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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Healing the Body by Resolving Traumas of the Past

Even conventional medicine would acknowledge that stress can make a big difference to our health, yet it is loath to explore the notion beyond anything than a base, platitudinal context. Genuine pioneers of ‘mind/body’ research however, have begun to investigate its implications in far greater complexity and depth and to a point at which it is clear that different aspects of our thoughts, beliefs and personal issues can have very different and unexpectedly specific influences upon the many health issues and ailments that bedevil us.

The exploration of the intimacy between our minds and our bodies and the extent to which they interplay and engender either radiant health or disease is the backdrop against which Christian Fleche has authored his book. He has sharpened, at times with crystal vision, the extent to which it is possible to codify, identify and proactively treat the negative consequences on our health of events in our lives that have an emotional origin.

These negative ‘events’ can take the form of traumas, shocks, firmly held beliefs, attitudes, issues or whatever. What is crucial as to whether they have impact is not ‘what’ or ‘how’ they happen, but rather the precise nature of the impact and intensity that they have on the sensibility of the individual to whom they occur. In other words, it is all about how the individual interprets an event at a personal and emotional level that determines whether or not it delivers a negative outcome. The same event could be either water off a duck’s back or significant enough that, at a cellular level, if left unresolved, it manifests physical changes at a very precise point and in a specific way at a position in the body where tissues closely match an individual’s emotional template.

In the context of existing paradigms this rationale does more than lock horns with the medical establishment; it threatens its very foundations. Indeed, in the longer term if medical science doesn’t at least begin to demonstrate a willingness to get curious about the finely tuned relationship between mind/body and health, then biogenealogy, along with a few other emerging energy medicine techniques, looks set to make present day medical practice appear positively primitive and even barbaric at some point in the not too distant future... read more ...

Saturn In Pisces in 7th House

The 7th house is associated with PARTNERSHIPS & LONG TERM COMMITMENTS to others through marriage of long term relationships. It is also traditionally the house of open enemies and business partnerships.

Partners are often the avenue by which the natives expand into new fields; these partners enhance their human understanding and emotional involvement. The natives attract people who are not nearly so well organized as they.

A Seventh House Saturn suggests that your career or area of responsibility in the world relates in some way to social relationships, partnerships and correct public dealings. Marriage is an important factor and it is likely that your partner is sincere, faithful and well-disposed, possibly older and more serious than yourself, not demonstrative or emotional, but stable in affections, possessing property or status. Life-experience will force you to learn valuable lessons related to the development of social awareness and a strong sense of responsibility in relationships. You must come to realise that co-operation, justice and mutual agreement are necessary for stable, enduring friendships and partnerships. Receptiveness, tact, reliability and good organising skills could bring wealth and social standing. Your profession could be in law, business organisation or management positions relating to contractual affairs.

Image Of The Day

Great Langdale UK
original image GAH

Emerald Tablet Insight ...

Let not thine heart turn ever to darkness.
Light let shine Soul be, a Sun on the way.
Know ye that eternal brightness,
ya shall ever find thy Soul hid in Light,
never fettered by bondage or darkness,
ever it shines forth a Sun of the Light.
Aye, know, though hidden in darkness,

your Soul, a spark of the true flame, exists.
Be ye One with the greatest of all Lights.
Find at the SOURCE, the END of thy goal.

Light is life, for without the great Light
nothing can ever exist.
Know ye, that in all formed matter,
the heart of Light always exists.

Aye, even though bound in the darkness, inherent Light always exists.
(Extract taken from The Key of Time)

Redirecting the Eruption

Intense emotions demand intense modes of expression. While there are many outlets for the feelings typically deemed positive, however, there are far fewer methods for constructively coping with anger, frustration, fear, sadness, or stress. Consequently, such feelings can cause us to believe that we are no longer in control of our emotional state. Backed into a mental corner, we may lash out at the first individual we encounter. Most of us will quickly discover that our misdirected outpouring of fury has not relieved the pressure of our pain.
Powerful emotions are like the lava in a volcano poised to erupt—held in check with nothing but an eroding layer of calm. Within us lies the power to direct the flood of feeling that surges forth by channelling it into productive, artistic, or laborious pursuits. Retaking control of our emotions at their height can be difficult because our already negative feelings can convince us that others are deserving of our wrath. But if we consciously look for healthier ways of expressing what we feel, we can both safely dispel our pain and use the energy of that pain to add value to our lives. Anger and sadness, for example, can become the inspiration that induces us to dedicate ourselves to bringing about the change we wish to see in the world. If we act rather than react, we can become effective agents of positive transformation. When we channel our frustration or feelings of stress into outside-the-box thinking and proactive exploits, we are more apt to discover solutions to the issues that initially left us stymied. And if we view fear as a signal that we need to re-examine our circumstances rather than a cue to flee, we may gain new and unexpected insight into our lives. Channelling your emotions into constructive action can also prevent you from engaging in cyclical rumination in which you repeatedly relive the situation, event, or expectation that originally sparked your feelings in your mind’s eye. Since you are focused on a goal, even if your ambition is merely to better understand yourself, your pain is no longer being fed by your intellectual and emotional energy and quickly ebbs away. You not only avoid lashing out at others, but you also actively take part in your own healing process while honestly acknowledging and honouring your feelings.

The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual

From unexpected drama to shocking performances, MTV’s 2009 Video Music Awards managed once again to raise eyebrows and get people talking. What most people however missed is the occult meanings encoded into the VMAs. The TV event was in fact a large scale occult ceremony, complete with an initiation, a prayer and even a blood sacrifice. We’ll look at the symbolism that went on during the show.

MTV’s Video Music Awards have often incorporated dark and strange acts, even containing some occult symbolism. This year’s version has however outdone itself. The show left most people wondering what was wrong with Kanye West or trying compute the madness of Lady Gaga’s performance. The only way to understand the real meaning behind those performances is to look into esoteric teachings. Fact is, the whole awards show took the most common rituals of occult orders and reenacted them in a show witnessed by the entire world.

This year’s VMA’s were very different from other awards shows. They focused on a very limited number of artists (Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga), while ignoring many others who were equally successful. The “chosen” artists became characters in the VMA’s ceremony and acted out different ritual dramas. This might sound totally crazy to the average MTV viewer but those acquainted with the practices of occult orders (such as Freemasonry) can decode the references to sacred rituals. There are numerous types of fraternities and rituals, from the most noble to the most infernal, and they have existed throughout History. The VMAs were decisively inspired by dark, sinister and even Satanic ceremonies ... read more ...

Inspiration For The Day

“Paradoxically, a group of humans becomes healing and converting only after its members have learned to stop trying to heal and convert. Community is a safe place precisely because no one is attempting to heal or convert you, to fix you, to change you. Instead, the members accept you as you are. You are free to be you. And being so free, you are free to discard defenses, masks, disguises; free to seek your own psychological and spiritual health; free to become your whole and holy self.” -- Scott Peck

"Interesting Numerology"

The South Pacific Tsunami struck at 6.48 am local time on 29th September 2009:

6 - 4 - 8 ... or 4,6,8

and, 29/9/2009 ... or 29 9 29

Coincidence or design (you decide) ????

Up to 100 dead after tsunami strikes South Pacific coast

Up to 100 people are feared dead after a powerful undersea earthquake struck in the South Pacific between Samoa and American Samoa.

Emergency services feared entire villages had been wiped out by the massive waves, which sent terrified residents fleeing for higher ground.

Latest news from American Samoa said the tsunami had killed at least 14 people there. In nearby Western Samoa, unconfirmed reports said that a further 40 people were believed to have died.

Fears of a devastating ocean-wide tsunami dissolved after the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center cancelled its warning for the region. The warning had been issued three and a half hours earlier after an 8.3 magnitude earthquake off American Samoa. The 2004 Asian tsunami killed about 230,000 people across 11 countries.

'I can confirm there is damage, I can confirm there are deaths and I can confirm there are casualties," a Western Samoa police spokeswoman said. "I cannot say any more at the moment.'

President Thomas Lapua, who lives in the Western Samoan capital of Apia, said: 'These are places that exist because people depend on the sea to fish - now the sea is threatening their lives. It may be some time before we find out the full extent of this.' (Daily Mail)

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Allegory Of The Cave: Meet Your Puppet-Handlers

'Plato’s ‘The Allegory of the Cave‘ is from book VI of his most famous work, The Republic. He begins ‘The Allegory‘ by describing a dark cave found underground where a group of people are sitting in ‘one long row with their backs to the cave’s entrance’. They are chained to their chairs from an early age and all that the humans can see is the distant cave wall in front of them. Their view of reality is completely based upon this limited view of the cave which but an unenlightened view of the real world.'


Buddhist Inspiration ..

To find a buddha all you have to do is see your nature. Your nature is the buddha. And the buddha is the person who's free: free of plans, free of cares. If you don't see your nature and run around all day looking somewhere else, you'll never find a buddha. The truth is, there's nothing to find. But to reach such an understanding you need a teacher and you need to struggle to make yourself understand.

The Secret Fire and the Sephiroth

“So he drove out the man: and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden cherubim, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the Tree of Life.” Genesis 3:24

The use of the “Tree of Life” has been both a blessing and a curse for modern esotericism. When understood, the “Tree” offers a complete and working model of Creation on both the microcosmic and macrocosmic scales. However, where many fail is on the personal level. The ability to apply the often very general information of the Tree to personal experiences of the initiate when they deal with physiological phenomena is profoundly lacking in modern esoteric circles. The reasons for this are several: First, many modern esotericists simply repeat what they have learned without experiencing whether or not it is true on a personal level; second, the language of kabbalah is multi-levelled, with the same word having several meanings, thus many who are using the words don’t know what they actually mean, or on what level it may be interpreted; thirdly, the diagram of the Tree is simply too neat and compartmentalized. Many kabbalists are unable to adapt to the fact that interior reality is much more flexible than the Tree allows when applied to the two dimensional page or illustration.

These problems are farther complicated by the idea of “One Tree” but “Four Worlds” making much meaningful, practical information nearly impossible to come by regarding the crises of spiritual awakening and so-called Kundalini phenomena as it relates to kabbalistic practices. When compared to the clear and explicit information available from Taoist and Tantric sources, it is no wonder that so many Americans and Europeans prefer those systems to those more culturally and historically related.

To help resolve these problems in the transmission of knowledge, only information that has a relationship to experience of the author or others he has discussed this topic with will be included here. Theory will be stated as theory, and experience as experience. The meaning of common kabbalistic words will be defined, and redefined, to keep the communication clear and direct. An extensive use of confusing and somewhat irrelevant god-forms, references to mythology, and cosmology unconnected to the personal experience will be avoided. (

Uranus In Virgo In 1st House

The 1st house is WHERE WE MEET THE WORLD. It is the Rising Sign. It can describe physical appearance or images. Planets in this house communicate something with regard to the individuality of the person.

Virgo's mental acuteness is expressed in practical affairs. They are systematic and well organized in developing ideas and executing them. No detail is too small for them to notice or explain, and their success is due to this careful attention to fine points and details overlooked by others. Perfection is Virgo's goal, and there are no flaws in what they do. Quality supersedes quantity

With a First House Uranus you are likely to seek individual freedom of expression through an inherent need for constant change, new experience and adventure. Personal freedom of action is all-important to you. Unusual, eccentric, versatile, restless, intelligent and intuitive you have a stimulating affect on others, although, at times you may be regarded as odd, peculiar, eccentric and many years ahead of the times. You are likely to be attracted to such subjects as astrology, occultism, hypnotism, spiritualism, psychic research, New Age healing, telepathy, inventions and electrical gadgetry. Many changes of residence and occupation are likely. Various strange and unexpected personal crises will promote life-experience and character growth.

Typhoon Hits Vietnam As Death Toll Soars

Typhoon Ketsana has hit Vietnam's central coast - as the storm's death toll in the Philippines rose to 240.

Ketsana was battering the Vietnamese province of Quang Nam with winds up to 90mph, unleashing floods and killing at least three people. The storm made landfall 37 miles south of Danang, according to the National Weather Centre. TV footage showed trees toppled onto roads and corrugated metal and other debris tossed around in the tourist hub - the country's fourth-largest city.

Provincial disaster official Nguyen Minh Tuan said two people in the province were killed by falling trees and another died after being struck by an electrical line. The typhoon was forecast to move west at about 12km/ph towards central Vietnam. Stormy weather in the past week has already killed 18 people in the area, including deaths from drowning, electrocution and accidents, an official said.

Over the weekend, Ketsana caused havoc in the Philippines as a weaker tropical storm. It dumped more than a month's worth of rain in just 12 hours, fuelling the worst flooding to hit the country in 40 years. Aside from a rising number of deaths after flash floods in and around capital city Manila, nearly 400,000 have been left homeless.Troops, police and volunteers have already rescued more than 12,359 people, but unconfirmed reports of more deaths abound, Philippine defence secretary Gilbert Teodoro said. (Sky News)

1,000 UK Children to be Used As Government Swine Flu Vaccine Guinea Pigs

'The first children in Britain have started receiving a swine flu vaccine as part of a major new trial. Researchers are hoping to use around 1,000 youngsters over the next fortnight to see which of two different drugs perform the best. Thhe children, aged between six months and 12 years, are being recruited at five test venues in Oxford, Bristol, Southampton, Exeter and London.'


Getting Back to Wellness

The signals our bodies use to tell us we need to cleanse ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally are multifaceted and often mirror symptoms we associate with illness. If we heed these signs, we not only feel better quickly but also stave off poor health before it can start. These quick fixes for common ailments can get you started.
1. Applying pressure to the acupressure point between the thumb and forefinger can release blockages causing pain, tension, and fatigue. You can relieve a headache naturally by squeezing for 20 seconds and releasing for 10 seconds, without letting go, four times.
2. To breathe freely, irrigate your nasal passages with a neti pot and warm salt water. As you clear and soothe the sinuses, congestion associated with allergies or infection will gradually disappear.
3. Apple cider vinegar is a powerful purifying and detoxifying agent. Soaking for 20 minutes in a warm bath infused with two cups of apple cider vinegar pulls toxins from the body and can clear blocked energy.
4. The foods you eat can have a profound impact on your outlook and mood. Eating a small yet satisfying meal rich in complex carbohydrates can lift your spirit and help you let go of feelings of anger, irritability, and depression.
5. Anxiety and fear dissipate quickly when countered with conscious breathing because concentrating on the breath enables you to refocus your attention inward. You can ground yourself and regain your usual calm by taking a series of deep belly breaths as you visualize your feet growing roots that stretch miles down into the earth.
6. Though tuning out can seem counterproductive, a few minutes spent lost in daydreams or listening to soothing music can help you see your circumstances from a new angle when you feel frustrated.
7. If you feel ill health coming on, brew a wellness elixir. Simmer three sliced lemons, one teaspoon freshly grated ginger, one clove freshly minced garlic, and one quarter teaspoon cayenne pepper in five cups water until the lemons are soft and pale. Strain a portion into a mug and add honey by tablespoons until you can tolerate the taste. Drinking this potent mixture of antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal ingredients three times each day can ensure your symptoms never progress into a full-blown illness.

'Declared As safe Soon'

Late last night there was a 'visitation' by an unknown presence. The sense of someone being present in the family room which part clairaudiently/part telepathically provided the information that 'Madeleine will be declared as being safe soon' ....

At approximately the same time (give or take ten minutes) Kristine was receiving the imagery of arabic writing and some presence attempting to dictate the information. It related to Madeleine ... we only discovered this duality of messages this morning.

Who will 'declare' Madeleine is safe is unknown ... there was no reference to a locality or to captives. But a sense (by me) that the original '357' messenger had returned to give me this next snippet of news. Time period wise ... it was not possible to glean when 'soon' is ... but it is felt the declaration comes right out of the blue. Breaking news ...

Image Of The Day - Icelandic Stone Trolls

This snap is riddled with trolls, which according to Icelandic legend turn to stone in daylight. There’s an obvious one, bottom right, but look closely and you’ll see others. The ridge itself is like a sleeping giant. (

Inspiration For Today

“What is this self inside us, this silent observer,Severe and speechless critic, who can terrorize us,And urge us on to futile activity,And in the end, judge us still more severely,For the errors into which his own reproaches drove us?” -- T. S. Eliot

"Self-acceptance is my refusal to be in an adversarial relationship to myself." -- Nathaniel Branden

Monday, 28 September 2009

Virgo Rising

People with Virgo rising are often a little understated in their personal mannerisms and appearance, although a lot depends on the position of Mercury (the ruling planet of Virgo) in the chart. Generally, there is an intelligent and reserved aura about Virgo rising individuals that is unmistakable. These are actually somewhat shy people who need time to analyze things around them before they warm up to both situations and people. This quality can be received exactly as that, or it can be received as a rather stand-offish, cool, and even critical manner (depending on the audience).

One of the biggest personality traits of this position is body-awareness. People with Virgo ascendants are sensitive to any discomfort or other signals their body gives them. Many are especially interested and concerned with physical health, and some are attracted to mind-body awareness exercises such as yoga. Virgo rising people are often rather particular about food. Although some have good appetites, there can be an unmistakable pickiness about what they put in and on their bodies.

Virgo ascendant natives have a tendency to worry a lot, especially when confronted with new situations. They notice the tiniest details that others overlook.

Many people with this position have a tendency to attract (or be attracted to) people who need help. Their relationships may be confusing as a result. Despite the Virgo rising tendency to appear rather collected and professional, relationships can sometimes be messy simply because these natives don't always see their partners and partnerships clearly.

There's a quiet charm to many Virgo rising people. Once they have the chance to warm up to new people and situations, you'll find they have a lot to offer. They'll help you out of a jam, go out on a limb for you, and surprise you with a natural modesty under a somewhat critical and standoffish manner.

The Ascendant (or rising sign) is often considered the mask one wears when meeting others. Perhaps it is most aptly thought of as the automatic responses to one's environment. The Ascendant shows our natural defenses and how we cope with day-to-day issues. The energies of the sign and condition of the Ascendant are most overt and obvious to others. The Ascendant shows an individual's first, natural reaction to new people and situations.

The characteristics of Virgo Ascendant described above are modified by planets conjunct the Ascendant, planets that aspect the Ascendant, and the position of the ruling planet of the sign on the Ascendant. For example, a person with a Virgo Ascendant with its ruling planet, Mercury, in Sagittarius will respond to the environment a little differently than another person, also with a Virgo Ascendant, but whose Mercury is in Scorpio. Similarly, a person with a Virgo Ascendant who also has Saturn conjunct it will "behave" differently than someone with a Virgo Ascendant who does not have that aspect in their natal charts.

The Virtual Reality of the Sleep World

All of the "natural laws" that govern the physical world are based upon illusions that have been conjured up by Darkness. All "natural laws" in the Virtual Reality are purposely imposed upon the inhabitants of the Dodecahedron - the Virtual Reality - to disadvantage the inhabitants (who are really prisoners or slaves of Darkness), and to benefit Darkness. Every illusion employed by Darkness is founded on the Grand Illusion of Motion.
The illusion of no-motion causes great confusion. Even the encasement of True Spirits in "souls" in this Virtual Reality stems from the illusion of no-motion. The illusion of no-motion is that illusion that deceives beings into thinking there is no-motion unless their rate of travel changes. This illusion causes things in this pseudo-creation to appear to be very different from what they really are. Hence, people are deceived and confused by the illusion. For example: The illusion of no-motion makes the Earth appear to be standing still for those who occupy it, and without in-depth study, the Earth's residents would be ignorant that the Earth is in constant motion.The illusion of no-motion is now fracturing because the Virtual Reality is collapsing. Once the illusion of no-motion is totally fractured, the separation of Spirit from Matter will be completed. This means that True Spirits will finally be freed from the encasements that are called "souls". The latter are pseudo-spirits that impersonate True Spirits while all the while they act as jails of the True Spirits that are trapped in the Virtual Reality.
The illusion of no-motion should not be confused with the Buddhist concept of illusion, which is yet another form of illusion within the illusion - a virtual reality within the Virtual Reality.When Darkness corrupted thinking and created thoughts and thought forms, It became deluded in Its own fantasy. As Darkness became more and more deluded, Its "creation" became more and more entwined to such an extent that Darkness has become confused by Its own handiwork. In other words, Darkness is demented and trapped in Its own creation.
Thoughts grow and stimulate negativity or positivity. Thoughts can cause obsessions, corruption, influence behaviour and responses. Corruption of thoughts is due to thoughts of Darkness acting out Darkness' delusions, fantasies and desires. The delusions of Darkness have permeated the entire Virtual Reality. Darkness could have returned to Purity but It was too enamoured with Its own thoughts. In a simplified explanation, Darkness is so deluded by Its own sense of grandeur that It rejects the Light.
Motion is the foundation for vibration, which is yet another illusion within the illusion of motion. Vibrations are used to create many other illusions, including false light (material light, or light made from material particles). Dimensions within the Virtual Reality are brought about by various frequencies of vibrations. Hence, dimensions are illusions within the illusion of vibration, which is an illusion within the illusion of motion. Thus, it can be seen that the Virtual Reality is composed of illusions within illusions.However, these illusions are very "real" because Darkness very much intended the illusions to appear to be all there is. Otherwise, the Virtual Reality would not be such a successful trap. In fact, the Virtual Reality appears so real that even Darkness has become convinced that it is real.
The Virtual Reality has many illusions, including the illusions of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. These illusions were all "created" by Darkness, and none of these illusions will exist when the Grand Illusion of Motion ceases.Darkness invented the five senses. The main reason for the "creation" of the senses was to further entrap beings in Its make-believe world of the Virtual Reality. Many people are now so numbed in awareness that they accept that unless something can be experienced through the five physical senses, it is not real.
Those who have "vision", "hearing" or other ways of sensing things beyond the five accepted senses are often considered to be deluded. Many psychologists and medical professionals will zealously attempt to "cure" people who admit to having experiences beyond the five physical senses by prescribing mind-altering drugs to harness what they perceive to be a psychiatric problem. In extreme cases, such ones are incarcerated for admitting to sensing things beyond the five physical senses.
As the Virtual Reality fractures more and more, so will the dimensions within the Virtual Reality fracture. As more and more people can sense inter-dimensional activities, many of them will be diagnosed as schizophrenic or as suffering from other forms of mental disorders. The ignorance of other dimensions, and the reliance upon the five senses, are so deeply instilled in the population that most people are in absolute denial of the possibility of other forms of existence or intelligence apart from the physical. This will leave most people unable to cope with the fracturing of the Virtual Reality. Science and medicine will have no real answers, and their proposed "cures" will actually be detrimental to the well-being of those who are breaking through the five physical senses.As the Virtual Reality succumbs further to the fracturing, more and more of Its "magic" will weaken and dissipate.

Los Endos

Genesis live ...

Wherever You Are

The word "home" has a wide variety of connotations. To some, home is merely a place where basic needs are addressed. To others, home is the foundation from which they draw their strength and tranquillity. Still, others view home as a place inexorably linked to family. Yet all these definitions of home imply somewhere we can be ourselves and are totally accepted. There, we feel safe enough to let down our guard, peaceful enough to really relax, and loved enough to want to return day after day. However, these qualities need not be linked to a single space or any space at all.
Home is where the heart is and can be the locale you live in, a community you once lived in, or the country where you plan to live someday. Or home can be a feeling you carry inside yourself, wherever you are. The process of evolution can require you to undergo transformations that uproot you. Moving from place to place can seem to literally divide you from the foundations you have come to depend on. Since your home is so intimately tied to the memories that define you, you may feel that you are losing a vital part of yourself when you leave behind your previous house, city, state, or country. And as it may take some time before you fashion new memories, you may feel homeless even after settling into your new abode. To carry your home with you, you need only become your own foundation. Doing so is merely a matter of staying grounded and centered, and recognizing that the pleasures you enjoyed in one place will still touch your heart in another if you allow them. Your home can be any space or state of being that fulfills you, provided you are at peace with yourself and your surroundings. A person can feel like home to you, as can seasons and activities. If you feel disconnected from what you once thought of as home, your detachment may be a signal that you are ready to move one. Simply put, you will know you have found your home when both your physical environment and energetic surroundings are in harmony with the individual you are within.

Swine Flu is a Hoax But The Vaccine Could Kill You

Bilderbergers Want Global Currency Now

'Bilderberg has had front-men call anew for creating a global currency and establishing major European Union-style regions for the administrative convenience of a planned world government. Both steps were taken in September, one by the new Bilderberg-crowned prime minister of Japan and one separately by the UN.'


Image Of The Day

Castlerigg Stone Circle, Nr Keswick, Cumbria

Inspiration For Today

"You are free to believe what you choose and what you do attests to what you believe." -- A Course of Miracles

"Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.” -- Richard Bach

A Word on 'Grasshopper Symbolism'

As an animal totem, the grasshopper appeals to artists, musicians and dancers. To wit, the lilting song this creature emits is an inspiration to our muse; its skittering and jumping is divine choreography. The artist within us all easily recognizes the grasshopper making its own dance steps, and grooving to its own special melody.

As a cultural symbol, this insect is a prominent feature in Asian traditions. For instance, the Japanese connect its molting phases with the wax and wane of the moon. Further still, the Japanese cherished the song of this creature (particularly the long-horned grasshopper), and believed the moon coaxed the music from them.

As a
Chinese symbol, the grass hopper offers attributes of longevity, happiness, good health, good luck, wealth, abundance, fertility and virtue. In fact, grasshoppers were thought to be fertility symbols; specifically omens of the birth of a son (hence, another reason for its good luck symbol status as sons are considered prized gems within the setting of the family). In certain regions of China, grasshoppers were kept as family pets and it was believed grasshoppers embodied the personalities of family members who were deceased. Keeping these reincarnate souls in the form of grasshoppers insured prosperity amongst the family members.

In Ancient Greece the grasshopper is a status symbol. Athenians would adorn themselves with golden grasshopper hair combs and brooches as an indication of nobility. The grasshopper is also a symbol of immortality as we see in Greek myth when Zeus grants immortality to Tithonus, who was later transformed into a grasshopper (who of course, lived forever).

Native American Indian symbology and tribal lore (specifically the Iroquois nation) grasshopper symbolism deals with messages of glad tiding. In this context, the grasshopper is a harbinger of good news. Indeed, when this creature is seen on spirit walks, it is a sign that the seer will receive profoundly joyful news that will benefit the entire community.

The grasshopper moves to its own rhythm and tune, indicating this creature is a advocate of intuition and listening to our inner voices. The grasshopper encourages us to listen to our own stirrings – those beautiful chirping lullaby’s that sing in our hearts are indications of our inner beauty and creativity. The grasshopper totem reminds us these inner musings must never be silenced – rather, they should be nurtured, and always remain as the background music to the performance of our lives.

As with most
insect totems, the grasshopper keeps itself to the ground. As such, this is a grounding totem, and the grasshopper can teach us stability, patience, security, and solidarity. The grasshopper chooses those of us who are innovators, forward-thinkers, and those who progress in life by unorthodox methods. This is because grasshopper symbolism recognizes tremendous leaps of faith, impressive jumps in progress and consistent forward momentum. Those with this totem are likely to aim high, and achieve amazing feats – they take great leaps where others fear to tread (or jump, in this case).

Another special feature of the grasshopper totem is that it calls to those who have natural clairvoyant abilities. Just as the grasshopper uses thousands of tiny eyes to formulate the “big picture” so too do those whom the grasshopper is called. In other words, those with this totem are visionaries. They see things intuitively, seeing beyond what the concrete world holds, and they use this special vision to see the world with a childlike wonder. We can call upon the grasshopper when we need a sense of adventure in our lives. When we feel stuck in a rut, the grasshopper can bounce us into magical viridian worlds filled awe and joy.

The grasshopper can also help us when we need a little creative inspiration. If muses kept pets – the grasshopper would certainly be a first choice. As a cultural symbol, this insect is a prominent feature in Asian traditions. For instance, the Japanese connect its molting phases with the
wax and wane of the moon. Further still, the Japanese cherished the song of this creature (particularly the long-horned grasshopper), and believed the moon coaxed the music from them. (

A Night Out ....

... we went to see Lisa Williams live on stage, here in Canberra, last night. She was superb! Superb proof of 'the after life'. She had the audience spellbound ... with her wit, her stage presence and her delivery of top order mediumship. Ten out of ten Lisa for your show ... !!!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Subsidiary Laws

Source: Treatise Of Cosmic Fire

Every atom of matter can be studied in four aspects, and is governed by one or other, or all of the four above mentioned laws.

1. An atom vibrates to a certain measure.
2. It rotates at a certain speed.
3. It acts and reacts upon its environing atoms.
4. It adds its quota to the general heat of the atomic system, whatever that may be.

These general rules relating to atomic bodies can be extended not only to the atoms of the physical plane, but to all spheroidal bodies within the system, and including the system also, regarding it as a cosmic atom.

The tiny atom of the physical plane, a plane itself, a planet, and a solar system all evolve under these rules, and all are governed by the Law of Economy in one of its four aspects.

It might be added in closing, that this law is one that initiates have to master before They can achieve liberation. They have to learn to manipulate matter, and to work with energy or force in matter under this law; they have to utilize matter and energy in order to achieve the liberation of Spirit, and to bring to fruition the purposes of the Logos in the evolutionary process.

'Finding My Way'

Classic early Rush

Protest Against Mandatory Vaccinations

Saturday, 3rd October 2009 at 12 Noon - Houses of Parliament, Parliament Square Garden, Westminster, London, till about 2pm'

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) have taken over the control of the UK vaccination schedule and now have the power to bring in new vaccines without government approval even if they haven't been safety tested. Prior to this, all new vaccines would have to pass through parliament and be voted on before they were introduced. Now the government is compelled to agree with anything JCVI say, even if there is no science to back it up.JCVI are also exploring whether to get a 'guardian of the state' for all unvaccinated children and sue their parents to FORCE them to vaccinate - this means that vegetarians will be forced to take animal products via vaccines, people will be forced to be injected with cancer-causing chemicals and those people who have already had vaccine reactions and disabilities will have their lives put at risk.

Read more ...

Stoke 0 - 2 Man Utd

Ryan Giggs emerged from the bench to inspire Manchester United to an impressive win at Stoke City as the champions demonstrated their hunger to claim a fourth successive title by returning to the Premier League summit.

Giggs - outstanding in the contentious derby win against Manchester City last Sunday - showed his enduring quality by making the decisive contribution to set up a victory Sir Alex Ferguson's side richly deserved. He replaced the infuriating Nani early in the second half and swiftly set up a simple opener for Dimitar Berbatov as United finally transformed their domination into tangible rewards. He then helped settle the match when he sent over a pinpoint free-kick for John O'Shea to head the second with 13 minutes left.

It was only what United merited for their emphatic superiority, which they exerted from start to finish as Stoke's normally whole-hearted approach fizzled out long before the final whistle. If Stoke hoped to exploit United goalkeeper Ben Foster, heavily criticised for his uncertain display against Manchester City, they were never given the chance as most of the action unfolded in the Potters' territory and any rare raids were comfortably repelled.

Wayne Rooney was behind all United's early supremacy, but it was the composure and class of Giggs that brought order to proceedings, and three points to United as they leapfrogged Chelsea. He was the difference between wasted approach play and end product as United ran out comfortable winners at the Britannia, a hostile environment that has proved to be hazardous territory for the top four since Stoke returned to the Premier League.

Stoke's fans were subdued, or at least as subdued as they ever will be, as United ensured they were given little encouragement to create the usual cauldron. (BBC Sport)

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Many Acts On An Empty Stage

The light fades on the stage ... the audience makes its way home
Fear subsides in the ranks of the performers
They become again ordinary men and women
The performance gaining stunning review this week .... to be forgotten
As the cue sheets turn to dust ... in time.
And when the last note dies, the musical score becomes a part of the past
In the future, repeat performances will never be the same
Nothing will ever be as unique as the first time
Even when enactments copy word for word the lines
It will never be the same as the first time around.

The performance ... any performance for that ... are a once in a lifetime thing
Patterns in the fibres of life unique ... random strands impossible to repeat
Expressions in the ether ... thoughts in motion ... gone in an instance
The chance of perfect replication ... an impossible feat
For too many factors ... too many outside forces ... impossible to reproduce.
The way an actor was thinking shaping the mood in motion ...
The emphasis of a word ... governed by the depth of feeling at the time
Where the actor stood on the stage ... the time it took to move from step to step
Factors impossible to comprehend ... the uncontrollable ... the indecipherable
Because no human can ever remember every thought ... every emotional step ...

Turning now to the greatest act of all ... the theatre of souls ... in life
The same can be said there ... with the mighty blueprints on high
Those scripts souls muse upon before they walk the board walks of mortal life
No two souls can act a part the same ... all life paths are unique ...
Never will two ever be the same ... never will mortal reactions overlap
Fear manifests at every twist and every turn ... few can ignore its hold
Even the best of intentions are distortions affecting those on that stage
Unique patterns in the ether then ... impossible to repeat those times
Even after assessment of cause and effect ... even with divine insight ...
All entwining fibres ... patterns too unique to reproduce ...

Too many cross roads; too many choices; too many combinations
Unique permutations guided by outside forces; too many factors to control
Actions guided by lower mind consciousness ... reactions by the unthinking
No it is safe to say ... all paths wandered by the travellers of life ....
Are unique signatures across the black and white tapestry of human experience
And then when the light fades ... and those actor souls return
Theirs is just another interpretation of a blue print written so long ago
So many times and so many faces ; it is impossible to determine the relevance
No point now ... no need now ... for the mortal stage is a game to play
Nothing more ... an empty stage to wander since the audience left so long ago ..

(Matthew James)

Quotes For The Day

“Oh the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are -- chaff and grain together -- certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and with the breath of kindness blow the rest away.…” -- Dinah Craik

“Open your body and your mind to the subtler levels of experience, letting go of your attempt to control, to be right, not worrying about appearances, not trying to be safe.” -- Stephen Levine

Dust storm reaches northern NSW

A storm originating from South Australia has progressed to northern NSW, and is expected to reach Brisbane early on Saturday evening.

An area of dust particles swept up in the storm measures up to 200km wide, Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) duty forecaster from Sydney, Jane Golding told AAP. The storm front reached Armidale about 3pm (AEST) on Saturday, and cleared the town half an hour later.

It is expected to reach Brisbane and Lord Howe Island about 7pm (AEST). As it continues its journey north the storm front was slowing down, Ms Golding said.
At 4pm (AEST) it was travelling at 50km/h.

"The further away from the source it gets, it loses a bit of dust," she added.
Some of the dust has been swept out to sea. The storm front passed through central western NSW late on Friday, and reached Sydney in the early hours of Saturday morning. By 8.30am (AEST) it had cleared metropolitan areas.

Visibility in Sydney was at 5000 metres, compared to 500 metres on Wednesday, when thick red dust blanketed the city. A BoM forecaster from Brisbane, Ben Annells, said the dust storm would arrive in Brisbane in two waves, both on Saturday evening. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Classic Songs: "Another Brick In The Wall"

Classic Pink Floyd from the legendary 'The Wall' album ...

Image Of The Day

Henge At Dawn
original artwork Matthew James

A Word On 'Deer Symbolism'

When we encounter the deer in the wild, our breath catches - we are transfixed by their graceful features and delicate movements. The tender beauty of these beasts has not gone unnoticed by our ancestors.

The deer is linked to the arts, specifically poetry and music in ancient Celtic animal lore due to its graceful form. The Celts also believed that deer were associated with the fairie realm, and would lead troops of fairies - hundreds of them trailing behind them as the stag cut a path through the forest.

Both Celts and Native Americans observed the deer to be savvy when it came to finding the best herbs. These earth-bound peoples would follow the deer to prime herb patches - many of which proved to be highly beneficial in their medicinal purposes. How does this translate into our own life experience?

Just as the deer has an uncanny sense of where to find the green freshness earth provides, we can ask the deer within ourselves to seek out our inner treasures. In meditation or day dream, go on a spiritual hike with the deer. See yourself walking in the woods with the deer leading you into amazing depths within your soul. Each step you and the deer take will lead you deeper into your spiritual knowing, and to limitless treasure within.

The deer (particularly the doe, females) has the capacity for infinite generosity. Their heart rhythms pulse in soft waves of kindness. Match that graciousness by offering your trust to her. She will reward you by leading you to the most powerful spiritual medicine you can fathom. (

The Green Man

Green Man is a sculpture, drawing, or other representation of a face surrounded by or made from leaves. Branches or vines may sprout from the nose, mouth, nostrils or other parts of the face and these shoots may bear flowers or fruit.
Commonly used as a decorative architectural ornament, Green Men are frequently found on carvings in churches and other buildings (both secular and ecclesiastical). "The Green Man" is also a popular name for English public houses and various interpretations of the name appear on inn signs, which sometimes show a full figure rather than just the head.

The Green Man motif has many variations. Found in many cultures around the world, the Green Man is often related to natural vegetative deities springing up in different cultures throughout the ages. Primarily it is interpreted as a symbol of rebirth, or "renaissance," representing the cycle of growth each spring. Some speculate that the mythology of the Green Man developed independently in the traditions of separate ancient cultures and evolved into the wide variety of examples found throughout history.

Flu Vaccine Exposed

Filling Imaginary Voids

In our culture today, we are constantly encouraged to consume. This includes food as well as purchasing ever newer items that we may not need, often using money that we may not actually have. It could be that we are trying to fill a void we feel within ourselves, but if we take the time to examine it, we know deep inside that this is not the solution. We may notice how quickly the joy fades after our purchase or once the food we've enjoyed is gone, and how soon we feel the urge to do so again.
This is a symptom of disconnection from our true selves, so the first step toward balance is connection to our center. When we connect to our center, we access the fullness of who we are as an individual spirit. We also connect to the energy source of the universe, from which nothing can be lacking. It could be that we have been energetically starving ourselves but trying to feed the need physically, outwardly. Once we make the decision to reconnect, we have the ability to examine the behavior from a higher place within ourselves. We can look, without judgment, at the thoughts and feelings that occur before and after our indulgences to find a pattern. We may want to keep track of these observations in a journal so that we can go back if we lose our way. Often boredom is the main cause for the desire to eat or shop. But when we connect to our center, our intuition can more clearly guide us to the places where our energy can best be used. We can replace the boredom with a meditation practice, a class, a project, seeking a new job, or getting involved in a charity. We may even want to begin planning an adventurous trip. Whatever inspires us tells us the direction we should go. When we find the place we are meant to be, we become so consumed by its constant creation that the frivolous filling of an imaginary void becomes a thing of the past.

Buddhist Inspiration ..

Something is missing in our lives and we don't quite know what it is, but we keep looking and looking To find this missing part. We can look for it in terms of possessions, we can look for it in terms of the form of our body, trying to change it through dieting or hair style or whatever. You can look in terms of friends. Anything. And this keeps us very, very busy. Sometimes the busyness can be very exhausting, but when we stop then we feel lonely. So we get busy again. Dharma is very helpful here if you want distraction because there are many kinds of ways to be busy in the dharma. You can focus on having lots of dharma possessions. You can focus on learning the text by heart, on the mantras and mudras, on serving the tsog, on doing meditations. There is always something to be busy with.Being Right Here: --- A Dzogchen Treasure Text of Nuden Dorje entitled "The Mirror of Clear Meaning"

Friday, 25 September 2009

Home Sweet Home

Music album

New "Nazca Lines’ Discovered In Kazakhstan

Media outlets as well as the official government website in Kazakhstan are reporting the surprise discovery of local geoglyphs or ‘Nazca Lines’. Geoglyphs are drawings created on the ground by arranging stones or removing the top layers of earth. These designs typically cover large areas. The most famous geoglyphs are those found in the Nazca desert in Peru. These show hummingbirds, spiders, monkeys, fish, sharks, llamas, and lizards.

The Kazakhstan Geoglyphs (photo above, thanks to photojournalist N. Dorogov) appear to depict a humanoid figure wedged between two unusual structures. The drawings are located in the remote Karatau Mountains in South Kazakhstan.

Geoglyphs are of interest to UFO researchers, some of whom believe they might be messages or markers created by ancient people for the benefit of visiting extraterrestrials. It is alleged by these UFO scholars that in times of distress these were a way of asking ‘Star Gods’ to return and Assist these early societies, however this hypothesis has not been proven.

It is expected that some scholars of extraterrestrial matters will claim that the being shown in the drawing might well depict an alien that once visited the area and interacted with the locals.

Kazhakstan is an area of intense UFO sightings and activity. Recently the Kazakhstan Government toyed with the idea of creating a UFO landing field and an alien embassy.

Story source: Story used with permission.

Wraith's Corner ....

I was pleased to see Matthew currently has an article on the Starchild up on the site, as this story is a personal pet favourite of mine. The reconstruction of the child shows a delicate, beautiful face and I wonder what caused the child’s life to be cut short. With the child's skeleton was found a human female skeleton, not the child’s mother but she loved the child so much that she lay down next to it’s body, tucked its arm in hers, and died there with it. A sad and fascinating mystery – did she commit suicide because she couldn’t go on without the child? Could she not bear to leave it there all alone – or were they both mortally wounded? The skeletons were washed away before all the bones could be saved, so we may never know all the answers.

Thanks Matthew for posting that amazing story. Lloyd Pye had a tv deal with Discovery (who offered to do the programme after the BBC pulled out) and the DNA test results were to be shown in the film – but then Discovery also pulled out, like the Beeb, giving no reason. I hope some millionaire funds the project privately and gives us all the information. Here’s a link to a programme about it, with a pic of the child’s face.

I’m loving the info that’s coming out about disclosure – Project Camelot have had some great guests on their radio show (you have to fast forward through all the adverts though) and last Thursday the disclosure was once again brought up by David Wilcock and confirmed by the PCam team that the ETs have told the Powers That Be, disclose or we’ll do it ourselves. The thought of them ‘parked up in our back yard’ is so exciting – makes star gazing a whole new game.

Allegedly the PTB are waiting until the last possible moment to tell us, they say so as not to frighten us unduly (when have they ever baulked at doing that?!) but insiders say its because of the technology that will be forced to be released; technology that could have helped everyone on the planet years ago if only we’d been told about it. There may be a few other things come out that we’ve had kept from us too. Col Bob Dean rightly pointed out that if they meant us harm, extraterrestrials could have annihilated us decades if not centuries ago. Well, if the ETs are largely beneficent and we have no reason to believe they are not, let’s hope they force disclosure sooner rather than later. Then maybe no more children will have to starve, or elderly people have to freeze, for lack of money for food or heating.

If you want to listen to the radio broadcast, here’s a link. It’s the 17 Sept one, just click the date in blue to download.

Speak soon


Global Warming Or Global Freezing?

'President Obama just made a melodramatic appeal at the United Nations for global measures to dramatically curb what he called "the climate threat," current euphemism for what is more popularly known as Global Warming, the theory that man-made CO2 emissions from cars, coal plants and other man-made sources are causing the earth to warm to the point the polar icecaps are irreversibly melting and threatening to flood a quarter or more of the earth's surface.

There's only one thing wrong with Mr. Obama's dramatic scenario: it is scientifically utterly wrong. Since 2007 the polar icecaps have been growing not melting and the earth has been cooling, not warming.'



Many of us long to find a spiritual teacher or guru. We may feel unsure of how to practice our spirituality without one, or we may long for someone who has attained a higher level of insight to lead the way for us. Some of us have been looking for years to no avail and feel frustrated and even lost. The good news is that the greatest teacher you could ever want is always with you—that is your life.
The people and situations we encounter every day have much to teach us when we are open to receiving their wisdom. Often we don’t recognize our teachers because they may not look or act like our idea of a guru, yet they may embody great wisdom. In addition, some people teach us by showing us what we don’t want to do. All the situations in our lives, from the insignificant to the major, conspire to teach us exactly what we need to be learning at any given time. Patience, compassion, perseverance, honesty, letting go—all these are covered in the classroom of the teacher that is your life. We can help ourselves to remember this perfect teacher each day with a few simple words. Each morning we might find a moment to say, "I acknowledge and honor the teacher that is my life. May I be wise enough to recognize the teachers and lessons that I encounter today, and may I be open to receiving their wisdom." We might also take some time each day to consider what our lives are trying to teach us at this time. A difficult phase in your relationship with your child may be teaching you to let go. The homeless person you see every day may be showing you the boundaries of your compassion and generosity. A spate of lost items may be asking you to be more present to physical reality. Trust your intuition on the nature of the lesson at hand, work at your own pace, and ask as many questions as you want. Your life has all the answers.

Binah-Light Orgonites Update

Winter has finally rolled into Spring here in Oz ... which means it is again sufficiently warm enough to manufacture Binah-Light Orgonites .... so its the time once more to create and nurture Orgonite siblings ...

Binah-Light Orgonites can be made to order ... and still have a number of orgonites in stock plus we have 'the siblings' which we use personally .... which could go to suitable homes!
All enquiries regarding personal requirements are welcomed ...

Watch this space for new orgonite sibling updates ... as we endeavour to create NEW designs ...

Please contact us at for more information

Evidence of Thimerosal, H1N1 Virus in Seasonal Flu Vaccination

An Infowars reader has sent a vaccine insert that proves Fluzone contains thimerosal, the deadly antiseptic and antifungal agent.

“Thimerosal is a very effective preservative that has been used since the 1930s to prevent contamination in some multi-dose vials of vaccines,” according to the CDC.


Quotes For The Day

“...self-contempt never inspires lasting change.” -- Jane R. Hirschmann and Carol H. Munter

“When we stop opposing reality, action becomes simple, fluid, kind, and fearless.” -- Byron Katie

Thursday, 24 September 2009


The first of the Archangels of Malkuth is Metatron, which is also the name of the archangel of Kether. His name has no meaning in Hebrew (It is a Hebrew form of Mithras - the name of a Roman saviour-god of Persian origins). Metatron is known as The Prince Of The Countenances - and represents a secret link connecting the highest and lowest of the Sephiroth.

Cabalistic traditions make a useful distinction between the aspect of Metatron assigned to Kether and that assigned to Malkuth - a distinction involving a different spelling of the Archangel’s name. Metatron in Malkuth is held to be the transformed Enoch, taken bodily into heaven according to biblical myth, and to function as a celestial scribe recording all the acts of humanity - his name was spelled MThThRVN. Metatron in Kether, by contrast, is seen as a transcendent power, the ‘Lesser Tetragrammaton’ created before the birth of the universe and his name was spelled with an additional Yod - MIThThRVN. In either form, Metatron may be visualised as an angelic figure of pure light.

The Shining Sun

The time comes like destiny in its finest hour
The guardians of the sacred veil sense the fresh air
The mountain way becomes shrouded in white ...
Magical, billowing, white mists of time.

The Traveller realises his eyes are not playing tricks on him
For he sees mystical figures advancing forwards
Floating above the ground ... coming nearer ...
There with open arms –beckoning–

Far across the mountain side a bright light is seen
The sunrise of another day
And the shining of a different sun lights the pathway before his eyes
The magical light being replaced then by a glowing figure ... close ahead

A smiling face of a proud and gentle man turns to look at him
A bearded, kindly face of a man from home
Who’s kindness once changed a world
He is here ... he is now there ... his light can now be felt

The Shining Man is there before the Traveller’s eyes
And he ... the Traveller ... kneels at the kind man’s feet
Then he ... The Shining Man ... touches the Traveller’s face
And whispers to him, to go with him down the glorious road ...

And he ... The Traveller ... goes ....

(Written by Matthew James circa 1997)

Water found on the Moon, opening the way for man to live there full-time

A manned Moon base could become a reality within 20 years after scientists revealed today there are large quantities of water on the surface of the Earth's satellite.

The scientific discovery made by the Indian lunar mission Chandrayaan-1 is due to be announced by Nasa today. The discovery, with three studies being published in the journal Science today and a Nasa briefing, could refocus interest in the moon.

The appeal of the moon waned after astronauts visited 40 years ago and called it 'magnificent desolation'.

The discovery confirms what two other space probes have found, namely that the chemical signs of water are all over the Moon's surface. It is not enough moisture to foster homegrown life on the moon. But if processed in mass quantities, it might provide resources - drinking water and rocket fuel - for future Moon-dwellers, scientists say. The water comes and goes during the lunar day.

It is not a lot of water. A 2litre bottle of lunar earth would provide only enough water to fill the pipette of a medicine bottle, said University of Maryland astronomer Jessica Sunshine, one of the scientists who discovered the water. Another way to think of it is that a drink of water would require a 730 square metres of Moon earth to produce, said team leader Carle Pieters of Brown University.

'It's sort of just sticking on the surface,' Sunshine said. 'We always think of the Moon as dead, and this is sort of a dynamic process that's going on.'

When Apollo astronauts first returned from the Moon in 1969, they brought back souvenirs in the form of rocks to be used for analysis, and one of the chief questions was if there was water in lunar rocks and soils. However, most of the boxes containing the lunar samples leaked which led scientists to assume traces of water found came from Earth air that had entered the containers.

They assumed that, outside the possibility of ice at the poles, there was no water on the Moon. Now 40 years later, this old assumption has been overturned. A lunar scientist familiar with the findings said: 'This is the most exciting breakthrough in at least a decade. And it will probably change the face of lunar exploration for the next decade.' (Daily Mail)

Visible from space: The wall of dust marching across the Australian outback to turn the skies over Sydney blood red

It is a city that usually wakes to brilliant blue skies. But dawn broke with a dramatic difference in Sydney yesterday. Pulling back their blinds, residents were greeted with an eerie reddish-orange cloud cloaking all around them.

Early-morning commuters stared in disbelief at the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, whose normally striking outlines were rendered ghostly by the shroud of dust. The outback dust storm has swept across eastern Australia, shrouding Sydney in a dramatic red glow.

It's also been wreaking havoc, disrupting transport and placing health authorities on alert for widespread respiratory illness.

International flights were diverted from Sydney, ferries on the harbour were suspended, and motorists were warned to take care on roads as visibility was dramatically reduced. However, the eerie scenes haven't caused all activities to cease - the iconic Bondi beach still had its surfers and children continued to play on swings in the city's parks.

The storm, which blacked out the mining town of Broken Hill on Tuesday before sweeping east, was caused by a major cold front whipping up the dust from the drought-stricken hinterland. (Daily Mail)

The Real Reason For Many UFO Abductions?

Imagine the vast potential we carry within us, all of us, encoded into the very structure of our DNA. Who knows what hidden, archived data the genetic and information scientists at Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore may be extracting from the human genome right now? For surely, they have long since understood that if terrestrial human scientists can store information in DNA and retrieve it, then others have been at the same game.

But here's the bright side of the picture. Now that we know that information storage and retrieval in living DNA is scientific fact, we can play at that game too. It but remains for us to consciously retrieve the information stored from ages past in our own DNA, to recall what we carry within us and then to actually consciously become, for the first time in our lives, the empowered Galactic beings we have always potentially been!


Image Of The Day

Stonehenge ...

Inspiration For The Day

“If there are so many seekers, why are there so few finders?” -- Eckhart Tolle

"There is surely nothing other than the single purpose of the present moment. A man's whole life is a succession of moment after moment. If one fully understands the present moment, there will be nothing else to do, and nothing else to pursue." -- Hagakure

Let Go and Let Flow

Many people, in heeding the guidance of their souls, find themselves contemplating goals that seem outrageous or unattainable. In the mind’s eye, these individuals stand at the edge of a precipice and look out over the abyss at the fruit of their ambition. Some resist the urge to jump, paralyzed by the gap between their current circumstances and the life of their dreams.
Others make a leap of faith into the unknown, unsure of what they will encounter but certain that they will gain more in their attempts than they would bowing to self-protective instincts. This leap can be exceedingly difficult for individuals with control issues because the act of embracing uncertainty requires them to trust that surrender will net them the rewards they seek. Yet when you make a leap of faith, believing without a doubt that you will land safely on the other side, you can accomplish almost anything you set out to do. There have no doubt been times in your life when you chose to go where the universal flow took you. Yet you may encounter instances in which your objectives require you to step outside of the boundaries of your established comfort zone so that you may freely and actively jettison yourself into a new phase of your life. While you may fear what seems to be the inevitable fall, consider that in all likelihood you will find yourself flying. A successful leap of faith requires your attention, as it is the quiet and often indistinct voice of your inner self that will point you toward your ultimate destination. Understand that the leap across the chasm of ambiguity may challenge you in unforeseen ways but you will make it across if you trust yourself. If your mind and heart resist, you can dampen this resistance by building a bridge of knowledge. The more you know about the leap you are poised to take, the smaller the gap between "here" and "there" will appear to be. Your courageous leap of faith can lead you into uncharted territory, enabling you to build a new, more adventurous life. Though you may anticipate that fear will be your guide on your journey across the abyss, you will likely discover that exhilaration is your constant companion.

Man Utd 1 - 0 Wolverhampton

Danny Welbeck marked his first start of the season with the winning goal as 10-man Manchester United edged past Wolves into the Carling Cup fourth round. The United youngster was set free by a superb Michael Owen pass and he slotted in to send the holders through.

That came after Fabio da Silva had seen red for a deliberate foul on Michael Kightly, who was clean through on goal.

But Wolves played their part in a fine game, David Jones and Kevin Doyle both forcing saves from Tomasz Kuszczak. The Premier League new-boys lived up to their pre-match word that they would go for the victory at Old Trafford, despite not having won a top-flight match there in almost 30 years.

But the game's one moment of true class told as United overcame the first hurdle of their defence of the trophy they won on penalties against Spurs last February. Not that Sir Alex Ferguson ranks that as his greatest priority this season if his selection is anything to by, with the Scot selecting an entirely different XI to the one that started Sunday's derby win over Manchester City.

However, with eight full internationals on the pitch from the off, United had plenty of ammunition to hurt their visitors and Nani and Owen, in particular, took the game to the visitors early on. (BBC Sport)

A Word on 'The Tower'

As the Fool leaves the throne of the Goat God, he comes upon a Tower, fantastic, magnificent, and familiar. In fact, The Fool, himself, helped build this Tower back when the most important thing to him was making his mark on the world and proving himself better than other men. Inside the Tower, at the top, arrogant men still live, convinced of their rightness. Seeing the Tower again, the Fool feels as if lightning has just flashed across his mind; he thought he'd left that old self behind when he started on this spiritual journey. But he realizes now that he hasn't. He's been seeing himself, like the Tower, like the men inside, as alone and singular and superior, when in fact, he is no such thing.
So captured is he by the shock of this insight, that he opens his mouth and releases a SHOUT! And to his astonishment and terror, as if the shout has taken form, a bolt of actual lightning slashes down from the heavens, striking the Tower and sending its residents leaping out into the waters below.

In a moment, it is over. The Tower is rubble, only rocks remaining. Stunned and shaken to the core, the Fool experiences grief, profound fear and disbelief. But also, a strange clarity of vision, as if his inner eye has finally opened. He tore down his resistance to change and sacrifice (Hanged man), then broke free of his fear and preconceptions of death (Death); he dissolved his belief that opposites cannot be merged (Temperance) and shattered the chains of ambition and desire (The Devil). But here and now, he has done what was hardest: destroyed the lies he held about himself. What's left is the bare, absolute truth. On this he can rebuild his soul.

With Mars as its ruling planet, the Tower is a card about war, a war between the structures of lies and the lightning flash of truth. The Tower, as Wang points out, stands for "false concepts and institutions that we take for real." When the Querent gets this card, they can expect to be shaken up, to be blinded by a shocking revelation. It sometimes takes that to see a truth that one refuses to see. Or to bring down beliefs that are so well constructed. What's most important to remember is that the tearing down of this structure, however painful, makes room for something new to be built. (

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

'The Tree Of Life'

The first of the ten spheres or ‘Sephira’ (the plural being Sephiroth) is KETHER which means ‘Crown’. The three veils are placed directly Kether referring to the notion that this sphere is the simplest and least defined of all the realms of symbolic existence; the closest approach that symbols can make to the unknowable reality beyond. Kether is said to be above all opposites and dualities. It has no attributes or qualities beyond pure existence. As a state of consciousness it is awareness of unity with all things - the direct personal experience. This consciousness is the highest which human beings can achieve, and it represents the highest goal of all mystical practice.

The second Sephira is CHOKMAH which means Wisdom. This is the source of creative energy and of expansion. It is symbolically it is the Yang; ‘masculine’ in the sense of its ability to create by going outside of itself; it has the title of ABBA - the supernal father. In Chokmah the primal unity descends from its original self sufficiency into action, into creation. In doing this it changes from a unity to a duality; creator and creation; actor and that which is acted upon.

The third Sephira is BINAH which means Understanding. This is the source of receptive energy and of contraction. Symbolically it is the Yin; ‘feminine’ in the sense it creates by bringing what is outside into itself; for this reason it is also known as AIMA - the supernal mother. Binah receives the creative energy which is emanated by Chokmah, embodies it in form and when its time is finished, absorbs it. As all rivers flow downward to the sea, so all things created are said to return to Binah - because of this Binah is given the additional of Marah - The Great Sea.

These three Sephiroth are known as the Supernal Triad and represent the three highest powers of the universe that human beings can know; and the three highest states of consciousness we are able to reach. Between these states and the remainder of human experience lies a barrier - which is known as the Abyss.

In the midst of the Abyss is the quasi-sphere DAATH - which means Knowledge. Daath is not a level of being in its own right; instead it is the point of intersection between the forces of the Supernal triad and those of the seven spheres below the abyss - at once a gate and a barrier between the realm of unity and those of individual existence. Daath is a point of access to other dimensions and the reverse side of the tree.

The fourth Sephira - the first level of existence below the abyss - is CHESED; which means Mercy. This sphere symbolises the outpouring of creative energy and is considered ‘masculine’ (like Chokmah). Chesed also has the quality of order, organisation, law. As a level of consciousness, Chesed is the deep awareness of inner structure, the ability to recognise the underlying patterns of the world humans experience. In human terms, Chesed represents Memory.

The fifth Sephira is Geburah which means Severity. Geburah has some similarity to Binah; it symbolises a contracting and restricting force - and can be considered ‘feminine’. As the Sephira to balance Chesed’s ordered creativity, however, Geburah represents destruction, dissolution, chaos. It is the power that clears away everything which has outlived its usefulness; that tears down excessive structure into simpler and more flexible elements. As a level of consciousness, it is the awareness of inner freedom, the power to break through self-imposed limitations ad consciously choose one’s own path in life. In human terms, it represents Will.

Chesed & Geburah represent planes of Higher Beings or ‘Pure Beings’; they affect human kind more than human kind affect them - unless human kind identify with them or invoke them

The sixth Sephira is Tipareth which means Harmony. Tipareth is in a way reflective of Kether below the abyss. It represents the truth that every individual thing or being in the universe is a small unity, mirroring the great unity of the universe itself. At the centre of The Tree Of Life, Tipareth functions as a balancing force, harmonising the power of Chesed and Geburah - the masculine and feminine energies and the higher and lower levels of the tree. As a level of consciousness it is the awareness of self, the state of absolute inner honesty free of pride or guilt. In human terms, it is imagination. Tipareth is the level of the Guardian Angel - one of which is assigned to every human being. A central purpose to human existence is to make contact with the Guardian Angel (Also known as the connection with the soul).

The Veil Of Sanctuary
Between these three Sephiroth and the four remaining ones lie a second barrier, reflecting the Abyss as the Sephiroth discussed reflect the Supernal Triad. It is known as the Veil Of Sanctuary - like a veil it partly conceals the things which lie beyond it, permitting only dim shapes and shadows to be seen. Thus the powers symbolised by Chesed, Geburah and Tipareth, and the levels of consciousness they represent, come only dimly into the worlds of our ordinary experience - unless they are deliberately brought through by a ‘rending of the veil’; an act of transformation in which the effects of this barrier are overcome.

Below the Veil Of Sanctuary is the seventh Sephira is Netzach, which means Victory. This Sephira is a source of outpouring, but Netzach is feminine rather than masculine in nature and its power has an attractive, in-drawing function. All forces which draw things together and bring them into interaction have their roots in Netzach. In human terms, Netzach represents emotion.

The eighth Sephira is Hod, which means Glory. Hod is a centre of limitation and form, and is a masculine energy rather than feminine, and the forms and divisions which arise from it pour forth as freely as the energies of Chokmah. Hod is the root of all those forces which divide and distinguish between things, and especially of every form of thought and perception. In human terms, Hod represents intellect, and in particular the thinking mind.

Higher Astral Plane
Sephiroth Hod and Netzach represent the Higher Astral Plane, which is the astral substance of group or collective consciousness which human kind affect and are affected by.

The ninth Sephira is Yesod, which means Foundation. This is the great centre of solidification on the Tree Of Life; the Sephira in which the intangible energies of higher levels take shape as forces capable of affecting the material experience. Yesod harmonises the energies of Netzach and Hod, and unites within itself unbreakable stability and constant change. As the level of existence immediately beyond the physical, it is the world of visions, of dreams and of psychic phenomenon. In human terms, Yesod represents instinct and the subconscious mind. It is also representative of the Lower Astral Plane. A dream can originate in any of the Sephira but the ‘substance’ through which it is perceived is the Astral Light of Yesod.

The tenth and last Sephira is Malkuth, which means Kingdom. This is the world of matter humans experience every day. Malkuth is as important as any of the other Sephiroth, with lessons to be learned and powers to be contacted that are as valuable as any on the Tree Of Life. It is the natural level of human beings, at least at this stage of their evolution, and any wisdom or power attained in any other Sephira must be in some way brought into action in Malkuth if it is to have any enduring value. In human terms, Malkuth represents the physical body and the five ordinary senses. Malkuth is the life force of existence.