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Monday, 29 September 2008

Closed For Two Weeks

Blog closed for business for two weeks, in Adelaide meeting family members and generally having a break from work, blog, etc...
See you all when we get back.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Beyond the Invisible

More inspirational music by Enigma

Trickle Feed ...

A Light in the Darkness is probably going to go on 'trickle feed' with posts ....

So do not be surprised if over the next two weeks there are only one or two new posts added. We are taking a deserved holiday in Adelaide for the next two weeks ....

We've worked long and hard in recent months (more often than not without any treat or credit) ... therefore we are going to pamper ourselves to a little sightseeing and catch up with my Mum's side of the family ....

Mystic Switchboard

Providing the bridge between the two worlds ... connecting those who have been seperated by the illusion of death. The message is simple, life goes on ... the spirit moves to other levels of this virtual universe ...

"They move close to this plane. Always when that time is close for someone to cross that bridge from manifest to their world. There are a number here. Healers, doctors, nurses ready to tend for the sick ... an event on the manifest is anticipated there. Seers and mystics on that side of life had spoken of an event when a new bird will drop out of the sky. Over the central continent of the manifest world. The word 'Germany' is spoken here as either destination or departure. However, it is not possible to glean the when."

Gavin. "You know she's not treating you right. When you are given these words (by Sara) you will ignore and ridicule. You'll down your usual pints and wander across town ... and find the door locked. She'll let you down (again). - Terry (your father) - who never minced his words. What you suspect about D is right on the nail.

Crop Circle Symbolism

Crop Circle with a cube (square??) ...

Reported 24th August 2008 at Eastfield, Below Knapp Hill, Wiltshire.

Is this the 'portend' of the square sunspot ... perhaps??

First Sunspot in Two months is SQUARE


It was announced in August, that it had been more than 100 years since the sun did not manifest sunspots for an entire month. Now we’re almost into two months…until now. What’s quite amazing about this sunspot (which no one is talking about,) is that this sunspot appears to have a square geometry as shown in the enlargement to the left.

In the upper left corner a dark feature is visible. Only a few of these objects were visible across the entire surface when this image was taken. Superheated plasma dancing randomly can be seen everywhere in this image. Each of these tiny peaks are actually hundreds to thousands of miles high.

Yet this lone, square sunspot appears out of nowhere.

On 9/23/2008, NASA held a press conference about the current state of our sun:
"This new spot has both the magnetic orientation and the high-latitude position of a sunspot belonging to the new solar cycle, Cycle 24. Will this be the harbinger of more solar changes to come and mark the beginnings of a rise in solar activity in the near future? Only time will tell. If the pattern from the record of the past 400 years holds, we can expect that solar activity will begin to show an increase in the next few months."

More Random Nostradamus Quatrains ...

Century XII Quatrain 55
Sad counsels, disloyal, cunning, Wicked advice, the Law will be betrayed: The people stirred, wild, quarrelsome, In borough as in town, the entire peace hated.

Century I Quatrain 35
The young lion will overcome the older one, in a field of combat in single fight: He will pierce his eyes in their golden cage; two wounds in one, then he dies a cruel death.

Cry For The Nations

Music video by MSG ... Michael Schenker Group ...

The Incredible Mystery of Coral Castle, says: While the cutting techniques of the ancient pyramid builders have been a continuing topic for debate, they have not received the same attention and controversy as the proposed methods that were used to lift and transport huge cyclopean blocks of stone. While Egyptologists and orthodox believers in primitive methods argue that the huge blocks were moved and put into place using only man power, experts in moving heavy weights using modern cranes throw doubt on the subject.

My company recently installed a hydraulic press that weighed 65 tons. In order to lift it and drop it through the roof, they had to bring in a special crane. The crane was brought to the site in pieces and was transported from 80 miles away over a period of five days. After 15 semi-trailer loads, the crane was finally assembled and ready for use.

As the press was lowered into its specially prepared pit, I asked one of the riggers about the heaviest weight he had lifted. He claimed that it was a 110-ton nuclear power plant vessel. When I related to him the 70 and 200 ton weights of the blocks of stone used inside the Great Pyramid and the Valley Temple, he expressed amazement and disbelief at the primitive methods that are promoted by Egyptologists.

For many, it is enough just to argue the issue from a logical standpoint. For others, the subject becomes more meaningful when a proposed method is demonstrated and proven to be successful. There is only one man in the world who, by demonstration, has supported the claim, I know the secret of how the pyramids of Egypt were built! The man is now deceased.

The claim was made by an eccentric Latvian recluse named Edward Leedskalnin. An immigrant to the United States of America, Leedskalnin devised a means to single-handedly lift and maneuver blocks of coral weighing up to 30 tons each. In Homestead, Florida, using his closely guarded secret, he was able to quarry and construct an entire complex of monolithic blocks of coral in an arrangement that reflected his own unique character. On average, the weight of a single block used in the Coral Castle was greater than those used to build the Great Pyramid. He labored for 28 years to complete the work, which consisted of a total of 1,100 tons of rock. What was Leedskalnin's secret? Is it possible for a five-foot tall, 110 pound man to accomplish such a feat without knowing techniques that are uncommon to our contemporary understanding of physics and mechanics?

Leedskalnin was a student of the universe. Within his castle walls, built of coral blocks weighing approximately 15 tons each, he had a 22-ton obelisk, a 22-ton moon block, a 23-ton Jupiter block, a Saturn block, a 9-ton gate, a rocking chair that weighed 3-tons, and numerous puzzles. A huge 30-ton block, which he considered to be his major achievement, he crowned with a gable shaped rock. These personal accomplishments have astounded and surprised many engineers and technologists, who compare them with those achieved by workers handling similar weights in industry today.

For his miracles of construction engineering, Leedskalnin received attention not only from engineers and technologists, but from the U.S. government, who paid him a visit hoping to be enlightened. Leedskalnin received them gracefully, and they left none the wiser. In 1952, falling ill and on his last legs, Leedskalnin checked himself into the hospital and slipped away from this life, taking his secret with him.

Read more ...

Tearing Down To Rebuild

We all know someone who has elevated the process of complaining to a high art. Sometimes funny, sometimes exhausting, these people have the ability to find a problem just about anywhere. In its more evolved form, complaining is simply the ability to see what’s not working, in one’s own life or in the external world, and it can be quite useful if followed to its natural conclusion—finding a solution and applying it. However, many of us don’t get that far, and we find that complaining has become an end in itself. In small doses, this is not a big problem, but if complaining has become a huge part of our identities, it may be time to take a good look at how we are spending our energy. Complaining is a person’s way of acknowledging that they are not happy with the way things are. In a metaphorical way, when we complain or criticize, we are tearing down an undesirable structure in order to make room for something new. But if all we do is tear down, never bothering to summon the creative energy required to create something new, we are not fulfilling the process. In fact, we are at risk for becoming a stagnant and destructive force in our own lives and in the lives of the people we love. Another issue with complaining is that we sometimes tend to focus on other people, whom we can’t change, as a way of deflecting attention from the one person we can change—ourselves. So transforming complaining into something useful is a twofold process that begins with turning our critical eye to look at things we can actually do something about, and then taking positive action. When we find ourselves complaining, the last thing we need to do is get down on ourselves. Instead, we can begin by noticing that we are in the mode of wanting to make some changes. But rather than lashing out at somebody or an organization, we can look for an appropriate place to channel this energy—not our neighbor’s house, but possibly parts of our own. Finally, we can ask ourselves the positive question of what we would like to create in the place of whatever it is we want to tear down. When we do this, we channel a negative habit into a creative process, thus using our energy to change the world around us in a positive way. (Daily OM)

Another 'Sighting'

A Britsh couple claim to have spotted Madeleine McCann on a beach in Majorca sparking a huge police search. The holidaymakers are convinced they saw the missing youngster with two women at Cala d’Or, in the south east of the island, at 10.30am last Sunday. The middle class couple went to their hotel to check internet pictures of Madeleine and remained convinced it was the tot. But when they returned to the beach there was no sign of the young girl or the two women. (The Sun 26th September 2008)

Merlin Insight
No, no, no ... I can't sense this as being MM. It doesn't have the signature. What springs to mind is one more from the trail of the red herrings? A genuine mix up by the holidaymakers with a girl who had a fleeting resemblance to MM. This is one of those instances of mistaken identity ....

MM is on 'mainland' not island. She's been on islands. But there is a young boy/early teens ... linked in some way to the extended family making contact with me from the other side here. He's showing me a trail of coins ... ten pences mainly. He's making a long line of them on a sandy beach. This line stretches as far as the eye can see ... he says this is very symbolic of a line made in the sand. Money is man made and manufactured ... it makes the earthly world go round. His concern is the focus on this never ending line of money ... and not on the emotional well being at this time. This boy is linked to M in some way. He can connect to her through her dreams. ....


The companion blog SKYART has recently been updated with original images of Glastonbury Abbey, Glastonbury and Castlerigg ................

Walk through this portal to SKYART

Dragonfly ....

Music by the maestro Yngwie Malmsteen ....


Magickal Journal for Friday 26th September 2008

For me the Dragonfly has major magickal significance, especially in the days of regular sojourns to mystical Avalon (Glastonbury). Back then I would almost always have a dragonfly land on my shoulder or my arm when I spent a meditative hour or two in the Chalice Well Gardens.

I've not forgotten the wonder and spiritual significance since. I thought those spiritual connections were long since gone.

However, today ... whilst busily walking the city street during lunch break (I needed some fresh air after a long and arduous morning of tendering and financial contemplation) ... an adult Dragonfly was hovering the air before me. Seemingly waiting for me to notice it!

Interestingly, I link the Dragonfly with the realm of Yesod and the archangel of that Sepiroth - Gabriel. In recent nights I'd been re-connecting with the realm of Foundation. So it was not surprising then that Gabriel sent one of his little minions to 'keep a watchful eye on me' ..... in the space of two days now TWO of my protectors have sent a physical creature to acknowledge their presence ... and notification of my tenure once more back on the Tree!

Thursday, 25 September 2008

A Boy Named Safari

I have been watching a hospital programme each night here in Australia, it is filmed at Royal Prince Alfred hospital, and follows patients stories, treatments, etc.
One little boy from Kenya has really grabbed my attention, he will no longer be a little boy as it was filmed in 2001 when he was aged 6 turning 7.
I have posted a link here to to his story (below).
This child suffered severe burns, but all I ever saw him do was smile, throughout his numerous operations, all this sweet little boy did was offer a huge smile to everyone.
He was truly an inspiration to us all.
In between the TV programme, during the adverts we had a flash of Celeb Rehab, these stinkingly rich people in rehab, totally spaced out on drugs/drink etc, seeking help for their own self inflicted pain. Feeling sorry for themselves.

And then we have Safari, here is his story.......

Safari Kimanthi and his uncle Kilonzo arrived in Australia on 12th January 2001 to stay for 12 months. During this time some six to eight operations will be performed on Safari to correct severe burn disfigurement to his face and left arm. Safari was six years old and at the age of three was accidentally burned when the blanket in which he was wrapped caught fire as he sat in front of an open fire in his parent's hut. Amazingly he survived the ordeal but his future and quality of life had been jeopardized. The fusion of his lower face to his body meant that spinal curvature would result in later life and eating would be inhibited. His left hand had melted and was non-functional and extension of the left arm was severely restricted by scar tissue webbing at the elbow and underarm. In short the future for Safari was not bright.
Read More.........

Quote For The Day

Have the heart to forgive souls for being who they are not, and the respect that inspires souls to become who they are.


Music to my Ears Update!

It's been a while ... but the companion blog 'Music To My Ears' has recently been updated with classic Deep Purple & Ian Gillan tracks .... Smoke On The Water, Highway Star & No Laughing In Heaven ... amongst others.

Music To My Ears here ....

Music for Meditation ....

"Divinaura" by Aeoliah


Four of Batons a.k.a Four of Wands

Completion. You need to ceremoniously acknowledge and celebrate the completion of an important course of action. Give thanks for the support, friendship and good things in your life.

In readings, the four of Wands often represents the events and experiences that generate excitement. These vary from person to person, but the stirring feelings are the same. Sometimes such times arrive unexpectedly. The four of Wands can signal a surprise or spontaneous thrill. Other times this card represents planned celebrations, such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and victory parties. These events have their solemn side, but they are also a chance to feel the joy of living.

The four of Wands also means freedom. Freedom can take many forms, but it always brings with it an exhilarating feeling. When we break the bonds that bind us, whether physical, mental or emotional, we feel triumphant and able to move on to a new period of growth and happiness. If you feel trapped or restricted right now, use the energy of the four of Wands to launch you into freedom. Do not be afraid to claim the open vistas that are rightfully yours.

Celebration, ceremony upon completion. Optimism and joy. Relaxation. Good time to move in new directions, something completed, something initiated. Contented home life. Prosperity. Harvest. A successful conclusion. Personal achievement, material well being. Card of the home. Improvements to property or imminent move. Working with people.
Celebration of recent good fortune; marriage or good solid business relationship; the successful completion of the initial stage of a project; cooperation, heading in the same direction, of the same mind; the coming together of ideas; satisfaction with current situation.

The Four of Wands depicts a celebration outside the walls of a castle. The canopy of flowers on the four wands is similar to the wedding canopy or chuppah of the traditional Jewish ceremony and thus represents a time of fulfillment and satisfaction at the attainment of a goal. The number four is a number of completion, stability, and realisation. The pursuit of the creative journey has begun to bear fruit, and early results are now being enjoyed. This card augurs a time of joy and satisfaction in life and represents the personal gratification of a job well done, a goal attained, a vision beginning to be realized.

The four indicates a sense of harmony and balance as well as completion, and thus symbolizes a time of peace and joy in life that come as the result of often difficult and challenging effort. If you encounter this card in a reading, there is cause for celebration!

The Four of Wands if one of the most positive cards in the Tarot deck and indicates general good fortune, satisfaction, and fulfillment. But realize, as always, that all things are temporal and that there may be challenges ahead.

The Four of Wands indicates peace and tranquillity. You may find a refuge from the turmoils of life. This contentment may be the result of the association with another person in a romantic setting.

Latest Crop Circle ...

Location: Broad Hinton, Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire.
Reported: 24th September 2008
Source: Crop Circle Connector

A 3-D crop circle again! Perhaps the 'four of rods' or 'four of batons' maybe???

A clear attempt at symbolism by the creator of the circle ... but what and to whom?

Chiron - the Compassionate Centaur

Last of the Centaurs, father of medicine, divination and healing (chiropractor, chiromancy, chirurgery), Chiron has been dubbed "the Rainbow Bridge".

Many astrologers focus on the "wounded healer" aspect of Chiron. It is likelt that the placement of Chiron in the birthchart may be indicative of past life karmic wounds, and even present life wounding and pain. While there is consensus that his function astrologically has much to do with healing old wounds ... and also his capacity to feel the pain of others, his highly sensitive and compassionate nature, and his sacrifices for the sake of mankind.

Once immortal Chiron, teacher to many a Greek hero, was very calm and wise by Centaur standards. He represents in each of us the capacity for great compassion, sensitivity and self-sacrifice for the good of others. He was especially civilized for his race, and he trained many a hero - including Heracles, and the intrepid Jason (and the argonauts.)

Abandoned by his mother at birth, accidentally and mortally wounded - Chiron was unable to heal himself in spite of all the knowledge he possessed. Severely and painfully wounded by accident from a poison arrow (reputedly one he had given to Heracles!), he renounced the immortality given him by the gods and gave it to Prometheus in his stead (Prometheus was therefore released from the punishment dealt him by Zeus - of being chained to a rock for all eternity with an eagle tearing at his liver - which he had earned just for tricking the Gods into giving Man too much knowledge - including the use of fire!) So, Chiron was allowed to die - he did not suffer endlessly, but found a way out of his suffering. This is his greatest focus of energy - accepting and transcending his own pain, finding the way, leading, teaching, sensitivity and the capacity for deep inner healing.

One notable fact about Chiron is that his discovery in 1977 seems to coincide with a major shift in medical focus from traditional (Western World) physical body healing to a rich variety of whole mind/body healing tecniques. His half-man half-horse enlightened self has a desire to integrate energies - bring the beast together with the higher mind. According to Zane Stein, when Chiron was discovered, the
Galactic Center (26 degrees of Sagittarius) was almost exactly conjunct the Ascendant. What could this mean? Perhaps partly due to Chiron's influence, we are at an evolutionary turning point on many levels, and though not entirely "enlightened" as a race, well on our way to righting many of the wrongs of the past. May Chiron show us the way to use the compassionate power of our minds and the strength of our bodies in unison - for the greatest good of all!

Eliphas Levi - Master of Tarot

Alphonse Louis Constant is one of the great influences on tarot - Aleister Crowley believed he was a reincarnation of the Frenchman. Levie was born in 1810, destined to be a priest, but at some point he discovered occultism. It is not clear if he was pushed or jumped, but he left the Catholic Church.

In a ten year period he wrote an impressive number of books that influenced western occultism in France and in England.

The Chariot in the Book of Thoth is inspired by Levi's design. The Fool card is associated with Baphomet, the supposed God of the Templars as described by Levi


By Joe Satriani ....

Druid Plant Lore


A rich heritage of plant lore exists in Merlin’s Isle, as Britain was once known, and we can trace this heritage at least as far back as the Bronze Age, which began here around 4,000 years ago. From the analysis of pollen grains we know that during this period people in the Orkneys, Scotland and Wales used Meadowsweet as a floral tribute at burial sites. Up above the dark brooding lake of Llyn y Fan Fach in Wales the cremated remains of a young girl’s bones have been found in a cairn, alongside traces of Meadowsweet pollen, pottery and flint tools.

It is fitting that such a cairn should be there, for in this majestic barren landscape it presides over a lake that is renowned for being the site of the origin-story of the Physicians of Myddvai. According to this legend, out of the waters of Llyn Fan Fach came a mysterious and beautiful Lady of the Lake who taught the first of the Physicians about the healing power of plants. These Physicians of Myddvai appeared in the Middle Ages, and the last of their line died out in the 19th century, when the story of the Lady of the Lake was first recorded, but the fact that the ashes of a young girl were buried with Meadowsweet above this lake thousands of years before this time is inspiring – as if a gentle feminine spirit has always hovered over this landscape, bringing with her the gifts of healing and plant-lore that we can still draw upon today.

In Ireland, Airmid and the Goddess Brighid act in a similar way as legendary sources of healing and plant lore, and when we explore their gifts, and the wider heritage of plant-lore that exists throughout the Druid source-lands of the British Isles, Ireland and Brittany, we can discern at least thirteen ways in which to work with plants in a sacred manner as we follow the ‘Old Ways’. In Druidry, many of these are traditionally the province of the Ovate, who might choose to devote a lunar month to each of these ways in turn, so that after a year they will have made a study of all thirteen ways, which they can then choose to deepen in whatever way they wish. (Read More .... )

Doctors told to curb use of Ritalin in hyperactive children

Source: The Times

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) should be treated with drugs such as Ritalin only in severe cases and never when they are younger than 5, under official health guidelines issued today. Widespread concerns that medication is used too freely to calm hyperactive children have been recognised by two clinical practice watchdogs, which are now advising doctors not to prescribe drugs whenever possible.

Most children with ADHD should instead be offered psychological therapy to improve their behaviour, backed up by training to support their parents and teachers, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health (NCCMH) recommend.

Drugs such as Ritalin and Concerta (brand names for methylphenidate) and Strattera (atomoxetine) should be used as frontline treatments only when severe ADHD is diagnosed, or when other options have failed.

While up to 3 per cent of school-age children in Britain are affected by ADHD, only about a third to a quarter of these would qualify as severe cases. In a typical school of 1,400 children, between 30 and 40 would have a diagnosis of ADHD, and about 10 would be classed as severely affected.

The symptoms of ADHD include an inability to concentrate for long periods, hyperactive and restless behaviour, and impulsive actions, such as speaking without thinking of the consequences or failing to wait and take turns. It also affects about 2 per cent of adults.

ADHD support groups welcomed the guidelines, but said that they would have to be backed by increased resources for behavioural therapy if they are to have the desired effect.

Elegant Blessings

Source: DailyOM

Grace exists inside of all of us and around us. It is our inner beauty that radiates outward, touching everyone we meet. It is that unseen hand that comes from the divine, raising us up when we most need it. To be able to live in a state of grace is not based on worthiness, nor is it earned through good deeds, ritual, or sacrifice. Rather it is an unearned favor, freely bestowed and available to all, that is inherent to our birthright. All we must do is open our eyes to its presence and we will find and experience grace everywhere.

Grace is in the rain bringing relief to drought-ridden farms, and the unexpected lead for the perfect job opportunity that comes from a stranger. Grace is what happens to someone when they miraculously escape injury; it is even the simple events that happen to us that we call “good luck,” like when we don’t get a parking ticket after are meter has expired. Grace resides in the love between two people, the gift or check that comes unexpectedly in the mail, the cozy comforts that make up a home, and in the acts of forgiveness we bestow upon others. It is grace that moves us to go out of our way to help a stranger. In music, a grace note is the pause between notes that is so important to the pacing of a song. Grace is the state we are in when we are doing nothing but just being who we are.

When we accept that we always exist in a state of grace, we are able to live our lives more graciously. Knowing we are graced gives us hope, makes us more generous, and allows us to trust that we are taken care of even when we are going through difficult times. Grace is our benevolence of heart, and our generosity of spirit. Grace is unconditional love and the beauty that is our humanity. When we know that we are blessed with grace, we can’t help but want to live our lives in harmony.

"Fortune, Universe and Conflict"

Interesting Merlin images to interpret. Just in summary here. The far left column of three has the King & Queen of Serpents and the King of Birds. It relates in someway to the contact between perhaps a specialist/consultant and a couple who had the correct genetics (??) to undertake a process ....

The next two columns include The Empress and The Star and indicates the joy and excitement of a pregnancy then birth at last .... a successful pregnancy and birth at that.

The King of Birds appears influential and untrustworthy. Someone linked to many spheres of influences. Indeed in the next two columns we see The Hermit and The Priestess. It has the two of Serpents (choice) ... and suggests the procurement of The Star by forces linked in someway to the process of the first column ... the Hermit relates to the isolation and the seperation of The Star and the ongoing despair experienced by the King & Queen of Serpents (dragon blood lines?) .....

The final column of Fortune and Universe give some visual symbolism of the process involved in column one ... the top image (Fortune) suggests a needle or rod penetrating the circle ... which can suggest genetic engineering with cells etc .... the Universe indicates the emergence of life from this process. The bottom card of the last column is 'conflict' ... suggesting the disharmony this particular process has caused. The conflict around those at the heart of the mystery ....

MJ (24/9/08)

Mystic Switchboard

Providing the bridge between the two worlds ... connecting those who have been seperated by the illusion of death. The message is simple, life goes on ... the spirit moves to other levels of this virtual universe ...

Brian - 'I've tried to contact you several times; I've sent to you to a number of those places you wouldn't go too when I was alive. I got you there, but was unable to talk to you. I have Sherry with me, her legs are back to how they were ....' Brenda.

Pauline - 'Hello petal. It's your gran here. Your Mum is still on your side of life. Keep trying, you will find her and sooner than you think. The man with the red car will drive you to the house where she is living.' ... Edith

Liam - 'tell him I had pressure across my chest. Fluid in my lungs and it hurt so bad. I saw his tears at the end, it matters not a damn he wasn't there at the time I passed. He's carried it for years. He won't believe it I am here. He has is father's silver chain with eternity ring and the painting of the boat he always liked' .... Margaret

Image of the Day

"The Hand of Spirit"
Photographed by Matthew James circa 2007
The history of the photograph has been featured previously on A Light in the Darkness. It is a 'genuine' phenomenon ... five minutes prior to this appearing on the glass table Kristine had dilligently cleaned the table. At the time of the occurrence there was only Kristine and myself in the house. The hand print is clearly that of a male. I suspect the hand print was made by my Late Father.


Thin Lizzy Live .... and at their best

Fanatic Watches Da Vinci Code, stabs Priest

A 25-year-old man who tried to kill a priest by stabbing him in a Rome church has told police that he did so after the watching the film The Da Vinci Code and believing himself to be the anti-Christ.
The priest, Reverend Caino Calitri, 68, was in critical condition in a Rome hospital after he was stabbed repeatedly in the neck on Tuesday by Marco Luzi, according to Italian media reports, including the Catholic paper Avvenire.
Police found a note in one of Luzi's pockets reading "this is just the beginning, 666."
The number 666 is known as "the number of the beast" in the Book of Revelation in the Bible.

Luzi, who stabbed three other people who had tried to help the priest, told police after his arrest that he had watched The Da Vinci Code on television the night before.
They also found various references to the novel by Dan Brown in Luzi's apartment, including a print of the The Last Supper fresco by Leonardo Da Vinci.

One note read "I, the anti-Christ".
The theme of the anti-Christ and Da Vinci's fresco figure prominently in the best-selling book and its film adaptation, both of which have been condemned by the Vatican.

The Da Vinci Code outraged the Vatican and some Catholics because of its storyline that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had children, creating a royal blood line that Church officials kept secret for centuries.

Source: ABC

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Quote For The Day

Anyone who takes himself too seriously always runs the risk of looking ridiculous; anyone who can consistently laugh at himself does not.

Vaclav Havel

Image of the Day

Original Image by Matthew James


Classic Bad Company live ....

The Speed of Life

Source: New Dawn Magazine

Questionnaires by psychologists have shown that almost everyone – including college students – feels that time is passing faster now compared to when they were half or a quarter as old as now. And perhaps most strikingly, a number of experiments have shown that, when older people are asked to guess how long intervals of time are, or to ‘reproduce’ the length of periods of time, they guess a shorter amount than younger people.

We usually become conscious of this speeding up around our late twenties, when most of us have ‘settled down.’ We have steady jobs and marriages and homes and our lives become ordered into routines – the daily routine of working, coming home, having dinner and watching TV; the weekly routine of (for example) going to the gym on Monday night, going to the cinema on Wednesday night, going for a drink with friends on Friday night etc.; and the yearly routine of birthdays, bank holidays and two weeks’ holiday in the summer. After a few years we start to realise that the time it takes us to run through these routines seems to be decreasing, as if we’re on a turntable which is picking up speed with every rotation. As the French philosopher Paul Janet noted more than a hundred years ago: Whoever counts many lustra in his memory need only question himself to find that the last of these, the past five years, have sped much more quickly than the preceding periods of equal amount. Let any one remember his last eight or ten school years: it is the space of a century. Compare with them the last eight or ten years of life: it is the space of an hour .... This speeding up is probably responsible for the phenomenon which psychologists call ‘forward telescoping’: our tendency to think that past events have happened more recently than they actually have. Marriages, deaths, the birth of children – when we look back at these and other significant events, we’re often surprised that they happened so long ago, shocked to find that it’s already four years since a friend died when we thought it was only a couple of years, or that a niece or nephew is already ten years old when it only seems like three or four years since they were born.

So why do we experience this speeding up of time?

One popular answer is the ‘proportional’ theory, which suggests that the important factor is that, as you get older, each time period constitutes a smaller fraction of your life as a whole. This theory seems to have been first put forward in 1877 by Paul Janet, who suggested the law that, as William James describes it, “the apparent length of an interval at a given epoch of a man’s life is proportional to the total length of the life itself. A child of 10 feels a year as 1/10 of his whole life – a man of 50 as 1/50, the whole life meanwhile apparently preserving a constant length.”2 At the age of one month, a week is a quarter of your whole life, so it’s inevitable that it seems to last forever. At the age of 14, one year constitutes around 7% of your life, so that seems to be a large amount of time too. But at the age of 30 a week is only a tiny percentage of your life, and at 50 a year is only 2% of your life, and so your subjective sense is that these are insignificant periods of time which pass very quickly.

There is some sense to this theory – it does offer an explanation for why the speed of time seems to increase so gradually and evenly, with almost mathematical consistency. One problem with it, however, is that it tries to explain present time purely in terms of past time. The assumption behind it is that we continually experience our lives as a whole, and perceive each day, week, month or year becoming more insignificant in relation to the whole. But we don’t live our lives like this. We live in terms of much smaller periods of time, from hour to hour and day to day, dealing with each time period on its own merits, independently of all that has gone before.

Daily Merlin Review 'Fireworks'

Source: Daily Merlin 'The Empress' (Thurs 25th October 2007):

I hear in the back of my mind. I sense to my left. A number of voices ... 'Maddy to be returned' ... 'that is the foregone conclusion but what has not been considered is what has been said to her' and how will it effect her over the years.'

Fireworks made for big wide eyes and a piercing yelp when they exploded. Annie ... on the other side ... holds up a picture of smiling faces everywhere ....... a large family unit.

Those who have the little girl are not meant to be found. Their locality will never be found. The little girl shall take to the road once more and where she is to be recovered from is many miles away from where she has been living. With her shall be a new favourite doll ... and the brightest of smiles even after all this time. Take heart that though for someone so young the time apart from family is such a long time ... know at such a young age time cannot be comprehended or measured, it is only those tied to those bindings who are aware how long it is ... for her time is the kettle left unattended. The little child is alive ... very much alive ...

Family Jewels & The Jewels Programming Technique


Many Illuminati children will go through either metals or jewels programming, and occasionally will go through both. Jewels is considered higher than metals, and more difficult to obtain. Which is put in and when, is dependent on the child's status, its parents status, the region it is born in, the group it is born into, and the trainers that work with it. Basically, either metals or jewels is a form of reward based programming.

Here is how it works:The child is shown a piece of jewelry such as a ring, or else a large example of the jewel (or metal) being put in. They are asked: "isn't this Amethyst, or Ruby, Emerald, Diamond) beautiful?" The child will be eager to look at it, touch it, and is encouraged to by a trainer with a soft kind voice. The trainer will ask the child, "wouldn't you like to be beautiful, like this jewel? (or metal jewelry)". The child is usually eager to be. Here is a sparkling gemstone, placed in their small hands (the training often begins between age two and three). Of course they want to be beautiful, sparkly, valued. The trainer will extol the beauty of the gem (or metal), will tell the child how special, valued, wanted gems are, and basically build up the idea of becoming like a jewel.

The child is then told that in order to become a jewel, they must "earn the right". This involves:

a.) passing through steps of discipline

b.) passing "special tests"

c.) being rewarded for special achievement

Becoming a jewel (or precious metal) is dangled before the small child, like a carrot, as the reward for doing well in training sessions. The earning of one is linked to going through the rungs of the long, arduous training process expected of Illuminati children; having a jewel or metal involves stepping up in status and being praised. But the price is enduring hours of abuse called "training" but in reality is organized, systemic abuse to make the child do what the trainer wants them to become.

Over time, with the help of drugs, hypnosis, shock, and other trauma, as the child goes through it's training process, it will begin earning its jewels and/or metals, one by one. These will become full alters inside.

Amethyst is usually the first one earned, and is linked to keeping secrets, never telling, and passing the first step of discipline. Each step is linked to receiving either a jewel or precious metal.

Ruby will often be next, and is linked to sexual abuse and sexual alters inside. As the child is repeatedly sexually traumatized and survives, or creates sexual alters to please adults, they are "rewarded" by being allowed to become a ruby.

Emerald will often come later (ages 12 to 15). This is considered very precious, and is linked to family loyalty, witchcraft, and spiritual achievement. Emeralds will often have a black cat, or "familiar" linked to them.

Diamond is the highest gemstone, and not all children will earn it. It is considered a high achievement. and may not be earned until adulthood, after passing rigorous tasks. It will be the controlling alter in a gemstone system. A diamond has passed all twelve steps of discipline, plus passed unusual tests and will have highest family loyalty.

"Family jewels" are often passed down internally during training sessions with trainers and family members. All high Illuminati families will have jewels hidden in secret vaults (real, outside jewels) which have been passed down for generations. The children will often be given jewelry to wear in the daytime, as a reminder or reward, once they pass their programming. A child may be given a ruby ring or garnet pin to wear; in fact, a grandparent or parent may insist the child wear it. On ritual occasions, the child will be allowed to wear jewelry from the family's vault, once they reach a certain status. They may be allowed to wear a ruby pendant or emerald bracelet during high rituals, and will be quite proud of the fact, since the cult is first, foremost and always an extremely status conscious group. The children pick up on this, and the adults will make a big fuss over the children who have earned the right to wear jewels. This gives them a huge incentive to earn them.

Man Utd 3-1 Middlesbrough

Source: BBC Sport
Late goals from Nani and Ryan Giggs put Manchester United into the Carling Cup fourth round after Emanuel Pogatetz was sent off at Old Trafford.

United dominated and Cristiano Ronaldo, back for his first start after injury, headed them into a 25th minute lead.

Substitute Adam Johnson volleyed an unlikely second-half equaliser before Pogatetz was given a straight red for a nasty challenge on Rodrigo Possebon.

Veteran Giggs finished coolly and Nani made sure of the win in injury-time. Playing in front of a 53,000 crowd, United started with a strong line-up which including first-team regulars such as Ronaldo, Nemanja Vidic, Giggs, and Wes Brown, along with youngsters such as 18-year-old goalkeeper Ben Amos and 19-year-old striker Danny Welbeck.

The evening was soured after Pogatetz's 66th minute challenge on Possebon, which left the Brazilian prospect being given lengthy treatment before being stretchered off with a suspected broken leg.

But it was Ronaldo, inevitably, who took centre stage as the match kicked-off after Afonso Alves and Stewart Downing threatened early on for Boro without testing debutant Amos.

The Portuguese put United ahead after 25 minutes with a header from a Giggs corner which bore close resemblance to his goal in the Champions League final against Chelsea in May.

Blue Powder

Steve Vai performing live at The Astoria London

The Dark of the Soul ....

It is fascinating that Moon and/or Venus often play a dominant role in charts of people whom we consider as psychopaths. In fact, the charts of a lot of allegedly "unfeeling" and "cold-blooded" psychopaths have an emphasis of the water element. Surprising?

From a psychological point of view it becomes clear that these people have often had difficulties to cope with their strong sensitivity and emotions in their past. They found it easier to lock their feelings away and keep them 'water-tight' so that they didn't have to feel them. But they have found other outlets for their watery side: they use their strong capacity for empathy to 'slip into their victims' skin' and find out about their weaknesses and fears in order to exploit them ruthlessly. To the psychopath it may "only" feel like striking back, like a revenge for their own hurt feelings...

Yesod - The Foundation

One of thee main tasks of Yesod, Sphere of the Moon, is to acquire a firm foundation in Qabalistic theory before beginning any actual practice. Yesod is the automated consciousness or habit mind which is also sometimes called the Vital Soul, or realm of instincts.

In physics, this astral dynamism is known as electromagnetic fields, the force which lies behind and patterns all forms. Thus, the subconscious underlies and directs our mundane awareness in an analogous way to that in which EM fields are the subtle basis of matter. Behaviour precipitates, as it were, from hidden subconscious dynamics. We can raise much of this unconscious motivation to awareness.

Magical tradition asserts that the human faculty of imagination is capable of creating impressions in the astral substance which guide and direct subsequent manifestation. In modern language, creative visualization or dwelling on a though consciously or subconsciously, increases the chance of altering EM field patterns.

This is neither objective nor subjective, since the wave fronts involved operate both externally in the environment and internally in the organ of perception, the CNS. Therefore, magical exercises, carried our properly, are designed to establish and strengthen specific EM field patterns (or archetypes) with great clarity in the consciousness of the practitioner.

Misuse of imagination has created chaos, error, and confusion in the collective consciousness. Generations of wrong thinking have left a groove on the cultural mind, which manifests mostly as emotional fragmentation or misplaced zeal. Imagination is an essentially spiritual power whose expression has been distorted.

In Yesod we seek to reestablish emotional balance and control of responses and reactions which are usually below our threshold of awareness. At Yesod, this applies particularly to the channelling of intense reproductive urges. We seek connection with the uplifting aspects of sexual energy, rather than its animalistic expression which might sap our vitality.

This vitality is presented in the magical image of the sphere. But here it represents the power of regeneration of the inner person. The force works through the nervous system and interior centers. In yoga these centers are called chakras, and the Serpent Fire or Kundalini represents the dynamics of ascending consciousness. This energy goes by many names including prana and chi. It can be channelled by visualization.

Yesod work helps us hone and correct our creative visualization capacity. If our mental images are improperly formulated, disharmony results. Pain is an emotional signal which helps us correct our attitudes and images of our goals. Yesod is the center of the formative world before it crystallizes into manifestation. But we must not only work against our own lower impulses (shadow), but those of the collective (Adversary).

Focusing on right application of our self-conscious image-making faculty, we can release old blocks or habit patterns. Hypnotherapy may be helpful in this process. Old destructive habits are easily given up when better solutions are internalized and become part of your new self-image. At first it takes conscious effort to divert the flow into the new channels of reaction. But soon constructive new habits become the norm.

Yesod is the realm of instincts. After purifying the body comes the work of purifying the psyche. It means becoming aware of one's shadow and responses that are not in harmony with the goals of the Higher Self. It doesn't mean suppressing emotions, because bottled up feelings explode like a pressure-cooker. We create a channel for the liberating powers of the Self, which facilitates our natural, organic growth.

The higher Self can use the power of suggestion to influence the subconscious. It prepares the instinctual level for the transpersonal influx or transmutation. This mainly has to do with "original pain" work, healing misperceptions, faulty self-images, and emotional wounds or complexes--changing our "script." We all hate to give up our habits, and this means the pain of overcoming resistance to change.

Patterns in our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and behavior are deeply conditioned by the subconscious and the early development in our personality of script decisions, scripts, rackets, and games, such as "No Joy," or "No Love." If most of your thoughts about yourself counteract your higher mind ideals, then progress will be very slow. This is where therapy may help you clear out some old baggage. Then your ideals can be incorporated into your foundation, your new image.

This new self image must be frequently reinforced by images of success. If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about yourself or the world, just tell yourself to Stop! and change the program--divert your attention, change the self-talk.

Yesod contains the patterns of all possible forms and metaphorms. The astral plane includes but extends beyond the physical plane. Certain simple geometrical figures can be discovered through nature and the psyche. These archetypal forms include the cross, the square, the circle, the regular polygons, etc. Their proportions contain representations of the dynamic forces in the universe. They are the virtual underpinnings of sound vibration, light and color, gravitation and electromagnetism. These properties are the formative blueprints of everything which comes into physical being.

They are expressions of the One in the Many like the Jungian archetypes. These basic ideas and symbols of the collective unconscious also express the One in the Many. When God commanded "Let there be Light," He also meant in the panoply of our thoughts and imagination. And in the virtual reality of the astral, thoughts and feelings have the same concrete reality as a material object or experience. That is why hypnotherapy works tangible results in people through their inner journeys. When the imagery changes, so do the attitudes associated with it.

For the magician, the astral light is his medium to be influenced and formed through concentrated imagination and will. Even the most tenuous ideas influence it, and concentrated focused energy sets the formative forces in motion. The Collective Memory is its other function as the repository of all existence and experience.

Enjoying a Snail’s Pace

Source: DailyOM

Life can often feel like it’s zipping by in fast forward. We feel obliged to accelerate our own speed along with it, until our productivity turns into frenzied accomplishment. We find ourselves cramming as much activity as possible into the shortest periods of time. We disregard our natural rhythms because it seems we have to just to keep up. In truth, rushing never gets you anywhere but on to the next activity or goal. Slowing down allows you to not only savor your experiences, but also it allows you to fully focus your attention and energy on the task at hand. Moving at a slower place lets you get things done more efficiently, while rushing diminishes the quality of your work and your relationships. Slowing down also lets you be more mindful, deliberate, and fully present.

When we slow down, we are giving ourselves the opportunity to reacquaint ourselves to our natural rhythms. We let go of the “fast forward” stress, and allow our bodies to remain centered and grounded. Slowing down is inherent to fully savoring anything in life. Rushing to take a bath can feel like an uncomfortable dunk in hot water, while taking a slow hot bath can be luxuriant and relaxing. A student cramming for a test will often feel tired and unsure, whereas someone who really absorbs the information will be more confident and relaxed. Cooking, eating, reading, and writing can become pleasurable when done slowly. Slowing down lets you become more absorbed in whatever it is you are doing. The food you eat tastes better, and the stories you read become more alive.

Slowing down allows you to disconnect from the frenzied pace buzzing around you so you can begin moving at your own pace. The moments we choose to live in fast forward motion then become a conscious choice rather than an involuntary action. Learning to slow down in our fast-moving world can take practice, but if you slow down long enough to try it, you may surprise yourself with how natural and organic living at this pace can be.

Man of Sorrows

Rare music video by Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden vocals)

Very evocative lyrics IMO ....

Six Columns of Three

Randomly Merlin Tarot images selected after a long clearing process (shuffling) ....

Clearly defined boundaries and designations between the six columns of three images. Column two from the left has three number cards which are all 'sevens' .... refering to a time period where there was distinct and definable dishonesty and attention for the plans undertaken around the Queen of Birds in column one .... there is the clear numerology in this column of 3,4,5 ... it is the pre-planned period before the court figure of communications (birds is air is communications) has the attention around it epitomised by the 7 of Beasts (earth plane) at the top of column two ....

The Queen of Birds has a clear signification ....

The Queen of Birds and the Queen of Fishes (top card column three) are one and the same person ... the Q of F a transmutation or evolution of the character. The Star image at the base of the column three is the apparent source of the water/emotion with which the court Queen has evolved into a different character than prior to the seven barrier.

The next column .... column four .... relates to a period of introspection and 'mission accomplished' for the forces behind the actions. The Guardian is the popularised 'Devil' ... and represents that which has been hidden in plain sight (or not so plain sight)

Then in the fifth column we have the emergence of the Warrior of Birds .... who in some way relates to the imposing image of the King of Birds and also the Page of Serpents (or child of the red dragon) .... the emergence of the warrior is indicated in three columns right of the seven barrier. The images, to this point, are implicit this is when ... and it is ... but does not indicate the mechanism or the reason why.

The final column indicates this information. The Apple Woman in the 'Death' card indicate the clearing out or end of a cycle. The means to turn the wheel of fortune. To force the dragon's hand .... and force this hand to admit to its responsibilities.

However cryptic the information is ... the answers are all revealed within these columns of cards.


Defining 'Magical Sacred Space'

Carefully choose the room or area where you intend to undertake undisturbed 'magical' workings, whether it be meditations, pathworkings or full blooded rituals.

Spend a few minutes calming your mind and your energies. Focus on the space. Examine the space in great detail. Feel the energies/vibration there. Become one with the space. Put on some inspiring meditation music, hold a quartz crystal in your hand (this part is not essential ... a personal preference only) ....

Now close your eyes and begin to breathe in deeply. Imagine drawing the energy up from your feet as you breathe in. Hold the breathe for a count of five and exhale for five. Do this three times in total. On the final count .... imagine a fibre of blue light being exhaled through your nostrils. See its entrails in the air in front of you. Quickly 'throw' this energy around the perimeter of the room/area ... so it is seen like a blue line completely encompassing the space.
Repeat the breathing process again and on the final count ... image a fibre of blue light once more, but this time 'throw' this energy so it travels around the space in the opposite direction ... to ensure one protective circle in a clockwise (positive) direction and one in an anti-clockwise (negative) direction ....

Now with the energy band in place, it is time to call in protection ....

I use the simple evocation:

'I call on the forces of the astral who I've used in previous incarnations to provide me protection from the forces which have chosen to do me harm in this incarnation and all my other incarnations. Make your presence felt NOW.'

I repeat this five times. Each time leaving a space for an entity to arrive.

(The presence is felt almost immediately as a moving shadow to my right hand side which creates a coldness in the air in my immediate vicinity).

Once the protector has arrived. Ask; 'please provide me with a name with which to associate with you at this time.'

'Thank you.'

At this point I then mentally direct the protector to the first sentry point ... there are four sentry points, each one representing a cardinal compass point ....

The evocation is then repeated a further three times until each cardinal point has a protecting sentry ....

(Interestingly, I find that each of the protectors will make its presence known in a different way to the other.)

Once the four sentries are in place, it is time to state the intention of the sacred space ... which is spoken out loud to each of the protectors.

Then I will always state:

'Please assist me in lifting the vibration of this sacred space to a point where it acts as a platform where it is easier for ............ (name of presence being contacted) reach. Please aid me NOW. Using my own consciousness as the conduit between the lower and higher planes I ask that you focus and provide your energies to assist in creating a platform of timelessness to assist in better communications ....'

It is at this point I then let the energies in the space still before continuing into the intended working .....

Protectors will almost always make their physical presence felt in the days after the working (interestingly the most recent sacred space working resulted in a black cat making its appearance the very next day ...)

Energy drinks 'should have caffeine health warning on cans'

The latest generation of fizzy energy drinks contain so much caffeine they should be forced to carry health warnings, scientists say.
Some 'performance drinks' contain the caffeine equivalent of at least ten cans of cola.
The warning comes amid concern about the health effects of energy drinks. Earlier this month, drugs experts warned caffeine dependency was causing disruption and concentration problems in classrooms.
Read more............
Source: Daily Mail

Comment: Matt are you reading this?

House sales plunge 60% as market grinds to a halt

The number of people who sold their home last month plunged by 60 per cent, official figures have revealed.
Only 62,000 found a buyer in August, according to HM Revenue & Customs. This compares with more than 140,000 a year before.
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Source: Daily Mail

Comment: Can things get any worse??

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Quote For The Day

Avoid having your ego so close to your position, that when your position falls, your ego goes with it.

Colin Powell

'Triangular' UFOs spotted near Wrexham

Strange, dazzling lights flying slowly through the night sky have been reported near Wrexham, sparking a new UFO scare.

The Evening Leader has been inundated with calls reporting the triangular shapes over Rhos, as well as sightings in Johnstown and Borras.The incident, the latest in a long line of sightings in the town, is strengthening claims that the town is fast becoming a UFO hotspot. Janet Bancroft, 28, and partner Mark Pluke, 24, both witnessed the dazzling lights from their home on Maes-y-Ficerdy, Rhos, after Mark had gone to put the rubbish out.According to the couple, the lights, spotted at about 7.40pm, formed into a slow-moving triangle before eventually disappearing from view some 20 minutes later. Janet said: "It was really strange. They formed into a 'V' shape and then into a triangle which sort of got bigger and bigger."

Source: Evening Leader

Jobs in the Illuminati

Source: mindcontrol.forums

High Priest/Priestess: The person who holds this job is changed every few years in most groups, although it may be held longer in smaller, more rural groups. These people administrate and lead their local cult group as well as coordinate jobs within the cult, give assignments, and pass on meeting dates given from the local hierarchy or leadership council. They also will activate the local group's telephone tree, evaluate their local group members for job performance, and lead in all spiritual activities. They report to the local or regional leadership council over their group.

Malkuth - The Kingdom

Malkuth is the first sphere upon which an initiate enters the Tree of Life. It is in this realm that you learn of the existence of other things, other than the earth, and touch upon divine sources. Sandalphon is the name of the Archangel that presides over this sphere and without his permission, you will not be allowed to leave Malkuth and enter into the other spheres of the Tree of Life. Newcomers to the Tree of Life will spend some time exploring in this sphere, some of that time on his or her own. Eventually, when Sandalphon feels the time is right and you have proved to him that you are ready and worthy and pure of heart enough to enter into the other realms, he will come up to you and present you some kind of key. This key is a symbol that you can travel to the other spheres.

Malkuth would not be the place it is without speaking a bit about the archangel Sandalphon. First, Sandalphon has several forms that he uses, so he may not be apparent. In his traditional male form, Sandalphon will appear as a wizard who walks among a beautiful garden and cares for it, with magic and wonder. In his traditional female form, he will look like a beautiful ice princess or crystal princess. This princess form he tends to use for children. In his John the Baptist form, Sandalphon wears sandals and shorts or even bear skins. Sometimes Sandalphon will look like a mighty being of light or of a Pope or a some kind of high priest. This is his Elijah form. His Elijah form is the most close that you will come to see him in his divine form. He carries a staff in this form to, and that staff is a symbol of his power and wisdom.

In whatever form Sandalphon uses, he is a very unique being. He usually says very little but the little he says can convey a wealth of meaning and understanding. A single glance is usually enough to keep you wondering for month. We have much to say about this Archangel in this sphere because most of your encounters in Malkuth will be connected with him. He is a master teacher, and he cares very much for your welfare. He will use Malkuth and all of its wonder to prepare you to embark on your journey into the rest of the Tree of Life and to meet with its wondrous beings and wisdom and adventure.

The Madeleine McCann Christian Prayer Circle Says God Took Her


Christians around the world joined in prayer on Friday for the safe return of missing Madeleine McCann and the release of all children held by criminal networks.

The worldwide day of prayer was organised by the Madeleine Prayer Circle.

“We feel that the battle is spiritual and by going through prayer that God will listen to the cries of His people and that this will sway the spiritual balance in Madeleine’s favour.”

Caislean oir

Music by Clannad ....

More Space Machines .....

Here is another exclusive video showing another space machine. John Walson has literally opened the eyes of tens of millions of minds to the fact that the space above us is loaded with machines and spacecraft...and UFOs. The attention John is receiving is of a very high level...the surveillance helicopters are back and he's been followed and observed by several people on numerous occasions recently. Here's another remarkable video to study...

All images and videotape footage ©2008 by John Lenard Walson. Source:

Tarot Card of the Day

Although it has taken on a strictly romantic revision of meaning in some modern decks, traditionally the Lovers card of Tarot reflected the challenges of choosing a partner. At a crossroads, one cannot take both paths. The images on this card in different decks have varied more than most, because we have had so many ways of looking at sex and relationships across cultures and centuries.

Classically, the energy of this card reminded us of the real challenges posed by romantic relationships, with the protagonist often shown in the act of making an either-or choice. To partake of a higher ideal often requires sacrificing the lesser option. The path of pleasure eventually leads to distraction from spiritual growth. The gratification of the personality eventually gives way to a call from spirit as the soul matures.

Modern decks tend to portray the feeling of romantic love with this card, showing Adam and Eve at the gates of Eden when everything was still perfect. This interpretation portrays humanity before the Fall, and can be thought to imply a different sort of choice -- the choice of evolution over perfection, or the choice of personal growth through relationship -- instead of a fantasy where everything falls into place perfectly and is taken care of without effort.

Accepting and Releasing Emotions

Source: DailyOM

Dealing with powerful emotions can be challenging, especially when we are going through chaotic, sad, or cruel experiences in our lives. Often, it can seem like we have only two options for dealing with our feelings so they don’t become too overwhelming. We may let our feelings out in an immediate and visceral way, or we may bottle them up by suppressing our emotions inside our bodies.

Most people make the second choice, repressing their feelings in an attempt to deny them. The truth is that there are many positive ways to deal with emotions, and experiencing your negative feelings doesn’t have to constitute a negative experience. Denying your feelings is not only unhealthy for the mind and the body, but it may also rob you of valuable information you could be learning about yourself and your life.

Suppressing your emotions can even impede your short-term memory. Acknowledging your feelings can help you better understand them and help you recover naturally from change, stress, and grief. If you find that facing your feelings head on is proving too difficult during times of emotional distress, you may want to explore alternative ways of expressing them. Otherwise, the emotions you deny could morph into unconscious anger or self-hatred.

Expressing your thoughts to friends or family can be helpful. If you don’t feel ready to share them, try giving them words by writing down what you are feeling. Give whatever you are feeling simple words like “livid” or “angry” or “excited” You can also funnel your feelings into a creative outlet, physical exercise, or chores. Even just accepting and speaking your feelings out loud to yourself can be a healing release. In releasing intense emotions, it is most beneficial to acknowledge the feelings, allow yourself to feel them, and let the feelings go.

Those who are willing to experience and release their feelings without judgment also find that their lives become less stressful. Breathing deeply, going for a long walk, or doing a constructive task can help you respond to your feelings in a healthy way. While burying negative or uncomfortable feelings can numb the pain, it also may inevitably dull your ability to experience your more positive and pleasurable feelings. You may find yourself afraid to open up in the future for fear of getting hurt. The feelings we deny aren’t limited to anger and sadness. Suppressing our happiness or excitement can be just as unhealthy.

In learning how to express your intense emotions in a healthy way, you are giving yourself the freedom to fully experience the more joyful emotions that come with being alive.

Life is too Short

An evocative ballad by The Scorpions ....

IMO this is an incredible song ... the words, the melody, the classic Scorpions balladic style ....

Scorpio Spirit

Source: ashishanand85

People often draw back visibly when someone says he or she was born in end Oct or November, murmuring, "Oh, you're a Scorpio!" either in frank fear, or in awe and respect. Sometimes there's also a giggle that obviously refers to the legendary Scorpio passion. Scorpios are fed up with these reactions to their Sun sign, and who can blame them? But they are ruthless and dangerous, right?

Wrong. It depends. First, you'd better learn how to recognize the sign. They have a very mysterious personality. Look at the eyes. They can be green, blue, brown or black, but they'll be piercing with hypnotic intensity. Most people feel nervous and ill at ease under Scorpio's steady gaze. You'll have to break the spell and look away first. He'll outstare you every time. It's a foolproof identification of the Pluto personality. Scorpio eyes bore deeply into you, mercilessly, as if they're penetrating your very soul....They are.

Scorpio will not pay a false compliment to gain a point or win an ally. It's beneath him to flatter. When he says something nice to you, treasure it. You can be sure it's sincere and unvarnished. If he says you have a good voice, stop singing in the shower and grab a microphone. If he says you have a great voice, you can safely audition for an Opera. He may even effortlessly move a few mountains out of your way to help you along. Scorpio can never slide deep enough into the slime of bitter depression to completely lose the power of Pluto.

It's never too late for the gray lizard to transform himself into an eagle. That kind of deep magic belongs exclusively to every person born uder the Sun sign of Scorpio. Typical eagles have no fear. In battle they'll lead their men into the very face of death without a tremor. Even the average Pluto man or woman bravely faces anything from physical pain and poverty to ridicule and failure with a proud contempt and complete confidence in an inner ability to overcome any blow.

Scorpio is intensely loyal to friends. "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." Some of them do this literally, for friends, relatives or loved ones-in battle or in a civilian crisis. The Scorpio soldier leaps instantly, instinctively, to brave the bullets and drag his buddy to safety. The Scorpio fireman gives his life to rescue the child in the burning building.

One thing is a little frightening, and may require courage on your part. Scorpio loves mystery and there's not a single one that crosses his path he won't solve in detail. Since the eternal feminine mystery is any girl's most potent defense and offense, being stripped naked of your mystery can leave you feeling a little exposed. You'll scarcely have a secret left when he starts probing with those burning eyes and piercing questions.

He has high standards, and he won't choose his friends loosely. They'll have to measure up. This is a marvelous, rare kind of man who can share a jug of spirits and joke with rough humor among other men like a bawdy Elizabethan; then tap that deep, inscrutable nature and turn into as gentle and tender a lover as Robert Browning. If there's anything more to ask for in a male animal, I don't know what it might be. Submissiveness and forgiveness? Detachment and caution? That's not fair. You knew he was short on those qualities back in the beginning.

You've been warned that Scorpio is compelled to conceal his motives, and this tendency isn't watered down in love. It may even be intensified. He's not about to display his true emotions in front of the world like a vulnerable, smitten schoolboy. Later, when you're alone, he'll tell you what he really thinks.

The Sting of the Scorpion

Scorpio is the Eighth Sign of the Zodiac. It is associated with beginnings and endings...and those born under this Sign are unafraid of either, possessing a deep, driving desire and unstoppable determination to learn about others.

The Sun enters Scorpio as Autumn advances. It is a time of impending hiberation, but even as the land is chilled, the seeds within the earth promise eventual reawakening. This is the Season of Scorpio...perhaps the most complex of all Zodiac Signs. Is is significant that this Sign has not one symbol, but several: the Scorpion, the Eagle and the Phoenix, each contributing distinctive qualities to the Sign's nature. Aggression and instinct are provided courtesy of the Scorpion aspect, illustrated by way of destructive behavior, a viciously competitive personality with a tendency to be violent and cruel.

The Eagle aspect provides a shrewd insight possessed by most Scorpio natives...they have the ability to see what others miss.

They discern hidden motives, ferreting out secret flaws and vulnerabilities. Indeed, due to the thirst for power and mastery, those governed by this Zodiac Sign are not above exploiting the weaknesses of others to their own advantage.

It has been said that counted among the most important tasks of those ruled by Scorpio is the necessity to rid themselves of the tendency to be judgmental, learning to temper their insight with compassion.

Individuals who can manage this difficult assignment manifest the virtues of the Phoenix...the redemptive third aspect of this Sign. Much like the Phoenix, those governed by Scorpio are survivors.

In an emotional sense, they may perish in the ashes of their own destructive nature, but they can also transcend and transform. According to some sources, the Dove is also symbolic of this Sign, lending those it rules the virtue of compassion, as is the Snake or Serpent.

Natives of Scorpio do possess a capacity for high spiritual development, but it is generally believed that their path toward such enlightenment will be the most difficult of the entire Zodiac.

In short, those governed by this Sign must become alchemists...transmuting dark instinct and selfish impulse into purified desire. They must also strive to discipline themselves, working toward curbing and chanelling their considerable power for constructive purposes.

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Source: Novareinna