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Saturday, 31 March 2007

The Penultimate Final Night

The Sorcerer sits silent without thoughts
Locked in the mechanism of life's c'est la vie
What will be will be
Came and went
And the flash flood led them far away
Onto a new shore
Where they rest in trepidation
Not sure how to react ...

He is lost deep in the realm
Where the silver ships hover above him
Offering electrical interference
Facsimile impulses
He has known since he was a young star child
But that is not important here

He observes the material script
And sees the date
Knows time moves close
To the end of this era
When the door shuts for the last time
They will not return
There will be tears this next night
For it is the last night

Then it is a new expression
A tapestry which must remain
It is not there's to change
It must be as it is
Tolerating someone else's dream
Will not be easy

But they will endure
For it is not forever
It is just the gap between this stone
And the next stepping stone
A transition they will make

He knows for he sees
Amid the visions of the others
Those images which light like firecrackers in his mind
A mind not the same anymore
Not now his consciousness remembers
And triggers awaken him
As it was said they would
He is there amid it all
Ready for that which they showed
Which he knows is just around the corner ...


The building was a 47-storey steel framed building on the north side of the Trade Centre. The building was NOT hit by planes. It was NOT damaged by falling debris from the twin towers. It appeared to be on fire, on only two floors - the 11th & the 16th - and both fires gave the appearance of not being towering infernos. And yet, some 7 hours after the towers collapsed, this steel skyscraper suddenly and inexplicably collapsed, imploding at free-fall velocities, in under SIX SECONDS and without warning. It was the first and only example of a steel-framed building collapsing after two of its floors were seen to on fire. In fact, the official report stated, in essence, that the mechanism of the failure is largely unknown and that 'how the collapse of an unknown number of gravity columns brought down the whole building must be explained'.

Easy ... a deliberate and premeditated action called controlled demolition (just like its bigger brothers WTC 1 & WTC 2)

Just one of the many flaws in the 'official' 9/11 story ...

was the destruction of the Security & Exchange (SEC) records in the WTC-7 without striking the building with an airplane or without a major fire. This flaw worried the master planners throughout all of September 11th 20o1. The arsonists had done a professional job of evacuating everyone and then systematically torching as many floors in the building as they could. But still, compared to many other major fires in steel skyscrapers, the spot fires in WTC-7 resembled exactly what it was ... arson. Predictably, the US media and scholarly 'experts' of academia did their best to explain away the collapse of WTC-7. Still the peculiar collapse caught on video and film, of the building falling straight down at close to freefall gravitational speed remains a flaw by the master planners. They factored on the many videos of the second plane smacking into the WTC but did not factor for the endless video record of the controlled demolition of WTC-7.

More Royal Than The Royals

Princess Diana was probably more the legitimate royalty than we call the British Royalty today. The royalty, or british are in truth Saxon. They are therefore German ... not English. The Germans therefore wanted to legitimise their English throne and so needed Diana to marry Charles to add a truly English person to their German Bloodline. But Diana was not impressed with the German royalty which ran everything and she in the end went against them.

Diana therefore fulfilled her 'purpose' by producing her two sons. Her brother gave the eulogy at the church the day she was buried, and said: 'Diana's bloodline will protect her two sons'

Arriving Moon After The Fall Of Atlantis ...

The Moon is more than likely hollow. It has a metal superstructure, and was more than likely deliberately brought into orbit around earth. There is a 'gravity lock' situation with the Moon. It shares a perfect sychronic relationship with the earth. Its revolution and rotation is in perfect sync ... which should change over time ... but it has never changed. It was therefore set there. Around a planet known to be teeming with life. Making the Moon a perfect platform to study the life on earth - mankind; observers safe from detection on the far side of the Moon. It is very likely the moon was brought into orbit around earth after the fall of Atlantis; because something was going drastically wrong and it was necessary to study the problem. Because the Moon is still in orbit and a watchers are still in residence, it is not difficult to deduce the problem still continues.

Extra-terrestrial Genes In Human DNA

Does earth represent a genetic frontier for extra-terrestrials?
Collective research from a growing number of exo-scientists indicates there are genes from over 20 extra-terrestrial civilisations in the human DNA. These exo-scientists have continued the work of Nobel Prize Winner, Dr Francis Crick and other scholars in this field of research.

Exo-scientists and other researchers base their findings on carefully collected data, which includes well corroborated documented observations by contactees and 'whistleblowers' as well as other documentation.

These verified reliable sources have come into contact with representatives of non-Earth Human civilisations living in human populations at-large and also in official capacities.

'Exo-science' is the study of extra-terrestrial phenomenon; and is further associated with exopolitics which embraces the need for humanity to have open contacts with Extra-terrestrials on a representative democratic basis which represents earth's sovereignty.

Dr Francis Harry Compton Crick concluded extra-terrestrial origins in the human genome in to his well known DNA research;

Research efforts inspired by Dr. Michael E. Salla suggest that within the over 20 types of extra-terrestrial genes within human DNA, lies psycho-kinetic abilities associated with the genetic memories of ancient extra-terrestrial races. These apparent psycho-kinetic abilities are associated with the focussing of the creative collective consciousness of being in the universe.

As a result of the countless hundreds of eye witness accounts of 'apparent' extra-terrestrial space crafts, Exo-Scientists theorise this is because 'the extra-terrestrials have sought to observe or intervene on Earth as a result of human beings bearing the genetic footprints of their ancient forebearers".

Earth appears therefore to represent a 'strategic genetic frontier' between scientifically minded extra-terrestrials who 'seeded' the earth and other extra-terrestrials with varying genetic agendas. Further visible indications of apparent extra-terrestrial contact in Human DNA include the existence of diverse ethno-racial communities of humanity on earth. Many tribes such as the African Dogon claim to possess evidence of having origins from races of supernatural creatures which came down from the sky.

Exo-scientists indicate that ethical extra-terrestrials inspired the communalistic and environmental protection philosophies of Native-Canadian, African and other tribes.

Aboriginal tribes in the Americas, Africa, Australasia and elsewhere embraced the animalistic spirituality of the original reported spiritually & technologically advanced human and other extra-terrestrials who seeded earth. These tribes were apparently inspired by original constituents of humans and other extra-terrestrials to be custodians of 'Mother Earth' and to live in harmony and balance with nature.

Exo-scientists suggest that subsequent interventions on earth by other extra-terrestrials largely sought to manipulate earth humans genetically, technologically and also by dysfunctionally inspiring religious dogma and accompanying rituals. Apparently these extra-terrestrials performed 'great feats' in order to be worshipped as 'gods'. The reported next step was to provide technology to these earth humans so these earth humans would create impressive looking structures of religious worship; laid with gold and other mined mineral resources; for the purpose of religious worship to these extra-terrestrial 'gods'. This corruption of human spirituality would further dysfunctionally inspire crass materialism.

These religious structures became centres in the creation of competing rituals and dogma between different 'ET CULT' groups; as these centres become of increasing importance further manipulation by emissaries of the 'ET Gods' occurred which successfully pitted one group of humanity against the other.

The purpose of these 'false gods' was to repress the development of collective consciousness among earth humans based upon the founding universal conventions. 'The purpose of the creation of systems of religious dogma was designed to instil petty hatred and antagonisms that would repress the conventions of peace, love & wisdom, and which would have otherwise protected earth humans from being exploited as a genetic and overall planetary resource.'

Some of these extra-terrestrials, which apparently included Human Extra-terrestrials who rebelled against the communal spirituality and freewill ethic of original human extra-terrestrials who had seeded earth; reportedly simply sought to exploit the earth for its mineral resources. 'Other rebelling materialistically orientated working groups of humans & other ET; viewed earth humans to be useful specimens to be incorporated in genetic experimentation programs.'

Apparently socially conscientious extra-terrestrials; who feared the implications of the manipulating ET factions to genetically influence earth humans into becoming barbarians; sought to 'seed' star children. These star children were seeded into humanity without the apparent knowledge of the earth humans they came into contact with, to aid in the apparent view of extra-terrestrials to elevate and inspire the socially creative potentials of humanity. Notwithstanding this, according to contactees, the ethical extra-terrestrials abide by strict 'galactic community directives' of non-interference on earth, including the non-execution of genetic experiments.

Exo-scientists indicate that the 'crop circle phenomena' is a notable example of 'ethical Andromedans' seeking to inspire humanity in the form of crop circle messages.

Modern earth human DNA therefore has the reported genetic memories which are associated with the origins of humanity in the universe as part of a diaspora of 'over 130 billion human beings' and a subsequent millennia of uncoerced biological contact, and also the coerced biologival experimentation with a mix of extra-terrestrials.

SOURCE: Uncensored Issue 7 April-June 2007

What did he just say? ....

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we.

They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country, and our people,

and neither do we"

George W Bush
Washington DC
Aug 5 2004

Friday, 30 March 2007

A Conversation With 'Nobody'

What of alien life ... life on other worlds ... other dimensions ... do they exist ... are they here?

Many countless dimensions and frequencies exist which are interlaced with endless expressions of sentient awareness; all dimensions can interact. So it is likely visitors from different frequencies to your program exist. For are we not one example unknown thoughts ... separate to yourself; are we not thus alien to you? Or are we mere figments of imagination.

Recall the basics of that which you have read as magic ... we gain this from your thoughts ... accept all things encountered as real at the time; question not their reality .... have you thus not to accept our reality? If we cause you harm reject ... repeal the thoughts ... nothing is lost ... everything is to be gained if it is proven we are real ... you may on the other hand permit the disinformational propaganda that surfaces in your thoughts ... that mankind itself can send out frequencies of thought - voices, contact - to mislead those like you into thinking they connect with outside forces. Accept this thus ... all contact may thus be mere imagination ... accept and remain lost .... remain uncertain as to your future .... or, instead accept a living, breathing, surviving telepathic link between you and all living sentience in the entirety of infinity. Connection with anything anywhere can be made once you are aware of the existence of the other and become attuned to its frequency. It matters not where we originate ... whether a nobody ... a figment of your imagination ... or an actual separate sentience elsewhere in eternity. We are all one energy ... so what you currently experience is real ... there is no illusion .... there is no delusion ... these are diversions created to limit the limitless capability of man.

We refuse to provide a name for a name creates a vibration in which we will be captured and our essence limited merely to the vibrational frequency of that name .... but then you know this already. But for you we present ... and have presented so many names ... each one unique and subtle and so very necessary .... for the light contained within the soul is boundless and possesses so many different facets ... currently we connect with the Melkchizel within you ... a name with no human record ... an energy of a traveller and wanderer .... a light within that shines ... a curious light ... a captured hidden light that attempts to clear the lens which obscures its nature from all that views its light .... are you contented thus?

Are you ready now to dream? Save in the knowledge you can link with the many facets of eternity whenever you require?

Wafter Luminaire

Look to the heavens on a clear night,
Gaze in wonder at that magical sky,
Above you flickers the seven sisters,
Their light flickering and fading,
And as you gaze up at their heavenly form,
You will see us float across the sky,
Like a comet, like a shooting star,
We come through the corridors of space to your world,
But appearing to you in that dense vibration, as a falling heavenly body,
In truth, we fall not at all,
We float through the vibrations from our world to your world,
So easily, so naturally, so truly,
And when we arrive we will greet you with open arms,
And you will walk with us the corridor that leads to your home world ....

You can quote me on that ...

A man is not idle because he is absorbed in thought.

There is a visible labor

and there is an invisible labor.

Phenomenal Crop Circles

Crop circles have fascinated me for decades. I've had the 'priveledge' to walk through a formed crop circle close by to Avebury, Wiltshire in the early 90's. Being very sensitive to energies & dimensions, I knew immediately something 'otherworld' had created the circle. I get the same energetic reaction to many of the crop circle pictures I've viewed with critique recently. It is hard to describe, but it is possible to 'just know' what is a human creation and what is not. There is a definite power and energy from a genuine circle. For me anyway. However, in saying that, many of the truly good 'hoaxes' which have been made are, I, feel created under the influence of some other world intelligence. There is a guidance which draws some (not every) one of the hoaxers. It is my view and I'm sticking to it. Crop circles are a phenomena which has been with mankind for centuries. It is not a 20th & 21st century invention. An agency is passing messages to us. Most of the messages pass us by, because, in my opinion, the messages are not meant to be a physical reality 'this is our message to you thing'. They are meant as a subtle message on higher levels of the psyche. Intended to open our consciousness to other vibrations. I for one perceive that they are pictographic facsimiles similar to the ones I have placed in my awareness by 5th density intelligences. There is no intention for the messages to be understood on the physical level; though I know many will have been interpreted in this way. Crop circles and stone circles go hand in hand as they both, I feel, deal with the invisible magnetic & higher dimensional levels of the earth plane.
Crop circles are way of producing a signal, a vibration, a mantra which is having a specific effect on the 'spiritual' energies of the earth plane. The crop circle patterns vibrates a certain sound or dimensional vibration on specific localities on the planet. This pattern resonates a signal which then has an effect on the dimensional dynamics of the earth's vibrational plane. The signal basically changes 'the thought form' which has created the image of the earth which we perceive. Major changes are afoot with the holographic imagery of this realm and the crop circle phenomena is part and parcel of those changes. If an outside form is upgrading this virtual reality then that upgrade must manifest itself here on the physical level. What we perceive as crop circles is, I feel, the computer software language which is being written by the programmers who are upgrading the virtual game.


Original Artwork
By Matthew James

King But - The 'But' Mentality

Unless we stop the identification with self as a body we call human, we will continue to be slaves to the illusion. What we believe, and how we perceive ourselves, can either hold us in servitude or set us free.

If you identify with your name and your body you will have thoughts and emotions which relate to limitation.

It has to be that way because the whole foundation of the DNA program is to project an illusory holographic world based on rules, and by their very nature, rules always mean limitation. It has its 'solid walls', laws of physics, illness, ageing, cycles of birth and death, and other endless lists of reasons why something can't be done.

It is the realm where BUT it king. I'd like that but .... I'd like to go there but ... I'd like to heal myself but. The matrix is feeding us the 'but' mentality through our DNA and when we falsly identify with that program our consciousness becomes enslaved by illusion.

Taken from 'Infinite Love Is The Only Truth, Everything Else Is Illusion' By David Icke
Page 184

Building blocks on the floor ...

The first stages of the building blocks have now been added to A Light In The Darkness. Research on meditation and metaphysical concepts which first came into my curious mind in those early days. A thorough review of this research material must follow; in order for me to assess 'what' and 'why'; the reasons for the decisions made over 10 years ago. I must also consider my own psychology at that time; plus any relevant events which were taking place in the early 90's. This must act as the environmental programming which was occurring at the time. It is therefore a major undertaking; but is it a relevant one? What is it I hope to achieve; if anything? I know already it is not my intention to recover those 'dizzy' heights of demonstration mediumship. That was never the plan from the beginning. I need to realise the reason for those first tentative steps I took into The Occult; to understand why .... I do know it was a push which began the snowball rolling. But even to this day the reason why has eluded me. I've been immersed in it for so long; it has become life. Mind you in saying that, the occult is life and life is the occult anyway. It is all linked. It is all relevant. it will be interesting for me to be the watcher of those stages of my life to perhaps see the clear steps and transitions I did make. Then at the end of it all ... assess what has been gained from it all? Am I better off now for the entire experience or would I have been better remaining ignorant?

'Push The Limits'

Basic instincts, social life
Paradoxes side by side
Don't submit to stupid rules
Be yourself and not a fool
Don't accept average habits
Open your heart
and push the limits

Lyrics by Enigma

The 'physical' body is created to act ...

It is pragmatically practical, and above all it wants to explore, experience and to communicate. Communication implies a social nature. The body has within it inherently everything necessary for its own defense and maintenance. The cells of the body will tease the baby to speak, to crawl and walk, and to seek companions. Through sub conscious communication the child's cells are made aware of its physical environment, the temperature, air pressure, weather conditions, food supplies—and the body reacts to all of these conditions, making necessary adjustments with great rapidity. At these cellular levels the world exists with a kind of social inter-change, in which all others know the birth and death of cells, and in which the death of a skin cell and a brain cell are of equal importance. At this level of activity our thoughts, feelings, and intents, however private, form part of the inner environment of communication.

This is why worrisome, stressful thinking can cause so much harm to the health and welfare of the cells of our bodies. This inner environment is as important and vital to the bodies' well being as is the physical one.

If one portion of your body is injured, then other portions feel the effects of the injury. Know also that when the harmony of an area of the body is disturbed by injury or disease there are emergency measures taken by the cells locally, and aid is sent out from other portions of the body to the afflicted parts. The physical disruption, while it may appear to be a disaster in the area of the disease is a part of the body's defense system, taken to insure the whole balance and harmony of the body. Illness represents an overall body defense system operating on different levels of intent.

We can also state that disease is a method used by the cells of the body to strengthen its “immune” system, or its “front line” against germs and virus`.

The body is in a state of constant change, making changes far too fast for our consciousness to follow, adjusting hormonal levels, sustaining balances between all of its systems; not only in relationship to itself—the body—but to an environment that is also in constant change. At biological levels the body often produces "preventive medicine," or "inoculations," by seeking new or foreign substances in its environment; it assimilates such products in small doses, coming down with an "illness" which, if left alone without any medical treatment would soon vanish as the body utilized what it could of "a seeming invader." The person might feel indisposed, but in such ways the body assimilates and uses properties that would otherwise be called alien ones. It immunizes itself through such methods.

The body, however, exists in a relationship with the mind, and the mind produces an inner environment of concepts. The cells that compose the body do not try to make sense of the intellectual world. They rely upon self’s interpretation of the existence of threats of a non-biological nature. Therefore, they depend upon our assessment, and if that assessment is careless or wrong, the body’s cells suffer the consequence. Let us explore deeper into the atomic make up of the cells of the body. Your sense perception, physically speaking, is a result of behavior on the part of organs that seem to have no reality outside of their relationship with self.

Those organs are themselves composed of atoms and molecules with their own consciousnesses. They have, then, their own states of sensation and cognition. They work for you, allowing you to perceive physical reality. Our arms and legs certainly seem to be permanent appendages, and so do our eyes, skin, noses and tongues. In fact, every part of our body seems to be permanent and solid.

Actually though, the physical matter of the body and its organs are not solid and they are changing constantly without our awareness. While your body appears quite dependable, solid, and steady, you are not aware of the constant conscious interchanges that occur between it and the physical environment. It does not concern us that the physical substance of our bodies is made up of completely different atoms and molecules than it was composed of a few weeks, months or years ago.

Surrounding the consciousness of the electrons making up the atoms are tiny particles of is the "prima material" of the Alchemists. This material perishes, or dies and is continuously replaced by new forms created by the consciousness of the electron.

We perceive our bodies as solid. Again, the very senses that make such a deduction are the result of the behavior of electrons coming together to form atoms and the atoms coming together to form the molecules and so on. This entire coming together is the operation of the laws of attraction, repulsion, cohesion and adhesion.

The organs are formed by filling a blueprint or pattern of flesh. All other objects that we perceive are formed in their own way and in the same fashion. The physical world that we recognize is made up of invisible patterns.

These patterns are "plastic," in that while they exist, their final form is a matter of probabilities directed by consciousness.

Our receptor senses perceive these patterns in their own ways…by vibrations thru sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. The patterns themselves can be "activated" in innumerable ways, but always by consciousness. Our receptors determines what form that something will take, however.

The mass world rises up before our eyes, but our eyes are part of that mass world.

We cannot see our thoughts, so we do not realize that they too have shape and form, even as, say, clouds do. There are currents of thought as there are currents of air, and the mental patterns of men's feelings and thoughts rise up like flames from a fire, or steam from hot water, to form the clouds that are the group unconscious mind.

All elements of the interior invisible environment work together, and they form the patterns of feelings that are exteriorized as subjective intellectual and emotional states.

The Dark Night of the Soul and the Mystic Way

When we search for our real self, we must learn to release our ego from selfish and egotistic thoughts. To be able to do that, we must attune with an ideal model that lies within ourselves. This search for the self is important because it helps us to unfold a different aspect of being based on the ideal model that is, in reality, an image of our soul, a Divine archetypal image dormant within us. By focusing and reflecting upon it, we energize our spiritual nature, which puts us in better touch with our intuition.

Iamblichus used the word daemon or daïmon to express an inner guiding presence that escorts and inspires our search for truth on our spiritual journey. The daemon is an invisible presence linked to each one of us from birth, whose purpose and bond with us remains sacred and mysterious, since it is linked to our spiritual awakening process. However, at the beginning of our spiritual quest, the daemon, as an inspiring initiator, guides and attunes our consciousness towards our ideal model. Because the ideal model is our spiritual counterpart, our ego needs to recognize it, and the daemon is that inner presence that shows us the way.

Through spiritual exercises such as meditation, contemplation, prayer, dream work, etc., the daemon’s presence is awakened and our attunement with it animates the process of purification. Thus, when we become aware of this inner work, we gradually to let go of our past ego identifications and cooperate willingly with the daemonic inspiration. Learning to let go of past ego identifications is a challenge, but must be done. Thus, ego identifications such as "I am a teacher, a mother, a businessman, a mystic, or whatever" have no more meaning to us, for we realize that these ego identifications are just "masks" and "subpersonalities" and transient illusions covering our real center of Being. Moreover, we understand that they were necessary protections sheltering the elusive and hidden center of Being.

This realization marks the beginning of a turning point in our life, bringing with it various trials and tribulations. It is a self-inflicted and salutary initiation that brings a high level of spiritual transformation. Likewise during this process of initiation, our ego, having no more protective masks, opens up to a new dimension of being within consciousness that relates directly to existence.
The first step of letting go of our ego’s hold on life brings about a complete transformation in our psyche. The second step—immersion into pure Being—brings about the revelation that our ego is itself just a limited projection of pure existence and being. This happens after we pass through what has been described by mystics of all ages as the dark night of the soul. For some, this process lasts longer than others, but there are different stages of this spiritual work, belonging to different levels of Cosmic Consciousness.
Cosmic Consciousness opens up the intuitive perception of our center of Being, which unfolds our own mystery and reveals a new way of receiving knowledge. However, our ego personality does not disappear; on the contrary, by merging with the source of pure existence, our ego becomes its receptacle, the sacred grail, the clear mirror wherein impulses projected from the center of Divine Intelligence and Wisdom are reflected.
The dark night of the soul is a blessing in disguise because it saves us from the delusions and fantasies created by our ego. This is the initiation that imprints the likeness of the ideal model upon our ego. Thus, we can see that the dark night of the soul is the passage that takes us from a world of duality to a world of wholeness and unity, and makes us beacons of light for others to follow. We become living models who inspire in others the same spiritual process that leads them to their own understanding of primordial knowledge and truth.
The dark night of the soul teaches us to look at the horrors and joys of the world, the cycles of birth and death, the wars and destructions of nature and of the world economies with a quiet heart and a peaceful mind. On this level, our consciousness becomes a part of the center of everything happening in the world since we empathize with all the pains and joys that humanity experiences. Together they are transformed and united in the hallowed Holy Grail that, from here on, enlightens and illuminates our center of Being. The dark night of the soul liberates our limited and limiting consciousness into one that is unlimited and universal, as Cosmic Consciousness makes us aware of our true cosmic nature.
In Hinduism, Advaita Vedanta calls this level the "nondual" that contains everything and nothing. Christian mystical tradition refers to such a state as Divine Apathy. Through this mystical and spiritual perspective, we observe that we are nothing and yet everything, and from this central place of balance, we experience what meant by the words:
"To be in the world but not caught by a single thing in it."

The City of Pyramids

by Anders Sandberg

There is very little fixed geography in the umbra; realms shift their positions and appearances depending on the expectations of people, a path that previously led to the pleasant fields of Dao may suddenly lead to the City of Seven Iniquities. But a few landmarks are stable, some fixed by human belief like the circles of Hell, others kept stable by secret metaphysical relationships in the Umbra. One such landmark is the City of Pyramids.

The City is located on the edge of the Abyss, around the shores of a dark river that falls over the edge into a silent waterfall. Just as the name implies the city is dominated by numerous pyramids and necropoli amid the labyrinths of bone-white buildings. The sky is black as the abyss. Cold winds smelling of ice and silence sweep in from the nothingness outside and make the ashen sand in the streets creep around corners like a living creature.

The City of Pyramids is known among the Adepts as the final waystation before the great emptiness. It is the last stop on the Path of Shin before it enters Daath. All mages must sooner or later undergo this journey in some form to reach Ascension - or be annihilated by Oblivion. The souls of those mages who choose to remain in the world or do not dare to cross the Abyss will slowly sicken and warp under the weight of the Ego, and they will loose the ability to see the true path before them.

Unlike what one might think the City is not empty, it just feels abandoned. Inside the austere buildings and labyrinths presences watch, and sometimes unusual footsteps can be seen in the drifting sand. From the Abyss some Qlippoth, the empty husks left over from creation, have entered the city and hidden in the nethermost chambers and most inaccessible tombs, chattering and gnawing on each other.

But the most dangerous inhabitants of all are the Failed Ones. They were once mages who boldly tried to cross the Abyss, but turned back in fear or did not even dare to leave the City. Unable to return to the world they remain among the pyramids, growing ever more bitter and incomplete. Some of them have remained here for millennia, becoming unhuman and dangerous. Travellers must beware of the shadows that stalk them, or they will join the piles of gnawed bones and skulls beneath the Pyramid of the Four Princes.

Thursday, 29 March 2007


Communication is about being effective,
not always about being proper.

Bo Bennett

Crop Circle Designs

'Typical' Crop Circle designs

Review: Crop Circles

What do we really know about Crop Circles?

Fact -- We know from the scientific research that the genuine formations are formed by an energy which has the ability to alter the molecular structure of the plant without damaging it and the ability to alter the growth rate and pattern. This same energy has produced numerous photographic anomalies.

Fact -- There is a distortion in the earths electromagnetic field, sometimes a ghost image a short distance from the original formation.

Fact -- Spheres of light have been recorded on film in the formations, also military helicopters seen flying over these spheres apparently taking quite a keen interest in them. Fact -- the energy involved appears to be benign and to my knowledge is not used on this planet.

Fact -- Some formations radiate a frequency at approximately 7.5hz in the electromagnetic spectrum but this can vary from formation to formation. It has been recorded by many researchers and the BBC Television whilst filming in a formation. Recently using the aid of a computer and a specialised programme, it was discovered that these beautiful creations of art in the fields are capable of producing the most unusual sounds and music.

Fact -- this same frequency has been picked up many times in close proximity to UFO sightings.

Fact -- Despite several ploughings after the crop has been harvested the shape of the formation has remained, in some cases, in the soil for at least six months. This can not be achieved by “crop formations” made by humans.

Fact -- in some of the formations, compasses rotate at will denoting a magnetic anomaly present, camcorders, cell phones and other battery run equipment have displayed a discharged battery state when this is not the case.

Fact -- crop outside of the formation does not display the same characteristics changes in cell structure as the crop found inside.

Fact -- there is no level of consistency, in some formations we have the sound factor, the magnetic anomalies, photographic anomalies and the lasting impressions in the soil but this is not to say you will find one or all of these in the next formation you visit but it can still turn out to be part of the genuine article.

Fact -- if no human being goes into a formation the crop will continue to grow and the farmer will not lose any crop, only possibly what the birds will eat by the downed seeds.

Fact -- farmers have combined the formations from their fields to avoid damage by the members of the public when they have occurred only to find another one appear a short distance away the following day.

Fact -- Each year a large number of formations are created by human beings causing untold criminal damage to crops and my sincere sympathy goes out to the landowners. I just wish more landowners would prosecute these criminal vandals


The word Chakra means "wheel" in Sanskrit. In the body, chakras are the energy centers through which life energies flow. In all healings, one must balance the chakra system in order to heal the patient.

Ancient Hindus formulated that there were seven of these energy wheels, each a different color and spinning in a clockwise direction. The location of chakras actually match major nerve or endocrine centers in the body. There are also minor chakras in various parts of the body including the hands and feet.

Chakras correlate with color frequencies, the musical scale and stones.

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Review: Chakras - The Basics

This is truly 'New Age' in its appeal. I will pass not comments either way as to the existence of these energy centres in the human consciousness. As building blocks in the early days, and to a lesser extent in the present, the chakras played an influential part in my life. I was trained to be aware of the subtle differences in the energies; to see them and to feel them. However the development of my usage of 'psychic energy' was out of my hands. My life has been stressful, full of varied energetics and an ideal spring board for energies to course through my being. Today, I am not as 'focussed' on chakras and their control as I was. I suppose it all has become second nature after so many years of using the energies. I never question or think about it; I just do! There are web site after web site describing the chakras and their usage. It is not my intention to reproduce any of the information here. But I will provide the link pages as and when there is the need!

How long should I meditate?

The time a person needs to spend in formal meditation sessions to gain maximum benefit depends on ever-changing individual circumstances. If you are meditating with a group, you will gain from the group energy and go further with less effort. . If you are meditating alone, without support from others, then you will have to do all the heavy lifting yourself.

My general recommendation is that a single forty minute meditation session practiced every day is a minimum effort, and scientists have proven that amount of meditation is enough to physically enlarge portions of the brain involved in awareness.

Meditation only works for those who are hungry for it, and if you cannot spare forty minutes a day you will probably not gain substantial benefits. If you wish to go faster, with clearly recognizable progress, then I suggest two or three formal meditation sessions every day.

It is of paramount importance to practice mindfulness throughout the day. To be of any real value, meditation must become a full-time way of living rather than a strictly segregated activity. Choose methods that make you feel more positive. Meditation should be a form of cosmic hedonism, not a penance one must perform as an obligation.

Mirror Gazing

Some people find that the use of a mirror virtually doubles the power of their meditation sessions. Sit in front of a mirror and gaze into the reflected image, setting your focus just above the head so that you view the wall behind you. Looking directly at the face or eyes may be too intense an experience for many students, and may lead to silly concern about personal appearance. Using this technique one only views the physical body as a shadowy peripheral silhouette. Continue gazing for twenty minutes, allowing the eyes to deeply relax their focus.

Enjoy the mirror gazing for twenty minutes, then stand for two minutes, maintaining the heightened awareness as you change position. Then resume sitting in quiet meditation for a further twenty minutes with eyes closed. This mirror gazing technique takes forty-two minutes, but may be extended to one full hour if desired, with eyes open and eyes closed sections remaining equal. Please practice this mirror gazing method no more than once a day.
Strong meditation techniques are medicine and you should not overdose.

Mirror gazing is a form of tratak, the ancient yogic practice of fixing one's gaze on an object with total intensity. You may practice tratak by staring at a candle's flame, a distant tree, the picture of an enlightened teacher, or any object that is pleasant to view. While practicing tratak, one must remain motionless and allow oneself to become totally absorbed by the object you are viewing.


Sitting Meditation

Classic sitting meditation is a vital part of all meditation traditions and has taken many forms, some more effective than others. Some traditional approaches demand that the student sit motionless for hours on end, as if becoming a frozen human statue is the key to enlightenment. A more scientific approach does not make the human body our enemy, but rather works with our natural physiology to allow more intense meditation with less effort and discomfort. Masochism is not an effective path to self-realization.

Begin by finding a relatively quiet place to meditate where you will not be disturbed. All forms of classic sitting meditation should be done in silence, with no background music. You can sit cross legged Asian style on a meditation pillow on the floor, or use the Recliner Chair Method described below. Eyes may be fully open, half open, or slightly open, letting in just two small slits of light. Meditating with eyes fully closed is fine as long as the room remains brightly lit, so that enough light passes through the eyelids to keep your brain alert. I use a powerful 500 watt halogen torchiere lamp to illuminate my meditation room, and this lamp projects a pleasing yellow-orange glow on my closed eyelids.

Meditating in a darkened room presents fundamental physiological problems. When you sit quietly with your eyes closed in darkness, your brain interprets this situation as a signal to start shutting itself down for sleep. Sleep inducing hormones such as melatonin are released at the same time your heart rate and circulation are reduced due to lack of movement. You feel swept away on a sea of quiet relaxation. This pleasant experience may be light sleep state hypnosis, not meditation at all, and thus does you little more good than taking a nap. Meditation means that you are relaxed as if sleeping, but your consciousness is fully and intensely awake.

Therefore, if you meditate with your eyes closed, the room must remain brightly lit, so that a significant amount of light passes through the eyelids.

Infinite choices

You and I are essentially infinite choice makers
In every moment of our existence
we are in that field of all possibilites
where we have access to an infinity of choices

Deepak Chopra


Extract taken from 'The Host"; a novel written by Matthew James

The interior of The Rifleman's Arms was empty, except for the Jester who sat with two of his cronies in the corner of the main room of the pub. A pint of Flowers Bitter by his side on the wobbly circular wooden bar table. He puffed on a roll up cigarette, coughing as the smoke caught the back of his throat.

His acoustic guitar and ceremonial sword rested against the end of the fixed seating. Both as familiar to the bar maid as the smoky and drab interior of the pub. Shirley Davies was an intelligent woman of twenty eight years of age. She wasn't a stunner with her average looks, but then she had had her fair share of partners over the years. She wore her long black hair in a pony tail, which she fastened with a red hair tie. She was dressed in white tee shirt, which bore the pub's logo, faded blue jeans and slip on sandles stained with beer and lager that had been splashed on them.

She was bored, which wasn't difficult on a monday lunch time. few punter ventured into the pub, especially at the end of another season. The Chalice Well gardens were a couple of minutes walk from the pub, the village a good ten minutes in the opposite direction. The Rifleman's Arms, she decided again for the thousandth time since her employment, was not ideally placed for the tourist trade. It was in fact a locals pub. It attracted those of the dark and closed mind. It was a den of stoats & weasels, where Shirley hated the work but needed the money. She had little Louise to think about, especially now that Alan had buggered off back to Reading, leaving her on her own.

She moved herself from leading on the bar front, her left arm had gone numb, and walked into the glass wash room. On her mind was the American who had enquired about The Jester's whereabouts a few days before. She brought his face into her mind and tuned into him, because she had nothing better to do. She was a psychic as were most of her fellow students who attended the classes on a monday night in The Assembly rooms. She applied her discipline and tried to imagine what he was feeling. She could see him, and feel him. He was close, she guessed he must be in The Chalice Gardens. He was with someon; she wondered if it was Natalie Brooks, but then if it were, The Jester would know and would be going afer him. She knew from reputation and gossip that he too was a psychic.

"Two of the usual, Shirle, please!" The voice from the bar brought her back to her senses. Speak of the bloody devil and he comes! She thought quickly to herself as she walked back to behind the bar. The unnerving face of The Jester stared at her. He was perhaps thirty five years of age, with long black hair, dark brown staring eyes in a boney face. His eyes staring and full of menace. He was dressed in his usual striped attire.

She pulled down two pint glasses from off the drinks shelf, above the counter and proceeded to pour a pint of Flowers bitter from the hand pump to her right.
"Seen Nats anywhere?" Asked The Jester, catching her off guard.
"No I haven't, not for ages." She replied.
"Where's the yank then that asked after her?"
"What yank?" She hoped her denial would be accepted, The Jester sensed something. She did not like his manner.
"Don't lie to me. I know he asked you on friday where I was; where nats was. Now, what did he want?" The Jester had brought his face to within inches of her own. She was trapped.
"I, er, remember him now. It was crowded that day.I sent him to the library." She was uncomfortable. By now, she was pouring the second pint, The Jester pulled his head away from her, pulled himself away from the bar counter, and walked over to his two companions. She heaved a sigh, and wiped the sweat from her brow.

She relaxed too soon, he walked back to the bar, and picked up one of the two pints, taking it over to the wobbly bar table, before coming back for the other.
"That'll be three pounds ten." As she soke her voice was barely above a whisper. Her throat suddenly tight and sore. She glanced around the pub and noticed a blackness in the corners that hadn't been there before. She was scared.

She turned to The Jester who handed her a five pound note, before sneering at her; "my master has come, he'll get the truth outta you!" He pointed with his right hand to the blackness in the corner of the pub. She glanced once, her heart suddenly making its way into her mouth.

There in the corner of the room was a figure of menace she knew only too well. It was a lizard man; a demon! She watched helplessly as it slowly advanced towards her.

MJ 1994

Murray - Detention Of British Marines legitimate

A former British diplomat says it is Iran's legal right to protect its sovereignty and the detained Britons should not have entered Iranian waters.

The UK's former ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, told the Daily Mirror on Monday, "In international law the Iranian government were not out of order in detaining foreign military personnel in waters to which they have a legitimate claim."

For the Royal Navy to be interdicting shipping within the twelve mile limit of territorial seas, in a region they know full well is subject to a maritime boundary dispute, is unnecessarily provocative, he added.

Murray noted that, "This is especially true as apparently they were not looking for weapons but for smuggled vehicles attempting to evade car duty. What has the evasion of Iranian or Iraqi taxes got to do with the Royal Navy? The ridiculous illogic of the Blair mess gets us further into trouble."

Murray then requested "the Iranian authorities" to "now hand the men back immediately," arguing that "Plainly they were not engaged in piracy or in hostilities against Iran."

He said the Iranians well demonstrated the ability to exercise effective sovereignty over their waters.


We are not victims of aging, sickness and death.
These are part of scenery,
not the seer,
who is immune to any form of change.
This seer is the spirit,
the expression of eternal being.

Deepak Chopra

Why George Bush is Insane

By Harold Pinter
Special to The Assassinated Press3-26-7

"Earlier this year I had a major operation for cancer. The operation and its after-effects were something of a nightmare. I felt I was a man unable to swim bobbing about under water in a deep dark endless ocean. But I did not drown and I am very glad to be alive.

However, I found that to emerge from a personal nightmare was to enter an infinitely more pervasive public nightmare - the nightmare of American hysteria, ignorance, arrogance, stupidity and belligerence; the most powerful nation the world has ever known effectively waging war against the rest of the world. "If you are not with us you are against us" President Bush has said. He has also said "We will not allow the world's worst weapons to remain in the hands of the world's worst leaders". Quite right. Look in the mirror chum. That's you.

The US is at this moment developing advanced systems of "weapons of mass destruction" and it prepared to use them where it sees fit. It has more of them than the rest of the world put together. It has walked away from international agreements on biological and chemical weapons, refusing to allow inspection of its own factories. The hypocrisy behind its public declarations and its own actions is almost a joke.

The United States believes that the three thousand deaths in New York are the only deaths that count, the only deaths that matter. They are American deaths. Other deaths are unreal, abstract, of no consequence.

The three thousand deaths in Afghanistan are never referred to.

The hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children dead through US and British sanctions which have deprived them of essential medicines are never referred to.

The effect of depleted uranium, used by America in the Gulf War, is never referred to. Radiation levels in Iraq are appallingly high. Babies are born with no brain, no eyes, no genitals. Where they do have ears, mouths or rectums, all that issues from these orifices is blood.

The two hundred thousand deaths in East Timor in 1975 brought about by the Indonesian government but inspired and supported by the United States are never referred to.

The half a million deaths in Guatemala, Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Argentina and Haiti, in actions supported and subsidised by the United States are never referred to.

The millions of deaths in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia are no longer referred to.

The desperate plight of the Palestinian people, the central factor in world unrest, is hardly referred to.

But what a misjudgement of the present and what a misreading of history this is.

People do not forget. They do not forget the death of their fellows, they do not forget torture and mutilation, they do not forget injustice, they do not forget oppression, they do not forget the terrorism of mighty powers. They not only don't forget. They strike back.

The atrocity in New York was predictable and inevitable. It was an act of retaliation against constant and systematic manifestations of state terrorism on the part of the United States over many years, in all parts of the world.

In Britain the public is now being warned to be "vigilant" in preparation for potential terrorist acts. The language is in itself preposterous.

How will - or can - public vigilance be embodied? Wearing a scarf over your mouth to keep out poison gas? However, terrorist attacks are quite likely, the inevitable result of our Prime Minister's contemptible and shameful subservience to the United States. Apparently, a terrorist poison gas attack on the London Underground system was recently prevented. But such an act may indeed take place. Thousands of school children travel on the London Underground every day. If there is a poison gas attack from which they die, the responsibility will rest entirely on the shoulders of our Prime Minister. Needless to say, the Prime Minister does not travel on the underground himself.

The planned war against Iraq is in fact a plan for premeditated murder of thousands of civilians in order, apparently, to rescue them from their dictator.

The United States and Britain are pursuing a course which can lead only to an escalation of violence throughout the world and finally to catastrophe.

It is obvious, however, that the United States is bursting at the seams to attack Iraq. I believe that it will do this - not just to take control of Iraqi oil - but because the US administration is now a bloodthirsty wild animal. Bombs are its only vocabulary. Many Americans, we know, are horrified by the posture of their government but seem to be helpless.

Unless Europe finds the solidarity, intelligence, courage and will to challenge and resist US power Europe itself will deserve Alexander Herzen's definition (as quoted in the Guardian newspaper in London recently) "We are not the doctors. We are the disease".

Harold Pinter

The Assassinated Press

They hang the man and flog the woman
That steal the goose from off the common,
But let the greater villain loose
That steals the common from the goose.

Constant apprehension of war has the same tendency to render the head too large for the body. A standing military force with an overgrown executive will not long be safe. companions to liberty. -- Thomas Jefferson

"America is a quarter of a billion people totally misinformed and disinformed by their government. This is tragic but our media is -- I wouldn't even say corrupt -- it's just beyond telling us anything that the government doesn't want us to know." Gore Vidal

Black Oops!

The recriminations appear to be well and truly underway now that the 'cat is out of the bag'.A sign perhaps that some at MI5 have begun to play the blame game as sections of the press eye each other, warily trying to anticipate who'll break the story first, who's head will roll and who's bacon is safe?

To think... the Security Service, terrorised as a result of their own wire taps, hung by their own infostructure.

Fear is a two way street.

Daniel 7:7

The 4th re-launches


The V2.0 site is a brand new information rich and media packed site replacing the old site which Daniel 77 launched back in June 2006. It had a healthy 4000 visitors back in July around the time of the anniversary largely on the strength of 2 national newspaper articles by Daniel 77, and two stints at BBC Radio London as a talk show guest.

New 7/7 Arrests - More Diversions & Delays

Written by Daniel 7:7

For all those baffled by new arrests in the 7th of July investigations, yes the same investigations that investigators concluded in 2006 don't be too surprised.

As my evidence and revelations in the book:
The 4th Bomb published by FLORAN continue to emerge the powers that be feel the need to amend their line.They have already had to do change it twice, when I disputed the account of Richard Jones openly. Now pictures of 3 CSO's standing outside a terraced house in Leeds may have sent a pangs of interest up the spines of avid conspiracy hunters, they are bit of window dressing, covering up the departing Eliza Manningham-Buller and the entrance of her successor Johnathan Evans.

New powers allow the police to extend the questioning for up to 28 days. Ample time for Eliza Manningham-Buller's escape.

The bus bomb was carried out by elements of MI5 with Manningham-Bullers full knowledge and approval. The operation was assisted by Evans's SRR and Northern Ireland based dirty tricks brigade.

A couple of days agoI received a letter from:

SO15 - Counter Terrorism Command
Detective Superintendent Michael Taylor
New Scotland Yard
10 Broadway

The letter informed me that a number of arrests had been made in relation to the terror attacks of July 7 2005 and hoped that I understood the confidentiality surrounding this ongoing investigation. I don't. Regardless of whether they decide to blame different persons for the suicide attacks it will not change what I saw one jot. The man in grey, the agents, the workman like figures commanding police about, the two cars etc.

This is the London Guy who witnessed the bombing of the Bus on 7th July

What really happened to British Navy boarding party?

By Justin Walker

'There is something very fishy going on. HMS Cornwall is a state of the art ship with a radar tracking system that would have seen the Iranian boats as they left port. Why did the captain of HMS Cornwall not go to cut off the Iranians?. Why did the gemini boats not fight or at least run away when they saw the six boats coming?. No RN captain would send its people out without protection! Either the captain is an incompetent fool OR he was ordered to stand by and do nothing!' -- Beryl Hutchinson, Larnaca, Cyprus

'Knowing the waters well and having been myself 'captured' by the IRG, something smells here. Cornwall had the eye in the sky (helicopter) watching overhead, the zodiac boats can do 30 knots and the interdict was approx 2 miles from Cornwall. How did they not see the Iranian fleet steam up and 'surround' the zodiacs? How do you surround a rubber dinghy capable of 30 knots. Or is this the issue the USA has been needing to justify an offensive move against Iran?' -- Phillip Carr, Sherborne

The above people made these comments in the BBC 'Have Your Say' section of the BBC News website. If you know anything about the military and how things are done, there is absolutely no way that these poor sailors and marines were accidently allowed to be captured - this was a carefully planned 'psych op' to escalate British and overseas public opinion into accepting military action against Iran.

Poor Faye Turney -- interviewed by the BBC just moments before she went out on this 'routine' search of a 'smuggling' ship. We all know from our research into 9/11 that you have to believe in huge coincidences if you are to believe the official story. Well how about this ... there are currently thousands of British servicemen and women operating in Iraq and the Gulf and, guess what, not only does the BBC embed itself with the actual ship that was going to be involved with this major news story (along with selected newspaper journalists), but they also just happen to interview the young woman a couple of hours before she goes out on patrol. The 'hidden hand' needs a human face to get the most from this sort of operation -- if it were just fifteen hunky males in trouble, we would be concerned but not that concerned ... but a young mother with a three-year-old waiting back home for Mummy to come back, now that's something to really get people animated about.

Now to the actual capture itself. The military always, when they put their people into harms way, ensure that close support is available in the form of immediate firepower and reinforcements. The only exception to this are Special Forces who are trained to operate independently of other friendly units and to be able to operate behind enemy lines without immediate backup. A boarding party from a Royal Navy ship are not Special Forces, even though half of them in this particular case were Royal Marine commandos. The normal procedure for a Royal Navy boarding party is for their ship to place itself in a position were it can give covering or warning fire from its most appropriate weaponry, which in this case would have been shipboard mounted GPMGs (General Purpose Machine Guns) and the ship's helicopter. In other words, the boarding party's ship would be no more than 1800 metres (effective range of a mounted GPMG) away from the designated ship to be searched. So what happened in this particular case -- how far away was HMS Cornwall from this freighter? If it was further than two kilometres then that boarding party was deliberately sent out to be captured ... and if Cornwall was within two kilometres then why no support given with warning shots?

HMS Cornwall is bristling with radar and high tech surveillance devices -- how come they did not pick up the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's patrol boats as they were approaching the RN boarding party? And what about the helicopter -- one report says it was sent away when it was seen that the boarding party had received a friendly welcome from the suspected freighter. If that's true, then this is a break with normal SOPs (standing operational procedures).

It is also reported that the Cornwall had communication problems with the boarding party -- now problems with radios do occur, but the ship should have been close enough for other forms of communications to be used (lights, rockets and signal flags) in order to alert the boarding party as to the Iranian patrol boats movements. We also learn from other sources that Commodore Nick Lambert, senior naval officer in the area, was desperately trying to sort out Rules of Engagement with the Ministry of Defence in London and that hesitation here prevented any action from being taken to save the boarding party from capture. Excuse me! Rules of Engagement are decided before deployment and are constantly reviewed, and at no time would you put your people into harms way without knowing your latest Rules of Engagement.

One final thing -- the Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) used by the boarding party are capable of over 30 knots and, as we have seen when Greenpeace use them effectively, are extremely manouvreable. I just find it very strange that skilful avoiding tactics using excellent boatmanship (which you would expect from the Royal Navy), but not firing any shots to exacerbate the situation, were not used by the boarding party to get back to the Cornwall -- assuming of course the Cornwall was at a distance offering 'close support'.

The Ministry of Defence should give us an accurate, minute by minute, account of what happened, but my belief is that we will never know the full truth. Let's hope that some of the Navy personnel involved will speak out.

Words With Meanings Hidden?

I decided that it was not wisdom that enabled poets to write their poetry,

but a kind of instinct or inspiration,

such as you find in seers and prophets

who deliver all their sublime messages without knowing in the least what they mean.

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Iran TV shows seized UK navy crew

Iranian state television has broadcast an interview with captured British female sailor Faye Turney and footage of the 14 servicemen seized with her. Leading Seaman Turney, 26, said they had been seized in the Gulf because "obviously we trespassed" in Iranian waters - something the UK disputes.

She said her captors had been friendly and the 15 personnel were unharmed.

Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett said in a statement she was "very concerned" about the pictures.

Earlier Iran said it would release Leading Seaman Turney "very soon". Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said she would be released on Wednesday or Thursday.

UK version in more detail

The circumstances of the filming are unknown.

The footage showed the eight Royal Navy sailors and seven Royal Marines, who were seized at gunpoint by Iranian Revolutionary Guards last Friday, in their uniforms sitting and eating a meal out of white trays.

There was separate footage of Leading Seaman Turney - wearing a black headscarf - smoking and speaking. She said: "I was arrested on Friday March 23. Obviously we trespassed into their waters.

"They were very friendly and very hospitable, very thoughtful, good people.

"They explained to us why we had been arrested. There was no aggression, no hurt, no harm. They were very, very compassionate."

The video showed a letter, said to have been written by Leading Seaman Turney to her parents, in which she admitted that the navy personnel had "apparently" crossed into Iranian waters. "I wish we hadn't because then I would be home with you right now," the letter said.

Mrs Beckett said she was concerned about "any indication of pressure on or coercion of our personnel" who she said were on a routine operation in accordance with international law.
She added: "I am particularly disappointed that a private letter has been used in a way which can only add to the distress of the families."

Defence Secretary Des Browne said it was "completely unacceptable to parade our people in this way".

Earlier on Wednesday the UK said it was suspending bilateral contacts with Iran amid the dispute over the personnel.

Iran has insisted the group, based on HMS Cornwall, which has its home port in Plymouth, were in its waters when they were taken.

Earlier Prime Minister Tony Blair said it was time for the UK to "ratchet up" pressure on Iran.
The Ministry of Defence issued data it said proved the navy group had been 1.7 nautical miles inside Iraqi waters when they were seized.

Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff, Vice Admiral Charles Style, gave detailed co-ordinates which he said proved that.

The co-ordinates were 29 degrees 50.36 minutes north, 048 degrees 43.08 minutes east.
The MoD also released a photograph of a handheld global positioning satellite device in HMS Cornwall's Lynx helicopter as it flew over the searched merchant vessel.

Vice Admiral Style said the sailors had been "ambushed" and their detention was "unjustified and wrong".

The UK government said the Iranians had initially said the merchant vessel had been at a point within Iraqi waters, before later providing a second, alternative position, within Iranian waters.
Iran's embassy in London issued a statement in response to the UK data, in which it said the sailors and marines had been 0.5 km inside Iranian waters at the time they were seized.

The statement, quoted by the official IRNA news agency, said "the governments of Iran and Britain have the ability to solve the incident through contacts and close co-operation".

This Is Powerful

It is the end of another day. I notice that this week has moved slower than the last few. There is tension in the air as Bush prepares to invade Iran. It is certain he will. It had been decided weeks ago; nothing will stop that vile act. It is sad yet inevitable.

On this level of awareness my human part prepares for rest. It's remained up longer than usual tonight. The feeling of presence surrounds it. A soreness around the neck had been a painful reality for the past few days. Interpreted as either a muscular strain or a swollen thyroid gland, it had merely accepted it.

But now with a really powerful presence manifesting behind it. With goosepimples and the sense of realisation it understands why. It knows now why it remained ... and did not go to bed. Someone of importance has arrived. The pull from the forehead - the third eye - confirms a connection.

It makes sense now why it reported going back to basics. Because there are no mistakes but there are wrong turnings; there are distractions and delays. It appears time to rectify them all.

27th March 2007 was a key life changing day. A dangerous day overcome. The triggers 2-5-7 and 1-4-3 were fortunately received and understood. The awareness lifted to a degree so that the warning could be received and a near certain disaster overcome.

But on the material, from now, very little change will be seen to occur. Still as slaves to the material demon (money lenders); still stuck in that same rut. So how can this change be happening? But it will be on a subtle level.

The ability of the human part to perceive intelligences has returned. The consciousness has been tempered and shaped. It is more malleable than before.

Therefore on a higher perception. Where I sit at the minute. The events in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world are irrelevant. Life is something to be experienced however and whatever it presents. It is the miracle. It is the priveledge. It is what the consciousness thinks which is the vital part. Thoughts are the key.

Harmony is being restored. As is stillness.

I saw to my left then. It caught my eye. Movement. That is two entities now. Two intelligences dictating to me. They must understand I am tired. It is a concept they must comprehend. The entity to my left is waving at me. I feel honoured again. I feel worthy.

They are both urging me to accept they have always been here but it is just my consciousness which has lifted to become more aware of them.

This is powerful. This is a return back to basics for sure. This is how it should be. This is mediation. This is the conduit and the portal which is my consciousness. It is purpose. It is exciting times ahead indeed.

28th March? 28th March is significant. It would have been one of my visitor's birthday today if they'd still been on the mortal plane. Greetings pal. You've been missed.

Another Clandestine Communion

The night is still; cloudless; safe
Eyes scan the great star nation with solemn respect
An ancient prayer; a symbol of protection in the sand
The Shaman washes in the cool lake waters
Knowing the ancestors stand close by
Silent witnesses soon to another clandestine communion

Tribal lands lie many days behind him
The shore line unexplored; unknown by his peoples
However discovery was not by chance
Alien voices; separate his own thoughts fill his mind
Comfort since an early age
Their instructions kindly and benevolent

Mental communion secret; hidden
The Shaman respected by the league of nations
A group of distant lights like falling stars
Close to the furthest horizon
Above the tops of the trees
He sees and understands

From the lake shore he walks
To the clearing ahead
Lit by the great star nation
Later, in that sacred light he sits cross legged
Awaiting the arrival of the star brethren once more
Visitors from distant lands

Observers of the earth
Guardians to the races there
Ambassadors of the skies
Amid their glory he sits then
At one with them
Like they are to him

Sharing telepathically their views and their ways
Pleased by his own gentleness and his own forgiveness
For a plague of white rapes and pillages the red skin lands
But he refuses to fight
Visions since an early age revealed
He realises he is powerless to prevent eventuality ...

Immortality his philosophy too
Kept from his people
For it contradicts; fearful they would kill him ...
Presently they leave him
Tears fall
But then stillness

He is ready for the next communion
For they will soon return ....