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Thursday, 22 August 2019

5G Is The Ultimate Directed Energy Weapon System, Says Particle Physicist

[Collective Evolution]: Particle Physicist Dr. Katherine Horton argues, based on her research and personal experiences, that the 5G network is intended as a Directed Energy Weapon system that aligns with the goals of the global elite to enslave humanity.

Dr. Katherine Horton sees the current rollout of the 5G network in a way that is different from mainstream perception. And for good reason.

Dr. Horton attempts to bring to bear her vast knowledge of the capabilities of energy weapons, and awaken us to the fact that these are the true modern weapons of warfare of today, not the ballistic weapons that we still see portrayed in movies and talked about in geopolitical conflicts.

She also employs her knowledge and personal experience of the ‘Targeted Individuals’ phenomena, as well as her run-ins with the shadow government and their military and intelligence tentacles to create a broad context for what the 5G network really is:

"I think the average person struggles so much understanding what all this is about and that’s what they [Global Elite] are banking on. So they are banking on the fact that, for example, there is a very simple con hidden in this marketing ploy that is 5G. 

For example when they brought up 3G and 4G, everybody assumes that 5G is just a better 3 and 4G so what’s all this fuss about? 

Is it just Luddites who are just, you know, they just, they are scared, and they are tree-huggers, and they just don’t really enjoy watching happy kitten videos super-fast on their phone? But that’s not what it is. 

So 5G is a fundamentally different system.

So what I’m talking about is not just, oh, it’s five years in the future, no, this system is killing people right now. And now, the only question is: the time lag between us ‘realizing,’ accumulating a critical mass, and shutting this system down, and arresting the criminals–whoever thought of putting this into the mange, knowing full well [the consequences]–now that time delay pretty much maps out how many people are going to die, ok?

And this crime cartel…they know what they’re doing, and their goal is to kill as many people as they possibly can, and that is because they realize that with the population growing and the Internet coming in, they cannot hold the same type of control on humanity–it is mathematically impossible to hold the same type of control on humanity–that they used to have, you know, back in the 1980s, even the 1990s and the control they had up until the 1990s was pretty much the control they had going back to Biblical times, and Babylonian times and before
" more>>>...

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Are recent UFO announcements part of the military's 'soft disclosure' strategy?

[S.O.T.T]: UFOs have been in the news a lot lately, and not because of what is happening in the sky, but because of what is happening on Earth.

It has been called a "soft disclosure," meaning the military is leaking bits of information on UFOs to the public rather than making a major announcement and causing a panic.

This April, the U.S. Navy acknowledged guidelines for how their pilots can report encounters with anomalous ships without fear of reprisal. This comes after a New York Times article about numerous sightings of Tic Tac-shaped UFOs around the USS Nimitz south of San Diego. According to a spokesman for naval operations, there has been an overall "uptick of interaction with aerial phenomenon" since 2014.

There have been less controlled responses, too. Over two million people have signed up on Facebook to storm Area 51 on September 20 to "see them aliens."

Multiple UFOs sightings have been reported since the atomic bomb was developed in the 1940s. Yet there have been no reports of actual attacks or threats to wipe out our civilization. In fact, according to many who have studied UFOs, extraterrestrials have worked to stop us from self-annihilation.

They point to three alleged incidents of UFOs shutting down our nuclear missile bases. In 1967, Lieutenant Robert Salas, a commanding officer at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, reported that a hovering UFO disabled 10 missile silos on his watch. He said he saw it as an anti-nuclear war more>>>...

2019 Crop Circle #27

Etchilhampton Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. 
Reported 20th August 2019. 
Crop Circle Connector

Here is another 'classic crop circle' design we've grown accustomed to seeing appearing in the Wiltshire area of the UK. The circle with an intricate design with a sacred geometric pattern within the outer circle. It's a trademark of the circle makers that dedicate their energy to crop circle creations. For hundreds of years! As it is not a phenomenon limited to the the 20th and 21st centuries. There are records of circles appearing in these areas back in the 1400's. So it cannot all be fraudsters of the 20th and 21st centuries .... there is something else involved here.
This circle has 12 repetitive patterns going around the outside of this circle. The edge tapering to a narrow point along the bottom of the circle; to create some kind of 3D aspect to the circle. With a small orb on top of a bigger orb on top of a larger orb appearing to travel around this circular edge. Again, a timing perhaps? 
Something clearly is being reported here. But what?

Google is a direct threat to human freedom, and it must be dismantled or we will be forever enslaved

[Natural News]: Google is not just a danger to human freedom in the online world; it’s a danger to all human freedom because the ability to control information is the ability to control minds and enslave humankind.

Through its actions to destroy human knowledge, blacklist natural health websites, alter the outcomes of elections, silence conservative speech, push toxic vaccines onto children, promote the prescription medications of Big Pharma, censor organics and push deadly chemotherapy, Google has proven it is a threat to humankind and must be dismantled.

Now more powerful than any government in the world, Google is a dangerous surveillance web that tracks your online searches, website visits, video views, online purchases, emails and physical locations. Beyond that, Google deliberately blocks independent media, conservative channels, vaccine safety videos and anyone who questions GMOs, Big Pharma, chemtrails or 5G networks.

Google has become pure evil, and it must be dismantled and permanently barred from all business operations. It’s time to rid the world of this evil, and President Trump can start by arresting Google’s top managers and CEO, all of whom have actively conspired to commit large-scale criminal election fraud against the United States of America (among other crimes) more>>>...

Bruce Lipton - A Message of Love

Waiting for Someday

[Daily Om]: The time we are blessed with is limited and tends to be used up all too quickly. How we utilize that time is consequently one of the most important decisions we make. Yet it is far too easy to put off until tomorrow what we are dreaming of today.

The hectic pace of modern existence affords us an easy out; we shelve our aspirations so we can cope more effectively with the challenges of the present, ostensibly to have more time and leisure to realize our purpose in the future.

Or we tell ourselves that we will chase our dreams someday once we have accomplished other lesser goals. In truth, it is our fear that keeps us from seeking fulfillment in the here and now--because we view failure as a possibility, our reasons for delaying our inevitable success seem sound and rational.

If we ask ourselves what we are really waiting for, however, we discover that there is no truly compelling reason why we should put off the pursuit of the dreams that sustain us.

When regarded as a question, "Why not now?" drains us of our power to realize our more>>>...

Quote for the Day

New Study Reveals How ADHD Drugs ‘Alter The Structure of Children’s Brains’

[Waking Times]: As attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) continues to remain an extremely common diagnosis for children in the United States, researchers are warning doctors to hold off on issuing popular ADHD drugs such as Ritalin and Concerta unless absolutely necessary.

The warnings come as scans of children who take such drugs as methylphenidate (MPH), commonly known as Ritalin, show that they have a major effect on the development of white matter in the brains of children, impairing their ability to learn and coordinate communication between regions of the brain.

These drastic effects are completely absent when adults take methylphenidate, showing no such structural changes to the brain, according to a new study published in the scientific journal Radiology.

In the study, scientists from the University of Amsterdam analyzed MTH’s impact on children’s white matter development by gathering 50 boys and 49 adult males who were all diagnosed with ADHD. None of the participants had previously taken the drug before the study, making the study the first of its kind to look at how the drug alters brain development.

Study senior author Dr. Liesbeth Reneman explained in a release: “Previous studies all have tried to statistically control for the effects of ADHD medications … But we are the first to study medication-naïve patients in this context, which, of course, is crucial if you want to know how ADHD medications affect the developing brain." .... Read more>>>...

From The Ridiculous To The Sublime: NYT claims having a lawn means you’re a racist

This world has truly gone MAD! Where have all these mentally delusion fruit loops suddenly appeared from, who make all these CRAZY notions???

[Natural News]: Amid all of the real problems currently going on in the world, The New York Times has decided that its top priority is to tackle the problem of lawns, which the openly anti-white, fake news media outlet claims are symbols of “racism” – oh, and lawns supposedly cause “global warming,” too, according to the Times.

In a recent exposé, Times writer David Botti attempts to make the case that these green oases have long been part of the “colonizing of America” by people with white skin, which automatically makes them evil and something that needs to be abolished.

Because they transform the landscape of people’s homes from “pristine wilderness” to “identical rows of manicured nature,” according to Botti, lawns are a source of triggering for him – which, since he has to work in an environment of oppression due to the presence of anti-white racists like Sarah Jeong, is hardly surprising.

Botti also insists that a nicely manicured lawn comes “on the backs of slaves,” pointing to a painting of George Washington, America’s first president, which depicts people with black skin cutting grass with scythes.

“It’s grueling, endless work,” Botti writes, apparently unaware of the fact that millions of white Americans perform this “grueling, endless work” in their own yards every single day, with no black people in more>>>...

Image of the Day - 'Sun Simulator Dawn Light'


Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Are We Approaching The Splicing Of The Time Loop?

Having spent now over 'half a century' being in the constant now ... actively observing the virtual reality known as 'the earth plane' ... it's pretty clear that this version of the earth plane has become a crazy and insane dimension.

Chaos most surely reigns, and for those who still sleep ... and fall for the illusion hook, line and sinker, there is no hope. But for those who are now awake and becoming more and more aware of the total lies and fabrications, which hold together this holographic reality created by thought forms, there is a way out of the maze.

Dark and sinister forces are abroad in this poor copy of the real world. It is perfectly clear this is but an electronic copy of a real world. Whether this plane is round or flat, it is not relevant. It is merely a tapestry of thoughts created to enable the dreamers and the lucid dreamers to actively experience what befalls this realm; all is dependent on how the collective think.

Assuming dream control in this fake realm is essential; because sinister forces work tirelessly to keep all the dreamers deep in their slumber. So they can feed off the thoughts of the dreamers. This is perfectly clear. What is also perfectly clear is the approach of the loop in the ticker tape. The splicing approaches ... and it is likely a reset will occur.

And we all will begin again at the start of the time loop. Reliving the segments of history, for ever how long it is ... being recycled again and again to fulfill the roles the time loop requires. Until we arrive again at this point once more. This time we know it as August 2019. But what will it be the next time round? The same? We are not likely to remember.

But what if ... when you become awake ?? This is part of the game. Part of the plan. The moment you realise the great illusion, you observation of this false reality comes to a close? What then and where then? What is beyond this cymatic sound bubble? What is out there really in space? Are we minute avatars within a bubble in a mighty ocean; on a world where giants hundreds of miles high exist? Or has that thinking taken you too far outside of the comfort zone?

All that remains to say ... become a lucid dreamer as soon as you can. The more of the awakened there are ... the lesser the effect of the chaos and less the confusion.

Petitioning against climate alarmism goes global

[]: A petition being submitted by hundreds of independent climate scientists and professionals from numerous countries to heads of the European Council, Commission and Parliament declares “There is No Climate Emergency.”

Briefly summarized, the request for consideration conveys five urgent messages:

⟴Climate change is real and has been occurring with nature-driven cold and warm cycles for as long as the planet has existed.

⟴There should be no surprise that the Earth has been warming through natural causes since the last Little Ice Age ended around 1870. Actual temperature increases, however, are far less than predicted by theoretical climate models.

⟴There is no real evidence that anthropogenic (human-caused) CO2 emissions are a major or dangerous warming influence. They instead offer great benefits to agriculture, forestry and photosynthesis that is the basis for life.

⟴There is also no scientific evidence that increasing CO2 levels are causing more natural disasters. However, CO2-reduction measures do have devastating impacts on wildlife (e.g. wind turbines), land use (e.g. forest clearance), and vital energy systems.

⟴Energy policies must be based on scientific and economic realities — not upon a harmful and unrealistic “2050-carbon-neutral policy” driven by unfounded climate alarm.

The petition concludes by recommending the recognition of clear difference in policies addressing the Earth’s environment through good stewardship versus Earth’s climate, the latter of which “is largely caused by a complex combination of natural phenomena we cannot control.” more>>>...

The Climate Change Hoax - The David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

Favourite's Collection #280

This Grey Butcherbird was photographed on The Urambi Hills, and represents one of the first sightings I had of this distinctive native bird, which is of the same family as the Australian Magpie.

PROPHET OR PUPPET? Fears Greta 'Goldilocks' Thunberg is being manipulated on climate change by pushy parents and energy giants

So, it's about time someone stated the obvious. Greta Goldilocks is the puppet for the greedy and mentally insane globalists.

But the question remains, if she's Goldilocks ... who are the three bears?

[The Sun]: WITH cold, hard eyes, Greta Thunberg jabs a finger forward – like Lord Kitchener in the famous “Your country needs you” wartime posters. On her smart black jacket, the words “Can You Hear Me?” are daubed in more>>>...

This autistic Swede is clearly out of her depth; used as a figurehead to peddle the fake climate change deception. Completely unaware of the true, sinister, agenda at play here, she totally believes the ruse that mankind has albeit destroyed planet earth, and she is the hero that is going to help save the world. The 'facts' she has absorbed are the doctored scientific data sheets that bear no resemblance to the true picture. 

So who are the three bears? There are dozens of possible candidates.It's so alarmingly blatant the way they have created this juvenile Pied Piper for the kids of the world to latch on to ... in an attempt to lead planet earth toward mass human culling.

This is what she does not realise when she brazingly blames governments for phenomenon which is clearly natural cycles (Tampered with by crazy mad fools to enhance the alarm with insane weather systems).

McDonald’s acquires machine-learning startup to develop personalized menus using A.I.

Dodgy or what? There's now A.I at Macca's. Where next? Probably been there for a while.

[Natural News]: To boost flagging sales and compensate for reduced traffic at its stores, McDonald’s has turned to artificial intelligence.

The icon of the American fast food industry acquired an Israeli tech startup and tasked it with developing A.I.-powered software that will create personalized menus for customers on the fly.

McDonald’s announced its purchase of Dynamic Yield, a startup that specializes in machine-learning technologies. While neither company revealed any figures, experts estimated the price tag to be $300 million, the biggest buy made by the fast food giant in many more>>>......

'Memory Lane' - Canberra Skies 2015


Scientist Discovers Cells That ‘Ingest’ Vaccine Aluminum Are The Same Cells Found In Autistic Brains

[Collective Evolution]: What’s happening in our world with regards to the censorship of information is unbelievable.

It’s truly Orwellian, as we now have multiple ‘ministries of truth’ that are determining what is real and what is fake, what’s legit and what’s not.

You would think that human beings are capable of determining on their own what’s considered ‘fake’ news, shouldn’t we the people be allowed to decide?

The truth is that this censorship of information is happening on all fronts, and it’s not really about media integrity, but more so about silencing and censoring information that doesn’t fit the accepted framework of certain political and elitist agendas.

News browser extension NewsGuard, for example, promises to help readers pick out fake news. However, NewsGuard is funded and run by individuals tied to the CFR, Atlantic Council and other prominent elite figures. Get the picture?

This is also why Wikileaks’ Julian Assange has been silenced, because the truth often threatens various corporate and political agendas, which are extremely unethical and immoral.

Many topics are being censored and labelled as ‘fake news.’

This includes presenting information that’s getting published by reputable academics in peer-reviewed science journals. Any type of information that goes against the medical establishment/industry is getting censored. Many papers have been retracted to protect the industry and corporate more>>>>...

The Censorship of Alternative Media Is Virtual Book Burning

[Waking Times]: These days, as more and more people turn to the internet for essays and news, dissenting views are more often found online than in paperback.

And there are people in power who want this to stop because particularly after the last election, they’ve seen the power the internet has to change the entire course of a country.

Big Tech and Big Media hold most of the microphones and they like it that way. They tend to be united politically and they’ve been busily working toward silencing opposing views on the internet, branding them as “dangerous” or “ignorant.” Members of the alternative media, writers of alternative health news, and opinion bloggers are being censored at a rapid clip.

How is silencing opposing views on the internet any different than burning a library filled with inconvenient information?

The first way is called de-platforming. This means that all of the places where a person or entity was once able to be heard are taken away. Next, they attack the earning potential of websites. Soon, the sites under attack are only able to be located if you’ve bookmarked more>>>...

Rooting Down

[Daily Om]: For many people, apprehension manifests itself in the physical self as a potent feeling of heaviness or nausea situated in the depths of the lower abdomen. And it is there, at the seat of the second or sacral chakra, that we must lovingly and deliberately confront the anxiety.

By rooting down into the deepest physical reaches of ourselves, we can cleanse ourselves of unease and replenish the space it has left behind with tranquil awareness. Much of what we encounter in our daily lives has the potential to awaken feelings of nervousness within us or make us question whether we are truly in control of our lives. When you establish a den of peace within your core, you empower yourself to act rather than react in distressing situations. Your balanced second chakra helps you respond productively to the turmoil around you while your inwardly directed attention steadies you.

There are many ways to restore your strength and clear negative energy from your core. To ground yourself and regain your emotional equilibrium, concentrate on the second chakra, picturing it as a funnel of vivid orange light. Reach down toward that light with your awareness and channel your breath into the space it more>>>>....

Image of the Day - 'First Light at the Lake'


The Ultimate Conspiracy Revealed

[David Icke]: It’s a trip how much mental energy people pour into arguments about world affairs while devoting almost none to the way their understanding and perception of those affairs is happening.

People will happily argue day in and day out about what political ideology is most correct or what should be done about a given problem, but it’s rare for them to turn around and examine the sources of information that they’ve used to form those opinions. The fact that most of the information being circulated about what’s going on in the world is owned by plutocrats who undeniably have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo rarely enters into mainstream awareness. Which is of course by design.

Even less common than people questioning the nature of the information they’ve received is for them to examine what happens to that information once it gets into their heads. Nearly everyone lives a life that is dominated by nonstop compulsive mental chatter which determines everything from one’s emotional state to how their interest and attention moves, thereby creating cognitive biases and perceptual filters which shape how all future information will be interpreted. For most of us, thought serves not as the useful tool we evolved it to be, but as the writer, director and star of the entire show. As Ecknath Easwaran once said, “we don’t think our thoughts, our thoughts think us.” more>>>>....

Quote for the Day

Brussels halts 5G deployment indefinitely: 5G project, says authorities, not compatible with radiation safety standards

[Natural News]: In the next year, preliminary 5G networks are set to roll out in China, the United States, South Korea, and Japan. In the next seven years, operators are projected to invest over $1 trillion to expand 5G wireless technology.

With 5G, the telecom industry promises instant connectivity, paving the way for “smart cities.” 5G is a Big Tech dream come true – a data collection boon that will tie all internet-connected devices together and increase connectivity speeds up to 1000 times greater than existing 4G networks. As investors scramble to get a piece of the 5G pie, the technology is not projected for deployment in every first-world country, nor will it be accepted by every big city.

In fact, the Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, Céline Fremault, has vowed to halt 5G deployment. “The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit,” states Fremault in an interview with L’Echo. “I cannot welcome such technology if the radiation standards, which must protect the citizen, are not respected, 5G or not.” more>>>...

Monday, 19 August 2019

Favourite's Collection #279

I have far too many Kangaroo photographs to choose from! So I've randomly chosen one for this addition to the Favourite's Collection

Dark Agendas Coming Out Of The Rabbit Hole

There's not been a 'Daily Blog' post for a while. We will be changing that very soon. There is after all so much to talk about right now ...

We are coming towards the end of 2019, which opens us up to the 12 months of 2020 that will define the 'darkest hour of the dawn' for mankind; and the arrival of the grand work of the ages for those who practice demiurgism.

Dark agendas galore rose to the surface in 2019, and the landscape of the human world changed forever. Brain washing and mind control has been exposed by those who are awakened. And those who haven't yet awoken ... are totally and utterly naive and hapless souls who will be enslaved by what is about to really be unleashed.

We need to cover these dark agendas a little more in depth than we have been doing. We've let The Light of Truth Chronicles tick over with the opinions of other sites. We need to provide our insights on what are truly scary agendas coming out of the rabbit hole .... be prepared, what we will reveal will not be pleasant. 

Are Human Beings “Extraterrestrial?” Did We Come From Somewhere Else?

[Collective Evolution]: Are we alone in the universe? The obvious answer coming from mainstream science these days is a big no. It’s quite clear that we’re not alone, that’s the general scientific consensus. The next questions to ask are: Has advanced ‘super intelligent’ extraterrestrial life visited our planet in the past, and is extraterrestrial life visiting our planet now?

For years, if you believed that intelligent extraterrestrial life has visited our planet, you would have been put in the ‘conspiracy theorist’ category. But today, that’s not the case. Perhaps this ridicule was as a result of something specific–the very first director of the Central Intelligence Agency said that there was an “official campaign of ridicule and secrecy” when it came to the topic of UFOs.

UFOs are no longer taboo, and their existence has been disclosed thanks to millions of pages of unclassified government documents from around the world. They’ve been photographed and recorded on video as well as tracked on radars. They’ve performed maneuvers and were clocked travelling at speeds no known aircraft on Earth can travel. Furthermore, there are many witnesses, from astronauts to civilians to high ranking military personnel to academicians and more, who have been creating awareness and putting all of the evidence out there for us to see.

We are in a process of ‘disclosure,’ a slow one, and it’s a subject that leaves no aspect of humanity untouched. The implications are huge, from spiritual to technological to scientific and beyond. It really opens up pandora’s box.

The question of whether or not we are alone in the universe is one of the biggest questions in the history of mankind, along with how we got here and who created us. Perhaps they are all interrelated? We have yet to answer these questions, yet God as well as the theory of evolution seem to be heavily pushed on the population in an almost unquestionable manner, leaving humanity in a divide, constantly disagreeing with each other without ever being able to find common ground.

Did we come from outer space? more>>>...

Quote for the Day

Scientists show how ALIENS ‘see’ Earth when looking from deep space

This is a funny one! How can scientists know what aliens see when seeing earth from deep space? Total BS.

[David Icke]: Ever wondered what an alien astronomer might view when looking at our planet from a star system far-far away? US scientists say they just pictured that in an experiment aimed at improving our search for other pale blue dots.

The search for exoplanets has been going on for years, and one can’t help but think of a possibility that we too are being scanned. To find out what exactly an outside observer would see when pointing the telescopes at Earth in a bit to find if it’s habitable, the team from Cornell University used around 10,000 images of our planet taken by NASA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite, sitting at a gravitational balance point between Earth and the Sun... read more>>>>...

3 New Reasons to Question Vaccine Effectiveness

[Humans are Free]: There are a lot of reasons people question vaccines in a country with the most aggressive vaccine schedule in the world where citizens are not allowed to directly sue vaccine manufacturers for vaccine-induced injuries.

While the censorship rages against the so-called “anti-vax” community to shut down online content that even questions the safety and effectiveness of vaccines on various platforms including YouTube, Facebook, and even Amazon, it’s quietly coming out all over the place that our vaccines just really aren’t as effective as the CDC, Big Pharma, it’s lackeys (again, this), and the pro-vaccine crowd would have everyone believe.

Straight away, here are three reasons that have popped up in recent weeks why people are questioning the effectiveness of more>>>...

Blame is Not to Blame

[Wake Up World]: Nobody likes to be “blamed.” But do we truly take issue with blame, or with the accountability blame seeks? By examining what blame means, we see there’s no harm in it. More likely, we don’t like being accountable or taking responsibility. Why might this be so?

Emotional maturity is marked by admitting our faults, acknowledging what’s most likely true, changing our minds, making amends, correcting behavior, and working on ourselves to heal the roots of our shortcomings. Awareness and self-honesty begin the process of this self-reflection, and both are hallmarks of emotional intelligence. Without them, we go nowhere. We just create more war, hurt, and more>>>...

Cameras installed in airline seats now surreptitiously record you during every flight, then store the video files indefinitely

[Natural News]: If being subjected to radiation and groped at the airport wasn’t enough, now airline passengers will be monitored in their seats by CCTV cameras that can randomly take pictures of you, watch you eat, and pick your nose.

In Hong Kong, individual camera screens are being installed in every headrest, glaring at each passenger.

Hong-Kong based Cathay Pacific has installed “entertainment screens” in the back of every airline seat. These screens are equipped with cameras that can surreptitiously monitor every passenger’s movements and personal preferences. The only place where cameras aren’t installed – the airline reassures – is in the more>>>>...

Galah - Totem Bird Of The Week

The Totem Bird of the Week for Monday 19th June - Sunday 25th June 2019 is the Galah. The Galah represents a world full of magic and possibilities that are waiting for you. Be on the lookout for fresh ideas and signals that indicate a new direction for your work, relationships or spiritual pursuits.

Image of the Day - 'Sunrise'


Sunday, 18 August 2019

It's a wrap: Russian satellites to become invisible from Earth

[S.O.T.T]: Russia's space agency claims to have found an unconventional way of equipping its satellites with stealth features, effectively making them hard to spot from Earth. A special wrap may be the solution, they say.

Roscosmos has invented top-notch technology which involves covering satellites with a unique air-bubble wrap that scatters light, Russian media reported. The method is said to reduce the satellite's visibility by 10 times or more when observed by telescopes from Earth.

The agency says the technology - which seems to be of dual use - could be employed to 'hide' satellites traveling at 10,000km to 20,000km above Earth's surface.

Russia, the first country to have sent a satellite into orbit, recently unveiled new technology involving the unmanned spacecraft. Just this month, Roscosmos presented a solution to the growing problem of space debris - a satellite that would destroy itself at the end of its lifetime.

The new type of satellite would feature materials that sublimate, meaning they transition directly from solid to gas without becoming more>>>...

This Will Literally Blow You Mind

Memory Lane 'Lake Tuggeranong Shoreline'

All photographs captured at lake Tuggeranong Shoreline

Google, YouTube rigged news and video results

[Natural News]: Project Veritas dropped a massive 950-page leak from Google whistleblower Zachary Vorhies that showed how the company allegedly manipulates search results.

Among the topics Google/YouTube manipulated were pro-life advocacy, questioning various terror attacks, and several political organizations including the Heritage Foundation.

The August 14 leak also explained how the “Twiddler” system lets Google/YouTube workers rank search results based upon what the companies want emphasized or de-emphasized. Most people using Google or Youtube statistically go to the first few results that pop up when they search for a topic.

Twiddler makes use of a list of keywords called the “YouTube Controversial Query Blacklist.” This list of flagged keywords will cause a video to be reviewed as for whether it should be promoted to the first page of search results, demoted, or possibly removed more>>>...

Quote for the Day

Ayahuasca and Animism – A Cure for Modern Materialism?

[Waking Times]: Widespread and systematic destruction of our ecosystems; exploitation of the Earth’s resources; factory farming of animals; unashamed bigotry – these are the hallmarks of the modern human race.

Part of the problem is our materialistic view of the world that not only denies the inherent life and spirit in other beings, but also gives us the illusion of being above the laws of nature.

Yet we have a unique chance to learn from the wisdom of people who have maintained connection to nature for their entire existence. Ayahuasca, a plant medicine used by countless indigenous peoples of the Amazon basin, is rapidly increasing in popularity in the Global North. And with it comes the opportunity to shift our perspective.

This ancient psychedelic brew is a mainstay of dozens of South American cultures, most of which employ some form of animist spirituality that carries a deep and innate connection to nature, animals, and self. The ayahuasca ceremony can be a powerful gateway to animist principles.

Ayahuasca has the power to transform individuals in many ways. But could it also help break humanity out of its materialist prison? Or are we already too far gone to be saved by a perspective shift, no matter how sudden or revelationary? more>>>>...

Mobile devices rewire your brain, turning you into a reward addict who craves more food

[Natural News]: Scientists now warn about “media multitasking.” Not only does excessive electronic use lead to physical inactivity, but switching in-between digital media throughout the day also impairs your self control.

Excessive use of electronics rewires the brain to favor reward over self control. This psychological addiction to electronic stimulation influences the way you eat and interact with people.

Constantly checking social media throughout the day addicts the brain to short bursts of dopamine. Caught up in this pattern, the brain begins to seek short bursts of pleasure from anything in life, including sugary sweets. In America there is no shortage of sugary sweets and fast foods, so it’s easy for the brain to give in to this pattern. The taste buds are an easy way to keep short bursts of dopamine pulsating to the more>>>...

Image of the Day - 'Sunset at the Lake'


Saturday, 17 August 2019

Favourite's Collection #278

Awaiting my arrival on a particularly misty, and cold, winter's day around Stranger Pond, was this White Intermediate Egret. Egrets and Herons have always been closely linked to my higher self, and they have been around me on a regular basis for most of my life. They always turn up when least expected. This particular image has been added to the collection for this very reason.

Allowing Ourselves to Receive

[Daily Om]: Giving and receiving are part of the same cycle, and we each give and receive in our own ways. But we can lose our balance when we try to be too controlling on either side of the cycle.

On the receiving end, we may feel that we don't deserve the effort made if what we gave was easy for us to give. But perhaps there is a different lesson there for us. We may be receiving not only gratitude, but a chance to see the world through the eyes of another. We may be learning that just because we gave easily, it doesn't diminish its value.

Or perhaps the universe is giving us an example to hold close to our hearts, to encourage us on some future day when our own generous act of giving is not met with a visible act of receiving. When we can allow ourselves to receive as well as give, we do our part to keep the channels of abundance open for ourselves and more>>>...

Manufacturing Normality

[David Icke]: If people could see the world with fresh eyes, as though they were viewing it for the very first time, they would suddenly find themselves smashed between two equally strong yet wildly different experiences.

On the one hand, they would experience breathless awe at the thunderous beauty of everything that exists. We tend to develop a mental habit of taking things for granted just because we have a thought story about knowing what they are and having seen them before.

The labeling, dividing mind says “Oh yeah, I know what that is, that’s a tree. I’ve seen a million of those, no big deal,” and we make a habit of overlooking it. This habit combines with our fixation on looping mental chatter to pull the interest and attention out of our experience of the world which would otherwise be experienced as a nonstop eruption of staggering beauty.

On the other hand, someone seeing the world with fresh eyes would at the same time experience howling rage at all the immense evils that the mass media manipulators have convinced us to accept as normal. All the oppression, exploitation, violence, domination, ecocide and corruption which we were born into would no longer be seen as unfortunate but necessary mundane realities, and neither would all the horrible propagandists who deceived us into thinking they more>>>...

Food for Thought #11