we do not have to do anything other than this to be a good friend.

The more we are attuned to what our loved ones are feeling, the more capable we are of truly giving what is best for them in their hour of need. Keeping things simple helps us give the part of ourselves that is capable of the greatest amount of compassion—open ears and an understanding heart.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Symptoms Of A Vibrational Change

For those of you lightworkers out there who are feeling a little under the weather at the moment ... relax and what is happening to you at the moment! I've come to the conclusion that the cold & flu like symptoms I've been experiencing for the last 12 days is nothing more than a 'vibrational change'. My glandular & nervous system has being going haywire for the last few days with some rather odd energetic side effects. Today was very strange too ... spiritual energies have been blocked in my neck & throat area. My shoulders & neck have been sore and tense. I've experienced numerous dizzy spells. Sleep patterns have been adjusted ... deep sleep with some very vivid dreams. Because I've been specifically on the look out for anything unusual energy wise in recent times ... I took note of all these differences. Today was a significant day ... I began consciously unblocking the energies in my neck area; applying significant pressure on both sides of my neck I found I was able to release the large amounts of energy which had been blocked in the throat/thyroid gland area. I began experiencing an increase in heart rate ... and also a sense of the etheric throat chakra beginning to turn like a dynamo in my emotional body directly in front of my throat area. Energy was clearly flowing from the minor energy points in the shoulders into my brow area. I immediately felt better ... and became aware of the 2nd vehicle aligning itself with my physical body. I attribute all these sensations with the increased vibrational energies and faster energy fields we are now feeling at this time. So lightworkers ... if you are feeling similar symptoms to what I have been describing ... relax ... it appears to be a light body adjustment - MJ 27th March 2012

The Fluoride Deception

Thanks to some poor science and an uneducated public, water supplies world wide are being contaminated with a dangerous chemical under the guise of helping your teeth. Dr Robert Carton, a scientist who spent 20 years working for the US EPA said on CBC Nov. 24th, 1992, "Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not of all time.”

“Fluoride is a known toxin that causes cancer, severe bone fractures and retardation of children. Leading scientific institutions, major universities and Nobel laureates have exposed its danger, yet fluoride is being crammed into the water worldwide. The amount of solid scientific evidence that fluoride kills is overwhelming" more>>>...

Aspartame A Risk To Public Health: Made from Genetically Modified Bacteria Waste

Aspartame is one of the most used artificial sweeteners in the food supply today. It also happens to be one of the most dangerous. Aspartame is used in thousands of products as a substitute to sugar, though consumers would actually be better off eating regular sugar. Specifically, the toxic substance is often found in diet soft drinks and various candies. You should also be aware that aspartame is even present in a number of lesser-known conventional products as well. Millions either knowingly or unknowingly consume aspartame on a daily basis. However, if the public was aware of the various dangers aspartame poses to individual health, they would stop - or would they? Aspartame is an addictive substance. Most people who consume diet sodas regularly soon develop a craving for it. This is because of aspartame's addictive quality. Soon after consuming the ingredient on a normal basis, many people find themselves unable to kick the habit.

This is concerning due to the fact that aspartame has been linked to a number of diseases, can impair the immune system, and is even known to cause cancer. Aspartame has even been found to create tumors in lab rats. One study showed that of 48 rats experimented on, up to 67 percent of all female rats developed tumors roughly the size of golf balls or larger. This is glaringly in contrast to the perceived nature of what a 'sugar free alternative' would entail, which is generally thought to be a 'healthy' substitute to more>>>...

Monday, 26 March 2012

Genetically Modified Food Serves Up a Host of Ills

Amid mounting evidence of the dangers genetically modified crops pose to humans, animals, our soils and biodiversity, the corporate-controlled U.S. government continues to ignore the dangers and actively promote GM crops.

Even worse are the increasing reports that scientists trying to study these dangers are having their government or corporate funding cut off. In some cases, they are even being prohibited by their universities from continued research because the universities fear losing corporate funding. And corporations with patents on GM crops are further hindering these same scientists by refusing them access to their seeds and more>>>...

David Icke - The Sumerian Alien Origin

The "2012 Syndrome" or something else?

Energies are certainly 'odd' at the moment. Things are currently strange. Whether it is indeed the '2012 syndrome' or the excess of solar flare activity ... but people are acting very strange at the moment. So many people are facing their separate selves and feeling their egos being threatened. Many are retreating into their comfort zones ... whilst others are going along with the aggressive energies that are surfacing. I feel the strangeness like many other sensitives at this time. There are numerous physical discomforts that are not usual aches and pains, which I also associate with these strange energies. A feeling like 'lockjaw discomfort' on the left hand side of the mouth, extending to a soreness in the left thyroid gland. A feeling of disorientation and fizziness in the left side of the head. Sore shoulders ... and a sense of something significant about to happen. None of this is 'normal'. A feeling of 'otherworld' presence close ... watchers and observers close around me. I know it is not imagination. Nothing is the same at the moment, nothing is as it was even last week. It feels like the energy fields are like maelstroms of disturbance ... weirdness personified! I feel it is all part and parcel of the vibrational change that is occurring ... the separate self is fearful at this time on a collective level. Our egos are being adjusted and changed ... those who have done sufficient spiritual work will go through this point seamlessly as their true selves will keep their egos perfectly under control. For those with egos out of control ... they will be vicious, nasty, jealous, envious and downright aggressive towards those in their field they feel threatened by. Those caught fast in the 5 sensory world of left brain ritual ... will not even be aware of the spiritual changes unfolding ... they will flounder in the darkness that lies ahead. It all adds up to several months of crazy energies ... mood swings and emotional roller coaster rides for everyone ... be warned! Stay calm ... MJ 26th March 2012

Egyptians, Greeks Came to New Zealand First - New Book

Captain James Cook and Abel Tasman could lose their place in history as the first Europeans to reach New Zealand. A controversial book, To the End of the Earth, claims to contain evidence that Greeks, Spanish and Egyptians settled in New Zealand long before the Maori people. The 378-page book, to be released this weekend, was co-authored by researchers Maxwell C Hill, Gary Cook and Noel Hilliam. It shows ancient maps drawn before the birth of Christ, which the authors said detail the coastlines of Australia and New Zealand. Skeletons, rock carvings, stone buildings and monuments all attest to people of European origin living in New Zealand for centuries before the arrival of Polynesians, they said. The artefacts include a rock carving of an ancient Greek ship found in Taupo, a stone pillar with an accurate coastal map of New Zealand showing Lake Taupo in its pre-232AD eruption shape, and carvings on rocks at Raglan. Hill said a huge boulder weighing several tonnes, deeply cut into a huge circular star calendar and marked with what were believed to be figures and rebuses, was the most stunning find. He said there was also evidence that showed Maui was not the legendary Maori god-explorer, but an actual Egyptian naval navigator, who steered a flotilla of Greek ships to discover new shores, Hill more>>>... 

The Illum-O-lympic Prison City Rollout

Enjoying the in-your-face Illuminati occult rituals at the Superbowl and their media self-award ceremonies? They're getting pretty bold and brazen and over-confident in their flagrant flaunting of seeming conquest of humanity. The psychotic idiots are just getting warmed up. The Zion Olympics coming up are going to sport so much cattle prodding techno-policing, surveillance and militarization you'd think they knew it was going to be another ground zero and are just building a psychic more>>>...

Being Receptive to What You Want

In order to get what we want in life, we have to be willing to receive it when it appears, and in order to do that we have to be open. Often we go through life with defenses we developed early on in order to protect ourselves. These defenses act as barriers, walls we needed at one time to feel safe, but that now serve to shut out desired influences, like intimacy or love. So an essential part of being receptive to what we want is to soften these barriers enough to let those things in when they show up. For example, we may spend a lot of time alone as a way to protect ourselves from being hurt by other people, but we can see how this is now preventing us from meeting new friends.

Another obstacle to our receptivity can be our tendency to believe that we have to act aggressively in order to achieve our desired goal. This can cause us to become mono-focused and to fail to see, and be open to, opportunities on the periphery of our vision. So becoming receptive involves a softening of our defenses and a willingness to remain open to possibilities outside our immediate realm of vision. If we are looking for love or friendship, it means first looking within ourselves to see where we are shut down, and second, not getting too fixated on where we might find the love we want. In this way, we become more open as individuals and more expansive in terms of what we see as possible.

Often, the things and people we want to draw into our lives elude us because we are unconsciously blocking them out, either with our defenses, or with tunnel vision that causes us to not see them when they appear. When this is the case, we can take action by exploring and softening our barriers, and expanding our vision to encompass new possibilities. These actions are the essence of receptivity.

Whitney Houston Cause of Death Cover-Up? Coroner Changes Story, Blames Cocaine, Not Pharmaceuticals

There's something afoot in the changing story about what actually killed Whitney Houston. According to the official coroner's report that was recently released, Whitney Houston died from drowning and cocaine was a "contributing factor." All the other prescription drugs found in her system were dismissed as being totally unrelated to her death.

Really? Isn't it interesting that police found no cocaine in her hotel room, yet they found at least four different prescription drugs, including "...a plethora of sedatives including Lorazepam, Valium, Xanax, and a sleeping medication that was found in her hotel room," according Radar Online.'...>>> more

The Irish pub that serves spirits along with the beer: Ghosts haunt 1900s mortuary-turned-bar

Before Kells Irish Pub in Seattle became a charming family-run bar, it served as a waiting room for the afterlife -- a mortuary purpose-built to handle flood of dead bodies produced by plague, mining accidents and violence in the early 1900s. The owners of the bar say a piece of that dark history has clung to their humble establishment, meaning the haunted pub serves up a host of spirits, along with pints of beer. Bartenders, patrons and ghost hunters all claim to have seen specters of ghosts at the pub late at more>>>...

Fresh Mind

There is a lot of information available to us at this time in history, more than ever before, and it travels fast. We are able to learn in the blink of an eye about something that happened halfway around the world, and it’s natural for us to want to know what’s going on. However, it’s also fair to say that we don’t want to become so caught up in one way of looking at events that we lose perspective. Often, the news comes to us in a very fear-oriented format, and when too many of us get caught up in fear, the balance of the whole is disrupted. It helps to remember that we have a much greater and more positive impact on the world when we maintain our inner sense of peace and joy.

We are aware enough to know when we are eating something that is not good for us, because we don’t feel well after we’ve eaten it. In the same way, we can determine for ourselves whether the sources in which our information comes are ultimately healthful. News can be presented in a way that inspires us to take positive action to help the world, or it can be presented in a way that leaves us feeling powerless and sad. It is up to us to seek out and support media that empowers and informs us, and to say no to media that drains our energy and our hope.

For a time, it may even be of benefit to commit to a media fast, in which we stop taking information in for a time to give ourselves a rest. When we return to the task of taking in and processing the information all around us, we will come to it with a fresh mind. This will enable us to really notice how we are affected by what we hear and see, and to make conscious choices about the sources of information that we allow into our lives.

Quote for Today

"There are many aspects to success; material wealth is only one component. ...But success also includes good health, energy and enthusiasm for life, fulfilling relationships, creative freedom, emotional and psychological stability, a sense of well-being, and peace of mind." -- Deepak Chopra

Image Of the Day

Warrandyte, Victoria
original image Matthew James March 2012 

The Veil Of Invisibility

MJ.TV presents Matthew James discussing a form of psychic protection known as The Black Cloak or 'The Veil Of Invisibility.

For further information on intensive mentoring training visit or visit Matthew James at

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Why You Should Avoid Fast Food at All Costs

It is no secret that the average American diet is in completely in the slumps. Consuming packaged foods, fast food, artificially enhanced products, and especially low quality cheap food is the norm, but is it any wonder that being overweight while also falling victim to a host of illnesses is also the norm. Being raised in this era of poor health makes it difficult to know what is truly healthy and unhealthy. Food has drastically changed since decades ago, and so parents often aren't aware of the severe decline in food quality. Fast food in particular is one of the primary reasons for the drastic health decline seen more>>>...

Mirrors: Parallel Universes In The Looking Glass

Are mirrors gateways to other universes? The debate has raged throughout the ages and continues today with arguments about photons, energy vortices, and quantum entanglement. Do our conscious minds anchor us to this reality? Can that anchor slip? Can mirrors create a rift between worlds permitting eerie glimpses into parallel realities? Are there universes so different from our own that the merest hint of their existence is enough to drive you mad? Some researchers say the answer to all those questions is more>>>...

'It's completely unexpected': Mystery of strange cloud formations over Martian landscape

An amateur astronomer has managed to capture recent images of Mars which appear to show cloud like formations on Mars. Wayne Jaeschke, from West Chester, Pennsylvania, noticed the formations which can be seen rising up from the edge of the Martian disk after he took the pictures on March 20. Some observers have suggested the so-called clouds are at least 150 miles away from the surface while others have suggested it could be debris which was disturbed after the Red Planet was hit by a more>>>...

Supernatural supermarket captures 'ghost' on security footage after owner forewarned of haunting

A grocery store in South Australia says paranormal detectives are investigating a possible ghost with a penchant for flinging Fruit Roll-Ups. Brompton IGA store owner Norm Hurst says he turned to his surveillance footage after finding a box of the fruit snacks laying in an aisle, about six meters from its original location, after he had locked up shop.'The previous owners told me it was haunted,' Mr Hurst told Adelaide Now. 'I thought, 'yeah, whatever.' But since we've owned the place, strange things have happened.' ...>>>...Read more 

Friday, 23 March 2012

Quote for Today

" ... we can no longer afford to throw away even one ‘unimportant’ day by not noticing the wonder of it all. We have to be willing to discover and then appreciate the authentic moments of happiness available to all of us every day." -- Sarah Ban Breathnach

Runestone - Ancient Stones

Inspirational music by Runestone taken from their 'Stonehenge' album.

"Wanderer of the Web"

Another chapter looms … another corridor in the maze,
The labyrinth of blinding colours … the traveller confused in the haze,
Fable dictates there to be possession by the beast at any stage,
The attention is on the seeker … hunted no doubt by the lurker
As he turns the new page, and muses on what was written before.

A world awash with demons and conspiracies … and mind control
The last chapter, like a scrap book … a presentation perhaps
A representation of the fables which affect the thoughts in this avenue
His way of thinking changed … back to the roots, he must begin anew …

Gain back ‘what was’ … and grasp the true ‘what is’ …
For he perceives what lies ahead is a product of the lurker …
A casual spell … inventing intentions in his mind … a causal effect
Soon, he appears to have to live out the reality of those thoughts …

Is it the way ahead that is meant … a corridor to a true destination?
Or will it lead to another dead end deep in the labyrinth …
More desperation … more disappointment … another defeat …
How can he tell when he appears not to know his own mind anymore …
The lurker seems to have taken up residence … and is slowly poisoning his mind.

But know he is fearless … he isn’t scared by what he senses is there,
It’s a deflection … a slight barrier that’s all …
The demon foe weak … not the strongest he could encounter …
But it serves like a warning … after all … the darkness is aware of him
His passage … at this point … a risk for them …

Another chapter … and the knowledge of passage by freewill must be known to him,
It must be his own conscious choice … to cross these foothills …
It is his challenge to overcome … his choosing … his own imagination to shape the road
Hence, the need to overcome the dark oppression and cast that madness from his mind

Matthew James

"The Universe"

The Universe is a card of completion - spiritually it indicates that we have come to the end of a given period of development, and are now prepared to move on into the next phase. This card will sometimes come up to mark a period where synthesis of knowledge occurs, that amazing moment when you realise how much you have grown over the last weeks or months or years. Completion occurs only in order to open our path to the next part of our journey, so in some respects, the Universe is a retrospective card, which opens gateways to our future. On a day ruled by this card, try to bring something to a point of completion. Expect the forces of life to join with you in that effort. And turn your mind to thoughts about the next logical step once you have succeeded in your more>>>...

MJ.TV - 'Do You Have A Psychic Monkey On Your Back?"

Do you have a "Psychic Monkey" on your back and do you know how to deal with one??

Another in the MJ.TV soapbox series ....

Image Of the Day

Copyright Matthew James

What's on In Melbourne - The Matthew James Roadshow.

Universal Insights presents Melbourne’s NEW AGE Healing & PSYCHIC Expo
at the KARRALYKA CENTRE Mines Rd, off Maroondah HWY RINGWOOD Victoria 3134 on Sunday 25th MARCH 2012 from 10am – 5pm . I will be offering 1-2-1 private readings on the day ... if anyone wants to pre-book their 25 minute readings NOW either send an e-mail me at ...... book now to avoid the rush!

It's going to be fairly quiet at the desk here at A Light In The Darkness over the weekend. The reason ... see above! I will be attending the New Age Healing & Psychic Expo in Ringwood, Melbourne, Victoria on Sunday ... it means an early start tomorrow and a full day of travelling (We are driving). I'm also going to be in Melbourne throughout the week for personal 1-2-1 readings at "Threads Of Nature" in McAdams Square Warranwood, Victoria. Please ring Jane on 03-9723-9242 to book an appointment... plus facilitating 'Finding Your Potential' workshops in the Warrandyte area ... on Tues 27th March 2012, Wed 28th March 2012 & Thurs 29th March 2012. Please ring Jane on 03-9723-9242 to book your place.

I will still be in Melbourne on Saturday 31st March & Sunday 1st April 2012 as I am attending the magical Hurstbridge Expo at the Hurstbridge Community Centre  and also appearing live on stage on Friday 30th March 2012 at the Hurstbridge Community Centre with Frank Matera.

So it's going to be a full on week. Busy, busy ... so there might not be the usual frequency of posts on here this week!!!

Turn to Yourself

We spend a lot of our lives looking for role models, mentors, teachers, and gurus to guide us on our path. There is nothing wrong with this and, in fact, finding the right person at the right time can really help. However, it is important to realize that in the absence of such a figure, we can very safely rely upon ourselves. We carry within us everything we need to know to make progress on our paths to self-realization. The outer world serves as a mirror. Or to use another metaphor, our inner world has a magnetic force that draws to us what we need to evolve to the next level. All we need to do to see that we already have everything we need is to let go of our belief that we need to seek in order to find.

The path of the spirit is often defined as a journey with a goal such as the fabled pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In this metaphor, a person begins a search for something they want but do not have and then they find it, and there is a happy ending. However, most of us know that getting what we want only makes us happy for a moment, and then the happiness passes until a new object of desire presents itself. Joy is a permanent aspect of our inner selves and is not separate from us at any point. We do not have to travel to find it or imagine that it resides only in the body of another. In fact, what the best teachers will do is point out that this very precious elixir is something we already possess.

So when we find ourselves on our path, not knowing which way to turn and wishing for guidance, we can turn to ourselves. We may not know the right answer rationally or intellectually, but if we simply ask, let go, and wait patiently, an answer will come. The more we practice this and trust this process, the less we will look outside ourselves for teachers and guides for we will have successfully become our own.

Huge 'UFO Fragment' Discovered in Siberia

A metal object the size of a Volkswagen Beetle has been discovered near a remote village in Siberia. Local residents presumed it recently fell to Earth from space, but officials from Russia's space agency examined the object and said it "is not related to space technology."  Locals discovered the roughly 200-kilogram (440 pounds) object, which is cylindrical and capped on one end by a ridged dome, March 18 in the forest near the village of Otradnesnky. They attached the "UFO fragment" (as media outlets have called it) to a trailer and dragged it through the snow to their village. They then alerted Moscow authorities, according to a report in Britain'sThe Telegraph, and the object was confiscated for inspection. Following the initial examination, an official for Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, reportedly said: "The object found is not related to space technology. A final conclusion can be made after a detailed study of the object by experts." Part of the fragment is made of titanium, according to district officials. Additional tests showed it was not radioactive. Nick Johnson, head of NASA's orbital debris office, said there isn't sufficient information about the object for him to make a full assessment, but it doesn't appear to be part of a more>>...  

Thursday, 22 March 2012

"The Witness & The Observer"

The presence returns
Behind the shoulder

The cold chill
The touch of consciousness merging
The recognition
But the amnesia strong still

The alchemist weary
Urging the shaman to acquire the skill
That which the soul possesses
To manifest at will
For there is now that need

The pyramid of power evokes the enchantment
and the grains of sand are further mesmerised
Seemingly nothing stands in the way of the shadow
Total domination guaranteed
He who has been there before witnesses it
and appears powerless to prevent the end

Unable to use magick to choke that ill
Entrapped in a body barely recovering
The observer silent and the witness melancholy
Physical existence demands aid
But nothing is appearing
It seems the oracle is now redundant
For that is the way it seems now

And the presence sends further chill
The observer reporting; assuming the way of the scribe
Gathering all the ability but at no pace
Slowly there is a shape being taken
Within is content; there is truly no apathy
The soliloquy heralding results: a change of will

Ability to control
and manifest thoughts on a whim
For that was how it has been
and it is the necessity now
For the witness out on a limb

Asking the observer to bestow that gift
Permitting the inward being to have external control ....

Matthew James Tuesday, 5 February 2002

Image of the Day

Canberra Sunset
Copyright Matthew James 

Diet Soda, the Silent Killer?

What is this thing called diet soda? Here are the ingredients of one of the best-selling brands, Diet Pepsi:


My favourite line on that list is the "preserves freshness" that follows potassium benzoate. The freshness of what, precisely? The caramel color? Not likely - caramel color for most colas comes from a chemical reaction between sugar, ammonia, and sulfites at high temperatures. Or maybe it's the phosphoric acid? Or the least plentiful ingredient of all, the unspecified "natural flavor"? In plain English, diet soda is artificially blackened water tarted up with synthetic chemicals. That anyone ponies up cash for such a thing surely counts as one of the food industry's greatest marketing more>>>...

Phil Thornton - Illusions

Some Buddhist Inspiration

Wisdom by itself is like an empty gold vessel, it needs to be filled with compassion. Wisdom and compassion are the two sides of the same coin, one representing personal and the other transpersonal consciousness and both equally indispensable for the attainment of enlightenment.---Madmilla Moacanin: ‘Jung’s Psychology & Tibetan Buddhism’, page 47

Words Are Energy

When we speak or write, we use the vehicles of words to carry meaning, as well as energy, from ourselves to another person or group of people. We may be speaking to our baby, our boss, or to an audience of 500 people. We may be writing a love letter, a work-related memo, or an entry in our own diary. Whatever the case, each word we speak or write has a life of its own, a vibratory signature that creates waves in the same way that a note of music creates waves. And like musical notes, our words live in communities of other words and change in relation to the words that surround them. When we are conscious of the energy behind our words, we become capable of making beautiful music in the world. If we are unconscious of the power of words, we run the risk of creating a noisy disturbance.

Some of us know this instinctively, while others come to this understanding slowly. Most of us, though, speak without thinking at least some of the time, blurting out our feelings and thoughts without much regard for the words we choose to express them. When we remind ourselves that our words have an impact on the world at the level of energy, we may find within ourselves the desire to be more aware of our use of language.

A fun way to increase our sensitivity to the power of words is to simply make a list of our favorite words and notice the energy they contain. We can write them down and post them where we can see them, or we can speak them aloud, feeling them reverberate in our bodies and in the air around us. This is like learning to consciously play an instrument that we have been playing unconsciously for most of our lives, and the effect can be startling and delightful. As we grow more comfortable and confident playing the instrument of language, we will begin to compose beautiful messages, creating positive energy every time we write or speak.

The Cancer Report

Ireland residents tormented by 'mysterious' night time 'helicopter noises'

Roe Valley residents are mystified over strange late night noises high in the sky, which has left them scratching their heads. The late night noise surfaced recently in Drumsurn, according to local Sinn Fein councillor Brenda Chivers. "It's very annoying. It starts around 7pm and can go on until 2-3am. People have been out searching to see what it is, but they see nothing. There's no plane, just this constant drone, and nobody seems to know what it is; unless it's flying saucers! It's a mystery."

A similar noise was reported in Derry recently, but there was never any conclusion as to what it was. In the meantime, residents around the Roe have been "tormented" by late night "helicopter noise". "People are telling me they are hearing this noise at a time when children are either going to or are in bed, and it has wakened some and prevented others from getting to sleep," said DUP Colr. Alan Robinson, who said no one could tell him the source of the noise. "Someone knows the answer and I hope it will be discovered soon and the usual quiet Limavady nights return." more>>>...

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

2012 ...The Next Report

The topsy turvy year which is 2012 took another fairground ride lurch this month. Those who remember the last days of January 2012 will know what I'm talking about when I report that 'that' energy came back. Out in the open like a 'weasel with fighter's gloves' ... the selfish separate ego made it's challenge to prevent the payment of karma during the 'karmic amnesty period'. More bash-a-psychic ... more false claims to being something it was not. More hassle from those quarters. And to cap it off ... the emotional energy field became like a hail storm too.

From appraisals of this energy experience on Facebook over the last week, I know there has been many sensitives feeling the same kind of experiences. Ego driven five minute wonders have been banging their 'plastic tea services' without realising their ego is not being driven by their own true selves. Under the influence of something 'astrally sinister' these poor souls are setting out to ruin the reputation of the experienced magicians & practitioners who successfully avoided these pitfalls during their well established & harmonised venture through the mystical mine field. Sadly the "five minute wonders" 'know not what they do' as they channel 'guides' who claim to be something they are evidently not .. their quality of work and instruction betrays their wayward ways, but their ego will not permit them to see their faults. Their outward expression will reflect the depth & quality of what is connecting to them ... if their 'evidence' or 'wisdom' is poor, then it reflects the level they are reaching magically. They have not the experience to draw from nor the intelligence to realise their folly. I shake my head in disbelief because 'they know not what they do'.

The magic field cannot be totally learned from books and workshops alone! It takes many years of bitter travel to assume a "teacher's posting". Anyone telling you otherwise is scarily misinformed! Personal experiences of all of the pitfalls & wrong turns are necessary, so the 'teacher' can see it in others and pass on their wisdom. Without this ... the 'teacher' is effectively no different from the student and ... it is sadly 'the blind leading the blind'.

It is a frustrating time ... which I'm sure will pass as swiftly as it has arrived. Too many inexperienced teachers are brushing the egos of equally inexperienced students ... playing right into the hands of chaos. What lies ahead for the old stalwarts is more of the cleaning up process associated with these mad follies ... give us strength and composure to remain calm at this time. Our industry's reputation has been dented over the years by so many charlatans jumping onto the bandwagon. In March 2012 we saw the launch of the next batch! [MJ 21st March 2012]

MJ.TV - 'Inside The Spirit World"

MJ.TV presents Renowned Medium & Clairvoyant Matthew James discussing his own personal insights into the Spirit World. In this informative video, Matthew James introduces the concepts of 'real dream' visits to the spirit world ... the occupants of the Spirit World having a form similar to our own on this world ... the physical world being a perfect replica of The Spirit World. He also discusses The Nursing Bay.

This video comprises course material from the Intensive Mediumship Training Level 1 workshop ...

For further information on Intensive Mediumship Training workshops and mentoring sessions please visit

For information on Matthew James please visit

David Icke - The Truth Vibrations - The Unstoppable Force

Insane man with no discernible brain cell activity wearing TSA uniform 'saves world' from three year old in wheelchair. Phew, what a hero.

Britain was nuked by their own weapons

Maybe all the people that live within an area from Birmingham across to Norwich and down to Bristol, Bournmouth and across to Dover and back up to Norwich were not aware that they may have been exposed, on more than one occasion, to extremely high levels of radiation from the weapons used by the US, UK and coalition forces in and around the Middle East war zones……not to mention the onslaught on Libya that saw an incredible amount of DU weapons being used and also possibly low yield nuclear weapons. Back in the 1940’s during the Los Alamos nuclear test they discovered a type of poisonous gaseous substance that was emitted from the weapons. The Generals seized this new found substance as a potential people killer that basically would drift on the wind, have no footprint to identify the aggressor and would kill over a long period of more>>>...

"The Light In The East"

The night is dark and still,
In the circles centre,
 A fire removes the chill,
The grove has gathered for autumn,
That time is now here,
She now makes her presence felt by all.
With the light of the fire comes other signs,
The wind in the trees,
Felt by all of existence,
 Around this sacred space,
The earth below, and, the gentle rain overhead,
All gathered as one to feel it together.


The light in the east,
Made by a single candles glare,
In the memory of hope and unity,
A remnant of better times in lives before,
Now seemingly gone forever,
But with trust and truth, to come again.
The festival then follows,
A time of celebration,
Then a time of recognition,
Of the next celestial season,
For all is in harmony,
All is oneness on the wheel of time.
For this the light in the east burns forever,
Now stronger,
Now much brighter than ever before,
For the light of truth shines,
And it burns so bright,
Know this now will never change.
- Matthew James circa 1990

Inspiration ... For Today

If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room-- Anita Roddick

Image of the Day

Copyright Matthew James 2005

Insight Into a Shocking Therapy for Depression

Since the 1930s, doctors have been jolting the brains of depressed patients with electricity to relieve their symptoms. The treatment, known as electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), works, but it can cause memory loss and confusion and lead to difficulty forming new memories. Today, physicians generally limit it to patients who are severely ill, including those at risk for suicide. Now, a brain-imaging study highlights the part of the brain most affected, perhaps pointing to safer, less-invasive ways to achieve the same results.

Depression may be caused by an overactive brain, says physicist and neuroscientist Christian Schwarzbauer of the University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom. "There may be so much internal communication that the brain becomes preoccupied with itself, less able to process information coming in from the outside world," he says, noting that studies have found that people with depression have heightened connectivity among brain networks involved in paying attention, monitoring internal and external cues, remembering the past, and controlling more>>>...

UFO Photo Mysteriously Vanished From British Ministry Of Defence Office

It was said to be one of the best photos of a UFO, and a poster-size image of it hung on a wall of Britain's Ministry of Defence. But then, at some point between 1991 to 1994, it vanished, gone, never to be seen again. On the day in 1991 that Nick Pope interviewed for the position of chief of the Ministry of Defence's UFO office, he could not help but notice the UFO image on the wall. "I went in for an informal interview, and anyone sitting in that office found their eyes drawn to that image," Pope told The Huffington Post. Other original pictures, negatives and the wall poster somehow vanished in the 1990s. Only a Ministry of Defence line drawing remains. The photo was one of six taken by a pair of hikers who spotted a strange diamond-shaped object in the sky over Pitlochry, Scotland, on Aug. 4, 1990. It appeared to hover in the air near an Royal Air Force Harrier jet. Eyewitnesses reported seeing the unusual object above the ground for nearly 10 minutes before it zoomed away at high speed. The 1990 incident was described in a batch of previously classified UFO files released by the Ministry of Defence in more>>>...

Let Your Confidence Shine

At some point in our life there may come a time when we feel insecure about ourselves. We might judge our ability to do something or feel self-conscious about the way we look. It does not matter how this feeling manifests in our life, but it is important to be aware of our thoughts and how they impact our view of ourselves. Once we remember that insecurities are a normal part of life for everyone—even those who appear to be extremely self-assured—we may find it easier to step back from the uncertainty that lies within and take a more realistic look at ourselves.

The desire to improve or better ourselves is a natural response that arises when we begin to compare our lives to those of other people. It might seem, for example, that we do not have nearly as much going for us as our neighbor, best friend, or coworker. In truth, what we think we see about another person is usually what they want us to notice. They may be putting on a mask, trying to make things in their lives seem better than they are. If we were to look at their lives a little more closely, we would also realize that they are human, full of glorious imperfections that make them who they are. Recognizing this may take some time at first. Should we, however, feel our uncertainties begin to surface, taking deep breaths while at the same time acknowledging each one of our gifts will help us become more centered. Doing this allows us to see the wonders that lie within and lets our inner beauty shine forth into the world all the more brightly.

When we hold up such a detailed mirror to our lives and weigh ourselves against others, we are not able to see the things that make us truly unique. Giving ourselves permission to appreciate all the universe has given us, however, will make us feel more secure about ourselves and more able to use our gifts to their fullest.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

"I Will Rise Again"

Kept under lock and key
The secrets of the world... sweetener for the starving
within the ripples of smoke around the mountain
A holy visitation like a hallucination
A mirage in the desert created by extreme thirst
Surely the blindman will be fooled readily by the leader’s claims
For why would they readily fool them all ...
They have been elected by them, to protect,
they are not going to deceive, surely?

All claims of visitation,
of silver ships,
of visitors,
of godly wars ... all are denied,
too readily ...

Reincarnation is fantasy, they say
delusions of the mind, how they explain it all away,
yet behind the closed doors of officialdom,
it is their nectar, their ambrosia,
its rituals control their lives,
they respond to ancient prophesy,
ensuring life must tick as it was written in ages past,
they manufacture and they create to perfect those doctrines
Yet publically they deny it is the truth ....

I am not so easily fooled
I am not a sheep, I am not a slave, a worker drone, a blindman ...
I pick at the locks,
and prepare to reveal to all what it is they hide ....

And, I know they blacken me, discredit me, they seek me
they abused me in the past, they had me bullied and ridiculed
and sodomised; and beaten; and hated ...

To destroy me; to teach me to hate ...
But I forgive and I know only how to love
They have deprived me of my life ... but I forgive them
Do you hear me watching demon,
can you sense my thoughts o hidden technology?

Thus you will know your restraint; your attacks have failed in their task
I still have my imagination ... which is my magic .... I will rise again ....

Matthew James - Sunday, 13 April 2003

Image Of the Day

Ocean Beach, New Zealand
Matthew James

'Hologram Moon Disappears'

A New Approach

Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in our thoughts that we wind up going round in round in circles, finding it difficult to concentrate on things and, because we are so distracted, not really accomplishing much. There may be signals—mental, emotional, and physical—that tell us we need to slow down and relax. Since we are so involved in things that are external to us, however, we may easily overlook what is really going on inside of us. It is during these times that we need to step back from the things that occupy our minds and take time out to connect with our inner self, giving our minds, bodies, and spirits the time they need to reenergize and heal.

At first it may seem that by taking a break we may not be as productive as we would initially like. In reality, a healthy period of rest is something that gives us a real sense of the unlimited nature of our true potential. Spending a couple of minutes walking outside, doing a few yoga poses, meditating, or simply becoming attuned to the rising and falling of our breath enables us to let go of our worries. This act brings our focus back to the things that are truly essential for us, such as our sense of oneness with the universe and our inner peace and well-being. As we begin to get in touch with this part of ourselves, we will find that our usual everyday troubles and worries become less critical and that we not only have much more room in our lives to really reflect on the issues that mean the most to us, but we are also able bring to all the situations we encounter a much more positive and healthy outlook.

Giving ourselves respite from our daily concerns is like giving a gift to ourselves. By stepping away from the problems that seem to saturate our thoughts, we lessen the weight of our troubles and instead become more receptive to the wisdom and answers the universe has to offer us.

Study Finds Children Consuming Too Much Sugar

Older children consume more sugar than younger ones do, boys consume more than girls, and white children consume more than black or Mexican-American children, according to a new report from the National Center for Health Statistics. And they all consume too much. Researchers used data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, a continuous examination of a large cross-section of the American population. The survey includes interviews, physical examinations and laboratory tests of blood and urine. For this study, published on Feb. 29, researchers interviewed subjects about their food consumption over the previous 24 hours. The scientists measured all added sugars - spooned on at the table or used as ingredients in processed and prepared foods like bread, jam, candy and ice cream. Added sugars include white sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, honey, molasses and others, but not sugars in fruit or pure fruit juice...READ MORE>>>...  

Monday, 19 March 2012

Quote for Today

You had better live your best and act your best and think your best today; for today is the sure preparation for tomorrow and all the other tomorrows that follow-- Harriet Martineau

"Amid The Limelight"

Somewhere the source of it all lies in waiting
Aons of time spent searching for that magical prize
Facets of the mirror wandering without purpose
Going with the flow along firbres of thought
Aimlessly, fearfully trekking as one of the sheep
The Beggar's disguise intact, the outside believing that face
Deceived by the enchantment of the tale, the legend
Forgetting the simple truth, the inner drive long forgotten.

And now as barefeet touch burning desert sand
And silver ships are seen in the night
And beams of light appear with voices
Foretelling how it is going to be
Know the latest facet becomes aware of the disguise
The Beggar is not all it seems, it hides so many truths
The diamond soon to reflect a different light
The light beamed down from the heavens, from within it all.

The source closer now than 'er before
The innocence regained, the snowball about to roll
The moss dissolved, the rut revealed,
The cart-wheel mended, The Traveller about to regain his feet
To venture across the unbroken sand, torch in hand
The Light in The Darkness again without rehearsal
Venturing now towards source, tasting the real thing
No practice could have prepared him for such a painful reality

The Traveller walking amid the limelight
Watching actors recite their lines, fearing his turn
For no script does he hold in his hands
No lines does he know except to play himself
The real thing scares him, but it is the only way
To fly above the stage untethered, to be dynamic, unique
To play the part in his own inimitable way
No stage director can aide him, he can only be himself.

His light the source he seeks
But he's looking in the wrong direction
His light pointed toward the wrong place
The gods uneasy, they cannot tell him
Their hands are tied, they must hope he realises
Simple clues passed cryptically through words
Words with meanings unhidden to be solved.
(Copyright Matthew James)

Medwyn Goodall- Wisdom of the Ancients

Beetle Totem Animal

Beetles aid in transformation, metamorphosis, resurrection and rebirth - rebirth of the soul to a new spiritual ideal and renewed devotion. This animal teaches harmony in the coming changes by utilizing your intuitive abilities and teaches discernment where you need it the most. Beetles have a protective quality that will aid in the ability to socialize and communicate effectively by illuminating problems and situations in the correct perspective. Are you eating correctly? Now is the time to examine eating habits. Can you identify which stage of development are you in egg/larva/pupa/adult?. Is it time to fly or walk in life? Beetle will teach persistence with charm, trust in the process, proper movement and actions which allows the regeneration of your spirit to more>>>...

Today's Inspiration

"A small, a very small number, who are definitely and consciously working on the side of materiality or (if you prefer so to express it) on the side of evil. Potent are they on the physical plane, but their power is temporal and not eternal. The law of the universe, which is the law of love, is eternally against them, and out of the seeming evil good will come." (Alice Bailey - 'A Treatise Of White Magic)

David Icke - The Moon Matrix - Truth Frequency Radio

Image of the Day

'I am I'
Copyright Matthew James

Meditation Strengthens the Brain

Earlier evidence out of UCLA suggested that meditating for years thickens the brain (in a good way) and strengthens the connections between brain cells. Now a further report by UCLA researchers suggests yet another benefit. Eileen Luders, an assistant professor at the UCLA Laboratory of Neuro Imaging, and colleagues, have found that long-term meditators have larger amounts of gyrification ("folding" of the cortex, which may allow the brain to process information faster) than people who do not meditate. Further, a direct correlation was found between the amount of gyrification and the number of meditation years, possibly providing further proof of the brain's neuroplasticity, or ability to adapt to environmental changes. The article appears in the online edition of the journal Frontiers in Human more>>>...