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Monday, 31 December 2007


Genesis (minus Steve Hackett & Peter Gabriel) performing at the Lyceum Theatre in May 1980.

Song from 'The Trick Of The Tail' album

Manannan Mac Lir

The spirit and energy of the ocean, Manannan is the Celtic god for whom the Isle Of Man (Mannin) was named. Often referred to as the son of Lir (Llyr), Manannan's father was the origin for Shakespeare's King Lear. Manannan appears in the Arthurian legends by his Welsh name in the tale of Culhwch And Olwen, and as Barinthus The Ferryman after the Battle Of Camlann.

Manannan is associated with Avalon, and is the guardian of the gateways between Earthworld and the Isle Of Apples. He is mentioned in several Celtic tales, and is seen as both god and magician. He possesses several magickal treasures, including a sword against which there is no defence and a breastplate that cannot break. These items obviously represent the power of the sea. Another of Manannan's possessions is a magickal colour-changing cloak, and this is a literal way of describing sea mist.

Manannan is sometimes calm and sometimes restless, but always inspiring. Watching the ocean is a magickal experience, for the spiritual energy of water affects us deeply. Afterall, our bodies consist mostly of water, and the sea was our original home during the earliest stages of evolution.

Despite mankind's unceasing efforts to polute and plunder the oceans, Manannan survives. Yet that is not to say we should resist efforts to protect the environment. Manannan's realm contains fragile reefs and a myriad creatures of unimaginable diversity; all of which are under threat from our actions.

Although our spirituality relies on the ancient legends for inspiration, Paganism is truly a religion for modern times. By acknowledging and worshipping gods such as Manannan, we are shown today's quests, and protecting the environment is one of those tasks.

Daily Tarot Card of the Day

Six of Cups
Your child within is begging to come out. Do you remember a time when you were more innocent and could find joy in all things? Remember when you could spend hours just staring out the window?

The up side of this card is that the joy of your now can help something from your past reappear. Someone you haven’t seen in years shows up to visit, you get reinvolved with a sport/art/activity from before, you capture the feeling of "awe" by watching a particularly beautiful sunset. All of this can be accomplished without the need to rehash or be under the thumb of another.

The down side to this card is that you disconnect from all of your joy -- you forget your past as being TOTALLY bad, you chose to wallow in misery rather than look for something joyful, you remain stuck in old patterns that do not, as Amerindian legend says "grow corn".

The child finds joy in all things. The adult, often finds joy in nothing. It is the first day of a new year. Which will you choose?

Loving Presence

In our everyday life we are surrounded by a variety of people. Some of the people we deal with on a daily basis are a joy to be with, and their loving presence nurtures and encourages us. Others may have the opposite effect, draining us of our energy, making us feel tired and exhausted. Our well-being can be easily influenced by those around us, and if we can keep this in mind, we will have greater insights into the quality of our social interactions and their energetic effect on us.

Once we think more deeply about the people we interact with, it becomes easier for us to work toward filling our lives with people who help us cultivate healthy and positive relationships. Even though it might not always seem like we have much control over who we are with, we do. The power to step back from toxicity lies within us. All we have to do is take a few moments to reflect on how another person makes you feel. Assessing the people we spend the most time with allows us to see if they add something constructive to, or subtract from, our lives. Should a friend sap our strength, for example, we can simply set the intention to tell them how we feel or simply spend less time with them. We will find that the moment we are honest with ourselves about our own feelings, the more candid we can be with others about how they make us feel. While this may involve some drastic changes to our social life it can bring about a personal transformation that will truly empower us, since the decision to live our truth will infuse our lives with greater happiness.

When we surround ourselves with positive people, we clear away the negativity that exists around us and create more room to welcome nurturing energy. Doing this not only enriches our lives but also envelopes us in a supportive and healing space that fosters greater growth, understanding, and love of ourselves as well as those we care about.

New Year Celebrations Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge firework display

The Last Post of 2007 ...

Well this is it ... almost .... less than half an hour to 2008 over here. I've got my can of Boddingtons Ale close at hand ready for raising a glass at 12.00 to bring in the New Year.

We've no 'dark haired stranger' to bring in the New Year. No party streamers. No loud music and disco lights. No firework display to watch. For us it is just a quite evening, not much different to other evenings.

Our minds are elsewhere at this time. I spoke with the UK earlier this evening. My absent thoughts goes out to a family member who has little hope of survival. A Scottish relative who will be in my thoughts in the coming weeks. Absent healing to make it easier for him, is in truth all I can do. He has a great journey ahead of him. My Father will be there waiting for him no doubt. It is sad, yes, but more for the ones left behind.

A year ago, Kristine lost her Father, Stan. Her Mother, one of the 'two old dears' had prepared Kristine for what lay ahead. But it still doesn't ease the blow when the mediated information is confirmed ...

So a year on ... 2007 about to become 2008. Again I prepare for a new job 'overseas' ... last year I was anticipating a couple of years in Malta. By the end of February 2007 those plans were dashed as I made my return to New Zealand. However, this time around ... it is a new life and a permanent move to Australia we all anticipate ... all savour the prospect of ... all cannot wait to happen. Five and a half years in New Zealand is long enough. We've endured the survival ... we've flourished and we're still standing ... like the Hawthorn we might bend in the hurricane force wind that hits us in the face ... be we keep standing. We have survived that banshee's assault ... we'll learn from the experience ... and we'll grow much stronger than we were before.

Our light still shines ... much stronger than before .... nothing but nothing will discourage me from walking that path. No matter what has been thrown at me in this life ... no matter what storm I've found myself in ... my light has remained shining. Perhaps now the force which has opposes us will realise it cannot win ...

Moving on ... my thoughts go out to Kate & Gerry and their families. Let us hope that 2008 is the year when more favourable news will be reported relating to their sad plight. Since May this year it has been a year they will have wanted to forget ... that goes without saying. Fingers crossed that there is something much brighter on the horizon for them ... and soon ....

Anyway, its getting that time now ... my fingers are itching to crack open my can of Boddingtons. It is now 12 minutes to 2008 for us over here ... time for me to say adios ... Happy New Year from down under ... next time you hear from me it will be 2008 in this part of the world ... and you guys will be that bit closer to 2008 yourselves ....

Stone Circles

Although it is not known exactly why Stone Circles and Standing Stones were constructed, there have been many theories offered.

The most popular one is associated with Ley Lines and Earth Energy Lines. It is scientifically accepted that there is electromagnetic interference in and around many of these sites at particular times of the day or year, no concrete scientific evidence or research as yet has uncovered an explanation for this anomaly.

Across the United Kingdom and some parts of Europe there are still remains of many Stone circles but it is known that many were destroyed over the centuries to use in the construction of roads and walls. Added to this it is also reported that some Stone Circles were destroyed to make way for Christian churches, as these sites were originally believed to be used by Pagans, Druids and their contemporaries before Christianity came to Europe. Many of the oldest churches are reported to have been constructed upon the very site where a Stone Circle or some form of ancient pre-christian religious site once stood. Added to this some of the churches then used some of the stones in the construction of the churches!

Enormous Winged Reptilean Skeleton Found In Saudi Arabia

The above image purports to be the remains of a 36 foot tall humanoid skeleton found in a remote area of Saudi Arabia.

The actual news report linked to this 'find' states 'Recently gas exploration is going in the desert of south east region of Saudi Arabia. This desert region is called Empty Quarter, which means in Arabic "RAB - UL -KHAALEE"; this body has been found by ARAMCO exploration team. This proves what Allah SWT said in QURAN about the people of AAD nation and HOOD nation. They were so tall, wide and very power full that they were able to pull out big trees just with the one hand. But what happen after when they become misguided and disobeys Allah SWT, Allah SWT destroyed the whole nation. ULEMA KIRAM of Saudi Arabia believes that this body belongs to AAD nation. Saudi military took over this whole area. And nobody is allowed to go in this region except Saudi ARAMCO personnel's. Saudi government has kept it very secret but some military helicopters took pictures from air. And one of them he runs on internet here in Saudi Arabia."

Visit the web site HERE .... and then decide for yourself (I'm adding it to The Sceptics Corner just in case)

The new 7 World Trade Center

7 World Trade Center is a building in New York City located across from the World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan. The name 7 World Trade Center has referred to two buildings: the original structure, developed in 1984, and the current structure. The original building was destroyed on September 11, 2001 and replaced with the new 7 World Trade Center, which opened in 2006. Both buildings were developed by Larry Silverstein who holds a ground lease for the site from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

The new 7 World Trade Center construction began in 2002 and was completed in 2006. It is 52 stories tall and still situated above the aforementioned power substation. Built on a smaller footprint than the original to allow Greenwich Street to be restored from TriBeCa through the World Trade Center site and south to Battery Park, the new building is bounded by Greenwich, Vesey, Washington, and Barclay streets. A small park across Greenwich Street occupies space that was part of the original building's footprint. The current 7 World Trade Center's design placed emphasis on safety, with a reinforced concrete core, wider stairways, and thicker fireproofing of steel columns, and incorporates numerous environmentally friendly features.

The building was officially opened at noon on May 23, 2006, with a free concert featuring Suzanne Vega, Citizen Cope, Bill Ware Vibes, Brazilian Girls, Ollabelle, Pharaoh's Daughter, Ronan Tynan (of the Irish Tenors), and special guest Lou Reed. Prior to opening, in March 2006, the new 7 World Trade Center frontage and lobby were used in scenes for the movie Perfect Stranger with Halle Berry and Bruce Willis. (Source: Wikipedia)

Daily Merlin Insight

For Monday 31st December 2007
Using Tarot of Atlantis
NZ: 9:15pm - 9:50pm

'A working based on a focus around the end of March 2008 to assess what progress is intuited as having been made by the future date .... '

This is of a purely 'experimental nature'. It has always been determined as extremely difficult to pin down events by clairvoyant means to an exact time or date. Thus this is deemed as an approximation of the trends which may be experienced around this time ....

The familiar image that of 'The Chariot' makes itself known once more ... will there ever be an end to the deception and the speculation? It springs into the working on the left ... in the 'already having occurred position' ... will be really believe the reports of The Hanged Man ... 'the suspected one'? Someone dragged into the story as the most likely culprit? Someone's linen and all seems to have been dragged through the streets by now ... but will it be truly as they say? A links to boats coming and going that night .... strangely the same vessel as the Charioteer's vessel. Someone behind the ranks links to the parents twisting and changing influences. Wheeling and dealing epitomised by the Knight of Pentacles ... something 'revealed' about the fund perhaps or about the background of one or more of the Tapas 9? Something seemingly 'overheard' not yet reported ... another convenient statement to surface. Somewhere on the road a traveller is sighted.

Any woes of a body or a corpse ... sprinkle with a large dose of salt. There really is nothing to go on here. The Sun image ... the pillars and the rocks and the crashing waves ... what is the bundle found washed ashore .... with a pinch of salt for a while ... it will be confirmed as NOT being Madeleine McCann ...

Nothing definite about a returned little girl is highlighted here but then it would not be truthfully reported anyway. It appears thus the parents are interviewed once more and the nine ... two will be seen perhaps in a different light. There seems several journeys made too and the campaign seen shining ever so bright.

The 5 of Swords indicates the effects of malicious actions. Something still circumnavigates the globe ... someone somewhere accomplishes their goals. But is that an actual arrest? He seems such an innocent man in that image. Drawing attention away from events in a rich one's court. The visit of some ambassador from another land ... coinciding with another contradictory story.

End of March 2008 - April 2008 appears to have the sense of 'after the event'; something having occurred perhaps before. Speculation still reigns here ... alliances and the joining of forces indicated by the 4 of Wands .... an alliance of some might being formed ... linked perhaps with the major 'eruption' suggested in the background of this image. Look closely at the image of the 4 of Wands ... at the statute of the 'stately one' .... a little child appears suddenly from behind his throne ... symbolic of where 'the child has been hiding after all' ... a statue almost always is created by its artist after an event. The shaking of hands in agreement ... but is this returned child Maddy? The scene appears extremely Mediterranean ... but it does not have the feel of the green lands where she resides with a large field in which to play with Red Setter dogs bounding and barking. A place where she can boisterously shout without being heard. From the image I see of her she is energetic and very much the tomboy ... tumbling and falling ... very much alive. It seems this place she was residing has its own 'adventure' playground. It also has its own church or chapel. Its own clergy as well it seems ... or is that something linked to those who had hold of her ... a link to the sacred places of the lands is evident here .... "all roads lead to . . . .'

Some injunction or objection permitted the McCanns to question a ruling ... it seems the official witness stature was considered null and void around this time ... but was it dropped completely? Or does someone somewhere succeed in making a patsy of one or more of them ... remember they were in no way involved in the disappearance of Madeleine at all. Suspect footage is under dispute around this time .... the 3 of Pentacles is secrets revealed and changes in progress .... they seem not to have a silent tongue anymore. The world image hints of a link again to Spain ... to the Algarve in Portugal ... a journey over land made ... but again nothing conclusive.

No longer tied into the controlled environment decreed by the Portuguese Law ... also their spokesman appears not be around at this time. Their daughter where is she? If she has been returned why do I not see her in the spotlight in March 2008?

Eight Verses for Training the Mind

With a determination to accomplish
The highest welfare for all sentient beings
Who surpass even a wish-granting jewel
I will learn to hold them supremely dear.

Whenever I associate with others I will learn
To think of myself as the lowest among all
And respectfully hold others to be supreme
From the very depths of my heart.

In all actions I will learn to search into my mind
And as soon as an afflictive emotion arises
Endangering myself and others
Will firmly face and avert it.

I will learn to cherish beings of bad nature
And those oppressed by strong sins and suffering
As if I had found a precious
Treasure very difficult to find.

When others out of jealousy treat me badly
With abuse, slander, and so on,
I will learn to take on all loss,
And offer victory to them.

When one whom I have benefited with great hope
Unreasonably hurts me very badly,
I will learn to view that person
As an excellent spiritual guide.

In short, I will learn to offer to everyone without exception
All help and happiness directly and indirectly
And respectfully take upon myself
All harm and suffering of my mothers.

I will learn to keep all these practices
Undefiled by the stains of the eight worldly conceptions
And by understanding all phenomena as like illusions
Be released from the bondage of attachment.

by Langri Thangpa

For Midnight

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind ?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and auld lang syne ?


For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

And surely ye’ll be your pint-stoup !
And surely I’ll be mine !
And we’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.


We twa hae run about the braes,
and pou’d the gowans fine ;
But we’ve wander’d mony a weary fit,
sin’ auld lang syne.


We twa hae paidl’d in the burn,
frae morning sun till dine ;
But seas between us braid hae roar’d
sin’ auld lang syne.


And there’s a hand, my trusty fiere !
And gies a hand o’ thine !
And we’ll tak a right gude-willie-waught,
for auld lang syne.


Dedicated to my late Father, I raise a glass to your memory I will never forget you and all those fantastic moments in life... soz Dad that it's not Malt ... Boddington's beer it will have to be ...

Shambhala or Shambala

The name means Basis of Joy and may derive from a very ancient oral tradition. Shambo is one of Shiva's epithets. Since Shambala is actually the name of a fabulous land, or beyul, in the Himalayas, to avoid confusion, in this article the spelling without the "h" designates the place.

The Hindu Puranas say that at the end of Kali Yuga, the Kalki avatar (horse-headed form of Vishnu) will be born in the best of the brahmin families of Shambala in order to annihilate the evil-doers of earth. Here, Shambala is described as hidden in the interior of the planet.

Details of the realm of Shambala are described in the Kalchakra legend in which a Hidden Kingdom somewhere in the Himalayas exists ruled by a king in concert with a wisdom-holder. There, enlightened and accomplished beings preserve ancient knowledge and guide the progress of humankind.

The Kalachakra Tantra (Wheel of Time Tradition) belongs to the highest class of Buddhist tantras and, until the initiations given with some regularity by HH the 14th Dalai Lama, it was relatively unknown in the West. He promotes it in the cause of World Peace, for it is said the Buddha prophesised that those who receive the Kalachakra empowerment would take rebirth in its mandala.

The Tantra relates how the bodhisattva Vajrapani manifested as Suchandra, ruler of the land of Shambala and requested Buddha Sakyamuni to teach concerning the nature of time. On the full-moon day of the third month, at the stupa of Dhanyakataka in South India, before an assembly of innumerable buddhas, bodhisattvas, dakas and dakinis, gods, nagas, and yakshas along with human disciples, he appeared as the deity called Kalchakra and transmitted a complete cosmological system.

On his return to Shambala, the king constructed a three-dimensional model of the mandala of Kalachakra, and absorbed himself in that practice. He also transmitted the teaching to all inhabitants of his kingdom. There, the teachings were preserved but remained hidden from the rest of the world until 1,000 years had passed.

Shambala is said to be somewhere north of Kashmir. It is in the form of an eight-ringed, eight-petaled lotus where each region is enclosed by a boundary of mountains. In the center of it is Kalapa, the capital of the kingdom of Agharta. The city is surrounded by shimmering crystalline mountains, and the king's palace is composed of gold, coral, diamonds and other precious gems.

South of Kalapa is Sandalwood Park, twelve yojanas across (just like the town.) To its east is Lesser Manasa Lake, also twelve yojanas across, and to the west is White Lotus Lake, of the same extent. In the midst of the Park is the great Kalachakra Mandala built by King Suchandra that has the gods and goddesses made out of the five jewels. It is square, four hundred hastas across.

The technology of Shambala is highly advanced. The windows of the palace function as powerful lenses that serve as telescopes high-powered enough for studying life on other worlds. For hundreds of years, the inhabitants have been using aircraft and subways. This advancement is not limited to the mere material, for the inhabitants have been able to develop powers of clairvoyance, swift long-distance travel on foot, and also the ability to materialize and disappear at will.

The belief in the existence of Shambala has been reinforced by reports of unusual occurrences in the Himalayan region where it is thought to be. In the early 1900s The Statesman carried a report by a British army officer of a very tall, lightly clad man with long hair who, when he noticed the major, leaped down a vertical slope and disappeared. Tibetans back at the encampment showed no surprise at the major's account, but simply explained that he had seen one of the guards of the sacred land.

The prophecy of Shambala states that there will be 32 kings who will each reign for 100 years. As those reigns are accomplished, conditions outside the Kingdom will deteriorate. Men become more warlike in their pursuit of power for its own sake, and the accompanying ideology of materialism will spread over the whole earth. When the materialists are united under a single evil king and think there is nothing left to conquer, the mists will lift to reveal the icy mountains of Shambala.

Barbarians will attack Shambala with a huge army equipped with terrible weapons. Then the 32nd king of Shambala, Rudrachakrin (Iron Wheel Master) or, according to another tradition, Kalki, will lead his mighty forces with their supra-mundane weapons against the invaders. In a last great battle, the evil king and his followers will be destroyed.

'Gimme Shelter'

The Rolling Stones live 1997

This is another Rolling Stones track which shines in my acquired collection IMO.

Swan Symbolism

For many cultures the white swan is a symbol of light, both as a feminine symbol of the moon and a masculine symbol of the sun. In Greek mythology, the swan has been linked to Apollo, to Zeus who took the shape of a swan to seduce Leda, to Aphrodite and Artemis who were sometimes shown accompanied by swans.

Many cultures have stories incorporating the swan as a symbol of transformation and many of the people transformed in the stories are women.

In the symbolism of Alchemy, the swan was neither male nor female, but the "marriage of opposites", fire and water. It was associated with Mercury as it was white and winged.

The swan stands for the ethereal. It represents the presence of divine inspiration in our world.

The association of the swan with wisdom and creativity appears also among the Greeks who considered that bird related to the nine Muses. It is said that when Apollo was born at Delos, the event was marked with flights of circling swans.

It is in the form of a swan that Zeus assaults Leda and in so doing, engenders the twins -- the Gemini -- Castor and Pollux, who hatched from eggs and also their sisters, the tormented Clytemnestra, and fatefully beautiful Helen, whose elopement with Paris is cause for the Trojan War.

Despite the fact that the swan is generally judged the most beautiful of the large water birds, we can see in its long, graceful, serpentine neck, a kinship to the snake. Therefore, in Indian mythology, the swan (Skt. hamsa) embodies the union of Garuda and Naga, and since those two are enemies, it also stands for the highest wisdom teachings concerning the union of opposites ..

Sunday, 30 December 2007

An Enlivening Force

We all know inspiration when we feel it. It is a force that enlivens us and activates us to do something-we might dance, sing, paint the house, or envision a new career. We might call an old friend or plan a trip abroad. Whatever the case, doing what we do from a place of inspiration makes all things seem possible. Inspiration sometimes comes out of nowhere, landing unexpectedly in the midst of your life and lifting you out of your habitual mind and into a higher level of seeing. However, we can be more intentional with our relationship with inspiration than just waiting for it to come to us. There are many ways to cultivate its presence, from journaling to scrap booking to visiting with a particularly interesting friend. Finding what inspires you and consciously cultivating it will give you access to new ways of thinking and energy you didn't know you had.

Some people find that frequent trips into nature inspire them. Others have a box full of objects-a seashell, an old photograph, or even a collection of rocks-that does the trick. There are as many ways to find inspiration as there are people looking for it. If you already know what inspires you, find a way to incorporate it into your life on a regular basis. If you aren't sure what inspires you, or if it has changed, take some time to think about it. When was the last time you felt the spark of your imagination? When was the last time you acted on an impulse that felt totally right? When we are in the presence of what inspires us, we hear our inner guidance more clearly and we have the energy to follow its cues.

If it has been a while since you have been touched by inspiration, you may feel listless and dissatisfied. Know that you can turn things around by remembering what lights you up and bringing that into your life.

'Touching Wood'

Many primitive people of noble, highly developed civilisations treated trees, flowers and plants with great respect. Often trees were associated with having supernatural powers, being gods, ancestors and associated with different forms of worship, whilst flowers and plants were viewed too as also having medicinal applications and miraculous healing qualities.

The Druids, particularly, believed that trees possessed great mysterious powers especially the rowan and the oak. It is currently believed by some that the power and strength represented symbolically by the tree trunk could be the reason why standing stones were erected to reflect the respect bestowed upon nature.

Since ancient times man has been influenced by trees throughout Europe, whilst we can see such images reflected in Mexican sculpture and carving, and also in Ancient Indian artefacts where sacred trees have played a central role in the belief systems. The Ancient Greeks too are known to have highly respected the power and nobility of trees as paintings and pottery indicate images of reverence and gratification.

Perhaps today the idea of touching wood to ward off evil and encourage good luck, is a living remnant of our ancestor's spiritual practice, as in ancient times touching wood indicated respect of the tree and the mysterious powers of the spirit gods that inhabited the trees and woodlands. Currently, it is thought that to grow chives around the bottom of an apple tree will improve the general health of the tree. Perhaps learning more about the interdependency of flowers, herbs, plants and trees may lead us to a further understanding of how to improve our local environments?

Touching wood still occurs but has developed through time to include touching any item made from wood and rarely includes a tree (although some woods are still viewed as sacred). Regarded today by many as only a superstition, it is somewhat of a mystery why the action still occurs for the majority of people.

Perhaps this has to do with the action being viewed as a superstition with a desire not to break a custom, or a 20th-century conscience knowing the practice of boasting is frowned upon. Misfortune may occur after bragging or assuming that a successful outcome will result from a task, and hence the ritual of touching wood is used merely to salve the conscience rather than indicate any investment in a traditional belief.

Some people actually touch their own heads when uttering the expression which is perhaps more of a light hearted action referring to their intelligence (or lack of it at certain times). One Dutch tradition that is said to still be practised is the touching of the underside of a wooden table when such a thought is muttered, perhaps to divert the attention of the evil eye and negative influences.

Daily Tarot of the Day: The Empress

Traditionally entitled "Empress," this major arcana or "trump" card portrays the energy of the Great Mother. She is Nature, around us but also within us, the ever-unfolding Source of life-giving power. She is often pictured as a pre-Christian Goddess, as the one whom the High Priestess is channeling down to earth for the rest of us.

In medieval Europe, the Empress card was painted to represent whatever Queen currently ruled the land, probably to satisfy the Inquisitors. But the scholars of the Renaissance and beyond had no doubt of her true identity, although she could not be fully revealed on Tarot cards as the "woman clothed with the sun" until after the French Revolution.

This supreme archetype of femininity also symbolizes fertility. It is She who provides us nourishment and security. She is also sometimes seen as delighting us with flowers and fruit. A potentially terrifying aspect of this archetype manifests itself whenever karmic mood swings wipe out our plans, like a storm that has come upon us. Whatever happens, the Empress is the Source of our Embodiment and of Natural Law. She might even be called "the Great Recycler."


A quatrain is a poem, or a stanza within a poem, that consists always of four lines. It is the most common of all stanza forms in European poetry. The rhyming patterns include aabb, abab, abba, abcb.

In its narrow meaning, the term is restricted to a complete poem consisting of only four lines. In its broader sense, it includes any one of many four-verse stanza forms.

The warmest day once, then a path wrapped in red and brown
Lead to the chill of snow and frost
Hope now wears a ragged frown
O' head stay held high; all is not lost ....

McCanns 'to return to Portugal to re-ignite public interest in Madeleine's plight'

Kate and Gerry McCann plan to return to Portugal to re-ignite interest in the case of their missing daughter Madeleine. (Daily Mail Sunday 30th December 2007)

They will meet with advisers early in the New Year to work out the best way forward. But first they want their status as official suspects lifted. The hunt for Maddie has virtually been dropped from news schedules in Portugal.

According to reports, a close friend of Kate and Gerry said a return to Portugal may be the only way they can keep locals interested. It will be the first time they have been back since they left on September 9.

'Sacred Space'

Original artwork by Matthew James


Lindisfarne was the name given to the Island by the first Anglo-Saxons to live here and we do not know the meaning of the word. But the monks of Durham, after the Norman conquest, added the words Holy Island when they looked back over the story which began with the coming of Saint Aidan and the building of the first monastery in 635AD, continued with the ministry of the "very popular" Saint Cuthbert and then received a staggering blow from the Viking attack in 793. Both to the Durham monks who died as Christian marytrs in this pagan attack and the earlier saints made the Island was deservedly named "holy".

The period of the first monastery is referred to as the "Golden Age" of Lindisfarne. Aidan and his monks came from the Irish monastery of Iona and with the support of King Oswald (based at nearby Bamburgh) worked as missionaries among the pagan English of Northumbria. In their monastery they set up the first known school in this area and introduced the arts of reading and writing, the Latin language and the Bible and other Christian books (all in Latin). They trained boys as practical missionaries who later went out over much of England to spread the Gospel. Aidan also encouraged women to become nuns and girls to receive education but not in this monastery. In time Lindisfarne became known for its skill in Christian art of which the Lindisfarne Gospels are the most beautiful surviving example. (

Rock And A Hard Place

Music video by The Rolling Stones

A Rolling Stones track for a change. I 'acquired' the entire Stones collection in mp3 format a few years back (a Brit over here lent me his external hard drive to copy some music and there it was) .... and I've slowly 'got into' the Stones. This song is one of my favourites.

Daily Merlin Insight

For Sunday 30th December 2007
Using Tarot of Atlantis
NZ: 9:45pm - 10:20pm

'A different pair of eyes' once more. A working to intuit the situations around Madeleine McCann ... stepping out of the square of the last few weeks. Disregarding the media spin and tabloid speculation. Resuming once more the RV hunt for the Shining Star who should be returned to her family. Using a tarot deck not excessively used in connection with the mystery. A fresh sense of resolve as "the hawk" soars once more ...all the hard crust of recent considerations falling away now ... with this divination aid insights are less likely to be side tracked by all the previous intuited impressions. Using a fresh means of making the connection is in a sense like making a new connection. Let me disregard all which has been said in recent weeks - not because it is wrong - but because it is the way I always seek a confirmation. Being the doubting Thomas time and time again with information ... I've developed an instinct to be careful and considerate. This disregarding of information is not an admission of being wrong ... on the contrary it is a deliberate means of forcing the information to be returned as a means of confirming it is indeed correct - I have received it correctly. A second receipt is usually when the information is passed forth to a client in a one-to-one consultation'

This working continues from the previous DMI ... with the 5 of Pentacles and the Knave of Chalices appearing on the left hand side of the working. Agencies observe and judge reactions it appear ... they 'blend in with the natives' and witness all which is being said and done. Undercover eyes and ears watch. There is a wariness to say anymore with regard to this situation. Something contrived ... reactions delicately changed and pushed along ... the tides of public reactions ... those seven seas ... most certainly ridden by a cunning vessel. The Queen of Pentacles significator of that scenario ... carried like the precious vase away from the real concerns with regard to the situation.

Those who took MM and hold MM are most certainly part of this covert operation. MM is sensed like a 'hostage' and an unwitting pawn used to bend and shape Joe Public's reaction.

The 8 of Chalices indicates the speculation which has graced the tabloids in recent months ... mainly fantasy and deception with so little truth to actual go on. Truth cleverly hidden .... 'give the public something to read' whilst we get down to business ... they know something is going on ... use this situation as the cover'

the 5 of Swords indicates the malicious deeds and the appalling crimes which Gerry & Kate have supposedly committed. I intuit most strongly this is pure fabrication part and parcel of the cover.

But where is MM and will she be returned? Can I intuit this from these impressions? I gaze across at the image of 'Strength' and see the familiar image of the proud Stag on the hillside once more ... the white hunter like herne ... in a barren landscape. My mind spans over the many miles to the places I have previously considered ... there is a resident of those shores who appears to truly know her whereabouts. A large estate with its own land ... where 'no questions are asked' where guests can come and go as they please. Diplomatic immunity means the eyes of intelligence will not see what they are meant to see ... thus there is every chance MM has indeed resided there. Indeed could still reside there. This man/family appears quite powerful as the 3 of Swords indicates almost a 'private army' or security force at this families disposal. The Knave of Swords suggests battle command and an initiative against what a group encompassing the McCanns stands for. Some deed which had to be dealt with in a clandestine operation to keep silent what research has unearthed. Nothing is 'final' with the situation. Negotiations are somewhere there in the melting pot. But it seems there is an impasse hence the apparent silence in the last few weeks ....

The Golden Ratio

One wouldn't think of a simple rectangle as necessarily pleasing to the eye. But one rectangle has, throughout history, formed the basis of not only art, sculpture, and architecture, but the proportions of plants, flowers, DNA, and even the human face and body. It is the rectangle formed by the golden ratio, which the Egyptians called the "sacred ratio" and is also known as the divine proportion, wherein the ratio of the length to the width equals 1.618 (a number called Phi). For thousands of years, that ratio was the aesthetic guide in art and building. It creates structures and compositions that are considered the most wonderful to look at because the human eye perceives the golden rectangle as a particularly pleasing geometric form. It is the marriage of mathematics and beauty.

Many creations by artists, musicians and architects have been shaped both knowingly and unknowingly by the golden ratio. The Greeks and Romans used the golden ratio extensively in their creation of temples, which in turn inspired later people to do likewise. Painters, including Leonardo Da Vinci and composers like Mozart and Beethoven utilised the golden ratio in their work. Modern artists and architects use the golden rectangle as well, and example being the United Nations building in New York City. In nature, the golden ratio ensures survival in plants and animals. Most leafed plants space their foliage in proportions that correspond to the golden ratio in order to ensure that every leaf gets light. The pattern in spiral shells, which are some of the most beautiful things in nature, is also based on the ratio. Even viruses are shaped according to the ratio.

Designer Le Corbusier believed that the human soul was unconsciously comforted by mathematics and the ancient Greeks said that all beauty was indeed math. Because the proportions given by the golden ratio are natural and often unconsciously used, it can seem unimportant. But an understanding of the ratio can open the doors to a more profound understanding of what lies beneath aesthetic appreciation.

Power Animals: The Adder

The adder is the only venomous snake in the British Isles and as you might expect many omens have been associated with it.

Traditionally many of these omens were thought, by some country folk, to have been the result of nomadic gypsies.

One amazing belief was that relief from an adder bite could be achieved by rubbing the wound with the dead body.

Generally the adder was believed to be a positive omen especially if seen early in the spring and indicated success in any battle or dispute with an advisory. Some would even hang the dried skin by the chimney to add to the good fortune. To protect the house against fire, dried skin in the roof would provide a positive influence for the household whilst an adder on the loose was a powerful omen of ensuing misfortune. If one was seen by the entrance to a property fatal illness and even death was thought to be the ultimate result.

The adder has long been imbued with particular qualities especially the power of wisdom and a sly nature. 'Gloine nathair', translates as 'the glass of the serpent, and was the name of sacred Druid amulets.

The Battle of Camlan in Arthurian legend was said to have been caused by this snake. An adder is said to have suddenly emerged from bushes when the armies of Mordred (Arthur's illegitimate son) and Arthur, King of Britain (son of Igerna and Uther Pendragon) confronted one another. As it appeared one of Arthur's men pulled out his sword to kill it and this was taken as a sign to attack by Mordred and the battle commenced.


Dowsing is the ability to find people, artefacts or substances by use of maps, pictures or physically being in a place are currently the most popular applications of Dowsing.

Most dowsers use two 'dowsing rods' and/or a pendulum. The rods, traditionally known as 'Wishing Rods', are formed into an L shape and are usually made of copper although the oldest known material was wood, usually forked Hazel branches along with Apple, Beech and Alder. (It is said that metal coat hangers work just as well!). One rod is held in each hand and you have located what it is you are looking for when the rods cross.

When using a pendulum most people weight the line with a crystal, or heavy weight. The important thing seems to be the length of the line which the pendulum swings on. What does seem a mystery is how diviners can dowse over a map to find people or substances when the focus of the search can be many kilometres away. Indeed this does suggest some sort of psychic activity.

Dowsing is reported to date back approximately 7000 years but origins are still unknown. It is accepted, however, that the Egyptians used images of forked rods in some of their artwork as did the Ancient Chinese kings. In Europe, it was known for dowsing to be used in the Middle Ages to find coal deposits. Since this time people have dowsed for everything from lost objects to missing people, some of them are reported to be very accurate although the scientific community as a whole have yet to decide if they support or refute this ability. Some people earn money by advising mining companies before they carry out test drilling/core sample.

In 1930's there was a great deal of activity in Europe with the formation of 'The British Society of Dowsers'. The term Rasiesthesia was also coined by French priest Alex Bouly based on the Latin words for 'radiation' and 'perception', although the term dowsing has stood the test of time..

Dowsing, scientifically known as Rasiesthesia, is the interaction of the mind of the dowser and the energy of the object of interest. Most dowsing is used to find water and minerals. It has been used to find lost objects, even people. It can be used to dowse the subtle energy field surrounding objects, plants, animals, and people. If we are doing energy healing, we can dowse the body of a patient before and after treatment, and observe any energy changes. If we quantify these results we can reach conclusions about the efficiency of our techniques.

If you want to measure the energy field of a person, make sure they are not holding or wearing any crystals or jewelry. Step back about 3 paces, turn and face them. Hold the L-rods parallel to the ground and pointing toward your subject. In your mind, or out loud, tell yourself what the L-rods are measuring. This is very important. Your mind is very precise. It will measure exactly what you tell it to. "I am measuring the reserve bio-energy field of this body."

Focus your attention only on this person. Do not let your mind wander and think of anyone or anything else, or you will affect the results. Walk toward the person, slowly, keeping the L-rods straight and level. When you enter the energy field, the wires will open wide, the left wire going to the left and the right hand wire swinging to the right. Measure the distance between the wires and the body.

Create the healing change. Once again, dowse the body. Step back at least 8 paces, turn and walk toward the body, L-rods parallel and pointing toward the subject. When you reach the energy field of the body the wires will swing open. Measure the distance and compare between the first effort. The difference is the change you made by the healing.

The same method can be used to see if crystals or jewelry have any effect on a human energy field. Measure the subject with nothing on and then add the object and measure again.

Explore these phenomena. Dowse plants, animals, crystals, trees, and people who touch these objects. This is a fascinating field to enter ...


For many centuries this plant has been the base of a range of remedies, so much so that it is also known as 'all-heal'. It is a parasitic plant. When the host or main tree died off in winter it was believed that the mistletoe held the life of the main plant within itself.

If found growing on an oak tree this had great significance for the Druid who revered the oak as much as the rowan. the druids viewed the berries of the mistletoe when found on an oak tree as the seminal fluid of the oak-tree god (or spirit).

So it was thought that this effect was then an indicator of a charm to induce fertility in action. The mistletoe was cut on the sixth day of the moon with a golden sickle and with full ceremony, which was then divided amongst the people.

Fastening the mistletoe to a doorway was thought to ward off all evil, and thunder and lightening. Perhaps the modern custom of kissing under the mistletoe at Christmas is a remnant of this pagan custom. The sprigs of this plant were regarded as a symbol by some of hospitality.

Saturday, 29 December 2007

'Lie Down"

Whitesnake performing live in 1978

Classic early Whitesnake from the 'Trouble' album

Many still don’t recognise her

Gerry and Kate McCann hope their blitz on Morocco will provide the breakthrough they have been praying for in their hunt for missing Madeleine. (The Sun)

Despite a massive campaign highlighting the seven-month search for their daughter, experts believe many in the north African country still lack the crucial information they need to help trace her.

Now a silent army of volunteers from the Helping To Find Madeleine campaign have given their time over the festive period to flood businesses across the nation with 11,500 letters and posters.

The initiative comes after the McCanns’ Spanish detective agency pin-pointed Morocco as the most likely place little Maddie may have been taken. And many of the 347 calls sparked by the couple’s pre-Christmas TV appeal pointed to the tot being smuggled there.

The Helping To Find Madeleine campaign – affiliated to the McCanns’ own Find Madeleine Fund – has been working behind the scenes to widen global awareness of the child’s plight.

A spokesman said yesterday: “A lot of work has been focused on Morocco. But although we have spent a lot of time emailing and making contacts in the country, it has become apparent that there are still a lot of people who do not have Madeleine’s picture or the phone contact details to report sightings. We identified over 11,500 postal addresses to send a letter written in French and a poster written in Arabic. The majority are pharmacies, doctors, schools, farmers, vets, churches, hotels, companies, food stores and restaurants. This includes areas all over Morocco, including very remote areas in the North and South. These have very few facilities so farmers, churches, mosques and pharmacies are the central theme to target.”

A friend of the McCanns, both 39-year-old doctors from Rothley, Leics, said last night: “Kate and Gerry are really touched that people have given up time over Christmas to help them. It’s given them a tremendous boost to know they have so much support.”

Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “Anyone who puts effort into assisting us in any way, we are incredibly grateful for. They’ve done a fantastic job. I’ve no doubt it is this kind of effort that will lead us to finding Madeleine.”

Tarot Card of the Day

Have you noticed how the world changes and forces you to adapt with it? Well, it’s one of those days today.

The up side of this card is that if you are separated from the familiar, the "same old, same old" you are forced to be more creative, find new ways of doing the same thing. This is the stimulation it takes to help your spiritual world take flight. That kind of stimulation can be enhanced if you take a little time for you -- read, relax, take a small trip where you can contemplate the world. In other words, don’t try to jump right into more going, going, going after the hectic holiday. Breathing is always a good thing.

The down side of this card is that if you are a creature of habit, you will be in for some rude awakening today. Things will not go "as usual", nor will you be able to control the outcome the way you are used to controlling things. I guess the best advise on a day like today is to simply let go and see what happens.

Remember, all things change in this world. Will you adapt, or become obsolete because you refuse to adapt? The choice, as always, is up to you.

Queen Of Swords:
A complex, courageous, intelligent woman, who may well have suffered some deep sorrow or loss. She is concerned with attention to accuracy and detail and can skillfully balance opposing factions to meet her own needs. She has attained inner wisdom and a sense of truth. The cards is one for women who have overcome adversity especially at the hands of men, to obtain a state of grace. The ability of women.

(Reversed) Sorrow for the sake of sorrow. A card of wrongdoing as a reply to adverse circumstances. A deceitful, sly, intolerant and narrow minded woman, expert in the use of half truths and quiet slander. A formidable enemy due to her subtlety and sharp intellect.

Nibiru - Planet of the Crossing

Video clip detailing the flyby of Planet X (Great Red Serpent) as described in prophecy by the ancient Sumerian civilisation.

Nibiru - Planet of the Crossing

The Effect Of Music On The Brain

"music is more than a language, it is the language of languages. It can be said that of all the arts, there is none other that more powerfully moves and changes the consciousness.

Music can move the soul. It can be a very strong influence. Some music can calm us down, some music can make us wild! How does music affect us?

Music is used in a variety of ways. It is used in the medical field as a source of research and as a sort of therapy as well. Music has been used as therapy for seizures, to lower blood pressure, treat ADD children, treat mental illness, treat depression, aid in healing, treat stress and insomnia and premature infants.

Musicologist Julius Portnoy found that music can change metabolic rates, increase or decrease blood pressure, effect energy levels, and digestion, positively or negatively, depending on the type of music. Calming music, such as classical music was found to have a very calming effect on the body, and cause the increase of endorphins, thirty minutes of such music was equal to the effect of a dose of valium. Both hemispheres of the brain are involved in processing music. The music in these studies is not the "lyrics", but the music itself, the melody, the tones, the tunes, the rhythm, the chords.

Conversely music has also been documented to cause sickness. The right, or wrong music, rather, can be like a poison to the body. Studies have been done on plants where loud hard rock music, for instance, killed plants and soft classical music, make the plants grow faster.

Music is very powerful, like a drug and can even be an addiction. In the case of Patty Hearst, it was documented that music was used in the aid of brainwashing her. In the book, Elevator Music, by Joseph Lanza, it states that certain types of music over prolonged periods in certain conditions, were shown to cause seizures.

It can be said that music is a very powerful and awesome tool, that can have positive effects, virtually life saving mentally and physically when used in the right context, but has equally destructive and detrimental potential if used negatively.

Your Life's Palette

When we enter a room or see an object for the first time, our minds register its colour before any other detail. The colours our eyes can perceive are like words that form a subtle language of mood, energy, and insight. Colour can exert a gentle effect on the mind and the body, influencing our dispositions and our physical health. Colour has the ability to trigger our emotions, affect the way we think and act, and influence our attitudes. You unconsciously respond to the colour of the walls in your home, your car, your clothing, and the food you eat based on your body's natural reactions to certain colours and the psychological associations you have formed around them. The consequences of the decision to paint a room or wear a specific article of clothing therefore goes beyond aesthetics.

The colours you encounter throughout your day can make you feel happy or sad, invigorate you or drain your vitality, and even affect your work habits. Throughout history, cultures spread over many different parts of the globe have attributed varying meanings to different colours. In China, blue is associated with immortality, while people in the Middle East view blue as a colour of protection. There is also evidence that human beings respond to colour in a very visceral way. Red excites us and inflames our passions. Too much red, however, can make us feel over stimulated and irritated. Pink tends to make people feel loved and protected but also can cause feelings of lethargy. Yellow represents joy or optimism and can energise you and help you think more clearly. Bright orange reduces depression and sadness. Blue and green are known to inspire peaceful feelings, and people are often able to concentrate better and work in rooms painted in soft blues and greens. The darker tones of both colours can make you feel serious and introspective.

There are ways to integrate colour into your life that go beyond picking the hues of your décor and your wardrobe. You can meditate with colour by concentrating on the colours that make you feel peaceful or using a progression of colours to symbolize a descent into a relaxed state. Colour breathing involves visualizing certain colours as you in inhale and exhale. Choose to surround yourself with the colours that you are attracted to and make you feel good, and you can create an environment that makes you feel nurtured, peaceful, and uplifted.

West Ham 2-1 Man Utd

Cristiano Ronaldo's missed penalty for Manchester United proved crucial at West Ham as the Premier League champions were beaten at Upton Park. (BBC Sport)

United got an early let-off when Hayden Mullins hit the woodwork and Mark Noble blazed high from the rebound.

Ronaldo quickly made the Hammers pay when he headed in a Ryan Giggs cross. But Ronaldo missed a penalty and that inspired West Ham into a late rally, which saw Anton Ferdinand and Matthew Upson each head in for the win.

The loss was only a below-par United's third of the top-flight campaign and was watched from the stands by manager Sir Alex Ferguson as he served a touchline ban.

Sila Na Geige

Sila na Geige [SHEE-luh-nah-GIG] is a shadowy sometimes-controversial Celtic goddess. She represents both mother and crone aspects of the Goddess. Her image is found carved on stone thresholds, lintels, and standing stones of sacred sites or places of worship throughout the British Isles. Not a lot has been written or is known about this Goddess or her origins, and much information may have been lost through the ignorant prudishness of a patriarchal culture that saw only a vulgar caricature. Sila, however, survived into Christianity, and Her image can still be found carved on lintels and thresholds of churches in Ireland. In the 19th century, patriarchal society was appalled by the unrestricted feminine sexuality of the Sila images, and many Sila images were defaced or destroyed entirely. Sila na Geige is represented by a crudely carved female figure holding her vulva wide. The open vulva is a gateway symbol, a portal to greater mysteries. Generally considered a birthing Goddess and shown as the "Mother of All," Her often skeletal appearance and emaciated breasts give her the crone status and connects her with the passage of the soul to the afterlife. Sila is the guardian of the gateway that governs many rites of passage and the unending circle of life and death. Sila is connected with liminal birds, herons, cranes, and storks. These animals serve as guides and guardians of souls and carry spirits from the Islands of the Blessed in the Western Sea to the earth realm to be incarnated in a new life. Sila is protector of living and dead. She offers her protection in passage into life as well as death. Her vulva is the welcoming arch into the world and in coming home. She is considered a special protector of the poor. On May 4th, people hang old clothes on Hawthorn to appeal to Sila and ward away poverty

Sila is associated with fertility, openness, and sexuality. In one town in Ireland, the local image of Sila is used in birthings . Women in labor lean against the figure during their delivery to insure a safe birth. Worshipers often touch the open vulva to promote fertility, healing, or protection.

Sila is the guardian of the gateway to life, death, and knowledge of the mysteries of the universe. Sila's message to us is "Open up! Open yourself to life," By embracing Sila na Geige, perhaps we can pass through the gateway to greater understanding.

You stand upon a cliff, high above the sea, in a misty grove of silver birch trees. The waves crash and scatter on the rocks below, an eternal sigh of white noise rising. The grey mist swirls around you, cutting off familiar sights and sounds. Nothing is as it was. Nothing is as it seems.

Up ahead and above you in the mist, above the hole in the stone, The Hag of Birth and Death gazes down upon you. Welcoming and challenging, silently waiting, She opens the door to rebirth.

In the shifting realm between the worlds, She reveals to you the gateway – the vulva of Woman – through which every one of us entered this world, through which all of our foremothers entered this world. Each one emerging from the one before her, all down the line, open archway after archway, reaching back through time, like a vaulted corridor leading directly back to First Woman. Wise guardian, Who knows these roads so well, Who has trod these paths for countless generations. Oldest ancestor, Who gave birth to us all, Whose blood runs through our veins. Her cryptic smile hints at secret knowledge – She can look every challenge in the face without flinching; She can meet all changes head-on… and laugh. In your mind you hear Her whisper Her name: Síla (“SHEE-luh”).

You bend low and touch the earth, offering a prayer for guidance as you approach this threshold. Out of the corners of your eyes you sense the mist swirling; spiral patterns form and dissolve around you, hinting at mysteries, sparking a distant memory, somewhere beyond your conscious grasp.

You suddenly notice a heron, Síle na bPortach (“SHEE-luh nah BURT-uckh”), keeping still, silent vigil nearby. How long has she been there, watching you? ... You acknowledge her, and her role as guardian of the gate. You open yourself to her, and you can feel her looking into you, judging you, deciding whether or not she will let you in. You open without fear (or despite fear) and join with her stillness. You feel the silvery-white energy of the birch trees entering you. You breathe in their purifying, focusing, clean and clearing energy... Opening your heart and stilling your mind. You chant their ancient name, Beithe (“BAY-huh”). You feel the powers of land, sky, and sea come together and focus within you. You take a deep breath, and climb through.

Magic Eye #9

Body Balance

If you look in the mirror and view your profile from each side, you may notice that the two sides of your face are slightly different from one another. Additionally, your left hand is similar to but different from your right hand. In fact, these subtle differences pervade both sides of your entire body. Considering these differences in the context of the idea that the right side of your body is masculine and the left side feminine may shed some light on how balanced you are in relation to your masculine and feminine qualities.

Intuition, feelings, openness, and unselfishness govern the feminine side of our natures. The masculine side is characterized by logic, facts, systems, and self-interest. If you are giving too much to others to the detriment of yourself, your feminine side may be overactive and your right side may need strengthening, to speak up on your behalf, protecting and conserving your energy. If your life is too rigidly structured, your masculine aspect may be overactive; developing your feminine aspect will bring a more open-ended and creative approach.

Maintaining harmony between the left side and the right side, the feminine and masculine, is a key to wholeness. We can foster awareness of our own relative state of balance by tuning in to our bodies. When you close your eyes and scan your body, what do you see? You may find that most of your ailments, from acne to muscle tension, occur on the left side of your body. This might indicate that your feminine aspect is out of balance in some way. Similarly, if you notice a lot of tension in your right shoulder, perhaps your masculine side is overtaxed or weakened. Just noticing an imbalance is the beginning of healing it. Some imbalances may be long-standing, and it may take time to bring your system into equilibrium. Remember to be gentle with yourself and listen to your body. Over time, doing this can guide you to a dynamic state of inner and outer balance.

Daily Merlin Insight: "Another Pair of Eyes"

For Saturday 29th December 2007
Using Tarot of Atlantis
NZ: 9:45pm - 10;45pm

'The situation appears to be no further than on when it first hit the tabloids back in May 2007. There is nothing concrete in any of the news stories printed with regard to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. For one little girl to make the tabloids nigh on every single day since 3rd May 2007 is incredible. In truth it is highly significant. Other children disappear every day without a single word or article in a newspaper. But here we are seven months later ... no nearer the answer to this intriguing mystery.

The circle has certainly spun round and round ... creating a very characteristic rut ... formed from a pattern we are all 'told' is what has taken place. Snippets of evidence get presented ... are speculated on for a number days or weeks ... then mysteriously disappear as mystically as they appeared in the first place ...

We are all none the wiser. The cunning fox most certainly outwitting almost all of the naive rabbits which go about their daily lives in the mortal fields ... the hedgerows are teeming with the evils and boogeyman which a hedgerow is anticipated as having ... so long as those fearsome things don't venture into the open fields then the rabbits are not particularly concerned with what they look like. So long as the rabbits still have their 9 to 5 jobs, their fancy cars and big houses and all their fancy gadgets .... they don't care.

In this mystery a number of the 'boogeyman' have appeared in their open fields apparently ... and life for them is not the same. It all changed seemingly after 3rd May 2007. Now a battle appears to rage before their eyes between two giants with the lost little girl and her family caught in the midst of the confrontation like a prized pawn on a chessboard ...

Or do they? The entire mystery is an enigma. Most certainly it is not what it is made to appear by the media. There is certainly something more to it than the 'alleged' abduction of one little girl. Speculation and conspiracy theories still rage even after all this time. The select few somewhere know the answer to it all ... to the very last detail ... however they choose to keep the enigma puzzle unsolved. Thus the virtual 'Rubik's Cube' still spins around and around before our very eyes. Every now and again a section of the cube appears to click into place ... the puzzle seemingly getting that bit nearer to being solved. However, next day ... the puzzle is then seen to have been slotted back to where it was before the latest 'revelation' ... it hadn't been relevant after all.

And so ... the mystery still gets to grab the headlines ... and for many mortals, their lives are still on hold. Nation after nation holds its breath ... surrounded by violence, wars, floods, presidential elections, assassinations, blackmail scams .... the peoples of those nations waiting attentively for news of Madeleine McCann. Amazing. It is something truly amazing to be kept in the public eye for so long.

Methinks after all this time ... it could possibly be a trojan horse after all ... all eyes are on the story unfolding .... a little like being drawn into watching the learner swimmer doing the doggy paddle in the shallows of some lake. Everyone is focussed upon watching that event ... so much so they end up missing the huge tidal wave which sweeps through the lake in the background! Such was the applause of the crowd it drowned out the deafening roar of the tidal wave! Catch my drift?

The working is symbolic of 'a fresh pair of eyes' gazing at the situation from out of the square. From beyond the trees ... the other tarot decks possibly bogged down by the impasse. Higher connections still are adamant and provide the same indication that the little girl prevails. There is a strong sense of her locality ...

But even so ... the puzzle still remains incomplete ... within this working there is the image 'The Stars' ... reminiscent of 'The Star' image I intuit. The significator for the lost little girl. It shows an individual gazing at the star filled sky ... seeking the inspiration to find this little girl. So obviously disconnected from those around 'him' who actually know where she is ... but are remaining firm lipped. They are not able to reveal ... for it seems 'pandora's box' was opened when it shouldn't have been. There are no clues to her either way ... though cruelly the speculation has been programmed to report the worst ... however that raging tidal wave depicted by The Tower two images above The Stars ... has seemingly been ridden. The Four of Swords suggests a battle is indeed being fought - the custodianship of the little girl perhaps the prize?

The Stars image hints at new ideas to surface and to become enfused into the old .... thus a melting pot will continue ... the reactions of joe public further assessed. There is a real sense of gaining ideas from a higher viewpoint to see just how malleable the minds of the majority are. The minority appear fearing of the majority discovering the truth behind the smokescreen. Hence the confusion. Hence the continuing pointing finger at the McCanns. The McCanns do indeed appear the unfortunate victims here. Someone somewhere of a great power choosing to use the McCanns as the punch bag to keep the smokescreen in place ...

The 7 of Wands suggests everyone 'being led firmly by the hand' in a direction they are told in which to travel. Being led by the writers of the storyline.... having it force fed each and every day to thus prevent those normally attentive minds questioning what it is that stands before them. There is thus a deception here. The little girl is certainly somewhere lost to her family but the situation around her disappearance are not what are being reported. She is most certainly not with those the media writers claim. Look to somewhere safe for her .. concealed ... a halfway house ... most certainly in a climate which suit her ... for her safety appears a high priority. I sense 'nodding' heads here from above. I sense also a 'knowing of her abductors' too ... it appears she may have had knowledge of her 'custodians' prior to her abduction. There are links around the parents to prevent them asking the wrong questions and contacting the wrong people. Links to keep them on a trail which is cold. They may not be permitted to step on any trails which are distinctly warm.

The 5 of Pentacles ... someone seemingly dressed like the locals ... sitting there watching their group. Observing their movements. Someone well skilled in surveillance like military intelligence perhaps? There is a distinct sense of careful planning and covert operations down to the most finite of details. Even with the taking of the little girl. It was so expertly undertaken. This was not the work of amateurs or persons with sweaty hands! There is a great deal of steadfastness of the operation. It appears as a consequence of thoughtless actions ... there appears a script having been given ... orders given to say what it was that night ... when in truth it may not have been that way at all. It is all part of a cover perhaps?

The Ace of Wands indicates the entire situation designed to leave its mark. There in the minds of people ... 'something must be done' .... a problem outlined ... a reaction observed and harvested .... a solution then offered which may not normally be taken. Just waiting for the right moment to be dropped on the operantly conditioned rabbits in the field? Joe Public are most certainly being led (at a fairly relaxed pace I might add) towards a field or a turnpike which has been oh so carefully planned. There is no real urgency just the sense of inevitability.

I most certainly intuit it is inevitable that Madeleine McCann will reappear ... so much effort has been exerted to take the mystery so far. So much intrigue and so much operant conditioning for this to be a scenario without a happy ending. The happy ending may well be just the beginning.

The remaining three images ... on the right ... suggest a 'future' outcome perhaps. The Knave of Chalices suggests the overwhelming outpouring of emotion when the little girl IS returned. The 2 of wands indicates new developments to come in the near future. The Queen of Chalices indicates that which is the secret or the revelation which lies behind it all ... once the little girl is safely back in the fold ... whatever it is that has been so carefully disguised could well be leaked out by the news. With so much attention on the safe return ... however damning a revelation it is ... will be just a whisper in comparison with the size of the headline when Madeleine is returned ... and alive.