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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Image of the Day

A new idea is evolving ... watch out for more on this in future posts ...

The Wiccan Triple Goddess

The Goddess represents the feminine, nurturing side of Deity -intuitive, creative, and magical. She is the inner nature of Deity -the origin of the external Universe.

Thus the Goddess is the Creator, the Source - the God emerges from Her, when She sets the Universe into motion. The God is the Goddess’ Divine Child, formed from Her inner nature, Her “Other Self” as the Vangelo delle Streghe puts it. The God is also the Divine Consort, Whose union with the Goddess describes existence as we know it.

In this sense the Goddess and the God are the polar forces also termed Yin and Yang. Yin, the Feminine, spiritual, emotive aspect of Deity which is within all things and Whose presence gives all things life. Yang the Masculine, physical, volatile aspect of Deity which manifests in motion and action and Whose permutations build up the outer form of things.

In Wicca the Goddess is primarily revered through Her form as the Triple Goddess. As the God is often represented by the Sun, the Goddess is often represented by the Moon, and its three phases are taken as instructive as to the nature of Her being; the Waxing Moon representing creation and inspiration, embodied in the Maiden Goddess. The Full Moon representing fruition and sustenance, embodied in the Mother Goddess. And the Waning Moon representing fulfillment and endings, embodied in the Crone more>>>...

Alternative medicine crackdown: FDA pushing to regulate Homeopathy out of existence

Why is there a sudden push by the FDA to label homeopathic remedies as dangerous? Why is there a need to regulate substances that have been used for hundreds of years with out any issues? What does the FDA have to gain?

The FDA has published two documents recently, which suggest that WAR is being declared on the profession of homeopathic medicine - or at least on the manufacture of homeopathic remedies, which comes to the same thing in the end. What is a homeopath without homeopathic remedies?

On March 19, 2015 the FDA published an advisory (called a "safety alert") about homeopathic asthma OTC medications, recommending that patients be wary, and that health care practitioners be sure to report any adverse effects to the FDA.

What's the rush? Homeopathic remedies have been in use since they were first introduced to the United States in 1925 by Dr. Hans Burch Gram. Textbooks by the founder of Homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann, were available, but only in German until 1835. The practice of homeopathy spread throughout the USA because doctors found it to be so much more effective in their complex and unresolved medical cases. Homeopathic medicines have been accepted in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS) and regulated under a document called CPG Sec. 400.400, Conditions Under Which Homeopathic Drugs May be Marketed. These conditions have been unchanged for the last 40 years.

Why, suddenly now, are we wanting to change the manufacture of these remedies? Why such a push to label homeopathic remedies dangerous, when they have been around for over 200 years without any problems?

Cui bono? The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines this phrase: "a principle that probable responsibility for an act or event lies with one having something to gain". Who stands to gain from destroying the manufacturers of homeopathic remedies? more>>>...

Monday, 30 March 2015

PsyWar: A Short History of the Battle for the Mind

What is Psychological Warfare?
Boneau defines Psychological Warfare (PsyWar) as a number of actions ranging from radio propaganda to torture, that require comprehensive information on targeted populations. In a document written in 1948, American ground forces defined “psychological warfare” as follows:

“It is based on moral and physical means different from those upon which orthodox military techniques are based on. Its purpose is: (a) To destroy the will and the fighting spirit of the enemy and avoid its allies’ support and, (b) To encourage our troops and our allies’ will of being victorious.”

PsyWar uses every possible weapon and tool to influence and impact the will of the enemy. Such “weapons” are labelled “psychological” because of their effect and not because of their own nature. This is the reason why, open propaganda (“white”), secret (“black”) or “grey” propaganda – subversion, sabotage, murders, special operations, guerrilla, espionage, political, economic and racial and ethnic pressures – are all considered useful PsyWar weapons.

To implement such programs, the intelligence services recruited specialists on behavioural sciences capable of inventing the “simple, clear and repetitive” white propaganda and black propaganda aimed at provoking “disorder, confusion and… terror” within the enemy forces.

We thus begin to fathom that the so-called “Arab Spring” of today did not just suddenly and spontaneously explode in 2011, but was rather hatched from an “egg” laid decades ago and brooded by the secret intelligence more>>>>..

12 Amazing Benefits Of Queen’s Flower For Your Health

Queen’s flower, known more popularly as the Giant Crape Myrtle and Banaba, is a deciduous tree that you can find in India and Sri Lanka. Known in Hindi as Jarul, this is a very popular herb used in folk medicines. Right from curbing the spiraling blood sugar levels to regulating blood pressure levels, this plant has quite a number of health benefits to offer. Rich in tannin, ellagitannin Lagerstroemin, corosolic acid, and gallotannins, this plant is a storehouse of health benefits that you should definitely make use of...READ MORE>>>...

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Geoengineered Disasters in Latin America

There’s nothing natural about the recent climate disasters in Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. 7 years’ worth of rain just fell in Chile in 12 hours, while several feet of hail was dumped on areas of northern Ecuador and southern Colombia, both on or very near the equator.

Tell me that’s by natural causes. We know the hydrological cycle has been completely disrupted via massive aerosol spraying and its manipulation by a worldwide array of HAARP type technologies.

As Dane Wigington pointed out: "More alarming articles and studies are surfacing each day which confirm the rapidly changing state of Earth’s life support systems and climate. Humanity has decimated the planet in countless ways and the repurcussions are becoming catastrophic…

Atmospheric aerosol saturation greatly effects wind patterns and diminishes precipitation overall causing droughts of unprecedented scope and scale. The disruption in the hydrological cycle can also cause record rainfall as rain which was kept from falling in one location migrates elsewhere to come down in a deluge.
" ... READ MORE>>>...

Today's Inspiration

Currawong Totem Animal

Currawong energy teaches you to be more aware of when you take advantage of others, and when others take advantage of you.  

They are cunning, sneaky birds, adept at manipulation. This can - for some people - be the more 'shadow' aspect of the currawong, because it's hard to accept that whether we like it or not, there is usually someone we've taken advantage of, or will take advantage of in the future. And it can be difficult to realise that it's also been done to us as well. Currawong energy will bring an element of 'sneaking something away' that doesn't belong to you. It could be energy, it could be taking something away from someone else (like a job - Currawong deliberately challenges the notion of 'abundance'), or it could be as extreme as literal theft. When Currawong energy is active, a certain level of harassment is occurring, this could be coming from you, or coming from someone more>>>...

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Butterfly Totem Animal

Copyright Matthew James 2015
The butterfly is the symbol of the soul. They remind us that life is a dance, not to take things so seriously. They also remind us to get up and move. Dance brings the sweetness of life. Butterflies bring color and joy to your life. Look at them and remember what joy is in your life; whether it’s a lot or a little, it is still joy. The butterfly teaches us that growth and transformation does not have to traumatic; it can occur gently, sweetly, and joyfully.

From Shamanic Journey:
Symbol of Change, The Soul, Creativity, Freedom, Joy and Colour
Butterflies eyes consist of thousands of individual lenses. This gives them the gift of being able to see a single image clearly. They can perceive ultraviolet wavelengths of light, suggesting clairvoyant abilities for those with Butterfly as power animal. The antennae of the butterfly has small knobs on each end which are said to aid orientation. If an antennae is missing, the butterfly will fly in circles unable to find its way. If the Butterfly is your ally, you need to stay consciously connected to spirit at all times so you may fulfil your goals.

Butterfly is the symbol of change, the soul, creativity, freedom, joy and colour. Their power is transformation, shape shifting and soul evolution. They represent the element of air, quickly changing and always on the move gracefully

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From The Archives: The Rick Mora Interview on The Matthew James Medium Show

 Listen again to The Rick Mora Interview on the Matthew James Medium Show!

With Rick's arrival in Australia only 6 months away ... listen again to this fantastic interview. Or maybe you are listening to it for the first time.

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Friday, 27 March 2015

What is the Real Matrix?

The underlying nature of reality is that Everything is Energy. It’s not a concept. It’s not a theory. It’s reality. We live in a multidimensional universe of holographic etheric fields — fields upon fields of subtle vibrational forces, particles, and strings. And even if you cannot see the fields, you will sometimes feel and sense things that you can’t always explain. And maybe you even intuitively feel and sense that those unseen forces may be some type of controlling system. If you are aware of these things, then you know the question… What is the Real Matrix?

In order to understand What the Matrix Is, you have to understand the human energy field

The human energy field is a holographic system of flowing etheric tubes and geometrical fractal codes — a system of light and geometrical shapes. You are not just your physical body. You are not your mind. You are a multidimensional being of light and vibrations — Energy.

Your consciousness and your etheric energy are one and the same thing — a vibrational force of light and fractal codes of information — like data packets of digital memory. The quality of your light and codes are reflections of the quality of your attitudes and inner feelings. They are just two different languages for one and the same thing. Your attitudes and inner feelings are what determine the quality of your light and codes. And unlike the facade of the human ego’s presentation — the quality of your codes and vibrational resonance cannot be faked...READ MORE>>>...

The Deliberate Trashing of Planet Earth

Ultimately those who awaken invariably come up against a very big question; why would the so-called “elite” self-appointed rulers of this planet bring the house down around their own ears? Don’t they get irradiated, chemtrailed and ultimately modified like the rest of us? Aren’t their children in peril just like ours?

Underground bunkers or not, the rapid deterioration of our environment is leading toward a dead planet if their machinations aren’t halted some time very soon.

What these manipulators are up to is not life giving, it is death dealing. For humanity and all of nature. Why would anyone/anything do such a thing? To answer that, people first need to realize that that’s what they’re doing.

Deliberately trashing our planet.

It’s beyond our fully grasping how these entities think and operate because of the difference in vibrational understanding. They’re insane psychopaths in our minds, we’re dumb sheep in theirs. Someone said the reptilians told them to trash the environment but don’t worry, their greys will restore everything. Neat little package but it always makes me wonder since they’re doing exactly that, wantonly trashing the place...READ MORE>>>...

Ford’s new car will force you to obey the speed limit

Much as we'd like to emulate our NASCAR heroes, breaking the speed limit often comes at a price. Ford is hoping to prevent accidents and speeding tickets by introducing cars that can see what the speed limit is and preventing heavy-footed motorists from driving any faster. Ford's Intelligent Speed Limiter tech will first appear on the new Ford S-Max that's launching in Europe that could just change the way that we drive.

A camera mounted on the windshield scans the road signs on the sides of the highway and, when the vehicle enters a 20mph zone, the system reduces the top speed to match. Rather than controlling the speed with automatic braking, the car limits its own velocity by adjusting the amount of fuel being pushed to the more>>>...

Martian Anomalies ...

Look closely and see evidence of intelligent life ... these are not natural features in this image. Clear evidence of buildings and other structures.

Again, there are structures built by intelligent life in this image.

Strange anomalies in this image? What exactly is this?

10 Steps For A Successful Lucid Dream

Lucid dreaming is one of the most extraordinary experiences you could have as a human being. Being awake within a dream, you are able to consciously interact with it just as you interact in the real world. Everything is saturated with colour and vibrantly alive, and it feels far more real than waking life does. There are many practical benefits to lucid dreaming. For me personally, it reminded be of how much life is like a dream and helped me appreciate the impermanence of reality. It helped me cultivate more consciousness and awareness in waking life by reminding me that I don’t have to be a victim to my surroundings, and can instead become lucid and take control. It also led to both of my out-of-body experiences. Lucid dreaming can propel you into a higher understanding of yourself and the reality you live in during your waking life. On top of being exhilarating and fun, it’s also a very useful catalyst for spiritual more>>>...

10 Common Habits Of Spiritually Conscious People

While no two people are alike, many people who are pursuing a spiritual path end up adopting similar habits and behaviours. The spiritually-minded tend to do things differently than the rest of the world, and their actions and lifestyle end up reflecting their new level of awareness. When it comes to habits, being able to relate to others on a level like this is important. It allows us to see that we are not alone on our journey, and that we aren’t so “weird” after all. It takes a lot of courage to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you someone else, so it can be comforting and reassuring to know that there are millions of others out there who can relate to you. Don’t be afraid to allow your actions to be an extension of your free more>>>...

Image of the Day

Copyright Matthew James

The Art Of Spiritual Discernment Part 1

There certainly has been an uplift in spiritual awareness in the last decade. The age of awakening is taking pace for sure. However, the degree of ignorance and naivety in the occult arts is at an all time high! The problem is the lack of proper training in the psychic arts. There are too many 'five minute courses' and too much easy access to spiritual material via the internet. There is insufficient warning relating to 'dabbling' in the occult arts. The level of immaturity is scary. Too many so called practitioners have ego dominated personalities, desperate for a quick fix for fame and fortune. Sadly it is a dangerous cocktail. All those out there who are peddling their psychic trades too soon are playing Russian Roulette with their lives and the lives of their clients. 

I recently saw a picture of a psychic on social media claiming to have a deceased relation captured in the photograph. Sadly, it was anything but that. There was clear signs of an attachment and a lower entity captured in the photo. Yet, followers were praising this psychic for such a fantastic photo. They were oblivious too! But how do you tell what is what with connections? How do you know if something claiming to be an angelic connection, an ascended master or a deceased relation, is indeed what they claim? Take for example the paranormal photo above .. how can you tell if the entities in the photo are 'good' or 'bad'??? 

It is the basic principles of magical training which come into effect in these instances. EVERY connection must be rigorously tested until valid evidential proof is received. A name is NOT suffice. It has to be proven evidence that is not known at the time. The process is rigorous and cannot be learned in a hurry. It has to be expedited over decades of dedicated training. It is your spirit that will tell you ... and test the links. 

To find out more ... I will be divulging SOME of my magical teachings in the coming weeks ... the entities in the picture above, by the way, are negative ex-humans .... 


Surrounding with Protective Light

Daily OM: There are times when we may know of someone who is in great need and wants help, but we may feel at a loss about how best to help them. It is at such times that we can ask for help in surrounding them with support and protection, just like the pioneers once circled their wagons in the middle of unknown territory. Whether this means turning to an already established community such as a service organization or gathering support from diverse sources, a group of people can be brought together to help an individual or an entire community. It doesn’t always take money to help someone either--cooking, cleaning, driving, fund raising, or offering emotional support are all valuable and have the added benefit of the closeness of the human touch. In any case, the universe sends angels in the form of willing friends or strangers to gather their individual lights to surround those in need with the warmth of more>>>...

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Thoughts for the Day

"Our sadness is an energy we discharge in order to heal. ...Sadness is painful. We try to avoid it. Actually discharging sadness releases the energy involved in our emotional pain. To hold it in is to freeze the pain within us. The therapeutic slogan is that grieving is the 'healing feeling.'"
-- John Bradshaw

"To weep is to make less the depth of grief."
-- William Shakespeare

"There is no despair so absolute as that which comes with the first moments of our first great sorrow, when we have not yet known what it is to have suffered and be healed, to have despaired and recovered hope."
-- George Eliot

"Seek not happiness too greedily, and be not fearful of unhappiness."
-- Lao-tzu

"When the heart grieves over what it has lost, the spirit rejoices over what it has left."

-- Sufi epigram

Mystic Insight for the Day

How The Body Clears Energy

Daily Om: Whole-self well-being is, in part, the result of a harmonious flow of energy between our physical and mental selves. When this flow is thrown out of balance for any reason, the body and mind react to one another rather than act cooperatively. Ongoing stress, sadness, anxiety, excitement, and fear can overwhelm the cerebral self, causing traumatic energy to be channeled into the body. The body then responds by taking steps to organically dispel the energy that has burdened it and expressing it by means of physical symptoms such as illness, fatigue, or disease. In some cases, these symptoms can simply be allowed to run their natural course and recovery will come about naturally. In most instances, however, health and wellness can only be restored by a dual course of treatment that acknowledges both the physical manifestations of energy clearing and the underlying emotional causes. Many of the ailments we experience over the course of our lives can be indicative of the body’s attempts to process intellectual and emotional more>>>...

Are you spiritually materialistic?

There are different types of spiritual materialism but the greatest was once called idol worship. It is the collection of spiritual or religious objects to make one feel more spiritual or to try and satiate that gnawing more need within.

An example of this first type of spiritual materialism would be surrounding yourself, with crucifixes, malas, holy books, the bible, the quoran, crystals, statues, rosaries, holy relics, prints of spiritual deities, books or tv shows of a supernatural nature or anything of the sort. Many of us may have one or two of these items and this is fine. It is when there is a collection built, a compulsion or need to surround yourself with these items that it becomes a spiritual materialism. This is the most base of spiritual materialism as it has its grounding in the physical world. Possessing these items is not a guilt or offense alone, because it is when the possession is in conjunction with a superiority complex.

This is the next stage of spiritual materialism the halo effect, it is a holier than thou attitude. A feeling that these people don’t deserve to worship here or have these items because they cannot properly care or appreciate them. This is the ego feeding off of the spiritual need to better one’s self. This halo effect has the opposite effect however and pulls us closer toward materialism and the desire to belong, to control and conquer.

Spiritual materialism is not a means to an end, it is a soul sickness...READ MORE>>>...

Ancient UFO 'flying saucer' found 40 meters below ground in Siberia

Coal miners in Siberia's Kuznetsk Basin, Russia, have found, buried 40 meters underground, a saucer-shaped object that UFO researchers claim is an ancient alien "flying saucer" craft that crashed to Earth from space thousands of years ago.

Coal miners with the mining company Kuzbassrazrezugol found the bizarre and mysterious circular or disk object while excavating deep underground. The object was described as "perfectly circular with a diameter of about 1.2 meters and weighing about 440lbs," that is, about 200 kilograms.

Boris Glazkov, 40, the company excavator, said he was surprised to find such mysterious object in "the middle of nowhere." "I have to say it wasn't hard to see as it was really distinctive and large. I've never seen anything like this object, which is obviously man-made out, here in the middle of nowhere before. It is a real mystery."

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Inspiration for the Day

Image of the Day

Copyright Matthew James 2015

What We Are Made Of

Daily Om: Love is often presented as the opposite of fear, but true love is not opposite anything. True love is far more powerful than any negative emotions, as it is the environment in which all things arise. Negative emotions are like sharks swimming in the ocean of love. All things beautiful and fearful, ugly and kind, powerful and small, come into existence, do their thing, and disappear within the context of this great ocean. At the same time, they are made of the very love in which they swim and can never be separated. We are made of this love and live our whole lives at one with it, whether we know it or more>>>...

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

They Are Slowly Making Cash Illegal

The move to a cashless society won’t happen overnight. Instead, it is being implemented very slowly and systematically in a series of incremental steps. All over the planet, governments are starting to place restrictions on the use of cash for security reasons. As citizens, we are being told that this is being done to thwart criminals, terrorists, drug runners, money launderers and tax evaders. Other forms of payment are much easier for governments to track, and so they very much prefer them. But we are rapidly getting to the point where the use of cash is considered to be a “suspicious activity” all by itself. These days, if you pay a hotel bill with cash or if you pay for several hundred dollars worth of goods at a store with cash you are probably going to get looked at more>>>...

The Life Cycle

Daily OM: Flowers and leaves both begin their lives as organisms so tiny we cannot see them with the naked eye. With time, they become visible, curled in upon themselves, colorful buds slowly softening and releasing. With the proper warmth and moisture, they unfold little by little, revealing with each degree of opening a new color, shape, or dimension. Sometimes buds open seemingly all at once, unfolding the full majesty of their potential, of what looks to the human eye like courage, openness, and generosity. As days go by, the bloom slowly moves through more stages, revealing still more colors, shapes, and dimensions of its essence. It falls apart, strewing its petals on the ground, or it wilts, or it closes back in on itself. When we can appreciate the full beauty of each stage of the cycle of life, from bud to blossom to disintegration, we feel more at home with our own earthly process. We can be inspired not to hold back the fullness of what we have to offer, knowing that our time to give of ourselves in this way will come to pass. At the same time, we can honor others, and the little processes that go on within the larger process of living our more>>>...

Thought for the Day

"Energy is equal to desire and purpose."
-- Sheryl Adams

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Using The Runes - An Interview With Matthew James

Runic Divination Part 1

The Pineal Gland and The Third Eye

The Pineal gland is located within the vertebrate brain between the left and right hemispheres. It is ruffly the size of a grain of rice and is fully grown at 2 years of age. The gland is stimulated by darkness and hindered by light. It produces melatonin, melatonin is a hormone which influences your biological clock.

Odinic Vision

It has been accepted by many practitioners of Asatru, Heathenism, and Odinism that Odin, All Father of the Folk sacrificed his eye at some point in Mimir’s well. However, is it a more plausible thought that Odin did not sacrifice his eye but in fact gained vision through the opening of his “third” eye? Maybe this can help find something of a different view of Odinic Vision?

Voluspa is often one of the first quoted sources to support the idea that Odin sacrificed his eye into Mimir’s well. Consider closely the chosen language of the stanza as it is held over various translations:

“I know where Othin’s eye is hidden,
Deep in the wide-famed well of Mimir;
Mead from the pledge of Othin each morn
Does Mimir drink: would you know yet more?

Odin’s eye is hidden – not sacrificed “Deep in the wide-famed well of Mimir”? Mímir (Old Norse “The rememberer, the wise one”). We can interpret the symbolic nature of the Lore that Mimir’s Well is a representation of the mind! ... read more>>>...

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Boji Stones

Boji Stone is the copywritten and registered trademark for concretion stones which are found in Colorado. Their shape is usually round with some protrusion of platelets. These stones are a composite of palladium and pyrite. See Palladium for further qualities and uses.

Boji stones come in male, female and androgynous forms and in various sizes, generally from the size of a dime to as about as large as a silver dollar. The male stone is characterized primarily by the uneven, sharp, protruding patterns on their surface.

The female stones are all smooth in their configuration. The androgynous stones display a point or points of some uneven characteristics but not as contiguous as displayed on the male stones. These stones attain their full power when they are used in pairs except for the androgynous stones which can be considered as having the same energy as a pair of male and female stones.

Boji stones can transfer energy from the etheric to the physical body. It will clean, recharge and fill with positive energy, all of the voids or holes in the aura and the auric more>>>...

Manifest Your Soulmate

Daily OM: Do you truly believe your soul mate is out there?

Believing that your soul mate is out there is critical to the preparation of manifesting him or her into your life. The basic law of attraction states that you will attract to you those things that match your state of belief. I believe that the Universe is always mirroring back to us our beliefs about ourselves and the world.

If we believe the world is a loving and friendly place, then most of the time that will be our experience. If we believe the world is a chaotic, stressful and fearful place, then that becomes our reality. So, believing and knowing that your soul mate is out there is part of the formula for manifestation.

If you do not yet believe with 100% certainty that your soul mate is out there, let’s begin to look for things that will make a believer out of you. Do you believe you are loveable? If you are reading this then I am certain you are loveable. Why? Because, loveable people want more love in their lives. But, if you believe you are not loveable, I’m going to ask you to challenge that belief. Take a moment to identify at least three (or more) lovable traits that you possess, such as being generous, compassionate, friendly, kind, considerate, thoughtful, interesting, funny, etc. Write these down and then memorize them. You will be using them shortly for your treasure more>>>>

Bat Totem Animal

Shamanic Journey: Shaman initiates go through a ritual death, sometimes with the aid of teacher plants and/or fasting. Here they confront their fears and are reborn without their old identities. Bats help us to release fear and patterns which no longer fits within our pattern of growth.

Bat flying into your life signifies that transformation of the ego self is about to occur, the end of a way of life and the start of another. This transition can be very frightening for many, even just to think about. But you will not grow spiritually until you let go these old parts of you that are NOT NEEDED. Facing the darkness before you will help you find the light in rebirth. The bat gives you the wisdom required to make the appropriate changes for the birthing of your new identity.

If this is your power animal, you would benefit from all types of yogic practices, especially those to do with awakening the more>>>...

Kundalini Activation – or – What Is Happening To My Body?!?

We see this fairly often, a person goes through an intense spiritual or transcendent experience, and afterwards they begin having some very strange things happen to them. They may start having sensations of intense heat or energy flowing through their body. They may start hearing tones, often very high-pitched. Their body may begin to feel like it’s vibrating, or they may feel pressure in their forehead. It’s common for people to believe they’re going insane or even dying when this stuff starts to happen, but don’t worry, all this is actually quite normal for a being who has chosen to raise their Consciousness, and it’s called Kundalini activation. Now the term Kundalini itself is tied up with the various Hindu religions and also a number of Western mystery schools. As such, there’s a lot of conflicting beliefs about Kundalini and a lot of people who will tell you the “right” and “wrong” ways of going about more>>>...

Image of the Day

Image Matthew James 2014

Thursday, 19 March 2015

It's time we ended the search for Maddie so officers can focus on threats to the public, says police union chief

Daily Mail: Police chiefs have been urged to wind up the hunt for Madeleine McCann as detectives battle the terror threat and a spate of murders. A team of 31 British detectives are working exclusively to find the girl, who vanished from her parents’ holiday apartment in Portugal eight years ago. The Metropolitan Police was tasked with investigating the disappearance after her family made a personal plea to David Cameron in 2011. Yet despite costing the taxpayer £10million and dozens of trips by officers to the Algarve, the inquiry – codenamed Operation Grange – has not led to a single arrest. Now a senior police union leader has called for the probe to be axed and the detectives reassigned to other investigations in the more>>>...

Daily Merlin Insight: I have received numerous requests via e-mails, and on social media, to resume the Daily Merlin Insights on the Madeleine McCann Mystery. It has been a while since I did the last insight! Yes, I intend to resume my investigations into this scenario. For those of you unaware of my involvement in this case, I undertook a multitude of remote viewings and tarot insights back in 2007. Through various sources (Including family members) I was informed that my insights were very accurate ... with a large amount of my information proven to be correct. 

For those who are interested in 'catching up' I do have a Madeleine McCann category in the index ... there is a large amount of reading!! 

I have in my possession some of Madeleine's own articles which the family kindly sent me to undertake my remote viewings with. Throughout all my investigation I had the 100% insight Madeleine is still alive. I still do. I have also been adamant that her location is actually known ... the perpetrators also identified ... it is a rabbit hole believe me.

Today's Insight

Using The Osho Zen:

"The Burden"
"Beyond Illusion"

 Very interesting insights. They reflect my thoughts at this time. There is a cover up. A veil I described as the billowing white clouds created by the cloud making machine (The Media) has firmly confused everyone. Deliberately so. Official forces have been 'instructed' to be lazy with their investigations. It is a false flag in many ways. The Burden suggests still the blackmail situation I had at the very start of the mystery!!

Using The Navigators Of The Mystic Sea Tarot:

 "The Heirophant" & "The Emperor"- This is a reference to Gerry McCann.  

"Five Of Swords" indicating the ongoing issue that 'they' have with Gerry McCann and his profession, with what he represents and what he has help create ... I talk of this in the abstract as I learnt last time round that some very influential people are involved in this situation. Some very influential people indeed who do not want their 'trade line' being exposed to the world. There is an 'undetected' supply of  'a much desired product' involved with this story. Not drugs or contraband. But something more precious that certain 'rings' desire and which can be produced by a process of which MM was linked to. I'm not saying anymore about it. But it is a form of trafficking. Authorities know about it and have been instructed to turn a blind eye! 

AEON "Realisation" - refers to Gerry McCann's unwitting involvement in something which he had no choice but get involved in. 

"8 Of Pentacles" indicates MM is being observed. Is safe. Is alive. The McCann's are powerless still to change the situation. 


'The Two Old Dears' still indicate MM is located somewhere in Eire. I see the Eire flag flying in my mind. I see the same desolate location ... on the land of some powerful family. She travels less now than she did. She has a different identity with different hair and contact lenses to cover her eyes. She walks the streets of a town silently. She is always accompanied by others. She has been controlled (By NLP and hypnosis. Plus other means) to forget her former life. But she still remembers. She will not forget. The sense is that she is where she was intended to be, but when she was born she was born to the McCanns. There was a mix up  I feel. The current family claim her most surely as her own. I see a trojan horse ... and it will take time for the hidden agenda around her to come out. But it will. 

As always my information is cryptic and coded to ensure that confidentiality on a public social media page. 

What caused the mysterious silent flashes which lit up Russian sky? Weather experts say the lights 'cannot be natural' - and locals are baffled

Daily Mail: A mysterious silent flash which lit up the Russian night sky has baffled people and sparked theories of extraterrestrial activity. Experts have said the blue and white burst of light, which illuminated Stavropol in southern Russia, is not natural. The strange glow was not accompanied by any sound, according to witnesses, and made the city's street lights briefly go out. Theories include that the glow could have been caused by a military exercise, faults in the electricity network, the Northern Lights, an asteroid and even a UFO. This is not the first time that strange lights have been recorded in Russia. In November last year, an unexplained 11 second flash took place in more>>>...

More Martian Anomaly Photos

 Is this water and ice? 

This looks suspiciously like water. There is depth and reflection ...  

 This appears to be some kind of lava or hot magma flow? Note the give away steam on the surface of this 'mass'. Particularly at the tip of the image. 

 A cave or cavern entrance? There is indeterminable 'artifacts' within this image too. It is not the best of images ... but the cave entrance can be seen clearly.
Finally, what are we looking at here? Power lines? The blue lines in this image are not a natural phenomenon. They look suspiciously like power cables ...

Avoiding gluten good for more than just celiacs, study confirms

S.O.T.T: The gluten free (GF) movement has taken on powerful momentum in the past few years, with GF labeled products estimated to balloon to about 7 billion dollars globally by 2019. And so, with any popular dietary pattern promising beneficial changes in health and well-being, as well as challenging both centuries old beliefs in the value of wheat and their producer's and manufacturer's bottom line, the growing popularity and perceive health benefits of the GF diet is destined to cause controversy and backlash, as evidenced by recent mainstream reporting:

Eat More Gluten: The Diet Must Be A Fad (
Backlash has begun against gluten free dieters (
The dangers of going gluten-free (

A new study, however, provides sound evidence that one does not need to have classically defined celiac disease (i.e. validated by HLA DQ2/8 gene tests and intestinal biopsy) in order to benefit from going gluten free. In fact, this is why the gluten free movement is so popular: most people who opt out of eating gluten feel better when they abstain, worse when they partake. But medical professionals, wheat industry spokespersons and even some friendly to advocating for natural, evidence-based alternatives like Dr. Greger, think the case against eating wheat is overblown, if not downright more>>>...

Fear Sells, and We’re All Buying: How Marketers Channel Dark Forces to Rake in Billions

Like any good con, advertising relies on sleight of hand. There’s an art to convincing an increasingly ad-weary and debt-saddled American public that it should spend money on products it neither needs nor can afford, and as it turns out, that art is mostly built on fear. If you cannot remember the last time you were essentially terrified into buying something, that’s only because savvy advertisers have gotten incredibly good at their jobs. Evidence of fear’s efficacy in advertising is everywhere, from off-road vehicles that never leave the streets of the Upper East Side to anti-perspirants that do nothing to help wearers find their soulmates. Studies confirm that the “interest [in] and persuasiveness of” ads is increased by fear, which explains why “fear appeals are one of the most frequently used motivators” for getting people to respond to marketing of every sort. From snake oil salesmen to digital marketers, advertisers have long preyed on our insecurities to sell us products that don’t so much solve our problems as they do allay our darkest more>>>...

The Miracle of Change

Daily OM: Sometimes we feel that things aren’t moving along fast enough for us and that the world is passing us by. It may be that time seems to stand still and that we are simply bystanders in our own lives. Other times it might appear that there is nothing new left for us to experience and that we are locked into a never-ending cycle of stasis. If we take the time to listen to these feelings we will notice that there is probably more going on beneath the surface, like our apprehension to venture out into the unknown. By taking a new look at how we live our lives, however, it will be easier to break through our sense of boredom and enter into a more positive state of being. When life seems monotonous, it is usually an indication that there is something we need to change. Boredom can easily lead us down the path to despondency. Acknowledging our feelings and then setting the intention to alter just one small thing in our life can give us a much more affirmative outlook. This act of change allows us to step outside of ourselves and discover new and exciting things that are often already present in our everyday more>>>...

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Were Martians wiped out by a nuclear bomb? Physicist to present new evidence for bizarre theory at Nasa conference

Daily Mail: Dr Brandenburg will be presenting his theory at the 46th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Houston, Texas at the Town Center Exhibit Area this evening. If you missed the story first time around, be mindful that there’s quite a lot to take in.

He says that ancient Martians known as Cydonians and Utopians were wiped out by a nuclear attack from another alien race. Although he does not go into much detail about the alien races, he points to a number of ‘artifacts’ on the surface that he says are remnants of an intelligent society. And he warned we should also be fearful of an attack from this supposedly hostile alien race that wiped out the Martians.

A thin layer of radioactive substances including uranium, thorium and radioactive potassium on the surface provide evidence for this more>>>...

Interesting Martian Anomalies ....

The following are images obtained by the public domain - Google Earth. However, they have been 'uncoded' from the twiddle twaddle false images which NASA have added to Google Earth. Clearly there is SOMETHING to hide on Mars. See for yourself these interesting anomalies. And, before I forget, I recently went back onto Google Earth for more images, as most of my images were captured around 4 years ago, and to my surprise many of the areas of Mars which I freely visited back then are now off limits! The areas are heavily pixellated on zoom. I wonder why? I kept a note of the co-ordinates so I could return to the areas of interest easily. Except now I can see nothing ... strange?

This looks so much like water and some kind of pier structure. Look closely, an area of the pier structure even reflects in the water!!!

Look closely towards the bottom of the image on the left. There is a structure that is reminiscent of a Mayan temple. Within the remainder of the image is strong evidence of ruins much like Incan ruins in Peru etc. 

The image on the right clearly depicts some kind of contrails or smoke flumes! A close up of the contrail on the right hand side reveals a dark image at its head which is reminiscent of an aircraft ... the dual flume structure at the top what you would expect being discharged from a jet engined aircraft!

The majority of you seeing this article will not see what I'm explaining is within these images. You may well be set in the no life on Mars perception. Until your mind overcomes that barrier you will not see what is there in the images as the anomalies will be invisible. Those of you who are able to see the anomalies, they are quite controversial eh? No wonder these areas are now off limits.