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Friday, 28 November 2008

Announcement: A New Face ...


Watch this space ... we have a NEW contributor currently compiling posts which will take A Light In The Darkness in NEW directions. A breath of fresh air, basically.

Many thanks to our fellow Mediumistic friend for his time compiling ideas for Lights Down Under. Originally from the UK (like us) .... he is an extremely talented 'Working Medium' ... who has helped us immensely with the database for Lights Down Under. It was therefore logical to make his introduction first, here on A Light In The Darkness ...

Image of the Day

The Eye of the Storm

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Colours Become Alive (this is freaky!)

... another optical illusion (one of the best yet) ...

Isis Unveiled

"How dangerous may often become untrained mediumship, and how thoroughly it was understood and provided against by the ancient sages, is perfectly exemplified in the case of Socrates. The old Grecian philosopher was a "medium"; hence, he had never been initiated into the Mysteries; for such was the rigorous law. But he had his "familiar spirit" as they call it, his daimonium; and this invisible counsellor became the cause of his death. It is generally believed that if he was not initiated into the Mysteries it was because he himself neglected to become so.

But the Secret Records teach us that it was because he could not be admitted to participate in the sacred rites, and precisely, as we state, on account of his mediumship. There was a law against the admission not only of such as were convicted of deliberate witchcraft, but even of those who were known to have "a familiar spirit."

The law was just and logical, because a genuine medium is more or less irresponsible; and the eccentricities of Socrates are thus accounted for in some degree. A medium must be passive; and if a firm believer in his "spirit-guide" he will allow himself to be ruled by the latter, not by the rules of the sanctuary.

A medium of olden times, like the modern "medium" was subject to be entranced at the will and pleasure of the "power" which controlled him; therefore he could not well have been entrusted with the awful secrets of the final initiation, "never to be revealed under the penalty of death." The old sage, in unguarded moments of "spiritual inspiration," revealed that which he had never learned; and was therefore put to death as an atheist." (Chapter X - Modern Phenomena - Ancient & New)

The Illuminated Ones

The Illuminati is the name of many groups, modern and historical, real and fictitious, verified and alleged. Most commonly, however, The Illuminati refers specifically to the Bavarian Illuminati, perhaps the least secret of all secret societies in the world, described below. Most use refers to an alleged shadowy conspiratorial organization which controls world affairs behind the scenes, usually a modern incarnation or continuation of the Bavarian Illuminati. Illuminati is sometimes used synonymously with New World Order.

Illuminati is a Greek word meaning Illumination a name given to those who submitted to Christian baptism. Those who were baptized were called Illuminati or Illuminated / Enlightened Ones by the Ante-Nicene clergy, on the assumption that those who were instructed for baptism in the Apostolic faith had an enlightened understanding. The Alumbrados, a mystical 16th-century Spanish sect, were among the societies that subsequently adopted the name Illuminati.

Since Illuminati literally means 'enlightened ones' in Latin, it is natural that several unrelated historical groups have identified themselves as Illuminati. Often, this was due to claims of possessing gnostic texts or other arcane information not generally available.

The designation illuminati was also in use from the 14th century by the Brethren of the Free Spirit, and in the 15th century was assumed by other enthusiasts who claimed that the illuminating light came, not by being communicated from an authoritative but secret source, but from within, the result of exalted consciousness, or "enlightenment". (Source - Crystallinks)

Image of the Day

Swinside Circle, Cumbria
Original artwork by Matthew James

It's time to raise a glass (of heavy water) to a longer life

For centuries mankind has sought the secret of a long and healthy life. And for centuries it seems we were looking in the wrong place. Forget exotic pills and potions, the key to prolonged life could be as simple as a glass of water. Scientists believe 'heavy water' enriched with a rare form of hydrogen could add as much as ten years to life.

And by also modifying foods, such as steak and eggs, with the hydrogen the way could be cleared to allowing us to eat and drink our way to a healthy old age.

The idea is the brainchild of Mikhail Shchepinov, a former Oxford University scientist.
It centres on fortifying the body's tissues and cells against attack and decay caused by free radicals, dangerous chemicals produced when food is turned into energy. Such 'attacks' on proteins are particularly damaging and have been linked to cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Dr Shchepinov's theory is based on deuterium, a naturally-occurring isotope, or form of hydrogen, that strengthens the bonds in between and around the body's cells, making them less vulnerable to attack.

He found that water enriched with deuterium, which is twice as heavy as normal hydrogen, extends the lifespan of worms by 10 per cent. And fruitflies fed the 'water of life' lived up to 30 per cent longer. He now believes people could also benefit from the sweet-tasting water, or from deuterium-enriched 'heavy foods'. (Source: Daily Mail)

Helicopter in dramatic near-miss with 'sinister' UFO 1,500ft above Birmingham

It was a cloudless night and the police helicopter was carrying out surveillance over Birmingham when the attention suddenly switched from ground to sky. Beside it was a small aircraft beaming out continuous blue-green lights.

It came within almost 300ft, forcing the pilot to swerve out of its path, and appeared to circle the helicopter in a cheeky gesture before flying off. Initially the pilot and two police observers dismissed the near miss at 1,500ft as a close encounter with a model plane. But despite searching the area with a thermal camera, the pilot was unable to find any signs of radio-controlled activity.

The British Model Flying Association also dismissed this possibility, saying the mystery object was flying too high to be a miniature craft, while gliders, kites, balloons and a laser light show were further excluded from the possibilities.

All of which leads UFO experts to believe that alien forces were at work.

Details of the incident, which happened at about 9.50pm on May 2, were revealed yesterday in a document compiled by experts from the Airprox Board, which records near misses and reports them to the military and air traffic control units.

The report describes the strange other aircraft only as 'small and probably non-metallic' and its intent as possibly ' sinister'. It adds that the pilot informed radar operators but they saw nothing on their equipment. He told the Airport Board that he thought 'the intent may either have been sinister or just someone messing around'. (Source: Daily Mail)

Swallow Totem ...

A "swallow" is a bird, which makes its appearance during spring. The expression "one swallow does not make a summer" is usually used as a sort of warning. You are telling an individual not to become too happy about something; you are advising him to err on the side of caution. You are asking the individual not to get too excited just because a couple of good things have happened; there is still a long way to go yet.

This is another one of those expressions which became popular thanks to Aesop's fables. According to the story, a young man sees a swallow on a warm winter day. Since swallows are usually seen only during spring, the young man thinks that spring has arrived. As a result he sells his winter coat and then proceeds to drink with the money he has made. A few days later, it becomes extremely cold again and the young man shivering in the cold realises that one swallow does not necessarily imply that summer has arrived. Other expressions which have more or less the same meaning are "one grain does not fill a sack" and "one actor cannot make a play

It also tells you to pay close attention to conversations – are you saying more than you should? Are you listening closely to what others have to say? Swallow also brings a warning to not let small things get to you – don’t let the mundane activities of life take up all you time and prevent you from moving forward. Rise above the small stuff and you will gain a better perspective on your life. The key is objectivity.

Inspiration for the Day

Trust the impulses of creativity stirring within you.
They are the energy of Lifeseeking expression through you.

Tarot Card of the Day

Is it really necessary to feel irritably upset with your situation?

When “Five of Rods” appears in a tarot reading, it may serve as a sign to caution you to consider expressing your behavior in a more constructive manner.

Even when you’re angry, your choice of expression could play a crucial part in determining the degree as well as length of discomfort or damage that you may continue to experience throughout the duration of your struggle. This card “Five of Rods” could be here to ask you to consider proving your point by means of using a more civilized approach.

If you’ve already unleashed your dislike in an explosive manner, this card “Five of Rods” could be here to suggest you to consider accepting the consequences as well as your responsibilities to provide amendments for what you’ve just done. Even when you prefer to stand firmly at this present time to defend your position and secure your control, this card “Five of Rods” could be here to suggest you to promote your perspective in a way that is capable, direct, yet sensible.

“Five of Rods” could be here to alert you to evaluate the capability of your true potentials first before making any further impulsive move to complicate your situation ....

EU discusses Madeleine alert system


An EU-wide missing child alert system will come a step closer at talks in Brussels on Friday.EU justice ministers are due to approve plans for closer co-operation between national authorities when a child is snatched and is thought likely to be taken across a European border.

The issue was spotlighted after the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal last year and the idea of a comprehensive alert network has been championed by her parents Kate and Gerry.

Last July the European Parliament responded with a call supporting their plea for Europe-wide action. Now EU governments are acknowledging the scale of the problem by pledging to step up talks on streamlining their differing national child alert systems for faster responses in cross-border cases.

UK junior justice minister Lord Bach will put the Government's name to proposals being seen as a move towards bolstering Europe's existing patchwork of partial national child abduction monitoring systems.

Closer co-operation and cross-border data-sharing on child abductions is on the cards - but that still falls short of the uniform system the McCanns were shown on a trip to America and which they hope to see in the EU. EU officials pointed to difficulties of harmonising the many different national and - in Germany - regional alert arrangements currently in operation across Europe.

In France a comprehensive system is closest to the US model, enabling the authorities to flash up electronic missing child information on French motorway signboards within 30 minutes of a confirmed case of abduction. Belgium operates a similar but less well-established system, while the UK system relies on efficient communications between 53 police forces, charities and volunteer groups.

Mumbai toll climbs as hotel standoffs continue

Source: CNN

Indian police are still battling to release hostages the morning after gunmen carried out brazen attacks across southern Mumbai, killing more than 100 people and taking hostages in multiple locations.

A standoff continued at the Oberoi Hotel, where about 100 members of a specialized unit of the Indian police undertook an operation to rescue four to five foreigners hostages on the 19th floor. About four to six people were believed to be holed up in the Taj, said A.N. Roy, the Maharashtra police chief.

The death toll from the series of coordinated attacks was at 101 by midday Thursday authorities said. The number of people wounded in the attacks has also been raised to 314, said Pradeep Indulkar, deputy secretary for Maharashtra, the state where Mumbai is located. At least six foreigners were killed in the series of attacks across southern Mumbai, according to a state official.

Universal Timing

Nature’s natural rhythms orchestrate when day turns to night, when flowers must bloom, and provides the cue for when it is time for red and brown leaves to fall from trees. As human beings, our own inner rhythm is attuned to this universal sense of timing. Guided by the rising and setting of the sun, changes in temperature, and our own internal rhythm, we know when it is time to sleep, eat, or be active. While our minds and spirits are free to focus on other pursuits, our breath and our heartbeat are always there to remind us of life’s pulsing rhythm that moves within and around us. Moving to this rhythm, we know when it is time to stop working and when to rest. Pushing our bodies to work beyond their natural rhythm diminishes our ability to renew and recharge. A feeling much like jet lag lets us know when we’ve overridden our own natural rhythm. When we feel the frantic calls of all we want to accomplish impelling us to move faster than is natural for us, we may want to breathe deeply instead and look at nature moving to its own organic timing: birds flying south, leaves shedding, or snow falling. A walk in nature can also let us re-attune is to her organic rhythm, while allowing us to move back in time with our own. When we move to our natural rhythm, we can achieve all we need to do with less effort. We may even notice that our soul moves to its own internal, natural rhythm – especially when it comes to our personal evolution. Comparing ourselves to others is unnecessary. Our best guide is to move to our own internal timing, while keeping time with the rhythm of nature.

Totem Animal: The Horse

Symbol meanings of the Horse date back to prehistory, and the first civilized, written acknowledgement of the Horse comes in the third millennium BC where historians uncovered slate tablets in Elam (present day Iraq and Iran) which reference this noble, wild beast.

Due to its natural companionship with man in both work and art, the Horse easily wins a special seat in history, ranking high marks of honor, reverence and symbolism.
Serving man in war, mobility, productivity, agriculture, development of all kinds, the Horse is by far one of the largest contributor to the enhancement of civilization.

With such recognition and accomplishments, a vast and diverse trail of symbol meanings is sure to follow the Horse’s rich history with humankind.

The Horse symbol meanings of power are widespread through most cultures, and it is linked as an emblem of life-force. Many cultures assign the attributes of the four elements to the Horse: Earth, Fire, Air, and Water.

As a Celtic symbol, the Horse was associated with war. With war, comes attributes of victory, conquer, longevity as well as procurement of territory and other spoils that come with triumph in battle. All of these heady aspects of valor were associated with the Horse in Celt symbolism. In fact, so much so, the Celts hailed the Horse as the beast belonging to the sun god, and assigned it a place with the goddess Epona.

The Greco-Romans also associated the Horse with the spoils of war and attributed it to symbolism such as power, victory, honor, domination and virility. In Greco-Roman myth the Horse is said to be created by Poseidon (Neptune) and is devoted to Hades (Pluto) and Ares (Mars). Romans also believed the Horse to be a symbol of the continuity of life, and would sacrifice a horse to the god Mars every October, keeping its tail through the winter as a sign of fertility and rebirth.

In Hindu Brihadaranyaka, the Horse is linked to Varuna and as such, is equated to the cosmos. Additionally, a white horse is believed to be the last incarnation of Vishnu.

Buddha is said to have left this physical plane riding a white horse. Also in Buddhism a winged horse is often depicted carrying the Book of Law.

As one of the symbols in the Chinese zodiac, the horse in Chinese culture is equated with Gemini, and represents practicality, love, endurance, devotion and stability.

As a Native American symbol, the Horse symbol meanings combine the grounded power of the earth with the whispers of wisdom found in the spirit winds. The Horse has long been honored has helper, messenger, and harbinger of spirit knowledge to the Native American. Considered wild and an emblem of freedom, the Native American sees many potentialities in the symbolic nature of this noble creature. Another aspect of Native American symbol meanings of the horse comes with the understanding that the wild freedom of the Horse can be harnessed and used to the benefit of the tribe. This understanding comes only when man and best enter a silent contract – acknowledging mutual respect and awareness of responsibility to each other.

The colour of the Horse is also steeped with symbol meanings. Here are the most common color meanings for the Horse:

Black Horse: Mystery, death, night, secret, messenger of esoteric knowledge
White Horse:Light, sun, day, vitality, illumination, resurrection, messenger of birth

Source: What's Your

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Too Hot To Handle

Classic UFO live in 1978

Mystic Insights: Key Characters.

Mystic Insights for Wednesday 26th November 2008
Using Merlin Tarot.

Expanding on the insights uncovered on 25th November 2008, regarding possible locations.

Page of Fishes - indicates a woman in foreground of image holding a bowl in which a single fish tries to leap out of bowl in which it is held captive. Landscape is a desert shore with sea in background. Hint of a stream of water ... suggestion of land with tributary .... woman strangely wears a garb which is a striking resemblance to that of worn by 'Moroccan Woman' seen with MM 'lookalike' ....

Priestess - return of significant female with links to occult/religion etc who has two faces - public one and ceremonial one. Her eyes gaze at observer. Watching his every move it seems.

Moon - card of deceit and deception. Reflections. Things not what they seem. Tower of Strength location hidden within the information/disinformation broadcast freely in cyberspace. Two sides of a conflict represented by crying wolf and watching dog.

Emperor - reappearance of Emperor character ... saying nothing but watching. Images of lion and lamb on his seat/throne ...

5 of Serpents - card of retribution.

Isis Unveiled

"Egypt is the birthplace and the cradle of chemistry. Kenrick shows the root of the word to be chemi or chem, which was the name of the country (Psalms cv. 27). The chemistry of colors seems to have been thoroughly well known in that country. Facts are facts. Where among our painters are we to search for the artist who can decorate our walls with imperishable colors? Ages after our pigmy buildings will have crumbled into dust, and the cities enclosing them will themselves have become shapeless heaps of brick and mortar, with forgotten names--long after that will the halls of Karnak and Luxor (El-Uxor) be still standing; and the gorgeous mural paintings of the latter will doubtless be as bright and vivid 4,000 years hence, as they were 4,000 years ago, and are to-day. "Embalming and fresco-painting," says our author, "was not a chance discovery with the Egyptians, but brought out from definitions and maxims like any induction of Faraday."

Chapter XIV

And yet ... another optical illusion ...

Tarot Card of the Day

When we reach deep inside ourselves, with a heart that is unafraid and accepting, we will discover new depths of strength and power. These deep reaches of wisdom, which lay dormant with in the subconscious until we are brave enough to search them out, will bring balance and equilibrium. And from new centredness will arise an unshakeable trust in ourselves that will carry us forward through life.

It's true that when we travel deep inside ourselves, we will also find material that we might prefer to leave unacknowledged - but the 9 of Wands, Lord of Strength, reminds us that in being true to ourselves we release energies that will help us to deal with whatever we find within. And after all, whatever lies inside our own subconscious is, for better or for worse, a part of us.

When the 9 of Wands turns up in a reading, we can be re-assured that we have what it takes to get by. Even in times of stress and difficulty, inner strength will rise up to guide us forward toward our goals. And in the process we shall learn more about ourselves and our abilities, gaining a new all-round perspective which brings security and self-confidence.

This card tells us to trust ourselves. We have everything we need. There is no necessity to analyse nor question. And absolutely no excuse to give in to doubt! (Source: Angelpaths)

Creative Cuts

Our lives can be compared to an ongoing movie script over which we have complete creative control. Within us lies the power to examine what works or isn’t working in our lives and make “edits” to our life’s script, accordingly.

Choosing to actively edit your life can be incredibly empowering. As you evolve, you have the choice to accept the script you’ve written thus far or edit it so you can create a life that fulfills you. You can cut out from your life’s script what is no longer working for you. Acknowledging that you are responsible for the experience you create gives you the ability to create the life you’ve always longed for.

Granted, editing your real life isn’t always as easy as erasing a line of text. If you’ve carried emotional baggage or held on to an unhealthy relationship for a long time, these may be difficult to edit out. But when you do cut out what isn’t working from your life, you’ll feel lighter and more alive. Editing out activities that you find stressful, disassociating yourself from people that drain your energy, and letting go of your emotional baggage are all beneficial cuts you can make. In the empty spaces that are left behind, you can add in anything you like. Just as you have the power to edit out negative situations or beliefs that you no longer wish to have as part of your life, you can now include the kinds of positive experiences, people, and beliefs that you would like to fill your life with. The manifestation of these thoughts and images as realities in your life will inevitably follow. As you make changes to your life, you can also add in the bits where you choose more intimate, healthier relationships, seek out adventure over tedium, and are no longer negatively impacted by old experiences.

To begin editing your life, simply think about your positive and negative experiences. When you determine what parts of your life are no longer serving you, make the commitment to remove them – though, it is important to remember that there is no proper timing or way to do this, and patience and compassion for yourself are always important during this process. Then, ask yourself what has brought you profound bliss and consider how you can make those experiences and beliefs part of your life now. With a little editing, you’ll be able to clear out what is no longer serving you and make room in your life for more happiness, love, and wisdom.

Four illegal immigrants caught sneaking into Britain inside 32ft fake Christmas tree

Source: Daily Mail

Four illegal immigrants sneaked into the country hidden in a 32ft artificial Christmas tree, it was claimed.

They were discovered inside a lorry at a council depot in Northampton. The aluminium and nylon tree - and two other smaller ones - were destined for the town centre's Christmas display. But staff at the depot opened the vehicle to discover the men, and immediately dialled 999. A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police confirmed that four men - two from Iraq, two from Iran - were arrested and are being questioned by officers from the UK Border Agency.

A spokesman for the agency told the Northampton Chronicle: 'Following their arrest after being found in a lorry, four suspected illegal immigrants were apprehended and transferred to our specialist teams of officers.'

Villarreal 0-0 Man Utd

Manchester United and Villarreal contested their fourth straight goalless draw in the Champions League as both qualified from the group stage.

Cristiano Ronaldo came closest to a goal but Diego Lopez brilliantly tipped his strike on to the crossbar. The Villarreal keeper also denied Wayne Rooney, Anderson and Darren Fletcher while Joan Capdevila headed a deflected Rooney cross off the line.

Source: BBC Sport

Inspiration for the Day

Your future is a big adventure. Prepare for your future don't live in the past. Savour your good memories, use any bad ones as lessons in life. Carve out a niche for yourself in your imagined future.Think, feel and see yourself as successful.

To achieve any goal in life, you need to project your end result.Think of the elation, the satisfaction, the joy you'll feel.

Carry these ecstatic feelings with you every day and they'll bring your desired goals into view. Sooner or later, you can win if you think you can.The cards you are dealt in lifeare less important than the way you play them.

Everyday you're offered a new deal and new cards. Success is in your future if you're willing to work for it.


Dream Theater LIVE ...

Image of the Day

Long Meg and Her Daughters, Cumbria, UK

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Australia will avoid future recession

Tough times...the OECD has backed the idea of stimulus plans by governments.

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is predicting that Australia will be one of only a few countries to avoid a recession in the current global downturn. The Paris-based organisation forecasts that the richest economies in the world will shrink by a collective 0.4 per cent next year.

The half-yearly report predicts that 21 of the 30 member economies of the OECD will go through a protracted recession of a magnitude not seen since the early 1980s. But Australia's economy is likely to avoid the worst of the financial meltdown, with predictions it will grow by a relatively healthy 1.7 per cent.

That is only slightly less than Treasurer Wayne Swan's prediction of 2 per cent growth.
"These forecasts are encouraging, but I think what the OECD has confirmed [is that] we are facing extremely difficult global conditions," Mr Swan said.

Mr Swan says the report highlights the challenges facing the Australian economy. He says the forecasts are encouraging but the report also shows Australia is not immune from the global downturn, with the OECD predicting unemployment will rise to 6 per cent by 2010, and house prices could drop sharply.

"There are underlying strengths in the Australian economy but what this OECD report identifies is the risk to the outlook from global developments and in particular they note the risk posed by a further decline in the terms of trade and a greater weakening of the Chinese economy," he said.
The OECD also predicts that inflation might dip below 3 per cent in two years' time. One of the OECD's chief economists, Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel, says that globally the outlook is bleak.

"We think that there are significant risks of the financial situation and turmoil we are living through now, the crisis may extend beyond the next month," he said.

"There may be more financial institutions which go under, which will require rescue and this implies more stringent credit constraints for households and for people."

Source: ABC

From The Archives

" Roll of a dice 2 4 6 8 (2+6). End of a cycle/completion of a phase. Reclusive or cult-like activists. A familiar eye held. In safety. Against a backclothe of silence A trail now dark. Lost it seems. But the salmon still swims in the stream. A peninsula of land a home but not all the time. A commodity revered ..." ... (Insight For The Day)

"But the 2 of Spheres indicates that tides will not turn that readily. There is a sequence within these images .... 2 of Staves, 4 of Weapons, 5 of Staves, 6 of Staves, 6 of Weapons, Eight of Spheres and nine of Spheres .... 2, 4, 5, 6, 6, 8 and 9 ... some kind of 'code of conduct' ..." (Daily Merlin Insight 9th November 2007)

Defining 'Entities'

Source: Kundalini Teacher

By an entity, we are referring here to energy based beings that take up residence within people. Most entities are created by humans, usually unconsciously. Thoughts are things, they are energy and energy and matter are one. E=MC2. So any thought that is fed emotional energy gets bigger and more powerful. What you focus on, will grow: this is the power of free will, and the essence of all prayer, spell casting and the root of much mental illness.

You nurture whatever you choose to give your attention to. Mindfulness, is paying attention to your thoughts and being choosy about which ones you feed. Anything that you give enough attention to, can potentially “wake up” and become self aware.

Thoughts in the body do seem to take on a life of their own, eh? Remember how your toys as a child seemed to become real beings? Your love gave them consciousness. Ritual objects do this a lot, so cleanse and rededicate them regularly.

Usually with the creation of entities, the focus will be a fear of some kind, because fear is separation and an entity experiences separation from the Light. It is separate from you, a parasite. When a fear based entity has been created, like all sentient beings it will act with self preservation and attempt to propagate. Feed and breed. In this way, humans have created uncounted millions of diverse beings.

These beings range from the not very aware stray thought forms left over from another lifetime, to very powerful Old Gods and Archetypes, like the Greek or Egyptian pantheons that have been fed and shaped by centuries of worship and love. The difference being, the Old Gods are not separate from the light and generally are more helpful than not.

Lessons of Discovery

Depending on what stage we are in our lives, we can sometimes feel like we ought to know more about who we are or how to live. We may even berate ourselves for making the same mistakes, or for just not "getting it," whatever "it" may be. We wonder how our lives would be now, if only we had “known better.” During moments like these, it is important to remember that none of us are born with instruction manuals and that learning lessons is a lifelong journey.

Inherent to our being born is that we are here to observe, learn, and grow. Accompanying this is a built-in guarantee that there will be mistakes and misadventures along the way. And while it is only natural that we may sometimes become overwhelmed, especially when the lessons keep coming, it is important to remember that learning to understand yourself and your world is an ongoing and active process where the journey is more important than the destination. Every lesson is intended so you can become more of who you are. And as you grow through this self-discovery, you begin to create your own instruction manual. The "how’s" and "why’s" are yours to discover, and part of the beauty of being alive is that these rules are always changing.

If you feel that you would like to explore what your personal instruction manual may already say, then try writing down in order some of the significant events that have happened to you. It’s also important to take note of what you learned from each one. When you are done, you may be surprised to discover how much you are always growing, and that every lesson learned always informs the next. That being said, there is never any need to be hard on yourself or think that you should have it all figured out. We always know as much as we’re meant to know at that moment, and growing into our fullness is a process that unfolds in divine timing. You and your life are beautiful works in progress. Discover yourself and embrace your life’s lessons, and your instruction manual will create itself.

Hand Analysis

Palmistry and hand analysis are different ways of looking at hands. Traditional palmistry is based on astrological symbolism, with the fingers and mounts named after planets. The main emphasis of traditional palmistry is prediction, specific markings having specific meanings.

Elemental hand analysis uses different terminology and takes a more holistic approach. It uses the principles of the five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether to interpret all features of the hand at all levels - physical, emotional, creative, intellectual and spiritual. We can see how problems at one level can affect the other levels, the interaction of mind and body, for example emotional upsets causing physical illness. Hand analysis, or chirology, involves looking at all aspects of the hand - handshape, skin texture, flexibility, size and shape of fingers and thumbs, nails, knuckles, fingerprints, and the patterns, lines and markings on the palm. By analysing and interpreting these features, the reader can put it all together like a jigsaw and build up a picture of the individual.

Because of its 5000 year history and it's association with fortune telling, there are a lot of misconceptions as to what you can see from the hand. For example, you can't foretell the length of someone's life - a short lifeline does not mean a short life. Hand reading is not a psychic thing, it's an 'analytical art' - some of it is a science- that anyone can learn.Although the fingerprints never change, the palmar lines and markings change throughout life, so you can't predict a set future from the hand. Looking at a hand is like a snapshot in time, a map of the person as they are now, shaped by the past and sowing seeds for the future.

The type of person you are plays a major part in the way you lead your life and kind of future you might have, but anything relating to the future is only potential or possibility. It's not all set in stone e.g. you might see a tendency to develop digestive problems, but if they look after their diet etc, they may avoid ill health later on. (Soothing Minds)

Ipod Playlist for Tuesday 25th November 2008

1. The Last Rebel – Lynyrd Skynyrd
2. Alien Shore – Rush
3. Freeway Mad – Saxon
4. Diamonds And Rust – Judas Priest
5. Silver, Blue & Gold – Bad Company
6. Aces High – Iron Maiden
7. Fallen Angel – Nazareth
8. Weiss Heim – Rainbow
9. These Days – Bon Jovi
10. Power And The Glory – Saxon
11. Crying In The Rain – Whitesnake
12. The Killing Hand – Dream Theater
13. Digital Man – Rush
14. Night Run – UFO
15. Rock Forever – Judas Priest

Bush 'very pleased' with Iraq war outcome: report


US President George W. Bush believes the Iraq war was a success and is "very pleased" with what is happening there, he said in a pre-recorded interview broadcast on a Japanese television network Sunday.

"I think the decision to remove Saddam Hussein was right," Bush told the Sunday Project programme of the private Asahi network. “Saddam was an enemy of the United States and a lot of people thought he had weapons of mass destruction, Bush said, “adding "remarkable" progress had been made in Iraq since the late dictator was toppled in 2003. People have been able to take their troops out of Iraq because Iraq is becoming successful. I'm very pleased with what is taking place there now, we are bringing troops home because of the success in Iraq. But Iraq is not yet completely safe. So there will be a US presence for a while there at the request of the Iraqi government. The United States is willing to continue to help.’

Most countries there within a very broad coalition have come home but we want to help this government," he said without further elaborating.

The Japanese network said the interview was conducted in Washington just before Bush left for Asia-Pacific talks in Peru at the weekend.

The Bush presidency has been indelibly marked by the Iraq war, from the invasion spurred by false allegations that Saddam was harbouring weapons of mass destruction to the abuses by US troops of Iraqis in the Abu Ghraib jail.

Some 4,200 US soldiers have been killed in the country in a war which has also cost the US hundreds of billions of dollars.

Shape of Things

A classic Nazareth track ...

Tarot Card of the Day: The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is numbered twelve and is depicted as a figure, usually male, hanging upside down from a tree or branch. He often has his hands behind his back, as though tied (though as you can see the Thoth interpretation moves away from this aspect of apparent helpnessness). Usually one leg is tucked behind the other to form a triangle shape. Strangely though, he tends to look quite happy and content with his situation.

Not a very popular card, the Hanged Man deals with sacrifice, delays and waiting - and also being bogged down and helplessness. We sacrifice every time we make a choice - reading this web page means you have sacrificed reading the alternatives. Since sacrifice can mean giving up one thing of value for another thing of equal or greater value, this card can easily be seen as representing the natural and normal function of disposing of something that no longer suits its purpose as well as its replacement will.

The Hanged Man is totally vulnerable, his attitude is "whatever will be, will be". He accepts everything that happens with equanimity and courage - he is, after all, simply giving in to his destiny. He can sometimes represent the person who has waited too long, who is perhaps scared to change. We should endure with strength and inner peace, but also be courageous enough to take action when destiny calls.

Source: Angel Paths

Image of the Day: A Mighty Illusion


Quick Insight: Pinpointing The Shining Star

A Quick Sample Insight using Merlin Tarot (abridged): Is 'the Shining Star' currently residing in ..... (location omitted) ... if not, where?

XV - Innocent - image reveals young child with black hair dressed in 'ceremonial robes' sitting on a wooden chair/throne. Chair/throne is located on a circular disk made up of sectors of green, red, blue and yellow (the primary colours). Young girl in disguise ... with undisclosed location the PRIMARY location, but not necessarily the location at this time. But after travels she returns to this location? Girl appears to be ceremonially dressed as part of a disguise for ease of transportation? Current location linked to the ceremonial dress? The traditional dress of another nation ...

4 of Birds (truce) and 6 of Beasts (benefit). Some instance of a truce between two groups of two? Two couples working something out? Which appears to be of benefit to two further groups of three? Very cryptic .... two married couples who are part of group of three? The symbolism needs to be explored. But clear message here of some reconciliation between two couples which is beneficial to two groups of three (more insights to follow on Lights Down Under about this in the near future) ...

2 of Fishes (freedom) and 8 of Beasts (skill) ... a cycle of events being undertaken perhaps to enable the freedom outlined here .... a skillful team.

Current locality appears to be reached by 'diplomatic immunity' ... turning a blind eye to the true identity of the persons with sun glasses and ceremonial robes. Ability for Shining Star to pass through security as a child of an influential family of a race not anticipated to be linked to this situation. Eyes wander over to the Persian Gulf here .... not as a permanent locality ... for the primary locality is very much the green grass of home. But skilled genetic science exists in the Persian Gulf ... and an entourage of traditionally dressed persons including the similarly dressed shining star could pass through airport security into a waiting private jet/vehicle very easily. Especially if Special Intelligence tips off airport security to let it happen (government involvement)??? A very deeply rooted mystery this. Sometime in past shining star has been with arabic family (remember boat in Med with armed guard reported???) .... just how current this link is cannot be stated at this moment without further musing. Locality which was focus of insight is not her current location ... but it is between journeys.

2 of Fishes; 4 of Birds; 6 of Beasts; 8 of Beasts : 2, 4, 6, 8 (again) ... recalling the 3, 5, 7 and adding to this repeating 2, 4, 6, 8 ... we have the full sequence 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 .... is there a completion being reach due to a beneficial truce? Time will tell.

Copyright Matthew James 25th November 2008

Isis Unveiled

"To say that all spirits are alike, or fitted to the same atmosphere, or possessed of like powers, or governed by the same attractions--electric, magnetic, odic, astral, it matters not which--is as absurd as though one should say that all planets have the same nature, or that all animals are amphibious, or all men can be nourished on the same food. It accords with reason to suppose that the grossest natures among the spirits will sink to the lowest depths of the spiritual atmosphere--in other words, be found nearest to the earth. Inversely, the purest would be farthest away. In what, were we to coin a word, we should call the Psychomatics of Occultism, it is as unwarrantable to assume that either of these grades of spirits can occupy the place, or subsist in the conditions, of the other, as in hydraulics it would be to expect that two liquids of different densities could exchange their markings on the scale of Beaume's hydrometer."

Chapter X

Today's Inspiration

Rest in the comfort of Life's Natural Great Completeness.

This sufficiency is the source of all satisfaction and peace. Consider the possibility that Life is complete -- exactly as it is...that within each moment Reality is infinitely and endlessly manifesting....that all of the apparent partsare an expression of one vast and magnificent Whole.

Imagine how all THIS would appear to you if seen through Satisfied eyes. Breathe deeply and let go of all expectation and desire....and in this moment of clear, pure Seeing you will discover all there is to know: nothing more, nothing less than what is here, now.

THIS is sufficient -- exactly as it is.

The day New Labour died: Brown ditches historic pledge not to raise income tax in £1TRILLION gamble to save economy

Alistair Darling defended his high tax, high borrowing £20billion giveaway today amid Tory claims it will ultimately make anyone earning more than £19,000 worse off.

Old Labour came roaring back in his mini-Budget thanks to plans to hit the middle classes and target the rich if Labour wins another term. But today, the Chancellor insisted it had not torn up the New Labour project and that only workers on more than £40,000 would end up losing out.

'People earning less than £40,000 won't be paying more. The burden really is falling on people on higher incomes,' he said.

Borrowing will rocket to a record £300billion over five years to produce a national debt of more than £1trillion under the Government plans.The success of the drastic action depends on rose-tinted forecasts that the recession will be over by next autumn although experts expert it to last far longer. (Source: Daily Mail)

Monday, 24 November 2008


Morning ..
Just a quickie from me to thank everyone for their supportive emails ...
As many know we have our eldest here for the summer holidays, but somehow we seem to have lost the summer since his arrival!
Matt is very busy working away on a huge project which tender closes shortly, so has very little time at home as it is, but spends a hour or two when he can on the blog.
Thanks to those who appreciate the long hours in a stressful job that Matt is doing and also we appreciate your patience and support that you all give.
Of course there are some that want and expect more.

Last Post (for today anyway) ... another optical illusion

Ice on Mars: NASA radar detects vast glaciers on red planet

Vast glaciers, up to a mile thick and tens of miles long, have been discovered on Mars in what scientists believe is the remnants of an ice age.

The ice sheets are the ‘most dramatic’ evidence yet of climate change on the red planet, and could help us understand temperature shifts on Earth, the U.S. researchers say. They detected the sheets beneath a protective layer of rocky debris using a ground-penetrating radar on the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

The discovery reveals a previously untapped source of drinking water and rocket fuel, which promises to aid future manned missions to the planet. Scientists have previously detected ice on Mars but never in such large quantities away from the poles.

The glaciers were located the Hellas Basin region – an area spanning mid-latitudes in the Southern hemisphere, which is equivalent to the latitude of Australia on Earth. A similar band with even larger quantities of ice is thought to be awaiting discovery in the Northern hemisphere. (Source: Daily Mail)

IPod Playlist 24th November 2008

1. All The Way From Memphis - Contraband
2. No Laughing In Heaven - Gillan
3. Sanctuary - Iron Maiden
4. Shadows On The Wall - Saxon
5. Tell A Story - MSG
6. Disappear - Dream Theater
7. Power - Rainbow
8. Tarot - Yngwie Malmsteen
9. In The Skin - Wishbone Ash
10. O.R.R - Lynyrd Skynyrd
11. Breakfast In America - Supertramp
12. Leather Rebel - Judas Priest
13. Baptism Of Fire - Saxon
14. Stand - Contraband
15. Billy Get Your Guns - Jon Bon Jovi

Voodoo Lake

Supernatural footage .... music by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Rat Poison Chemical Found in Ingredient List For HPV Vaccine

What do rat poison and the HPV vaccine have in common? The answer is a hazardous chemical known as sodium borate. Savvy readers may wonder what a toxin that is commonly used to kill rats is doing in the ingredient list for the HPV vaccine that is currently being pushed on girls as young as nine and is even being considered for men and boys.

Unfortunately, the answer isn't very comforting, especially for new U.S. residents for whom the HPV injection containing sodium borate is now mandated.

Sodium borate, a boric acid salt also known as borax, has many common uses. In addition to its use as a rat poison, it is also used in laundry detergents, cosmetics, enamel glazes, flame retardants, and buffer solutions in chemistry. However, sodium borate also has antifungal properties, which means that its probable reason for being in the vaccine is to act as a preservative.

Sodium borate is used as a food additive in some countries, but it is now outlawed in many places. For example, one Australian government recall site notes: "Product is Borax (sodium borate) which is a non permitted food additive and is harmful to health." So, if it's "harmful to health," why is it being added to the HPV vaccine? (Source: Natural

What is Superstition

According to Webster's dictionary, superstition is n. any belief that is inconsistent with the known laws of science or with what is considered true and rational; esp., such a belief in omens, the supernatural, etc.

Halloween is traditionally the time when common superstitions, folklore, myths and omens carry more weight to those who believe. Superstition origins go back thousands of years ago. Beliefs include good luck charms, amulets, bad luck, fortunes, cures, portents, omens and predictions, fortunes and spells.

Bad fallacies far outweigh the good, especially around Halloween when myths run rampant. When it comes right down to it, many people still believe that omens can predict our destiny and misfortune -- particularly for the worse.

The Upper Triangle

Contains the Ineffable Name. It is the AUM--to be pronounced only mentally, under penalty of death. The Unrevealed Para-Brahma, the Passive-Principle; the absolute and unconditioned "mukta," which cannot enter into the condition of a Creator, as the latter, in order to think, will, and plan, must be bound and conditioned (baddha); hence, in one sense, be a finite being. "THIS (Para-Brahma) was absorbed in the non-being, imperceptible, without any distinct attribute, non-existent for our senses. He was absorbed in his (to us) eternal (to himself) periodical, sleep," for it was one of the "Nights of Brahma."

Therefore he is not the First but the Eternal Cause. He is the Soul of Souls, whom no being can comprehend in this state. But "he who studies the secret Mantras and comprehends the Vach" (the Spirit or hidden voice of the Mantras, the active manifestation of the latent Force) will learn to understand him in his "revealed" aspect.

Source: Isis Unveiled Chapter VI

God is eclipsed by supernatural believers and tales of UFO sightings

Tales of aliens and ghosts may seem far-fetched, but they are believed more than God.

A survey has found that while 54 per cent of us are convinced the Almighty exists, 58 per cent believe in the supernatural.

They found women were more likely to believe in the supernatural than men, and were more likely to visit a medium.

Nearly a quarter of the 3,000 surveyed by market researchers claimed they had had a paranormal encounter. Some 37 per cent said aliens and ghosts were the basis of their belief system.

Earlier this year reports released by the National Archives detailed UFO sightings logged by the Government. These included a fisherman who described being taken on to a spacecraft - only to be rejected because of his age.

A survey last year highlighted concern over declining moral standards - attributed chiefly to a retreat in religious beliefs. (Source: Daily Mail)

The Day's Closing

From the beginning of time, a richly colored twinge of dusk touching the eastern horizon, the lengthening of shadows, and the appearance of the evening’s first star have let us know that it was time to rest, relax, and retire from the pressures of the day. For human beings and other living things that tend to be most active in daylight, evenings can be less hectic and more relaxing, as we prepare for sleep and spend quality time with our loved ones. But evenings are about much more than dinner and the feel of a cool, soft pillow. Evenings are a wonderful time to catalog the events of the day without distraction, to revel in gentle solitude or silence, to end the day in serenity, and to commune with your inner self.

There are many ways to turn the evening into a nurturing and soul enriching experience. A simple stroll through the realms of dusk and darkness can show you two different worlds: one winding down and one just coming to life. In the evening, the sounds we humans make begin to diminish, and the sounds of earth’s more nocturnal creatures and nature itself become more apparent. As night slowly falls, scents change, and the smell of the soil and greenery become magnified. Sky gazing in the evenings can be a meditative activity – one that reminds us that we are only one part of an infinitely complex and vast universe. Each night, the different phases of the moon show us the passage of time and the waxing and waning of life, as its glowing visage – whether in the shape of a circle, crescent, or a smile –bathes the world in an ethereal, wistful glow.

As crickets chirp and night birds cry out, evening rituals and routines can make your day feel complete, help you unwind from the day’s busyness, and pave the way for rejuvenating sleep. Rituals and routines help you say goodnight to the present day, so you can look forward to the next one. While the sun sets, try doing a series of stretches, lighting some candles, or watching the daylight fade. The soothing, natural beauty of each evening can be your backdrop, as you meditate, quiet your soul, and relax into the peace and stillness that can be found at day’s end.

Still Here .. and not going anywhere ...

... it's been a hectic few months and we take a a fully deserved break at weekends. Which effectively means there are little or no posts Friday - Sundays. The blog has been taking so much time in recent months ... and it's about time we had some time to ourselves over the weekends!

The case is still ongoing ... and the remote viewings 'over the brick wall' continue ... but it is pointless rehashing the same information ... basically I do not intend repeating myself when remote viewing heralds the same insights as have already been featured on A Light In The Darkness.

Lights Down Under is about to be launched (initially to a limited and invited audience) ....

Image of the Day

It is one of nature's most spectacular sights...and still something of a mystery to birdwatchers. Despite a vast sky to explore, thousands of starlings come together to swoop and sweep before finally settling down for the night. This stunning roosting display, known as a murmuration, was captured by photographer Andy Rouse at Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetland Trust in Gloucestershire. The displays occur in many parts of the UK with reedbeds attracting gatherings which can number millions. (Source: Daily Mail)

A Missed Opportunity ...

Manchester United remain eight points off the top of the Premier League after failing to break down Aston Villa in a lively encounter at Villa Park.

After Gabriel Agbonlahor hit an early chance straight at Edwin van der Sar, Ashley Young's tackle prevented Ji-Sung Park from giving United the lead. Villa wanted a penalty when Nemanja Vidic challenged Agbonlahor before Wayne Rooney miscued in front of goal. Both teams created openings late on but could do nothing to break the deadlock.

Villa, who leapfrog Arsenal into fourth, will be pleased to have ended a run of 12 consecutive league defeats at the hands of United and claimed their first point against the Old Trafford club since 2002.
Source: BBC Sport

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Breakthrough: Artificial DNA Could Power Future Computers

Chemists claim to have created the world's first DNA molecule made almost entirely of artificial parts.

The finding could lead to improvements in gene therapy, futuristic nano-sized computers, and other high-tech advances, the Japanese researchers say.

popularly illustrated as a double helix, holds the blueprints of life and controls what every living organism becomes and how it functions. Scientists have tried for years to develop artificial versions of DNA in order to take advantage of its amazing information storage capabilities. Already, DNA has been harnessed to create simple electronic circuits.

DNA uses just four basic building blocks, known as bases, to code proteins used in cell functioning and development. Other researchers have crafted DNA molecules with a few artificial parts.

But Masahiko Inouye and colleagues at the University of Toyama used stitched together four entirely new, artificial bases inside the sugar-based framework of a DNA molecule, creating unusually stable, double-stranded structures resembling natural DNA, they say.

Like natural DNA, the new ripoffs were right-handed and some easily formed triple-stranded structures. "The unique chemistry of these structures and their high stability offer unprecedented possibilities for developing new biotech materials and applications," the researchers said in a statement. (

Common Superstitions

Friday the thirteenth is an unlucky day;
A rabbit's foot brings good luck;
An apple a day keeps the doctor away;
To find a four-leaf clover is to find good luck;
If you walk under a ladder, you will have bad luck;
If a black cat crosses your path you will have bad luck;
To break a mirror will bring you seven years bad luck;
To open an umbrella in the house is to bring bad luck;
To find a horseshoe brings good luck;
Step on a crack, break your mother's back;
You can break a bad luck spell by turning seven times in a clockwise circle;
Garlic protects from evil spirits and vampires;
Our fate is written in the stars;
At the end of a rainbow is a pot of gold;
Clothes worn inside out will bring good luck;
Wearing your birthstone will bring you good luck;
If you blow out all of the candles on your birthday cake with the first breath you will get whatever you wish for;
To have a wish come true using a wishbone, two people make a wish, then take hold of each end of the bone and pull it until it separates. The person with the longer end gets his or her wish;
An itchy palm means money will come your way;
A beginner will always have good luck: beginner's luck;
A cat has nine lives;
Eating fish makes you smart;
Toads cause warts;
A cricket in the house brings good luck;
Crossing your fingers helps to avoid bad luck and helps a wish come true;
It is bad luck to sing at the table;
It is bad luck to sleep on a table;
After receiving a container of food, the container should never be returned empty;
A lock of hair from a baby's first haircut should be kept for good luck;
A bird that comes in your window brings bad luck;
To refuse a kiss under mistletoe causes bad luck;
Goldfish in the pond bring good luck;
Goldfish in the house bring bad luck;
For good luck, wear new clothes on Easter;
An acorn at the window can keep lightning out of the house;
If the bottom of your feet itch, you will make a trip;
When a dog howls, death is near;
It is bad luck to chase someone with a broom ;
A sailor wearing an earring cannot drown;
To find a penny heads up, brings good luck;
To cure a sty, rub it with a gold wedding band;
Animals can talk at midnight on Christmas Eve;
A drowned woman floats face up, a drowned man floats face down;
A person cannot drown before going under three times;
To drop a fork means a woman will visit;
To drop a knife means a man will visit;
To drop a spoon means a child will visit;
To drop a dishcloth means bad luck is coming;
If you shiver, someone is casting a shadow on your grave;
To make a happy marriage, the bride must wear: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue;
The wedding veil protects the bride from the evil eye;
Washing a car will bring rain;
You must get out of bed on the same side you got in on or you will have bad luck;
Evil spirits cannot harm you when you are standing in a circle;
A cat will try to take the breath from a baby;
Warm hands, cold heart;
Cold hands, warm heart;
It is unlucky to rock an empty rocking chair;
To kill an albatross is to cause bad luck to the ship and all upon it;
Wearing an opal when it is not your birthstone is bad luck;
Smell dandelions, wet the bed;
To give someone a purse or wallet without money in it will bring that person bad luck;
A forked branch, held with a fork in each hand, will dip and point when it passes over water.


from the Latin word "superstes," surviving, is the sign which survives the idea which it represents; it is the form preferred to the thing, the rite without reason, faith become insensate through isolating itself. It is in consequence the corpse of religion, the death of life, stupefaction substituted for inspiration.

Fanaticism is superstition become passionate, its name comes from the word "fanum," which signifies "temple," it is the temple put in place of God, it is the human and temporal interest of the priest substituted for the honour of priesthood, the wretched passion of the man exploiting the faith of the believer.

In the fable of the ass loaded with relics, La Fontaine tells us that the animal thought that he was being adored; he did not tell us that certain people indeed thought that they were adoring the animal. These people were the superstitious.

If any one had laughed at their stupidity, he would very likely have been assassinated, for from superstition to fanaticism is only one step.

Superstition is religion interpreted by stupidity; fanaticism is religion serving as a pretext to fury.

Those who intentionally and maliciously confound religion itself with superstition and fanaticism, borrow from stupidity its blind prejudices, and would borrow perhaps in the same way from fanaticism its injustices and angers. (Source: Thelma-Liber46)

In the Open Air

In this modern age, we spend so much time indoors, focused on the busyness of our lives and disconnected from the earth. But much of what we truly need can only be found under the naked sky, alongside tall trees, on open plains, or in the sound of running water. Spending time in nature allows us to commune with other living beings and to find comfort in the nurturing embrace of Mother Earth. You can’t help but experience a different sense of self while walking in a wood or traversing a mountainside. Being in nature connects us to the earth, grounding us as we walk, unhindered by concrete, upon her. Surrounded by other living beings, both bigger and smaller than we are, we remember that human beings are simply one form of life in this vast universe.

Because we instinctively know that nature is good for us on many levels, it’s not unusual to feel powerfully drawn to it. Even if you live in a city or find it difficult to travel to a forest or the countryside, there are a myriad ways to reconnect with nature. When you step out of your door each morning, pause for a minute and close your eyes long enough to let your senses absorb your surroundings. Listen and breathe deeply, until you hear the wind rustling through branches, smell rain on damp grass, and see the reflection of leaves brushing up against windowpanes. If you have time, crouch down and closely examine any nearby grass and soil. The sights, sounds, smells, and sensations we experience that are part of nature can remind us of all the gifts Mother Earth grants us each day.

Spending time connecting with nature nourishes the soul, reminds you that you are never truly alone, and renews you by attuning you to the earth’s natural rhythms. Taking a walk under the stars or feeling the wind on your face may be all it takes for you to reconnect with nature. Remember, you are as much a part of nature as are the leaves on a tree or water bubbling in a brook.

New World Order or Occult Secret Destiny?

The New World Order as envisioned by the Elite is hardly a recent undertaking. Theirs is a philosophy rooted in ancient occult traditions. Success is near, and the infiltration of society by New Age occultism is the reason for this success. The New World Order has never been solely about world government, rather, from the beginning its proponents have been privy to secret doctrines and it is a spiritual plan more than anything.

If one failed to take into account the occult nature of the New World Order, they would be remiss. The UN and the New Age have been bed-fellows since the beginning. America's secret destiny is the product of Rosicrucian and Freemason forefathers. The New Atlantis as proposed in Francis Bacon's work is almost at hand. The Ancient Mysteries are being studied for illumination and enlightenment by the New World Order's elite. Not to mention the New Age gurus — dutifully recruiting on behalf of the Secret Brotherhood.

In 1980, Marylin Ferguson compiled and espoused a synthesis involving the theories of transformation and the secret plan of the Aquarian Age. In her studies of the scientific advancements of this age involving entropy and syntropy, holism, holographs, paradigm shifts, the uncertainty principle and evolution, she discovered that, "for the first time an American renaissance is taking place in all disciplines, breaking the boundaries between them, transforming them at their farthest reaches—where they all converge." (The Aquarian Conspiracy, p.12)

Speaking of the networks and web of influence, Ferguson proclaimed: "There are legions of conspirators... in corporations, universities, hospitals, on the faculties of public schools, in factories, in doctors' offices, in state and federal agencies, on city councils and the White House staff, in state organizations, in virtually all arenas of policy making in the country [U.S.]...[including] at the cabinet level of the United States Government." (ibid. p.24) However, other New Age proponents said that this is innacurate, in that she had understated the influence of the New Age worldwide, especially in the UN and the EEC.

It is no coincidence that America has become the center of New Age and New World Order conspiracies. The Theosophical and Rosicrucian traditions hold that every nation has a spiritual destiny guided by a hierarchy of beings using all ethical (or un-ethical) means of manifesting the "divine plan" through the will of the nation's leaders. (Read more .... )

The Maestro

Yngwie Malmsteen in 'action'

Crop Circle 'Art'

A circular mandala design comprising 15 flattened triangular sections, almost 'Tangram' like

Isis Unveiled

No astral soul, even that of a pure, good, and virtuous man, is immortal in the strictest sense; "from elements it was formed--to elements it must return." Only, while the soul of the wicked vanishes, and is absorbed without redemption, that of every other person, even moderately pure, simply changes its ethereal particles for still more ethereal ones; and, while there remains in it a spark of the Divine, the individual man, or rather, his personal ego, cannot die. "After death," says Proclus, "the soul (the spirit) continueth to linger in the aerial body (astral form), till it is entirely purified from all angry and voluptuous passions . . . then doth it put off by a second dying the aerial body as it did the earthly one. Whereupon, the ancients say that there is a celestial body always joined with the soul, and which is immortal, luminous, and star-like."

Isis Unveiled Chapter XII

Fluoride in Drinking Water may Negatively Affect Health of Fetuses and Infants

Did you know that fluoride in our water supplies is the only chemical added for a specific medical purpose, i.e. to prevent tooth decay? All other chemicals are added for treatment purposes, to improve the quality and safety of tap water.

And an expert has voiced his concerns over the potential negative impact of fluoride in drinking water on the health of fetuses and infants.Dr Vyvyan Howard is a medical pathologist and toxicologist, and also President of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment. In a short video clip put together by the Fluoride Action Network, he expressed his concern over the use of fluoride in our water supplies.

"Nature has devised a system for keeping fluoride away from the infant, and we are circumventing that by putting fluoride into drinking water, and I think there are consequences," he said.What consequences? According to Dr Howard, fluoride is a developmental toxin. More specifically, it is a neurotoxin, and it may also affect the intelligence of the child.

While the evidence may not yet be clear-cut, there do seem to be strong indications.Further, Dr Howard said that other studies have shown the possible ability of fluoride to affect hormonal systems and endocrine systems.

In particular, it can influence thyroid levels, and that can have an impact on the IQ in children who are in the development phase.When thyroid levels are measured in the mother, being at the upper limit of the normal range of thyroid and being at the lower limit of the normal range brings about a difference in intelligence in the offspring.

Where thyroid levels are concerned, we are thus "tinkering with quite a sensitive system". .... READ MORE ...

Oops... Astronaut loses tool bag while carrying out DIY repairs on ISS spacewalk

It's a common question voiced by many exasperated DIY enthusiasts... just where did I put my tool bag? For one astronaut, making repairs to the International Space Station, the answer was unfortunately into infinity.

Lead spacewalker Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper was working on restoring full power to the orbital outpost when she lost her vital kit, 200 miles above Earth.

The astronaut from the Endeavour shuttle had realised one of the grease guns she was using had leaked, soiling her glove. Then, as she attempted to wipe the grease from her hands, the bag containing her tools floated off into space.

'Oh, great,' said Stefanyshyn-Piper, who was making her third spacewalk. 'You see it?'
Crewmates monitoring the spacewalk from inside the shuttle spied the bag drifting past the station and off into space. Thankfully experts believe it will eventually spiral down into Earth's atmosphere where it will burn up. (Source: Daily Mail)

IPod Playlist for 20th November 2008

1. Southbound - Thin Lizzy
2. Rock You To The Ground - MSG
3. Cry Wolf - Nazareth
4. Silver - Ozzy Osbourne
5. sPOOL - Queensryche
6. Silence - Rainbow
7. Magic - Rainbow
8. Ballad Of Youth - Richie Sambora
9. Animate - Rush
10. Blind Faith - Poison
11. Judas Rising - Judas Priest
12. No Rehearsal - Jethro Tull
13. Gates Of Tomorrow - Iron Maiden
14. I Need To Fly - House Of Lords
15. Men Of War - Gillan

Image of the Day

Watendlath, Cumbria
Original Artwork by Matthew James

Inspiration Of The Day

Dive deeply into the heart of the question of what it means to be fully human.
Do not be satisfied with your answer until it embraces all of who you are -- both alone and in relationship with others.
Liberation is not an escape from the human condition.

It is the fulfillment of it.

Speed twice and face a ban, drivers are told

Motorists could be banned from the road after just two speeding tickets.

Ministers are doubling the penalty for the worst offences, in a crackdown on Britain's most dangerous drivers. Those caught significantly over the limit would be hit automatically with six points on their licence.

If this happens twice in three years they reach the total for a six-month ban. (Source: Daily Mail)