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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Monsters with Human Faces: The Tyranny of the Police State Disguised as Law-and-Order

[Waking Times]: Enough already.

Enough with the distractions. Enough with the partisan jousting.

Enough with the sniping and name-calling and mud-slinging that do nothing to make this country safer or freer or more just.

We have let the government’s evil-doing, its abuses, power grabs, brutality, meanness, inhumanity, immorality, greed, corruption, debauchery and tyranny go on for too long.

We are approaching a reckoning.This is the point, as the poet W. B. Yeats warned, when things fall apart and anarchy is loosed upon the world.

Yet no matter how many times the world has been down this road before, we can’t seem to avoid repeating the deadly mistakes of the past. This is not just playing out on a national and international scale. It is wreaking havoc at the most immediate level, as well, creating rifts and polarities within families and friends, neighborhoods and communities that keep the populace warring among themselves and incapable of presenting a united front in the face of the government’s goose-stepping despotism.

We are definitely in desperate need of a populace that can stand united against the government’s authoritarian more>>>...

A Favourite Panorama


Climate change bombshell: Humans are NOT to blame for global warming claims shock study

[David Icke]: A SCIENCE journal is set to launch an investigation into a controversial study it published claiming global warming was not a man-made issue but one caused by the Earth moving closer to the Sun.

Scientific Reports published the research from academics from Northumbria University, the University of Bradford, the University of Hull as well as Azerbaijan’s Nasir al-Din al-Tusi Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory. The authors claim the increase in global temperatures by 1C (33.8F) was due to natural solar cycles as well as the Sun’s movement around the barycentre, the centre of mass in the Solar System. The paper claimed that by the 27th Century, temperatures might increase by 3C (37.4F).

The University of Edinburgh’s Ken Rice was one of a number of physicists to accuse the report of making basic errors: “It’s well known that the Sun moves around the barycentre of the solar system due to the influence of the other solar system bodies, mainly Jupiter.

“This does not mean, as the paper is claiming, that this then leads to changes in the distance between the Sun and the Earth.

“The claim that we will see warming in the coming centuries because the sun will move closer to the Earth as it moves around the solar system barycentre is very simply wrong."

Professor Rice said it was “embarrassing” the paper was published and called for Scientific Reports to remove more>>>...

Framing Climate Change

Favourite's Collection #274

Regulars to 'The Light Of Truth Chronicles' formerly 'A Light In The Darkness' will know the score by now with regard to Favourite's Collection photographs. There was only supposed to be about 65 photographs in the original expo portfolio, but, because I have such an extensive array of photographs for consideration, the collection has kept growing and growing.

And so to this latest collection entry; this Pied Currawong was photographed on the Urambi Hills in South Canberra. It's chosen the image due to the contrast between bird and background sky. I love the content of the image. Currawong are among my top ten native Australian birds. I have little doubt I will be photographing more when I next go back to Australia; 5G is unlikely to have started to decimate their numbers yet, due to their body mass. 

Believe Them At Your Peril

The climate change fear mongering frenzy is reaching its climax now.

According to the UK media the last decade has seen its top ten hottest years on record. That's easy to see when you are using TAMPERED and ALTERED weather data! this where the something must be done ... gives way to the solution. Zero CO2 emissions by 2050. Total extinction of virtually all biological life on planet earth!

They still claim the, heavier than air, gas carbon Dioxide is the culprit. Its being drummed into everyone, and so few of us even question the lie!

Carbon Dioxide is not the main constituent of 'greenhouse gases' and the weather cycle we are experiencing is nothing to do with climate change. Geoengineering and deliberate weather manipulation is; and water vapour makes up over 95% of greenhouse gases. Carbon Dioxide rarely reaches the upper atmosphere; volcanoes are the main reason it is in the upper atmosphere. And its effect up there is to COOL the atmosphere, not heat it up.

Real scientists are coming out of their silence and admitting that the data being banded about that 'proves' climate change, and is sealing mankind's return to the stone age, is TAMPERED with and deliberately misleading. It has been rehashed to suit the crazy globalist's plan to create a Carbon tax to make mankind on a whole poor, and also 'prove' their insane AGENDA to impose MANDATORY GENOCIDE on mankind.

They are tampering with the world weather to create these crazy weather systems. It's not man made climate change in the sense they claim due to too much CO2. Not at all. And anyone who falls for their lies and deceit are playing into the hands of the grim reaper.

They've spent trillions upon trillions of dollars on their agenda; so they can fool mankind and have the world for themselves. The basic truth is believe them at your peril because the current claims of climate change are total fucking lies .... deception and deceit on a crazy, mad and desperate scale by a bunch of mentally unstable families who are completely insane. Believe them at your peril ... because they are about to force governments, their playthings, to declare mandatory genocide laws to help save the planet.

The earth plane is NOT over crowded, there is NO food shortages other than the deliberate agendas THEY create. What they say about the earth and reality are total fabrications ... they are lying through their bad asses about nearly everything!

Impossible Foods, impossible claims

[S.O.T.T}: The company has courted ethical foodies, but how sustainable is this meat alternative?

Impossible Foods — maker of the veggie "burger that bleeds" — is the latest darling of the food-tech world. Its stardom is driven largely by its claims that the burger is better for the planet than the real thing: But what's actually in its signature patty raises big questions.

Despite these questions, Forbes has given it glowing coverage; The New York Times has served up front-page column inches. Katy Perry, Questlove, and Jay-Z are all investors. And the company is already shorthand for a dot-com wunderkind.

'We are the Impossible Foods of..." This status comes from a PR arsenal, of course, a novel product, yes, but also from the company's explicit courtship of the ethical foodie, tapping a new generation of eaters who want to ensure the food on their plate helps the planet. In its very mission statement, Impossible Foods claims it will "drastically reduce humanity's destructive impact on the global environment" by using plant-based proteins. But just because it's not meat, doesn't mean it's a planetary panacea.

New evidence is revealing we are teetering on the edge of an era of massive extinction, propelled in large part by the very pesticides and practices used with genetically engineered crops like that soy destined for Impossible Burgers.

In a groundbreaking new study, researchers estimate that 40 percent of insect species face extinction — and we could be looking down the barrel of total insect population collapse by century's end, primarily as the result of the agricultural pesticides and mega-monocultures of industrial agriculture.

Designed specifically for intensive chemical use, genetically engineered crops are key drivers of this more>>>...

How Real Mind Control Works

[Waking Times]: When people are confronted with the idea of “mind control” they often think of something out of television or film media; a lone prisoner tortured, chemically dazed and conditioned into a hollow zombie as his captors squeeze information from him or use him to complete a task he would not normally do or morally accept.

And while there is actually some truth to this kind of Hollywood depiction, as is evidenced in the exposure of government programs like MK Ultra, the most insidious forms of mind control are far more subtle.

Governments and the elitists behind them do not necessarily need to physically cage, drug and brutalize people in order to influence how they behave. All they need to do is manage their perceptions, expectation and assumptions. This can be accomplished with large portions of the public, rather than one person at a more>>>...

EMFs linked to MASSIVE decline in global health

[David Icke]: The topic of electromagnetic field (EMF) dangers has been the subject of great debate over the years, but never has it seemed more pressing than now, as we face the transition into high-tech 5G technology.

With smart home devices and utility meters becoming part and parcel of our daily lives, the potential for harm is significant – and EMFs have already been linked to a massive decline in global health.

First, many people will argue that the sun naturally emits some EMFs, but our exposure to artificial EMFs has reached unprecedented heights. Low-frequency EMF radiation, which encompasses that given off by smart meters, cell phones, Bluetooth, power lines, MRIs, and microwaves, has been listed as a class 2B probable carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer – right alongside indisputable dangers like lead and DDT.

It’s not just cancer that we need to worry about however, as people can experience a host of unpleasant symptoms after prolonged exposure. It’s more than a coincidence that so many people experience these problems just as technology takes over our more>>>...

Quote for the Day

Mobile phones and 5G networks are accelerating the mass dumbing down of humanity… and it’s all by design

[Natural News]: The mass dumbing down of humanity is being deliberately accelerated, and mobile computing devices are one of the primary causes. Instead of people retaining knowledge in their own consciousness, everybody becomes a “vessel” to be controlled by remote information that’s fed into their brains by mobile devices.

The mass dumbing down is further accelerated by 5G radiation exposure which causes brain tumors and neurological stress. In effect, the telecommunications infrastructure “frazzles” the brain, which helps explain why so many of the deranged, hallucinating Leftists are found in high population density cities where 5G has already been rolled out.

On top of all that, the masses are being lobotomized with mercury in flu shots (yes, there’s still mercury in vaccines), aluminum in foods, and toxic TV programming that assaults the mind with fake news like “the Russians stole the election” or “carbon dioxide is bad for plants.”

Where individuals were once intelligent, self-reliant and had functioning memories and logical thinking, the masses are now stupid, entirely dependent and have no memories whatsoever. The average American can’t even remember the news headlines from six months ago, which is why the corporate-controlled media can flip the narrative every few months and no one seems to notice.

For example, remember when CNN and the Democrats all claimed that illegals crossing the border was a “fabricated crisis” invented by Trump? A few months later, they flipped the script and claimed it was a huge crisis and that “children are being held in concentration camps at the border.” So which is it? more>>>...

Image of the Day - The Henge'


Tuesday, 30 July 2019

What Is Norse Mythology?

Yggdrasil: The tree of life

[Norse Mythology]: In the middle of Asgard, where the Gods and Goddesses lives, is Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil is the tree of life, and it is an eternal green Ash tree; the branches stretch out over all of the nine worlds in Norse mythology, and extend up and above the heavens.

Yggdrasil is carried by three enormous roots, the first root from Yggdrasil is in Asgard, the home of the Gods it is just next to the well-named Urd, this is where the Gods and Goddesses have their daily meetings.

The second root from Yggdrasil goes all the way down to Jotunheim, the land of the giants, next to this root is Mimir’s well.

The third root from Yggdrasil goes down to Niflheim, close to the well Hvergelmir. It is here the dragon Nidhug is chewing on one of Yggdrasil’s roots. Nidhug is also known to suck the blood out of the dead bodies, that arrives at Hel.

At the very top of Yggdrasil lives an eagle, the eagle and the dragon Nidhug are bitter enemies, they truly despise each other. There is a squirrel named Ratatosk, and he spending almost the entire day, by running up and down the ash tree.

Ratatosk does whatever he can, to keep the hatred between the eagle and the dragon alive. Every time Nidhug says a curse or an insult about the eagle, Ratatosk will run up to the top of the tree, and tell the eagle what Nidhug just said. The eagle is equally rude in his comments about Nidhug. Ratatosk just loves to gossip which is the reason why the eagle and the dragon remain constant more>>>...

The Paradox of Spirit

[Daily OM]: Each of us has a spiritual self that animates our bodies and infuses our thoughts and feelings. Our language is limited to the world we know for descriptions of something that perhaps cannot be fully comprehended by the human mind.

Therefore, only metaphors approach the expressions that give us a true sense of our spiritual nature. The paradox lies in opposing concepts, all of which are true at the same time.

And in harmonizing the opposites, we begin to know the wonders of the spirit.

The self is not small or big but is both at the same time. Our spirit is like a drop in the ocean of spiritual energy.

Although our spirit seems like a small, disconnected part of a larger whole, it is still made of the same things and can become part of the vast ocean once more>>>...

'Memory Lane' - Sacred Kingfisher


Meditation: Wisdom in the silence

[S.O.T.T}: We all need a little peace, stillness, and balance to get us through life. Sadly, this doesn't jive with the social mould we're supposed to fit into. We're supposed to be good workers who value productivity above all else. This makes us incessantly tired, stressed, and anxious as we try to get through each day.

We have no time for rest, but deep down, most of us want nothing more than to stop and relax. We'd be happy to take a break even for just a day.

Most of us can't, but we can all retreat into a calm inner space - one in which our thoughts, fears, and stresses fade away - whenever we want.

Meditation can be our vacation from everything in life that drains us. We can't pin it down to any specific practice; there are so many forms that it's best to find one that works for you. Whether traditional or new and radical, a meditation practice will leave you feeling like life doesn't have to be so harsh.

The aim of any given practice is to bring you out of this limited sense of reality we all exist under. By necessity, this involves a crumbling (or at least a serious questioning) of most of the things that make you who you are. It's a destructive experience necessary for more>>>...

No Evidence That Climate Scientists Or Journalists Have Any Integrity

A Word On 'Vaccine shedding'

[Mercola]: When you're infected with a virus that causes an illness, that virus is shed in your saliva and other bodily fluids, and sometimes also via skin lesions. This means that a person who comes into direct contact with the shed virus may also become infected. The same holds true for live attenuated viral vaccines.

While inactivated vaccines use a killed version of the pathogen, live viral vaccines use a weakened (or attenuated) version of the virus. Typically, the live virus used in vaccine production is passed through a living cell culture or other host, such as chicken embryo, many times over until it becomes weakened to a point that it's not likely to make you sick when it's injected or, in the case of live oral vaccines, swallowed.

That being said, a live vaccine strain virus is still active and strong enough to trigger an inflammatory response in your body, prompting the creation of vaccine-acquired antibodies. There are a few problems with this, such as the possibility that the weakened vaccine-strain virus can revert to virulence, leading to serious complications identical or similar to complications of the natural disease the vaccine is supposed to prevent in the vaccinated person.1

Another noted problem is that the person who is given a live attenuated viral vaccine can asymptomatically shed and transmit vaccine-strain virus for a period of days, weeks or months and potentially infect close contacts, who can also experience symptoms of the very disease the vaccine was intended to more>>>...

Craving sugar? It could be caused by lack of sleep

[Natural News]: Lack of sleep can affect your mood and energy, but it doesn’t stop there. A study published in the journal Food Quality and Preference revealed that sleep deprivation can also make you crave sugar.

In this study, a team of researchers from Michigan State University investigated how sleep influences sugar cravings. They studied 51 healthy men who claimed to sleep well. The participants wore electrodes on their scalps while they slept during their usual nighttime routine over two consecutive nights. These electrodes measured the electrical activity of the participants’ brains to calculate how much sleep they got, as well as the length of time they spent in deep or light sleep.

After that, the men went to the laboratory where they tasted 14 to 18 sugary solutions. They then rated these in order of their preference.

The results showed that the less sleep the participants got, the more they craved sugar. Less time in the rapid eye movement (REM) sleep was also associated with sugar cravings. REM sleep is when the brain is the most active and dreams usually occur.

The research team explained that lack of sleep may activate a brain area that is “turned on” when you consume sweet food. In addition, insomnia may also cause stress eating because of the release of cortisol, the stress more>>>...

Goat - Totem Animal For The Day

With the goat totem in your life, you acquire a discerning spirit. You'll know what needs to go to your mind, and what you need to lock out. Also, you'll treat your body with the respect it deserves. You’ll acquire very good balancing and coordination skills.

Also, you’ll have the ability to deal with adversity quite effectively. Just like the goat, you’ll be able to see what most other people cannot see. You see, the goat has the ability to see for up to 340 degrees. As such, they can see much without having to move their head much. (The Secret Of The Tarot)

Constant surveillance: How big tech's household devices are SPYING on you

S.O.T.T: The expansion of home tech products to make life increasingly convenient requires consumer privacy sacrifices, the full extent of which won't be revealed for years to come, but have been hinted at through a slew of missteps.

This past week Amazon hit headlines after its virtual assistant Alexa was caught passively recording couples arguing, having intimate family discussions and even having sex (apparently sex noises can trigger Alexa-activated Echo speakers).

Data is the new dominant commodity of the 21st century and the trade-off of convenience for privacy and security has been highlighted in a plethora of cases involving consumer 'smart products' in recent more>>>...

Quote for the Day

2019 Crop Circle #24

Clear Wood, Cley Hill, Nr Warminster, Wiltshire. 
Reported 28th July 2019 

Some very interesting symbology in this latest UK crop circle. The all surrounding boundary that separates the lower aeon from the upper aeon. The world serpent Jormungand (The “Midgard Serpent,” is a snake or dragon who lives in the ocean that surrounds Midgard, the visible world). The crescent moon. The suggestion of the ancient belief of the earth plane being surrounded by the firmament. The local sun with companion or simulator.

Image of the Day


Monday, 29 July 2019

Finding the Light in a World of Darkness

Terminator' style robotic eye lens controllable by users developed by scientist

[S.O.T.T]: "Man is something that shall be overcome," wrote Friedrich Nietzsche in Thus Spoke Zarathustra. "Man is a rope tied between beast and overman - a rope over an abyss. What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end."

Nietzsche's assertion was that humanity could be perfected through individual will and vigorous action here on Earth. Whether or not you agree with Nietzsche's philosophy, his words here allude to a larger point that can't be denied: humanity is not at its end state.

This is particularly evident in DNA self-hackers, CRISPR experimenters, Elon Musk's Neuralink project, and those who tinker with Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), i.e., those who aim to improve human cognition, strength, and sensory perception with implants, exoskeletons, prostheses and other technologies connected to living more>>>...

Start Today

Daily Om: One of the hardest things in life is feeling stuck in a situation that we don't like and want to change. We may have exhausted ourselves trying to figure out how to make change, and we may even have given up.

However, each day offers us an opportunity to renew our resolve and to declare to the universe that we are ready for change. We may even say out loud that we have tried and struggled and have not found a way, but that we are open to help, and that we intend to keep working to create change for ourselves.

Making this declaration to the universe, and to ourselves, may be just the remedy for the stagnation we are experiencing. And, it can be done today, right now.

It is difficult to understand, even with hindsight, how the choices we have made have added up to our current situation, but it is a good idea to examine the story we tell more>>>...

Child trafficking CPS agencies now using “predictive analytics” to decide which children to kidnap

[Natural News]: In case you haven’t noticed, Child Protective Services (CPS) agencies all across the country continue to be exposed for kidnapping children and separating them from their parents based on bogus accusations.

And one of the ways they’re doing this is with “predictive analytics” software, according to new reports, from which CPS utilizes computer-generated assessments to determine which parents “deserve” to have their children stolen from them by the more>>>...

Tonight's Chemtrail Free (?) Sunset

Tonight's 'sunset' after a day FREE of chemtrails. Not a single hint of a trail. Not a single commercial jet flying over us, for the first time in about 7 weeks. Funny that, as we regularly had five or six jets constantly flying over us undertaking the same flight path when they were dumping their killer dosages of heavy metals and god knows what else.

So, are there natural clouds in this picture? And true sun light that has caused this rather intense deep orange colour? Your guess is good as mine.

Quote for the Day

US Air Force Secret Space Program: Shifting Extra-Terrestrial Alliances & Space Force

[Humans Are Free]: Eisenhower was against nuclear weapons, especially thermo-nuclear weapons. Three days before Eisenhower became President, President Truman approved nuclear weapon technology.

President Eisenhower started the ‘Atoms for Peace’ initiative which was spurned by the Russians. Eventually President Eisenhower had no option but to go along with the USAF, Rand Corporation and the Deep State and continue to develop hydrogen bombs.

President Eisenhower was briefed about the continued presence of extra-terrestrial beings in the USA. The brief indicated that there was no need for concern; the ET’s had no intention of causing disruption then or in the future.

President Eisenhower then had a face to face meeting with Nordic Extra-terrestrials from the Galactic Federation. On February the 20th 1954 in the late afternoon it is said he was taken to Edwards Air Force Base.

His excuse for the trip was that he had to have emergency dental treatment. This was to be his story when asked the next day as to where he had been.

First he flew to Norton Air Force base he then boarded a C-45 airplane and continued on to Edwards Air Force Base. The base was shut down for 3 days.

Charles L Suggs Senior a former Commander with the US Navy attended the meeting with President Eisenhower. They met and spoke with the Nordics who had white hair, pale blue eyes and colourless lips. They said they came from another solar system.

A former US Air Force Test Pilot and Colonel confirmed that five alien craft landed at the base, 2 cigar shaped craft and 3 saucer shaped craft. The aliens spoke English and wanted to set up an education programme for the people of more>>>...

11 Definite Signs Of Kundalini Awakening!

SCARCITY vs. abundance: How globalists enslave humanity by creating artificial scarcity in everything

[Natural News]: How do evil globalists control the world and enslave humanity? By creating artificial scarcity in everything from energy to money to food.

Abundance is the enemy of globalist control. When people experience abundance, they become more self-reliant and realize they don’t need big centralized government to run their lives. Abundance leads to economic mobility and human dignity, and these must be crushed by globalists to keep humanity suppressed.

That’s why globalists — and all their corporate minions like Google and Twitter — go all-out to create artificial scarcity that keeps nearly all human beings living in a cycle of complete subservience.

To achieve this, breakthrough technologies are routinely suppressed that could give decentralized, nearly free energy to everyone. Food technologies exist today that can grow so much food that no person on the planet would ever face starvation. Information and knowledge exists right now to cure most cancer, prevent most diseases and transform impoverished, mass-medicated human beings into strong, healthy, creative geniuses.

But the powers that be don’t want humans to be healthy, creative or free. They enslave humanity through artificial scarcity, destroying the quality of life for billions of people in order to make sure the globalists stay in control. This is why Google and Facebook now ban content promoting nutrition, by the way, or why Twitter de-platforms channels that share knowledge about human liberty and more>>>...

2019 Crop Circle #23

Cocum Farm, Nr Barton Stacy, Hampshire. 
Reported 28th July 2019. 

Another UK crop circle. One that is impossible to decipher. There are 45 segments within the top triangle??

Image of the Day - 'A Favourite Sunrise'


Sunday, 28 July 2019

As Pure Consciousness We Are Time Travellers

Quite often we look back at certain phases in our life, and feel a tremendous sense of loss and regret. We tend always to remember the good times in these phases of our life; our mind filtering the negative and difficult circumstances we experienced in our life during these particular phases in our life.

We see only the good; those forgotten memories including a kaleidoscope of 'happy times' that we do actually miss, and have not been repeated again in our life. But, when we extend our recollections to include what went wrong, or was perhaps the reason for leaving a place, a job or a person behind during that life phase, we remember the pain and the suffering we experienced at that time, that perhaps the good moments were masking.

It can all come flooding back; our mind suddenly making us fully aware of memories and experiences we've not thought about since they happened. This can result in raw emotions suddenly surfacing. A difficult experience to relive, especially if those recollections were extremely traumatic. The mind losing its filter, as we've somehow actually time travelled, with our consciousness, back to those events. The mind confused, permitting its filter to be side stepped.

We are pure consciousness after all; our living thoughts and experiences being infinite; past, present and future being a concept of the human mind. So when we transcend the limitations and controls of the mind, we are able to re-visit any experience past or future. To re-live and re-experience. A concept that can be often related to deja vu ... when perhaps our pure consciousness has already seen an event ahead of time ... so when the event occurs, our consciousness trapped by mind limitations somehow remembers the event from somewhere.

The mind is not us, it is a field we use as a witness to the experiences we are. For we are living energy creating physical experiences in this realm of water and sound.

Pigeon - Totem Bird of the Week

Pigeon is the totem bird of the week for Monday 29th July to Sunday 4th August 2019. Pigeon has a unique homing instinct which prevents him from ever getting lost, enabling him to always find his way home. As a totem animal, pigeon can represent all the things associated with the home and family. Pigeon is a reminder to cherish all aspects family and home life including the unconditional loving connection family can bring to you.

In shamanism, pigeons can symbolise home and security. They are often considered as being spirit messengers which often carry communication between the worlds of the living and dead. 

EMF Dangers- Interview Preview with Peter Sullivan

Panorama of the Day


Sitting with Our Sadness

[Daily Om]: The last thing most of us want to hear or think about when we are dealing with profound feelings of sadness is that deep learning can be found in this place. In the midst of our pain, we often feel picked on by life, or overwhelmed by the enormity of some loss, or simply too exhausted to try and examine the situation.

We may feel far too disappointed and angry to look for anything resembling a bright side to our suffering. Still, somewhere in our hearts, we know that we will eventually emerge from the depths into the light of greater awareness. Remembering this truth, no matter how elusive it seems, can help.

The other thing we often would rather not hear when we are dealing with intense sadness is that the only way out of it is through it. Sitting with our sadness takes the courage to believe that we can bear the pain and the faith that we will come out the other more>>>...

YouTube Terminates Account of Sacramento Family Fighting Verizon 5G Small Cell Tower Installed Next to Children’s Bedroom

So, if 5G was REALLY SAFE like it is claimed by the telecom companies so desperate to roll it out, why has You Tube deleted this account?

Not hard to guess ... Billy Liar and Pinocchio have been found out, again.

[David Icke]: Few people in Sacramento have signed up for 5G. Many want it gone, including the Davidson family who had a small cell tower installed next to their home. They have been very public about experiencing symptoms of Microwave Sickness and Electromagnetic Sensitivity from exposure. According to the family’s GoFundMe page, YouTube has now cancelled their account.

The Telecom Industry has admitted they have no scientific evidence that 5G wireless is biologically safe and plenty of researchers say it isn’t. American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and other health experts have also warned that children are more vulnerable than adults to all sources of cell phone and wireless radiation. Pets are affected by exposure too.

Unfortunately, 5G still being promoted, installed, and unleashed in the U.S. and around the world despite widespread growing opposition. Last month, activists measured and videotaped 5G levels at Glastonbury Festival. It’s no wonder this Sacramento family is more>>>...

Favourite's Collection #273

This wonderful Crimson Rosella was photographed in the Urambi Hills, in October 2018. I miss their wonderful bright colours, and their regular appearance in the Canberra environs. The UK country side is extremely drab by comparison. Here's hoping they are still in the same numbers when I next get back to Canberra, Australia.

Quote for the Day

Don't ask don't tell' approach to new GMOs proposed by the USDA

[S.O.T.T]: Our right to know if it's GMO is officially under attack — again.

On June 6, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) proposed to overhaul longstanding regulations governing genetically modified organisms (GMO).

The proposed new rule would revise the agency's current method for regulating genetically modified plants, and would exclude newer so-called "gene-edited" GMOs.

In a statement, the USDA said the new rule came "in response to advances in genetic engineering."

A week later, in the political equivalent of a one-two-punch, President Trump bolstered the USDA's proposal by signing an executive order directing the USDA, as well as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to "streamline" GMO regulations in the U.S. for agricultural biotechnology, including for genetically modified livestock and seeds.

The full import of these two moves, and specifically the threat that they represent to consumer freedom, is only just starting to sink in — and the need for consumer action has become urgent.

According to the USDA, it' proposed new rule — the "Movement of Certain Genetically Engineered Organisms" — aims to make the process of approving GMOs Sustainable, Ecological, Consistent, Uniform, Responsible, Efficient, which is why it has been given the nickname the SECURE Rule.

If adopted the new rule would mark the first significant revision of USDA's biotechnology regulations since they were established in 1987.

In reality, SECURE is akin to driving a steamroller through the regulatory system. If approved, most consumers will be left without a clue as to whether or not their foods have been genetically more>>>...

If Greta ' Goldilocks' Thunberg (A.k.a 'Miss Lead or 'Miss Informed') worries about end of the world, why does she pose with status quo politicians?

[David Icke]: After nearly a year of her endless tour through parliaments and conferences, the climate activist must by now realize that she is little more than a feelgood photo op and an advert for train travel. Is Greta 'Goldilocks' Thunberg OK with this?

In France on Tuesday, the 16-year-old delivered her stenciled masterclass of rhetoric presented as stark plain-spokenness.

“You say that nothing in life is black or white. But that is a lie. A very dangerous lie,” she told the packed hall of deputies from a lectern adorned with the tricolor and parliamentary insignia. “Either we choose to go on as a civilization or we don’t. That is as black or white as it gets.”

As always, she grabbed the newspaper headlines and 75,000 likes on the video she posted of her speech to her 800,000 Twitter followers, and later sat in the senate hall as it voted to ratify the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) despite objections from the Green Party that it will increase emissions and undermine existing environmental more>>>...

What food is next to be MUTATED on the GMO chopping block?

[Natural News]: Do you eat mutated food daily? Every meal? Do you even have the right to know what’s in your food?

It seems only normal that we should all know if there are pesticides in our food that kill bugs, choke weeds, cause asthma, cause psoriasis, and contribute to humans cells mutating into malignant ones.

Most Americans don’t even know the ingredients of the prescription medications their doctors sling, and that’s including all immunizations and influenza vaccinations.

Maybe you do know about most GMO foods, but have you heard about the latest mutated Frankenfoods (like apples and plums), or the ones they’re about to adulterate (or already doing so secretly) in Biotech laboratories around the country?

They do it to animals, too, you should know. They also clone meat and sell it to fast food restaurants under the guise of being “generally recognized as safe” for consumption (GRAS), even though no negative test results (human health detriment proof) will ever be published by the food-mutating goons.

What’s your poison? Is it the “impossible burger” or is it “beyond meat?”

Genetic modification and mutation of rice, wheat and mosquitoes – already all on the GMO chopping block

Did you know that Biotech is currently working on altering the DNA of tobacco, trees, flowers, sugar cane, tomatoes, rice, wheat, chicory, cantaloupe, bananas, and mosquitoes?

It’s more>>>...

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Saturday, 27 July 2019

A Change Is On The Cards

After The End Of Days
Another month has rolled by, very quickly. There are 4 days of July 2019 left before we enter the 8th month of August. That makes us over half way. The last three months have been an incredible blur ... 

... and we are now passengers in a reality that is no longer the same as it was at the turn of 2019. It's dramatically changed, and its not for the better. We have a little over 4 months before the milestone of 2020 arrives.

And the good news is, the awakening is upon mankind and it is waking from its slumber. The domino effect/hundredth monkey syndrome appears to be working as the new information relating to the exposing of truth is being written into the Akashic cloud ... and awareness of the corruption, a large percentage of the human population is facing, is being exposed.

A wariness is required at this time not to be drawn into, or sold by, the deceitful campaigns appertaining to human-caused global warming/climate change. It is a major con to capture human souls in the intended slavery by the very insecure crazies who firmly believe they rule the world.

The dangers of 5G and A.I are now being realised; even though it might now be too late, the akashic cloud has the wariness very much uploaded into it.

Chemtrails, weather modification and sun dimming are topics that a huge sway of the populace are now actively concerned about. Becoming aware of the dangers of issues enables a change to be made to the world vibration; which helps the stop the push by the crazies to turn this earth into a realm devoid of human life.

The invisible enemy, for most. is being opposed by so many of the human collective now. And there are heaps of other dangers, not mentioned here, that are being substantially opposed enabling a different human perspective about our existence, to be created.

A rebellion is occurring and the snowball is beginning to role. The crazies will try to stop us, but they are like paper to a waves now crashing on the shoreline. They will lose out in the end. But only if we keep plugging away at every single aspect of this physical realm. The more lies and deceptions exposed, the more the stones at the bottom of the pyramid are loosened. Until one day they will be pulled out and the pyramid will crash to the ground. That day will come. However, the global crazies are very much under the influence of a non-human entity ... an entity that has been very patient for thousands of human years.

Its victory is now a handful of years away. It will not relinquish its prize that easily. If cornered it may turn to absolute obliteration by advanced nuclear weapons. Like it has done before elsewhere and in our local universe. We must tread with silent stealth methodically. That way we can prevent the even horizon it is so desperate for us to reach.

Light of Truth Oracle - 'Karmic Return'

Insight Meaning: “ You are a spark of consciousness inconstant motion, no matter what is unfolding on the physical plane. At this time you need to learn to recognise & determine the patterns of life that are repeating themselves around you. 

Learn if you have the power of choice to change the direction, or if you are currently being taken in a direction without any choice.

Glyph Affirmation: “I am the realisation that all paths lead to the same point and that is the centre which is in truth individualisation.”

Tarot Image: Wheel of Fortune

Original artwork/concept/design - copyright Matthew James 2012 - 2019

The 5G Paradox: How The 5G Control Grid Can Lead Us To Freedom

[Collective Evolution]: The rollout of 5G is possibly one of the most irresponsible technological events we have seen in a long time.

It has been met with great resistance and some feel hopeless in stopping it. But it can be stopped.

If we imagine humanity in a bit of a hypnotized state, is it possible that this rollout of 5G is the wake-up call humanity needs to question its direction and 'wake up?'

The worldwide rollout of the fifth generation of wireless technology or 5G is being met with increasingly vociferous opposition from growing numbers of physicians, scientists and campaigners. But could 5G paradoxically represent a magnificent opportunity for us to change course, away from our current self-destructive trajectory?

The weapon and surveillance and mind-control grid that is 5G was so named by the telcos in the hope that people would believe it to be just an upgrade from 4G and it could thereby be rolled out without anyone realizing that their minds and bodies were being hijacked in pursuit of massive profits for a psychopathic ruling elite.

The proof of this is before us. First they took over our regulatory bodies to suppress the scientific evidence of biological effects and remove our legal rights to protest against or prevent or reverse the rollout of 5G; then they forced our lawmakers to promote it. When the public began to find out what they were up to, they started censoring the Internet and social media to stop the truth emerging. When that did not work, they started paying their cronies in the media to write fake stories blaming the Russians, claiming 5G was safe and painting 5G campaigners, and scientists and physicians expert in the dangers of electromagnetic fields as crazy.

Unfortunately for them, they have no proof to back up these assertions and people are not buying the lies. Now we have telcos complaining that governments are not doing enough to suppress dissent. One almost feels sorry for them in their desperation to control, consume and destroy everyone and everything on the planet in pursuit of profit.

Our so-called elites propagate a vision of a material world governed by scarcity and competition and full of fear, hatred and paranoia. They treat Darwin’s discredited theory of evolution as fact, applying it to the social arena in order to conclude that it is only natural to kill or be killed and throw to the wolves members of society unwilling or unable to subscribe to their madness.

Their dystopian view of life is of a race to consume to the maximum before one is sucked back into the void – a race so desperate that it justifies sacrificing other people, future generations and even the more>>>...

Everything You Need to Know About 5G


Daily Om: Our thoughts are powerful forces in the creation of our experience of life. You may be able to recall a time when frustration that was based on a misunderstanding completely evaporated when your understanding changed.

This is because our interpretation defines our experience, and it can change in an instant. Our only true reality is the present moment, so rather than merely accepting that life is happening to us, we can harness the power of our thoughts to actively create a positive reality.

For example, we can choose to appreciate beauty around us rather than focusing on traffic or look for admirable qualities in the people we deal with rather than focusing on the negative.

By choosing how to interpret and define each moment with your thoughts, you truly create your more>>>...

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