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Monday, 29 February 2016

Image of the Day

BLACK-SHOULDERED KITE copyright Matthew James 2015

The Pyramids of Giza Were Weapons of Mass Destruction?

The Ancient Ones: Countless research of the mysterious Egyptian pyramids was not enough for scientists to come to a single conclusion regarding their true purpose. Some of the proposed purposes include an observatory, concealed library for fundamental physical and geometrical knowledge, a time capsule, storage for encrypted messages intended for future generations, and a generator for harmonic oscillations.

In three consecutive articles, we will be looking at different theories from several scientists, such as physicist, Joseph Farrell. According to his theory, Egyptian pyramids were part of a grand military experiment focusing on the creation of a beam weapon with unimaginable power of more>>>...

Video Blog for Monday 29th February 2016

Soul Numerology Essentials Part 1

Matthew James introduces his own form of Numerology known as Soul Numerology, which he has been developing for nearly 30 years ... 

The Spiritual Awakening Part 4

The Spiritual Awakening part 4 - "Further Down The Rabbit Warren" ...

Alien Moon Structure Image Scans Exposed

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Sulphur: A crucial nutrient for health

S.o.t.t: One of the crucial biological mechanisms of sulphur is that it facilitates the transport of oxygen across cell membranes. If we don't have adequate sulfur in the diet — which is a very real possibility considering the state of our soil — healthy cellular regeneration is put at risk. This can lead to a host of disorders like cancer, inability to handle physical and psychological stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and more.

Sulphur is essential for the health of the muscles, skin and bones as well. Many times, people who have issues with connective tissue supplement with an organic version of sulphur: methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), which helps to fortify the sulfur bonds of the flexible tissues in the body. But this is just the tip of the iceberg concerning the benefits of the mineral. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, sulphur is also vital for the more>>>...

Friday, 26 February 2016

Black Knight Satellite Hijacked

The primary purpose of this presentation is to address how the Black Knight Satellite (BKS) has been hijacked by the pop-culture. Over the last few years, the BKS legend has been increasingly injected into the Ancient Astronaut Theory by said pop-cultralists. The problem is the BKS legend confuses a lot of newcomers to the theory because the alleged age is about 13,000 years old.

Here we will examine why the BKS is not connected to the Anunnaki and why it probably does not exist at all. This presentation will undoubtedly receive the immediate disdain of the ‘believers’, but that is not our concern.

The Archive strives to establish the best example of the credible pursuit of the theory; focusing on well-documented research (equally to academia) that supports a compelling alternative hypothesis of planetary historical evolution involving extraterrestrial intervention.

We appreciate your participation! Please like and comment. Please be aware that if you post links to other videos or any other type of spam, it will not see the light of day and you will be banned from commenting on the entire channel. Also, refrain from obscene language and personal attacks.

Image of the Day

LAUGHING KOOKABURRA copyright Matthew James 2016

Matthew James Video Blog for Friday 26th February 2016

The Spiritual Awakening Part 3

... 'going into the rabbit warren'...

Matthew James talks about the Spiritual Awakening that is taking place at this time . Find out about the hidden history of mankind. How the earth is no more than a property commodity for a higher life form, and mankind is the workers created to exploit the resources on the planet. Find out how the awakened ones can change this reality; how this reality was created to be like this. Find out about how the human DNA has been tampered with through the ages.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

UFO Attack Caught Over Syria

Is the world really warming up? Planet may be no hotter at the end of the century than it is now, claims controversial report

Daily Mail: Global warming is unlikely to take hold before the end of the century according to a controversial new statistical study. The report, published by the think-tank the Global Warming Policy Foundation, claims that while winters are likely to be slightly warmer, there will be no change in the summer.

Using statistical forecasting methods, the report, written a statistician at Loughborough University, contradicts predictions made by climate more>>>...

:Global Warming" = A Problem-Reaction-Solution mechanism designed to ensnare mankind into giving its freedom away. The Global Warming hoax is based on doctored and adjusted documentation that has become mainstream 'data fact' that is being used to support global warming. The true data shows a story totally different to what we are being force fed. 

Global Warming = Highway 1 to human depopulation on this planet. The claim is we are over-populated and putting too much strain on Mother earth.   

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Conspiracy theorists claim to have spotted an 'interstellar mothership' near Jupiter's moon Europa

Filmmaker Reveals the Truth About Subliminal Messages

The reality is that we are all being conditioned to think and believe certain things without any rational explanation through subliminal messaging in advertising, music, film, television, political propaganda, and military psychological operations.

Considering the definition of the word subliminal – ‘existing or functioning below the threshold of consciousness’ – it is easy to downplay the power of this brainwashing technique because most people are not consciously aware that it is happening, yet, it is affecting their lives. Once you realize that subliminal messaging is real and start to pay attention, it becomes much easier to recognize the we are, indeed, all being conditioned to behave a certain way, to want certain things, and to believe in ideas, without being able to rationally explain more>>>...

DMT Research to Ask if Spirit Molecule Can Extend Life Beyond Clinical Death

Commonly referred to as ‘the spirit molecule,’ the chemical compound dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is known for its mysterious role in connecting human consciousness with the physical body, and for the strong visionary effects it has when ingested.

DMT is being closely examined by researchers in many fields from around the world, but acclaimed psychologist Dr. Ede Frecska, Chairman of Psychiatry at the University of Debrecen in Hungary, is pushing the envelope, aiming to demonstrate that DMT can extend the life of consciousness beyond clinical death for a longer duration of time than is currently more>>>...

The Video Game that Made Elon Musk Question If Our Reality is a Simulation

In June, a team of programmers will release a ground-breaking new video game called No Man’s Sky, which uses artificial intelligence and procedural generation to self-create an entire cosmos full of planets. Running off 600,000 lines of code, the game creates an artificial galaxy populated by 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 unique planets that you can travel to and explore.

Though this artificial universe is realistic down to the dimensions of a blade of grass, faster than light-speed travel is available in order for players to bridge the unfathomable distances between stars.

Chief architect Sean Murray says No Man’s Sky is different than most games because the landscapes and distances aren’t faked. While most space-based games utilize a skybox that simply rotates between different modalities, No Man’s Sky is virtually limitless and employs real physics.

With [our game],” Murray said in an interview with The Atlantic, “when you’re on a planet, you can see as far as the curvature of that planet. If you walked for years, you could walk all the way around it, arriving back exactly where you started. Our day to night cycle is happening because the planet is rotating on its axis as it spins around the sun. There is real physics to that. We have people that will fly down from a space station onto a planet and when they fly back up, the station isn’t there anymore; the planet has rotated. People have filed that as a bug.”

"Even the animals on the game’s planets have unique behavioral profiles, created with a “procedural distortion of archetypes” that requires a sequence of algorithms categorized as a “computerized pseudo-randomness generator.” ... read more>>>>...

David Icke on the Worldwide Wake Up Tour

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Daily Video Blog for Tuesday 23rd February 2016

This is my video blog for Tuesday 23rd Feb 2016. Filmed on location in the Urambi Hills, Canberra. The general whats on, whats on my mind Vlog ... there is a perception question which I ask that you partake in ... please post your answer on which is my public figure blog ... or on the comments here ... thanks

The Awakening

The Awakening ... are you one of the specially wired souls at this time who have been going through the spiritual quickening that has been taking place ... can you identify yourself with the process and the characteristics I describe in this video?

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Air fresheners and scented candles 'are to blame for pollution in the home that KILLS 40,000 a year'

Daily Mail: Lives are being put at risk from air pollution inside homes caused by everything from boiler fumes to air fresheners and scented candles, it has been claimed. The warning comes from a joint study by the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health to be published this week.

The danger of pollution in the street from car fumes is well understood, but many people are ignorant of the risks from air inside the home.  The drive to cut energy bills by insulating properties - keeping out drafts and installing windows that do not open - is playing a part in trapping a potentially toxic cloud of air.

The report, Every Breath We Take, warns that at least 40,000 deaths a year in the UK can be linked to the effect of air pollution outside and inside the home. According to the report ‘indoor air pollution may have caused or contributed to 99,000 deaths annually in Europe’.It suggests that everyday kitchen products, faulty boilers, open fires, fly sprays, air fresheners, deodorants, DIY and cleaning products contribute to poor indoor air more>>>....

A Bad Psychic Who Calls Others For Being Unscrupulous When They Are That Themselves.

The decision to make this post was not an easy one. Much deliberation preceded these words. Careful consideration, because after all there will be an effect. For in truth not a post created by action but more one brought into existence as a reaction. A reaction to a rather unprofessional and shameful act undertaken by a fellow local 'psychic' who had recently written a series of unprecedented rants on social media about their so called squeaky clean and spiritually ethical actions and behaviour. An apparent 'victim' of a psychic industry which had been found as being full of egotistical, fame seeking and uncaring ghouls. Their stance suggested a wonderfully caring human being who was very spiritually advanced and a seeming innocent victim amid a psychic industry filled with unscrupulous fame seeking criminals. 

So imagine the reaction when this 'psychic medium' had been found to exhibit unprofessional and unscrupulous behaviour themselves?

The venue was a local supermarket - Foodbarn at Wanniassa. The crime was the removal of professional business cards from an advertising board, Replacing them with business cards of their own. Seemingly an innocuous crime you would say. However, the said removed business cards had not been totally successfully removed from sight. Below the outside rubbish bin, face down on the concrete was a solitary business card. The others deposited in the outside rubbish bin.

Shame on you! Your unscrupulous deed, however minor to some, has been discovered. How dare you portray yourself as completely professional and separate from the psychics in the industry when YOU carry out unprofessional deeds yourself. It is not the FIRST time you have cleared rival business cards from notice boards. 

Ask yourself this about this so called squeaky clean psychic. Does someone who claims no desire for fame and fortune copy another psychic like a shadow ... creating a blog, becomes a blog radio broadcaster, have magnetic card adverts made, have brand new promo photographs undertaken, get themselves in newspapers?  Does someone who wants to remain genuine and spiritual, and who wishes to remain anonymous, strut a plastic trophy and make full use of a Psychic Association award that ONLY THEY CAN WIN because nobody in their state is eligible to win it that year? 

Sorry but you've been busted. You are exposed as a fame seeking, jealous and seriously troubled individual.We have withheld the name of this personality .. but anyone wishing to learn more can send us an e-mail ...

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Image of the Day

The Black Knight Satellite, a 13,000 year old Alien Satellite?

This “Artificial Satellite” has caused major media interest since the late 50′s, and it has become one of the most talked about objects in space. First thought to be an Russian spy satellite, the Black Knight satellite has gripped the interest of millions worldwide.

Space Junk or alien “Satellite”, the black knight as it’s called today– has been around for quite some time now. It has been identified as an Alien Satellite and even though there are images of this object, many remain skeptical about its purpose and origin.

The discovery of the Black Knight Satellite is perhaps one of the most (in)famous space objects to orbit our Planet. This “Artificial Satellite” has caused mayor media interest since the late 50’s, and it has become one of the most talked about objects in space. First thought to be an Russian spy satellite, the Black Knight has gripped the interest of millions worldwide.

According to monitoring agencies around the world, The Black knight has been transmitting radio signals for over 50 years now...READ MORE>>>...

Friday, 19 February 2016

Is this mysterious object floating above Earth a UFO? Footage of strange ship near the International Space Station leaves viewers baffled

This is probably the same wreckage reported on A Light In The Darkness ... the so called 'Black Knight' satellite which was first pictured way back in the 70's. Back then NASA kept the photos secret.

The mystery of the Dogon tribe's advanced astronomical knowledge

S.O.T.T: Sirius is the brightest star in the sky and had a prominent place in many ancient cultures. Sirius, which is about 8.7 light years from Earth, has a white dwarf companion star, Sirius B. Sirius B cannot be seen with the naked eye, and astronomers first guessed at its existence in the 1830s. They mathematically developed a theoretical model of its orbit around Sirius (now referred to as Sirius A) later in the 19th century.

The astronomers knew that Sirius B must be made of a super dense matter, but the specifics were beyond their comprehension until quantum physics helped explain it in 1926. In 1894, irregularities in the movement of Sirius B led astronomers to consider that a third star, Sirius C, may exist and exert an influence on Sirius B's orbit. It is still a matter of debate whether Sirius C exists or not.

The Dogon are said to have known all of this centuries before Western astronomers began contemplating it. For them, Sirius is a three-star system. They allegedly accurately describe Sirius B: they say it is a companion star for Sirius that is invisible from Earth, that it has a 50-year orbital period, that it travels around Sirius A along an elliptical path, and it is made of a heavy substance not found on more>>>...

A Word On The Famous Eye

It certainly was not what it appeared to be. The cloud making machine which is the media totally concealed the trail, and continue to do so. Unless you were around on A Light In The Darkness when it was happening, you will not understand what we are talking about. But it is a proven fact that we were able to look over the wall, somehow, and see what was going on. We had it confirmed to a certain degree. We had official connections and provided our help. But what is it all about ... back then our research and our psychic insights were examined and taken as real steps in the sand. That which was written on here was cryptic and hidden. That which was provided to an investigation team did bear fruit and did carry weight. We established a rouse and a smokescreen. Behind that smokescreen we gazed at a missing boat, a private beach and the rehearsed 'abduction'. We found that the inhabitants of a vehicle were known to the famous eye. It was indeed something that appeared to go wrong. But it was not what was created for the media circus. We can say that with certainty.

This is the first dialogue on this matter for quite some time. It is necessary to relate this insight as the two old dears are talking again. We can see above the wall of silence and can perceive something of great importance. Something beyond the prying eyes of the general public. Those on that field are of great influence. Much more than just politicians and the chosen fodder we see in government and public places. The rank and the hierarchy here go down the rabbit hole. They ... are the unseen, the unknown, the hidden influence. They debate the next stepping stone in this tale. The end stone is the safe return. That is all we will say. Suffice to say we deduce who was the taker, and why. We sense where the eye was taken to. That the eye was never in any real harm. Family protects family they say. It is true here too ....MJ

David Icke - Australasia 2016

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Image of the Day

NEW HOLLAND HONEYEATER copyright Matthew James 2016

Puzzle Spoiler

1 Apple = 10
2 Bananas = 2 (1 banana = 1)
2 Coconuts = 2 (1 coconut = 1)

1 coconut + 1 apple +3 bananas = 14

Daily Mail: A deceptively simple children's brainteaser is sweeping the internet as adults struggle to work out the correct answer.

The perplexing puzzle, based around a basic mathematical equation using a range of fruits, asks you to decipher which number each fruit symbolises, similar to algebra, then work out the total.

But the apples, bananas and coconuts appear to be leaving adults completely more>>>...

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Is this the cure for cancer? Genetically modified blood turned into 'living drug' in stunning new therapy that hunts down and destroys diseased cells and prevents them from returning - possibly FOREVER

Daily Mail: A revolutionary treatment that could stop cancer from ever coming back is close to becoming widely available, scientists said yesterday. Dubbed a ‘living drug’, it will act in a similar way to a vaccine, by being constantly alert for the disease returning.

T-cell immunotherapy hit headlines last year when British baby Layla Richards became one of the first people in the world to be given the treatment, which is made from the body’s own cells.

Now, two landmark studies have revealed the therapy’s stunning potential. One suggests it will last for at least 14 years in the body, raising the tantalising prospect of a permanent cure for cancer. In the other, 94 per cent of terminally ill patients saw the disease vanish completely. more>>>...

Friday, 12 February 2016

Do you want to believe? Mother snaps pics of 'UFO' over the Severn as she took her children for a walk along the promenade

Daily Mail: This appearance could be one for Mulder and Scully! A woman has spotted what could be a UFO while she was walking her children. Fiona Powell, 41, from Bristol, was walking her children with friends along the promenade on Severn Beach, Bristol, when she took a photo of their surroundings. But on closer inspection, the corner of one of the photos contained what appeared to be a flying saucer.

She said that before the incident she had been slightly dubious about the existence of extra-terrestrials, but that this close encounter was now giving her pause for thought. Fiona, who took the photo on 9 February, said: 'I'm undecided whether I believe in aliens or not, but this photo certainly meets the criteria of a UFO.

'After I had taken the photo, my friend zoomed in and it looked even more like a UFO. I have shown the photo to a few sensible friends and they all think it is incredible.' more>>>...

Thursday, 11 February 2016

How to Activate Your Self-Healing Ability

You hold all the power, wisdom and knowledge you need to heal your body, mind and soul no matter what you are going through or experiencing.

Your body is so powerful, so intelligent and so capable that you need not doubt its ability to heal.

Your body houses not only your blood and organs but also your soul, which is an infinite, limitless energy that can truly create miracles if you are open to them.

You may of heard of people healing their bodies, returning from life threatening illnesses or experiencing spontaneous healing. Despite what it may sound like to your rational mind, all of this is possible and is accessible to anyone.

Healing doesn’t necessarily mean that you are completely free of physical symptoms, but it does allow you to feel at peace with your situation or to accept your situation.

Sure, physical symptoms can disappear, sometimes even over-night, but that is not always the goal with healing.

True healing happens on an emotional and spiritual level first and then moves out into the physical more>>>...

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Matthew James FEET IN BOTH WORLDS Part 2

Find out more about Matthew James by watching his Feet In Both Worlds autobiographical videos .... where he anwers questions set by people on his Facebook pages, plus reveals some interesting insights into his life ...

Beware the Wendigo: Terrifying beast of Native American lore with insatiable hunger to devour mankind!

S.O.T.T: The Wendigo (spelt also as Windigo and Windego) (the plural form being Wendigoag) is a creature that can be found in the legends of the Native Americans, most notably amongst the Algonquian peoples. These peoples are some of the most extensive and numerous of the Native American groups in North America, and they once lived all along the Atlantic Coast and the Great Lakes Region. However, Wendigo-like creatures are also found in the legends of other Native American tribes, including the neighbors of the Algonquians, the Iroquois. Amongst these peoples, a creature known as the Stonecoat bears some similarities to the Wendigo.

Roughly translated, the word 'Wendigo' means 'the evil spirit that devours mankind'. Another translation, said to be made by a German explorer around 1860, equates the word 'Wendigo' with 'cannibal'. Wendigoag are said to have an insatiable hunger for human flesh - no matter how much flesh they eat, they remain more>>>...

Image of the Day

WELCOME SWALLOW copyright Matthew James 2015

Brazilian medics advise women to wear a BURKA to stop the spread of Zika

Daily Mail: The Carnival festival, famed for its scantily clad performers, bikini costumes and eroticized dance routines, has never been a symbol of modesty.But Brazilian medics, in a request unsurprisingly ignored during the wild party, have suggested women should start wearing burqas in a bid to prevent the spread of the Zika virus.

Last night marked the finale of the city's famed samba schools parade, which saw thousands of costumed dancers and extravagant floats make their way through the city's specially designed Sambadrome more>>>...

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Radiation Alert: L.A. Gas Well Spewing Lethal Levels Of Breathable Nuclear Material: ‘Fukushima Class Disaster’

‘In a breaking development that has been completely ignored by mainstream news sources, the leaking natural gas well near Los Angeles, California is now reportedly spewing lethal levels of radioactive material, according to a report from Steve Quayle and a group with expertise in nuclear material.

A leaking natural gas well outside Los Angeles is spewing so much naturally-occurring Uranium and Radon, that “breathable” radiation levels have hit “lethal levels” according to a Nuclear Expert group.’

Friday, 5 February 2016

Don't KISS strangers - or share cutlery and plates': Officials warn pregnant women the Zika virus could spread via saliva - as active traces are found in samples for the first time

Daily Mail: Health officials in Brazil are warning pregnant women to refrain from kissing strangers, or sharing cutlery and plates with them, amid fears the Zika virus could be spread via saliva.The president of the country's top health research agency said the discovery of active Zika virus in saliva samples for the first time merits special precaution with expectant mothers, given the suggestion the disease can cause serious birth defects.

The suspected link between the virus and microcephaly appears 'stronger and stronger', CDC experts said today.

That warning came after the Brazilian government health institute, Fiocruz, confirmed scientists have discovered active traces of Zika in saliva and urine. Officials said they have launched an investigation into the possible transmission of the mosquito-borne virus through bodily fluids. (Bullshit)

President of the agency, Paulo Gadelha suggested pregnant women avoid kissing people other than a regular partner or sharing cutlery, glasses and plates with people who have symptoms of the virus.

Though he added: 'This is not a generalized public health measure, for the love of God.' more>>>...

WHATEVER! WARNING --- THE WHATEVER MOSQUITO IS COMING TO TOWN. The Naughty boys and girls of 'the elite' have made a new toy and want to make you very very scared of them. WHATEVER

Thursday, 4 February 2016

7 good reasons to chow down on garlic

Garlic (Allium sativum) has been called the "stinking rose." While some people think it reeks, others can't get enough of its bite. Whether you love garlic or can't stand it, there is no denying that this bulb provides a wealth of healthy benefits. Green Med Info's database documents the effectiveness of garlic in 183 disease conditions ranging from cancer to stroke, infection to atherosclerosis, diabetes to lead toxicity. The database also provides evidence of garlic's 57 pharmacological effects in the body.

Here are just seven evidenced-based reasons to eat more garlic every more>>>...

Thought for the Day

"You must speak straight so that your words may go as sunlight to our hearts." -- Cochise

An Instant Vacation

Daily OM: Throughout our lives, most of us are led to believe that relaxation is best pursued outside of the home. As a result, we spend months anticipating week long vacations, seldom fully appreciating the leisure time we are blessed with on a more regular basis. It is possible, however, to re-experience the same utterly relaxed state you slip into while on holiday within your home’s walls. The feelings of serenity you enjoy during a vacation are a product of your outlook rather than your locale. You give yourself permission to enjoy yourself and unwind while on vacation. Granting yourself the same privilege while at home allows you to experience complete relaxation, even when surrounded by more>>>...

Image of the Day

NOISY MINER copyright Matthew James 2016

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Image of the Day

SACRED KINGFISHER copyright Matthew James 2016

Zika outbreak is now a global emergency, says World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation has declared the Zika outbreak to be a global health emergency . It is only the fourth time that the UN health body has used its powers to enact at Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) which sounds a worldwide alarm to member states who are now expected to send aid and expertise to struggling countries. WHO officials said Zika had moved "from a mild threat to one of alarming proportions". Up to four million people could be infected with the virus this year, they predict.

Dr Margaret Chan, Director of WHO said the disease was placing a "heavy burden on families and women. After a review of the evidence the committee advised that the causes of microcephaly constitute an extraordinary event, and a public health threat to other parts of the world," said Dr Chan. "

In their view a coordinated international response is needed to minimise the threat in affected countries. Members of the committee agree that it meets the condition of public health emergency of international conern, I am now declaring the recent cluster of microcephaly and neurological abnormalities in Latin America and French Polynesia constitutes a public health emergency of international concern.

"If we do not do all these work now and wait until the scientific evidence comes out people will say, why didn't you take action." more>>>... 

THEY are 'creating' a problem, knowing damn well what the reaction will be, to provide the SOLUTION they wanted all along, which would not normally be accepted.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Daily Self-Care

Daily OM: We have all heard the instructions of an airline attendant reminding us to put on our own oxygen mask before we help anyone else with theirs. This advice is often cited as a metaphor for self-care because it so accurately expresses why it is important. It seems to say, ironically, that if you can’t take care of yourself for yourself, do it for others. Few situations in our daily lives mimic the wake-up call of an airplane emergency, so it’s easy to keep putting self-care off—easy, that is, until we get sick, overwhelmed, or exhausted, and suddenly don’t have the energy to care for the people who count on us. That’s when we realize we haven’t been getting the oxygen we need to sustain ourselves. We begin to understand that taking care of ourselves is neither selfish nor indulgent; it’s just plain practical. Putting yourself first means that it may be necessary to say no to someone else in order to say yes to more>>>...

Ghostly image caught on camera at library fundraiser

S.O.T.T: HE fight to save Stafford's Carnegie Library has taken a spooky twist amid claims a ghost may have been caught on camera.Tireless members of the Friends of the Old Library Trust have been holding open events and tours to drum up interest in their campaign to turn it into an arts space – and last week's music event certainly proved interesting. Stafford musicians Jon Watkiss and Steve Sutton of FEF Noise Devices, put on a private performance of dark ambient soundscape at the Old more>>>...