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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Perception Deception

 Things are often not what they appear to be. They designed to give a false impression. To bend logic and create an illusion to fool your mind. The onus is on deception and false impression. Often to force you to see the world in a way someone else wants you to. This is what I term a perception deception. The current issue with BREXIT is one of these instances. As was the Pulse Night Club, the Boston Bombings, The War In Iraq, ISIS and also 9/11. That is just the tip of the iceberg. NASA does it all the time with Mars, The Moon and its exploration of space. Science does it. Medicine does it. 

Indeed just about everything we are taught about life in school is a perception deception. Our true nature is hidden from us. We are deceived with our perception about our minds, our bodies and also life after the illusion known as death. There is little in this world that is not a perception deception. 

You look around this world at the ancient wonders, the architecture from the distant past and its construction is more evidence of the perception deception going on. The account of history and our evolvement; the missing link. All lies. All perception deception. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Evidence exists that man has been more advanced millions of years before this age. That he possessed more intelligence than us, that his civilisations had in them what we have so called only just found now. Perception deception. Our whole identity is a deliberate lie. Those who do this - who I call the Lizard people, which is another perception deception as they don't actually have an appearance, being only energy in our minds that create thought forms in our minds and sickly voices too - are frightened of our discovery of the deceptions that abound this realm. They have lied to us for aeons. They bend our wills to do their work for them.We help create the reality they want by way of perception deception. We do it all for them with our minds. That is why they twist our thoughts to that of their desires ... to their agenda. Perception deception in every aspect of our lives in this fake reality. Within this pirate copy of a true realm. We are their food source. We are the engine room that drives this face reality. We are forced by perception reality to live in fear. Fear is their food. It is what drives this pirate copy. Perception deception creates fears. 

'Sixteen were the fears to be overcome in order to remember universal love. When there is universal love you become off the grid to those of the darkness.'

Thoughts To Get You Thinking #4

"It is the mind that makes one wise or ignorant, bound or emancipated."
-- Sri Ramakrishna

Zen distinguishes big mind from small mind. Big mind identifies with its process, is impersonal and participates universally. Big mind is unlimited possibilities, deeper understanding, forgiveness, acceptance, insight, connectedness, attention.

Small mind is self centred and focuses only on itself. It is compulsive, limited, reactive and mechanical. Small mind feeds on itself -- fear reacts to fear, judgment reacts to judgment, anger sparks more anger.

"Always seek higher perspectives and you will in time find freedom."
-- John Robson

"If a pickpocket meets a Holy Man, he will see only his pockets."

-- Hari Dass

"Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open."
-- Lord Thomas Dewar

Image of the Day

Nankeen Kestrel on the Urambi Hills by Matthew James

A Convenience Store Of The Paranormal, The Unexplained, The Magical and The Conspiracy Theories ...

What began as a personal blog library back in 2006; a 'convenience store' of the paranormal, the unexplained, the magical, the conspiracy theories ... become something inexplicably public in 2007 ... a place on the web for others to find out for themselves what lies on the shores of the great sea ... 

In October 2016 it will be TEN YEARS since the very first tentative posts here in A Light In The Darkness ... 

Since then your mystical librarian Mara Gimel has been searching the deepest recesses of the world wide web for the interesting, the profound and the magically inspiring ... 

This 'convenience store' of the paranormal ... which is open all hours and has most things mystical on its shelves encourages you, the consumer to let it know what YOU want to see on the shelves here ... until now its really been the choosing of the store proprietor which has dictated what lines the shelves ... what candy do you wish to see on the shelves? What labels are you expecting in the aisles that are not there? E-mail Mara Gimel and let us know ... we will then endeavour to source the product for you and put it on the 'new item's shelf ...

Need a hand finding a product or a label? We have an extensive labelling system which you will find on the right hand side of the blog page. The search bar at the top of the page is currently out of service, and it is out of our hands to get it fixed. 

Please continue to shop at this wonderful store. Your custom is very much appreciated.

To Others And To Ourselves

Renewal by Matthew James
Daily Om: We all encounter obligations in life, from spending time with family and friends to being present at important functions in the lives of the people who form our community. Many times, the obligations are actually fun and fulfilling, and we want to be there. At the same time, we all sometimes experience resistance to meeting these obligations, especially when they pile up all at once and we begin to feel exhausted, longing for nothing so much as a quiet evening at home. At times like these, we may want to say no but feel too guilty at the idea of not being there. Still, our primary obligation is to take care of ourselves, and if saying no to someone else is what we have to do, then we do not need to feel bad about it.

There is a skill to balancing our obligations, and it starts with simply becoming aware of our schedule. We may notice that three invitations have arisen in one weekend, and we know that we will pay energetically if we attempt to fulfill all more>>>...

Thoughts To Get You Thinking #3

"Where you are headed is more important than how fast you are going. Rather than always focusing on what's urgent, learn to focus on what is really important."-- Stephen Covey

Warning ....Another Perception Deception

How can they say that hate crime has increased since BREXIT? Think about it ... before engaging brain. Think before reacting. This is a PERCEPTION DECEPTION from the WREXIT BREXIT TEAM ...  hate crime UP 51% ... really?

This DAILY MAIL story is a real wind up ...

Halal butchers is destroyed after thugs throw petrol bomb at it as it emerges race-hate crime soars by 57% days after Britain votes to quite the EU

BE WARNED ... there will be plenty more PERCEPTION DECEPTION in the coming weeks. Brussels wishes the EU countries to be one super power where each country loses its sovereignty and its rights to self rule. The people's of the countries will be enslaved in a fascist super state. Meanwhile, the UK which has been condemned for its people exerting their right to speak out are now being forced back into the super power, lest they become a ruined nation outside of that castle walls. Those who remember before the EU ... back in the days of the 'Common Market' ... know the UK DOESN'T NEED THE EU. But those in the 17 - 35 age group have been brainwashed into believing there is no life outside of the EU. It's all PERCEPTION DECEPTION. It's all a WHATEVER MOMENT.  

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

When In Doubt ....

There is always a hard way and an easy way; a difficult choice or an easy choice to make. Taking life too seriously is the wrong way to go about getting through this dream world. The ancient peoples were more clued up than we have ever been. Their awareness was that it is a dream which is dreaming us. We therefore have to learn to take the foot off the peddle and stop going about things the hard way. Relax, chill and step back from the intellectual left brain choices we make. 

A 'whatever' now and then is the best tonic. Laughter is the best medicine. We can't take ourselves seriously, especially when you realise in the order of things we don't actually exist. We are figments of our own imagination. The world around us merely a holographic fake reality. It is not important what we do, or say, or hear .... 

In the long run it won't make any difference to anything. So called history will have forgotten about us in a few physical world thousand years. Our consciousness will cease tuning into this frequency at some point, and all this now struggle will be forgotten. 

So why concern yourself with it? Be free of those constraints. Put down your worries and shout loudly into the space around you, right now .... 'WHATEVER' .... chuckle when work mates, passers by or family look at you like you've gone nuts. It's them who are the crazy ones not you ....

Enjoy being in your own space, your own world. In this world you are the creator so you control what happens. Your thoughts dictate your 'nowness' ... it's time to have regular whatever moments. 

Thoughts To Get You Thinking #2

"Everything you need you already have. You are complete right now, you are a whole, total person, not an apprentice person on the way to someplace else."-- Wayne Dyer

More From The Cloud Making Machine .....

It's new's articles like this that I describe as the epitomy of 'taking the biscuit'. There is a certain O.T.T element to this news item. I expected to see Chris Tarrant and his team of nubile ladies in this. There are some interesting words I can choose for this story .... 'hogwash', 'tripe' and 'utter bollocks'.

The Wrekit Brexit team has become unbelievable with this latest Daily Mail news item:

'Have to take safety precautions when leaving the house now': Video shows man flashing his British passport at passers-by as police report rise in hate crimes after EU referendum

Image of the Day

Nankeen Kestrel

Media Pushes ‘Ban’ On Old People Voting After Brexit

Older people were far more likely to vote to leave the European Union (EU), and having lost the argument, supporters of Remain are blaming them, insult them and even arguing their democratic rights should now be curtailed.

The demographic divide in last week’s vote was stark.

The more working class, poor, old and uneducated people are, statistically the more likely they were to support Brexit. The more wealthy, metropolitan, young, urban and educated, the higher is the chance they backed the EU more>>>...

Thoughts To Get You Thinking #1

"My soul is the bridge between spirit and body and, as such, is a uniter of opposites. ...Without soul at centre, I would either transcend into spirit or become mired in matter." -- Marion Woodman

Monday, 27 June 2016

Déception Plus Médiatique

Another crazy Daily Mail headline. More media deception ... what utter bollocks coming out of the cloud making machine. Classic 'something must be done, something must be done'. Media scaremongering to set off a problem-reaction-solution steam roll. Let's scare the UK people and force them to scream 'stay in, stay in' ....

Au revoir, English? Now French say the language has 'no legitimacy' and should be kicked out of Europe too after Brexit

DO NOT BE FOOLED. Brexit was a mistake and now 3% are trying to control the situation and pull strings to keep the UK in Europe. The UK must leave to let the damn thing unravel. It is time for Agenda 21 to start to fall apart

Collective Egregore

We would be foolish to think that everything was laid out for us. Our existence is more to the universe than that. So we've fallen from grace, dropped out of the garden and into these material realms. At the mercy of The Archon, we appear to always be at the mercy of the darker fate. But that is only true when you look from one perspective. That side of the car can clearly be seen to be damaged and worth little more than scrap value. But, when you look at the other side of the car, with its pristine, undamaged body work, you see life as a very worthy prize indeed. A different perspective. It all depends how your mind is wired, and how you perceive reality. Its all down to the thought forms you create in your physical incarnation. Because it is these thought forms that make your life filled with bliss or immersed in pain. Its down to the mind. Its down to what you attract to yourself.

There is a master plan. And its likely to be a chaotic free for all. A 'for entertainment purposes only' software program, where you are equipped with the tools to survive ... and those tools are personal power. The ability to manifest what you think into reality. The ability to create what you dream, what you desire and also what you fear. It is also possible to 'un-create' too ... everything that has been made can be unmade. It can be un-thought. It can just as easily be taken out of existence. This is one of 'the cheats' that they don't tell you about when you press the play button on this virtual reality program. 

By having sufficient energy pointed towards unthinking that which is no longer wanted or needed by the collective, we can create a egregore that will wipe out command programming that can rewrite the reality we exist in. An anti-virus to rout out the nasty effects of the selfishness in this world. It is possible. It is a viable proposition that all the wrongly done to victims in this world need to know about. As a collective we can construct this mighty egregore. We can outwit the 3% that control this world. We have that power to overcome their spells that create fear in this world. That fear generates the perceptions that are bringing their desired reality into existence. We are writing the command lines they wish us to create. They merely watch as we destroy this world on our own. We need to stop before it is too late.

We need to realise how powerful we really are. We need to realise how frightened of us that 3% really are. Then we need to combine our minds and create the anti-virus egregore that will sever their hold on this world. On this reality. It needs to be undertaken soon. 

It's A Deception!

The elite did not expect the BREXIT vote to succeed. Now it has they are blackmailing everyone into giving it up and staying in Europe ... this is a deception.

Today's Daily Mail headline is a prime example!!

Plot to stop Britain's exit from the EU: Bitter losers from all parties gang up to try to overturn the referendum result - which was voted for by 17 million people

DON'T BELIEVE The Media. Things are not as bad as they seem. The UK MUST come out of the EU ... and get its ability to self-govern back. Bureaucrats in Brussels are SCREWING The UK up by making all the decisions ... blindly not giving a shit about the British people. The UK must get its own laws and regulations back. This is done by leaving the EU. 

How to Exit the Matrix

The virtual reality introduced in the Matrix films is generated by a computer, and the people live in this artificially created reality.

If you spend some time and pay attention to the reality of your everyday life, you will find a stunning discovery. Because our everyday reality shows a great deal of resemblance to movie’s virtual reality.

Our virtual reality may not be generated by a computer, but by our mind, our constantly flowing thoughts and emotions. And so we are living in the imprisonment of our thoughts and feelings’ matrix. Let’s see what features this matrix has and how to get rid of them...READ MORE>>>...

"The Light In The East"

The night is dark and still,
In the circles centre,
A fire removes the chill,
The grove has gathered for autumn,
That time is now here,
She now makes her presence felt by all.
With the light of the fire comes other signs,
The wind in the trees,
Felt by all of existence,
Around this sacred space,
The earth below, and, the gentle rain overhead,
All gathered as one to feel it together.


The light in the east,
Made by a single candles glare,
In the memory of hope and unity,
A remnant of better times in lives before,
Now seemingly gone forever,
But with trust and truth, to come again.
The festival then follows,
A time of celebration,
Then a time of recognition,
Of the next celestial season,
For all is in harmony,
All is oneness on the wheel of time.
For this the light in the east burns forever,
Now stronger,
Now much brighter than ever before,
For the light of truth shines,
And it burns so bright,
Know this now will never change.

- Matthew James circa 1990

How Can I Inspire You?

I've been asked why I don't do regular INSPIRATIONAL posts on A Light In The Darkness?

I receive regular e-mails from blog visitors who provide plenty of encouragement for me to include this feature in A Light In The Darkness.

Are you the same? What would you like me to write about to inspire you? Email me and let me know ... I will reply to you!

A Light In The Darkness relies on this regular feedback to exist! It's kept itself alive since Oct 2016 and that has been because, you guys, the site visitors let us know what you want to read ....

So ... what do YOU want from me ... what can I inspire you with? EMAIL ME ....

Being Receptive To What You Want

Manifestation by Matthew James
Daily OM: In order to get what we want in life, we have to be willing to receive it when it appears, and in order to do that we have to be open. Often we go through life with defenses we developed early on in order to protect ourselves. These defenses act as barriers, walls we needed at one time to feel safe, but that now serve to shut out desired influences, like intimacy or love. So an essential part of being receptive to what we want is to soften these barriers enough to let those things in when they show up. For example, we may spend a lot of time alone as a way to protect ourselves from being hurt by other people, but we can see how this is now preventing us from meeting new friends.

Another obstacle to our receptivity can be our tendency to believe that we have to act aggressively in order to achieve our desired goal. This can cause us to become mono-focused and to fail to see, and be open to, opportunities on the periphery of our more>>>...

Sunday, 26 June 2016

David Icke - Creating Your Reality

The Shadows At The Base Of The Tree

Watch this space ... I'm considering airing my first LIVE MJTV broadcast as a live show streamed via You Tube. I have a unique platform idea ... documentary/live show/music/topical discussions etc ... which I've had in my mind space for a while.

What concerns me are the shadows that collect at the base of my tree. The weasels and stoats that are ready to copy everything I do. Something that is secret is no longer secret once the ace is played, sadly. 

So I'm relying on some market research and expressions of interest to guide me. This is a unique idea ... a new psychic vibe so to speak. The only vibe I am interested in at the moment. A new direction, a new inspiration. Shadows will always gather and I feel privileged by the amount of influence I have actually had in recent years! Little do the shadows realise how much having Matthew James around has changed their way of thinking. By copying my ideas they have taken my power onboard and that energy has changed their perceptions and their ideas. This is why I don't really care about copycats once I have a concept up and running which is originally mine. I am not a copycat myself ... I am a wild seer, a chaos magician. I merge, cut and paste many spiritual directions and transform that energy into my own methodology. I find it works best that way.

Hence my unique live stream idea. Methinks it will happen ... I just don't know when is the right time to launch. If you are on Facebook. Perhaps you could let me know on my public figure page Matthew James Medium ... ? If you are on Twitter let me know on there .... thanks

Despite the Vote, the Odds Are Against Britain Leaving the EU

Transformation by Matthew James
Paul Craig Roberts: The Brexit vote shows that a majority of the British voters understand that the UK government represents interests other than the interests of the British people. As difficult as the British know it is to hold their own government to account, they understand they have no prospect whatsoever of holding the EU government to account. During their time under the EU, the British have been reminded of historical times when law was the word of the sovereign.

The propagandists who comprise the Western political and media establishments succeeded in keeping the real issues out of public discussion and presenting the leave vote as racism. However, enough of the British people resisted the brainwashing and controlled debate to grasp the real issues: sovereignty, accountable government, financial independence, freedom from involvement in Washington’s wars and conflict with Russia. The British people should not be so naive as to think that their vote settles the matter. The fight has only more>>>...

A Reading On Brexit Using The Light Of Truth Oracle

Clearly SOMETHING is about to change. But there needs to be a distinct caution as to what. It is not what it appears to be! The two images to the left, TRANSFORMATION and PROGRESSION contain the moon in the image. Indeed TRANSFORMATION is The Moon card equivalent in the Light Of Truth Oracle. There is a deception and a smokescreen. A definite problem, reaction, solution here ... the problem being presented in the world media. The British people have spoken, but now there is a problem being born out of this fact. Which is the current reaction. Apparent reaction. A smokescreen mark my words. Its only an opinion at this stage. Its not a fact yet that the UK will  leave the EU. The reaction is to create fear, and make everyone think it is the wrong decision. 

The TRUE SELF and INSPIRATION represent the right for the truth and the true decision. We think this is going to inspire us all with a true revealing. I don't think so. This has been planned ... I say a ballot fix for Brexit to win. A deception. Either way - won or lose - there was going to be the same plan manifested. 

THE LIGHT OF TRUTH card is all about 'why is something manifested, because it can' scenario. This is all about guiding people along an avenue by creating a false perception. Yes a false perception. Don't let the media deception affect your DECISION MAKING. They want a negative reaction so they can offer a solution. A so called compromise ... which is what they wanted all along. They see us as mice in a maze, offer hope then generate fear and we will go down a corridor with our perceptions and reactions ... a corridor they want us to go down.

Brexit will change little. Except it will put into play the plan The Elite had in store for us. This will be dark times indeed. Certainly for the UK people, who are going to be blamed for some kind of financial crash that is about to unfold. They needed something to blame for what they had planned ... this is another clever deceitful step towards a one world government, Mark my words.

We as a collective have too few free thinking individuals who are able to step back and see the deception going on here. The bulk will get carried away by the fear and the emotions falsely created by this deception. Mark my words.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

You Are The One You Are Waiting For

Daily OM: We spend a lot of our lives looking for role models, mentors, teachers, and gurus to guide us on our path. There is nothing wrong with this and, in fact, finding the right person at the right time can really help. However, it is important to realize that in the absence of such a figure, we can very safely rely upon ourselves. We carry within us everything we need to know to make progress on our paths to self-realization. The outer world serves as a mirror. Or to use another metaphor, our inner world has a magnetic force that draws to us what we need to evolve to the next level. All we need to do to see that we already have everything we need is to let go of our belief that we need to seek in order to find.

The path of the spirit is often defined as a journey with a goal such as the fabled pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In this metaphor, a person begins a search for something they want but do not have and then they find it, and there is a happy more>>>....

Friday, 24 June 2016

For now ....

It was one hell of an effort ... the dark intention was winning hands down. It took me hours to clear the adware intrusion .... but ...

... for now ....

A Light In The Darkness is 100% virus free ...

Have UFO hunters finally found 'absolute proof of life' on Mars? Latest strange claim says Nasa photo shows tiny human-like alien peering around a rock at Curiosity rover ...

Daily Mail: Just feet away from Nasa’s Curiosity rover, YouTube user Paranormal Crucible claims a tiny humanoid alien can be seen spying from behind a Martian rock. The original image was captured by the Curiosity rover’s Mastcam, revealing the rocky landscape of the red planet. But at the bottom-centre of the photo, Paranormal Crucible claims to have found something strange.

‘Interesting anomoly found by the rover, which looks like a little Martian,’ the Youtuber wrote.

‘I have colorized the image and added eyes to the head so its easier to see, but everything is there in the original images, whatever it is it looks humanoid, reminds me of the Atacama Alien, about the same size too, this one is around 6 inches.’

Read more--->>>...

OPINION: Are these photos really on Mars? This is the pertinent question to ask? This may well be a humanoid figure. We can assume the scale of the person to the rock, and say it is a human person on Planet Earth watching the scam filming taking place ...

The Matthew James Channel

Watch Matthew James on You Tube .... learn about the dream world and how are perceptions shape this world ... plus so much more .... Watch Matthew James here>>>...

Cards Explained

Card 1

“So much of human life is inexplicable and unpredictable. It happens by the simple fact that there is no reason as to why it shouldn’t. When we make any plans we always assume we can account for the foreseeable based on the known parameters in life. We cannot account for the inexplicable or the unforeseeable. We must accept the unforeseeable exists”

Card 2

“A trait of being human is the experience of nostalgia. Looking back into earlier years to remember how things once were. We may not be able to make things exactly the same, as they were, but we are able to adjust our lives by re- inventing ourselves based on what we remember from those halcyon days."
Card 3

“Often there are times we know to be competitive and stand up for what we believe in. To speak out against those who oppose us because we instinctively know we are right. It takes courage to really focus on knowing what is right especially when faced with the fear of what others will think of us. In these moments it is necessary to implicitly trust the voice that speaks from within. It will not fail you ."

We're Still Here

Intermediate Egret by Matthew James
 We're still here. We've battled the storm and resolved the issue that the dark intention had. The Egret (Heron) stands as guardian and dweller on the threshold. A symbolic magical intention of defiance to keep the dark intention at bay. /|\ /|\ /|\

Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Reveal

Mars Deception

If there was nothing on Mars like they claim ... why do they use photos of Earth and parade them as Mars? What we have is a major deception .... there is clearly something big on Mars

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Choose A Card ...

The Matthew James Medium Late Show on MJM FM

Light of Truth Oracle 2nd Edition Spoiler

All artwork copyright Matthew James 2016

Inspiration for the Day

The world we see is enmeshed with so many ways to think, see and feel. There are so many perceptions, expectations, norms for us to comply with. So many choices not made by yourself ... how is it possible to discover what you really should be feeling? It's time to let your soul help you see the truth in all things that lie around you.

Living Life With Trust

Daily OM: As we create the life of our dreams, we often reach a crossroads where the choices seem to involve the risk of facing the unknown versus the safety and comfort of all that we have come to trust. We may feel like a tightrope walker, carefully teetering along the narrow path to our goals, sometimes feeling that we are doing so without a net. But when we live our lives from a place of balance and trust in the universe, we may not see our source of support, but we can know that it is there.

If we refuse to act only if we can see the safety net, we may be allowing the net to become a trap as it creates a barrier between us and the freedom to pursue our goals. Change is inherent in life, so even what we have learned to trust can surprise us at any moment. Remove fear from the equation and then, without even wondering what is going on below, we can devote our full attention to the dream that awaits more>>>...

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Matthew James Channel

You can watch Matthew James on you tube .... documentaries on what is really happening in the world. What this world really is ... and how to overcome the control mechanisms ....WATCH MATTHEW JAMES HERE>>>...

"You Are Powerful"

This is a very important message ... the realisation YOU ARE POWERFUL. A must watch video. 

More words of power from Matthew James. You are powerful ... more powerful than you will ever realise. Your thoughts create this world around you. You create based on the perceptions in your consciousness .... these perceptions have been contaminated by malevolent forces so you will do the work for them ... and create the realities they want. Compelling stuff.


Duality by Matthew James
"Daath", in Hebrew means "knowledge," and is the non-Sephirah in the midst of the Abyss, situated on the Middle Pillar of the Kabbalah Tree of Life between Kether and Tiphareth.

Daath in so many ways is seen as the most controversial element of the Kabbalistic tree, being both complex and obscure. It is a downward reflection of Kether, representing the closest thing to the knowledge of Kether that is attainable below the Abyss. It is also knowledge, in the Biblical sense, of Chokmah and Binah, the primal male and female centres of the more>>>...

Monday, 20 June 2016

Chemtrails Exposed: New Manhattan Project Conclusions

A covert, global weather modification project involving aircraft, dispersed particles, electromagnetic energy, and a command and control apparatus is currently operating mostly in North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member countries. America has led this project’s development and execution. From historical American weather modification literature and many other sources, a developmental timeline of this project can be derived. Here is the New Manhattan Project’s developmental more>>>...

David Icke – The REAL EU Agenda

Are you really spiritual or are you just fooling yourself?

S.O.T.T: Even the most peaceful, composed, and "spiritually correct" person in the world can be completely out of alignment with themselves, even more than someone who isn't into spirituality at all. How come? Well... because of our tendency to be dishonest with ourselves. I say this from experience: no amount of sophisticated spiritual jargon has been able to aid my evolution more than an honest look at my raw, vulnerable self.

P.S. I don't mean to say that all spiritual people fool themselves. These are simply traps that I have noticed are common in the spiritual community, and which I myself have fallen for on occasion.


The Evolving Design of Card #44


Image of the Day

SNAKEBIRD by Matthew James

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Image of the Day


The Gnostic Theory of Alien Intrusion

Since the explosion of the ET/UFO phenomena in 1947, speculation about alien intrusion on planet Earth has been rampant. Half a dozen theories dominate the debate, but there is one theory that has yet to be examined. It did not emerge after 1947, but approximately 1600 years earlier. To be precise, the evidence of this theory came to light through a discovery in Egypt in December, 1945, although the significance of the find was not realized until — guess when? 1947.

In that year, French scholar Jean Doresse identified the Egyptian find at Nag Hammadi as a cache of rare Gnostic texts. "Gnosticism" is the label scholars use for a body of teachings derived from the Mystery Schools of pre-Christian antiquity. Gnostics who protested against Christian doctrines such as divine retribution and Christ’s resurrection found themselves targeted as heretics and were brutally suppressed by early converts to the One True Faith. This is the untold story of how the Mysteries ended. Since that signal year, 1947, some of the lost Mystery School knowledge has been recovered.

Gnosis (“inner knowing”) was a path of experimental mysticism in which the initiates of the Mystery Schools explored the psyche and the cosmos at large. Using psychoactive plants, yoga, and sex magic, these ancient seers experienced altered states and developed siddhis, occult skills such as clairaudience and remote viewing. Gnosis was a kind of yogic noetic science melded with parapsychology. In heightened perception, Gnostics developed a vast cosmological vision centered in a female deity, the Divine Sophia. The Gnostic creation myth is unique in that it includes a full-blown explanation of how inorganic alien beings came to be present in our solar system.

The Nag Hammadi material contains reports of visionary experiences of the initiates, including first-hand encounters with inorganic beings called Archons. Gnostic teaching explains that these entities arose in the early stage of formation of the solar system, before the Earth was formed. Archons inhabit the solar system, the extraterrestrial realm as such, but they can intrude on Earth. Interestingly, this Gnostic insight accords closely with the view of Jacques Vallee, who maintains that ET/cyborgs probably belong to the local planetary realm. Vallee also proposes that the ET/UFO enigma is a “spiritual control system,” a phenomenon that “behaves like a conditioning process.” (Messengers of Deception). This is exactly what Gnostics said about the Archons: they can affect our minds by subliminal conditioning techniques. Their main tactics are mental error (intellectual virus, or false ideology, especially religious doctrines) and simulation. Archons are predatory, unlike a wide range of non-human and other-dimensional beings also know to the Gnostics, beings who are benevolent or neutral toward more>>>...

Are Nanoparticles Engineered into GM Foods Causing Cancer?

In modern agriculture, it is not possible to only spray weeds without spraying soy and corn crops. Glyphosate is therefore genetically modified (GM) to kill only weeds while at the same time enhancing the growth of crops. However, glyphosate does not readily penetrate the leaves of weeds and crops, and therefore is mixed with adjuvants that aid leaf penetration. For decades, nano particles (NPs) and specifically carbon nano tubes (CNTs) that readily penetrate leaves have been used as adjuvants allowing glyphosate to be carried to plant roots for more efficient absorption.

Upon human consumption of GM foods, most glyphosate and included NPs are rapidly excreted, but residues [1] remain in the human gut. Indeed, the important question of NPs in GM foods is the same as that of nanotechnology in general: Do NPs contribute to the wide range of health problems?

Donald Huber, the prominent critic of GM foods claims soil-borne plant pathogens are produced that do indeed harm human health, e.g., residents living close to sprayed GM soybeans fields in Argentina developed cancers and birth defects.

However, GM food proponents argue science is still looking for, but not found Huber’s pathogen to establish the causal link between glyphosate and human health problems.

Regardless, the question remains: Is there a causal link between NPs in GM foods and human health? more>>>....