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Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Daily Om: Letting Go Of Understanding

All of us who seek to be conscious and aware regard our experiences as teachers, and we try to discern what lessons we are learning from the things that happen in our lives. Sometimes the lesson is very clear from the get-go, and other times we have to really search to understand the deeper meaning behind some event. While this search often yields results, there also comes a point in the search where what we really need to do is move forward. It is possible that we are not meant to know the deeper meaning of certain occurrences. Answers may come later in our lives, or they may come as a result of letting go, or they may never come.

We are all part of a complex system of being, and things work themselves out in the system as a whole. Sometimes we are just playing a necessary part in that process with a result larger than we can understand. It may have very little to do with us personally, and while that can be hard to understand, it can also free us from overthinking the matter. Sometimes it is best to see it in terms of karma, a past debt we have been able to repay in this way, or as the clearing of energy. We can simply thank the event for being part of our experience and let it go. This completes the process that the occurrence has made possible.

To make this letting go official, we can perform a ritual, make a final journal entry on the subject, or sit in meditation with the intention of releasing the event from our consciousness. As we do so, we summon it one last time, honoring it with our attention, thanking it, and saying good-bye. We then let it go out the door, out the window, out the top of our heads, or into the earth through the bottoms of our feet, liberating ourselves from any burden we have carried in association with it.

Nanny 'caught stranger hiding outside apartment before she disappeared

A nanny who worked at the resort where Madeleine McCann disappeared has told detectives she saw a man lurking outside the family's apartment. The woman contacted the McCanns' private detective agency to say the dark-haired man hid in bushes near the flat where she was baby-sitting for a six-year-old boy.

The incident happened in the summer of 2006, a year before Madeleine disappeared. The former Ocean Club worker reported it to British police in June this year, after she heard that Madeleine was missing.

But she has not been questioned by Portuguese police, even though her account would support Kate and Gerry McCann's fear that their daughter was targeted by an abductor who might have spied on the family.

The theory would explain how an abductor was able to target Madeleine, knowing that she was alone in the flat with her two-year-old brother and sister, and that their parents were only checking on them every 30 minutes. (Daily Mail)


Prime of Staves
User of Weapons
User of Staves

Three key images. That which is behind the concealing curtain ... that which is directed at the User of Weapons ... the Prime of Staves and the User of Staves ... the Jekyll and Hyde alter egos of the agencies of the Unicorn. The problem and the solution with the injust treatment around the User of Weapons used to create the reaction. He appears to have been double crossed. Double dealed by someone close to whom he gave so much trust. He is seen to fight and defend for his hidden child and family. She is close by it seems symbolically. Closer than he actually realises. He needs to see where and when he has fought battles in her name ... in the past ... and maybe was seen to win but the defeated one has carried a grudge. The defeated one linked to hidden government agencies perhaps


In Greek mythology, Persephone was the Queen of the Underworld, consort of Hades, the Kore or young maiden, and the daughter of Demeter— and Zeus, in the Olympian version.

Persephone (Greek: Περσεφόνη, Persephónē) is her name in the Ionic Greek of epic literature. The Homeric form of her name is Persephoneia. In other dialects she was known under various other names: Persephassa, Persephatta, or simply Kore (Greek: κόρη, "girl, maiden" ) (when worshipped in the context of Demeter and Kore).

The Romans first heard of her from the Aeolian and Dorian cities of Magna Graecia, who use the dialectal variant Proserpina. Hence, in Roman mythology she was called Proserpina, and as a revived Roman Proserpina she became an emblematic figure of the Renaissance.

In Greek art, Persephone/Kore is invariably portrayed robed. She may be carrying a sheaf of grain and smiling demurely with the "Archaic smile" of the Kore of Antenor.

The figure of Persephone is well-known today. Her story has great emotional power: an innocent maiden, a mother's grief at the abduction, and the return of her daughter. It is also cited frequently as a paradigm of myths that explain natural processes, with the descent and return of the goddess bringing about the change of seasons.

Quick, Quick Insight

Daily Merlin
Wed 31st October 2007

'The little girl is, or will soon be on the move again. Taken through a public place but nobody will notice her there. Dressed it seems with something black like a expensive black wig over her hair .... to hide her appearance so there is no resemblance at all. High heels or some other means of making her seem taller than she is. Wearing a black headgear perhaps to hide her face? There is a sense of a black car ... a group of influential people around her. Out of a vehicle in the bright sunlight and taken into a public hall like an airport lounge. Taken through first class and then onto a private plane. Surrounded by bodyguards ... an everyday occurrence is this. A group of 8 or 9 people surround her.

A well known airport but not one of the major ones like Heathrow or Manchester ... this is a flight south it seems. On a small private jet ...

Part of a group which nobody will think to look twice at.

Wearing pink when she is brought into the room where her parents will be. She will wander through an image of pink amid gasps and audible tears.

A significant box which appears to be something like a shoe box which has a pink cover on it. There is some weight to this box because of what is inside. It is something not valuable in monetary terms but sentimentally it is priceless.

Distractions keep attention away from who is around her. Focus on elsewhere ...

A Night Out

We've literally just walked through the door after a superb night of Mediumship by Sue Nicholson at Gallagher Theatre, Waikato University, here in Hamilton.

Well done Sue ....

We did warn you that Kristine's Mum (my late Old Dear Mother-In-Law) would come through! She did that alright. First message of the second part of the show. Sue opened with 'I've been talking to a woman back stage who called herself "Alice In Wonderland" ....'

Well we both KNEW who that was. We looked at each other and sure enough it WAS Kris's Mum!

Thanks Sue for a brilliant evening. Well worth the night out ... highly recommended.

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

And, don't forget ....

.... keep those Question Me ideas flowing .... to date a number of very interesting (and testing) questions have been put to me .... these and others will be added to A Light In The Darkness in due course ...

One in particular will be added to the blog shortly (It's too late now to do add it) ... and that is ....

Where did the name Mara Gamiel come from? What inspired you to have that name for your blogspot web address? Does it have any significance?

Watch this space ....


**A Light In The Darkness is one year old on Thursday 1st November**. How time has flown this year. Amazing.

A Light In The Darkness is due a little bit of a spring clean in the near future. The index categories require updating and stream lining. There are several new categories which can be added and certainly a few which need renaming. These matters will be addressed over the next few days ...

Many, many thanks to visitors old and new for your continued interest in A Light In The Darkness. It is very much appreciated by myself, Kristine and White Cloud ....

Hermes: God of Magic & Luck

Hermes/Mercury was originally a god of the flock. Because at that time wealth was measured in sheep, he became the god of prosperity, and as the culture became more sophisticated, the god of commerce and all its associative skills and concerns: travel, messages, persuasive speech, prudence, shrewdness, and luck. By the Classical period, his role had blossomed. He became the god of wisdom, magic, oratory, writing, skill, and trickery; the messenger of Zeus; and as the guide to the souls of the dead, the "Psychopomp", the ultimate god of travel.

Of all the Roman gods, the Celts identified the most with Mercury. They amalgamated him with their local deities to form Mercury Arvernus, Mercury Artaios, and many others. As was common with Celtic deities, he was given a female consort. Her name was Rosmerta. In Ireland he was equated with the god Lugh.

In Helenistic Egypt, Hermes was equated with the Egyptian god Thoth, to become Hermes Trismegistus - the thrice great Hermes. In ancient Alexandria philosophers and mystics signed his name to their writings to give him credit as the source of their wisdom. These Hermetic texts are at the root of Western alchemy, magic, and mysticism.

His winged sandal, the "talarius", was the symbol of his swiftness, as he fulfilled his role as messenger and as protector of travelers and athletes. His winged hat was called a "petasus", a traveler's hat. Its symbolism was the same as the talarius, but it additionally became the symbol of inspiration, because as psychopomp, he was likewise the guide of the mystic. His herald's staff, the "caduceus," was a magic wand that could change lead into gold and cure any illness; therefore it became the symbol of modern medicine. (The Alchemic Egg)

Tauranga Sunset

Lets Bring The Shining Star Home

'Let's Bring The Shining Star Home'
Latest SigilArt by Matthew James

Hope far outweighs the fear
Let us sense that day is here
The badly missed little one
Who for so long has been gone
Without a trace
Who's smiling face
We long to see returned back home
That day will come
That day will be here ...
---Matthew James---

Daily Merlin: A to Z then Z to A again

Daily Merlin Insight
Navigators of the Mystic Sea tarot
Tuesday 30th October 2007
10:20pm - 11:15pm

'Insights relating to current circumstances based on an open channel' ..

Crystal 2 is my 'deceit/deception' stone (it appertains to affairs and unfaithfulness - but we don't need to go there with that meaning in this mystery) ... it has fallen in the immediate past position. Anything to the left of the vertical red line denotes the past. It almost straddles the line and appertains to the change in the 'storyline' which has just occurred fairly recently. The Card it is cast on is 'Destiny' ... the card of equilibration ... it is 'The Wheel of Fortune' in other words. Same card different deck .. same card as in the insights earlier this evening. As is the Lovers ... the harmonising in the future on which the bulk of the crystals have fallen ... 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 ... a sequence of events apparently to take place in the very near future ... all close together and quite quickly.

The 7 of Cups ... the delusions of the past appear now to fall behind us ... 7 months in total to fall behind us .... that is what appears to be indicated here ... I can interpret the image of the 6 of Pentacles (compensation) relating to the news story that Gerry & Kate used the fund to help with their mortgage payments in the past (if they did ... so what ... )

The other image relating to the immediate past is the Universe ... someone appears to be watching their back ... being followed or watched relating to events taking place in the past. This seems quite favourable. There is a fan being held in the left hand of this individual ... to keep them cool .. to continue to be cool in a difficult situation or is it because the heat appears to be on them? All around the world the been beamed so there is limited places this person can go once their identity is revealed. This changes in the near future ... as there is presence is part of the variance in the mystery indicated by the 7 of Pentacles. Right where the trail of stones comes to and end ... right up to date on the 9th stone ... I intuit within the 7th month of the mystery which suggests within November ... this will become apparent ... as suspicions are raised on other personas in this mystery ... and the entire aspect changes with I sense a true positive sighting ...

Because right in the middle of all the activity is THE STAR once again. Appearing within a third casting in two days. The Star makes its presence known ... not quite unexpectantly because it is the image being sought. Stone 8 touches the side of the card ... a piece of granite ... the link to healing or medical profession once more. The sense again of the mentality of those who hold Maddy. Somewhere between the 7th month & the 8th month there seems a positive sighting ... the 8th month of this mystery is December. The stones trail ends at the 9th stone ... 9th month ... January? For some reason it falls some distance from the other stones in the trail .... a chain of events leading to the 8th stone and December .... the 2 of Swords is the concurrence ... there is a middle person ... someone who links the McCanns to whom is in possession of Maddy it seems ... could this indicate the comprehension of this person's identity ... and the understanding of where the trail leads? With a sense here of a maritime or naval connection ... certainly ownership of more than one boat. A company who is involved with boats. Much travelling is sense via sea in around the Channel ... down the side of Spain and round into to the Mediterranean sea. This is a shipping link ... haulage or delivery .. amongst other things. The link to these connections may not be in this profession but it aware of who is ... a fragile set of circumstances for this individual ... a sense of keeping out of the deep water by pure skill alone.

The image of the Star relates Maddy to when she was still a wee bairn (not my expression ... but one a woman who links with me from the other side. Linking perhaps to Gerry's side of the family. I sense connections within a maximum radius of an hour's drive from Loch Ness. Perhaps this in fact links to further north. But this woman wore a tatty brown shawl or cloak). She is aware of when Maddy was still in a cot ... still a young child. Around the time when Maddy was still in the cot someone became aware of Maddy then and took note; perhaps even this relates to circumstances which unfolded at that time or slightly sooner. BUt certainly Maddy's distinction became known. Whoever calls the shots ... whoever now plays the Pied Piper's fiddle ... knows of links that takes more than one child away. It is not a Pedo ring ... though this person has links to these places. Similar channels appear to have been used with regard to Maddy ... but for a different purpose.

She appears to be as a retainer ... discover the links and the fear of the Devil does the rest ... nothing more fearful than fear itself. The connections ... 'the host were not permitted to touch the young girl' .. a cryptic connection I received by human means several months ago, amongst other things, by someone I sense may have been linked. Information I retained and kept quiet until now.... but it is after the event ... the Giver of Weapons appears to have passed Maddy on ... that channel or network connection purely and simply the means of someone influential to sneak Maddy from A to Z then back to A again undetected. There is great influence involved in this situation ... and places of authority told to turn a blind eye. A hint dropped in the media or investigation that suggests a link to these appallingly sickly connections. Let fear do the rest ... suggest Maddy is linked to these places ... and let operant conditioning of the populace do the rest. Cries of something must be done will sound quiet loudly ... hey presto the role of the Giver of Weapons comes to an end ... Maddy has not be subjected to the tortures of these places ... I feel that most definitely. She has been kept safe and untouched. Unharmed ...

There is an underworld the exists within and below the world's of politics and medicine and even religion. So much is at stake here ... Maddy's distinctive eye pattern cannot be disregarded as a possible figurehead and portend for persona's influential ... something prompting her taking to order that has been claimed in current press.

Maddy's well being and acceptable habitation is outlined in the images that flash before my mind. There was never any intention to harm her by those who have been her custodians at either end. In the Emerald Green shore I sense those who subject themselves to strict vows have been involved. Killing and torture of a young child is not in their make up. Loving care because of her significance will have been their order of the day ... at the other end of the trail a similar thing seems to have been the reality. This other end appears to have been mountains on the border between Spain and Portugal ... some kind of order retreat owned by a corporation or by business person in the Emerald shore who has links to with the places elsewhere which have figured in this mystery (Malta, Morocco ... and maybe even Lesotho ... but that would be a financial connection through dealings with diamonds, gold and other less honest commodities) ... dirty linen cleaning treads on so many toes. Governments are involved in this massive clean up operation. One such compartment involved in the taking of Maddy ... the reason why it was Maddy chosen could have been a vindictive or revengeful act ... but I still do comprehend every so powerfully Maddy is returned alive and well at the end of this ordeal for Gerry & Kate, their family and their friends.

Fingers crossed the 9th month of the mystery is the longest it goes on ... my breath is bated because spirit connections are the hardest things to pinpoint an exact date accurately.

Taps 7 Deny Pact Of Silence

The Tapas Seven pals of Gerry and Kate McCann yesterday denied sharing a “pact of silence” over what happened the night Madeleine went missing. And they angrily insisted there was no “secret” between them.

The seven friends — including Jane Tanner — have faced Portuguese press accusations that they “covered up” and “lied” for Kate and Gerry after Maddie, of Rothley, Leics, vanished from her Algarve holiday villa days before her fourth birthday in May.

There have been claims of inconsistencies in statements given to police by the group, who were eating with Kate and Gerry in a Praia da Luz tapas bar when Kate, 39, found Maddie missing. Suspicions have continued because none of the seven has given their own account in public.

But speaking for the first time yesterday, the pals told in a statement how they wanted to back the McCanns — but were gagged by cops.

They said: “The police told us not to discuss our statements. We’ve always tried to honour this. We wish to state there is categorically no so-called pact of silence — or indeed anything secretive between us. Just the desire to assist the search. It is frustrating that the fact we have done as we were asked is still being looked upon as suspicious.”

The seven are Jane, 37, her partner Dr Russell O’Brien, 36, Dr Matthew Oldfield, 37, his wife Rachael, 36, David Payne, 41, his wife Fiona, 34, and her mother Dianne Webster. (The Sun)

The Most Absolute

Magic is the Highest, most Absolute, and most divine Knowledge of natural Philosophy, advanced in the works and wonderful operations by a right understanding of the inward and occult virtue of things; so that true Agents being applied to proper Patients, strange and admirable effects will thereby be produced. Whence magicians are profound and diligent searchers into nature; they, because of their skill, know how to anticipate an effect, the which to the vulgar shall seem to be a miracle.

"As Above, So Below"

This phrase comes from the beginning of The Emerald Tablet and embraces the entire system of traditional and modern magic which was inscribed upon the tablet in cryptic wording by Hermes Trismegistus. The significance of this phrase is that it is believed to hold the key to all mysteries. All systems of magic are claimed to function by this formula. "'That which is above is the same as that which is below'...Macrocosmos is the same as microcosmos. The universe is the same as God, God is the same as man, man is the same as the cell, the cell is the same as the atom, the atom is the same as...and so on, ad infinitum."

This message theorizes that man is the counterpart of God on earth; as God is man's counterpart in heaven. Therefore, it is a statement of an ancient belief that man's actions on earth parallel the actions of God in heaven. This pivots on the belief that "all things have their birth from this One Thing by adaptation."

To the magician the magical act, that of causing a transformation in a thing or things without any physical contact, is accomplished by an imaginative act accompanied by the will that the wanted change will occur. The magical act and imaginative act becomes one and the same. The magician knows with certainty that for the change to occur he must will it to happen and firmly believe it will happen. Here it may be noted that magic and religion are akin: both require belief that a miracle will occur.

To bring about such a change the magician uses the conception of "dynamic interconnectedness to describe the physical world as the sort of thing that imagination and desire can effect. The magician's world is an independent whole, a web of which no strand is autonomous. Mind and body, galaxy and atom, sensation and stimulus, are intimately bound. Witchcraft strongly imbues the view that all things are independent and interrelated." These concepts pivot on the belief that all things come from the One Thing, or First Cause, and "Its power is integrating, if it be turned into earth."

The purpose of all rituals in ceremonial magic is to unite the microcosm with the macrocosm to join God, or gods when invoked, with the human consciousness. When such a supreme union is achieved the subject and object becomes one. This is because the magician feels that he is consciously in touch with all elements of the universe, therefore, he can control them. It may be said, the magician feels connected with the universe. This feeling intensifies the more the magician successfully practices his skills. Whenever he experiences a failure he knows that the ritual was not performed correctly.

When feeling unison with the universe the magician knows he has reached his Higher or True Self because he has attained mastery of himself and the universe. Thus he feels his "skillful work ascends from earth to heaven and descends to earth again, and receives the power of the superiors and of the inferiors." Therefore, he "hast the glory of the whole worldtherefore let all obscurity flee from thee." Now the miracles are possible.

Some magicians, including Aleister Crowley, claimed that when the magician reaches this ultimate peak of altered consciousness the miracles are no longer important, the extreme goal becomes the direct union with God.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Classic Queen

Just about the most famous Queen song of all time. I think it deserves an airing in Music Choice.

A Word On Soul Evolution

The soul has various psychic faculties though most of them are not being used by the average person. The use of these faculties often result in strange paranormal activities or phenomena. Most psychic phenomena associated with the dead are actually caused by the living. For instance, hauntings are often believed to be "dead persons" appearing to the living, while in most cases hauntings are caused by the astral forms of people who are asleep and inadvertently appearing to others.

Some of the various psychic faculties are: Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, telepathy, psychokinesis, precognition, soul-travel, and bilocation. These psychic faculties may be developed. It is not merely a gift. Those who are born with them usually have acquired them through psychic-training programs in past-lives. The "powers" that we mentioned above are considered to be the lower faculties of the soul. These powers belong to the etheric, astral and lower mental bodies. There are higher spiritual faculties and these are associated with the higher components in the microcosm, such as the Higher Mental, Buddhi, and Atma.

Spiritual evolution, when left to nature, progresses at a snail's pace. Plant-like consciousness may take millions of years just to reach the animal consciousness stage. Human beings, likewise, in the natural course of evolution would similarly require eons just to attain human perfection or godhood--the next kingdom above humankind. However, there are spiritual practices that assists one to shorten this time tremendously. What would take a million years could all unfold in a single lifetime. This was alchemy's biggest secret discovery--the transformation of lead, which is symbolical of the imperfect human being, into gold, which represents the perfect man. Why wait for nature to transmute lead into gold when it could be done in the laboratory by duplicating and accelerating nature's processes? This was the alchemist's reasoning. Though they exoterically referred to metals as the subject of their transformation, they were actually referring to the human soul.

Meditation is the most basic practice in soul-culture. It has been engaged in by saints, prophets, sages, and mystics throughout the ages. There are many meditational methods designed for various purposes. The Hindu yogis have their own methods of meditation, just as the Buddhists and the Taoists have theirs. The Western Tradition also possesses its own forms of meditation.

The basic purpose of meditation is to attune one's conscious mind with one's Higher Self, one's Soul, or one's inner divinity. In prayer we speak and the higher Intelligences listen; in meditation, the higher Intelligences speak and we listen. Hence, meditation helps us to receive spiritual and divine impulses emanating from God and one's highest being. Inspiration and self-empowerment are the result of true meditation.

In the more advance practices of meditation we are led gradually to higher and higher dimensions or planes of consciousness where we would ultimately unite or become aware of our Spirit--the Monad. This attainment is referred to by Western writers as "Cosmic Consciousness." In an ancient scripture we are taught a method of meditation:

Evolution requires soul-refinement. In order to raise one's vibrations and improve the quality of one's force-fields it is also necessary to refine one's soul-nature, one's character. It is a person's low character that generates and attracts negative energies and it would be senseless to constantly perform energy-work when the time could be spent in more beneficial meditational practices. For this reason one has also to work upon spiritualising one's character--getting to the root of the problem, so to speak. Almost all religions teaches this aspect of mysticism--a moral standard is set for us to follow.

However, sometimes we find it difficult to live up to the standard laid out for us. Sometimes we may consciously know a thing to be right, but subconsciously we are impelled to think, feel or do the opposite. We experience an inner conflict.

Metaphysics offer certain methods to overcoming this conflict, and to restructure the subconscious mind with positive energy patterns.

'Forewarned Is Forearmed'

Forewarned is forearmed ... tomorrow may be a little lean on posts! We're going to see Sue Nicholson live on stage tomorrow evening ... I expect it will after about 10.30pm NZ time (9.30am UK) when I will be able to post ...

Normal posting will return on Thursday 1st November 2007.

Investigators scour Morocco in the search for Madeleine

Daily Mail Headline; says; 'Investigators hunting for Madeleine McCann are scouring an area in Morocco where ten people claim to have seen her with a 60-year-old woman. Private detectives hired by her parents believe the woman is a "carer" looking after the four-year-old in a remote mountainous region. They think Madeleine was stolen to order, possibly by a Portuguese paedophile, and is being kept prisoner in the Rif Mountains in northern Morocco.

Three detectives from the Barcelona-based private agency Metodo 3 are already in the region. Agency director Francisco Marco said: "My own feeling is that this woman is working on behalf of other people.

"We can't be certain it's Madeleine but several unconnected people have told our informers of the same girl with the same woman. They've always been within the confines of the Rif mountains. The only difference is that she has slightly shorter hair than Madeleine had. Everything else matches."

Photographs of Madeleine are being distributed in the region, with a Moroccan phone number for people to call with information.

Servants of the Light Insight
Tue 30th Oct 2007
8:45pm NZ

The Lovers
Maker of Staves
Wheel Of Fortune
Prime of Weapons (flaming sword)
Giver of Spheres

Initially it appears hard to deal with the confusion with these new story trails now appearing. Up until recently the press wrote and claimed Maddy was dead etc ... it seems we need not go there now for a while. The Prime of Weapons links with the Lovers; the effect is the harmonising effect or the 'reversing' effect of the 'death' stories .... that of Maddy is alive ... the life stories as was anticipated in postings back in September ... there was a strong sense back then that this 'bridge' would be crossed ... from death to life symbolically. The Wheel of Fortune appears to indicate the change of tact ... the swing of the spin ... the Maker of Spheres observes and assesses how the public opinion is affected now by these more truthful press releases.

The Giver of Spheres suggests a different source of information. Still likely to be 'in need of some seasoning' ... but now at least the trail leads more in the tact of the young salmon. How 'fresh' this news is ... may be too hard to uncover. However it appears truthful that intelligence has tracked the Flaming Sword to where she has been located. Though it appears unlikely she has always been where they claim ... it is so possible she has been moved to a location where she will be found or handed back. There still isn't total clarity yet to the information permitted by the Maker of Spheres to be released. The Unicorn must still influence that trickle feed ..a sighting may well prove to be Maddy but sentience will not confirm it is one of these reported. The time is close ... as the image of a finger and thumb almost touching indicates time is drawing closer ...

Daily Om: Softening And Expanding

In order to get what we want in life, we have to be willing to receive it when it appears, and in order to do that we have to be open. Often we go through life with defenses we developed early on in order to protect ourselves. These defenses act as barriers, walls we needed at one time to feel safe, but that now serve to shut out desired influences, like intimacy or love. So an essential part of being receptive to what we want is to soften these barriers enough to let those things in when they show up. For example, we may spend a lot of time alone as a way to protect ourselves from being hurt by other people, but we can see how this is now preventing us from meeting new friends.

Another obstacle to our receptivity can be our tendency to believe that we have to act aggressively in order to achieve our desired goal. This can cause us to become mono-focused and to fail to see, and be open to, opportunities on the periphery of our vision. So becoming receptive involves a softening of our defenses and a willingness to remain open to possibilities outside our immediate realm of vision. If we are looking for love or friendship, it means first looking within ourselves to see where we are shut down, and second, not getting too fixated on where we might find the love we want. In this way, we become more open as individuals and more expansive in terms of what we see as possible.

Often, the things and people we want to draw into our lives elude us because we are unconsciously blocking them out, either with our defenses, or with tunnel vision that causes us to not see them when they appear. When this is the case, we can take action by exploring and softening our barriers, and expanding our vision to encompass new possibilities. These actions are the essence of receptivity.

'So What"

Sky News Headline 'Madeleine Fund Paid McCanns' Mortgage'; says: 'Gerry and Kate McCann used money from the Madeleine Fund to pay for their mortgage, the family's spokesman has confirmed. At least two mortgage payments had been paid from the fund, which was set up to help find the couple's daughter and support the family.

Clarence Mitchell said: "The fund has always had the ability to assist the family financially if necessary, and they've only used it to pay for two mortgage payments earlier this year.When they were made arguido, it stopped, which was a mutual decision on the part of the fund and the McCanns - they were happy to accept that their changed status meant they were no longer entitled to that assistance."

Monday, 29 October 2007


The ancient Babylonian deity Marduk was associated with the planet Mars and was the origin of the legends and lore of that planet as well as many later gods and heroes. Marduk originated as the apotheosis of the biblical Nimrod.

The book of Genesis lists Nimrod as a descendant of Ham, the third son of Noah. After the flood when men began to multiply once again and to establish settlements, the majority of Noah's descendants evidently settled together in the valley of Mesopotamia, though a few spread out into Palestine and north-west Africa. After about a thousand years (exact date unspecified in the Bible), Nimrod was born in what is now Ethiopia.

According to tradition, Nimrod set out to establish himself an empire and began by conquering the cities which had become established in Mesopotamia. Among these were Babel, Erech, Akkad, and Calneh in Sumeria, and in Assyria the cities of Rehoboth, Calah, and Resen. Besides conquering these seven cities he also founded Ninevah.

The Bible is specific in stating that he was the first man after the flood to become an emperor. He seems to have been impelled and empowered by super-human force and his onslaught was irresistible. Genesis 10 describes Nimrod as a "mighty hunter before the LORD." The term is not complimentary, but implies ruthlessness and a lust for power.

After establishing his kingdom in the Tigris/Euphrates region Nimrod consolidated his power by establishing a state religion. He constructed a religion that included deification and worship of the emperor (himself), worship of Satan and his demons, and star-worship (corrupted from a pure antediluvian astronomy). A key unifying factor in his religion was to be an astronomical/astrological observatory built upon the pinnacle of a pyramid, or tower, at Babel.

It has been suggested that Nimrod spent some time in Egypt before moving up to Mesopotamia and that while in Egypt he studied the Egyptian mystery religion perpetuated there from before the flood by the wife of Ham, whom tradition takes to be a descendant of Cain.

The building of this pyramid (or ziggurat) was interrupted by God himself in order to prevent Nimrod from extending his sway over all of the inhabited earth, according to Genesis. God halted the work by confusing their language so they could no longer cooperate easily with one another, nor indeed easily inhabit the same region together.

As a consequence the human race was dispersed, and as men scattered they carried with them remnants of primeval revelation from God, and Satan/hero worship which Nimrod had invented as well. This system of muddled half-truths is known today to Bible scholars as the "Babylonian Mystery Religion." From a biblical point of view this religious system is described as the well-spring for all subsequent false religion and endless mythological systems.

After their deaths, Nimrod and his wife Semiramis (the ancient "queen of heaven") were confirmed by their priests as gods and given homage as Marduk and Astarte. The name Marduk was not revealed to the masses but his attributes were set forth under pseudonyms of various gods constructed for the public interest. Some of his alter-egos include:

ENKI The god of wisdom, incantations, and the deep waters of the oceans. This god was also called APSU, from which comes the name Poseidon.

ASTALLUHI The son of ENKI/APSU was the god of healing and exorcism. The temple of Marduk at Babylon was called the Esagila after him. This name is the original of the Greek Aesculapius. Astalluhi was also the god of wisdom like his father but in addition the god of instruction and the tutor of many of the other gods and heroes of the Babylonian pantheon. This aspect of his personality became associated with the Greek centaur Chiron who fulfilled a similar function. The Titan Atlas also derives his name and personality from this god.

BEL/BAAL This was the primary name by which other nations (including Israel) were introduced to the worship of Marduk. Baal means "lord" or "master". Under this name with many prefixes and suffixes he was worshiped by the Canaanites, Phoenicians, Syrians and to some extent by the Egyptians. Later, the Greeks associated him with Hercules under the name Melkarth which is a transliteration of Marduk. The name Baal sometimes occurs in connection with a locality such as "Baal-Peor" or "Baal-Hermon". More frequently it occurs with compound attributes such as "Baal-zebub", "lord of the flies", still today one of the epithets of Satan. "Baal-zephon" later to be the god Triton means "lord of the black north, or the northern void", and "Meri-Baal" translates as "lord of the rebellion".

NABUL/NEBO The prophet. This god was the son of Marduk associated with prophecy received by singing, chanting and muttering (in "other tongues"); as well as oracles. He was the original of both Apollo (Nabul) and Hermes as the Greeks knew them. The names Nabul and Bel were the official names of Nimrod/Marduk in later periods and were popular in later periods among the ruling classes of Babylon as name elements as in NEBUchadnezzar and BELshazzar.

As a note on the Babylonian mystery religion, the original cult of the mother and child, Semiramis and Tammuz, became later Isis and Osiris, Venus and Adonis, the madonna and child in various cultures down to this day.

There is one common element to Nimrod/Marduk in all his manifestations and that is the symbol of the snake/serpent/dragon. Nimrod took the dragon as his personal emblem, so that from him spring various dragon myths and their special association with apocalyptic events. Strikingly the only favorable accounts of dragons are found among the Hamitic peoples of the world (like Nimrod) including the Ethiopians, Hittites, Chinese, Japanese and American Indian.

The thread of serpent lore is evident in all of Marduk's guises regardless of nation, pantheon, or role. Poseidon was accompanied by creatures who were half man and half snake as well as by the sea serpent Leviathan (mentioned in Job).

Aesculapeus/Chiron/Hermes were all associated with the cadduceus of entwined serpents. The story of Apollo and the python is well known as that of Hercules/Melkarth and the Hydra. The god Triton was half snake. That the worship of Nimrod and Semiramis is the origin of all the pagan systems on earth is well documented by Alexander Hislop in his book, The Two Babylons which contains many sound facts in spite of the author's anti-Roman-Catholic sentiments which appear to some readers as too strong. (More ...)

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy."

A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Many have reported miraculous results.

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

An amazingly simple technique to learn, the ability to use Reiki is not taught in the usual sense, but is transferred to the student during a Reiki class. This ability is passed on during an "attunement" given by a Reiki master and allows the student to tap into an unlimited supply of "life force energy" to improve one's health and enhance the quality of life.

Its use is not dependent on one's intellectual capacity or spiritual development and therefore is available to everyone. It has been successfully taught to thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds.

While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion. It has no dogma, and there is nothing you must believe in order to learn and use Reiki. In fact, Reiki is not dependent on belief at all and will work whether you believe in it or not. Because Reiki comes from God, many people find that using Reiki puts them more in touch with the experience of their religion rather than having only an intellectual concept of it.

While Reiki is not a religion, it is still important to live and act in a way that promotes harmony with others.

Introducing Acupuncture

Traditional Yoga and acupuncture texts say there are thousands if not millions of meridians running through the body. One reason why traditional Oriental theories have been rejected by modern science is that anatomists would ask “Where are all these mythical meridians?” It turns out they were looking at them all along but did not recognize them for what they were. Connective tissue is everywhere in the body, it is in the dermis of the skin, it forms and interpenetrates every bone, every joint, every organ, tissue, and cell.

The connective tissue and fascia form a mechanical continuum, extending throughout the animal body, even into the innermost parts of each cell. All the great systems of the body – the circulatory, the nervous system, the musculo-skeletal system, the digestive tract, the various organs – are ensheathed in connective tissue.

This matrix determines the overall shape of the organism as well as the detailed architecture of its parts. All movements, of the body as a whole, or of its smallest parts, are created by tensions carried through the connective tissue fabric.

Each tension, each compression, each movement causes the crystalline lattices of the connective tissues to generate bioelectric signals that are precisely characteristic of those tensions, compressions, and movements. The fabric is a semiconducting communication network that can convey the bioelectric signals between every part of the body and every other part.

This communication network within the fascia is none other than the meridian system of traditional Oriental medicine, with its countless extensions into every part of the body. As these signals flow through the tissues, their biomagnetic counterparts extend the stories they tell into the space around the body. The mechanical, bioelectric, and biomagnetic signals traveling through the connective tissue network, and through the space around the body, tell the various cells how to form and reform the tissue architecture in response to the tensions, compressions, and movements we make

Offering Comfort: Simple Gestures Of Solace

Daily Om: 'Sometimes it is difficult to see someone we love struggling, in pain, or hurting. When this happens, we might feel like we need to be proactive and do something to ease their troubles. While others may want our help, it is important to keep in mind that we need to be sensitive to what they truly want in the moment, since it can be all too easy to get carried away and say or do more than is really needed.

Allowing ourselves to let go and simply exist in the present with another person may actually provide a greater amount of comfort and support than we could ever imagine.

Perhaps we can think back to a time when we were upset and needed a kind word, hug, or listening ear from someone else. As we remember these times, we might think of the gestures of kindness that were the most healing. It may have been gentle words such as “I care about you,” or the soothing presence of someone holding us and not expecting anything that were the most consoling. When we are able to go back to these times it becomes easier for us to keep in mind that giving advice or saying more than is really necessary is not always reassuring. What is truly comforting for another is not having someone try to fix them or their problems, but to just be there for them. Should we begin to feel the urge arise to offer advice or repair a situation, we can take a few deep breaths, let the impulse pass, and bring our attention back to the present. Even though we may want to do more, we do not have to do anything other than this to be a good friend.

The more we are attuned to what our loved ones are feeling, the more capable we are of truly giving what is best for them in their hour of need. Keeping things simple helps us give the part of ourselves that is capable of the greatest amount of compassion—open ears and an understanding heart.

'The Giver'

'The Giver'
SigilArt by Matthew James

Another Sigil in the series based on recent Daily Merlin Insights. The Sigil relates to the Daily Merlin appertaining to 'The Giver of Weapons'. Intuition provides the insight that the 'Giver' has "purchased" Maddy in order to give her back. It was the clear sense with this image. The central vertical line does not show itself at all clearly in the above image ... but in the original when it was 'created' the vertical line appeared like a thermometer ... there was the sense of it being more than the obvious link to the profession of Gerry & Kate and the network link through the medical world to the Giver of Weapons. I associated the thermometer with the 'temperature' raised by the abduction and the situation. The 'hot blood' associated with it all. Often intuition provides the strangest information to pass on .... but the sense here was when 'the right temperature is reached' then the flaming sword will be returned. A lesson will be learned and the giving is the return of Maddy. Also the obvious permutation is that 'the heat is on' and perhaps the temperature is greater than was anticipated. I read also the horizontal line as an indications of a heart beat .. Maddy being alive. The link to the medical profession other than with Gerry & Kate ...

The Tree Of Life

If we observe the Tree of Life as it is written by the Hebrew Kabbalists, we see Ten Sephiroth. The Tree begins with the Ancient of Days, Kether, who is in the most elevated place of the Tree. Chokmah follows as the second Sephira, in other words, the Second Logos, which is precisely the Cosmic Christ, or Vishnu. Then Binah follows, which is the Third Logos, the Lord Shiva. Kether, Chokmah and Binah are the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as they are drawn in the Tree of Life of the Hebraic Mysteries; this is how the Rabbis taught it.

Kether, Chokmah and Binah are the Trimurti of Perfection; they are the divine triangle, they very beloved Father, the very adored Son, and the very wise Holy Spirit.

There is an abyss found after this divine triangle. After this abyss, a second triangle is formed by Chesed, the fourth Sephira that corresponds to the Innermost, or when speaking in Sanskrit, Atman the ineffable one, continuing with Geburah, the might of the Law, the fifth Sephira, which is Buddhi, the Divine Soul, which is feminine. Then follows Tiphereth, the sixth Sephira, the Human Soul which is masculine.

A third triangle comes as an unfoldment and this is represented by Netzah, the mind, the seventh Sephira, continuing with Hod, the eighth Sephira, the Astral Body. Further down is Yesod, the ninth Sephira, the main foundation of sex, the vital depth of the physical organism, the Vital Body or the ethereal vehicle, the Theosophist’s Lingam Sarira.

Finally, at the lowest part of the Tree of Life, we find Malkuth, the tenth Sephira, the Physical World, or Physical Body, the body of flesh and bones.

The first triangle, Kether, Chokmah and Binah, the Logoic. The second triangle, Chesed, Geburah and Tiphereth, is Ethical. The third triangle, Netzah, Hod and Yesod, is Magical. Malkuth, the physical world, is a fallen Sephira.

The first triangle, or Logoic Triangle, obviously has its center of gravity in the divine Father, the Ancient of Days, Kether. This is something that anyone can observe. Kether is a mathematical point in the infinite, immense and unalterable space. This triangle is the triangle of the Father.

If we analyze the second triangle, we find that it is Ethical. Why is it called ethical? It is simply because ethics or upright behavior is primed there. There, we know the might of the Law; there, we know good and evil, about what is good and evil. This triangle is the World of Pure Spirit, which is Atman, Buddhi, Manas that is, the Hindu Trimurti. Obviously, the center of gravity in this triangle becomes at a simple glance the Human Soul; that Soul who suffers and who gives that human part to us, the Sephirah Tiphereth that coincides with the Causal Body. This triangle is also denominated as the Triangle of the Son. Here we find the Cosmic Christ, Chokmah who when so endowed manifests himself through the Human Soul, which is Tiphereth in the Herbraic Kebbalah.

The third triangle becomes very interesting because this is the Magical Triangle formed by the mind or Netzah, the Astral Body or Hod, and the Ethereal Body or Yesod, which is also the basic sexual principle of Universal Life. Why this is called the Magical Triangle? Undoubtedly, it is because High Magic is exercised in the kingdom of the mind and the kingdom of the Astral and even the Klipoth of the Infernal Worlds.

There is no doubt that Netzah is where we can find Hermetic Magic, and in Hod we find Natural Magic. Other authors think differently. They believe that Natural Magic is found in Netzah; I have to disagree with them in that matter because when precisely seen, the mind is found to be Mercurial. There are authors that disagree with my concepts. They suppose that the mind is Venusian. I regret to discuss this type of concept because anyone can realize that the mind is Mercurial. Therefore, Hermetic Magic must be identified with Mercury, which is related with the mind. Regarding Natural, Ceremonial or Ritualistic Magic, we can find it in the Astral World, in the astral Body. (More ...)

Daily Merlin: The Giver of Weapons

Daily Merlin Insight
Servants of the Light tarot
10:00 - 10:30pm
Monday 29th October 2007

Instinct suggests the need to revisit the insights surrounding the 'Giver of Weapons' card to perhaps glean what this archetypal image relates to in the mystery'

I commence this working by placing the image of the Giver of Weapons on the table before me in order to determine the meaning of the kneeling knight before the giver who bears the flaming sword in her right hand. The background of the stag and its mate is it significant and if so in what way?

Quite freely (again) the image of the Star can be revealed. Linked to the Giver of Weapons and also the 10 of Spheres (once more). The image of the Crescent stone has fallen beside the image of the Star.

To someone it seems the Star epitomises the Crescent ... this has been gleaned before. But the purpose of this is the who and the why ... this seems to link with the insights on the recent news report on the latest sightings in Morocco ... the small shell has fallen on one of the pots of the 10 of Weapons ... 'after the event' the shell represents. It seems the sighting is now 'too late' ... Maddy has been and gone ... but it seems part of the pattern of the trail around the Giver of Weapons. It is something perhaps ritualistic to those behind the abduction. Serving a point. It hints there are other sightings to follow.

At the top of the working one stone falls on the face of the moon .. partially obscuring the face or maybe indicating the face of the moon ... the 'main' man behind it all is now conceivable. There is the chance of evidence of the plot being revealed ... but is it by design of those behind it to leave a convenient trail or is it a result of intelligence?

The 7 of Crescents shows that someone's 'dream' indeed has become a reality with what we've seen in the media since 3rd May 2007. The 4 of Staves relates to the image of the Star and has the meaning of 'continued health and survival' ... Maddy is the thing of value like the crown within the white rectangular rectangle. I intuit there is something like a white piece of paper depicting a crown or reference to a crown to come into circulation once more ... something very important to be received on the grapevine relating to the trail. If someone wishes not to communicate to the McCanns or via the phone line ... they may well pass information along another source line ...

The Keeper of Spheres indicates more 'titbits' for the media to release. More contradictory stories to follow to ensure there is still opposition that suggests credence to the appalling media speculation in previous months. Someone somewhere will still attack and turn the blade for a while ... certainly into the middle of next month. But strength prevails and the pattern of the zig-zag at the base shows the haphazardness of the trail.

I seek indication of when this comes to an end. Higher connections INSIST Maddy is returned. I see the media footage quite clearly; I sense the burning lights of the camera flares ... I see Gerry & Kate flanked by many many reporters and a press conference where all reporters try to ask questions at once ... yet I do not see their current spokesperson? How long to the end of his tenure? I see a woman speaking on their behalf ... outside of a stone clad building ... talking of their overwhelming joy and Maddy's tiredness. The poor little thing I see in the back of a vehicle ... between two people ... hidden from the eyes that stare and the cameras that flash ... I see this quite clearly. I watch it remotely from the side ... Maddy is very much alive ... Kate is overwhelmed and crying but this time there is no criticism from the press for her crying ... it is most surely understood.

The Giver of Weapons appears to be an enforced involvement of the McCanns in someone else's plans. Maddy is not 'to be harmed by the multitude' I received several weeks ago. There seems to have been a solemn group of individuals who have revered her ... others who have had the responsibility of looking after her ... and others responsible for covering the tracks by influencing others within the media channels ... for those who hold Maddy and what they represent cannot be revealed or discovered ... because the majority would not comprehend the reason behind their actions ...

Insights Revisited #1

Where is the blonde woman involved in the abduction who was around the apartment complex in the days before? Dutch or German speaking ... plus there is a Man with a black/grey beard also

Who and Where; Sunday May 27th 2007

Anahata: The Heart Chakra

The fourth chakra, Anahata, the most important chakra of the body, is in the form of a hexagram of a grey-green colour surrounded by 12 vermilion petals with a golden bijakshara.

It represents ailment associated with sense of touch and sense organ skin. Associated with cardiac plexus it controls functions of heart, lungs, thymus and blood circulation. Congestion in Anahata chakra causes heart problem and related diseases. Excess of pranic energy in this chakra causes heart attack. In this case the inner aura may extend up from 6" to 3 feet. Asthma is another example of the hypofunction of this chakra.

Within Anahata chakra is an eight petaled lotus in the center of which rests the spiritual heart or anand kanda on the right side very closely related with the physical heart on the left. An increase or decrease in the rate of heart beat serves as a warning signal that there is some abnormality in the anand kanda.

The fourth chakra has a lingam also known as banalingam. This lingam radiates golden light and is formed from a mass of tissue in the nerve center at the Anahata chakra clearly visible in kirlian photography. "Om", the unstricken cosmic sound is a wondrous treatment for all heart ailments. Patients can be tremendously benefited by the pure musical tones of "Om". This chakra is also a seat of balance within the body with three chakras above and three chakras below distributing a uniform energy flow in both the directions. The person with an active fourth chakra sleeps from 4 to 6 hours on his left side.

Three New Sightings In Morocco

Daily Express headline; says: 'Private detectives hired to find Madeleine McCann have received three new reports of sightings. They are now focusing their hunt on a wealthy woman in Morocco. Three callers to an international telephone hotline set up last week by the McCanns reported separate sightings of the missing youngster in the north African country.

Each caller said that blonde, blue-eyed Madeleine was with the same 60-year-old woman, who they described as “middle class”. Last night, a team of private detectives were on the ground in north Africa searching for the mystery woman.

The investigators are convinced Madeleine was snatched to order from Kate and Gerry McCanns’ holiday apartment at the Ocean Club complex in Praia da Luz on May 3 and smuggled out of Portugal.

The private detectives, on the staff of the elite Spanish agency Metodo 3, are working on the theory that she was targeted after a tip-off from someone inside the holiday complex or who had intimate knowledge of guests’ comings and goings. The kidnappers are thought to have spied on the family for several days, watching their movements and waiting for the best moment to strike.

They snatched Madeleine from her bed while her brother and sister, two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie, slept as their parents dined with friends at a restaurant less than 100 yards away. The investigators believe she was smuggled to north Africa and is being raised by a childless couple as their own or kept in the hands of the paedophile gang.

But they are convinced the Moroccan woman identified in three “important” phone tip-offs holds the key to tracing her.

A source close to the agency, which boasts a 100 per cent success rate in tracing missing children, said: “We are giving special importance to three calls we received about a girl resembling Madeleine in Morocco. One was from a Spaniard, the other two from British people. In each case, the girl was about the same age as Madeleine, with blonde hair and blue eyes. In each case, she was with a Moroccan woman who was about 60 and middle class.

Metodo 3’s managing director Francisco Marco, 35, said he is certain Madeleine was abducted and her parents were not involved in her disappearance. He said: “My view is that the most likely place to find her is Morocco. We’re working very hard on all information indicating that. But I stress we are following up everything.”

Servants of the Light tarot Insight

10 of Spheres
The Star
The Moon (reversed)

The Star card! The significator which is now synonymous with Maddy in the transcripts. But does this mean that one of these three sightings was Maddy? Dare we even hope that at last we have a valid and legitimate report? Free from deception? After all the Moon image is reversed with appears to indicate this is not a report from on the trail of deception? The 10 of Spheres is the key here ... the opportunities ... the growing seeds of hope and likelihood that one of these sightings will be Maddy. I'm very optimistic at this moment in time that intelligence is indeed very much on the trail of Maddy. The only thing which prevents me from feeling totally this is indeed Maddy is my instinct. An err on caution which makes me doubt this is Maddy who is seen at this moment in time. But it will be her soon enough. I doubt only because this information has been 'revealed' in the newspapers on an investigation which has become well known for leaked false information ... plus if it was true then would this not tip off the abductors that they have been spotted with Maddy? That is my only concern.

One of the Two Old Dears (my late Mother-in-Law) was sensed over my shoulder with her arms folded, her feet tapping and a look of mischievousness on her face. There IS something significant behind this 'tail'. It is a tale to sell papers but it appears to differ from other tales ... in that the information it has originated from is not one from the annals of the path of the moon. This is a different source of information. I have to say 'watch this space' ... something is about.


Once the third-eye has been developed with the help of Kundalini, the Chrism oil, the secretions and magnetism of the head glands, and the brain-dews, man would be able to function in the higher worlds with full awareness. These various substances and energies are instrumental to man's physical resurrection or etherealization. They are collected, blended, and released into the body through the third ventricle of the brain which, in one sense, represents the Holy Grail:

Hindu yogis call the brain-dews "soma" or "amrita." It is the nectar or ambrosia of the gods. Manuals on yoga such as the "Hatha-Yoga-Pradipika" advises students to flood the body with it. A superior body of vitality and strength is acquired by the permeation of the blood with soma. Aging is arrested and, it is believed, immortality is acquired--this is the transformation of the natural body called "adhibhautikadeha," into the divine body "adhidaivikadeha" as termed by Hindu mystics.

Filling the body with light-energy in the form of soma and Chrism oil is the means whereby the human is changed into the divine.Yogis believe that magickal powers are bestowed upon the individual whose physical body is transmuted into a higher form. It is thought that amrita flows profusely from the third ventricle by stimulating the palate and uvula with the tongue. This exercise is a fundamental practice among various mystical sects in India.

Symbolically speaking, the apron made of lambskin and worn by Masonic initiates during the performance of rituals is emblematic of the Chrism oil to be found in the loins. The covering of the nether regions represents the conservation of the precious energies to be found therein.

A Look Back At The Start

Intuition, instinct, a sixth sense ... whatever you wish to call it ... plays a very important part of my life. It governs the way I think and the way I see. It has very much become an integral part of me and my life. It is my drive and my momentum. It is very much a second nature component of that which I am.

Intuition dictates I take note of the symbolism of the life around me. The picture outside of me, which I am very much part of but also merely an observer of ... material life. Existence on this material plane. This waking dream.

Second nature has trained me to take note and to observe any patterns in the scene around me. It can be a certain pattern of clouds or passing beneath a hovering bird of prey in the car. Or the certain way that crystals fall in a casting. Or certain words in songs or the order of songs which appear when my Ipod is playing songs in a random order. Or certain people I pass in the street. Or people I associate with who have identical blueprints to people I once have met ....

Whatever it is in whatever form I take note. I always listen when second nature calls. Its voice is almost always available as a messenger in life if you know where to look. Everything about today is circles returning back to the start to move forward again. Wisdom gained from past travels to move the circle into a different latitude.

So much so ... I am taking this symbolism extremely seriously. Especially when the symbolism appears to insist I need to 'go back to the start' with the information appertaining to the Daily Merlin Insights. I sense it important I now return to the earliest information. To the earliest transcripts and look again at the trail been wandered. To look for anything previously overlooked.

Future transcripts are likely to feature information previously covered. Bear with me I intuit it to be very necessary.

'Back Round The Block'
Original SigilArt by Matthew James

Another Painful Milestone

Kate and Gerry McCann have spoken of their plans to mark another painful milestone of their daughter's disappearance. On Saturday, it will be six months since Madeleine, then three, vanished from her bed in Portugal.

The couple have accompanied previous milestones with high-profile events like balloon launches. But they plan to mark the day quietly with a small service at the weekend in their village church in Rothley in Leicestershire.

Gerry McCann wrote in his internet blog: "We will be marking this milestone very quietly with an ecumenical prayer service for Madeleine and other missing children in the local Anglican church."

He explained: "The last couple of days have been hard for Kate and I. We have had a lot of 'family time' and despite the pleasure of seeing Sean and Amelie having fun, Madeleine's absence was very much tangible. We were, however, bucked up somewhat after opening lots of mail, which was incredibly supportive and uplifting. We would like to pass on our sincere thanks once more to everyone who is supporting us."

Mr McCann added: "Despite sadness and despair at our own situation, it is heart wrenching to hear of tragedies affecting other families close to home this week."

"Our thoughts and prayers are with them." (Sky News)

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Chakra Cleansing

Here is an exercise to keep cleanse the chakras. This is often necessary if you think of all the different energies which are floating around; all the negative energy worked up in an argument or by someone being horrible to you. All these things stay around you like a metal is attracted to a magnet.

Make sure you are relaxed, you can lie down or sit in a chair, then take some deep breaths.

Gradually sink down where you are, imagine your feet feeling relaxed and limp.

Imagine your legs doing the same, going up through your solar plexus and up to the base of your neck.

Let it go down your arms into your hands and to the very tips of your fingers, then go back to the base of your neck, let your shoulders go all limp, then up to the top of your head, now you should feel totally relaxed.

Visualise roots coming out of your feet, let them go into the ground, visualise them going to the very source of the earth's energy.

Visualise deep red energy and put your roots into it, then start drawing the energy up through your roots, like a tree does with water.

Then visualise a bright golden light above you, breath the light into your lungs, like glittering air.

Draw both of these energies into your groin, which is your ROOT chakra point. Visualise a RED disc, you should be able to see if it is dirty. Let these energies wash over it like a wave against cliffs, washing the dirt away. When you feel that it is done move to your STOMACH chakra, which is ORANGE, and repeat the process. Do the same to your solar plexus, which is YELLOW, then your HEART, which is GREEN, your THROAT, which is BLUE, then your THIRD-EYE which is VIOLET and lastly the CROWN which is a brilliant WHITE.

Now imagine your aura see it all around you feel it look at all the colours swirling around, and if you feel or see any junk or dirt floating around get the red and golden energy to flush it out never to come back again. When you have finished that visualise your roots drawing back into you, do not worry about the energy that is left inside you, either store it or send it into them world.

Daily Merlin: The Cunning Fox

Daily Merlin Insight (using Merlin Tarot)
Sunday 28th October 2007
10:00pm - 10:50pm

Today has been a time of great reflection and contemplation. The opportunity to meet with like soul minds was a gratifying experience. Feeling refreshed and with renewed vigour I prepare for this current working. With no specific 'focus' planned I adapt the method of an open channel once more.

A close friend, of mine, who passed many years previous, moves in close. She was a healer in her day. An Irish mystic with a powerful love for life. She moves in close with a gentleness and a fearlessness. A valour which she wishes to be extended to the material plane. There is no need to fear. Fear is an illusion, brought to the earth plane by those who wish dominance over fellow man. Without fear, they have no hold. This appears an exercise in generating fear. A time of healing now comes to help release those shackles created by fear. Ireland is most surely the key. It provides the link with those who are close at hand to where and when little Maddy disappeared. She says she can watch the little girl. A glowing light around her. Full of LIFE. Very much alive; many spirits are looking after her sent by psychics and mediums around the world. It is time to hold in your heart to forgive and heal those who were behind the disappearance. Unlock the barrier of fear they use to control. Mystics unite and will them to release this little girl. This girl is safe and is kept safe. NO harm has befallen her. She sees the little girl Maddy play in grassy meadows with soil on her clothes and wind in her hair. Her hair is not quite the same as it was, it has been cut a different way and the colour is slightly different but it is the same girl. Others who are around her know and are sworn to secrecy. Maddy's chair is a wooden high chair ... which scrapes on wooden floorboards. There is a wooden dresser nearby. A woman like a housekeeper wears a skirt with a predominately green tarten pattern. She talks with a southern lilt which she recognises as being part of her own part of the country. County ..... (withheld). There is peat bog close by and a range rover which drives into the nearest town. There is indeed a building like a castle nearby. High stone walls ... stained glass windows out of which the little girl looks out. They are tarnished with age and there has been much rain. She looks out to water and boats and gulls. She still smiles. She carries her family in her heart and in her mind. My friend hears what spirit has to say about them conveying to the little girl she is safe. The general feeling is she is bound to be returned. They who hold her play the waiting game. They know the attention this story commands. They know too that she is to be moved again. Back south. Back to close to where she was taken. There is to be no fear of eyes stalking these words. Those who hold her already know ... but can comprehend that intelligence keeps them safe because Maddy is there in plain sight ... held by links to such a powerful family. Through the profession of Gerry & Kate there is a direct link. That intelligence have been canny with their planning and with the way they were able to establish a link within the ranks of those close to the McCanns and it has not been discovered as yet. My friend's presence now fades .... leaving me once more alone ...

Those who link have property investments in several countries. There network is hidden behind smaller businesses of blank faces. The phone line will prove to be a helpful cause but also a helpful smokescreen for those who implicate Maddy's safe return. Most surely Spain features and has featured in their plans. Their influence stretches from Portugal, through Spain and France; as well as Eire and other European countries. The careful intelligence keep attention fixed firmly on the significant eye without drawing undue attention from the rebel faction of the open eye.

The cunning fox is seen in the foreground of the Page of Beasts once more. The Page still holds the empty bowl despite all the efforts to till the soil. No dividends or rewards as yet for all the continued efforts of the search ... all the stones unturned and all the investigation. The cunning fox continues its mesmerising jig in the foreground and nobody is any wiser with regard to the 'tilling of the field'. True facts are still hard to find. The trickery of the cunning fox by way of the media speculation keeps everything hidden. The cunning fox suggests a hand in the proceedings and a keen eye to know where to guide the attention of the observer away from what is going on.

To the left the 7 of Birds - dishonesty - we cannot trust or believe much of what it related to the situation via the media. We should have learned of this by now. Disregard the jig of the cunning fox ... step back and realise it all for ourselves. There is a great deception here.

The Warrior of Fishes is the outcome ... the prayer answered. The pathway which is being denied by the cunning fox and the tales woven forcing everyone to expect the worst.

Note the circuit of stones which have fallen on the 8 of Birds reversed and the 9 of Serpents ... the latter the card of endurance. It means the situation has gone around and around the same circuit. Run the saw course a number of times. It moves from the start forwards back to the star again. Much like going back to the start of the circle. Surely this cannot go on much longer ... someone somewhere has been stringing this out ... keeping it firmly in the news without actually providing any solid evidence. I know I've mentioned this before in the past ... but on reflection I realise it must be said again.

There are too many lose ends here amid the secrecy laws. That which is portrayed on the outside is not the real news. The Universe image indicates there is a shell or glamour around the true picture ... the hermaphrodite figure in the image is seen to symbolically emerge from within from the core of the truth ... to emerge in the public eye ... as characters in the story which the public are bought and sold by ... The Page of Fishes indicates something is being resolved most surely behind this vow of secrecy. Something of the highest high appears to be within the core ... events and discussions and concerns not for the general public. Something on the drawing board long planned and most surely executed ... something well underway ... something that may never been known. Even after the time Maddy has been returned. A sense that October fades and November arrives. Into December and there is fresh ideas. Fresh news. Different opinions. New faces on which to muse. Arrival at a crossroads ... literally ... back in the late July time when something key was disregarded it can be revisited once more again. All those sightings not reviewed or taken seriously must surely be looked at once again. New clues.