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Friday, 31 August 2007

'Beyond The Limits Of Decency'

Kate and Gerry McCann's lawyer has attacked sections of the media for levelling 'inhumane' slurs against the couple. Carlos Pinto de Abreu spoke after the pair confirmed they are suing a Portuguese newspaper which claimed they killed Madeleine.

The statement said: "To be deprived of a daughter and to not know what has happened to her, or where and in what condition she might be, to not know if she might be suffering or if she is being hurt is probably the most terrible trial that could happen to anyone."

"Obviously, this is not something that often happens, but it did happen to Kate Healy and Gerry McCann."

"In addition to the police investigations already underway, institutions in particular and society in general should, not only raise their voices against kidnappings and disappearances, but should also show solidarity with the victims and their families."

"The press has engaged in a horrific exercise in scandal mongering, replete with rumours and lurid commentaries which are all aimed at one thing: to sell more TV time and newspaper space to advertisers."

"Fortunately so far only a few character assassinating, tabloid-style outlets have gone beyond the limits of decency. Enough!" (Sky News)

Ten years on, Princes remember their mother at star-studded memorial

Prince Harry paid tribute to Diana at her memorial service saying she was "the best mother in the world" and that he wanted her to be remembered for the person that made "many other people happy". Prince Harry read from a speech he had written himself sayiing: "She was quite simply the best mother in the world".

He went on to say that he and William wished her to be remembered as she would have wished - "fun loving, generous, down to earth and entirely genuine."

"We both think of her everyday," he said.

"Put simply she made us and so many other people happy. May this be the way that she is remembered."

"She was our guardian, friend and protector." (Daily Mail)

Daily Merlin: The Emperor & The Empress

Daily Merlin Insight (using the Servants of the Light tarot)
31st August 2007
11:20pm - 11:55pm

'Insights around Kate & Gerry McCann using the significators The Emperor & The Empress' ...

Uncannily, the 2 of Weapons & 10 of crescents have appeared in association with these significators. The 3 of spheres & the Giver of Weapons have been closely associated with numerous insights over the previous months.

Another uncanny occurrence is the number sequence from left to right beginning with the 6 of the reversed 6 of Staves .... the 4 of the Emperor ... the 3 of the Empress and the 5 of the Priest ... -6, 4, 3, 5 ... using the numerology of this I glean the situation is out of sync. Things are out of order. Indeed the 6 of Staves reversed indicates delayed news or delayed plans ... something has occurred that has changed the sequence of events in recent times. What might the significance of 'The Priest' be here ... or give the image its other name ... 'The Hierophant' named after Chiron, the Wounded Healer? Incidentally ... it is interesting to note that in mythology Chiron was born as a hybrid ... a genetic anomaly part man and part horse. The coincidence here is that a wounded healer (genetic engineered) is linked to the significators of Gerry & Kate McCann in this particular insight. Could the current change of plans be linked in someway to a colleague or associate of the McCann's?

The Giver of Weapons links again to some ceremonial responsibility or even to a sacred marriage. We see in the image the User of Weapons bowing before the Giver of Weapons in readiness of receiving the flaming Sword ... wait a minute, the User of Weapons is the main significator for Gerry McCann in previous insights. The implications here are mighty. Much on which to muse upon.

The 3 of Spheres presents again the image of the campaign with the red curtain of concealment seen partly open behind the Jester ... how then might the insight of the 3 of Spheres be linked to the Giver of Weapons? How might it all be linked to all the other insights. Clearly there is a need for the campaign, its funding ... its links to the conception of the Flaming Sword ... and its link with all the resultant lifted level of awareness with all the other missing & abused children of the world?

Above the middle line of 4 is the representation of the opposition to Gerry & Kate shown by the 2 of Weapons ... to the right is the card of accomplishment & 'living happy ever after' ... the 10 of Crescents. The very presence of the 10 of Crescents indicates that the opposition can most surely be overcome. That it is a current 'battle' being fought. What is done is done ... and Gerry & Kate are doing the best they can to turn around the reversal of the 'six flags which lie at the bottom of their poles' in the 6 of Staves ...however, I have gained sufficient confirmation from these insights to glean that 'what is done is done' does not relate to the passing of Madeleine McCann ... Madeleine IS still alive and well. Negotiations will ensure her SAFE return ... a certain sequence of events to satisfy her custodians to secure her safe return this time.

Also 'wounded healer' may also be a 'the priest' too ... a healer/ doctor who has sufficient station to undertake ceremonies as a priest?

Guests Gather To Honour Diana's Memory

Princes Harry and William have arrived at the Guards' Chapel at the Wellington Barracks in Kensington ahead of the memorial service to mark the tenth anniversary of the death of their mother Princess Diana. The Princes organised the event and both will give readings.

The Queen, the Prince of Wales, other members of Royal Family, the Spencers and some 500 guests are attending, including Sir Elton John, Sir Cliff Richard, Lord Attenborough and celebrity photographer Mario Testino - all friends of the late Princess, as well asl Prime Minister Gordon Brown and ex-PMs Tony Blair and Sir John Major. (Sky News)

The Queen of Hearts as firmly in our minds and hearts now as then
Tears still well when we think back to when
On that fateful day our magical princess was gone to the eternal isles
We miss her kindness, her unconditional love, her wondrous smiles
The world was not the same when The Queen of Hearts died
Still we remember her and always will ...
She was truly the sunlight in our lives ... her memory keeps that light shining
---Matthew James 31st August 2007---

Madeleine's Parents To Sue For Libel

Sky News Headline; says: 'The parents of missing Madeleine McCann have confirmed they are suing a Portuguese newspaper that claimed they killed their daughter. Lawyers for Gerry and Kate McCann have filed a libel suit against the Tal & Qual newspaper, claiming the article was defamatory, completely untrue and caused the couple suffering.

A statement from the McCanns said: "Kate and I have been deeply hurt by the report in Tal & Qual. We firmly believe that the report was speculative, defamatory and published despite official statements to the contrary, which is why we have instructed lawyers. We hope that this action will encourage responsible reporting in the future."

Yellow Rose Symbolism
Throughout history, the color yellow has been closely associated with the sun. As the source of light and warmth, the sun is integral to life on Earth, and has been worshipped in many early societies. It should come as no surprise that the colour of the sun would hold many positive connotations. In many Eastern cultures, for example, the colour yellow represents joy, wisdom and power. However, in Europe at the time of the introduction of these roses, the colour yellow carried much more negative overtones. Consequently, yellow roses were long used as a symbol for jealousy and dying love. As time went on, however, the more universal meanings connected with the colour yellow have come to prevail and entwine themselves with the yellow rose. Today yellow roses are more commonly associated with joy and friendship.

A yellow rose now brings to mind all of the sunny, cheerful feelings of warmth and happiness. In contrast to the romantic meanings attributed to other roses, the yellow rose is purely a symbol for friendship. This gives it a unique place in the pantheon of roses. Yellow roses can send the perfect message of appreciation and platonic love without the romantic subtext of other colors. They can represent feelings of joy and delight, and are an ideal way to brighten someone's day who may be feeling down. There is perhaps no other flower that is able to bring out a smile in quite the way that a yellow rose can. Yellow roses generally mean dying love or platonic love. In German-speaking countries, however, they can mean jealousy and infidelity.

The flower of Tipareth on the Tree of Life is the Yellow Rose. Celebremo? Celebremos ... 'to celebrate?'

Alchemy Art #4

Engraving 3 from, J.D. Mylius Philosophia reformata, Frankfurt, 1622.


Performed live by The Scorpions

A new track of their latest album 'Humanity Hour 1'

Another 'Sighting', This Time In France?

The Sun; Says: 'Police searched a campsite in France’s Loire Valley after a reported sighting of Madeleine — who disappeared 120 days ago. Holidaymakers told cops a girl matching her description was seen at L’Etang de la Breche, near Tours. A man arrived with three children on Wednesday after only booking for two. He is thought to have driven away after the alarm was raised.

Servants of the Light Tarot

Maker of Crescents
Keeper of Crescents
User of Weapons (reversed)

The Maker of Crescent symbolises that 'someone somewhere' who is at the helm of the media campaign which sails across the ocean of human emotion. That secretive, influential man who has chosen to keep the public on their toes and at their wits end with all the media macabre. Another of the 'lookalikes' from on file this appears. The Keeper of Staves shows the waiting game being played whilst the DNA samples are compared with those on file. It is the time of playing doubleback. Seemingly this sighting is unfounded; I intuit it wasn't Madeleine McCann ... perhaps indicated by the reversal of The User of Weapons; the lack of acknowledgement by Gerry McCann? The 'gemini twins' in the image of the Keeper of Spheres denotes the duality of reactions which the pied piper is slowly creating in the minds of the truly confused general public ... one reaction is that of 'she was murdered' and the other 'Maddy is still alive' ... that duality appears to hinge on the results of the fabled DNA samples. This is what has been deliberately intended all along. Biding time and working like busy bees in the background. Modes of intelligence working to twist and sway events and connections to form this meeting of two. The two opposites ... when two forces combine in a controlled way a third force is almost always created .... something looms; that which has been intended all along.

In the meantime ... the Keeper of Staves will continue to ride his ship over the high seas of public emotion ... churning up the raw nerves because it suits whatever the cause is behind his deliberate deceptions ... the duality of the news stories is a deliberate manipulation it appears. Total macabre intentions to operantly condition the minds of the public ... Whatever all this pre-planned, well versed ... wll oiled manipulation conceals can be taken to be truly big. Madeleine's reemergence no doubt the final act of this gargantuan operation. But mark my words ... Madeleine's re-emergence will take place and it will right on cue with the instructions of the Maker of Crescents (
the creator of illusions)

Cleansing Sacred Spaces

Ok, here are some important things to consider before reading further;

1. Everything is energy. Humans, animals, minerals, plants, thoughts, emotions. All aspects of existence, no matter what it is … is the same energy.

2. When energy impacts an environment, it changes it. For good or bad --- it will change it.

3. Everything has some form of consciousness. Everything is a ‘spirit’ thought form. Created by higher forces to exist in the form that it is; to function in the form that it is; to interact it the way that it does.

4. You are part of everything else. What affects one part, affects all other parts.

5. Like attracts like.

6. Cleansing is healing.

From the above, you should glean the importance of cleansing the energy fields which make up you and your environment. Although we might not always be able to sense an energy imbalance; we are nevertheless affected by it. Some areas/buildings feel comfortable to us, while others may make us feel edgy, depressed or anxious to get out.

After there has been a heated argument in a room for example, the atmosphere may feel heavy and dismal. You may even begin to feel irritable yourself. This negative energy, if allowed to exist and even grow (like attracts like), can adversely affect all the inhabitants in that area. In your house, it can even make you, your family, your pets and your plants sick. It will actually make your house sick. Animals are especially vulnerable as they act as buffers for us, and will absorb this negativity until they get physically sick.

When we cleanse, we're replacing undesirable energy (aka negativity) with desirable or positive energy. Anything can be cleansed and probably should be from time to time..

If you do a cleansing ritual or procedure with anger or fear of the negativity you are trying to release, you will only exchange one kind of negativity for another. You gain nothing. Always enter into any cleansing process with an attitude of love. Negative energy is not bad or evil; it is simply energy that does not sustain you. Nothing is inherently evil --- it is our judgement of it that labels something good or bad.

There are numerous cleansing methods available, but one which is particularly reliable is Smudging.

Smudging, (passing through smoke,) is an ancient method of cleansing that works quite well. I've used it to cleanse my house, and it's very good for smaller items and for cleansing your aura. When smudging a room, work in one direction, spiralling to the center. Which direction you use is up to you - try both. Counter clockwise is usually considered banishing; clockwise is invoking.
Use White Sage, but garden sage works equally well. Pine, of any kind, is generally thought to bring in desirable positive energy; while the sages are more for banishing the negative. Both can be used during the same smudging ritual. Use powdered sage or pine on charcoal, or a smudge stick or even a small wad of the leaves. Carry a heatproof container (ashtray) in the left hand; the smudge in the right.

For a room, try to start near, but not in front of the door, sweeping the smoke into all corners; up to the ceiling and down to the floor. If you use leaves or a smudge stick, knock the ashes off often, so you won't catch anything on fire. It's a good idea to keep a container of water close by, just in case.

Repeat the following, if you wish, during the smudging:

From the Element of Fire
Comes this smoke, which is Air.
From the Element of Earth
Grows this plant, which is Water.
I call upon the Elements and the Blessings of Spirit
To please cleanse this (area, space, being, etc.)
For the good of all.

Continue until every inch of the area has been touched by the smoke and you it has been finished. As with any magickal rite, intent and visualisation are important. Visualising the movement of energy adds the power to the cleansing procedure.

Alchemy Art #3

Woodcut of hermaphrodite from Barthelemy Aneau, Picta Poesis, 1552.

Police Chief Claims Diana Was Killed By Fiat Driver

Daily Express Headline; Says: 'THE driver of a mystery white Fiat Uno was responsible for Princess Diana’s death, claims the detective who led the inquiry into the crash that killed her. Jean Claude Mules, who ran the initial French investigation, said his officers found compelling evidence that the car carrying Diana and Dodi Fayed collided with the Fiat seconds before it crashed.

If officers had been able to trace the driver they would have “had their killer”, he added. As Britain today marks the 10th anniversary of Diana’s death, Mr Mules’s comments will re-ignite anger that the Fiat Uno driver has never been traced.

They will also intensify claims that both the French and British investigations into the crash were failures. And they will fuel the fears of those who believe that Diana, Dodi and driver Henri Paul were killed in an Establishment plot. MI5 and MI6 agents were known to be on the ground that night

The Fiat was spotted entering the tunnel at the same time as Diana’s car. The failure to find the driver – or the Uno itself – has given rise to numerous theories, including the possibility that the Princess’s car was targeted by a secret service assassin who forced her vehicle to crash.

The Faerie Faith

The Faerie Faith is an ancient Welsh and Pictish folk belief that evolved into a religion from both Druidic and Witchcraft sources around the time Christianity took root in Wales. Based on Shamanistic folk lore and myth, this religion has shaman and magickal foundations. It's priesthood evolved from Pictish Shamans and Folk Witchcraft sources . It is said that it's hierarchy are faerie doctors, cunning men, men in black or wise women. These are people who have seen and interacted with faeries and obtained the knowlege needed to see and experience them. Based on the ancient Welsh gods of Don, the teachings evolved into a oral Faerie Tradition. The Children of Don chose to stay in Wales after the invasion of the Celts, and took refuge under the hills. Faerie Folk of Wales or Y Tylwyth Teg are man sized Faeries, and supposedly the spirits of Pict heros. They live underground, in Dolmens or underwater. Of these we can derive the Heroic Faerie and the Medieval Fairie. Wales has two races, a visible race called the Cymry and the invisible Faerie People or the Tylwyth Teg.

The tradition of Y Tylwyth Teg derived from Dynion Mwyn, was named after these Welsh Faerie people of the OtherWorld.

One of the most important functions of a High Priest and/or High Priestess is a knowledge of not only the seasons and their various influences, but to know which god or goddess rules during which period of time, and being able to be a mediator between your human members of the coven and the Gods. The importance of this art and duty cannot be minimized because all knowledge flows from the gods.

The Welsh pantheon of tribal Gods consists of a very passionate, and inspired Mythology, rich in magick, enchantment, battle and wisdom. Both Gods & Goddesses are somewhat equal in the Welsh Tradition depending on their aspects, but their relationship to each other and humanity, is very complex. It is a religion of Duality, with one diety complementing the other. These Deities are called upon for different reasons because each is a particular personification of the Great Spirit and represents certain primary aspects: agriculture, weather, hunting, prosperity, love, war, etc.

By recognising and calling upon our gods, we also awaken our own intuitive and creative aspects. We re-establish a harmonic relationship with the inner reality represented by the children of the earth. Our tribal ancestors knew this secret, and included it in their religious beliefs and practices. The Earth's first children were the Gods, and their children were the heros who came after. By identifying with this ancient pantheon, we establish links with age old energy of a very powerful order. This is always done in a very creative context, since we look at each person as an individual _expression of the Gods and Goddesses. We also recognize that the stories of our heroes which occur in Triads, stories, and song, also awaken these aspects and inspire us to wisdom and knowledge. (Askyewolfe)

Definitive Proof: Majority Of Scientists Do Not Support Man Made Warming Theory

Survey of peer reviewed studies reveals less than 50% of published scientists believe global warming is man made. More skeptics than advocates among scientific community while IPCC claim majority endorse the theory.

A new survey of over 500 peer reviewed scientific research papers on climate change, written between 2004 and 2007, has concluded that less than half endorse what has been dubbed the "consensus view," that human activity is contributing to considerable global climate change.
In direct conflict with assertions by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that a scientific consensus agrees it is 90% likely that man is responsible for warming, Medical researcher Dr. Klaus-Martin Schulte's survey contends that only 45% support the theory and that is only if you include papers that merely lean towards endorsement.

Though the survey has not yet been released, the results have been submitted to the journal Energy and Environment, and science blog DailyTech has obtained a pre-publication copy which states:

"Of 528 total papers on climate change, only 38 (7%) gave an explicit endorsement of the consensus. If one considers "implicit" endorsement (accepting the consensus without explicit statement), the figure rises to 45%. However, while only 32 papers (6%) reject the consensus outright, the largest category (48%) are neutral papers, refusing to either accept or reject the hypothesis. This is no "consensus."

The figures are even more shocking when one remembers the watered-down definition of consensus here. Not only does it not require supporting that man is the "primary" cause of warming, but it doesn't require any belief or support for "catastrophic" global warming. In fact of all papers published in this period (2004 to February 2007), only a single one makes any reference to climate change leading to catastrophic results."


Alchemy Art #2

Engraving from Malachias Geiger
Microcosmus hypochondriacus, Munich, 1651.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

End Fluoridation, Say 500 Physicians, Dentists, Scientists And Environmentalists

In a statement released recently, over 600 professionals are urging Congress to stop water fluoridation until Congressional hearings are conducted. They cite new scientific evidence that fluoridation, long promoted to fight tooth decay, is ineffective and has serious health risks. (

Signers include a Nobel Prize winner, three members of the prestigious 2006 National Research Council (NRC) panel that reported on fluoride's toxicology, two officers in the Union representing professionals at EPA headquarters, the President of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment, and hundreds of medical, dental, academic, scientific and environmental professionals, worldwide.

Signer Dr. Arvid Carlsson, winner of the 2000 Nobel Prize for Medicine, says, "Fluoridation is against all principles of modern pharmacology. It's really obsolete."

Paul Connett, PhD, Executive Director of the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), announced that an Online Action Petition to Congress in support of the Professionals' Statement will soon be available at FAN's web site,

"The NRC report dramatically changed scientific understanding of fluoride's health risks," says Connett. "Government officials who continue to promote fluoridation must testify under oath as to why they are ignoring the powerful evidence of harm in the NRC report," he added.

An Assistant NY State Attorney General calls the report "the most up-to-date expert authority on the health effects of fluoride exposure." (Medical News Today)

Labour Election Landslide Victory Predicted

Daily Express Headline;says: 'Gordon Brown has been given a fresh boost after a poll gave him enough support from voters to secure a landslide general election victory. The YouGov survey for the Daily Telegraph showed Labour maintaining its eight-point lead over the Tories, by 41% to 33%, from last month. The findings will contribute to speculation that the Prime Minister will call a snap election in the autumn.They will also increase the pressure on Conservative leader David Cameron as well as Liberal Democrat chief Sir Menzies Campbell, whose party's support slipped two points to 14%. If realised in an election, Labour's lead in the poll would be enough to give Mr Brown a Commons majority of more than 100 seats and a huge mandate in the next Parliament.

Power Animals: The Beaver

Beavers are creatures of the water the element associated with the subconscious. This is where hidden knowledge and forgotten dreams are stored. A powerful totem to have the beaver reminds us to live our dreams and shows us how to manifest them using the resources available. Beavers have a gentle nature and are very industrious. Those with this totem often find that they must work hard to obtain their goals. Remember to be kind to yourself. When you feel defeated simply call on the beaver to help you.

The beaver is an amazing animal. They are master engineers and alter environments. Their dams are made of wood held together with mud and leaves. Resourceful and ingenious they turn streams into lakes with their dams. When they leave an area, the dam eventually decays and a fertile meadow is left where the lake was. The beaver knows how to work in harmony with the environment and can show us how to do the same. They hold the energies of fertility and new promise.

Beavers are expert builders. Their dams are strong and secure. When the beaver swims into your life it is asking you to strengthen the foundation on which you stand or to build a new one. If we continue to stand on old foundations new opportunities can pass us by. Because of its building skills the beaver has been linked to ancient masonry. Those with this totem often have past lives associated with this magical art. The study of masonry can reveal deeper insights about who you are and who you have been.

The beavers fur is waterproof and a hard yellow enamel coats their teeth protecting them from damage. Excellent swimmers, the beaver can stay submerged for 15 minutes. Controlling the breath is one of its attributes. Those with this medicine would benefit from yoga or any form of breathing exercises. They make excellent breath workers as well as architects.

Alchemy Art #1

Engraving 5 from Abraham Eleazar,
Taken for the book 'Uraltes chymisches Werck'

Children Say A Prayer For Madeleine

Sky News Headline;says: 'Madeleine McCann's would-be classmates have said a prayer for the missing girl on what should have been her first day at school. As well as saying a special prayer for her, the school is also keeping a candle burning until she comes home.

Headteacher Gail Neill said: "We are deeply saddened that we cannot yet welcome Madeleine McCann, who was due to start in our Four Plus class today. A place has been prepared here for Madeleine, in exactly the same way as it has been for the other new children. It will remain ready and waiting as we continue to pray, along with her parents, in the hope of her safe return to her family."

Clubs learn Champions League fate

Manchester United, drawn in Group F, played Roma in a quarter-final tie last season, thrashing the Italian side 7-1 in the second-leg at Old Trafford to complete an aggregate 8-3 victory. However, the tie was marred by violence during the first match in Rome.

Group F
Sporting Lisbon
Dynamo Kiev

Chelsea defeated Valencia to reach last season's semi-final, with Michael Essien scoring in the last minute of the second-leg in Spain to secure a 3-2 aggregate victory.

Group B
ValenciaSchalke 04

Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry was pleased with his team's draw, which includes a trip to Turkey to play Besiktas. "We are happy enough," said Parry. "We have happy memories of Istanbul. We have proved we are capable of beating anyone on our day and we have a better squad this season."

Group A

Celtic face a difficult task in the Champions League after the draw for the group stage paired them with holders AC Milan, Benfica and Shakhtar Donetsk. Rangers also face a tough task, against Barcelona, Lyon and Stuttgart.

Group C
Werder Bremen

Group D
Shakhtar Donetsk

Group E

Group G
PSV Eindhoven
CSKA Moscow

Group H
Sevilla/AEK Athens
Steau Bucharest
Slavia Prague

(Source: BBC News)

Final Preparations For Diana Memorial

Sky News Headline: says: 'Final preparations are being made for tomorrow's memorial service for Diana, Princess of Wales. The service will mark the 10th anniversary of her death in a car crash in Paris.It has been organised by her sons, Princes William and Harry, who will both give readings.

The 500 guests at the Guards' Chapel in London's Wellington Barracks will include Diana's sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale. Her brother, Earl Spencer, and Prince Charles will also attend the event - but not the Duchess of Cornwall. Camilla had originally planned to go but changed her mind - reportedly on the advice of the Queen.

Many felt it would have been inappropriate for her to attend as she had an affair with Charles while he was still married to Diana.

Daily Merlin: 'Around The Empress'

Daily Merlin Insight (Using Servants of the Light tarot)
Tuesday 30th August 2007
8:00pm - 8:25pm

'Using the Significator of The Empress to see any possible insights around the current situation' .

Interesting insights, uncannily similar to what was revealed for the User of Weapons in a previous transcript. Clearly the Emperor is seen by the side of the Empress. The Maker of Weapons ... and its reminder of the court of the weapons ... the sword of conflict being created on 'the anvil' by the maker. There is the opposition of the two sides represented by the 2 of Weapons too. That force which opposes the 'teamwork' of the Empress & the Emperor ... that forces which currently prevents the wish fulfillment & accomplishment offered by the 10 of Crescents. There ... in plain view the 4 of Crescents ... the 'dishevelled woman' ... the bearer of the replica crescent. She who it appears is linked to the custodian of the Shining Star ... a mind filled with envy and malice towards the Empress & the Emperor. The same persona identified in the User of Crescents image to the left of the Maker of Weapons. Before the altar of the crescent ... requesting that prize for herself ... asking the Maker of Crescents ... but so obviously denied ...

A cycle of events behind the cloak ... behind the pact of silence. Somewhere within the group these circumstances are known. Someone knows of, or links with the 'dishevelled woman' and is very much aware of the cause ... and sees the effects. The normal peaceful surroundings of the Empress seemingly transformed to the volatile world of the Emperor. Her time of silent servitude appears to have been changed ... as the path between the red and the blue (that of Teth the serpent) provides the Empress with the strength she needs.

Events outlined within this transcript warrant further intuition, further muses ... for within these images are 'clues' to the enforced situation, as the 'dishevelled woman' appears to have wanted to covert that which wasn't hers ... and perhaps that rejection set off a chain of circumstances which encroached on the court life of The Emperor.

Slowed Down Mode once more

Well. Here we are on slowed down mode again with Xtra Broadband over here. The tortoise trots towards the nearest wall ... to watch the paint drying ... even before the paint has been put on the wall. Believe me ... broadband tonight is slower than slow ...

Path 11: The Path of Aleph

The eleventh path is the Scintillating Intelligence. because it is the essence of that curtain which is placed close to the order of the disposition, and this has a special dignity given to it that it may be able to stand before the face of the cause of causes.

The Path of Aleph .. the path of the Ox ... links absolute unity with the power which is its most basic expression. In Kabbalistic theory it is the first of all relationships and it relates to all the other paths in something of the way what an original relates to its copies. It is the interaction between unity and power; between essence and the act which derives from that essence.

The eleventh path has a quality of completeness and universality which is not found elsewhere on the tree. As it forms part of a relationship with the Supernal Triad, the path of Aleph can ony be grasped in an abstract sense; much like the perfect circles and infinite lines of geometry, which can be imagined but never drawn ... the perfect creative image in the mind's eye which can be perceived and seen at the back of the mind ... but sadly cannot be reproduced by the mortal artist as the geometry of the image is lost in the process of perceiving the creative image.

The two qualities ... the universal and the abstract have a dominant role in the symbolism and the meaning of the Path of Aleph. Every relationship on the Tree and thus in the Kabbalistic universe can be seen as a specific form ... a form defined and limited in a particular way ... of this one primal interaction.

Similarly, each of the symbols of the path itself points toward some other other path or sphere on the Tree, as though seeking examples of a process too general to describe in any other way. In pathworking, entities and experiences of the path do not follow predictable patterns. It in truth eludes definition just as Kether, the sphere at the higher end of the tree eludes any act of perception at all.

Aleph means Ox which is the bull which has been castrated, which is of particular significance to this path. Oxen are extremely strong but the strength does not express itself in a sexual manner. The non-sexual nature of the Ox makes a useful symbol of a relationship in which polarity does not function. There is polarity on the path in one sense, for the relationship between Kether & Chokmah itself forms a polarity .. but polarity plays no part in the tree's structure until both Chokmah and Binah have been emanated. On the Path of Aleph, which traces the beginning of the Lightning Flash, the earliest phases of creation ... phases in which the process of polarity does not yet dominate ... still echo.

The Tarot correspondence of this path is The Fool, its placement controversial in occult circuits ... because the Path of Aleph is perceived as the source of all paths, The Fool can be placed anywhere on the tree of life. The term fool was a professional title ... fools or jesters had a valued place in the court of kings during medieval times. Behind their entertainment identity is a much older function ... one of a shamanistic tradition which saw madness as the close kin of trance, or wisdom and of transformation ... the fool, the madman, the innocent came from outside the conventional order of things at once threatening that order and offering it insights it could not reach on its own.

The Mythological Principle is that of 'The Child of the Primal Void' ... which represents a figure, who like the primal bull, tends to appear at the beginning of creation myths ... without parents, without origin, it appears in dark water or mist, with all the powers of the universe present inside itself. Like the Path of Aleph itself, it appears in many forms and evades full understanding in all of them.

Empty Desk Says Madeleine Still Missing

A single empty desk will be a poignant reminder that missing Madeleine McCann should be starting school today. The four-year-old had been due to attend Bishop Ellis Catholic primary school in Thurmaston, Leicestershire. The school keeps a candle burning to symbolise its hope that one day she will be found, and pupils will today say prayers for her.

Headteacher Gail Neill says the candle symbolises the school's hope and Madeleine's spirit. She said the school was deeply saddened that it could not yet welcome Madeleine but a place had been prepared for her in exactly the same way as for the other children.

"It will remain ready and waiting as we continue to pray, along with her parents, in the hope of her safe return," she said. (Sky News)

A Bavarian Offering too ...

Reported 28th July 2007
Fischen, Bayern, Bavaria, Germany

A Swiss Crop Circle

.... another crop circle in the 'post 777' era of pictographic images. This time in Switzerland.

Reported 27th July 2007
Chalet a Gobet, Waadt, Switzerland

Front & Back Pages Once More

Daily Express Front & Back Page for Thursday 30th August 2007

An appropriate headline to go alongside this one would be 'Pinocchio's Nose Continues To Grow And Grow' ...

More tabloid tripe in order to squeeze a few more paper sales out of this story ... A syringe might have been 'found' in the apartment .... it's so easy for story props to 'dropped' in place by unseen hands to reinforce a falsehood story. The entire scenario has had wilting success, so someone somewhere has decided to try the 'look what we found in the room, now do you believe us' bollocks?

Na ... it don't wash ... especially as the headline links subliminally with the photo of an athlete on the back
page ... get those conditioned cognitive processes mulling by subliminal association.

When The Children Cry

Music Video by White Lion

A classic 'ballad' and an all time favourite song.

Power Animal: The Otter

There are two kinds of Otter, the river and sea. Delightful creatures to watch in the wild otters have a strong curiosity exploring every nook and cranny they can find just to see what's there. Their curiosity reminds us that everything is interesting if looked at from different angles. They know how to float on the currents of life enjoying the beauty that it holds. Their relaxed attitude reminds us to laugh with life and not take things to seriously. They offer us the gift of laughter, trust and playfulness.

Otters are agile and fast in the water. They are often seen floating on their backs with their paws extended out of the water, sliding on their bellies playfully, or performing acrobatic maneuvers. Water has long been associated with the emotional energies in man. Otters glide through the emotional ups and downs of life with ease and can teach us how to do the same. They represent the creative, nurturing energies that live within us and show us how to honor them.

Otters are excellent parents and care for their young longer than most other marine mammals. They enjoy the company of other otters and are rarely seen alone. Those with this medicine benefit by living on or close to the water and find comfort in group interactions.

The otter is very talkative. When frightened their calls take on an eerie piercing sound similar to a baby screaming. They have few natural enemies and are not afraid of humans.

When otter appears in your life it is asking you to let go of worry and pain, lighten up and enjoy what life has to offer. Trust your inner knowing , develop trust for others and embrace the world with excitement and enthusiasm. Life is what we make it. The otter shows us how to create a joyful future. All we need to do is follow its lead.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Similar Figures

The similarity between the above 'Making It' logo and the crop circle which appeared at Alton Barnes, Wiltshire on 7th July 2007 is quite startling. In this realm of interactions surely there are instances when similarities are something more than coincidence (perhaps) ... (Source: Battling The Behemoth)

United Have Blown It?

Daily Express Headline; says; 'John Terry has questioned whether Manchester United have the fight to retain the league title. Chelsea have a five-point lead over their rivals, having taken 10 points from a possible 12, while Sir Alex Ferguson’s team only secured their first win on Sunday. Chelsea captain Terry said: “It’s good for us that United have not started very well. Maybe they are missing that spark, especially without Wayne Rooney [injured] and Cristiano Ronaldo [suspended], who were two great players from last year. They give them what they’re all about. And there are other players who are just bedding in at the moment. Speaking with some of the United players, they should have beaten Portsmouth away [their second game of the season]. But they didn’t, they picked up a point."

'Ready An' Willing

Performed by Whitesnake live at Castle Donnington 1983

One of my all time favourite songs by Whitesnake from the Ready An' Willing album.

Everything I do

By Bryan Adams. The Music Video for Robin Hood The Prince of Thieves

The signature tune for Bring Madeleine Home ...

In this difficult time,
For Gerry & Kate it cannot be an easy undertaking
Wrongly accused of the speculative crime
Their hearts must breaking
Seeking the end to this delicately poised tirade
To some it appears so real, to others a theatrical charade
But whatever it may be, know I truly sympathise
It cannot be good to be in their shoes
It cannot be easy to be going through this awful situation ...

They surely mustn't be blamed for what we see
What appears to transpire in this case
What will be will be
One thing I am certain ... in the end
We will all see Maddy's smiling face ...
Alive and well ....

The 'Reality' of Innerworld Contacts

Many people simply cannot accept that such entities or levels of existence are 'real'. Indeed, this debate over apparent reality is not confined to just materialist sceptic, it has tun through mystical speculation and magical philosophy for aeons, ever since mankind first sought answers to the question of the nature of being.

It must be stressed that 'innerworld contacts' are not mere formulations of group or individual psyche. Nor are they personifications or what can loosely be called metaphysical nonpersons. It is the imaginative approach which is the one and only secret of magic ... all other aspects can come with practice. Imagination is the power behind true magic. Imaginative insights are the key to opening the door on the innerworlds. Through imagination contact is made with these inner worlds.

The magician employs images, personifications and archetypes ... which are the human interface for any relationship with energies which we may not face unveiled. This explains, therefore, the superficially hierarchical systems of magical symbolism or the devolution of divinity down to humanity. The linear quality is however an illusion borne of literary limitations ... true magical education is a practical and oral tradition.

The forms or filters within the imagination act as matrices for energy; as beings they have considerable independence and range of behaviour, but thought forms are not spiritual entities independent of the magician creating them. They may attune very closely to such independent entities and over time the image may infilled or enabled by a true entity of a high order.

To the beginner, the array of orders, images and interactions are baffling, yet with a certain amount of practice the magician will build selective filters in his or her psyche whereby only those contacts of most relevance can appear to the inner vision or field of awareness.

There is a simple rule in magical contact work .... do not bother to debate the so called reality of a contact, but do behave as if they are real at the time of the communication or interaction. LIke personas of the outside world, innerworld contacts will come and go. Some will prove to be important while others will just be fleeting encounters. Intellectual debate is meaningless in magical arts as it will only carry the magician so far. However, this does not imply that there is to be abandonment of scepticism, analysis or sound common sense. An innerworld contact which proposes absurd suggestions is just as plain dangerous as any imbalanced personality making absurd suggestions in the outside world. If a contact appears to be absurd then the magician challenges it; often the image and message will transform if correctly challenged or channelled.

Behind the transformation of innerworld beings is a deep mystical knowledge that power may express itself through either negative or positive forms; an angel may be a fallen angel or daemon simultaneously ... but if correctly channelled they will inevitably transform into the mode set by the symbolism or consciousness of the magician. Any spurious entities will flee or dissolve for they are only shadows. The rather ridiculous notion of names of power which compel subservience from supernatural beings is but a corruption of this wisdom teaching.

The Mystery of Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor Sunset

Daily Merlin: 'Insights Around The User of Weapons'

Daily Merlin Insight (Using Servants of the Light tarot)
Wednesday 29th August 2007
10:30pm -

'Using the User of Weapons 'Significator' for possible insights around the situation ....'

Familiar images all around. The Empress firmly by the side of the significator. The Emperor above and to the left. Perhaps above is significant of higher rank? But then surely the status of Emperor befits the consort to the Empress? Note the 'trinity' of the suit of weapons. The Keeper ... the User ... the Maker ... all linked and entwined within this situation. Organised by knights of the mind? The User appears to be the 'front runner' or the one on the front line. The spokesperson or maybe Figurehead for the court of weapons. The court of 'swords' ... the court amid the conflict in other word. But then if the user is under the control of the keeper ... who then is its 'keeper'? Or is this just a slant on words. 4 of Spheres the current situation ... the User seen to be visibly upset ... unnerved by the interjection presented by the 2 of Staves .... the two sides to every story. It's time for the script of the User ... his account of it all to be heard. Silenced by preplanned circumstances ... the disappearance occurring in Portugal with its secrecy laws and its policing methods ... is this why Portugal was selected? Why not Greece or the UK ... but then this part would not have been as it has been? Sympathy must be given to the User of Weapons as it is clear it is his phantoms from the past he fights ... he wields the sword against an opponent with her back to us the observer ... it is the User who must now defend himself as it appears the female accuser was the one who set all of this off? Was it the Portuguese presenter reported in the tabloids? Or is this someone else ... a figurehead from The User's past ... someone aggrieved about the marriage between the Emperor and the Empress? And who is the young child who is seen to hide behind the User in that insight ... not Maddy surely? Could this be another child ... another offspring in the past? There are snippets of reverberations ... shades of possibility ... who is Abby? Where is there banking here (not the name of a Building Society that is pure coincidence) ... ??? Trading in the heart of the city? I doubt that the Empress will be kept in the dark over this matter ... for this appears like a shadow hanging over their lives ... a deepening mystery ... know the world of the court of weapons is indeed a world of the occult. It matters not ... it has no consequence ... except for its very far reaching sphere of influences. Reaching far and reaching wide like red serpents wrapped around the pillars of power. The User knows so many within the schemes of things ... well learned, well versed, well skilled and so much more than the persona portrayed. Family ties far and wide. Names within names ... ties within ties. A gifted man with so much on his shoulders. To be successful there are many a toe to step on or over. Well groomed and well prepared within the court ... know it those at the highest who must always fear their secrets. It ensures they conform to the wishes of they who they represent. And when the representation is those of the highest high ... the stakes are raised even higher.

Know the campaign of the User of Weapons is in all truth on behalf of the flaming sword. He knows well enough that flame still burns, her heart still beats ... he is truly the paternal link ... and in the capacity of the Emperor he loves with all his heart that little girl. But as the User of Weapons he has his sworn responsibility to the court of weapons. That which was granted means he must ride through these stormy seas the best way that he can ... in order to permit the two opposites of the 2 of Staves to join. He can only do it as the provided script ... as it appears to have been planned ...

The Gigantic Mysteries of Glastonbury Tor

The mysteries of Glastonbury Tor are not only in its legends but have a physical dimension, openly displayed. The hill is presumed natural, but anyone can see that at one time it has been shaped. Around its sides are several tiers of well defined terraces. They stand out most clearly when the sun is low, but can be seen and walked at anytime. It had always been supposed that the terraces were made by early cultivators, for growing vines perhaps.

In 1964 they were seen in an entirely new light by an Irishman, Geoffrey Russell. Twenty years previously he had experienced a vision in which he saw a bilateral figure of concentric rings and understood it to be an image of the brain. Later he came across a diagram of the Cretan labyrinth, as carved on a rock in Tintagel, and recognized it as the figure he had seen in the vision. Labyrinths thereupon became his full-time interest. The subject is notoriously gripping, for the symbolism of the labyrinth is powerful upon a variety of levels. It is generally agreed to be a plan of a journey, a pilgrimage to a world – centre sanctuary such as Jerusalem, and on a deeper level it depicts the pilgrimage of the soul through life, death and rebirth. When Plato in the Republic tells of a journey through the afterworld of a soldier who had been left dead on a battlefield, he describes the path of a labyrinth.

When Russell first saw the ringed terraces on Glastonbury Tor he recognized in them the form of a great three-dimensional labyrinth. A survey was made of the Tor and a model of it was constructed, from which it could be seen that the rings were seven in number and joined up to form a continuous pathway towards the top of the Tor, accurately reproducing the twists and turns of the seven-layered labyrinth which symbolized the classical Mysteries.

A discovery of this scale could not immediately be assimilated by archaeologists and Glastonbury scholars. Moreover, like all discoveries at Glastonbury, it came through revelation, which is not a popular medium among the professors. Yet many discerning people have now accepted the reality of the Tor labyrinth; the evidence for it soberly summarized in a booklet by Geoffrey Ashe, and the plain fact of it can be seen by anyone who cares to follow its winding course up the Tor.

In view of Glastonbury Tor's ancient character as Spiral Castle, centre of the Mysteries, the discovery of a spiral labyrinth around its Tor should not be surprising. The interesting question is when it was constructed. The earliest tribes were wholly concerned with keeping their landscape in the same state of nature as they found it. No doubt they regarded the Tor as a place of initiation, but they are not likely to have engraved marks upon it. The labyrinth, then, must have been carved after the time of settlement, from about 4000 BC. That places it within the age of the giants. It is indeed a typical product of that age. Even though it was always before everyone's eyes, its gigantic scale long hid it from perception. It should perhaps be called the Giant's Maze. (New Light On The Ancient Mystery Of Glastonbury by John Mitchell)

Heavy Fuel

By Dire Straits

A favourite Dire Straits track and a memorable video.

'Not Too Late To Do The Right Thing'

Sky News Headline; says: 'The father of Madeleine McCann has made a new appeal to her abductor, saying "it is not too late to do the right thing"

In his latest blog entry, Gerry McCann says: "Sometimes people do things for reasons that even they cannot understand. An act of madness, an accident or sudden impulse can lead to consequences that people may never have imagined or intended. Faced with such a situation we believe any human soul will ultimately suffer torment and feelings of guilt and fear.If you have done something you regret, if you find yourself in a situation you never intended, it is not too late to do the right thing. Please come forward, return Madeleine, leave her in a place of safety. At the very least, help us by letting us know what has happened to our beautiful little girl."

The Four Cities

There are four cities that no mortal eye has seen:
Gorias, that is in the East, and Finias that is in the South,
and Murias that is in the West, and Falias that is in the North.
And the symbol of Falias is the stone of rebirth, which is crowned with pale fire.
And the symbol of Gorias is the dividing sword.
And the symbol of Finias is a spear.
And the symbol of Murias is a hollow that is filled with water and fading light.

From: The Little Book of the Great Enchantment by Fiona Macleod

The Great Sioux Nation

The Sioux are a confederacy of several tribes that speak three different dialects, the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota. The Lakota, also called the Teton Sioux, are comprised of seven tribal bands and are the largest and most western of the three groups, occupying lands in both North and South Dakota. The Dakota, or Santee Sioux, live mostly in Minnesota and Nebraska, while the smallest of the three, the Nakota, primarily reside in South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana. The name Sioux derives from the Chippeway word "Nadowessioux" which means "Snake" or "Enemy." However, the Sioux generally call themselves Lakota or Dakota, meaning "friends, allies, or to be friendly."

The Sioux were a proud people with a rich heritage. They were the masters of the North American plains and prairies, feared by other tribes from the great lakes to the Rockies.

Migrating west from Minnesota, the
Sioux became nomads of the plains, taking advantage of horses which were originally brought to the Americas by the Spanish in the 1500s. Following the buffalo, they lived in teepees to allow them quick mobility.

Though the Sioux were known as great warriors, the family was considered the center of Sioux life. Children were called “Wakanisha” which meant sacred and were the center of attention. While monogamy was most often practiced, Indian men were allowed to take on more than one wife. However, infidelity was punished by disfigurement.

The roles of men and women were clearly defined with the men expected to provide for and defend the family. Hunting was taken very seriously and infraction of the hunting rules could lead to destruction of a man’s teepee or other property. Women were the matriarchs, ruling the family and domestic lives of the band.

The Sioux were a deeply spiritual people, believing in one all-pervasive god, Wakan Tanka, or the Great Mystery. Religious visions were cultivated and the people communed with the spirit world through music and dance. Rituals of self-sacrifice, by inflicting slashes upon themselves or other self-inflicted wounds, asserted their identity as Indian warriors. This was also practiced by mourners during burial ceremonies.

War and battles were another underlying principle of the
Sioux people, because through it, men gained prestige, and their prestige was reflected in the family honor.

The Lakota Sometimes also spelled “Lakhota,” this group consists of seven tribes who were known as warriors and buffalo-hunters. Sometimes called the Tetons, meaning “prairie dwellers.

Walking in the Shadow of the Blues

Performed by Whitesnake at Castle Donnington Monsters of Rock 1983

The opening track from one of the most memorable concerts I have ever attended ... a must for Music Choice.

Vocals: David Coverdale
Keyboard: Jon Lord
Guitar: Micky Moody
Guitar: Mel Galley
Bass: Colin Hodgkinson
Drums: Cozy Powell

No Sight nor Written Entry

Abundant lights surround the Seeker
A lone resemblance of the magician
Out there ... deep within etheric shores
Places beyond the sights of mortal man
What was, what can be again ... come to comfort
Aware the shaman expends so much energy on the manifest
To reach those sacred parchments
Aiding that replica in its questing
The seeker learns so much from those plains
Those lights ... relay telepathically ...
What they are able ...
That which filters down into the lower ego
Close, closer the flame felt warmer
That light which is sought, belongs still on the manifest
No sight there, nor written entry to denote passage to there...
--- Matthew James ---

How to See Auras

There is nothing “paranormal” in the Universe, except our limited understanding of Nature. What we think we “know” on Earth now is just a tiny drop in the Ocean of Knowledge.In the distant past, people admired things they could not explain and called them “miracles”. Long ago, people were able to see Auras. Advanced spiritual people and their immediate students were painted with golden haloes around their heads, because some artists could actually see Auras. Nature gave us ALL we need to see Auras. All is required is the knowledge how to use your senses together with your conscious effort. If you decide not to try, you will NEVER see the Aura. On the other hand, when you SEE something for yourself, no longer will you need to rely on believing someone. You will KNOW. And you can use your knowledge to learn more..

Colours and intensity of the aura, especially around and above the head have VERY special meanings. Watching someone's aura you can actually see the other person's thoughts before you hear them expressed verbally. If they do not agree with what this person is saying, you effectively see a lie every time. No one can lie in front of you undetected. We cannot fake the Aura. It shows our True Nature and intentions for everyone to see.

Also, aura is our spiritual signature. When you see a person with a bright, clean aura, you can be SURE that such person is good and spiritually advanced, even if he/she is modest and not aware of it. When you see a person with a gray or dark aura, you may be almost SURE, that such person has unclear intentions, regardless how impressive, eloquent, educated, "good looking" or "well dressed" he/she seems to appear.

By reading Aura it seems possible to diagnose malfunctions in the body (diseases) long before physical symptoms become evident. By consciously controlling your Aura you can actually heal yourself.However, healing of the physical body is nothing in comparison to what seeing and reading auras can do for our consciousness, spiritual development and our awareness of Nature.

Everyone has an Aura. But most people on Earth have VERY WEAK and dull Auras. This seems to be a direct consequence of their life long materialistic attitude negating and suppressing the development of consciousness, cultivating fear, envy, jealousy and other similar emotions. Such attitude suppresses their True Nature, and their Auras seem to become suppressed too.Very young children (up to 5 years of age) see auras naturally. Infants frequently look ABOVE a person in front of them. When they don't like the colour of the aura above the head, or if this colour is much different from their parent's aura, they cry, no matter how much smiling the person does.Children have much cleaner and stronger auras than most of adults, who are usually completely enslaved by the materialistic world and suppress their Nature by following superficial examples.

This exercise is designed to see Aura for the first time and/or practice seeing Auras. Choosing good conditions is important: not only you see the Aura better, but also to gain a confidence about what you see

1. Sit the person in front of a very softly illuminated PLAIN WHITE background. A colour background will change Aura colours, so you need additional knowledge about combining colours. Some combinations of background and Aura colours may cause misinterpretation problems.

2. Choose ONE SPOT to look at. The middle of the forehead is VERY GOOD. This is a location of so called Brow Chakra or the Third Eye. In some cultures (India) they put a mark on a forehead. Such a mark in ancient times could mean the invitation to look and see the Aura.
3. Look at this spot for 30 to 60 seconds or longer

4. After 30 seconds analyze surroundings with your peripheral vision, while still looking at the same spot. Continuing the concentration is most important. Resist temptation to look around.

You should see that the background nearby the person is brighter and has a DIFFERENT colour than the background further away. This is your own perception of the Aura. The longer you concentrate, the better you will see it. Remember, concentration on one spot increases your sensitivity by accumulating the effect of the Aura vibration reaching your eyes.

(For helpful eye exercises to aid in this 'quest' ... refer to Thiaoouba Prophecy)

The 'Red' Dragon Symbolism

The Red Dragon is a mythological entity which exists in all times and cultures. The Dragon can be viewed as a winged serpent. From the perspective of the history of religions the serpent is a symbol of the earth and the underworld. The eagle (and birds in general) are symbols of the heavens. The dragon is a unity of these two fundamental principles. The Dragon is a picture of the Hermetic principle "That which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below".

In China the dragon is a symbol of Tao, that which is beyond all terms and all polarities (Yin and Yang) but also is the force behind all. The Dragon represents the unknown and the hidden energy in man and in nature. The word dragon comes from the Greek verb derkein which means "to see". The Dragon is the principle of clear seeing: the ability to see things in a new light as they really are, beyond all illusions. For this reason the dragon has great wisdom and power in the myths. The wisdom of the dragon is symbolized by the treasure it guards or the pearl that the dragon carries in his mouth. To find this wisdom and knowledge man must search in his/her inner aspects and in the unknown.

In Yoga the dragon is called the Kundalini, the force that is hidden inside man. The Draconian path strives to make this unconscious force and knowledge conscious. "A picture says more than a thousand words" and the symbol of the dragon and the myths about it carries information about how the unconscious can become conscious and how man can evolve.

The colour red has always been connected to magic and force. The red colour belongs to blood, heat and the pulse. In Nordic magic objects were magically loaded with energy by colouring it red, often with blood. Words like the German Zauber or the English sorcery come from the old Norse word teufer which means "to colour red".

The red dragon is a symbol of primal forces that the magician can awake and use in his/her magical work. In the Bible the red dragon is connected to Satan and the fallen angels. These are mythologically giving man the knowledge and the force to reach divinity. (Dragon Rouge)