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The Light Of Truth Oracle

Update 10th May 2018
PRESS RELEASE: "The artwork is completed (Well almost, as we have a designer who is a perfectionist). All designs are unique and follow in the tradition of The Light Of Oracle concept. So many of the designs have changed from their original design, but the fundamental core of the designs still exist. They are powerful and evocative. Matthew James still continues to use his 1st edition cards during client consultations. They continue to dazzle and amaze with their accuracy! Some day soon 2nd Edition cards will be available for use in the public domain. 

Update 5th January 2017
PRESS RELEASE: "The Artwork for the 2nd edition of this unique divination system has now been completed. The cards now perfectly reflect the insights and thoughts of The Light of Truth Oracle creator, Matthew James. All artwork and card designs are by Matthew James. The concept of the Light Of Truth Oracle cards with the unique suits - PATH, PERCEPTION, PERSONALITY & PURPOSE - work perfectly; the cards being first released in 2012; the concept working perfectly to provide extremely accurate and unique insights into the life paths of clients as well as providing the means for a different kind of self realisation. 

The Light Of Truth Oracle is a powerful divination system that embraces Numerology, Gematria, Kabbalah and psychology in their principles, as well being equipped with traditional tarot meanings, should the user wish to employ the Light Of Truth as a traditional fortune telling deck. The Light Of Truth Oracle is an extremely versatile divination system...

For example: CHALLENGES (Shown left) is equivalent to The Hanged Man of the tarot.  It's attributes are as follows:

Insight Meaning: “Life's challenges now stand before me. I will attend to each every obstacle in the best way that I can. I make a promise to my inner self that I will approach these challenges as truthfully as I can. I accept that in some challenges I will fail. But fear not … I know I will prevail if I persist in my spiritual integrity and remain true to my own self.”  
Card Number:      03 
 Insight Gematria:   41 
 Oracle Suit:  PATH
 Magick Glyph: “The Need”
Glyph Affirmation: “ I do not identify with the  ordinary contemplations of the human self. I need to be redefined” 
Kabbalah:  Path of Mem 

Update 17th September 2012
PRESS RELEASE: "The Light Of Truth Oracle comprise 80 beautifully designed cards which are a new and completely unique divination system. The oracle cards combine the Kabbalah/Tree Of Life with Jungian archetypes to spellbind you with the magnificent and visionary artwork of their creator, Matthew James. 

The Light Of Truth Oracle has been 25 years in the making! They narrate the spiritual unfoldment from initiation to spiritual awareness. They will appeal to both the novice reader and the more accomplished practitioner. 

The Light Of Truth Oracle can be used as traditional tarot cards with both the minor and the major arcana linked to the oracle cards. However, their strength is in their association with The Kabbalah. Each Sephira (Including Daath) and all the 32 paths are represented by the images. There is also a card attributed to the mysterious eternal light of Ain Soh Aur. 

The Light Of Truth Oracle have their own unique suits - PATH, PERCEPTION, PERSONALITY, PURPOSE as well as a unique Gematria code for each card. 

These oracle cards are an absolute must for mystics seeking something new and refreshing to work with!"

WELCOME travellers to The Light Of Truth Oracle ... an exciting new concept in divination ... devised by Matthew James. What you are about to see is BRAND NEW ... ... completely unique oracle cards that blend the artwork of Matthew James with inspiring insights into the spiritual journey taken by Matthew James over the last 30 years. 

The journey is truly a compelling one. Commencing with the naivety of an initiation into the magick arts … signified by THE INITIATION card … through the twists and turns of self realisation. The pitfalls, the frustrations, the joys and the excitement. Culminating in the present day … his arrival in 2012 … which is signified by THE LIGHT OF TRUTH card …!

The cards merge the traditional the Tarot with Matthew James’ personal insights into the Kabbalah. The cards incorporate imagery for two rarely included kabbalistic realms … that of AIN SOPH AUR and DAATH … to truly complete the experience and the ongoing self development journey.

There is also an excursion into Jungian archetypes and psycho-spiritual awareness with the Light of Truth Oracle. An excursion which signifies a crucial stage in Matthew James’ journey when he turned to the science of Psychology to help understand his own psychic abilities. It was through these studies he was able to devise his own mystical tools and methodology which are very much apparent in the feel of the cards.

Matthew James has also included Gematria in to the deck … to add a further dimension to the imagery and the cards!

The cards forego tradition … they are divided into FOUR UNIQUE suits … PATH, PERCEPTION, PERSONALITY and PERCEPTION. And it is here where a further dimension to the Oracle will become apparent. They can also be used for Life Coaching and Life Potential exercises. The oracle designed to revealed to the querent exactly where they are on their life path based on the principles of ‘how they perceive’ the path; of ‘the path itself’; of ‘the archetypal personality’ forefront in their life at that time; and ‘the purpose to the life path’ at that time.

Another aspect to the cards is the potential for DAILY AFFIRMATIONS. The artwork of the Oracle has two types of imagery … a MAGICK GLYPH and a CONTEMPLATIVE IMAGE. Both types of imagery has a completely unique meaning to the other. There is a definite duality feel to the cards … the magick glyph affirmations can clearly be used for a daily affirmation … whereas the contemplative imagery can be used in a traditional sense for divination and self development purposes. 

However, there is so much more to THE LIGHT OF TRUTH ORACLE than that ... they are a UNIQUE divination system. Something refreshingly new. A divination system that can be used by the novice reader all the way through to the more advanced practitioner. The system is also a testament to the spiritual consciousness of self development, and for that reason THE LIGHT OF TRUTH ORACLE will act as a powerful means of self awareness and spiritual attunement ...  

A typical card worksheet ...

Worked example #1 ... illustrating a typical relationship between the four suits