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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

CIA Admits Full Monitoring of Facebook, Google, Youtube and Other Social Networks

Don't Believe in Chemtrails? Watch This.

Image of the Day

Glastonbury Abbey - Copyright Matthew James 1991

Types of Attachment

Blues Age Institute: We humans are doing our best to understand the nature of our own mind and the nature of this physical reality in the face of incredible interference. Due to the nature of this work, everything that comes up in a session is accepted as described, but not necessarily regarded as absolutely "true". The astral world is full of liars. The client and therapist simply work in good faith together, and good results occur.

The following categories are based on the way clients express what they find within themselves. In a larger sense, these elements could also be regarded as holographic programming. If this is all a hologram, what is the source? In what dimension of being?

Common types of attachment are:
1.Earthbound Spirits
2.Dark Force Entities
3.ET's and Aliens
4.Congested Astral Matter
5.Thought Forms and Beliefs
8. Soul Fragments ... ... more>>>...

"Practical Rune Craft" - 13th April 2013

For more details visit the IMT web site ...HERE>>>...

Babies Start 'Mind Reading' Earlier Than Thought

S.O.T.T: Even babies as young as a year-and-a-half can guess what other people are thinking, new research suggests. The results, published today (Jan. 29) in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society: B, come from a study of children spanning the globe, from rural China to the more remote islands of Fiji. Previously, scientists thought this ability to understand other people's perspectives emerged much later in children. The findings may shed light on the social abilities that differentiate us from our closest living relatives, chimpanzees, said study author H. Clark Barrett, an anthropologist at the University of California, Los Angeles. The study used a form of the false-belief test, one of the few cognitive tasks that young children, but not primates, can do. Humans are "very good at inferring other people's mental states: their emotions, their desires and, in this case, their knowledge," Barrett said. "So it could play an important role in cultural transmission and social learning."

In the classic test of children's understanding called the false-belief task, one person comes into a room and puts an object (such as a pair of scissors) into a hiding place. A second person then comes in and puts the scissors into his pocket, unbeknownst to the first individual. When that first person returns, someone will ask the child, "Where do you think the first person will look for the scissors?" The task is tricky because the children need to have a theory of mind, or an ability to understand other people's perspectives, in this case that of the individual who didn't see the scissors being retrieved by more>>>...

Mystic Insight for the Day

"At this time in our human history, the karmic wheel is swiftly returning to how it once was ... old confrontations and old conflicts. What I refer to is the time in Atlantis (A real place, not a fable) when there was a distinct separation taking place within the ranks of the spiritual minded ... we had the Children Of The One battling their selfless caring and empathy against the aggressive, egotistical, selfish followers of The Temple Of The Sun (Sons Of Belial) ... it's happening again with similar degrees of separation ... genuine and caring souls who have the natural gifts and direct source to creation being chastised, ridiculed and opposed by others who preach we require intermediate forces to make connections ... deja vu indeed" --- Matthew James

Winning Isn’t Everything

Daily OM: The urges that drive us to compete with others tend to be straightforward. Years of both evolution and societal influences have shaped us to pit ourselves against our peers. The needs and desires that inspire us to compete with ourselves, however, are entirely personal and thus far more complex. A need to outdo our earlier efforts—to confirm that we have grown as individuals—can motivate us to reach new heights of accomplishment. We are capable of using our past achievements as a foundation from which we venture confidently into the unknown. Yet if this drive to compete with our former selves is the result of low self-worth or a need to prove ourselves to others, even glowing successes can feel disheartening. Examining why we compete with ourselves enables us to positively identify those contests that will enrich our existence. There are many reasons we strive to outdo ourselves. When we are ambitious in our quest for growth, we are driven to set and meet our own expectations. We do not look to external experiences of winning and losing to define our sense of self-worth. Rather, we are our own judges and coaches, monitoring our progress and gauging how successful we have become. Though we seek the thrill of accomplishment tirelessly, we do so out of a legitimate need to improve the world or to pave the way for those who will follow in our footsteps. Be careful, though, that your competitiveness is not the result of an unconscious need to show others that you are capable of meeting and then exceeding their more>>>...

Quote Of The Day

"The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it's the same problem you had last year." -- John Foster Dulles

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tarot Card of the Day "Fortune"

Angel Paths: As the wheel of life turns, and we struggle to get to grips with it, gradually we learn the trick of getting things to go our way. Often we interpret this as luck - though we each make our own luck in life - good and bad! Fortune holds the secret of learning to harness the positive forces in life and to turn these to our advantage. The very first thing we have to accept is that what we send out is what we get back - its form may be slightly altered, but it remains the fruit of our initial seeding thought. The next thing we have to accept is that good fortune is limitless - you don't take it from somebody else by receiving it yourself. There's more than enough abundance to go around in this Universe. And finally, you have to open yourself to receive your share. Often we don't like to do this, for fear of disappointment or disillusionment. If we put our hopes on something and it doesn't materialise, does that mean we aren't 'good enough'? Rather than face that dichotomy, we often shut our minds altogether, with the result that we don't get the things we want and more>>>...

More Favourite Conspiracy Photographs

Still on Mars ... in a polar region .. this looks suspiciously like a coast line with some kind  'sea defences' and possible life forms in the water
Another interesting Martian anomaly ... what is a 'crane' doing in Mars ... ??  Look closely at the central area of the image and an obvious black precipice ... there is the clear shape of a crane looming over the blackness!!!

A Word on "Seance"

In this insightful video Matthew James discusses the in's and the out's relating to what a 'seance' really is plus insights into some of his experiences during a recent 'Evening Of Seance And Spirit' ... one interesting thing to note about this video ... at about the half way mark the recording volume decides to fade of it's own accord!!! After the recording it was noted none of the settings on the computer had changed in anyway!!!!

7min 20secs onwards fades ... I mention the word 'video' instead of Ipod and it is from that poiint my voice beings to inexplicably fade ........woooo

A $14 Trillion Extortion for a Global Warming Scam

The Intel Hub: The latest megalomaniacal threat from the financial globalists wants to saddle the world economy with a cost of trillions of dollars that benefits favorite corporatists. The phony global warming cult has a core purpose. Their objective is to drive down the standard of living for non-elites and prevent the use of fossil fuel energy. The fallacious science used to create a disinformation scare for politically unsophisticated “True Believers” is a direct result of transnational money manipulators. The Davos crowd sponsors the educational and media institutions that trump up junk research and manufacture idealistic solutions. Make no mistake about it, the Davos Elites Enjoys the Global Depression, and love corporate welfare. They greatly profit from government subsidized “Green” ventures, which drive up energy costs and line the pockets of compadre companies, under the control of the financial barons. As the rest of us struggle to survive, pronouncements declare an every greater burden to bear. Note the ominous future in Davos Report Calls For Additional $14 Trillion To Restrain Global Warming.

“The world must spend an additional $14 trillion on clean energy infrastructure, low-carbon transport and energy efficiency to meet the United Nations’ goal for capping the rise in average global temperatures, according to a World Economic Forum report released on Monday.” more>>>...

Thought for the Day

Image of the Day

Swinside Stones - Copyright Matthew James 1995

Black Country crop circles prove phenomenon is no hoax, claims Australian expert

S.O.T.T: "Searching the old images presented many challenges," Greg told the Sunday Mercury. "Some of the original photographs had physical and chemical damage that produced circular flaws on the Google images.  "I had to develop a methodology to distinguish between flaws on the film and genuine crop circles." Greg began his quest after reading an article in an 1800 edition of science journal Nature. It suggested that crop circles had, in fact, been around since the 1700s. And Stourbridge, believed to be a paranormal hotbed, was an obvious area to search.  In 2010 the town, once famed for glass-making, made headlines when a BBC journalist filmed a strange, orange orb in the skies over more>>>...

Strange "UFO Orbs" captured in compelling video from New Zealand

A curious bit of video that hit the internet on Friday shows strange "orbs" floating through the New Zealand sky. According to The Canadian, the first object was captured during day light hours from the North on 25 January 2013. And the the second object was captured toward the South at 9.45pm. Other than the models of camera used to make the capture, there doesn't seem to be much more information on the intriguing footage. They don't exactly look or move like any traditional aircraft, and they're far too slow to be a meteor. (S.O.T.T)

"The Power Of The Word"

There is a tension in the air ... a hint of anticipation,
A taste of precognition ... deja vu perhaps ..
Having been this way before ... but when and where?
Visions percolate ... impound the normal mind with their persistence
As the sense of the dead gathering in the hall ... becomes stronger and stronger
But are they really the dead ... as they lay claim to life just as much as I ...
What if this environment deliberately got it wrong ...
And we are the dead here ... what if this is ‘the other side’
What then ... how should I react to that notion ...?

I hear that voice again ... you see
The voice of truth ... it is also the sense of conscience and reason ... that urges me on
Unrelenting in its excitement ... and its sense of adventure
In truth I know no other way ... than to take its hand ...
And follow its lead to wherever it chooses to take me ...

To savage vale perhaps ... or magical world ... or the same four walls
It decrees all of this existence vital and necessary
All experiences carry the same charm ...
So much can apparently be gleaned by your thoughts in each and every one of these moments
Very few of us pay heed ... and take time to listen ...

We are too confused ... much like being trapped in death throws
Under shock ... under direction by the falsehoods laid down by this environment
We are too distracted to listen ... to hear that persistent voice
Too laboured in our toils to comprehend if this is life or death
Enslaved by the ritual heartbeat of this caustic slumber ...

I see the figure .... leaning against a wall ... waiting me to follow once more
Down more alleyways in this abecedarian maze ... this labyrinth of prosodic possibilities
There is so much power contained in words
It is a force too overlooked to realise ...
For it controls so much ... and keeps so much at bay ....

Written 29th January 2013 - Copyright Matthew James

Monday, 28 January 2013

More Favourite Conspiracy Photographs

Another interesting Mars image that shows clear artifacts on Mars which are clearly not natural formations. There is a clear suggestion of intelligence and technology. 
Strange artifacts on the surface of Mars ... there are clear areas of interest on this image ... but the  most astounding artifact being the stream of green that travels from the middle top to the middle bottom of the image. There appears to be some kind of technology linked to the green stream at the middle bottom of the image ... this is technology for sure ... not natural phenomenon ... it could well be a laser beam?

Tarot Card of the Day - "Death"

Angel Paths: I wonder if there is a more-feared card in the Tarot deck? Yet Death is, in many ways, a hopeful and refreshing influence if only we will let it be. It is the major card for change and alteration in the entire deck. Since life itself changes constantly, in order to harmonise ourselves more completely with it, we too must be in a state of constant change - working toward our goals, attempting to fulfil our dreams and developing the quality of our spiritual understanding. When Death comes up as Card of the Day, the first question we need to ask ourselves is - what is it that needs to be changed or finished up? What situations have been lingering on well past their sell-by date? What should we have dealt with before, that this day challenges us to face and finish? Imagine, for a moment, that your life is a plot of land. If it is completely overgrown, covered with unwanted and untended undergrowth, you cannot plant something beautiful and fruitful in it can you? The Death card requires that we spend a bit of dedicated time cutting away the undergrowth, and clearing the debris so that our lives are clear and open, ready for fresh more>>>...

“Prometheus”: A Movie About Alien Nephilim and Esoteric Enlightenment

Vigilant Citizen: There is no shortage of movies involving angry aliens these days and we can definitely add Prometheus to the list. However, while most of these alien flicks are centered around shooting them in their ugly faces before they destroy Earth, Prometheus has a back story dealing with timeless questions puzzling humanity such as “Where do we come from?” and “Why are we here?”… plus a healthy dose of shooting aliens in their ugly faces. Directed by Ridley Scott, the movie was originally intended to be a prequel to the classic 1979 movie Alien, but the final product has little relation to it. The movie tells the story of scientists that discover ancient artifacts depicting visitors from another planet. To investigate this discovery, the scientists get the backing of a giant corporation and embark on space mission to find the planet the aliens came from and to ask them important questions. The premise is based on the Ancient Astronauts theory, which stipulates that thousands of years ago, early humans were in contact with a superior alien race.

As the movie’s name suggests, Prometheus is also filled with mythological references and symbolism that give the movie an underlying esoteric meaning. While the movie is, at face value, about humans going into space to find their alien creators, Prometheus can also be viewed as a metaphor for spiritual illumination as it is portrayed by occult secret societies. Let’s look at the concepts explored in the more>>>...

UFO: The musician who went to space?

S.O.T.T: In 1975, Jim Sullivan, a promising musician, mysteriously disappeared without a trace just outside the town of Santa Rosa, New Mexico. To this day, no one knows where he went or what happened to him and his body has never been found. It's almost as if he was sucked into space..

They found his car abandoned. Everything Jim had was still in his vehicle, parked 26 miles outside the town of Santa Rosa, New Mexico, but he was nowhere to be found. Some reports said that Jim was pulled over by the police because he was swerving back and forth between lanes. Later, the officer stated that Jim was just tired from his travels, and rather than ticket him, the officer gave him directions to the nearby La Mesa Motel, where it's been verified that he checked in.

Still, there were also reports that he was questioned by a local family as to why his car was parked either on or near their property. The family in question were the Genetti's, who were often said to have local mafia ties. Whether or not there was a confrontation between the two that led to sour mouths is more>>>...

Earth Chakras

Daily Om: As we walk upon the earth, we walk upon a living being more similar to ourselves than we imagine. Just like us, the earth has both a physical body and an energetic body, complete with a chakra system identified by ancient mystics and modern scientists alike. Gaia, as the earth is called when acknowledged as a living entity in her own right, has her own life force and her own path of unfolding, separate from us, but including us. Human beings and Gaia are intertwined on every level, not just the physical, and an awareness of her chakras can help us to acknowledge, heal, and enable her on her path, just as she selflessly returns the favor to us. It is generally agreed that Gaia has seven major chakras distributed evenly across her body and connected to one another via two lines of energy that intersect at various points on the earth. The first chakra is located at Mount Shasta in Northern California; the second is in Lake Titicaca in South America; the third chakra is in Uluru-Kata Tjuta in Australia; the fourth chakra resides in Glastonbury in England; the fifth chakra is at the Great Pyramid in Mount of Olives; the sixth chakra is in Kuh-e Malek Siah in Iran, and the seventh chakra is in Mount Kailas in Tibet. In addition to her seven major chakras, she has minor chakras and other vortexes of energy that are significant to her life-energy system, and all these energy centers need caretaking. Just as we can heal ourselves through our own chakras, we can heal and support Gaia through more>>>...

"Conversations With Spirit"

Tune into CONVERSATIONS WITH SPIRIT every Monday at 9 pm - 11 pm GST  and listen to Matthew James with his special guest discussing spirituality and providing LIVE READINGS for callers ... next show Monday 28th January 2013 9pm GST ... follow the link HERE to the show

"How It Started"

(Part i of ‘The Rift Between Worlds’)

I am a remnant now of the force I once was
A victim of the last great holocaust
Reborn on this wheel to recall that which has been hidden
the truth that the darkness defends in its precious hives
I see their deceits despite all the efforts in hiding it all away from man
Many, many times they have decimated me and my kin through the ages
To prevent us from telling this tale and the many others that follow ...

I was an elder then, I bore a skin of red
Our land was sacred and tribal and stained with blood
the blood of our innocent women and children
Moved on by the murderous scum because they wanted what we had
the land beneath our feet which we prized
The technology which we hid; which our forefathers had vowed to guard
Butchered were we by the white race as it had been decreed many centuries before

We were the chosen race; we were a kindly race
We took only from the land that which we could replace
or what nature had intended us to eat
we were at one with the eco-cycles of the earth
We were accepted by nature and all its visiting faces

We were there when the rift was made; when the rift was shut
we witnessed all the wrongs and all the devilry
we understood the lessons the race of white had begun
and realise now as we look down on the earth, the payback has started ...

I am Shi-na-gar
I am cursed with the second sight
I have always seen things that others cannot
Always talked with the shadows that the others fear
As a child I held all my spirit’s memories
despite our teachings that our spirit’s had but one life
Always that felt wrong,
for another race; one of white with eyes of deepest blue; did visit me
and explained it all in dreams ...

In these dreams I bore a form the same as they
I saw magnificent cities and knew they had been built on the land our tribe now lived
Major cataclysms and deadly destruction wiped out this race
betrayal had come from within their ranks
All because alien factions had assumed control of their minds

I knew this doom was bound to return to the race of white
The curse it sleeps, but when it awakens it sends forth the demons
who come and adopt forms of man
who then become angels of death and slayers of flesh
This I knew was about to return but after my time on earth
But this I would witness as my spirit would take another form
and would retain my memory

These living thoughts would live on
So no matter how they tortured our flesh
or warped and twisted our legends
those thoughts would continue
Pure energy cannot be destroyed
Those memories cannot be removed from the akashi
And as another form my spirit will recover those memories
and pass them on into a desperate life

And now I sense that time has come
I have been awoken
and merged with the being who is my spirit reborn
We thus share a common goal; a common right to those memories
Memories of our spirit in a time before

A witness to the opening of the rift
A doorway between worlds on the lands which are now part of the Americas
A once magical portal constructed by an advanced civilisation
A kindly race with peaceful aspect
who became over-run by the ‘gods’ they let pass through the rift
a race of shapeshifting beings who appeared as us
but who could become fearsome reptiles on a whim
who would demand we sacrifice ourselves for them

These perversities became part of our way of life
the times of peace were lost
as we were taught to hate and fear each other
states of mind we knew soon to be those who brought closer these demons
who would ensnare us and possess us and who completely overwhelmed us

Who now control the rift and have built a civilisation on those lands
and have cast dark shadows of deceit and deception on the world
demanding constant wars and atrocities across every nation
all of the causes of this coming from the heart of their civilisation
Creating a harsh and evil time to live on this plane

My spirit prays it is all over
It grows weary of the fight
Throughout its existences since those dark times it has been a visionary
Charged with the task of spreading the word of truth
Telling its tales of how it once was in a vain hope it will be believed by sufficient souls
to form a pact which is powerful enough to counter the signals of control
the demons use to subdue the human mind
So the human mind can deny those leeches access to their minds
to blank out their signals and regain their peacefulness
For there was a time before this time the demons once came through and mankind had battled with them
Successfully closing off the rifts from their home worlds
But somehow mankind was made to forget
Mankind must be made to forget again ............

Copyright Matthew James Friday, 27 December 2002

Quote for the Day

Do not feed your ego and your problems, with your attention. ...Slowly, surely, the ego will lose weight, until one fine day it will be nothing but a thin ghost of its former self. You will be able to see right through it, to the divine presence that shines in each of us.” -- Eknath Easwaran

Image of the Day

Copyright Matthew James 1991

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Mystic Insight for the Day

The laws of thought are the laws of creation, and the entire creative work is carried forward on the etheric level. This constitutes practically a second formula. The Creator of the solar system confines his attention to the work performed on what we call the four higher planes of our system. The lower three, constituting the cosmic dense physical plane, are in the nature of precipitation. They are objective, because the matter of space responds to, or is attracted by the potency of the four higher etheric vibrations. These, in their turn, are motivated or swept into activity by the dynamic impact of the divine thought. There is a similar procedure where man is concerned. Just as soon as man becomes a thinker and can formulate his thought, desire its manifestation and can energize "by recognition" the four ethers, a dense physical manifestation is inevitable. He will attract by his pranic energy, colored by desire high or low, and animated by the potency of his thought, just as much of the responsive matter in space as is needed to give body to his form... A Bailey 

More Favourite Conspiracy Photographs

Interesting structures in this image. Strange light source. Look closely ... study with an open mind as there is something very 'un-earthlike' about the structures here ... but there are life forms ...this is Mars!
An interesting image here ... tunnels and suggestions of pipeline and technology. Strange  light anomalies ... this is Mars by the way!

Who’s a Druid and Who Isn’t One: Is Every Presence a Blessing? Druidry is a quest. It’s a call to the instincts, intelligence and communication skills of people who call themselves Druids. It’s a post-modern trend to be self-analytical, and post-modern propositions can be helpful in illuminating the mindscape – indeed, deconstructing current models, ‘unpacking’ key ideas, and analysing their implications and the various kinds of spin we put on them, conscious or not, is a major process in the discourse as it manifests on message boards, lists and chat and in talking stick groups around the world. Druidry is a part of the vast array of new possibilities that came to light during the blaring announcement of the New Age, and naturally, many popular New Age ideas cast exciting new lights on the question of Druidry. Druids are rational, yet new respect for the intuitive, the psychic, and the imaginative processes of the human personality gives the rational ‘realist’ in us all pause. Perhaps there is magic. Perhaps there are parallel universes, interactive archetypes, devas and gods. The traditions and traces of traditions, the texts, folk-lore and archaeological evidence, though problematical and their significance hotly debated by academics and Pagans alike, are not slight or irrelevant, and must be accounted for as well, in a traditional academic way as well as in a feeling, intuitive, New-Age way. This looks like an academic exercise, but it’s Druidry we’re doing, and we need to understand what sort of mentality answers the Druid call in order to understand and assess the legitimacy of the many positions we find within more>>>...

You put WHAT in my mouth?!

S.O.T.T: Remember when you were a kid, and a trip to the dentist meant a dip into the Treasure Chest for a sparkly ring or a tiny plastic puzzle? It also usually meant a big silvery filling. But more and more we are finding that silver should be wrapped around your finger, not embedded in your teeth. As kids, our parents took us to the dentist without a second thought to the composition of our fillings. The dentist said you had a cavity and it had to be filled. Mercury amalgam was the filling of choice, so case closed. Imported from Germany to the US in the 1850s, amalgam is a combination of liquid mercury, powdered silver, tin and copper. Back then, the term 'silver filling' was deliberately misleading because the compound was more than 50% mercury, an element used by milliners (aka hatters). The hatters worked in confined areas and their exposure to the mercury fumes for extended periods caused irrational behavior, which became known as Mad Hatter disease. To this day,when used to fill a person's tooth, its vapor is released into the lungs, the brain - in fact, every organ system in the body - for a long, long more>>>...

Quantum Consciousness

Alchemy Web Site: The hermetic tradition has long been concerned with the relationship between the inner world of our consciousness and the outer world of nature, between the microcosm and the macrocosm, the below and the above, the material and the spiritual, the centric and the peripheral. The hermetic world view held by such as Robert Fludd, pictured a great chain of being linking our inner spark of consciousness with all the facets of the Great World. There was a grand platonic metaphysical clockwork, as it were, through which our inner world was linked by means of a hierarchy of beings and planes to the highest unity of the Divine. This view though comforting is philosophically unsound, and the developments in thought since the early 17th century have made such a hermetic world view untenable and philosophically naive. It is impossible to try to argue the case for such an hermetic metaphysics with anyone who has had a philosophical training, for they will quickly and mercilessly reveal deep philosophical contradictions in this world view.

So do we now have to abandon such a beautiful and spiritual world view and adopt the prevailing reductionist materialist conception of the world which has become accepted in the intellectual tradition of the West ? more>>>...

Symbols of an Alien Sky

We present the first in the Thunderbolts Project’s series of DVDs outlining David Talbott’s reconstruction of the ancient sky. Just a few thousand years ago a gathering of planets appeared as towering forms close to the earth, provoking spectacular electric discharge formations above our forebears. (Thunderbolts)

The Two of Cups

Angel Paths: And here we have the Lord of Love, a card of bliss, deep joyous love reciprocated fully and with great enthusiasm, a card of reconciliations and new growth! Here we see harmonious and contented exchanges of emotion, which vibrate with an ecstatic undercurrent of passion and heat. Because this card is a reflective and receptive one, there's an issue that people sometimes forget when reading it - to be truly loved, deeply treasured, valued highly by others, we must first and foremost strive to feel those things for ourselves. When we work toward loving ourselves, we hold our inner nature in high regard, treating it with deference and proper respect. When we see ourselves in that light, other people cannot help but respond to our personal sense of value. Furthermore, when we work to love ourselves, we release so many areas of self-doubt and uncertainty that we become infused by a new energy - and this we can lavish on others. The 2 of Cups is about engaging in a caring and tender fashion with our own needs, first and foremost. It isn't so much about achieving self-love, as about, in every single day of our lives, striving towards self-love. That action leads us into a positive, self-supportive and accepting approach to life. And also, when we stop wasting energy telling ourselves what's wrong with us, we have lots more energy to enjoy being who we more>>>...

The Holographic Universe

The Atlantean Conspiracy: In the 1950s and 60s inventor Dennis Gabor discovered that when you photograph objects with a split light beam and store the information as wave interference patterns, you get a better image than with ordinary point-to-point intensity photographs. Not only is the captured image clearer, but it is completely three dimensional. “In a classic laser hologram, a laser beam is split. One portion is reflected off an object – a china teacup, say – the other is reflected by several mirrors. They are then reunited and captured on a piece of photographic film. The result on the plate – which represents the interference pattern of these waves – resembles nothing more than a set of squiggles or concentric circles. However, when you shine a light beam from the same kind of laser through the film, what you see is a fully realized, incredibly detailed, three-dimensional virtual image of the china teacup floating in space (an example of this is the image of Princess Leia which gets generated by R2D2 in the first movie of the Star Wars series).” -Lynne McTaggart, “The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe,” more>>>...

Four-strand DNA structure found in cells

Red Ice Creations: Unusual nucleic-acid structure may have role in regulating some genes. There is no more iconic image in biology than that of DNA’s double-stranded helix, which coils and supercoils on itself to form dense chromosomes. But a quite different, square-shaped type of DNA structure can easily be created in the laboratory by the folding of synthetic DNA strands rich in guanine, one of the building blocks of DNA. Scientists have long believed that these so-called ’G-quadruplex structures’ may occasionally form in the DNA of living cells. A G-quadruplex comprises four guanines from different places along a G-rich strand held together by a special type of hydrogen bonding to form a compact square structure that interrupts the DNA more>>>...

Image of the Day

Watendlath, Cumbria, UK - Copyright Matthew James 

The Slippery, Slimy World of Subliminal Contracts

Before Its News: It happens so often and so subtly. Anytime we bend to the will of a lesser consciousness and address something on a wrong premise, we’ve agreed to a contract. We’ve officially agreed to engage at a lower level of understanding and awareness and will now have to operate within that severely limited and crippled framework. Is it that serious? Yes it is. How do you think this flimsy, lying matrix gets away with keeping so many handcuffed, bewildered, stupefied and incapable of waking up people in submission? There’s a methodology. And a big part of it is the lure into lower, self reinforcing levels of communication and understanding. And there’s no intention of getting anyone up and out of there, but instead to reinforce its grip on whomever ventures more>>>...

Reality Shifts: What Happens to Those Who Slip Between the Cracks of Time and Space?

New Dawn Magazine: Perception determines “truth.” We invent our own reality through our own perceptions and others’, and by accepting what appears to be real as real. History is filled with stories of people who, in “slipping between the cracks” of their own consciousness (thus altering how they perceived the world around them) uncovered different ways to experience reality. What they accomplished in doing this made an impact on society. You and I, all of us, have profited again and again because this happened. Chester F. Carlson, for example, inventor of the Xerox duplication process and founder of the Xerox Corporation, was a devotee of a certain trance medium who channelled spirit beings. While attending a series of sessions with the woman, he eventually “received” the photocopy process from the spirit beings she contacted. After experimenting with the technique and making a few adjustments, the Xerox process was born, along with a multi-billion-dollar more>>>...

Quote for the Day

"The meaning of life is to give it NO meaning, once you achieve this, then a true Higher meaning will flow through and paint your world.

What a Masterpiece it will be."

-- The Daily Guru

Prison Prism – The Narrowly Confined World of Visible Light

Before It's News: Oddly enough the light we see about us is not real light. It’s a lower level energetically illuminated projection called “visible light”. We call it light, but like so many things, there are real versions and layers of imposter or incomplete versions. It’s not just semantics. We see in just a very thin slice of the big energy picture. The perfect analogy to locked-in, stringently limited perception versus true conscious awareness. It appears to be a metaphysical discussion but this is very applicable to everyday living. In fact it’s essential. Which is why it’s so discouraged. And this analogy with the light spectrum is a perfect one. Conscious understanding is the real, yet non-physical light. If that’s the True light, what is this other one we so readily use to measure and supposedly understand the world around us? When people say they “see” or understand something, within what wavelength are they operating? It would be interesting if people were calibrated for their capability level so we’d know who sees the real world and who just sees the highly limited and confined visible world. They used to be called seers, shamans, visionaries, mystics, elders or the like. Fact is, we’re all each of those things…we just need to wake up to it and exercise these innate gifts. And again, that’s what they fear and try to more>>>...

Meditation for chronic pain relief

S.O.T.T: People suffering from chronic inflammatory conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and asthma - in which psychological stress plays a major role - may benefit from mindfulness meditation techniques, according to a study by University of Wisconsin-Madison neuroscientists. Mindfulness-based stress reduction, originally designed for patients with chronic pain, consists of continuously focusing attention on the breath, bodily sensations and mental content while seated, walking or practicing more>>>...

Security guard "driven insane" by female ghost in white dress

S.O.T.T: A security guard in the Thai city of Pattaya is being held at a local police station after "going mad" in a temple. The cause? He was being continually stalked the ghost a woman in a white dress. When police arrived on the scene, they found a group of monks restraining a terrified Phonsiri Janthamas, a 45 year old security guard from a local department store. Phonsiri was bleeding heavily from his left arm, an injury he sustained from punching a large mirror until it shattered. When authorities couldn't calm the shivering man, who they insist had gone completely insane, they cuffed him and took him down the station. The temple monks, on the other hand, recounted how Phonsiri suddenly freaked out and trashed the place, attacking a giant sliding mirror, and scaring the Abbot so much he locked himself in a temple room and waited for the police while he let all the noobs grabble with the crazed security more>>>...

Intensive Mediumship & Psychic Development Training Classes Feb - April 2013

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Friday, 25 January 2013

Mystic Insight for the Day

"The astral life, or sensitive emanations of a man's surrounding family or friends. They affect him far more than he may credit, or he may affect them, according to which side is positive and which is negative. Everyone we meet, or contact, every person with whom we live or daily consort has an effect upon us, either for good or evil. They either stir up our emotional nature in a good and high sense, and so aid its work of reorientation, or they lower its standard so that progress is hindered and [316] the work of drawing downwards towards materiality is carried forward. This we know well, and it is unnecessary for me to enlarge upon it here." more>>>...

Ancient Egyptians in Australia! Could Mysterious Engravings Rewrite our History?

New Dawn Magazine: These Hieroglyphs are real and have existed for some 4,500 years in Australia. In order to prove that these Proto-Egyptian glyphs are not graffiti, as claimed by various “Experts” and “Egyptologists,” but are the written record left by pre-historic man, written in a coherent and understandable language that makes sense even 4,500 years later. This site is no hoax, but a genuine archaeological discovery; as is proven by the newly discovered second set of glyphs. The critics who dispute the origin of these engravings numbering over 300 are not sensitive to the bigger picture, and if proven to be engraved by Egyptians, these glyphs form a pivotal and historic epitaph to an Australian history very few suspect. The engravings were first properly translated by Ray Johnson, claimed to be proto-Egyptian and accepted “as correct by the General Director of Cairo Museum, Dr. Dia’ Abou-Ghazi.”1 However, despite the endorsement of the resident expert in Cairo, Australian academics with less impressive credentials are adamant this is an elaborate hoax. The site includes an engraved Ankh (see image above courtesy of Steve Strong), an essential accompaniment to Thoth, placed alongside an Ibis footprint (Thoth’s recent animal counterpart) and what we believe to be the ‘River of Life’. Two Ibis-men engraved into rock, both in profile with the head of an ibis and body of a human, seem to resonate to the same ancient Egyptian theme. What really surprised us was that not only are the ibis and Thoth synonymous, but originally Thoth was depicted in ape-form. And it is this more ancient representation that is found twice in Australia, extending the horizons considerably. A statue found at Gympie, said to act as one of five sentries guarding the controversial seven-stepped pyramid at Gympie, is a depiction of Thoth in his more primal ape-like form and has been argued over and often more>>>...

Education ... Paying To Be Programmed

David Icke: The process of mainstream ‘education’ swamps the left side of the brain with the system’s version of reality by communicating ‘logical’ and ‘rational’ information based on ‘observable evidence’. Students are then told to retain this information, and revise it thoroughly, before taking something called an ‘exam’ in which they must repeat to the system what the system has told them to believe.

If they do this really well they pass their exams and ‘progress’. Well done, Johnny, well done Jane, good marks. If they go on doing this really well they might even go to university and get a degree to mark their degree of programming. How programmed are you? I’ve got a first class degree. Oh, first class programming, well done you.

A study by Kyung Hee Kim, professor of education for the College of William and Mary in Virginia, focused on the creativity of school age children between kindergarten and 12th grade using the measurement known as the Torrance tests of creative thinking.

He found a ‘massive’ decline of creativity the longer the students progressed through the school system as ‘children have become less emotionally expressive, less energetic, less talkative and verbally expressive, less humorous, less imaginative, less unconventional, less lively and passionate, less perceptive, less apt to connect seemingly irrelevant things, less synthesizing, and less likely to see things from a different angle.’

These are all traits of the expansive, maverick, dot-connecting right hemisphere of the brain which the education (programming) system suppresses to allow the left-brain to dominate perception and collectively create a left-brain society.Young people all over the world stress and worry waiting for their exam results desperately hoping that they have successfully told the system what it has told them to believe. I left school aged 15 (couldn’t wait) to play professional football and never took a major exam in my life. Phew, what an escape.

Exam passes and degrees allow you to choose a specialisation of science, medicine, academia, law or even politics and media which are dominated by degree-passers. Would-be scientists, doctors, academics and the like then take more exams and tell their speciality institutions what they have been told to believe, and if they do this very well they become a ‘scientist’, doctor, lawyer or professor of something or other and they may even be so successful that they go on to run those institutions. How lovely, except for one little problem.

It’s all BOLLOCKS.

This ‘rational logic’ based on ‘observable evidence’ is illusion. What is considered ‘rational’ is merely a point of observation dictated by your sense of what is real. If that sense of reality is bloody nonsense to start with then so will be your ‘rationality’ and the same with what is perceived to be ‘logical’.

This is in keeping with the so-called ‘Icke’s Law’, discovered by a man called David Icke after long experience and much observation, which contends that bollocks begets bollocks. It is, apparently, closely associated with the law of cause and effect.

Bollocks begets bollocks and that is why human society is drowning in bollocks.

Image of the Day

How to Protect Yourself From Chemtrail Poisoning

Waking Times: Let’s first take a look at the contents of chemtrail sprays. Then we will know what we are up against, and how to proceed further with strengthening the body’s defenses (which is absolutely never a guarantee that no health injury can occur, especially where chemtrail exposure is concerned. Only a precautionary measure).Literature available about chemtrails may be controversial and conflicting, but that of course may be reason in itself to raise some querying eyebrows.

According to Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Ph.D.

“Laboratory examination of those chemicals found that they were manufacturing wastes from military industry and biowarfare substances. In several laboratory analyses, the composition of chemtrails was revealed:

1. Aluminum Barium
2. Aluminum Oxide
3. Bacilli and Molds
4. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
5. Pseudomonas Florescens
6. Bacilli Amyloliquefaciens
7. Streptomyces
8. Enterobacteriaceae
9. Serratia Marcscens
10. Human white Blood Cells-A restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA
11. Enterobacter Cloacal
12. Other Bacilli and other toxic molds capable of producing heart disease and meningitis as well as acute upper respiratory and gastrointestinal distress.
13. Carcinogen Zinc Cadmium Sulfide.

After chemtrails lingered, spread, covered entire skies and fell, reports of illnesses increased substantially, such as persistent hacking coughs, upper respiratory and intestinal distress, pneumonia, fatigue, lethargy, dizziness, disorientation, headaches, aching joints and muscles, nosebleeds, diarrhea, bloody stools, depression, anxiety, loss of bladder control, and nervous tics. Much of it is reported as flu and everyone but a few know that much of it is poisons dropped over our heads, inhaled, absorbed through our skins, and consumed in our food.” more>>>...

Black triangle UFO photographed from Space Shuttle in 1986?

S.O.T.T: The following images were photographed from aboard the Columbia Space Shuttle in 1986 and appear to show a black triangle high above the Earth's atmosphere and relatively close to the Shuttle. This first one is archived here in NASA's online database, described as 'space debris' and as having been taken on the 12th of January 1986 while the object was over the Atlantic Ocean. Mission STS-61-C was the twenty-fourth mission of NASA's Space Shuttle program, the seventh mission of Space ShuttleColumbia, and the last successful Space Shuttle flight before the Challenger disaster, which occurred only 10 days after Columbia's return (Wikipedia). Columbia, of course, later disintegrated upon re-entry in 2003. 'Space debris' may be many things, but sharply defined triangles probably isn't one of more>>>...

A Word on 'Hexing Spells'

Lady Bridget: A "hex" is a spell that is cast either on another person who has harmed someone, or on a situation that has harmed someone. Sometimes hexing the situation is preferable to naming names if you aren't positive you know the correct persons' identity. A hex is done on a person is without their permission, obviously, and so is considered imposing your will on another person, and therefore is unethical more>>>...

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Daily Om: You are unique. There is no one else like you in the entire universe. In honor of your unique self, it is good to acknowledge and embrace the special qualities that make you the person that you are. One way to do this is to not compare yourself with other people. It is human nature to want to see how we measure up in comparison to others – especially if we think that they are better than us or have more of something that we want. Yet the truth is that it is not a good use of time to compare ourselves with others because there is no one like us and this makes us incomparable. It is sometimes almost easier to look outside of ourselves and feel like we are deficient in comparison to other people rather than taking responsibility for our own progress in relation to the fulfillment of our life purpose. It actually takes more courage to be self-referential and look at ourselves to see whether we are measuring up to our standards or meeting our full potential. Each of us has very special gifts, and we are here for very specific reasons. We each have a life purpose to fulfill and with this come the lessons that we must learn and the circumstances that we must go through in order to evolve as spiritual beings. To compare our lives to other people’s lives when we have no idea of what they are here to learn or fulfill doesn’t benefit anyone – especially more>>>...

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Black Eyed Kids: Insidious threat or myth in the making?

S.O.T.T: Stories of Black Eyed Kids - or BEKs as they were swiftly dubbed - have been popping up all over the internet for over a decade, but have yet to achieve any real pop culture notoriety... you'll know when that happens as soon as you start seeing commercials for a Wes Craven's or Eli Roth's new movie based on the "horrifying, real-life phenomena!" This strange trend was first reported by journalist Brian Bethel on January 16, 1998. According to Bethel, two boys approached him while he was sitting in his parked car. Bethel described the kids in prototypical BEK fashion as stylish, olive skinned kids. The boys asked for a ride home explaining that they were on their way to the movies, but had forgotten their money. Bethel claimed that he was overwhelmed by a "fight-or-flight" response, but was nevertheless tempted to allow the boys entrance into the vehicle. He resisted the urge, which seemed to only agitate the boys, who grew ever more adamant that they be allowed into the car. It was then that Bethel finally noticed their "coal black" eyes, whereupon he was momentarily paralyzed with more>>>...

Image of the Day

Castlerigg Stone Circle - Copyright Matthew James

Playing music may lower blood pressure, improve psychological well-being

S.O.T.T: Playwright and poet William Congreve once said that "music has charms to soothe a savage beast". That certainly appears to be true, especially if that beast is a person's blood pressure. A pair of studies has found that playing music may lower people's blood pressure and improve their feeling of well-being.  A recent study conducted by researchers from Leiden University Medical Center examined the effect that music may have on blood pressure. According to the Pacific Standard, the study compared 25 musicians and 28 non-musicians between the ages of 18 and 30 years old. The groups were matched for height, weight, level of physical activity and caffeine and alcohol more>>>... 

Toxic cleaning product ingredients might be missing on your bottle's label

S.O.T.T: We recently shared a list of hazard symbols to look out for on your cleaning products. These warning signs are issued on cleaners to help protect you and your family from injuries. However, there is one thing that isn't always listed on the bottle: product ingredients. The Federal Hazardous Substances Act does not require household products to include a list of contents. The manufacturer is just responsible for labeling their product if it is caustic, toxic, an eye irritant or if the chemical make-up of the product could pose such a hazard. So what does this all mean? Well, consumers may be cleaning their homes with chemicals they wouldn't normally use. But that doesn't mean you're out of luck when it comes to giving your home a good scrub without exposing yourself to problem ingredients. If you visit the National Institute of Health's Household Products Database, you can search for the name of the product you're using and read all about its health and safety information. According to The Record, the American Lung Association at, suggests consumers should choose products that don't contain (or, at the very least, have reduced amounts of) volatile organic compounds (VOCS), fragrances, irritants and flammable more>>>...

Study Accidentally Exposes Chemotherapy as Fraud - Tumors Grow Faster After Chemo!

Natural News: A team of researchers from Washington state had a giant "Oops!" moment recently when it accidentally uncovered the deadly truth about chemotherapy while investigating why prostate cancer cells are so difficult to eradicate using conventional treatment methods. As it turns out, chemotherapy does not actually treat or cure cancer at all, according to the study's findings, but rather fuels the growth and spread of cancer cells, making them much harder to stamp out once chemotherapy has already been initiated. You might call it the "smoking gun" that proves, once and for all, the complete fraud of the conventional cancer industry. Not only is chemotherapy, the standard method of cancer treatment today, a complete flop, based on the findings, but it is actually detrimental for patients with cancer. Published in the journal Nature Medicine, the shock findings which, not surprisingly, are being ignored by the mainstream scientific community, highlight in full detail how chemotherapy causes healthy cells to release a protein that actually feeds cancer cells and causes them to thrive and more>>>..

Did Google Street View capture a UFO in Missouri? Experts weigh in on mysterious pink objects seen in skies

Daily Mail: 'A pink domed object captured in the sky by Google Street view is the second UFO sighting by the trolling cameras in mere months according to experts - but that's by going by its literal definition. The mysterious object seen over the skies of St Peters, Missouri, first caught the attention of a woman looking for directions on the popular search engine along Dingledine Road. When she pulled the camera's angle a little too high on her computer screen she saw what she felt needed immediate more>>>..

Fire Letter Communion

‘My Thoughts On Receiving The Fire Letter’ .. A Light In The Darkness Monday 14th May 2007. 
I need to remember the experience from many months passed. I need to summon those moments if I can to relish the intense wonder of the fire letter coursing through my awareness; becoming my awareness. I was the fire letter. The fire letter was I. The experience was the most intense, electrifying moment of my entire life. In those moments I knew without absolute doubt there was an intelligence on another dimension which was external to my own, as it was impossible for my imagination or mind to create such a fantastic and frightening experience. To date I have yet to find any reference to anyone else who has had the experience of a burning, brimming fire letter, entering and completely overwhelming the consciousness. I will keep searching until I find that another mortal who has had this privilege .... it is too much to hope to receive another when I have yet to understand the first. I cannot remember which of the Hebrew alphabet the letter was ... and it is a sadness within me I bear. I wish I could truly remember then I would perhaps understand the reason why ... 

Original Post … read here ….

‘Fire Letter Communion’ … A Light In The Darkness Thursday 24th February 2011..
The Fire Letter was overwhelming in its presence. Arriving without warning. Taking over my consciousness completely with its incandescence. My every nerve ending; my every thought; my every muscle; my every molecule; became at one with the fire letter in that instance. My inner vision incandescence; incredible and overwhelming energy and potency.

I was the fire letter. I was its intention. There was nothing else. My consciousness completely over-riden by the fire letter. Its meaning unknown. Its transmission unknown. But ... I was the receiver of this incredible energy.

Then ... it left my consciousness as swiftly as it arrived. Awareness of myself; my bedroom; my life; my name returned.Never would I be the same again. The energy of the fire letter; its intentions ... activating every molecule, every part of my consciousness ....MJ

Original Post – read here

From ‘The Keys Of Enoch’ Key 1-1-0: “Enoch said that if all five languages were used simultaneously they would activate the pictographic communication of the Brotherhood within the brain, they would create a mental time warp and quicken the light body overself to dome within the human vessel of consciousness experience. These languages form a grid connecting the higher I AM consciousness of light within the human I AM consciousness of light through a cosmic light vibration.

Spiritual man is to understand that this grid is formed by the languages which create horizontal and vertical energy patterns.

These in turn are activated by the divine vector created by the focused light force and by the imprinting of the divine fire letters (Or energy sounds) upon the vertical and horizontal grid. The horizontal pattern connects with the mental energies that are part of an interchange of knowledge with the immediate life situation on the plane of human experience.”

From ‘The Keys Of Enoch’ Key 2.0.2: “A master template code composed of the Hebrew fire letters which are used to shape the geometric relationships of the individual grids themselves, and to “fire them” into unfoldment.”

From ‘The Keys Of Enoch’ Key 2-0-7: “The fire letter calligraphy of the language of light alters the memory sub-state of language affecting the psychological, neurological, biochemical and cosmological levels of thought-attunement.

This process of reception is begun by the projection of a brightly coloured ‘Yod’ form of light upon the face of the subject so as to trigger the necessary chemical combinations which activate the mind to receive the ideographs of communication.

However, this is so complex that the letters of living light must first be seeded into the subconscious during sleep. This is to prepare the spiritual inner vehicles to unify all of the unassimilable geometries of the dark subconscious into a divine letter.

Through these geometries the soul recognises it has a counterpart known as the Overself, which it can communicate with.”

From ‘The Keys Of Enoch’ Key 2-1-3: “Instruction is given by the Brotherhood Of Light to activate sacred fire letters, coding those who are apportioned into colour embodiment of vibration. The Brotherhood Of Light activate the sacred fire letters by projecting a burning ‘Yod’ from their channel of consciousness in the higher realms to a given human circulatory system.”

"Fledglings Evening"

Image of the Day

Artist's impression of the auric energy field around the human  physical form. As seen both intuitively and visually by the artist - copyright Matthew James Jan 2013

An Advisory Aspect Only

Remember ... when you receive guidance or insight from a loved one in 'the spirit world' ... it is their OPINION only. It is not their intention for you to act out their guidance to the letter. Their guidance is meant as an aid ... to help you obtain clarity or another viewpoint on a situation.

Imagine if your loved one was there with you, in the room, would you have necessarily taken their advice ...? You must always remember this simple rule ... the intention of the spirit world is not to interfere with earthly matters ... nor do they wish to be seen as godly or angelic or all seeing ... their role is purely an advisory aspect ... when you most need a second opinion or additional viewpoint! - Matthew James

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Mystic Insight for the Day

"You ask, whether workers in black magic possess not an equal power? I answer, no. They can work in the three worlds, but they work from and in the plane of mind, and do not function, therefore, outside their field of endeavor, as does the soul. They can achieve, from their proximity and identification with their working materials, results more potent temporarily and more rapid in accomplishment than the worker in the White Brotherhood, but the results are ephemeral; they carry destruction and disaster in their wake, and the black magician is eventually submerged in the resulting cataclysm" - Alice Bailey (Taken from A Treatise On White Magic) ... read more>>>...

More Favourite Conspiracy Photographs

Another image from Mars ... from what I can glean there is a great degree of activity in this image ... there appears so be some kind of roadway or pathway ... with evidence of figures on and around the roadways.
Correct me if I'm wrong but this appears to be very much water ... there are reflections of the structure at the top right ... it looks so much like causeways and runways ... not natural formations .... 

What is the Pineal Gland?

Waking Times: The Pineal Gland is regarded as one of the most important parts of your nervous system. It is shrouded in mystery, but as more and more people investigate it they are realising it is essentially a spiritual antenna, the mystical third eye that ancient traditions have been talking about. For many eons, the third eye has been seen as a way to reach higher levels of consciousness while still being present in a physical body. This concept of the pineal gland being the “seat of the soul” or the “spiritual gateway to all realms and all dimensions” is important to realising its full function. Before you can reach this spiritual gateway, you must start the practise of both detoxifying your pineal gland and activating your pineal gland, through methods such as changes in diet (see How to decalcify your pineal gland) and spiritual practices such as meditation and more>>>...

What the hell is this Unidentified Flying Object?

S.O.T.T: Gizmodo reader Gavin Heffernan just finished this really beautiful day and night time lapse of Death Valley's dunes. "Though we almost froze, we got some amazing stars, geminid meteors, star trails, planets, and even a UFO," more>>>...

Image of the Day

Avebury - copyright Matthew James

The Afterlife Investigations - The Scole Experiments

Quote for the Day

“The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.” -- Oliver Wendell Holmes

The Journey of Commitment

Daily Om: Loving and committing to another person is a spiritual process whether it involves a wedding or any other type of commitment ceremony. Often when we enter into a relationship, we allow our emotions to lead us forward without thinking more deeply about what true commitment involves. If we can understand that sharing our lives with another person is not just based on love but also on the hard work of being able to compromise and enter into a dialogue with them, then we are much more likely to find the key to having a successful relationship with our partners. So many people have not experienced a loving relationship between their own parents and therefore have no role model of what love should feel like or look like. Many of us have been exposed to the idea that love should be romantic and sweep us off our feet. While this is a natural part of any relationship, the true test of our love comes from our willingness to explore this world with another person; to not only share in the delights that we encounter but also to negotiate the bumps in the road together. Generally this often takes the form of a mutual exchange of ideas, but because any relationship is based on the needs and experiences of two people, we might also face a certain amount of misunderstanding. Learning to be open and receptive to our partners and to treat their wants and ideas with respect can help us navigate even the most difficult situations. One way to do this is to take a deep breath, holding our partner in a space of love, and allow ourselves to listen fully with our hearts to what they have to say. Should this become difficult to do, we can also turn toward people whose relationships we admire for advice or guidance. Knowing that there are resources out there to help us and being up for exploring them with our partner will only serve to deepen and strengthen our more>>>...