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Saturday, 31 December 2016

'The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams'

Alien hunter claims to have spotted a 'hairy spider monkey' and 'slug animal' on Mars among several bizarre sightings

Original - official NASA release
Daily Mail: Many conspiracy theorists have taken the initiative to find life on Mars by analyzing every picture that is sent back to Earth from the red planet. Now, one Martian researcher believes to have found a trove of evidence captured by the Curiosity Rover that he says ‘are all signs of life on Mars’.

The bizarre sightings include a slug alien, a snail and a four-legged creature that ‘looks like a hairy spider monkey’ staring directly at the more>>>...

OPINION: The lower image is adjusted via the raw camera filter on Photoshop. That looks like water to us and an unexplained life form too . There are also a number of other interesting relics and artifacts in the image too. At the top of the image are a several unexplained 'snake-like' forms.The grooves and the markings on the rock in the foreground are too uniform to be a natural formation. An interesting choice of picture from NASA.
Image adjusted on Photoshop via camera raw filter. 

Update 1/1/17: On closer inspection the 'life form' is nothing more than a rock structure which appears to have limbs and a body when photographed deceptively as it has been. The conspiracy continues however, with the clear appearance of water in the real image.  The 'life form' looks like a rock pool with water ....

Recognizing Your Value

Daily Om: It can be easy sometimes to buy into the illusion of our own insignificance. We may see large corporations or institutions, celebrities or successful people in our community, and compare ourselves to them, thinking that their fame or material power affirm how little our own lives amount to. But nothing could be further from the truth. Every single one of us matters--tremendously. Our very existence affects countless people in countless ways. And because we are each essentially a microcosm of the larger universe, our internal experiences affect the whole of life more than we could ever imagine. The world simply could not exist as it does now if you, or any one of us, were not in it.

Perhaps you are aware that on some level you believe your life does not matter. If this thought resonates within you, maybe it is time to explore why you feel this way. You may have formed self-rejecting or belittling beliefs as a child to keep yourself safe or to help you make sense of confusing more>>>...

Image of the Day

Friday, 30 December 2016

Musician 'captures fiery UFO that flew directly at him after he spotted it floating in the skies above Devon for THREE hours

Daily Mail: A musician has claimed to have seen a flaming UFO flying through the sky. Mark Emmins was stunned when he saw the fiery object soaring above Exmouth in Devon.

Mr Emmins said he first noticed the oval-shaped luminous craft at around 1pm on Wednesday - but it was still floating above around three hours later. His quick-thinking friend Tyron Osborne, grabbed his camera and snapped the bizarre sight as the pair stared open-mouthed at what they believe was an alien spaceship.

Sharing pictures, Mr Emmins wrote: 'Today for the second time in my life I can honestly say that myself and my neighbour watched a UFO. It was stood still in the sky for some hours and then decided to move and then vanish. We got photos too.'

Mr Emmins said he originally thought the object looked like a 'bent cloud', but he then noticed the skies were more>>>...

'The Soul'

Light of Truth 2nd Edition artwork copyright Matthew James 2016

'We are like the bright moon, we still have our darker side'

Image of the Day

Kangaroo copyright Matthew James 2016

Crop Circle 12th August 2016 - Ansty, Nr Salisbury UK

Crop Circles 2016 - Newly Formed Crop Circle In the UK Amazes Researchers

“The massive crop circle is a humongous 300-foot figure that occupies two acres of land and features a number of mysterious symbols that according to researchers are TWENTY astrological symbols adorning its edges…”

While the mysterious appearance of strange crop circles around the globe is not exclusive to recent decades, some of the formations that have appeared on Earth lately are mind-boggling.

The massive crop circle is a humongous 300-foot figure that occupies two acres of land and features a number of mysterious symbols that according to researchers are TWENTY astrological symbols adorning the edges of the crop circle.

The family that owns the field where the crop circle appeared reports that the intricate formation appeared after they returned home from a vacation.

Even though the crop circle is of elaborate design, the owners of the field did not detect ANY evidence whatsoever in the field suggesting human intervention nor did anyone else report any strange activity during the time the crop circle appeared.

Renowned investigation Colin Andrews wrote on his Facebook page: “I’ve travelled the world for over thirty years investigating crop circles and have never seen anything quite as impressive.” more>>>...


Daily Om: It is natural to feel resentment or anger when life does not unfold as expected. We consciously or unconsciously anticipated one experience, and we grieve for the loss of it when the universe puts something else in our path. Most of the time, we work through these feelings and they pass. Occasionally, our anger and resentment do not fade and are instead transformed into bitterness. Bitter feelings allow us to become perfect victims in that we no longer feel obliged to work toward healing and choose instead to identify with our pain. Yet as unwholesome as bitterness can be, it is also a natural element of our emotional palette. When we acknowledge that it is okay to feel bitter, we reconnect with our hurt in a constructive way and can begin the process of working through it. The nature of bitterness is rooted in the fact that the pain we feel provides us with a more>>>...

Dice Fortune Telling

You will need three dice and a flat surface to cast them on if you wish to gain an in depth insight into your future. Ideally the three dice should be of different colors for identification. If your dice are identical, mark them in some way so you can differentiate between them. The number of spots on the faces of each die correspond to different meanings and each die has its own set. The subject should pick up each die in turn, separately, starting with the first, then the second and finally the third, rolling them against each other in their closed hand as they do so. Have them cast all three dice onto your reading surface three times, noting the numbers thrown on each die, each time. The first cast of the dice tells the interpreter about the caster’s general situation. The second will give an insight into money matters or their business situation and the third cast is concerned with relationships and more>>>...

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Introducing The Light Of Truth Oracle Divination System.

The Light Of Truth Oracle comprise 80 beautifully designed cards which are a new and completely unique divination system. The oracle cards combine the Kabbalah/Tree Of Life with Jungian archetypes to spellbind you with the magnificent and visionary artwork of their creator, Matthew James.  

The Light Of Truth Oracle has been over 25 years in the making!

They narrate the spiritual unfoldment from initiation to spiritual awareness. They will appeal to both the novice reader and the more accomplished practitioner. 

 The Light Of Truth Oracle can be used as traditional tarot cards with both the minor and the major arcana linked to the oracle cards. However, their strength is in their association with The Kabbalah. Each Sephira (Including Daath) and all the 32 paths are represented by the images. There is also a card attributed to the mysterious eternal light of Ain Soh Aur.  

The Light Of Truth Oracle have their own unique suits - PATH, PERCEPTION, PERSONALIT Y, PURPOSE as well as a unique Gematria code for each card. These oracle cards are an absolute must for mystics seeking something new and refreshing to work with!

The Light Of Truth Oracle have been created as a totally unique divination system. It is not necessarily the intention of their creator for the imagery to be based solely on the following meanings. It is anticipated in the early days of familiarising yourself with The Light Of Truth Oracle that you will find it necessary to learn the meanings. It will be a perfect starting point. However, it is suggested that the meanings are purely "indicative" of the essence of each card!

It is by no means the only interpretation of the symbols and imagery on each card. The Light Of Truth Oracle has two insights per card! An insight meaning and also a Glyph Affirmation. From the card layout illustration it will become much clearer why. The affirmation is based on the Magick Glyph which will be found on the card imagery. The insight meaning is based on the main card artwork. This is why this is a unique divination system! There are two clear levels of awareness focussed on these cards.  

The oracle cards can also be linked to the more classical Tarot images for the more conventional mystic wishing to use the Light Of Truth Oracle cards as "tarot cards". For the more advanced mystic each and every card is further linked to The Kabbalah … for contemplation and meditation on the contemplative imagery.  

Cannabinoids Heal the Body

Waking Times: If this were the 60s or 70s and you told someone you were using cannabis for pain relief or to treat an illness, you might get a funny look. Today, however, countless legitimate medicinal uses have been discovered for the plant. It’s finally receiving positive attention from a society that’s condemned it for nearly a century. “Regular” people are standing up for cannabis, unafraid of the consequences imposed by an unfair system. Rather than continue to condemn it, people are openly exploring and sharing information about its benefits. Even doctors are speaking out about it.

Nishi Whiteley writes that cannabis helps various ailments because of the “active pharmacological components” in the plant that mimic the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is described as an “internal chemical harm reduction system”.

Nishi writes that endocannabinoids – chemicals produced by the body – control the endocannabinoid system. These chemicals ensure our most important biological functions are stable. Those functions include the ability to sleep, feel pain, have an appetite, and maintain a healthy immune system. Their control gives endocannabinoids the ability to “fix the problem” when the body becomes imbalanced or stressed. The cannabis plant, Nishi writes, contains “pharmaceutically active” components that mimic the body’s endocannabinoids. These components can help the body manage crises or find healing after trauma if the body’s endocannabinoids are insufficient by themselves. The short answer as to why cannabis helps so many illnesses is that it treats pain and inflammation by working with the endocannabinoid system, which controls these symptoms. Pain and inflammation are prevalent in most illnesses, giving cannabinoids the edge against them ... read more>>>...

Holistic doctor continues to be threatened over her alternative treatments – here’s her message to government and Big Pharma

Natural News: One holistic provider, Amanda Mary Jewell—an independent English cancer researcher—has a message for the mainstream medical community: Leave us alone.
As reported by Organic and Healthy, Jewell noted that “there is no free speech anymore” and that she is again being threatened, even as other holistic doctors have been “murdered.”

Residing currently in Mexico and treating patients there—she won’t go back to her home country over fears she would be arrested, tried and imprisoned for selling alternative health treatments on her website—Jewell believes that apple and apricot seeds containing B-17 have great nutritional value in restoring health.

For some time now, apricot seeds have been utilized by some holistic practitioners to battle some cancers. But those who do use them believe they have to be discreet and keep their treatments secretive out of fear of being prosecuted.

At issue is the fact that the seeds contain very strong toxins and, if used improperly, can be very harmful. However, if used and managed appropriately, they can achieve their desired effect, which ought to at least interest cancer sufferers.

The substance that battles cancer cells within the seeds is called amygdalin, or vitamin B-17. Some experts say that the body can react negatively to it, creating a form of cyanide, which is why its use in more>>>...

Silver Gull Medicine

The silver gull doesn't teach about appropriate aggression; rather it teaches about misplaced aggression. Too much anger drains yourself, and it drains others. Indeed one of the more significant lessons of seagull, particularly silver gull, is that of being an energy drain not only with yourself and your life at this time, but also with others.

Silver gull energy suggests that in this stage in your life, you are possibly being a nuisance to others. Watch out for harmful manifestations of emotion. There is a potential at this time to be over-argumentative. As mentioned above, misplaced aggression is indicated with silver gull, and you may find yourself in situations of conflict frequently. Take the time to recognise your part in such situations, and if there are possible ways to minimise your role in generation conflict.

How are you are being a nuisance tends to be fairly specific. You are either 'scavenging' from others; for example, siphoning off their money, time, food and resources without giving anything back. Or alternatively you are taking too much of their energy by demanding a great deal of their time or having expectations that are too high.

Silver gull can be a tough energy for many people to take, but at the heart of silver gull energy is a real opportunist. If seagull is in your life, you have the ability to successfully locate opportunity. The downside is that you may not be able to find enough sources of energy at this current time in your life. Chances are you have become so adept at finding opportunity precisely because you are unable to feed your own power with your own resources.

So along with silver gull's less savoury lessons, comes the need to understand that you need to look after yourself and embrace your own personal power. When people act from a place of power, they do not need to drain or use the energy of others to sustain themselves. When you learn how to care and look after yourself, you will not need the time of others so acutely and your exchanges with others will become more meaningful.

Part of silver gull's rather unique charm is that it points out the sorts of behaviour that can make the average person feel guilty, and yet then explicitly teaches us how to let go of guilt cycles. It is not about feeling bad for taking from others, it is about feeling good for being an opportunist, and learning how to direct that opportunism at the self so that you can locate ways to nourish and heal yourself from the inside more>>>>....

Thoughts to get you Thinking #87

"Should" is an interesting concept.

Either it is someone else's expectation of you
-- in which case you can let go of it and move on
toward whatever is most important to you --
or "should" is something you *really* want,
more than anything else.

Simply be honest with yourself
about what "should" really means,
and then trust -- and act on --
that which you value most deeply.

Image of the Day

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

'Focus your heart, mind and soul on joy and you'll find ultimate success and fulfillment'

How to get rid of old habits and find your true Self

S.O.T.T: One of the biggest lies we have come to believe about ourselves and our true nature is that we are nothing more than physical beings defined by a material reality, devoid of dimension and vital energy, and separate from God—which I trust you know by now is within us and all around us. To keep the truth about our real identity from us is not only enslaving, but it asserts that we are finite beings living a linear life that lacks real meaning.

The assertion that there are no realms and no life beyond our physical world and that we have no control over our destiny is not a "truth" that you and I should ever believe in. You are a multidimensional being who creates your reality. Helping you accept this idea as your law and new belief has been my labor in my book. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself means that you are going to have to lose your mind and create a new one.

But when we fully lay down the old, familiar life or mind and start creating the new, there is a moment between the two worlds that is bereft of anything we know, and most rush back from this void to the familiar. That place of uncertainty—the unknown—is what the maverick, the mystic, and the saint know to be fertile ground.

To live in the realm of the unpredictable is to be all potentials at once. Can you become comfortable in this empty space? If you can, you are at the nexus of a great creative power, the "I am."

To biologically, energetically, physically, emotionally, chemically, neurologically, and genetically change ourselves and to stop living by the unconscious affirmation that competition, strife, success, fame, physical beauty, sexuality, possessions, and power are the be-all and end-all in life is when we break from the chains of the mundane more>>>...

The addiction habit

S.O.T.T: Addiction changes the brain but it's not a disease that can be cured with medicine. In fact, it's learned - like a habit.

What all addicts find most maddening (and terrifying) about addiction: its staying power, long after the pleasure has worn off, long after the relief has transformed into extended anxiety, long after they've sworn up and down, to themselves and others, that this would not continue. It's that resilience that has made addiction so incomprehensible to addicts, their families and the experts they turn to for help, while feeding a firestorm of clashing explanations as to what it actually is.

One explanation is that addiction is a brain disease. The United States National Institute on Drug Abuse, the American Society of Addiction Medicine, and the American Medical Association ubiquitously define addiction as a 'chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry' - a definition echoing through their websites, lectures and literature, and, most recently, 'The Surgeon General's Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health' (2016). Such authorities warn us that addiction 'hijacks the brain', replacing the capacity for choice and self-control with an unremitting compulsion to drink or use drugs. In the UK, the medical journal The Lancet has provided a forum for figurehead proponents of the brain-disease model, echoing the government's emphasis on 'withdrawal symptoms, tolerance, detoxification or alcohol-related seizures', which suggests that the royal road to understanding addiction is still medicine.

If addiction changes the brain and drugs cause addiction, the argument went, then perhaps drugs unleash pathological changes, literally damaging neural tissue. The implication that addicts do the things they do because they are ill, not because they are weak, self-indulgent, spineless pariahs (a fairly prevalent view in some quarters) also seemed to benefit addicts and their families. The anger and disgust they often experienced could be mitigated by the presumption of illness; and social stigmatisation - known to compound the misery of those with mental problems - could be relieved, even reversed, by the simple assumption that addicts can't help more>>>...

Image of the Day

'A teacher who cannot explain any abstract subject to a child does not himself thoroughly understand the subject'

You Have All the Answers Within You

Daily OM: Many of us seek the answers to life's questions by looking outside of ourselves and trying to glean advice from the people around us. But as each of us is unique, with our own personal histories, our own sense of right and wrong, and our own way of experiencing the world that defines our realities, looking to others for our answers is only partially helpful. The answers to our personal questions can be most often found by looking within. When you realize that you always have access to the part of you that always knows what you need and is meant to act as your inner compass, you can stop searching outside of yourself. If you can learn to hear, trust, and embrace the wisdom that lives within you, you will be able to confidently navigate your life.

Trusting your inner wisdom may be awkward at first, particularly if you grew up around people who taught you to look to others for answers. We each have exclusive access to our inner knowing. All we have to do is remember how to listen. Remember to be patient as you relearn how to hear, receive, and follow your own more>>>...

Testing Your Remote Viewing Ability

One of the ways you can experience the Greater Reality is through remote viewing, a form of psychic ability very common among people. Remote viewers "see" objects and scenes hundreds or thousands of miles away by closing their eyes and focusing on the object or place. Craig, author of this Web site, can do it. You may be able to do it. To test your remote viewing ability, follow the instructions below.

The only way to test whether you can remote view is to remote view. Follow the instructions below. If you are able to sense, know, or see the targets with some consistency, then you have remote viewing ability.

Step 1: Make Your Mind an Empty Rice Bowl

The first step in this testing process is for you to learn how to make your mind into an empty rice bowl. That means you need to empty your mind of as much of the thoughts, images, and awarenesses that are normally part of your consciousness as you possibly can. Of course, you cannot completely empty your mind. You hear yourself breathing; your boss's image flits before you; you hear a dog barking. If you practice this over several weeks or months, you will become very good at it. That is a large part of what makes up meditation.

For now, just relax, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and empty your mind. Do so now for five minutes before going on. You will have a black window in your mind into which you can gaze. It is the window to your remote viewing.

Step 2: Learn to Keep Your Imagination Quiet

Your imagination will try to put images into that black window. You've been doing that all of your life, when you daydream, solve problems, or plan things. It will be difficult to keep the imagination from showing you images when you make your mind into an empty rice bowl. Imagination wants to fill it with strawberries and cream or imagination soup.

More than anything, be aware of the images the imagination is putting into your mind. If you see an image of your aunt, she likely is not the remote viewing target, so toss her out.

Also, very vivid images are probably imagination, not remote viewing, because remote viewed images are blurred and indistinct, especially at first. If you can identify the image, then it likely is not from remote viewing the target. In remote viewing, you will see indistinct images, shapes, and colors, but they will usually not look like something identifiable. Relax and empty your mind if something clearly identifiable comes into it. more>>>...


Tuesday, 27 December 2016

David Icke - What You Really Are

'Believe what you believe and it will be, believe what others believe and they will consume you'

Blessing Space

Daily Om: Physical space acts like a sponge, absorbing the radiant of all who pass through it. And, more likely than not, the spaces we move through each day have seen many people come and go. We have no way of knowing whether the energy footprints left behind by those who preceded us will invigorate us or drain us. Yet we can control the energy footprint we leave behind for others. In blessing each space we enter, we orchestrate a subtle energy shift that affects not only our own experiences in that space but also the experiences of the individuals who will enter the space after us. While we may never see the effects our blessing has had, we can take comfort in the fact that we have provided grace for those that follow after us.

When you bless a room or an entire building, you leave a powerful message of love and light for all those who will come after you. Your blessings thus have myriad effects on the environments through which you pass. Old, stagnant energy is cleared, creating a vacuum into which fresh and invigorating energy can freely more>>>...

Spoons On Mars

The top image is the original NASA official release of one of the so called 'spoons on Mars'. You'll note the traditional and stereotyped orange filtering of the image we have become accustomed to when NASA release images of Mars.

The bottom image is the same NASA release put through Photoshop, minus the orange filter, and a few colour adjustments here and there. This was done in an attempt to understand the nature of the strange artifact seen on Mars.

Because none of the nice boys and girls at NASA are ever likely to tell us what is really going on, and it is fairly obvious they know the real score of what is on Mars, we are left to speculate what we are looking at. It is not a spoon, of that we are sure. The body of the image extends well beyond the red circle for starters. It is interesting to note the non-rock features to the front of the 'spoon' too.

The underlying blue tinge is of interest too. It appeared just as soon as the orange filter colouration was reduced. If it had ripples we could have concluded it was water, but it certainly looks more natural than the heavily edited image NASA released.

The spoon story is a clear red herring, and an obvious smokescreen for something else which is going on at this time relating to the Mars story ...

Image of the Day

Thoughts to get you Thinking #86

"Our ultimate freedom is the right and power to decide how anybody or anything outside ourselves will affect us."-- Stephen Covey

A Greek myth can help us understand the freedom that comes with power of choice.

In the Underworld, Sisyphus was condemned to roll a large stone up a hill from which it always rolled down again. Realistically, he was trapped in an endless cycle of rolling the stone. When he perceived himself to be imprisoned by the curse, he was a victim.

At one point, however, he turned the tables -- he changed his mind and decided to CHOOSE to roll the stone up the hill. In doing so, he empowered himself and defused the curse.

"Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you."-- Jean-Paul Sartre

"One cannot make a slave of a free person, for a free person is free even in a prison."-- Plato

Is this proof of life on Mars? NASA rover discovers a large SPOON on the Red Planet's surface

Read the full story ... here>>>..

Opinion: These are clearly 'un-natural' artifacts that are photographed here.  The top picture is more interesting, in that the object extends much further than the area identified by the red ring. There are a number of other interesting relics in, and around, the so called spoon. The bottom image shows something that is buried in the martian sand. It is clearly the top of something much larger, and will more than likely be a rock formation IMO. This story is likely to be a perception deception, distracting us away from what really has been found!

Monday, 26 December 2016

Totem Bird of the Day

'Three things cannot be long hidden; the sun, the moon and the truth.'

Multiple lights appear and disappear in sky over Buxton, Maine

Watch video of multiple lights ... here>>>...

Be Open

Daily OM: Living in an information age, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the constant influx of scientific studies, breaking news, and even spiritual revelations that fill our bookshelves, radio waves, and in-boxes. No sooner have we decided what to eat or how to think about the universe than a new study or book comes out confounding our well-researched opinion. After a while, we may be tempted to dismiss or ignore new information in the interest of stabilizing our point of view, and this is understandable. Rather than closing down, we might try instead to remain open by allowing our intuition to guide us.

For example, contradictory studies concerning foods that are good for you and foods that are bad for you are plentiful. At a certain point, though, we can feel for ourselves whether coffee or tomatoes are good for us or more>>>...

Image of the Day

'The Ego'

Insight Meaning: “How do people see you at this time? How do you react to the surroundings that are around you? A truthful  reaction is what you seek … consult your inner self for the answer. Do not rely on the acceptance or judgment of others to govern how you react to your current surroundings. Falseness shines a false light. You seek the light of truth.” 

Tarot: Emperor
Card Number: 07
Insight Gematria: 33
Magick Glyph: “Appearances” 
Glyph Affirmation: “ I am the hand at the wheel who steers you through this material life. I can be false or true … be warned” 
Kabbalah: Path of Heh 
The Light of Truth Oracle devised and created by Matthew James 2012. All images and concept copyright Matthew James 2012 

Sunday, 25 December 2016

How The Anunnaki Modified Human DNA

2017 - The Year Of Transformation, Yeah Right!

Some people's expectations for 2017 are very high. The numerology of the year - 2+1+7 = 10 = 1 - suggests 2017 will be a year of significant transformation and a new chapter for some. I don't personally share that anticipation. My expectations are grounded and focused on what is more than likely to be on just another year, same as all the rest. Its vibration is really dependent on you, and how you perceive the stimuli that is around you.

I'm not one to go overboard with all the 'new age claptrap' that is out there, and seems to be part and parcel of what people associate with 'being psychic'. I'm never excited about the numerology of the year we are about to go into, on a world level. There are self appointed new age voices out there who I hear are declaring 2017 as 'a year of transformation and release for mankind' from the burdens and strife in life. I leave them to it, and keep my own opinions, normally, to myself.

I admit I do have my own system of numerology, I call Soul Numerology, but it is only something I apply to the individual and the vibrational flow in their life. I am not one to apply a numerology system to a collective entity. The new chapter that so many anticipate for 2017 based on its numerology ... will sadly, I feel, fall quite a way short of the hype that some factions are claiming.

The universe can't work like that, based on a system of time measurement created by mankind to compartmentalise its existence on the physical earth. There will be little difference in the vibration at 11:59, and 59 seconds, on 31st December 2016 and 12.00, and 1 second, on 1st January 2017.  The vibration will be just the same. There is no mechanism to suddenly change human experiences based on the numerology of man made years. You alone will change the manner of your experiences, and even having incredible belief and faith in the numerology may not be strong enough to suddenly change the manner of those experiences. I cringe when I hear those who are new to the psychic world talk about all the new age claptrap and its crazy notions. So much  of the new age philosophy is extremely dangerous with its exertions and implications. I have always distanced myself from the new age view of the psychic world and the paranormal. Its been a safer route, I feel, to discover the bigger picture untainted by that senseless dogma. The notions relating to 2017 and its transformative energies are within that senseless dogma.

I have already described that arena as sheep wandering around a fold, with each of the sheep perfect clones of each other, saying the same thing and acting in the same way. They all bear the new age uniform and the new age fashion accessories and don't realise the con they have bought, and will not see that they cannot think or speak for themselves whilst being attracted to that crazy dogma. A crazy dogma which is a million miles away from the true picture.

In a few weeks we will all find out just how transformative 2017 is, won't we .. or not?


Daily Om: The first slight snow that kisses our wind-reddened cheeks each winter carries the same message that frosts have conveyed since time immemorial. This message is dualistic in character; on one hand, winter's growing chill compels us to rest and restore ourselves indoors, and on the other, snow, the most wondrous attribute of the winter season, beckons us outside to play and to reflect. Upon indulging this natural impulse, we emerge from our homes into the quietude created by a mantle of snow that blankets the ground, and find a scene painted in broad strokes of crystalline whiteness, embellished with bright highlights of silver and blue. The stillness envelopes us as the magical quality of the surreal landscape awakens profound feelings of peace within our souls.

Mother Nature's perfect artistry is seldom more evident than in the magnificently balanced structure of the lovely and delicate six-sided flakes that cascade from the more>>>...

Songs That Inspired Me #22

It's still a shock about the sad loss of a legend ... Status Quo have been on my music play lists for at least 35 years. One of my top ten favourite bands. To choose a song that inspired me is difficult when so many Quo songs fit into that category.

I choose 'Hard Ride' as it is relevant at the moment as the words are quite poignant at this time with the loss of Rick Parfitt. I pick this song too as it was originally on the B side of the 'Whatever You Want' single ... and it is a song that has been an immense favourite of mine for years. I'd not heard the song for years up until about 8 months ago when I discovered I'd an mp3 recording of it in my music collection ....

Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt - the rock legend who opened Live Aid - dies in hospital in Spain, aged 68 after an infection following years of ill-health

Daily Mail: Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt today died in a Spanish hospital at the age of 68 as Queen legend Brian May led the tributes - saying that he 'rocked our world'.

Parfitt had been recuperating since June when he suffered a heart attack but died after suffering from a severe infection.

His son, Rick Jr, paid his own emotional tribute online, writing that, although he was a rock star to many, to him 'he was simply 'Dad', and I loved him hugely'.

It comes after the veteran musician was taken into hospital in Marbella on Thursday evening due to complications with a pre-existing shoulder injury.

He died there at lunchtime on Saturday, his manager and family said in a statement.

Similar outpourings of sadness came from across the musical community, where he was praised as 'a lovely man' and 'one of the nicest guys in rock 'n' roll'.

May, 69, said: 'Shocked and so sad to hear of the passing of Rick Parfitt. Hard to find words. You truly joyfully rocked our world. RIP dear buddy.' more>>>...

Celtic Meaning of the Ivy

The Celtic meaning of the ivy deals with connections and friendships because of its propensity to interweave in growth. Ever furrowing and intertwining, the ivy is an example of the twists and turns our friendships take - but also a testimony to the long-lasting connections and bonds we form with our friends that last over the years.

The ivy is also a symbol of survival and determination for the same reasons. It seems to be virtually indestructible and will often return after it has suffered damage or has been severely cut back. This is an example of the human spirit and the strength we all have to carry on regardless of how harrowing our setbacks may have more>>>...

'If you still believe in magic, you're subject to enchantment'

Image of the Day

Saturday, 24 December 2016

'We live in a dream world, a realm of shadows. Are your thoughts you own?'

5,000-year-old cave art discovered in Egypt depicts 'nativity scene'

S.O.T.T: Italian researchers have discovered what might be the oldest nativity scene ever found — 5,000-year-old rock art that depicts a star in the east, a newborn between parents and two animals.

The scene, painted in reddish-brown ochre, was found on the ceiling of a small cavity in the Egyptian Sahara desert, during an expedition to sites between the Nile valley and the Gilf Kebir Plateau.

"It's a very evocative scene which indeed resembles the Christmas nativity. But it predates it by some 3,000 years," geologist Marco Morelli, director of the Museum of Planetary Sciences in Prato, near Florence, Italy, told Seeker.

Morelli found the cave drawing in 2005, but only now his team has decided to reveal the amazing find.

"The discovery has several implications as it raises new questions on the iconography of one of the more powerful Christian symbols," Morelli said.

The scene features a man, a woman missing the head because of a painting detachment, and a baby.

"It could have been interpreted as a normal depiction of a family, with the baby between the parents, but other details make this drawing unique," Morelli said.

He noted the newborn is drawn slightly above, as if raising to the sky. Such position, with the baby not yet between the parents, would have meant a birth or a more>>>...

The Use Of Sandalwood In Rituals

Although not truly an herb, but a wood, sandalwood is an item found often in modern Pagan rituals. In fact, “sandalwood” is an entire class of wood, found in trees that are part of the flowering Santalum family.

Sandalwood has been used for thousands of years in a ritual context. It appears in Buddhist and Muslim rituals, and was one of several fragrant plants used by the Egyptians in embalming rituals. In China and Tibet, its antiseptic properties make it a valuable part of folk medicine. In India, the wood is used for intricate carvings that adorn shrines and homes; figurines and mala jewelry are also crafted from sandalwood. In addition, a paste is sometimes made that can be used to anoint the forehead of the faithful in Hindu temples.

Sandalwood has a number of magical applications, and they tend to vary depending on which religious group you’re looking at. In many traditions of modern Paganism, it is associated with healing and purification. In Hindu rites, sandalwood paste is often used to consecrate ritual tools before ceremonies. Buddhists believe that sandalwood is one of the sacred scents of the lotus, and can be used to keep one connected to the material world while the brain wanders off during meditation. In chakra work, sandalwood is associated with the seventh, or root, chakra at the base of the spine. Burning the incense can help with issues related to self-identity, security and stability, and trust.

In a few Neopagan traditions, the actual wood of the sandalwood is burned as incense - sometimes mixed with other woods or resins, such as myrrh or frankincense. A few forms of folk magic associate it with both business and protection magic. You can also use pieces of the wood in spellwork - write your intent on a chip or stick of sandalwood, and then place it in a brazier to burn. As your sandalwood burns, your intent, or wish, will be carried up to the heavens on the drifting  more>>>...

Psychic Protection: Immunise Yourself Against Negative Energy

New Dawn Magazine: Have you ever entered an empty room, or office, and felt “uncomfortable”? Feeling perhaps quite happy to get out of that room, or office, as soon as possible? Maybe you have found somewhere that feels “bad” at one time yet feels “okay” at another time? This could be where we work, live, or somewhere we are visiting or passing through.

What about people? Do you know anyone who seems to have a “negative” aura? When­ever you are near them you feel more depressed, angry or fearful, than you normally do? How about the opposite? Do you know anyone who seems to make you feel better just by being around you, not even needing to say anything to you to improve things?

Apart from feeling worse around certain people and/or in certain places, do you find that you sometimes lose a lot of energy (psychic draining) in these circumstances? Do you have a problem with such things as insomnia, poor sleep, nightmares or low energy levels? Perhaps you are constantly lacking in energy? Maybe being diagnosed as having chronic fatigue? Or maybe you always seem to be getting colds, illnesses or other problems? more>>>...

Image of the Day

Langdale Pikes, Cumbria, UK

Allowing Ourselves to Receive

Daily OM: Giving and receiving are part of the same cycle, and we each give and receive in our own ways. But we can lose our balance when we try to be too controlling on either side of the cycle. On the receiving end, we may feel that we don't deserve the effort made if what we gave was easy for us to give. But perhaps there is a different lesson there for us. We may be receiving not only gratitude, but a chance to see the world through the eyes of another. We may be learning that just because we gave easily, it doesn't diminish its value.

Or perhaps the universe is giving us an example to hold close to our hearts, to encourage us on some future day when our own generous act of giving is not met with a visible act of receiving. When we can allow ourselves to receive as well as give, we do our part to keep the channels of abundance open for ourselves and others.

Sometimes we may find ourselves struggling to respond to others' gifts in the same ways--like responding to an expensive present with something equally expensive, or feeling like we have to throw a dinner party for someone who has thrown one for us. But when these are done out of a sense of obligation, their energy changes from something that shares to something that drains. If this sounds familiar, we can decide next time to allow ourselves to receive with arms, minds and hearts open and simply say thank more>>>..