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Saturday, 14 December 2019

The Rune Wunjo

The Rune Wunjo  pronounced “Won-joe” as the literal meaning of  “Joy”.

It refers to being thankful for what you have and to enjoy what you have. It's important to learn from the past and to contemplate the future; and also enjoy the present. Do not let the possibility of misfortune tomorrow spoil today's joy.

Wunjo can indicate someone who works with their hands, and has a strong creative drive. It can also imply a state of emotional stability, happiness and contentment.

Wunjo can indicate the inner urge for the realisation of your soul’s true will to achieve perfection of consciousness and, also, the drive to this realisation in this life-time. It is ward against agencies of sorrow to enable the abundant gifts of the multiverse bestowing themselves upon you.

Magpie Lark Symbolism

Ten self-evident truths that We the People have spontaneously come to realize… that will END all government as we know it

[Natural News]: We have a lot to thank Trump for, but among the most important is the idea that Trump has caused the corrupt, fraudulent, lying specter of “Big Government” to fully reveal itself for what it truly is.

Does anyone trust the FBI after reading the shocking findings of the Horowitz (IG) report? Not on your life.

Does anyone believe the Democrats are pursuing legitimate “impeachment” based on legitimate “high crimes?” Not a chance.

Does any rational person think that high-level lawmakers and bureaucrats aren’t on the take, receiving kickbacks from billions in foreign aid?

It’s quite stunning, actually, how the mass awakening has accelerated over the last three years as Trump has succeeded as President. In their desperate attempt to destroy Trump, the deep state swamp creatures and corrupt, lawless Democrats have been forced to reveal the truth about their corruption, fraud and malicious abuse of power.

Because of all this, there are many self-evident truths that have now become obvious to the American people. Read from the point of view of the People talking to the political swamp in Washington D.C....<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

Another Quote for the Day

London scuffles between police and angry anti-Brexit protesters in mass march on 10 Downing

[S.O.T.T]: Not content with the victorious Conservative leader's suggestion that it was time to "let the healing begin," an angry crowd of anti-Brexit protesters has taken to London streets, chanting "Boris Johnson - not our Prime Minister!"

Johnson's Conservatives scored a decisive win in Thursday's general election, winning an 80 seat majority in Parliament on the back of the PM's promise to "get Brexit done." However, droves of protesters turned out on Friday evening to dispute Johnson's victory.

Holding aloft signs saying "Defy Tory Rule" and "Stop Islamophobia," several hundred protesters assembled outside Johnson's residence at Downing Street, before marching to Trafalgar Square and onwards, with no clear end in sight...<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>..

Train your brain to create “better” memories

[Natural News]: As a person ages, his cognitive function declines. He becomes more prone to memory loss and slow recall. But it’s possible for him to delay (or even reverse) this decline by doing mental exercises – better known as brain training.

Brain training refers to performance tasks that aim to improve the functions of the brain, most especially those related to memory. However, these tasks aren’t just focused on memory recollection alone: There are other things a person can train – such as attention, working memory and problem-solving abilities. In fact, people who experienced brain-related traumas, like a brain injury or a stroke, may employ brain training to improve their damaged cognitive abilities.

Brain training has an emotional aspect as well. A person is more likely to remember events that had an emotional impact for him or her. This is because the areas of the brain which handle memory and emotion are closely linked to one another.

Multiple studies have suggested that understanding compounds linked to emotion may help enhance and develop brain training regiments....<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

How Collective Consciousness Can Change The Entire Human Experience

[Collective Evolution]: Science has demonstrated that there is an energy field that connects us all, and that at its core, all matter is consciousness. Collective Consciousness plays a huge role in how our world functions.

Want to see change in the world? We have to change collective consciousness. And in order to do that, we must change ourselves.

This has been the core message of Collective Evolution since our humble beginnings in 2009. Why? Because collective consciousness is something at the centre, or core, of what connects all of us. In post material science we are beginning to understand that we are not entirely just a brain inside a body, and that consciousness is who we truly are. Beyond that, consciousness is also at the crux of everything.

We sit at an interesting time in our history where the need and desire to change our world has become something almost all of us feel. Whether we witness the apparent chaos of daily life, the turmoil that happens in areas around the world, or whether we witness the challenges in our own life, we feel this need for change. Deep down, something about the human experience, as it is, seems outdated and almost stale.

We’ve grown tired of suffering, pain, war, poverty, doing the same thing over and over again. We want to experience something new, rich and deep. This is showing up in political activism, the search for who we are beyond our identities, the search for meaning in life and wanting to do careers that we love.

Ultimately, we are searching for peace and a deeper understanding of our reality. So how do we do this? How do we change our world, change the various daily structures we deal with like our economy, government, career paths, as well as the limited idea of what life is and should be. How do we end our suffering and war with one another to truly create a world where we can thrive and have abundance?...<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

Quote for the Day

Acknowledging Your Growth

[Daily OM]: Since personal evolution is most often a slow and gradual process, it can be difficult to recognize the scope of the changes taking place in our lives. Yet it is important that we regularly acknowledge our ongoing growth and reward ourselves for the many wonderful feats of self-improvement we have accomplished. 

When we intentionally contemplate our progress, we need never feel that we are languishing between past achievements and the realization of future goals. If we look closely at our lives, we may see that much of what brings us pleasure in the present is representative of the ambitions of our past that we worked so hard to attain. At one time, the abundance we enjoy currently likely seemed like a far-off dream. Now it is simply reality--a reality we created through our diligence, passion, and unflagging determination. Whether our progress is fast or slow, we deserve to congratulate ourselves for our successes.

To remind yourself of the insights you have gained with time, temporarily adopt an outsider's perspective and carefully consider how your life in the present differs from the range of experiences you lived through in the past...<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

David Icke Predicts The Future

Flashing lights in the night sky: Scientists launch study to analyze the moon’s “flashing” phenomenon

[Natural News]: For over 50 years, scientists have been baffled by events known as “transient lunar phenomena” (TLP). These are brief flashes of light on the surface of the moon that astronomers have witnessed and have no conclusive explanation for. But the world might finally get an answer thanks to technology and future cooperation between a research team and a space agency.

n the late 1960s, astronomers Barbara Middlehurst and Patrick Moore studied seismic occurrences and other phenomena on the moon and found nearly 400 reports of “strange events.” Small areas on the lunar surface would suddenly go dim or brighten without any explanation. Astronomer A.A. Mills describes TLPs as reddish or pinkish light that is sometimes “sparkling” or “flowing” in their appearance. The light may extend as large as 10 miles on the lunar surface. They usually last around 20 minutes, but there are recordings of TLPs that have persisted intermittently for several hours.

Amateur astronomers with decent telescopes can even witness TLPs themselves, but they might have to wait between a few hours to several days as they are impossible to predict. However, scientists have acknowledged that TLPs are known to occur several times a week....<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>>

Image of the Day - 'First Light'


Friday, 13 December 2019

Pelican Medicine

Another Quote for the Day - “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses.” ― Alphonse Karr

Role of Secret Societies in Bringing Forth the Coveted New World Order

[H.A.F]: The pulsing, squeezing beat of the living organism called the Elite — those in influential positions who are making unwanted decisions for us — have succeeded in bringing forth a global government or New World Order (NWO).

They pulled out their entire armory, and over dozens of years, generations of generations, they have pushed the NWO agenda down our throats, and we’ve meekly accepted it.

They have used and still are using both overt and covert methods to make us accept the dissolution of the American Constitution, and, in irony, be grateful for it.

They have invaded our churches, our schools, our culture, our economy, our history our political strongholds, and even our minds. And with barely a whimper, we have condoned the loss of our country, the loss of our values and mores, the loss of free thinking, and the loss of the control of our own minds.

They own our economy, our political system, our children and, most of all, they own us — we, who years ago, should have fought back to prevent the downfall of our beloved America and our freedoms.

“There is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocking, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”
– Woodrow Wilson, 1913, quoted in Dr. Dennis Cuddy’s book, “Secret Records Revealed“

Beneath the broad tides of human history there flow the stealthy undercurrents of the secret societies, which frequently determine in the depth the changes that take place upon the surface.” – Arthur Edward Waite, The Real History of the Rosicrucian, 1977...<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

Memory Lane - 'White Egret'


Cancer and the New Biology of Water

[Waking Times]: We are erroneously taught early in life that matter can only exist in one of three “states”: solid, liquid, or gaseous.

For example, copper can exist as solid copper (often mixed with other elements), molten or liquid copper, or, when exposed to extreme heat, gaseous copper.

There is no other state possible; the transition is from one state to the next with no intermediate steps. The transformation occurs mainly under the influence of heat, but influences such as pressure may also play a role.

If we apply this concept to water, then we can conclude that water can only exist as ice (solid), water (liquid), or steam (gas). We were all taught this in elementary school science class. The problem, like so many “truths” in science (and frankly in our culture in general), is that it doesn’t stand up to even a cursory examination.

In this case, we have all seen and probably eaten Jell-O, which is composed of over 90 percent water yet clearly is in none of the above three states. In fact, the state of matter that a substance assumes is not a vague concept; it can be clearly demonstrated with apparatuses that measure the bond angle between the individual molecules.

Ice has a distinct bond angle between each molecule, water has a different bond angle, and in steam the molecules are mostly unattached to the other molecules. The gel that makes up Jell-O has none of these bond angles. Instead it has an intermediate bond angle that is characteristic of the gel state. Dr. Gerald Pollock, in his seminal book The Fourth Phase of Water, describes in detail the formation and characteristics of this fourth phase. That it exists is not in dispute. The issue is that it is not recognized for the importance that it has to the entire field of biology....<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

The UK Election Result - What It Really Means

Image of the Day - 'A New Dawn'


'We WILL repay your trust': Boris Johnson urges Britain to find closure over Brexit and vows to work 'round the clock' to bring the divided country back together after his stunning election victory

[Daily Mail]: Boris Johnson today vowed to 'heal' the country after years of Brexit warring as he hailed his historic election victory.

In a speech on the steps of No10, the PM said he was determined to 'repay the trust' of the wave of former Labour supporters who handed him a huge new mandate.

He said he would work 'round the clock' to unite the UK - promising to represent everyone rather than just his own backers.

'I want to speak also to those who did not vote for us or for me and who wanted, and perhaps still want, to remain in the EU - and I want you to know that we in this One Nation Conservative government will never ignore your good and positive feelings of warmth and sympathy towards the other nations of Europe,' the premier said.

'I urge everyone to find closure and to let the healing begin.'

Mr Johnson added: 'I want to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and in me and we will work round the clock to repay your trust and deliver on your priorities.'

The address came after Mr Johnson was given the welcome of a conquering hero as he returned to Downing Street following his staggering landslide.

The PM was met with wild applause and cheering from staff after returning from seeing the Queen at Buckingham Palace this morning, hours after he put Jeremy Corbyn and Labour to the sword in a dramatic triumph...<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

Whale Medicine

[Daily Om]: Native Americans teach us that the Great Spirit speaks to us through our animal brethren. The whale is one animal that we can learn from.

Whales have existed for over 50 million years and are considered to be record-keepers who possess knowledge of the past.

It is through the vibrations of their unique sound that they release this ancient wisdom to us. At the same time, their sound carries across such great distances that whales can enter the realm of the future where they can acquire knowledge of what is to come.

Every whale sings a song, and they never repeat the same pattern when they sing their song. Since whales must be conscious at all times in order to breathe, they cannot afford to fall into an unconscious state for too long. Never completely asleep, their brain has constant access to the collective unconscious where all answers lie. Whales float peacefully, secure in the ocean environment that supports and sustains them.

You can learn from the wisdom of whales by remembering to express what's uniquely yours...<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

The three biggest stories of 2019 that indicate a collapse of the power grid is imminent

[Natural News]: The United States is the world’s only remaining superpower and we got that way through innovation, development, investment and freedom.

But our country runs on power — electricity — and without it, our way of life would surely be decimated. A widespread grid failure would, overnight, lead to chaos, death and destruction. In fact, in some mega-cities the destruction would begin within hours as the worst members of society took advantage of the situation to pillage and plunder.

 It’s likely that most Americans believe a widespread failure of the U.S. power grid could never happen. But the reality is, we’re much closer to it than those people believe. And what’s more, so-called “alternative” power sources — wind, solar, water — do not come close to making up what we’d lose in a massive regional or national power grid failure...<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

Quote for the Day

'The greatest democracy in the world': Boris Johnson tweets thanks after sensational exit poll shows Tories winning historic Brexit election with stonking majority of EIGHTY SIX and Labour with worst result since 1935 as 'red wall' crumbles

[Daily Mail]: Boris Johnson hailed his new blue-collar Tory army tonight as it emerged he is on track to secure a staggering landslide in the election battle - with Labour's 'red wall' of Brexit-backing strongholds imploding.

A dramatic exit poll shows voters handing the Tories a massive 368 seats in the first December election for nearly a century, with Labour languishing on 191 - down 71 on 2017.

The bombshell numbers would give a huge Commons majority of 86, the biggest since Margaret Thatcher's triumph in 1987, and are equivalent to a 10-point lead in the popular vote.

By contrast Jeremy Corbyn looks to have stewarded the party to its worst performance since 1935 - despite his allies claiming earlier that high turnout might have helped him pull off a surprise.

Early results bore out the extraordinary findings, with the Tories overturning an 8,000 majority to rip the former mining area of Blythe Valley from Labour's grip for the first time ever. The party's candidate won by 700 votes after securing an incredible 10.2 per cent swing. There were also enormous movements from Labour to the Conservatives in Houghton & Sunderland South, and Newcastle Upon-Tyne Central - although the party held on....<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

Thursday, 12 December 2019

Everything You Wish You Didn’t Know About GMOs

[H.A.F]: The safety of GMOs has been highly contested. While proponents of GMOs say that they are safe, recent studies show that they have inherent risks. They say that GMOs happen in nature all the time — like a hybrid. However, GMOs are created only in a lab with a gene gun and by a process that scientists have patented to protect their technology.

GMOs are not hybrids and cannot occur naturally in nature. Genetic engineering, for example, the altering of DNA with foreign species, or editing out DNA to remove a trait from a species permanently, or altering DNA or RNAi for a desired trait, does not happen naturally. It is not found in nature in any shape or form.

The scientists and media that say GMOs are natural are misleading the public. Many of these scientists are not impartial, but are instead supported by advertising dollars or grants to universities from the GMO/chemical manufacturers and have incentives to make these claims.

Regardless of their reasoning, they are certainly ignoring the “precautionary principle” — the principle that the introduction of a new product or process whose ultimate effects are disputed or unknown should be resisted. Any scientist worth his or her salt will admit that many aspects of GMOs are still unknown.

Here’s what we do know — there are three general types of GMOs...<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

Another Quote for the Day - “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” ― William Jennings Bryan

Memory Lane - 'Welcome Swallow'



[Daily Om]: Behind each of us stands at least one supporter. This was once thought to be the spouse who ran the home while leaving the other spouse free to work. While this is still one valid scenario, most of us will find that we have other kinds of supporters in our lives. In some cases, our supporters are the people whose help allows us to do the things we're best at, see to our obligations, or pursue or dreams.

In other cases, our support may come from the people who are there to help us through life's challenges by offering us their strength and bolstering our spirit.

Our support may come from our families and friends or from the people we hire--nannies, assistants, gardeners, healers, therapists, and advisors. Our supporters may be the mentors who help us express ourselves by listening to us as we share our thoughts and feelings....<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

“DNA-Based” Vaccines Are In Our Future: They Will “Literally Change Your DNA”

Something else to be fearful about! Enforced mandatory genetic therapy ... again, with any of this alarmism news, we question the primary source of this information. How real is the claim? Is it an elite agency putting something out to gauge a reaction, or perhaps generate fear? Is this story 'un-fake news'???

[Waking Times]: The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has launched efforts to create a vaccine that would protect people from most flu strains, all at once, with a single shot. This shot would be a DNA-based vaccine that will literally change your body’s DNA.

With mandatory vaccinations increasingly being legislated, this bodes a very dangerous health future. Politicians and Big Pharma are pouring a lot of money into this and, at first glance, it may appear that your health and well-being are their concern. That could not be further from the truth.

This is horrifying if you know what the phrase “DNA vaccine” means. It refers to what the experts are touting as the next generation of immunizations. Instead of injecting a piece of a virus into a person, in order to stimulate the immune system, synthetic genes would be shot into the body. This isn’t traditional vaccination anymore. It’s gene therapy.

In any such method, where genes are edited, deleted, or added to living organisms, there are always “unintended consequences.” These vaccines will permanently alter your DNA. Once injected, there’s no going back either....<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

Are We In A Carbon Drought?

Food for Thought #75

Quote for the Day

New Law Requires You To Listen To Greta Thunberg Lecture Before Purchasing Gasoline

[Babylon Bee]:A series of new bills working their way through state legislatures in New York, California, Oregon, Hawaii, and several other progressive states will require you to listen to a Greta Thunberg lecture before purchasing gasoline.

Motorists will be required to watch a 20-minute lecture by the 16-year-old climate activist before they purchase gallons and gallons of harmful fossil fuels.

"We want to make sure drivers are informed," said California Governor Gavin Newsom, who says he will sign the bill into law. "So we are having them get lectured by a 16-year-old so they will have all the facts before they do something rash like put gasoline in their cars to go to work."

Once the driver has listened to Thunberg's entire lecture, they will be prompted to complete a quick, fifteen-question quiz to show they understand how horrible they are for driving a car. Drivers who get at least 80% will then be allowed to refuel their vehicles. As they refuel, the screen will simply play a clip of Thunberg saying, "How dare you!" over and over again.

The law will not apply to celebrities purchasing jet fuel....<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

The 10 most alarming surveillance developments in 2019 that threaten human freedom

[Natural News]: With each passing year, human freedom is challenged in new ways. In 2019, surveillance tactics became more aggressive, more invasive, and more manipulative, and were often used by authorities to quash human rights, exploit personal privacy, and take children away from their parents.

The following list includes ten of the most alarming surveillance developments reported by NaturalNews in 2019...<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

Image of the Day - 'The Henge'


Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Knowledge Does Not Automatically Equal Awakening: Take Action on What You Know

[Wake Up World]: Being awake or conscious does not mean having a lot of knowledge about the universe, manifesting, psychic phenomena etc. You may well have such knowledge, but that does not necessarily mean that you are awake.

It’s great to know about alleged universal laws, but can you apply them?

It’s interesting to know about illusory angels, but does that help you wake up?

To lead a conscious life, you must be plugged, in present and in the flow. You must take what you know, and actually do something with it.

We’re Talking the Talk, Are We Walking the Walk? But what is it that we actually already know? It’s easy to lose track of this....<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

CBS demands that YouTube censor “conspiracy theories” – but who defines them?

[Natural News]: Fake news giant CBS is calling on YouTube to expand its censorship agenda as a means to combat the spread of so-called “conspiracy theories” online. But who, exactly, gets to decide what constitutes a conspiracy theory?

Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes spoke with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki during a recent interview, vocalizing her concerns about the threat of not just conspiracy theories but also “hate speech” being posted on the Google-owned platform.

In Stahl’s view, YouTube isn’t doing nearly enough to curb certain forms of free speech online, even though YouTube has been heavily cracking down on “wrongspeak” in recent days, as well as introducing new terms of service that aim to eliminate all channels that aren’t deemed “commercially viable.”

While addressing YouTube’s “tightening” of its hate speech policies, Stahl asked Wojcicki flat out, “Why’d you wait so long?” to which Wojcicki responded that YouTube has “had hate policies since the very beginning of YouTube.”

Wojcicki tried to proceed in explaining what these policies are until Stahl interrupted her with a quip about how YouTube’s hate speech policies have been “pretty ineffective.”

“You’re not operating under some freedom of speech mandate,” Stahl went on to state, emphasizing that “you get to pick,” referring to Wojcicki and YouTube, which types of content to allow and which types of content to ban.

“We do,” Wojcicki responded. “But we think there’s a lot of benefit from being able to hear from groups and underrepresented groups that otherwise we never would have heard from.”...<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

Memory Lane - 'White Faced Heron'


Research Shows We Can Heal With Vibration, Frequency & Sound

[Collective Evolution]: Multiple studies and examples have shown how sound, frequency and vibration can literally alter physical material matter. Research has also shown that sound, frequencies and vibration can be used as a significant healing method for various ailments.

Cymatics is a very interesting topic. It illustrates how sound frequencies move through a particular medium such as water, air, or sand and as a result directly alter physical matter. There are a number of pictures all over the internet as well as youtube videos that demonstrate how matter (particles) adjust to different sounds and different frequencies of sound.

When it comes to ancient knowledge, sound, frequency and vibration have always been perceived as powerful forces that can influence and alter life all the way down to the cellular level. Sound healing methods are often used by Shamans, who employ drums and singing to access trance states. Research has even demonstrated that drumming and singing can can be used to slow fatal brain disease, and it can generate a sense of oneness with the universe . Sound therapy is getting more popular, and it can have many medical applications, especially within the psychological and mental health realms...<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

David Icke - The Worlds Biggest Cover Up

Another Quote for the Day

Harvard study finds that wind turbines create MORE global warming than the fossil fuels they eliminate – and the same is true for scooters and electric cars

[Ecology News]: Researchers from Harvard University have made an interesting and hilarious discovery with regards to wind power, which actually causes more global warming than the burning of fossil fuels does.

While massive wind farms are said by some to be the “renewable” energy source of the future, two Harvard scientists have found that the spinning blades of these massive metal monstrosities create more climate warming than coal plants, as one prominent example of the fossil fuel energy that climate alarmists claim is creating global warming.

In fact, wind turbines are more “polluting” in terms of the heat they give off than any fossil fuel energy source currently in use, which just goes to show that so-called “clean” energy is, at least in this case, a myth.

Published in the journal Joule, the paper concluded that, if all of the electricity demands of the United States could suddenly be supplied by nothing but wind turbines, the surface of the continental states would increase in temperature by a shocking 0.24 degrees Celsius.

This figure is vastly greater than the 0.1 degree Celsius temperature reduction that climate fanatics are aiming to achieve by “decarbonizing” our nation’s electricity sector before the finality of this current century...<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

Purple Swamphen Medicine


[Daily OM]: The universe can often relay messages to us through signs. Often, we are too busy to stop and consider what may or may not be a sign. We may ask the universe for guidance, yet fail to recognize the sign it sends us in response. Learning the subtle language of signs can help you interpret the guidance the universe sends your way.

We all have been blessed with a connection that allows the universe to communicate directly with us. To be able to understand the information relayed over that connection, however, it is necessary that we learn to pay attention and know what to look for.

To see and correctly interpret a sign, you must open your heart and mind to the universe and invite its guidance into your life. Many of us are blind to the signs we receive because we expect angels or our spirit guides to speak to us in a booming voice and tell us exactly what we need to hear. But signs are usually of this earth and therefore easier to encounter....<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

Merry DEMONIC Christmas: Walmart, Target, and Amazon all sell books that teach children as young as five how to summon demons

[Natural News]: Leftist parents looking for a “progressive” stocking stuffer idea to gift their “woke” offspring this holiday season might be interested in a new occult children’s book entitled, A Children’s Book of Demons, which is reportedly now being sold at Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

Dubbed a “paranormal parody,” A Children’s Book of Demons aims to teach small children how to summon demons by telling them the names and sigils of demonic entities – sigils being the symbols used in magic, or the pictorial signatures of actual demons.

Published by Koyama Press, based out of Canada, A Children’s Book of Demons contains black and white images of demons that children can color, as well as cartoon images and other attractive elements designed to lure innocent kids into the world of the occult.

The book’s author, Canadian illustrator and occultist Aaron Leighton, describes himself as “a fan of all things occult.” The Toronto resident has written other occult books, including Spirit City Toronto, and says he likes to spend his free time “wrestling with a black cat,” which is pictured on his Facebook profile wearing a black, pointy hat.

A description of A Children’s Book of Demons on Amazon asks children:

“Don’t want to take out the trash tonight? Maybe you’re swimming in homework? Perhaps that big bully is being a real drag? Well grab your coloured pencils and sigil drawing skills and dial up some demons! This paranormal parody is filled to the brim with funny spirits more silly than scary!”...<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

Image of the Day - 'Dusk'


Quote for the Day - “Power does not corrupt. Fear corrupts... perhaps the fear of a loss of power.” ― John Steinbeck

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

The Final Straw.

Tonight represented the final straw; ITV News At Ten churned out totally biased propaganda AGAIN.

An anti-Conservative news reader with pro-Labour coverage talking about a Conservative party smear campaign yet covered the FAKE NEWS about a young boy having to lie down on a hospital floor. Yet the so called smear campaign was a secret recording of a LABOUR activist criticising their leader!

Biased Media propaganda.

Then the news reader went on to climate change and more biased and untruthful claims that Greenland is melting 7X faster than expected which means hundreds of millions of people living on coastlines will be flooded by the end of 2100. The story reckoning that sea levels will rise sufficiently due to Greenland melting to flood other parts of the world!

Biased Media propaganda. Greenland is in truth growing its ice fields ... it has a period where areas of its ice melt ... its a natural cycle ...

So, the media propaganda still pumps out its scripted lies. Tonight represents the LAST time that media news coverage will be watched by ourselves. It's all lies. It's all deceptions. It's all elite scripted distraction and fear mongering. The handlers of the elite hate mankind and want its populace to live in fear; fear is like a drive through KFC for these monsters ....

The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet shows that in September, the Fed decided to re-elect Trump… and the money pumping began in earnest

[Natural News]: The stock market is a rigged game, of course, and current stock prices don’t even reflect real corporate earnings. Instead, they most closely echo the rise and fall of quantitative easing, a form of artificial money creation by the Federal Reserve.

The Fed uses its money creation powers to either boost presidents it wants to keep in power (like Clinton and Obama) or punish presidents it wants to see removed from power (like Trump, initially).

Barack Obama’s economic policies were disastrous, but he still managed to preside over a rising stock market thanks to the money creation policies of the Fed.

In fact, the Fed’s own charts reveal exactly how this works and what they’re trying to achieve...<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>

Memory Lane - 'Galah'


Climatologist Dr. Tim Ball Sets the Record Straight on the Deliberate Deception to Demonize CO2

[H.A.F]: Many years ago, we compared the claim that human CO2 was causing global warming was analogous to determining what was causing your car to falter.

To simplify the analysis, you decided to not look at the engine, the transmission, the gearbox, the drive shaft, the differential, the axle, and the wheel, to focus attention on one portion of the thread of one bolt of one nut on the right rear wheel.

Figure 1 (Left) is a systems diagram of the atmosphere and atmospheric processes.

It appears complex, but is, in reality, a simple representation. The people who created the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) decided this system, analogous to your car was faltering. Through their definition of climate change as only those changes caused by humans, they narrowed the search to human CO2.

In the diagram, it is one thread on one bolt in the section labelled “Atmospheric composition.” That section includes all the gases of the atmosphere and the billions of tonnes of particulates. These gases and particles affect the incoming solar radiation and outgoing long-wave heat energy.

They also vary over time, but we have virtually no idea of quantities or the variability. Of all the gases in the composition, the so-called greenhouse gases (GHG) comprise approximately 4 percent. And of that 4 percent total, carbon dioxide (CO2) is 4 percent, and human CO2 is approximately 3.4 percent.

It is one thread on one bolt of the complex system. The actual amount of human-produced CO2 added to the system is an estimate produced by the IPCC. It is, like all other numbers used, a barely educated guess presented with the authority that it is accurate and real.

The first use of CO2 for a political agenda was by Margaret Thatcher. She wanted to break the coal miner’s union that was holding the country to ransom and also to promote nuclear power.

She used Sir John Houghton, head of the United Kingdom Meteorological Office, to produce the science. He later became the first co-chair of the IPCC.

Houghton was an ideal candidate because he believed human industrial development was a sin and wrote articles on the subject. He is entitled to his personal opinions, but science must be amoral and apolitical, but that, apparently, does not apply to Houghton.

Later in life Margaret Thatcher, to her credit, accepted that the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) hypothesis was wrong, but a dangerous precedence was set.The precedence was to maintain the lie that CO2 was a dangerous gas. They ignored from the start its role as a life source for plants, without which there is no oxygen or any lifeform...<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>

Another Quote for the Day - “I see the good in the world because I choose to. I don't imagine that it's there; it's there waiting to be noticed.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich

Physicists Are Creating Lasers Powerful Enough to Rip Holes in the Fabric of Reality

Meanwhile, away from all the distractions and smoke screens deliberately created,  we have factions of the Elite Agencies undertaking experiments & procedures with technology FAR FAR more advanced than what will ever be admitted to in the public eye.

We get the sense there is a panic from these agencies; and a need to somehow escape this prison vibration. This article maybe hints at this ...

[Waking Times]: People generally balk at the idea of scientists experimenting with and manipulating certain pillars of physical reality, whether that be gene splicing, artificial intelligence, or nuclear fusion.

But in the last couple of decades, a new twist on this modern Island of Dr. Moreau-style narrative has surfaced in the form of scientists experimenting on high-velocity elementary particles (such as the CERN Hadron Collider) and other quantum enigmas.

Laser physicists recently chortled “hold my beer” in announcing that they are developing a laser so powerful it can shred all matter, including the very electrons and nuclei that constitute the fabric of reality itself.

Earlier this month, the physics journal Physical Review Letters published a paper discussing how new technology could allow a high-velocity laser to pierce “through [the] fabric of the Universe.” The trick, according to a researcher at the Universit√© Paris-Saclay, is to anchor and focus the laser using a mirror made of plasma.

In an analysis written for Ars Technica, physicist and writer Chris Lee broke down the logistical hurdles the new technique could overcome. By consolidating a 5-10 petawatt laser for around 5-5000 joules of energy for somewhere between a picosecond or femtosecond, scientists can muster an intensity of 1022W/cm2, which is when a plasma state kicks in and creates a conductive gas of excited particles whose electrons reflect light.

Other laser experiments have concentrated as much as 200 petawatts of power on a target for less than a trillionth of a second.

Using a plasma mirror, scientists can reach 1029W/cm2 and accelerate electrons to the point where they will be “generating real charges from the apparent nothingness of empty space.” ...<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

UK Election 2019 - The Three Most Likely Outcomes ... A Light Of Truth Oracle Insight

The Light of Truth Oracle cards MANIFESTATION, THE PERSONA, ENIGMATIC & SUPERNATURAL have been randomly selected in attempt to provide an insight into the forthcoming UK General Election, as to which party is likely to come on top.

The three most likely outcomes are Conservatives winning by a majority; a hung parliament (No party having a majority) or Labour winning by a majority. The future of the UK's participation (Or no further participation) in the EU depends on this result.

Manifestation is the 3 of Coins in the tarot and relates to 'action following thought' or being careful what you wish for ... it is card #36 and has the gematria value of 56.

The Persona is the 2 of cups and relates to the mask of identity most people wear as they are scared of rejected and crave acceptance. It is the fear of letting people see who we really are ... it is card #29 and has the gematria value of 49.

Enigmatic is the Queen of Cups and relates to 'psychic wheels' and increased awareness. With a capacity for empathy and compassion can never be the same again. ... it is card #73 and has the gematria value of 45.

Supernatural is The Empress; and relates to the realm of the apparently unknowable that plays such a role in the mechanics of this world ... it is card #9 and has the gematria value of 49.

So can we glean any insight into the victor on Thursday night? The most clear cut suggestion is the stark blue background of the Supernatural card ... and a hint only of a slight majority; Boris Johnson is really the only one who is trying to be who he really is before the people. Jeremy Corbyn is hidden ... shows little compassion or empathy; and seems fearful of rejection. Needless to say, there is not really a clear cut message at this time with the LOTO.

UPDATE 9.45AM 11th December 2019

 Adding the card # and the gematria value of each card gives:

36+56+29+49+73+45+9+49 = 346. With 326 being the number of seats required for a majority government, might this not indicate a 60+ seat majority for the blues?