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Monday, 31 December 2018

The Last Post of 2018

This is the last ever post in 2018!

Nearly There

We're nearly there! T-minus 15 minutes and counting! There's the sound of fireworks outside and we're being entertained by an episode of 'Bizarre Murders' as there is not a lot else on T.V.

We've watched ABBA and classic Xmas songs plus our personal choice of songs from on You Tube. Now we have this guy on Bizarre Murders bagging psychics. Saying we are all cold readers and drama merchants. We guess and we use pot luck.

Really? I guess I've been a damn good guesser for the last 30 years then! Psychics are all scam artists are we? Some are - yes. A lot are yes ... but there are the genuine articles out there ... and we are damn SCARY with what we see and we know about people.

But that's another story.

We were reading about the 250 million human hybrids that are inside the moon earlier on Social Media. Imagine that! A reputable high ranked pilot announced that apparently. Wow!

Back to the matter at hand ... we are ten minutes away from 2019 ... tick, tick.

'Remember, when something comes to an end, it means that something new is due to start' - Matthew James

'Remember, when something comes to an end, it means that something new is due to start' - Matthew James

Real Estate #xxxxxx - Planet Earth Celebrates New Year

Well ... we're almost there. 2019 is approaching ... tick tick ... 1 hour and 24 minutes to go.

On this insignificant sound waveform speck within an indefinably huge universe of trillions of other sound waveform specks, we call planets, it is a VERY important event, apparently. Human beings traditionally celebrate a new year ... which means that when the 12 month machine wheel comes to the end of the 12 ... it clicks forward to the #1 again. The month mankind know as January ... tick, tick ...

The #12 is December and its coming to a close. On another indefinable mechanical wheel which mankind knows as years ... when the #12 moves to the #1 this particular wheel then moves forward another one to 2019 ... or more correctly A.D 2019.

This does not reflect that actual, real number of years that mankind as been on this tiny speck. No, it represents a manipulated portion, or segment of imagined time ... this segmentation is behind what is known as a time loop .... and only the highest of high A.I magi know when this time loop starts and when it finishes. It appears that 2019 bears no representation to the time clock that these magi have at their disposal.

To them human kind are not important ... they merely occupy the real estate that they covert. mankind know this real estate as Earth ... to these Magi it is another name or perhaps a number ... it is not important. They merely acquire these waveform worlds as part of their portfolio. Their perspective of these worlds are merely tiny dots on a waveform grid. They care not what occupies these worlds. They are not even aware mankind exist; or that they have tribal wars initiated by their minions who have been created by the algorithms of their master computer. They certainly don't know that mankind celebrates new year!

Tick, tick ....1 hour 15 mins to go ....

Another All Time Favourite ...

Another all time classic rock song is 'Follow You, Follow Me' by Genesis

Do Happy Organs Mean Healthy Organs?

Natural News Blog: Now what in the world do I mean by happy organs? And what does this silly concept have to do with health anyways? As it turns out, quite a lot. Recent research shows that the process of visualization can significantly increase your health, and it’s not by chance. Focused meditation can actually change your brainwaves, and this can have an effect on your immune system, stress responses and more.

Visualization is sometimes referred to as guided imagery or mental imagery. On a very basic level, it is a mind-body medicine technique where a person creates a metal image of a future event. There’s a more to it than that

In fact, visualization is a tried-and-true technique for manifesting a future goal, be it getting a pay raise, going on a vacation or healing from a disease like cancer. And in many instances, it works. Athletes use it to perform their best. CEOs do it to get contracts. And studies in neuroscience show its effectiveness as more>>>...

First Light In The Dream World

A discussion on the concept of Planet Earth being a dream world ...

An All Time Personal Favourite ...

Here is one of my all time favourite songs - 'Wind of Change' by The Scorpions

Favourite Photograph of 2018

Choice #1

Choice #2

Choice #3

Choice #4

Choice #5
In no particular order, these are our top 5 choices for the Favourite Photograph of 2018 here on A Light In The Darkness. We will be announcing the #1 image very soon ....

Another New Look

In keeping with the time of the year, and more themed to our blog name, we've vamped the background image to something more apt ... and more pleasing to the eye. We'd got a little bored with the blue and the underwater theme ... it served its purpose. And that purpose was? We outlined it back sometime in the Summer month's when we made the change ...

Instead, we have chosen the shining light background ... a new look to take us into the new year (3hrs and 33 minutes away ....good timing that) ... this is incidentally the 32,300th post here on A Light In The Darkness.

Another One For Mr Musk

Here's another one for Mr Musk when he gets to fly around Mars. A request for him to visit the 'Swiss Cheese' zone of the south pole. I wonder if he will let us know what the structures are in this image. We've shown this numerous times here on A Light In The Darkness over the years. It's now a 'restricted area' on Google Mars; with visitors to that wonderful section of Google Earth unable to see anything like we were able to back in 2005 when we copied this image from the software.

It's doubtful Mr Musk will let us know if our assumption that there is indeed navigable liquid in this area. We reckon its water in this image with 2no boats moored on a beach to the right. Prove us right or wrong please Mr Musk. We are desperate to know. But somehow, 'wethinks' you'll not tell us.  That's a pity as us, the common people of earth, deserve to know we have neighbours on Mars. Yes, we do.  

Here's Hoping 2019 Is A Good One

We're edging all but closer to 2019 here in the Northern Hemisphere. We've 5 hours and 45 minutes left of 2018, and we're preparing for our last evening of the old year.

So many of us appear to be offering predictions of wonderment and incredible things for 2019, on Facebook and other social media. Wonderful messages of hope to one another; eternal optimism and forever the positive ones. We would love to share that sentiment, we really would - but it's all superficial, especially as we all have a psychopathic predator breathing on our shoulders.

In order to have this genuine hope for the future, we must all join together in one massive Yellow Vest event ... and somehow overthrow the controllers and instigators of our separatist imprisonment on Planet Earth. This is not going to suddenly happen, sadly. It would be awesome if it did, but there are too many of us in extreme fear - captured by the fear factor- listening to that scared inner voice too much; to permit something drastic to happen.

It'll be no surprise when sometime in 2019, or 2020, the accelerated need for us all to have 5G and A.I dominance in our lives, is pushed even quicker into gear. We fear what next year's new 'must have' technology is going to be. 2018 brought A.I phones; A.I interference in cars and T.V's. The next A.I technology is likely to be ever more closer to Human-computer-technology interface. 

We noticed this year that the streets around our local housing estate had no children out playing with any new toys on Xmas Day. It suggests that the bulk of Xmas pressies from Santa were of a technological origin. Which says so much about the future fate of mankind as the nation's kids are brought up with technology being the society norm. It means they can so easily be pushed into V.R technology and A.I dependency.

If that is the case, then we are already lost. 2019 will most surely be the threshold of despair ... and that is so against all the messages of hope on social media. Look, we desperately want to be wrong, but the trends are not looking good ... not good at all ... how do we change the growing trend towards our own destruction? It's in our hands ... its in our mind field ... its within our abilities to think new perceptions. But like we've stated many times before ... mankind has been chemically lobotomised to not apparently give a shit it is going to the slaughter house ... 

Favourite's Collection #182

This Nankeen Kestrel photograph was taken on 31st January 2016, and represents one of the last photographs I got to take of this incredible Australian Raptor. It is thus worthy of its place in the Favourite's Collection

Image of the Day


Countdown to 2019 (Except For The Southern Hemisphere Where It Is Now 2019)

This is the weird, strange, crazy reality that 'time zones' create on this machine consciousness world ... I'm writing this post still in 2018, yet where I lived up until April 2017 is now in 2019.

Yes, it's New Year in Australia and other environs of the Southern Hemisphere. We've still another 8 hours and 47 minutes of 2018 remaining ...

Tick, tick, tick ... countdown to the 3 Vibration ... to the year where there is likely to be a HUGE bend in the road for the world. We hope we are wrong. We hope that mid May 2019 proves to be a safe period for The ONE. But, we know 'Pinocchio' and his naughty cronies are up to something; and have speeded up their agenda.

But enough of that; let's go with the 'romantic' flow for a change; let's get into the human swing that is expected of us ...

Happy New Year Australia ... Auld Lang Syne to the Northern Hemisphere in 8 hours and 43 minutes .... tick, tick, tick ....

'Memory Lane' - 31st December 2016


Locating The Underlying Cause

Daily OM: Often, when we're unhappy, we fall into the habit of thinking that, if only one or two particular things in our life would change, everything would be fine. We might focus on the fact that we need a new car, or a raise, or a change in our living situation. We dwell on this one thing and strategise, or complain, or daydream about what it would be like to have it.

Meanwhile, underneath the surface, the real reason for our unhappiness sits unrecognized and unaddressed. And yet, if we are able to locate and explore the underlying cause of our discontent, all the surface concerns have a way of working themselves out in the light of our realization.

Maybe we really do just need a new car, and maybe moving to another city would improve our life situation. However, it can only help to take some time to explore what's going on at a deeper level. Sometimes, when we take a moment and stop focusing on external concerns, we get to the heart of the matter. We might realize that all our lives we've been dissatisfied, grasping at one thing after another, only to be dissatisfied about something else once we get what we want. Or perhaps we'll notice a pattern of running away from a place, or a relationship, when things get too more>>>...

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Image of the Day


An Intuitive Look At 2019

The Merlin Tarot cards, to the right, represent the intuitive overall vibration for 2019. The cards appear to be harbingers of more trying times ... it's hard to generalise for a race that is experiencing every emotion, every act and every possible scenario, collectively, on Planet Earth. So these five images will be correct ... as they represent the human race on planet earth.

However, looking at the ONE being that we are collectively; that overall sound vibration that all our individual sounds make; the ONE can be seen as The Fool, teetering on the edge of the cliff as the lemming awaiting the jump it appears to have to make. The ONE has been pushed by invisible forces to the edge of that cliff. The Apple Woman with the scythe - the robbed figure on Death ... appears to represent the enforced transformation The ONE is about to have to make. The change of life to something else; so its existence will never be the same again.

The words 'disaster', 'sorrow' represent the vibrations The ONE will face in 2019. The numbers 10 and 5 are the numbers for these realisations. We intuitively mark 10.5.2019 in our diary as a date or threshold of concern. We may well hear the news of something relating to water or incredible emotion around this time. We fear a 'disaster' around this date. Sadly.

On a final note 'doubt' is the vibration for the invisible force represented by Death. Somehow there is not certainty this transformation can be initiated by this event on, or around 10.5.2019. Will something take place and will it have the desired effect the invisible force requires.

Thousands Of Questions That Pinicchio Will Never Answer ....

Here we are on the eve of 2019 AD. That is 2019 years after the birth of an alleged super hero. Everything before then is, as we have grown up to know, B.C (Or Before Christ). A success story for the victors ... and a perfect carpet to sweep all that has gone before it under the carpet. After the destruction of major world libraries, and the confiscation of historic data, mankind has seemingly lost its way as far as its past; its true ancestors; and its identity.

For this deliberate act of horrific proportions, we have decided to nickname The Hidden Hand (The approx 3% of mankind that controls the 97%) as "Messrs Billy Liar & Pinocchio" or 'They Of The Rather Large Nose That Keeps Growing'.  I'm sure they won't mind. They have a huge treasure trove, of course, that contains the truth of what happened before the alleged Biblical days ...

We have a right to know our true heritage don't we? All the testaments of a highly advanced human past is evident all around the world. Equally, there is sufficient proof that nuclear weaponry has been employed all the way down through the human ages. What isn't evident is how, or when the invisible force began taking us over. Was it around millions of years ago when mankind lived in its advanced cities, and existed in its advanced civilisations. Yes, you read it right ... millions of years! Time is relative they say ... so a million years in our current time continuum seems a long time ago. But in truth, it may as well have been only yesterday.

All that matters is the fact that we are NOT the most advanced human civilisation. We have been totally and utterly duped by Pinocchio and its crooked cronies. History has been rewritten and rewritten down through the ages ... so now we haven't a clue what really went on.

We are more interested in deducing if those civilisations went the way ours is going? Are the former inhabitants of those mighty cities all lost on some Virtual Reality World after having had A.I and technology force fed to them? Were they duped into uploading their consciousness into a quantum computer reality? There is so much evidence of civilisations that just DISAPPEARED over night! Mmmm.... suspicious or what?

Has this invisible force got a tried and tested means of disposing of biological life forms? Life forms which then are regenerated by the original Noah's Ark programming ... so human life forms fire into life again ...? Or is this the first time that the invisible force has employed its technological hell on humans? We've no way of knowing because the history books don't stretch very far past B.C and the Old Testament lands ... its all speculations; yet its fact that life just wasn't in the Holy Lands at that time. It was all over the world ... so its a major cover up; and appears to have been in force for such a long time. 

Why has this current version of mankind only been subjected to the Sodium Fluoride, Aspartame, Chemtrails etc ... over the last 30 or so years? What sparked this off ... what have we missed as the 70%? Are we still dangerous or is it too far gone? There are thousands of these unanswered questions .... and its unlikely we are ever going to know for sure. We feel, sadly, that this human civilisation may well follow the fate of all the other ones ... and fade to dust. And in tens of thousands of years from now, there will be humans faced with exactly the same shit as we are ... it is the time loop in action. But how long between the start and the finish; and how long is the loop? More questions ... 

The Top 5 Censored News Stories of 2018

Waking Times: We all know that the corporate media has no interest in shedding light on certain societal issues, and it seems that many people are awakening to the reality that if we want to know the truth, we have to go out and find it for ourselves. 2018 was a remarkable year in this regard, because tech giants and major media began openly censoring social media and de-platforming anti-establishment voices and media organizations.

Censorship of the news is as old as government itself, and for last 40 years, watchdog groups have kept a record of each year’s most censored, under-reported on, and important issues. Project Censored keeps this tradition alive with its end of year more>>>...

'How you treat the one reveals how you regard the many, because everyone is ultimately a one' - Stephen R.Covey

'How you treat the one reveals how you regard the many, because everyone is ultimately a one' - Stephen R.Covey

Favourite's Collection #181

Please remember, the photographs which have been selected for the Favourite's Collection, are a personal choice; mine! There is more than often a story or a memory behind each of the photographs; more often than not shared here on A Light In The Darkness. The images may not be everyone's cup of tea (Certainly not to our resident stalker's choosing on Google + that is for sure); if we were out for brownie points then we would be posting the A+ quality photographs and risk having them pinched and copied ....

This photograph was taken on the Urambi Hills, in October this year, and represents one of the last photographs of these Australian Icons that I've taken ... not forever I don't think.

An introduction to chronic fatigue syndrome: What it is, how to prevent it, and natural ways to treat it

Natural News: If you are always tired, even after taking a good long rest, you could be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. A Life Force Homeopathy article offered some tips on how to avoid it, as well as natural ways of treating it.

This isn’t any ordinary fatigue. It is a kind of tiredness that cannot be relieved by ordinary resting. It also gets worse if you are physically active, which forces you to cut back on your activities to conserve your dwindling strength.

A person with chronic fatigue syndrome is plagued with recurring bouts of serious exhaustion for more than six months. The patient has no obvious ailment that would explain the weakness.

Resting does not work. Any physical, or even mental activity, makes the person more tired. In addition, he or she cannot focus because of brain fog and low energy levels.

Most cases are never diagnosed. The disorder leaves no clues for physical and medical exams. So chronic fatigue syndrome often goes more>>>...

More Questions For Mr Musk About His Soon To Be New Home World ....

When Mr Musk arrives on Mars, and explores his new home world, I wonder if he will explain to us, The Common People, what structures like these are. Probably not, as the truth can be seen here very clearly, to those of the open mind. There are humanoid figures, and clear raised platforms which have been built by intelligent life. Mr Musk will probably know all this anyway. It's us, the 97% who have as much right as everyone to know the truth, that are being kept in the dark. Just because a tyrannical 3%, who are under alien influence, have elected to keep all this truth for themselves.

Judging Others

Daily Om: Though it is human to evaluate people we encounter based on first impressions, the conclusions we come to are seldom unaffected by our own fears and our own preconceptions. Additionally, our judgments are frequently incomplete.

For example, wealth can seem like proof that an individual is spoiled, and poverty can be seen as a signifier of laziness--neither of which may be true. At the heart of the tendency to categorize and criticize, we often find insecurity.

Overcoming our need to set ourselves apart from what we fear is a matter of understanding the root of judgment and then reaffirming our commitment to tolerance.

When we catch ourselves thinking or behaving judgmentally, we should ask ourselves where these judgments come from. Traits we hope we do not possess can instigate our criticism when we see them in others because passing judgment distances us from those traits. Once we regain our center, we can reinforce our open-mindedness by putting our feelings into more>>>...

'Memory Lane' - 30th December 2016


Saturday, 29 December 2018

'Some things are more than we can understand' - Christie Watson

'Some things are more than we can understand' - Christie Watson

Is This Earth On A Different Dimension - Time To Unthink The Hidden Hand

We are reaching the end of another 'year' on this virtual reality we know as Planet Earth. Very soon that cycle of 12 will click back to #1 and the year 2019 AD will commence ...

... and so we will have another Christmas and another New Year behind us. Soon to be forgotten; or vaguely remembered by some. But not one of us will be able to recall all the details of these days in say 3 months time.

It's like now ... if you try to cast your mind back 3 months to the end of September 2018, what can you remember? What did you eat for your evening meal at the end of September? What did you talk about with those close around you? It's all a blank - yes? It feels as if its all been wiped clean; like it didn't exist ... say hello to the constant now. We've said before that all we have is the now observation point ... well test our thesis by remembering something more than scant isolated things that about your past say ten years ago. Your conscious mind knows that certain events happened ... but how well can you recall them? Can you relive them? No?

It feels almost as if nothing happened in the past. That you've not come from the past; yet you know those events took place? They must have happened? You've photographic memories and video recordings and diary entries ... so they happened for sure. But your memory banks can't raise the exact details for those events. It's a frustrating reality for the majority of us. Yet, there are always exceptions to the rules. Are they the lucky ones to be able to remember? Or would it be a curse to be able to replay all that has happened to you? Perhaps its better that you don't.

Then we get random flashbacks of places and faces and things we thoughts; what we did. So random it is frustrating. And they say it will all be reviewed when we leave this virtual shore behind. Well, here's to the future, with a task; a homework. Why not begin to train your mind to remember. To keep a retrieval copy of what you did this New Year ... train your mind to remember.

We feel it might be important ... especially if The Hidden Hand are somehow tampering with our pasts ... with the events that once took place; which is ruining our life lines; hence why we are struggling to remember events. Perhaps many of those events now didn't take place ... even though we know we experienced them. What happens if we are no longer in the same dimension as we were. What happens if we are on a different earth that appears the same but it is in another dimension? Perhaps this is the purpose of the Hadron Collider in Switzerland, and others we don't know about? 

Is The Hidden Hand tampering with time and time continuums? They appear to be tampering with everything else ... so why not time itself. Welcome thus to our way of thinking. To our open mindedness ... and the dream exploration we are undertaking. The very foundations of the virtual reality we find ourselves in, are being tampered with. The software program that runs this strange game ... its all being rewritten ... and we are being written out of the program for sure ... and that is what we feel is what is causing the physical manifestations we are witnessing at this time.

A scary possibility ... but how are we going to stop it? Again we stress they are harnessing our thoughts; our imagination and our ability to creatively manifest new sound forms into this virtual world ... we have to stop forced thinking which creates constant perceptions that are our own downfall. We have to adopt free thinking and un-think The Hidden Hand. We've been forced to think them into this reality. So it's time to un-think them! Plus whole lot more things un-thought about!!!

The Art of Clear Feeling and Clear Sensing

[Source]; Quite possibly the most under-estimated psychic gift is that of 'Clairsentience'. This is the ability to feel strongly and sense the emotions and feelings of people, animals, spirits, and places around them. You can feel emotions of others both in your heart and in your body; you can likely feel spirits around you.

You may well be clairsentient if. . . .

You are highly sensitive with your surroundings and easily pick up on the ‘vibe’ of a place or person

You go visit a place where large crowds are, and you have un-explainable emotional or physical reactions

You can empathise with others easily, knowing what they are feeling without speaking with them

You can “feel” the presence of spirits, or feel something “odd” when you are in a place where a spirit might be

You can feel other people’s pain, even the location of the pain on their body. Sometimes you will take on that feeling within your own body more>>>...

Emerging research shows that a natural citrus fruit extract can prevent cancer growth

Natural News: Citrus fruits contain numerous natural compounds that can help prevent or treat many diseases. A natural extract made from these fruits can reportedly stop a protein called galectin-3 from triggering cancer, heart disease, and kidney diseases, an article in Natural Health 365 stated.

There are no pharmaceutical drugs that can affect galectin-3. So it is very welcome to hear that modified citrus pectin could possibly halt its activity and repair the damage caused by the protein.

Galectin-3 is naturally produced by the body. In normal amounts, it encourages the growth and repair of healthy tissues. It also promotes inflammation and immune response against pathogens. However, high levels of this protein are also a known warning sign of a degenerative disease. Excess amounts are also linked with cancer, heart failure, and kidney more>>>...

Mr Musk Martian Room Service Sir!

Somewhere else for Mr Musk to look at for us on Mars. Maybe, if these are buildings he could use these are temporary shelter for his first few nights. Or does he already know which room he's booking in a Martian hotel? Who knows ... as he is never likely to let us know! There will be some fake cover up news story released to the media ... and that will be that.

'Instead of resisting any emotion, the best way to dispel it is to enter it fully, embrace it and see through your resistance' - Deepak Chopra

'Instead of resisting any emotion, the best way to dispel it is to enter it fully, embrace it and see through your resistance' - Deepak Chopra

Chemtrails Exposed: Dresser Industries and the New Manhattan Project

David Icke: Today’s New Manhattan Project (chemtrails) involves the electromagnetic manipulation of atmospheric particles. A company called Dresser Industries has historically been the leader in this scientific field for a very long time. Their company history goes back to the late 1800s and they have long since been at this field’s forefront.

Not only that, but Dresser Industries has a history of working with organizations heavily associated with the New Manhattan Project.

To top it all off, it’s a Bush family business with Nazi connections.

The history of manipulating atmospheric particles with electricity goes back to Queen Elizabeth’s court physician and early geophysicist William Gilbert (1544-1603). In 1600 he noted that atmospheric particles were commonly attracted to ‘electricks.’ This was the documented discovery of what is now known as ‘electrical precipitation’ and the history of this field is the history of Dresser Industries and their Environmental Systems division.

In the early 1800s M. Hohlfield of Leipzig University demonstrated the effect by clearing smoke from the inside of a glass jar with an electrified more>>>...

Favourite's Collection #180

It's time to feature the lovable Welcome Swallow again in the Favourite's Collection folder. This photograph was taken at Lake Tuggeranong Shoreline which was a regular hotspot for sighting Welcome Swallows.

Why cancer needs to be treated as a metabolic disease

S.O.T.T: The established dogma that cancer is a genetic disease currently rules everything, from the research that receives funding to the treatment you can expect from an oncologist. Indeed, this dogma is what fuels the entire cancer industry. Unfortunately, it's not leading to any significant breakthroughs in treatment, let alone prevention.

Seyfried and others have been able to advance the theory that cancer is primarily the result of defective energy metabolism in and damage to the cells' mitochondria. Simply put, genetic mutations are not the primary cause of cancer but are rather a downstream effect of the defective energy metabolism. As long as your mitochondria remain healthy and functional, your chances of developing cancer are actually more>>>...

Frankincense Has Been Proven to be a Psychoactive Antidepressant

Waking Times: Burning Frankincense in the form of incense has been a big part of religious and other cultural ceremonies for a millennium. The resin from the Boswellia tree also known as Frankincense or olibanum is believed to be an aroma that will help your soul reach spiritual exaltation.

Recently a team of researchers from Johns Hopkins University and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem did a study to see what the effects were of this age-old practice. They studied Frankincense to determine why it has psychoactive effects.

In order to conduct the study and observe the effects of Frankincense on the mind, the researchers administered a primary Boswellia resin incensole acetate to some mice. The team found that the ‘incensole acetate’ influences the areas of the brain which regulate more>>>...

'Memory Lane' - 29th December 2016


Image of the Day


Friday, 28 December 2018

The Realisation Human Beings Are Incredibly Powerful

If only each an every human being could realise the incredible power they hold. If only human beings could unify and learn to focus their collective objectively, directed at the invisible force that works so hard to keep human beings at war with each other.

Everyone of the 97% should all think as one; and question why something works so tirelessly at keeping every human being in separation. Together on a planet, but existing in isolation. Why is that?

Human beings as one organism is incredibly powerful; it has an energy force that can send any (virtual reality) universal force packing. Human beings may be made of this virtual reality, thus limited by the constraints of that sound vibration. But the spiritual energies that are attached to human beings exist in a reality beyond the virtual universe. It is not within that universe, but human beings have at their disposal the power of thought that the superconsciousness of that spiritual energy possesses. Unified human kind can defeat the predator that is claiming the virtual earth bit by bit.

Human beings faced being excluded from this virtual universe; prisoners of an even more vile electronic reality. One where the thoughts and the perceptions that course through them will most certainly not be their own. They will be total slaves to a vile master ... and will have no access to the oversoul. 

Human beings need to disconnect from the fear mechanism; they must control the inner voice and deny the hive mind from activating the fear responses that keep human beings in tow. The human soul is programmed to be like this; but the spiritual energy that is US is not programmed to respond to the fear mechanism. It follows the urges of the soul because it has forgotten what it is; it forgets who it is ... and identifies with the human soul as it is told this is so from an early age. It is NOT so ... the soul is a computer generated identity used as a reference point only in this virtual world. You as a spiritual energy that surrounds the human being is not that identity. You've just been forced to forget who you really are.

If you are reading this right now ... its time to learn to identify with the spiritual energy ... not with the human name you are called; the name of the soul. That soul is owned by an unseen entity. It owns this world; it owns the human beings; but it cannot own you and your spiritual energy. That is what you must know ... 

That unseen force has mixed fact with fable; truth with lies ... it has cut and pasted all types of vibrations to create what you see around the human being in this virtual world. Memories are fact, fable, lies and truths all rolled into one. Done deliberately to confuse and to conceal what is clearly before you. Now is the time to unravel the balls of wool and see what is really before you. Once you do that ... you will see what is really going on. This a a truly fake reality; truly a medley of fact and fiction ... a virtual reality now created to suit its needs not ours. The real world exists outside of this bubble of sound.  And it needs the thoughts of mankind to hold this world of sound together. The frequency of fear and of survival help keep this virtual world vibrating. Take away the fear factor ... and the awareness totally changes ... thoughts and perceptions will make this world change its sound vibration. To something the unseen forces doesn't wish to appear.

“We are only different because there exists something to be different from, and it is this difference that bonds us.” ― Chris Matakas

The Light of Truth Oracle Card for 2019

It's time for mankind, collectively, to stop having its perceptions decided for it. To cease caring about build; hair style; teeth colour; race; religion, gender; reality TV characters and all the other crap that The Hidden Hand has mankind worrying about.

Mankind needs to grasp its own thoughts and begin changing its perception of the reality which is around it. It's time to look for the lies in the story. To fight back against the invisible force that is stealing its freedom every single day.

The Magician applies to every single member of the 97% who are being suppressed by the psychotic 3% that wants the majority off the planet. By grabbing back its own thoughts, and refusing the trends that are demanded by the media and other mind bending bollocks, mankind has a chance to wield its magic on this world. That magic can be called freewill. An energy that has been taken from mankind like pinching that candy bar from a baby.

It really is time to snatch it back. And it begins by refusing to accept the nonsense that is being portrayed as the news. News is Hidden Hand propaganda. It is lies, lies and more lies all scripted to push the human rats down the maze. The human rat has to find its teeth and begin to fight back .... 2019 can be that year. 

'How can you know it's illusion, if you've not been told it's illusion?' - Matthew James

'How can you know it's illusion, if you've not been told it's illusion?' - Matthew James

How to Reconnect with Source Energy

Wake Up World: Sometimes it’s really hard to be human and to try to stay positive all the time. So much of our suffering in this world comes simply from the fact that many of us have lost our connection with that greater, loving energy that is within and that binds all of us. This is Divine Source energy, more commonly known as God, or simply just infinite love. Feel free to use whatever term with which you are most comfortable.

Life is a mystery. And this mystery is that Divine Source energy. We each carry pieces of this Source energy within us. As it feels so out of our grasp, it carries the essence of mystery and not being real. When we tap into the love and the co-creative powers that lie within us, we can learn to embody that sense of wonder that is the essence of this energy. And that sense of wonder leads to deep curiosity and experiencing life fully, with a sense of joy, purity and oneness with all that more>>>...

One More For Mr Musk ...

Here's another one for Mr Musk, for when he visitors the reputed 'empty planet' we call Mars. Being on his own exploring this desolate and inhospitable planet, he'll have the rest of his life to explain to us all the hundreds, indeed thousands, of anomalies and artefacts that exist on the Google Mars images. Mind you, NASA will have shown him the original images, so he will already know. But, there's one here that contains suspicious evidence of humanoid life forms.

Perhaps he'll get to meet with them. We'd love to know what their race is called and what they think of us humans. There appears to be literally dozens of life forms in this image extracted from Google Mars imagery. We'd love to know who and what they are. Mr Musk will you let us know, please?

Favourite's Collection #179

This wonderful image of a New Holland Honeyeater is, in my opinion, more than a worthy inclusion in the favourite's collection. Taken at Stranger Pond at a regular spot for sightings of this tiny and distinctive Australian native bird.

'Hope is the great deceiver. Hope is the piper who leads us sleepy to our slaughter' - Brent Weeks

'Hope is the great deceiver. Hope is the piper who leads us sleepy to our slaughter' - Brent Weeks


Daily Om: We all know what it feels like to want something we don't have. It may be a pair of expensive jeans, a romantic partner, or rent money; it may be a certain attitude, a car, or a savings account. 

This is part of life, and in the best-case scenario, we experience a constant flow of money and material possessions, companions and experiences, in and out of our lives. However, many of us linger in a state of wanting and not having, a state of lack that never seems to subside. We consistently perceive ourselves as not having what we need or not having what we want. 

This is an energetically draining state to be in. It is also self-perpetuating because how we feel about ourselves determines what we are able to create for more>>>...

'Memory Lane' - 28th December 2015