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Thursday, 31 July 2014

DNA Confirms Pleiades Aliens Mated With Primitive Humans

Before Its News: Modern DNA technology has been able to trace the ancestry of all humans through DNA testing . All humans share common DNA markers or “traits”, that allow geneticists to trace your ethnic groups. Even if you are of one pure nationality you will have some overlapping DNA markers of other ethnic groups to varying degrees, after all we are all humans – or are we?

Haplogroups relate to our deep ancestry. Deep ancestry is not traditional genealogy: it is not for tracing family or confirming family linkages. Deep ancestry is a look at our ancient ancestral roots from tens of thousands of years ago and shows how all people living today are connected to an ancient ancestor who lived in Africa over 100,000 years ago. The World Genographic Project has been testing haplogroups worldwide and until recently has had no cause for alarm, until it was discovered that between 4000 – 6000 years ago a small group of extremely unusual DNA was introduced into the population of Denmark. Geneticists have named it “Haplogroup I1” and have no idea where it came from. It only appears in the Nordic races and to small degrees in countries that have been invaded by Nordics, such as England and Ireland. No other group of people on the planet Earth have this DNA unless they have come in contact with Nordic peoples. It is the root cause for the Nordic appearance. All other Europeans and most humans have R, R1a, or R1b more>>>...

This Is What Is Going To Happen If Ebola Comes To America

Investment Watch: If the worst Ebola outbreak in recorded history reaches the United States, federal law permits “the apprehension and examination of any individual reasonably believed to be infected with a communicable disease”. These individuals can be “detained for such time and in such manner as may be reasonably necessary”. In other words, the federal government already has the authority to round people up against their will, take them to detention facilities and hold them there for as long as they feel it is “reasonably necessary”. In addition, as you will read about below, the federal government has the authority “to separate and restrict the movement of well persons who may have been exposed to a communicable disease to see if they become ill”. If you want to look at these laws in the broadest sense, they pretty much give the federal government the power to do almost anything that they want with us in the event of a major pandemic. Of course such a scenario probably would not be called “marital law”, but it would probably feel a lot like it.

If Ebola comes to America and starts spreading, one of the first things that would happen would be for the CDC to issue “a federal isolation or quarantine order”. “Isolation” would not be a voluntary thing. The federal government would start hunting down anyone that they “reasonably believed to be infected with a communicable disease” and taking them to the facilities where other patients were being held. It wouldn’t matter if you were entirely convinced that you were 100% healthy. If the government wanted to take you in, you would have no rights in that situation. In fact, federal law would allow the government to detain you “for such time and in such manner as may be reasonably necessary”.

And once you got locked up with all of the other Ebola patients, there would be a pretty good chance that you would end up getting the disease and dying anyway. The current Ebola outbreak has a 55 percent percent mortality rate, and experts tell us that the mortality rate for Ebola can be as high as 90 more>>>...

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Canberra Alban Eilir Gathering 21st September 2014

A Personal View On 'The Etheric Body'

Anyone familiar with the term 'the etheric body'? It is just one of the 'vehicles' which exist around our physical body, but at a higher vibrational frequency to our physical body. It is a perfect replica of our physical body and also our emotional body. It is a carbon copy of everything you experience on the earth plane. 

When we depart the physical plane and enter the 'spirit world' we do so in our Etheric Body. Each vibration requires a vehicle or body for consciousness to exist in. Thus, this etheric body can only be perceived as a body of light by our limited five senses. When we see souls depart the physical body we see them in a light form. In truth this light form is identical to our physical bodies but at a higher vibration. 

It is in this etheric body that we enter the realms of the spirit world. The spirit world being a dimension on a vibration higher than our own. In this body we will experience everything we did on the earth plane. The reality of this realm of the spirit world being very similar to that of the earth plane, except the vibrational state of the etheric body permits the soul to move to higher levels once physical ailments and mental states have been lifted or realised. This is the stage I refer to as The Nursing Bay. In these early stages there is a definite overlap between the earth plane and the spirit plane. Souls who have just passed from the earth plane, may still live out a physical existence due to the recordings on the etheric body. It is in these stages or states that mediums and sensitives are able to pick up on the conditions of loved ones in the spirit world. 

Beyond the etheric body there are further vehicles which permit the soul to journey higher and higher into the spirit world vibrations. 

I had a personal experience of the etheric body during my hospital stay in late 2013/early 2014, On numerous occasions I was in my body but not in my body. I found myself roaming the lower vibrations of the spirit world in a body identical to my physical body, except I was no longer in pain. During these expeditions I learnt so much about the spirit world, our connection to that world, and how we interact with their world - Matthew James

Monday, 28 July 2014

The Alban Eilir (Spring Equinox) Druidic Gathering - 21st September 2014

"The name for the Spring Equinox Festival in Druidry is Alban Eilir, which means 'The Light of the Earth'. The Sun is growing warmer, so life begins to show through the soil. Druids see life in all living things, from rocks and stones, to rivers and springs, plants and trees - all life is sacred."

DATE:21st September 2014

TIME: 3pm - 8pm
Ticket event only
Limited to 35 people

INVESTMENT: $125 per person (Including food, drink, ritual access and workshop participation)


Please note that a $30 booking fee will secure your place at the workshop but full payment must be made by at least 2 weeks prior to the event (7th September 2014)

Pay for your event tickets via Pay Pal. Please ensure you supply your full name and address so we can send your tickets out to you. Alternatively contact Chris at for bank account details if you wish to pay by direct credit.

Please Visit

Once full payment is received we will send you full event details including the location.

Contact Matthew James or Chris for more details.



Monday, 21 July 2014

Festival of Dreams 23rd and 24th August 2014

Image of the Day

Forest Hill, nr Marlborough, Wiltshire. United Kingdom.
Reported 16th July 2014
Crop Circle Connector.

Amazing footage of UFO flying over Milan, Italy

Opening to Understanding

Daily OM: There are times when we may find ourselves struggling or even fighting with our thoughts and emotions. We may feel that something must be done in a certain way or not at all, or there may be some other situation that feels absolutely black and white. But life is not this way—it’s the way we are looking at our experiences that is causing the turmoil within us. When we become aware that the struggle we are having is with ourselves, we can turn our attention to the source in order to solve the problem, but we must be being willing to look where we need to and feel emotions that may make us uncomfortable at first. Then we can choose to really open ourselves to understanding all the options we can imagine. We are likely to discover that we are resisting something based on a limited understanding, and we must then open ourselves to willingness. When we are willing to look at all the possibilities, we also become willing to accept that there is room for more than we can more>>>...

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Hawthorn - Celtic Symbolism

Celtic Radio: The Hawthorn was a symbol of psychic protection due to its sharp thorns. It was also generally seen as a tree which brought good luck to the owner and prosperity to the land upon which it stood. It belongs to the trilogy of sacred Irish trees (the other two being the Oak and the Ash). 

Faery spirits were believed to dwell in Hawthorn hedges, which were planted as protective shrubs around fields, houses and churchyards. 

The Hawthorn was once thought to offer psychic protection to the traveler. The twigs would frequently be used as a curative for depression and the powdered seeds used to cure gallstones. Often used for walking sticks and to make fires, the Hawthorn also formed the Maypole around which the Celts would dance at Beltrane...the onset of Summer. 

The Hawthorn was associated with both the sacred and the unlucky (some holding the belief that it was from the Hawthorn that the crown of thorns used at the Crucifixion of Christ was made, for example). To destroy this tree was to incur great peril to the individual who was responsble for such an act. 

The Hawthorn was embodied in the character of the chief giant Yspaddaden in a Welsh romance of Kulhwch and Olwen. As a guardian figure who attempts to protect the virginity of Olwen, he is felled and the blooms of Summer soon open. Thus, the Hawthorn symbolized the advance of Summer and the defeat of Winter. In ancient times, young girls would rise at dawn in order to bathe in dew gathered from Hawthorn flowers, thus ensuring their beauty for the coming year. The blossoms, especially the white variety, were also used to decorate halls and worn as crowns by maidens in wedding ceremonies. The Celts believed the Hawthorn could assist in releasing negative and/or blocked energy held more>>>...

Matthew James Promo

'The Enchanter'

And of the madness,
It is sadly everywhere you look
And the corruption is creeping in
Infiltrating the minds, the souls
Changing the directions of those it enters
So nothing is ever the same again
And within they see no change
For the corrupter has them in a mesmeric spell
But to those on the outside
They see the changes so easily
But their voices are silenced
For the corrupted see not that reality
They see what the enchantment creates
So they are lost
Cast on a sea that leads them so far away

This reality lives tainted
The madness gathers its prey
Hapless servitors of that intention
An egredore of corruption
A sad reality we now see
So many are taken in by the enchanter
Believing the impossible things
Not applying reason or logic
Accepting the sweetmeal taste of hope
Taken in by falsehoods so easily

What hope then have we?
How can the healing of the lands be undertaken
When the visions sent by corruption
Are believed so readily?

What hope is there?
Is it lost ?
Or have we got the enchanter on the run?
For this reality is a confusing place
As the earth plane vibration lifts into that of the astral
And all those creations of imagination become so real
The magic of the ages alive
What can be done?
How can it be overcome?


First crop circle of the year appears overnight in Dorset wheat field sparking new interest in who or what has made it

Daily Mail: The first crop circle of the year has appeared in a field near Blandford Forum in Dorset leaving locals stumped over who or what created it. Covering an enormous stretch of wheat field, the 400ft pattern, which is made up of geometric lines and circles, emerged overnight. While many believe crop circles are created by local pranksters, some think the mysterious shapes are evidence of aliens, including amateur pilot and crop circle enthusiast Matthew Williams, 43, who said: ‘Whoever, or whatever, created the shape must have been there all night - you have to really admire their handiwork.' more>>>....

A Look At Drudism Since Druidry is a spiritual path – a religion to some, a way of life to others – Druids share a belief in the fundamentally spiritual nature of life. Some will favour a particular way of understanding the source of this spiritual nature, and may feel themselves to be animists, pantheists, polytheists, monotheists or duotheists. Others will avoid choosing any one conception of Deity, believing that by its very nature this is unknowable by the mind.

Monotheistic druids believe there is one Deity: either a Goddess or God, or a Being who is better named Spirit or Great Spirit, to remove misleading associations to gender. But other druids are duotheists, believing that Deity exists as a pair of forces or beings, which they often characterise as the God and Goddess.

Polytheistic Druids believe that many gods and goddesses exist, while animists and pantheists believe that Deity does not exist as one or more personal gods, but is instead present in all things, and is everything.

Whether they have chosen to adopt a particular viewpoint or not, the greatest characteristic of most modern-day Druids lies in their tolerance of diversity: a Druid gathering can bring together people who have widely varying views about deity, or none, and they will happily participate in ceremonies together, celebrate the seasons, and enjoy each others’ company – realising that none of us has the monopoly on truth, and that diversity is both healthy and natural.

Nature forms such an important focus of their reverence, that whatever beliefs they hold about Deity, all Druids sense Nature as divine or sacred. Every part of nature is sensed as part of the great web of life, with no one creature or aspect of it having supremacy over any other. Unlike religions that are anthropocentric, believing humanity occupies a central role in the scheme of life, this conception is systemic and holistic, and sees humankind as just one part of the wider family of more>>>...

Image of the Day

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Foods That Can Help Feed The Pineal Gland

Wake Up World: Our pineal gland otherwise known as our master gland or the gland that governs over our third eye is the center of psychic awareness in the human mind. 

It is about the size of a pea and sits inside a cave located behind the pituitary gland. It naturally produces a hormone called melatonin which regulates human daily body rhythms that deal directly with the day and night cycles. Developing and expanding the function and the energy of your pineal gland is extremely important as it affects every system in your body physically and it has the potential to determine the expansion or the contraction of your psychic awareness, consciousness, and experience.

Sunlight is extremely important for the pineal gland and yes sunlight is a form of food as food is any substance that nourishes the body. Sunlight can be taken in and digested through the eyes, skin, hair, nose hairs, and ears and should be consumed for at least 30 minutes a day. To fully engage the pineal gland, sunlight should be taken in through the more>>>...

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Alien artifact or doomsday device? The Betz mystery sphere story

S.O.T.T: This bizarre, allegedly self propelled, seamless metallic orb was discovered by members of the Betz family in 1974, and rapidly became the object of fascination, controversy and alarm for scientists, military officials, ufologists and the general public as the story of this mystery sphere spread like wildfire through the international media.

On May 26, 1974, Terry Mathew Betz, a 21 year-old pre-med student, along his mother Gerri and his marine engineer father, Antoine, were inspecting the damage caused by a brush fire that had raged across an 88-acre swathe of woodland that they had recently acquired on marshy Fort George Island, which is nestled just east of Jacksonville, Florida.

At first the trio found nothing out of the ordinary, but before their expedition was over they stumbled across a peculiar highly polished, metal orb that was just under 8-inches in diameter. The only delineating mark that the three could find on the eerily unblemished object was an elongated triangular shape stamped into its surface.

Stunned, Terry and his parents wondered whether or not they might have stumbled across some kind of downed NASA or maybe even Soviet satellite. Perhaps they even speculated that the friction induced heat of this object plummeting from its orbit might have had something to do with the fire that had ravaged the property, but none of them could find any signs of an impact crater or any indication of collision or heat damage on the gleaming metal globe.

The trio then surmised that it might be an "old fashioned canon ball, which someone had silver plated," as a souvenir. Intrigued by this extraordinary find, Terry decided to heft the 22 lbs., bowling ball sized sphere into their car and take it back to their castle-like home, where he showed the unusual object to a 12 year-old relative named Wayne. He was just as perplexed by the mystery object as the rest of the family had more>>>...

Another 2014 Crop Circle

Wiltshire. United Kingdom.
Reported 8th July 2014.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Another Martian Anomaly

We are told that Mars is a lifeless world right? So just what are we looking at here?

Simple Serenity

Daily OM: Journeys of lifelong evolution often begin simply. No matter how complex the goal or desire we have nurtured in our souls, the first steps we take are nearly always basic and uncomplicated.

Navel meditation, a creation of the Taoist tradition and the oldest form of meditation recognized in China and India, is a simple practice suitable for those experienced in the art of mediation, yet it is also a wonderful introductory meditation for novices. It utilizes the natural rhythms of the breath and the regular movement of the abdomen as a means to focus awareness and rid oneself of extraneous thoughts. As you concentrate on the breath, the chaos within reveals itself, allowing you to gently train your mind to accept stillness as its natural state.

To begin, assume a comfortable and natural seated position—either cross-legged on a cushion on the floor or on a chair with your legs facing forward. Maintaining an upright, balanced posture will ensure that you are physically centered and prevent fatigue. Close your eyes and relax your body gradually, starting at the toes and ending at the crown of the head. Take a moment to note any physical sensations you are feeling, such as the hardness of the floor under your legs or the weight of a piece of jewelry. When you are relaxed, breathe through the nose at your natural pace. With each inhalation, draw air deep into the abdomen, allowing the area surrounding your navel to rise and fall. Gradually focus your attention on the sensations caused by the inhalation and exhalation of breath. Feel the air flowing in and out of the nostrils as well as the expansion and contraction of the abdomen. If you find it difficult to concentrate on both sensations, concentrate only the movement of the navel area.

As you endeavor to commune with the breath, you may notice that your mind strays. When this occurs, do not attach any significance to your thoughts. Simply bring your attention back to the flow of air into and out of your body and the rise and fall of your navel. Eventually, the torrent of mental noise flooding your mind will slow to a trickle, and you will learn to control the current of your thoughts until you are no longer at the mercy of your reactions. The more you practice this meditation, daily if possible, the more you will be able to get back to this relaxed state easily throughout your day.

Xmas In July Special Offer

XMAS IN JULY SPECIAL (Australia only)

Available between Mon 14th & Mon 28th July 2014 only


For more details please visit .... The Matthew James Medium Website

The UFO Cover Up In 10 Minutes

More Wikileaks Documents Surface Confirming The Existence Of Extraterrestrial Life & UFOs

Collective Evolution: Wikileaks is a major attention grabber, so it’s a great way to bring more attention to the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon that’s been gaining heavy interest over the last few years.

As far as UFO documents go, the Wikileaks ones are not really significant compared to what’s already available in the public domain. They do however show that these topics are still mentioned in highly classified documents. Again, we already have a number of (more significant and telling) documents that have been released into the public domain, as well as statements from high ranking military and political figures.

Wikileaks UFO/Extraterrestrial Documents

Prominent Lithuanian politician says that there are a “group of UFOs, who are making influence from the Cosmos.” That “there exists a decreasing group of persons, who are trying to rationally analyze the situation and objectively evaluate what is happening.” (source)

This cable comes from the year 2006 from the American Embassy in Vilnius, Lithuania. The statement was made by Albinas Januska, who at the time was appointed adviser to the Lithuanian Prime Minister.

Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan Nobutaka Machimura Says UFOs definitely exist.

This is a cable from Japan that shows how the Chief Cabinet Secretary was unhappy with the governments official view rejecting the existence of UFOs. The document goes on to describe how he stated in a press conference that “I am sure that unidentified flying objects exist, otherwise it is impossible to explain the Nazca Lines (In Peru), isn’t it?” (source)

He also stated that ” the government has offered only a boilerplate response in its formal statement” regarding UFOs.

Tajik Mayor says there is life on other planets, and that peace and unity on Earth is necessary more>>>...

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Basic Structure Of The Tarot Deck

There are 78 total cards in a standard tarot deck. These cards are divided in the following way: 4 sets (called 'suits') of 14 cards each = 56 cards (the 'minor arcana').

The names of these suits have varied from pack to pack over time but generally suits adhere to some form of the following designations---Wands (or Rods), Cups, Swords, Pentacles (or Disks).

Each suit has ten numbered cards, Ace through Ten, plus four 'court cards' [note: the term 'court card' possibly comes from a corruption of 'coat card', 'coat' having once been used to refer to something, such as one's apparel, which would distinguish one's class or profession]. The court cards go by various naming conventions but: King-Queen-Knight-Page is a fairly standard description. One notices that this sequence is identical to that encountered in the 52-card pack of normal playing cards (the 'Page' being the 'Jack'), with the addition of the 'Knight' in tarot.

Another common scheme, one popularized by the Aleister Crowley 'Book of Thoth' deck is; Knight-Queen-Prince-Princess. The difference between these approaches points to one of the myriad ideological disputes about names and 'meanings' that characterize so much of modern tarot. In addition to these 56 'small' cards there are; 22 cards of the 'major arcana', often referred to simply as 'majors', or 'trumps'. These cards depict various ideas and persons, the names of the cards are mostly rooted in Medieval or Renaissance religion and culture (particularly that of North Italy). The cards are numbered from 0-Fool, to 21-World (or Universe) as follows

0. Fool [the Fool will sometimes be found stuck between 20 & 21]
I. Magus (or Magician)
II. High Priestess
III. Empress
IV. Emperor
V. Hierophant
VI. Lovers
VII. Chariot
VIII. ??????????

And right there our peaceful little perusal of the trumps rolls right off the tracks. We should get used to this, it's going to happen a lot. The problem with 'VIII' is that no one can decide, with ultimate authority, what it's supposed to be. Some people say 'VIII' should be 'Strength' while others say 'Justice' (and thus these two cards are locked in a struggle over the number placements 'VIII' and 'XI'). At the same time, and to muddy things more, there is the whole problem introduced by Aleister Crowley, in his influential 'Thoth' deck, who exchanged the attributions (the correspondences between tarot trumps and paths on the kabbalistic Tree of Life) of IV-Emperor and XVII-Star. Most people, who are not strict adherents to Crowley's Thelemic system, have not followed nor concerned themselves much with the latter change, but many still fight over the VIII-XI controversy. Based on purely astrological considerations the better choice seems to be Strength in 'VIII' and Justice in 'XI'. But there's more to it than that---there almost always is in tarot. So, let's continue;

VIII. Strength (or Justice)---[note: also, in Thoth-influenced decks these cards will be titled 'Lust' or 'Adjustment' respectively.]
IX. Hermit
X. Wheel of Fortune
XI. Justice (or Strength) [again, in Thoth 'Justice' is called 'Adjustment'.]
XII. Hanged Man
XIII. Death
XIV. Temperance [In Thoth this is called 'Art', as in 'alchemical' arts]
XV. Devil
XVI. Tower
XVII. Star
XIX. Sun
XX. Judgment [As in the 'Last Judgment', in Thoth it is called 'Aeon']
XXI. World/or Universe .... read more ...

Today's Inspiration

Another Martian Anomaly

There are numerous points of interest in this image. All that are clearly more than a lifeless planet. There is strong evidence of construction work above and below the ground.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Image of the Day

Atlan Harbour by Matthew James 

The Forbidden Legacy of a Fallen Race

New Dawn Magazine: Angels are something we associate with beautiful Pre-Raphaelite and renaissance paintings, carved statues accompanying gothic architecture and supernatural beings who intervene in our lives at times of trouble. For the last 2000 years this has been the stereotypical image fostered by the Christian Church. But what are angels? Where do they come from, and what have they meant to the development of organised religion?

Many people see the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Old Testament, as littered with accounts of angels appearing to righteous patriarchs and visionary prophets. Yet this is simply not so. There are the three angels who approach Abraham to announce the birth of a son named Izaac to his wife Sarah as he sits beneath a tree on the Plain of Mamre. There are the two angels who visit Lot and his wife at Sodom prior to its destruction. There is the angel who wrestles all night with Jacob at a place named Penuel, or those which he sees moving up and down a ladder that stretches between heaven and earth.

Yet other than these accounts, there are too few examples, and when angels do appear the narrative is often vague and unclear on what exactly is going on. For instance, in the case of both Abraham and Lot the angels in question are described simply as ‘men’, who sit down to take food like any mortal more>>>...

11:11 Is it Happening to You?

New Dawn Magazine: Imagine waking up at exactly the same moment night after night for years and seeing the same time appear on the alarm clock beside your bed. For those who experience this strange occurrence, their first thoughts might be that it was random chance, or simply the product of an overactive imagination. But is it?

 Is there perhaps a hidden message that is encoded within these mysterious events? It is most assuredly not their imagination causing them to awaken at exactly 11:11pm each night, or to see “11:11” appear on digital readouts, watch faces, billboards, signs, and even calculators. The time prompt phenomenon is real and it is happening to people all over the world.

But it’s not just the number 11 that is showing up in people’s lives – often accompanied by unusual events or profound insights. Sometimes it’s 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 or any combination of digits that sparks a pattern and shakes us out of our complacent view of the world as random and chaotic. Throughout the history of human experience, mysterious numbers and strange sequences appear. Even in nature we find numbers, often grouped into sequences and patterns that seem to form an underlying structure to all of reality – both the seen and unseen. Two of the most stunning examples are the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Spiral, both of which imply a higher order of measurement behind what many of us take for granted, like the proportion of our own bodies, or the layout of petals on a flower.

The Golden Ratio, also known as the Divine Ratio, the Golden Ration and Golden Mean, is an irrational number of approximately 1.618033988749. This ratio is found throughout the natural, scientific and man-made worlds as the highest expression of balance, symmetry and aesthetics. This fundamental formula can be described as “the ratio whereby the ratio of the whole to the larger section equals the ratio of the larger section to the smaller section.” more>>>...

Revealing the connection between sugar and cancer...again

S.O.T.T: During digestion, cells in the intestine identify sugar and tell the pancreas to release insulin (the hormone responsible for blood sugar regulation). The sugars in the digestive system do this with the use of a hormone called GIP which assists in the insulin release. Dr. Garcia-Jimenez found that a specific protein known as β-catenin controls the ability of the intestines to release GIP and this protein is dependent on sugar levels.

"Increased activity of β-catenin is known to be a major factor in the development of many cancers and can make normal cells immortal, a key step in early stages of cancer progression. The study demonstrates that high (but not normal) sugar levels induce nuclear accumulation of β-catenin and leads to cell proliferation. The changes induced on β-catenin, the molecules involved and the diversity of cancer cells susceptible to these changes are identified," Science Daily reports.

Simplified: increased blood sugar levels could lead to increased production of this protein which is known to impact cancer more>>>...

Matthew James Discusses The Emergence Card

This is one the four special edition card designs fully intended to be added to the next edition of my Light Of Truth Cards. When devising the card design and arriving at the description 'Emergence' I didn't really have a strong inkling as to which of my own spiritual experiences it was referring to. I had the Suit - Perception - which refers to it being a card linked to the mind, the mind processes and how we integrate our own sub-conscious decipherings into our outside world. I had its Gematria unique number of 48 ... but little else. .

That was until over the last five weeks! For me the card actually indicates this very painful period in my life, where I am stuck in a hospital ward recovering from gall stone induced Acute Pancreatitis. A period where it is very much out with the old personality/person and the emergence of something completely new on the inside.

I've clearly been under the control of forces stronger than human, and day by day I feel a completely different dynamic emerge from within me. It is a strange feeling and one I have often found myself very wary of. What is emerging has traits and characteristics which I don't understand or recognize.In many ways I feel like a changeling as my soul is completely at work here. The new vibration to emerge is not that far away from making its arrival on the earth plane. I can't wait.

The 0-4-8 has a subtle nature and I find it to be some kind of timing indicator in this instance of when the emergence is completed. Because I've been hospitalised for 5 weeks tomorrow ... when my acute attack happened, I deduce this to be a 4 to 8 period .... I intuitively assess the emergence began last week and is due to reach its conclusion on around 8th August 2014. I wait with bated breath to see how it manifests

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

False Beliefs

Daily OM: Many of us have a deep-seated belief that in order to do well in the world, we have to suffer and sacrifice. This commonly held idea stems from a certain mentality, inherited from ancestors who came before us who may have experienced this as true. Beliefs from our own past-life experiences can also make an appearance in this lifetime. This is often the way in which false beliefs take hold and don’t let go, even though they are no longer relevant. We must all live our own lives, in our own time, and learn what is true for us, because very few truths prove valid for all people all the time.

Keeping our minds clear of false notions is not an easy task, as it requires us to first know our beliefs. Very often, these beliefs have settled deep in our unconscious minds where they simply sit unquestioned. Nevertheless, they have an effect on our hearts, our minds, and our reality. These beliefs act on us, creating situations and relationships that we regard as fate, when they are, in fact, simply our unconscious minds manifesting in the external more>>>>...

More Martian Anomalies

Are you eyes and your mind open enough to see the evidence of civilisation and technology in this image? This is no natural formations ..

Look closely you will see lifeforms in this image. Remember this is a satellite image taken from hundreds of feet above Mars. It looks like water too ... 

More evidence of buildings on Mars within a previous blast site? It looks like an area of ruination. Somewhere that had once been flattended to the ground, but towards the far left of the image a number of building like shapes can be spotted.

More interesting shapes ... but what are we looking at here?

Quote for the Day

Introduction to the Secret Language

Symbols are hot property these days. The massive, unprecedented success of a thriller about ancient codes and secret societies has made symbolism a national obsession. Just a few short years ago, these pursuits were of interest only to academics and white-knuckled conspiracy enthusiasts. But then one little novel opened up a door into a secret world, and introduced ordinary folks to a universal language that is thousands of years old.

The cat is now out of the bag- for thousands of years prophets, artists, madmen and poets have been speaking to us in a language that is both consistent and predictive.

But as conditioned as we are to recognize only the verbal -only the literal- we have gone about our business while others have plotted, prayed and postulated right under our noses.In addition to being nearly invisible to the uninitiated, this language has a profound effect on those who care to learn it.

Somehow, there is some dormant sector of the human brain that is activated when one immerses themselves in the study of symbology. This is particularly true when the language is used for religious or spiritual reasons.

Unlike literal scripture, which is forever pointing to a forever elusive revelation, the immersion into this secret language seems to create its own spiritual reality. Sometimes meditating upon these symbols seems to make them come to life and speak to you in ways you could never express or articulate. And often when you delve into this world of sacred symbology, the symbols take over and tell you things you never thought you would know.But the symbols will escape your notice, or at least your conscious attention, until you are able to decode them. And in order to decode them you must understand where they come from and what those who speak in symbolic language are trying to tell. For there are secret languages and then there is the Secret Language. The science of decoding symbolic language is commonly referred to as Semiotics. (Secret Sun)

The Lady Of The Lake

This mysterious female gave Arthur his sword, Excalibur. She stole Lancelot when he was a child and cured him when he went mad. She may be a Celtic lake divinity in origin, perhaps of the same kind as the Gwagged Annwn - lake fairies in modern Welsh folklore. In Ulrich, the fairy who raised Lancelot is the mother of Mabuz. As Mabuz is probably identical with the Celtic god Mabon, it would seem that the fairy must be Morgan Le Fay who was, earlier, Mabon's mother. Matrona. A lady of the lake, perhaps a different one, was killed by Balin.

Vivien may very well have been the Lady of the Lake in the Arthurian Legends and stories. Vivien, sometimes called Nineve, Nimue, Niniane, etc., is best known as the woman who sealed Merlin in a cave or a tree. Despite foreseeing his fate, Merlin was unable to prevent being captivated and captured by the woman Richard Wilbur has called "a creature to bewitch a sorcerer." Vivien is an ambiguous character. In Malory, for example, even though Nyneve, who is one of the Ladies of the Lake, deprives Arthur of Merlin's service, she rescues him twice, first by saving him from Accolon who has been given Excalibur by Morgan le Fay to use against Arthur, and then by preventing him from donning the destructive cloak sent to him by Morgan. She also uses her enchantments to punish Ettarde for her mistreatment of Pelleas. In the end she and Pelleas "lovede togedyrs duryng their lyfe." (King Arthurs Knights)

A Word on 'Transfiguration'

Transfiruation is a  form of 'shapeshifting' ... whereby a physical medium is observed being overshadowed by the face of another seperate entity. It literally means, “Seeing Spirit on the face of another person,” and that the persons features are changed into those resembling a passed over spirit.

This is a very serious connection with Spirit, and not be undertaken lightly. It has been used in recent years as something of an ‘entertainment’, where certain people are taken onto a stage by a medium, and Spirit is brought through... if undertaken in the right setting, usually in a small intimate group, this can bring real benefits and blessings to the relatives of the person who has passed over. But on large-scale in a huge hall with hundreds of people, this can often be confusing and inappropriate to many of the people taking part.

From a personal perspective, transfiguration can induce a very intense and uplifting state of mind. It requires a specific and dynamic energy level to occur. More often than not the achievement of this energy level is somewhat hit and miss. The phenomenon of transfiguration can fluctuate between a definite recognition of a 'loved one' including the medium's own eyes being replaced by the eyes of the 'spirit'; to that of indistinct shadow like details on the face which cannot clearly be discerned by witnesses.

Almost always there is the experience of a 'spiralling out of the body' as the consciousness of the medium is sensed leaving the physical body. This can result in bi-location ... whereby the awareness of the medium is both within the body and outside of the body simultaneously. The part of the awareness remaining in the body will then experience the physical symptoms and characteristics of the occupying spirit.

More often than not these physical traits will be confirmed by those who the 'loved one' was linked to on the earth plane. The part of the awareness outside of the body will more often than not be completely unaware of what is taking place with the physical body.

Transfiguration is a serious undertaking which can have major psychological effects on mediums not totally prepared for the experience. There must always be an agreement between the medium and visiting 'loved one' .... in one sense of the word, transfiguration is a form of 'possession'. Theoretically speaking, if the visiting spirit is a stronger energy than the medium, then it may be possible for the visiting spirit to refuse to leave the physical body after transfiguration. It has never happened to me personally ... each and every time an 'agreement and understanding' has been forged with the visitor to vacate the physical body on request ....

Mind, Memory, and the Astral Light

The ancients knew of an astral or "starlike" substance which underlies physical matter. The Hindus call it akasa, "brilliant, shining." The Stoics spoke of aether or quintessence, the mysterious spirit-substance which is the protean source of all forms. Theosophists call it the astral light.

The most material stratum of the nonphysical energies surrounding our planet, analogous to the soul of the world, it functions as a complete reservoir of memory containing the record of every impression and event that has ever occurred on earth. Filled with potential prototypes of all thoughts, forms, and beings, its operations are outside the space-time reference that applies to the physical plane. The physical world is in fact an extension of the astral, which latter contains a range of potencies and emanations, thoughts and beings, either benign or inimical to life on earth.

In the cosmos there are many physical, psychic, mental, and spiritual fields -- self-organizing, whole, living systems. Every such field is holographic in that it contains the characteristics of every other field within itself.

Rupert Sheldrake's concepts of morphic fields and morphic resonance, for instance, are in many ways similar to some phenomena attributed to the astral light. All terrestrial entities can be considered fields belonging to our living earth, Gaia, and forming part of her constitution. The higher akasic fields resonate with every part of nature. Various happenings within the earth's astral light are said to result in physical effects which include all natural and human phenomena, ranging from epidemics and earthquakes to wars and weather patterns. Gaia, again, is part of the fields which form the solar being and its constitution, and so on throughout the cosmos.

Like the earth, human beings each have auric fields and an astral body. The fifty trillion cells in our body, as well as the tissues and organs they form, each have their own identity and memory. Our mental and emotional fields influence every cell and atom of our being for better or worse. How we think and act affects not only humanity but Gaia as well through the astral light, the action of which is guided by active creative intelligences. For example, the automatic action of divine beings restores harmony, balancing the inner with the outer throughout nature. We must take responsibility for ourselves, for this reciprocal karmic process is continually at work, and the various circumstances of our lives are the results of its just and impersonal operation in relation to our own activities.

How do the brain and the mind relate to consciousness in these astral or nonphysical fields? Certainly there are different levels of operation of mind and memory reflected in the structure of the brain as well as in our other organs. Pythagoras referred to the brain as the principal organ of consciousness, and in some respects it acts as a switchboard for the physical body in conjunction with the soul. The mind acts on subtle or astral matter in contact with the brain and nervous system. Behind this physical operation, however, is a programmer -- intelligence, mind -- with will power and desire.

As human beings, we draw upon a huge range of frequencies of consciousness. In the theosophical system, mind is the fifth in the scale of seven principles that form our being. As the active focus of our self-consciousness, mind organizes and awakens matter. The higher aspects of consciousness can be described as threefold: atma, divinity; buddhi, intuition or compassion; and manas, intellect, our self-conscious center. The lower aspects are formed of kama, desire; prana, life energy; and the astral and physical bodies. Each of these seven principles is itself sevenfold. Our everyday awareness is generally centered in desire linked with mind.

In the brain, the intellectual aspects of consciousness we are most familiar with are centered in the large cerebral cortex, which is considered the distinguishing feature of the human brain. There are lower and higher attributes to all the brain's layers, corresponding to the frequencies of consciousness. Strangely, one of the highest chakras or centers of consciousness is said to be the pineal gland, a very tiny organ in the center of the brain which Descartes called the seat of the soul and others call the third eye of spiritual vision.

We are all familiar with the lower or primitive human mind connected with the physical animal self of desires and passions. Parts of the brain are associated with various aspects of the entire range of emotional states and mental activities because the brain acts as a receiver-transmitter of thoughts. The brain is controlled by the mind acting through astral and physical matter via the sympathetic vibrations of the chakras and senses. Spirit, with its mental vitality, also works through all these aspects of our nature and can illumine even the physical brain that is in tune with it.

Each human being is a unique individual, with various mental qualities, abilities, and combinations, whether intuitive, analytical, creative, artistic, or psychic. Our mind has stamped the organs of the entire physical body with its individuality. No two brains are exactly alike, no two fingerprints are, just as no two leaves on a tree, or two patterns of stripes on zebras, are. The mind expresses many qualities of our being, but everything depends on where our desires are based and on the overall orientation of our mind, for the intellect alone and uninspired can be selfish, cold, often cruel, even dangerous.

How did human egoity come about? There is a clue in the recapitulation of the human embryo, which reveals a development representative of the lower kingdoms of nature. It implies that the human monad evolved through these kingdoms, developing its soul and individuality, unfolding qualities of mind and free will not exactly like ours but essentially present. Looking over the kingdoms briefly, we see that the mineral begins with very uniform beings sharing a unified consciousness which may form anything from liquids like magma or the oceans, and gasses like the air, to endless varieties of crystals.

Like all beings they have a divine monadic consciousness, and are also overshadowed by higher intellectual agencies. Plants are similar, but their vitality and growth show more intelligent individual expression. They create beautiful forms in leaves and flowers with surprising ingenuity. They, too, as a kingdom are following ancient patterns of memory or instinct. Darwin commented that in some respects the tip of the primary root ``acts like a brain of one of the lower animals,'' while other researchers believe that plants possess the equivalent of a nervous system. That they react to human emotions and thoughts, and respond to other beings and plants, was suggested by Cleve Backster's experiments with the polygraph in the 1960s. There appears to be a telepathic connection that links plants with all other beings; they even seem to remember those who have harmed them or other beings near by.

And what of instincts, those individual and collective patterns of experience of all creatures? There are prototypes of all possible plants and animals, all beings, in the astral light. But look at the marvelous examples, the endless designs that have materialized: not only bodily forms, but also behavioral instincts such as in the bees, adaptations and behaviors like mimicry, or migrations of birds covering thousands of miles. These activities are not simply automatic, they involve spiritual intelligence.

All beings share the same divine potentials, but the higher in the evolutionary scale we go, the greater the intelligence, the greater the emotional range and individuality that beings possess, and thus the more powerful their impact on the astral light. There is also marked increase in the size of the cerebral cortex in the higher animals. Animals and humans share emotional and psychic expression. The emotions are a part of the desire principle. But animals do not possess self-reflective mind able to contemplate its own status in evolution: the dog doesn't ask itself why it is a dog.

We might ask, where does mind individually, and consciousness ultimately, originate? In the cosmos there is only one life, one consciousness, which masquerades under all the different forms of sentient beings. This one consciousness pierces up and down through all the states and planes of being and serves to uphold the memory, whether complete or incomplete, of each state's experience. This suggests that our self-conscious mind is really a ray of cosmic mind. There is a mysterious vital life essence and force involved in the interaction of spirit or consciousness with matter. The cosmos has its memory and follows general pathways of formation based on previous existences, much as everything else does. Aided by memory, it somehow selects out of the infinite possibilities a new and improved imbodiment. When the first impulse emerges, we have cosmic ideation vibrating the first matter, manifesting in countless hierarchies of beings in endless gradations. Born of the one cosmic parent, monadic centers emerge as vital seeds of consciousness, as germs of its potential. They are little universes in the one universe.

Theosophy does not separate the world into organic and inorganic, for even the atoms are considered god-sparks. All beings are continuously their own creators and recorders, forming more perishable outer veils while retaining the indestructible thread-self that links all their various principles and monads through vast cycles of experience. We are monads or god-sparks currently evolving throughout the human stage. The deathless monad runs through all our imbodiments, for we have repeated many times the processes of birth and death. In fact, birth and death for most of humanity are more or less automatic, unconscious experiences as far as our everyday awareness is concerned. How do we think? We can start, for example, with desire which provides the impulse that causes the mind through will and imagination to project a stream of thoughts, which are living elemental beings.

These thoughts take various forms which may result in different kinds of actions or creative results. This is another arena of responsibility, for in the astral light our thoughts circulate through other minds and affect them, but those that belong to us have our stamp and return to us again and again. So through these streams of thought we create habits of mind, which build our character and eventually our self-made destiny. The human mind is an ideator resonating with its past, selecting thoughts and making choices, anticipating and creating a pattern of unfolding. Perhaps we are reflecting in the small the operations of the divine mind which acts as the cosmic creator and architect. Some thoughts or patterns we create are limiting; others are liberating. The soul grows, and thoughts are reused and transformed by the mind, perhaps giving them a superior expression. Plato was right: with spiritual will and worthiness we can recollect the wisdom of the past and unlock the higher mind. We have the capacity of identifying with all beings, experiencing the oneness we share together in our spiritual consciousness, that continuous stream that is the indestructible thread-self. All that it was, is, or is becoming is our karma. Mind and memory are a permanent part of the reincarnating ego or human soul, and of the universe as well.

Awareness of oneness is the most natural condition of our inner consciousness. Intellect and reason are also necessary, but must be illuminated by compassion, spiritual insight, and intuition. The intellect or brain-mind in its association with physical desires is self-centered and enforces our separateness. Most of the harm done to others comes through trying to assert our personal will over them. Our lower egoity must be evolved and transformed through a perception of our oneness in essence with all, which is the key to harmony and brotherhood in action. When we exercise self-conscious free will, there are no guarantees of achieving spiritual growth. Yet the higher self is not corrupted by the activities of the lower mind or by other actions of its vehicles here on earth, and our evolution is part of Gaia's and the gods' evolution.

Developing our higher faculties and receptivity to the inner light are essential to our progress, but doing so means removing all impediments of a personal nature. Our transformation improves all of nature, including the astral light. Indeed, the bodhisattva ideal of selfless work for the benefit of all beings demands expression of our noblest qualities. The supreme self is the center of all faculties and enables each human being to become a god in future cycles. This is the destiny that awaits us all.

(From Sunrise magazine, February/March 2004; copyright © 2004 Theosophical University Press)

Self Mastery

Emotions cause you pain and they actually dictate behavior to you. In other words when you are emotional you are no longer in control. For example when you are excited (you might think excitement is good) you can't actually think clearly.

The emotion of excitement takes over and leads you. It's not always the best action that is born from excitement and you don't have any control.The same goes for anger. The emotion clouds your judgment and through this you act. You act without using your consciousness. The result is an outcome that is not always favourable and one that you have no control over.

Lest We forget

Man's main affliction is forgetfulness.

Man forgets constantly, and does not realise he has forgotten. This is because he plays and identifies with various characters that do not know each other.

He unknowingly slips out of one character and into another many, many times during the course of a day.

The Law Of The Mind

Men and woman often think over their problems just before going to sleep and get a solution in their dreams or immediately upon awakening.

This is because their minds were so active on the intellectual plane that they could not make contact with the silent inner plane where ideas work.

When the conscious mind is stilled and one makes contact with the superconsciousness, it begins to show us how our affairs will work out or how we can help to bring about the desired prosperity.

This is the law of mind

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Psychic Colosseum

At a time when so many people are being personally challenged like never before, as 2014 proves to be a real arena of competition, I am happy to announce I am back much STRONGER than before.

I have discarded my black cloak of protection, have in my grasp the blazing sword of personal truth ... 

Currently 'the Psychic Colosseum' is full of the shouts of those with the newly acquired colours of the trainee mystic ... all parading their clean blades of power. Like matchstick flames they burn ... their lights barely penetrating the gloom ... their abilities barely impressing the cosmos. Their responsibilities light, however their minds see their skills, they are still slight. 

No words of advice or warning will ever be absorbed by their foolish minds. For it is they who are the experienced, despite having yet to fight within the Colosseum walls! 'Forgive them for the know not what they do' ... they have such a long way to go, yet they believe they have arrived at the destination.

Experienced mystics stand watching, their heads shaking in disbelief. For surely the trainees are aware they bear only plastic swords? The battle knowledge is slight, despite their claims. Their battle armour lined with wonderful colours and mesmeric words ... but they are not yet worthy or battle proven to be given the metal blades ...

They live in a dream world, and so sadly do so many who follow their lead! They know no different and refuse to be shown the truth. They are ignorant, foolish, selfish and also damned. In this current period (2012 - 2016) the universe is ridding itself of the chaff ... so the wheat has freedom to grow. Evolution has been stifled by the separate selfish ego. At this time those riddled with the virus are being harvested. They are filled with foolish derisions; a clever possession controls their minds ... they know not what they do. But a stronger force most surely has a hold on them ... 

But the experienced warrior is ridiculed by these trainee warriors. The experienced one is being selfish telling the trainee they are not yet ready to fight ... believe me trainees are now teaching fellow trainees and others that come their way. They have barely wandered the dusty trails yet they try to compete with the hardened campaigner! And there are so many taken in by their clever words ... believing their techniques are the best around! The level of attainment now so low and so dire ... the experienced campaigners repulsed by the way of the world ...

Feeling the weight of service when it all goes wrong. When damaged souls come their way to be repaired. For the trainees are dangerous. Their constant bleatings a pest like the drone of swarming flies. 

Patiently the experienced mystics unsheath their mighty blades ... without drawing attention to the deeds they perform. Their lights like beacons which light up the night sky ... connecting with the very stars. Practising the real thing ... silently .... until it becomes time that the attention is drawn away from the cumbersome movement of the plastic swords .. when the watching crowds notice the real lights and the real thing ... 

For the day shall come when the plastic swords are discarded and so many of the novice magicians find another trade to peddle, because the universe has REJECTED their attempts to be something they could be too soon. The damage may well be done before they cease their childish games. The experienced mystics await the day when the people see sense and realise the novices do not know what they do ... 

Matthew James 

The Miracle of 528 Hz Solfeggio and Fibonacci numbers

The Miracle of 528 Hz Solfeggio and Fibonacci 174 Hz Foundation 396 Hz Liberate guilt and fear 417 Hz Expand your consciousness 528 Hz Miracle and DNA Repair 853 Hz Intuition and telepathic. Fibonacci nature numbers.

MJ.TV - Psychic Protection Techniques 1 'The Black Cloak'

MJ.TV presents Matthew James discussing a form of psychic protection known as The Black Cloak or 'The Veil Of Invisibility.

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Unchangeable Souls

I fell
I became a human child
Surrounded by strangers
Who became friends

I grew up permitting the outside cults upbringing me
Programming my consciousness to what they required
what they desired of me
what they expected of me

I rebelled against the rules, the traditions, the routines
Became in trouble with authority from an early age
I was beaten
I was scorned
I was ridiculed
But I never changed inside

Copyright Matthew James 

It Is Isn't It ... Or Is It Not?

This is a genuine alien caught on film .... right? 

That's what it says on the web site where I found the picture. I've seen this picture before elsewhere, read the dialogue that goes with it - which sounded convincing enough. But in the age of Photoshop and other wonderful 'tampering aids' it is impossible to glean what is real or isn't real. It appears humanoid on the face of it. But .... then again? I have an open mind, I'll leave it at that ...

The web site this was discovered at is

Quote for the Day

How Long Should I Meditate?

The time a person needs to spend in formal meditation sessions to gain maximum benefit depends on ever-changing individual circumstances. If you are meditating with a group, you will gain from the group energy and go further with less effort. . If you are meditating alone, without support from others, then you will have to do all the heavy lifting yourself.

My general recommendation is that a single forty minute meditation session practiced every day is a minimum effort, and scientists have proven that amount of meditation is enough to physically enlarge portions of the brain involved in awareness.

Meditation only works for those who are hungry for it, and if you cannot spare forty minutes a day you will probably not gain substantial benefits. If you wish to go faster, with clearly recognizable progress, then I suggest two or three formal meditation sessions every day.

It is of paramount importance to practice mindfulness throughout the day. To be of any real value, meditation must become a full-time way of living rather than a strictly segregated activity. Choose methods that make you feel more positive. Meditation should be a form of cosmic hedonism, not a penance one must perform as an obligation.

What Do We Really Know About Crop Circles?

Fact -- We know from the scientific research that the genuine formations are formed by an energy which has the ability to alter the molecular structure of the plant without damaging it and the ability to alter the growth rate and pattern. This same energy has produced numerous photographic anomalies.

Fact -- There is a distortion in the earths electromagnetic field, sometimes a ghost image a short distance from the original formation.

Fact -- Spheres of light have been recorded on film in the formations, also military helicopters seen flying over these spheres apparently taking quite a keen interest in them.

Fact -- the energy involved appears to be benign and to my knowledge is not used on this planet.

Fact -- Some formations radiate a frequency at approximately 7.5hz in the electromagnetic spectrum but this can vary from formation to formation. It has been recorded by many researchers and the BBC Television whilst filming in a formation. Recently using the aid of a computer and a specialised programme, it was discovered that these beautiful creations of art in the fields are capable of producing the most unusual sounds and music.

Fact -- this same frequency has been picked up many times in close proximity to UFO sightings.

Fact -- Despite several ploughings after the crop has been harvested the shape of the formation has remained, in some cases, in the soil for at least six months. This can not be achieved by “crop formations” made by humans.

Fact -- in some of the formations, compasses rotate at will denoting a magnetic anomaly present, camcorders, cell phones and other battery run equipment have displayed a discharged battery state when this is not the case.

Fact -- crop outside of the formation does not display the same characteristics changes in cell structure as the crop found inside.

Fact -- there is no level of consistency, in some formations we have the sound factor, the magnetic anomalies, photographic anomalies and the lasting impressions in the soil but this is not to say you will find one or all of these in the next formation you visit but it can still turn out to be part of the genuine article.

Fact -- if no human being goes into a formation the crop will continue to grow and the farmer will not lose any crop, only possibly what the birds will eat by the downed seeds.

Fact -- farmers have combined the formations from their fields to avoid damage by the members of the public when they have occurred only to find another one appear a short distance away the following day.

Fact -- Each year a large number of formations are created by human beings causing untold criminal damage to crops and my sincere sympathy goes out to the landowners. I just wish more landowners would prosecute these criminal vandals

Atlantis: The Children Of The Law Of One & The Sons Of Belial

Over time, with the advent of civilization and technology, the divisions between the Adamic and pre-Adamic races became increasingly more apparent. Whereas the Adamic race held on to the belief in the one God who had specially created them, the pre Adamic race refuted the belief in the existence of God, instead focusing on the acquisition of wealth and power - worshipping the creature rather than the Creator.

As these differences became more and more clear, the world came to be divided into two basic divisions: the Sons of the Law of One, those who held to the belief in the one God as the creator of the universe and of mankind, and the Sons of Belial, those who denied the existence of God and instead worshipped themselves.

Cayce explained it thus: "In Atlantean land during those periods of early rise of sons of Belial as oppositions that became more and more materialized as the powers were applied for self-aggrandizement." This "self-aggrandizement" took the form of the accumulation of wealth and power into the hands of a very few, with the result being extreme social stratification, where perhaps only a few dozens or hundreds of beings ruled over millions of slaves. This situation, of course, was unacceptable to the Sons of the Law of One.

We find that in those periods there was not a laboring for the sustenance of life (as in the present), but rather individuals who were children of the Law of One - and some who were the children of Belial (in the early experience) - were served by automatons, or THINGS, that were retained by individuals or groups to do the labors of a household, or to cultivate the fields or the like, or to perform the activities of artisans. And it was concerning these "things" about which much of the disturbing forces grew to be factors to be reckoned with, between the children of the Law of One and the Sons of Belial. Much like the issue of slavery which, in the nineteenth century, sparked off a bloody civil war in America, this division over the treatment of these slaves, among other things, appears to have touched off a civil conflict in Atlantis which led to the First Destruction of more>>>...