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Monday, 28 February 2011

After Touching Your Junk, TSA Now Wants to Scan and Harvest Your DNA

'As if it's not enough for the TSA to feel you up at the airport, now they're experimenting with rapid results DNA scanners that can scan and analyze your DNA using just a drop of saliva. Spit at the TSA agent who is molesting you, in other words, and they can use that saliva to scan your DNA and then store it in a government database.

Why would they want to do that? We can only imagine. Remember, it was Alex Jones who broke the story about hospitals secretly taking blood samples of babies and handing them over to the federal government for use in a national genetic database....Read more:

Is Libya The New Iraq? U.S. Prepares Libyan Invasion

'Many signs are pointing to the potential U.S. military invasion of Libya, much like how the U.S. invaded Iraq for oil, to topple Saddam and replace him with a brand new puppet dictator. Obama announced that he will send CFR member and Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs William J. Burns to Europe and the Middle East. According to Obama, Mr. Burns will “intensify our consultation with allies and partners.” In other words Burns will serve as the point man ahead of the coming intervention in Libya, where there is around 46 billion barrels of estimated oil reserves....Read more:

How To Use A Smudge Stick

Smudging is, for the most part, an act of purification. The most important thing you need to know about smudging, is that the smoke is highly cleansing. It is said that the smoke has properties which cling to negative energy and remove it from the intended object or person. Whether or not this is true is of little consequence; what matters is that you will notice a marked improvement in the feel of yourself and the surrounding area after using it. Simply burn your herb of choice and allow the smoke to surround and permeate the object, room, person, etc. You can burn the herb in its loose form, or you can burn a stick of bound more...

Employing Presence

Being present at work begins before we even go to our place of employment. It starts with our intention to bring consciousness into everything we do, including those activities we do for money. Whether you are a secretary who files papers all day, a janitor who cleans the local high school, or a nurse caring for children, there is much to be gained by fully engaging in the tasks at hand. When you decide to bring your presence into your work activities, you may find that the entire experience of working is filled with new energy and life. Sometimes we believe that when we step through the doors of our workplace, we cease being ourselves and start being someone else’s employee. Though our employer may depend on us to perform certain tasks, the truth is that we never stop being ourselves. The commitment to being a conscious, empowered person of integrity doesn’t stop and start with a time clock. Our decision to be present for our own lives is what weaves together all of our experiences from the moment we wake up, throughout our entire workday, and to the moment we turn off the lights at night. Before leaving for work today, you can clear your energy and choose to step out with your best foot forward. Setting an intention in the morning can even help you stay present as your day unfolds. You might decide to find joy in every activity, complete all of your projects on time, or be truly helpful to your coworkers. By being fully present, you will begin to radiate and people may begin to notice; they may even want to follow your lead. Whether you run a company or hold a sign outside a deli, do it with pride and be the best you can be.

Big Brother: For Chronic Truants, a GPS Program Can Help Them Make the Grade

'Ryan Ramos' 6 a.m. routine used to consist of the usual: a shower, breakfast, then a walk to the bus stop. But now, the 14-year-old eighth-grader has another activity: punching an identification code into a cell phone-size GPS device.Five times a day — when he wakes up, when he gets to school, after lunch, after school and at 8 p.m. — Ramos is required to enter his code into the machine. If he's not where he's supposed to be, the GPS provides a way to find him...Big Brother:

Australia Proposes Ban on 1000s of Plants Including National Flower

'Legislation being proposed in Australia would criminalize most permaculturists, farmers, gardeners, nurseries and bush regenerators by banning any plant that contains DMT – a naturally-occurring hallucinogen. Five plants are currently criminalized, but the new list will include hundreds (possibly thousands) of other species that are common garden plants and include a significant number of common native plants including the national flower, the wattle. Having any of these plants could get you charged with and convicted of a federal drugs violation....Read more:

Hypocrite Obama Calls for Talks in Bahrain, Desperate to Save His Embattled Puppet

'US President Barack Obama has called for talks between the Bahraini government and the opposition as pro-democracy demonstrators continue their campaign for regime change in the Persian Gulf country. "The United States supports the national dialogue initiative led by Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa, and encourages a process that is meaningful, inclusive, non-sectarian, and responsive to the people of Bahrain," Obama said in a statement on Sunday. According to the US president, the dialogue is an "opportunity for meaningful reform."
But, the protesters, camping out near Pearl Square in the capital Manama, are demanding the removal of the monarchy system in the tiny Persian Gulf littoral state...Read more:

Image Of The Day

Whakatane NZ
original image Matthew James

Former Canadian defence minister accuses American government of UFO cover-up

He says he'd get fired for his views if in office today - Claims U.S. military had weapons to use against UFOs and that aliens can help us learn about climate change He is on an advisory body to the Queen, works as an environmental campaigner and is credited with integrating Canada's armed forces. But aside from all this, the ex-Canadian defence minister says UFOs are real, aliens have visited Earth and the U.S. government is covering up information about them. Paul Hellyer says he would probably get fired for his views if he was still Canada's Minister of National Defense today, but is adamant he has seen UFOs himself...Read More.

Evidence is overwhelming that UFOs are real, retired US Army colonel says

Retired Army Col. John Alexander is one heckuva guy with an amazing background in and out of the military. He's a former Green Beret commander happily married to Victoria Alexander, a film critic for Films in Review magazine. They live quietly here in Las Vegas, a few miles west of the Strip, and we've often run into one another at various events. Just a regular Las Vegas power couple? Not so fast because John has just published a new book about UFOs and extra-terrestrials that's bound to upset people. UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies and Realities also is en route to becoming a bestseller. My longtime good friend Lee Spiegel, an AOL editor in New York, tipped me to the fact that the highly decorated officer had used his military savvy and high security clearance to spend a quarter of a century going through the top levels of the U.S. government and military searching for the group of people who were allegedly responsible for UFO information and the supposedly decades-old UFO cover-up. His conclusions: Not only is there no such group and no cover-up, but also disclosure about UFOs has already occurred on official levels...Read More...

Can UFOs become meteors?

Or are they part of one and the same phenomena? Filmed off the coast of Brazil last September, this sequence of incredible footage appears to show some kind of transdimensional fireball arising from a spectacular atmospheric display of lights. We are beginning to get the idea that meteors and fireballs can do some pretty unexpected things...

Quotes For The Day

"You are free to believe what you choose and what you do attests to what you believe." -- A Course of Miracles

“Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.” -- Richard Bach

Unconscious Communication

Being late for an appointment or a date can seem like a small thing that really doesn’t matter, but it communicates volumes, whether we mean it to or not. Being kept waiting is an experience that almost no one enjoys, because at best, it wastes their time, and at worst, it indicates a lack of regard. It’s as if we’re saying that our time is more important than their time, so we don’t need to honor them by showing up when we said we would. When we are running late, it means a lot if we call and let the person know, especially if it’s going to be more than ten minutes. However, if we are chronically late, it may take more than a phone call to properly address the issue. If it’s become a habit of ours not to be on time, we may want to look inside ourselves and see what’s going on. It’s easy enough to make excuses about our behavior, or to project responsibility on the other person, perceiving them to be uptight if they are irritated by our tardiness. What’s more difficult, and more meaningful, is looking at ourselves and asking why it is that we always, or often, show up late. Sometimes this happens out of a lack of self-regard, as if we aren’t really important anyway, so why will anyone care if we’re late, or don’t show up at all. Chronic lateness can also stem from being disorganized, or simply trying to do too much in one day. Another possible reason for being late to a particular appointment, or date, is that we don’t really want to be there. We communicate our disinterest or boredom by not showing up on time. Whatever our reasons, if we raise them to the conscious level, we have an opportunity to live a more conscious life. As we begin to understand the deeper reasons behind our inability to show up on time, we have the option to communicate clearly and consciously about how we really feel, rather than communicating unconsciously by being late.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Checks And Balances

Most of us have probably come across the universal wisdom that the people who irritate us the most are expressing qualities that we ourselves have. This is why family members can be so vexing for so many of us—we see ourselves in them, and vice versa. This isn’t always true, of course, but when it is, it’s a real opportunity for growth if we can acknowledge it, because it is infinitely easier to change ourselves than it is to try to change another person, which is never a good idea. For example, if we have a coworker who engages in some kind of negative behavior, like complaining or trying to control everything, we can look and see if we ourselves carry those traits. We may have to look to other situations in our lives to see it, because we behave differently in different environments. Perhaps we don’t complain at work, because our coworker overdoes it, but maybe we do it with our friends. Maybe we aren’t controlling at the office, but we’re used to being in control at home, and this is why we feel so irritated not to be in control at work. Even if we look and find that we are not engaging in the same behavior that we see as negative in others, we can still learn from what we are seeing in this person. The truth is, human nature is universal, and we share many of the same tendencies. What we see in others can always help us to understand ourselves more deeply. Having the ability to see something in another person, and automatically bring this observation back to ourselves, is like having a built-in system of checks and balances that enables us to be continually engaged in self-exploration and behavior change. When we see behavior we don’t like, we can make a concerted effort to weed it out of ourselves, and when we see behavior we do like, we can let it inspire us to engage in imitation. Through this process, we read our environment and let it influence us to bring out the best in ourselves.

A Word On 'The Third Eye Chakra'

The Brow or third eye chakra is situated in the middle of the forehead. On a physical level this chakra governs the pituitary glands, the skull, eyes, the brain and the nervous system. It also governs our senses, like sight, smell, taste and touch. The pituitary glands, nervous system and the brain govern the energy waves, that send messages to the rest of the body. The skull protects the brain from outside interference and the eyes give us the ability to see on the physical. - If this chakra is unbalanced, our physical state of existence can become confused. This can send our body into a state of disarray. Sickness is sometimes caused by the way we think. If the energy waves from our brain and pituitary does not flow in a positive and balanced direction we can suffer all sorts of mysterious aliments. We can also suffer a lot of headaches, sinus and nasal problems and dis-ease within the brain and the skull because we are not living in the physical sense, instead we are in the head always thinking and worrying about the future instead of living in the now. We can also suffer from different types of mental dis-orders that are caused through our nervous system. This is because the cord and energy that runs inside within the nervous system are blocked. This causes a build up of energy in certain areas. We become weak and lose co-ordination in our body because the body is not receiving the right messages. Our senses of smell and taste can also become un-balanced. Also our emotions can cause our sense of touching and communication through affection with others to become off as well. We can also suffer eye problems because we are refusing to see the truth to some situation, or we fear seeing something in case it causes changes in our lives. When functioning positively, we have good co-ordination and reflexes. We feel at peace within ourselves and we function positively on the emotional and physical level. We suffer very little from sickness and stress because our organs that this chakra governs are healthy and flowing with a balanced amount of energy. They call this chakra the control panel for the entire mind, body and spirit. Here everything is processed before any actions or reactions take more...

Scientists 'step closer' to solving Stonehenge mystery

It is a mystery that has baffled geologists and historians for centuries... how were the Stonehenge rocks transported from Wales' Preseli mountains to their resting place 120 miles away. Scientists are today one step closer to solving the 4,000-year- old mystery after making their most significant discovery in 15 years. Of the six to eight different bluestone types found in the inner circle of rocks on Salisbury Plain, only one, the so- called "spotted dolerite", was convincingly traced to the Mynydd Preseli area in north Pembrokeshire in the early 1920s. But modern technology has now assisted geologists at Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales - in creating a "fingerprint" for one of the other rock types found in Wiltshire. And that "fingerprint" has been identically matched to stones found in an area north of the Mynydd Preseli range, in the vicinity of Pont Saeson....Read More

Interlude Warning

The weekend is fast approaching ... and for us here at A Light In The Darkness it means another of those interlude 'thingys'. A break from posting ... a frantic couple of days of mysticism and communication. It means therefore, in simple and plain english, that a normal service will be resumed on Monday 28th February 2011 ... between now and then do not be surprised if there are little or no articles appearing. These interludes don't happen that often ... though a few more are planned throughout the year.

'Fire Letter Communion'

The Fire Letter was overwhelming in its presence. Arriving without warning. Taking over my consciousness completely with its incandescence. My every nerve ending; my every thought; my every muscle; my every molecule; became at one with the fire letter in that instance. My inner vision incandescence; incredible and overwhelming energy and potency.

I was the fire letter. I was its intention. There was nothing else. My consciousness completely over-riden by the fire letter. Its meaning unknown. Its transmission unknown. But ... I was the receiver of this incredible energy.

Then ... it left my consciousness as swiftly as it arrived. Awareness of myself; my bedroom; my life; my name returned.Never would I be the same again. The energy of the fire letter; its intentions ... activating every molecule, every part of my consciousness ....MJ

What is monoatomic gold?

Monatomic in chemistry refers to an element occuring as a single atom. Helium gas is one such element and it can be found on the periodic table of elements. A synonym of monatomic is monoatomic.

All other noble gases fall under this classification include: helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, radon.

Certain solid elements can also be classified as being monatomic after having been put through a chemical seperation process of precipatation where the end product is a powder. Monoatomic gold is such a substance and this white powder will not be found on the periodic table of more...

Despair in New Zealand as earthquake death toll reaches 98 with 226 listed missing

As the number of dead in the Christchurch earthquake rose to 98 today New Zealand's prime minister warned his country that the final death toll could be 'greater than any of us have ever feared.' An additional 226 people are listed as missing, said police Superintendent Dave Cliff, and Mr Key expressed 'grave fears' that many of them did not survive. 'We are very fearful tonight that the death toll could be much greater than any of us have ever feared,' said Mr Key, adding that there were dozens of 'international people that are caught up in this tremendous (Daily Mail)

Can Dreams Predict the Future?

When disaster strikes, people often claim that they foresaw the tragedy. But are such premonitions really possible? In an extract from his new book Paranormality, psychologist Richard Wiseman explains how our sleeping minds can trick us. Aberfan is a small village in south Wales. In the 1960s, many of those living there worked at a nearby colliery that had been built to exploit the large amount of high-quality coal in the area. Although some of the waste from the mining operation had been stored underground, much of it had been piled on the steep hillsides surrounding the village. Throughout October 1966 heavy rain lashed down on the area and seeped into the porous sandstone of the hills. Unfortunately, no one realised that the water was then flowing into several hidden springs and slowly transforming the pit waste into soft slurry. Just after nine o'clock on the morning of 21 October, the side of the hill subsided and half a million tonnes of debris started to move rapidly towards the village. Although some of the material came to a halt on the lower parts of the hill, much of it slid into Aberfan and smashed into the village school. A handful of children were pulled out alive during the first hour or so of the rescue effort, but no other survivors emerged. One hundred and thirty-nine schoolchildren and five teachers lost their lives in the tragedy. Psychiatrist John Barker visited the village the day after the landslide. Barker had a longstanding interest in the paranormal and wondered whether the extreme nature of events in Aberfan might have caused large numbers of people to experience a premonition about the tragedy. To find out, Barker arranged for a newspaper to ask any readers who thought they had foreseen the Aberfan disaster to get in touch. He received 60 letters from across England and Wales, with over half of the respondents claiming that their apparent premonition had come to them during a dream...Read More

Gaza in Plain Language

Buddhist Inspiration ...

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.---The Dharmapada

IPod Playlist of the Day

'Deep Purple Family Tree' random 30

Climate Change to Blame for Protests?

'A string of Arab uprisings are giving a foretaste of the likely havoc that climate change will cause without greater effort to curb greenhouse gas emissions, a British foreign ministry official warned.

Soaring food prices, stoked by Russia's drought last year and subsequent ban on wheat exports, were an additional trigger in the popular revolts across North Africa and the Middle East mostly blamed on public frustration with autocratic rule.

“Treat this as a 'prequel', because if we can't remove some of those upward pressures on resource stresses then crises that are difficult to deal with when they happen will become more likely,” said John Ashton, special representative for climate change at Britain's foreign ministry...Read more

Image Of The Day

original image Matthew James

MSNBC Implies People Skeptical Of Government Are Psychologically Insane

The Breath of Light

In meditation...visualize a brilliant white light shining before you. Know that this brilliance is the Divine Higher Consciousness. Breathe normally. As you inhale, draw in some of the light into your heart centre. As you exhale, expand the light within you so that the brilliance may increase. Continue this process of inhaling and exhaling so that the light may fill your entire being. Hold on to this, and allow the light to remain for as long as you can hold it, without straining yourself. Feel how it tingles throughout your form, deep within your emotions and along the surface of your flesh. Sense this energy. Remember the sensations. Visualize your body fading so that only you remain as the Divine brilliance in human form. After this being done, drain the energy from you, and send it into the earth, deep into the core. Allow this to become your foundation from where energy can be called more...

Quotes For The Day

“What is this self inside us, this silent observer,Severe and speechless critic, who can terrorize us,And urge us on to futile activity,And in the end, judge us still more severely,For the errors into which his own reproaches drove us?” -- T. S. Eliot

"Self-acceptance is my refusal to be in an adversarial relationship to myself." -- Nathaniel Branden

Pictured: The moment New Zealand 'quake shook a city to pieces

This was the incredible scene just seconds after the quake struck, kicking up a massive cloud of dust that choked the streets of Christchurch. MailOnline has brought together some of the most incredible pictures from what is one of the worst natural disasters in New Zealand's history. (Daily Mail)

Experimental Cancer Drugs Killing Far More People Than They Help

'Experimental cancer drugs harm far more people than they help, according to a study conducted by researchers from Duke University Medical Center and published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology."This sounds a cautionary note," lead researcher Jeffrey Peppercorn said. "In most cases, we should refrain from using experimental drugs outside of clinical trials." U.S. law allows doctors to prescribe any drug they wish, as long as the FDA has approved it for at least one use. As a consequence, as many as 20 percent of prescriptions in the United States are "off-label" - used on conditions for which they are not approved, or given in doses higher than the FDA has approved....Read more:

Supreme Court Immunizes Vaccine Makers Against Lawsuits

'In a 6-2 decision, the Supreme Court voted to protect pharmaceutical companies from liability when their vaccines cause debilitating injuries and death. The high court majority considers vaccines "unavoidably unsafe" and was worried about drug makers being sued and obligated to compensate their vaccine victims. Instead of opting to protect children, the Supreme Court chose to safeguard the financial interests of the multi-billion dollar vaccine industry....Read more

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Some Buddhist Inspiration

The quality of life in the realm of the gods may look superior to our own, yet the masters tell us that human life is infinitely more valuable. Why? Because of the very fact that we have the awareness and intelligence that are the raw materials for enlightenment, and because the very suffering that pervades this human realm is itself the spur to spiritual transformation. (Viewonbuddhism)

Image Of The Day

original image Matthew James

Disinformation Propaganda Warning: "Organic produce 'not as good for your health': Vegetables grown with pesticides contain MORE vitamins"

The organic 'back to nature' approach to gardening - doing away with artificial chemicals - will not deliver healthier or more tasty produce, it is claimed. A controversial new study from Which? Gardening suggests produce grown using modern, artificial, methods may well be better for you. The claims follow a two year study growing potatoes, broccoli and tomatoes and will alarm producers and consumers who put their faith in natural food. Organic bodies have rejected the claims, insisting the trial was too small to offer meaningful results. However, they will come as a severe blow to the industry's reputation. The non-organic broccoli or calabrese was found to have significantly higher levels of antioxidants than the organically grown samples. Antioxidants are beneficial chemicals that are said to improve general health and help prevent cancer.The research found the non-organic potatoes contained more Vitamin C than the organic crop. While a panel of expert tasters found that the non-organically grown tomatoes had a stronger tomato flavour and were slightly sweeter than the organic samples. (Daily Mail)

Today's Inspiration

"The function of prayer is not to influence God, but rather to change the nature of the one who prays." -- Soren Kierkegaard

"Spirituality is the sacred centre out of which all life comes, including Mondays and Tuesdays and rainy Saturday afternoons in all their mundane and glorious detail. ... The spiritual journey is the soul's life commingling with ordinary life." -- Christina Baldwin

"It is not my business to think about myself. My business is to think about God. It is for God to think about me." -- Simone Weil

Washington, US: Mystery object falls out of sky in Mountlake Terrace

A thin sheet of metal hit a Mountlake Terrace home, but it doesn't appear to be from an aircraft. Earlier this month, Theresa Kauffmann and her husband, Mark, were sitting in their living room when they heard an unusual noise outside. It was kind of a repeating, whooshing sound -"whoowhoowhoowhoo," is how Theresa Kauffmann described it. "It got louder, louder and it got really loud," she said. Finally, "it went 'BANG!' into the roof and then it slid down and it banged onto the deck." The "it" was a thin panel of metal, nearly square with straight edges, about 23 by 18 inches. It was shiny black on one side, shiny white on the other. Her neighbour was outside and heard the object fall, though he didn't see it, Kauffmann said...Read More...

Earth's Rotation, Not Human Activity Caused Methane Level Increase

A new study has suggested that it's not human activity but the Earth's rotation patterns that caused an increase in methane levels 5000 years ago. Dr Joy Singarayer of the University of Bristol, and colleagues, suggest changes in the Earth's orbit and precession, not agriculture, played a major part. The team used computer models, used to estimate future climatic conditions, to trace back over the past 130,000 years and then used this data to estimate vegetation types, and hence methane production, across the planet. Singarayer and colleagues found the output of their models matched with measurements of methane from ice cores taken in Greenland. "What we found was that our models were able to reproduce both the decrease that was seen around 100,000 years ago and the increase we've seen in the last 5000 years, without having to invoke human induced emissions through agriculture," ABC Science quoted Paul Valdes, also of the University of Bristol, as saying. According to Valdes, the computer models showed wetlands in the Southern Hemisphere, in particular South America, were the source of the additional methane. "This was based on the fact that this had some of the biggest changes in monsoon and because the land area is so large," he more...

Why Nobody Trusts the Mainstream Media

DPT Vaccine Causes Permanent Brain Damage, 150 Seizures a Day in Young Girl

'The father of a 29-year-old woman who was permanently injured as a young child by the DPT vaccine, a combination vaccine for diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), and tetanus, says if he had to do it all over again, he would still get his daughter vaccinated. The girl, who prior to her second dose of DPT was described as a bright young toddler with the vocabulary of a fifth grader, was diagnosed with mental retardation and stopped speaking entirely after receiving the vaccine. She is now permanently disabled...Read more:

Earthquake Shakes Up Suez Canal as Iran Warships Approach

'An earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale shook up residents at the entrance to the Suez Canal early Monday morning, 48 hours before two Iranian ships, a frigate and a supply vessel, are expected to enter the canal. The National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research reported that tremors from the 3 a.m. quake lasted for 27 minutes, but caused no damage....Read more:

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Prince Charles Shows His Abhorrence Towards Climate Change Skeptics Affecting 'Their' Global Control

Rituals of a Shaman

The rituals of shaman vary in culture to culture. and each shaman has his or her own path. The rituals aren't the same as in ceremonial magick in which you command a spirit to come to you. It is more like a call to a friend or acquaintance. The feather is used in directing spirit energy in performing rituals in working magic; such as in a blessing; a curse; healing, and spirit summoning. Magical sigils are also used, but are not necessary for most shamans. Rituals start with a meditation which is then followed by the ritual itself: i.e. lighting of the candle and the incense by the names of one god or goddess. and/or followed by more...

Anomaly Gallery

More evidence of non-natural formations on Mars. But what are these anomalies?

Wikileaks Is A Rothschild Operation?: Rothschilds Use Wikileaks To Wound Rival Bank, Julian Assange’s Bail Posted By Rothschilds’ Sister-in-law

'The recent imprisonment of Wikileaks’ Julian Assange strains credulity. His arrest by Interpol, his incarceration under draconian conditions for breaking a condom are in themselves highly unlikely events, but the timing of his imprisonment with the release of classified US cables and the campaign against Wikileaks’ funding and website host bear the trademarks of a covert operation. The Puppetworld Post has uncovered many links between Wikileaks and the international Rothschild network....Read more:

An Artist's Instant Mystery

Critics have developed many theories about how Ted Serios' 'thoughtographs' - on display at University of Maryland, Baltimore County - were created The black-and-white Polaroid photo shows a building tilting precipitously to the right. Above what appears to be a picture window, a curving line of type clearly spells out "The Old Gold Store." But when Ted Serios snapped that shot on May 13, 1965, he was sitting inside a hotel room, and the camera was pointed directly at his face. More than 46 years later, there's no consensus as to whether what Serios described as a "thoughtograph" is an example of a genuine paranormal event, or if it ranks among history's most clever cons...Read More

A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945

Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto has created a beautiful, undeniably scary time-lapse map of the 2053 nuclear explosions which have taken place between 1945 and 1998, beginning with the Manhattan Project's "Trinity" test near Los Alamos and concluding with Pakistan's nuclear tests in May of 1998. This leaves out North Korea's two alleged nuclear tests in this past decade (the legitimacy of both of which is not 100% clear). Each nation gets a blip and a flashing dot on the map whenever they detonate a nuclear weapon, with a running tally kept on the top and bottom bars of the screen. Hashimoto, who began the project in 2003, says that he created it with the goal of showing "the fear and folly of nuclear weapons." It starts really slow - if you want to see real action, skip ahead to 1962 or so - but the buildup becomes overwhelming...Read More...

Inspiration ... for today

"Many people treat their bodies as if they were rented from Hertz -- something they are using to get around in but nothing they genuinely care about understanding." -- Chungliang Al Huang

"As we explore the extraordinary interplay of energies between the many aspects of our personality -- our needs, unconscious reactions, repressed emotions, aspirations and fears -- with the functioning of our physical system and its capacity to maintain itself, we soon realise how very wise the body is. With its intricately detailed systems and operations it portrays infinite intelligence and compassion, constantly giving us the means to understand ourselves further, to confront issues we are not looking at, and to go beyond that which is holding us back." -- Deb Shapiro, Your Body Speaks Your Mind

Scan your body with your awareness. Are you experiencing any aches and pains? Any stiffness? What might your body be trying to tell you about how you are living your life?

"Your body is the ground and metaphor of your life, the expression of your existence. It is your Bible, your encyclopedia, your life story. Everything that happens to you is stored and reflected in your body. In the marriage of flesh and spirit divorce is impossible." -- Gabrielle Roth

"What is always speaking silently is the body." -- Norman Brown

Census spies will track every home: Anger at 'intrusion of vast computer network'

Every home will be monitored by state ‘tracking computers’ to check if people return their census forms, it has been revealed. The surveillance network will try to ensure more than 22million households fill in the 32-page forms when the national headcount is carried out in five weeks’ time. But the checks – part of a £500million attempt to assess the population – provoked protests about intrusion yesterday. Addresses have been collected from state and commercial sources and recorded on a database, which will be handed over to the Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey for continual updating after the census. The tracking network – based at a high-tech factory in Manchester – will register immediately when someone returns a completed census form online, as around six million people are expected to do. It is designed to show up which of the 33million printed census forms have been properly returned within two days of a family or an individual posting one. Failing to fill in the form is a crime which can bring a £1,000 fine. (Daily Mail)

Image Of The Day

Christchurch Cathedral - How it was prior to 22nd Febuary 2011
original image Matthew James

US Laws Too Weak To Stop Codex

'The ignorance of the vast majority of Americans toward Codex Alimentarius, unfortunately including most natural health advocates, is one reason Codex is not currently a major source of popular concern. However, another more disturbing reason is that even those who are aware of the dangers of Codex are convinced that its decisions will have no impact on the laws of the United States. In recent years, the United States has seen an increasing interest in the areas of natural healthcare and vitamin and mineral supplements. At the same time, however, the level of activism defending those treatments and industries has been steadily decreasing. This is significant because the amount of attacks against them have been increasing as well. In general, this is because Americans have been lulled into complacency by a false sense of security known as the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA).'
Read more:

Christchurch quake: Toll expected to rise from 'NZ's darkest day'

Darkness, rain and temperatures are falling on Christchurch with people still trapped in buildings crumpled by a massive earthquake, waiting on search and rescue teams to get them out alive. Rescuers will work throughout the night in miserable weather looking for survivors following a 6.3 earthquake which claimed at least 65 lives, Civil Defence director John Hamilton said. Emergency services were focussing on high rise buildings in the central business district, many of which were extensively damaged, police said. Prime Minister John Key announced tonight that "at least 65 people have lost their lives" and noted the rescuers were still scrabbling through the ruins of collapsed buildings looking for injured and trapped survivors - and bodies. The death toll is already the second highest in a New Zealand earthquake - out ranked only by the 286 people who died in the violent 7.9 1931 Hawke's Bay quake, whose 70th anniversary was marked earlier this month. At a press conference this evening, Deputy Prime Minister Bill English said 350 military personnel were currently in Christchurch providing first aid, security and search and rescue services. (NZ Herald)

Monday, 21 February 2011

A Word on "Iris"

In Greek mythology, Iris (Ἶρις) is the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. As the sun unites Earth and heaven, Iris links the gods to humanity. She travels with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other, and into the depths of the sea and the underworld. According to Hesiod's Theogony, Iris is the daughter of Thaumas and the air nymph Electra. Her sisters are the Harpies; Aello, Celaeno and Ocypete. Iris is frequently mentioned as a divine messenger in the Iliad which is attributed to Homer, but does not appear in his Odyssey, where Hermes fills that role. Like Hermes, Iris carries a caduceus or winged staff. By command of Zeus, the king of the gods, she carries an ewer of water from the River Styx, with which she puts to sleep all who perjure themselves. Goddess of sea and sky, she is also represented as supplying the clouds with the water needed to deluge the world, consistent with her identification with the rainbow. According to Apollonius Rhodius, Iris turned back the Argonauts Zetes and Calais who had pursued the Harpies to the Strophades ('Islands of Turning'). The brothers had driven off the monsters from their torment of the prophet Phineas, but did not kill them upon the request of Iris, who promised that Phineas would not be bothered by the Harpies again. (Wikipedia)

The Eight of Disks

The Lord of Prudence is not quite as austere a card as it first sounds. It's another of those Disks that works on more than one level. In the purely material and mundane sphere it indicates a period where financial resources must be carefully managed. So long as it does not appear with cards like the 10 of Swords or the 5 of Disks, there will not normally be any grave material problem. But there is a warning here that there may be unexpected expense, and good money management will enable us to fund whatever arises. At the next level, the 8 of Disks can apply to a period where you enter into additional training in order to enhance your career projects. In this case look for cards like the 3 of Disks, or the Ace, to indicate some new area of study. Then look for cards like the Universe, or the Sun to indicate the successful outcome of your efforts. Finally in the spiritual area, when the Lord of Prudence comes up with cards like the Priestess, Death, the Moon, or the Hierophant, you're approaching a period of rapid spiritual development - almost an initiation. In this case, this card is warning you to be alert for opportunities, ready to deal with stress and pressure, and to manage your energies thoughtfully and carefully. You can perhaps see the correlation which exists with regard to energy management between the material and spiritual definitions of the card - in either case energy must be regulated and respected in order for life to go smoothly and for you to get the best out of your experiences. (Angel Paths)

The Seven Hermetic Principles

The Kybalion is a study of Hermetic Philosophy based on doctrines that were kept secret for centuries, seen only by the eyes of initiates of Mystery Schools in Egypt and India. This work is helpful to earnest seekers of Arcane Truths and Occult wisdom. The Emerald Tablet of Hermes began appearing during the twelfth century, in many different languages in the Alchemical libraries in Europe. At that time its concepts were considered too difficult to be understood by the average person. It was finally decided that a statement of Truth was necessary to reconcile bits of occult knowledge, and place them in the hands of students. The Hermetic Laws act as a key to open inner doors in the Portal already entered by those whom have already dared to enter the “Temple of Knowledge.”

The Hermetic teachings have come down to us over tens of centuries since the life of its founder, Hermes Trismegistus, “The Scribe of the gods.” During this period in history, only certain learned men knew how to write, and were in high demand to make copies of philosophical studies. Men and gods dwelt in Old Egypt when man’s present race was in its infancy.
Hermes was believed to be a contemporary of Abraham of the Hebrew Bible. All esoteric traditions embedded in basic teachings of every race may be traced back to Hermes, even the ancient teachings of India. From there, occultists travelled to Egypt and obtained the Key which reconciled divergent views, while sitting at the feet of Hermes. Then Hermes was regarded as “The Great Great and Master of Masters.” Although many teachers have wandered on different pathways throughout different lands, there is still a basic resemblance underlying the theories taught by occultists of many lands today. Any student of Comparative Religions will notice the influence of the Hermetic teachings in every religion....Read More...

"Cancer Is A Fungus"

Among the many books that try to give an answer to the problem, the one given by the oncologist Tullio Simoncini distinguishes itself by its simplicity and its innovative ideology.

The book “Cancer is a fungus” describes how a fungous infection always forms the basis of every neoplastic formation, and this formation tries to spread within the whole organism without stopping. The growth of the fungous colonies, together with the reaction of the tissue that tries to defend itself against the invasion, causes the tumour. This is a simple and solely extracellular phenomenon.

Therefore, there is only one cause of cancer: candida, which, according to the anatomical branch concerned causes different histological reactions. This is the reason why there are so many types of tumours.

At the moment, sodium bicarbonate (in a solution of 5% or 8.4%) is the only remedy capable of making the tumours disappear completely. In order to get the maximum of damaging effect, the sodium bicarbonate should be brought into direct contact with the tissue. This can be done by bringing a special catheter into the arteries that go to different organs, or by using the conventional endoscopic more about fungi

Genetic Engineering: Scientists Warn of Link Between Dangerous New Pathogen and Monsanto’s Roundup

'A plant pathologist experienced in protecting against biological warfare recently warned the USDA of a new, self-replicating, micro-fungal virus-sized organism which may be causing spontaneous abortions in livestock, sudden death syndrome in Monsanto’s Roundup Ready soy, and wilt in Monsanto’s RR corn.

Dr. Don M. Huber, who coordinates the Emergent Diseases and Pathogens committee of the American Phytopathological Society, as part of the USDA National Plant Disease Recovery System, warned Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack that this pathogen threatens the US food and feed supply and can lead to the collapse of the US corn and soy export markets. Likewise, deregulation of GE alfalfa “could be a calamity,” he noted in his letter....Read more:

IPod Playlist of the Day

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Scientists: Sun's Approaching 'Grand Cooling" Assures New Ice Age

'NASA and the ESA agree, and so does the Russian space agency, Roscosmos—the sun is headed for a Grand Solar Minimum and a Grand Cooling will commence. The aptly named Grand Cooling is exactly what it implies: the sun is going to cool. That cooling will also cool off the Earth. It will last from 30 to 50 years. What exactly does global cooling mean? Well for one, Al Gore was sure wrong! The Earth isn't going to warm, it's going to get colder. Much colder. So cold a little or full-blown Ice Age will ensue. As a matter of fact, some scientists claim we're already in the early stages of an Ice Age...Read more:

Image Of The Day

Swinside Stone Circle
original image Matthew James

Fresh Mind

There is a lot of information available to us at this time in history, more than ever before, and it travels fast. We are able to learn in the blink of an eye about something that happened halfway around the world, and it’s natural for us to want to know what’s going on. However, it’s also fair to say that we don’t want to become so caught up in one way of looking at events that we lose perspective. Often, the news comes to us in a very fear-oriented format, and when too many of us get caught up in fear, the balance of the whole is disrupted. It helps to remember that we have a much greater and more positive impact on the world when we maintain our inner sense of peace and joy. We are aware enough to know when we are eating something that is not good for us, because we don’t feel well after we’ve eaten it. In the same way, we can determine for ourselves whether the sources in which our information comes are ultimately healthful. News can be presented in a way that inspires us to take positive action to help the world, or it can be presented in a way that leaves us feeling powerless and sad. It is up to us to seek out and support media that empowers and informs us, and to say no to media that drains our energy and our hope. For a time, it may even be of benefit to commit to a media fast, in which we stop taking information in for a time to give ourselves a rest. When we return to the task of taking in and processing the information all around us, we will come to it with a fresh mind. This will enable us to really notice how we are affected by what we hear and see, and to make conscious choices about the sources of information that we allow into our lives.

Twinkle, twinkle, another star: First cosmic census estimates there are 50 BILLION planets in Milky Way

Scientists have estimated the first cosmic census of planets in our galaxy and the numbers are astronomical - at least 50 billion planets in the Milky Way. And some 500 million of those planets are in what is known as the Goldilocks zone, where the climate is thought to be not-too-hot and not-too-cold, and life could exist. The numbers were extrapolated from the early results of NASA's Kepler telescope, almost two years though a three-and-a-half year mission which has cost an estimated $600million. Kepler science chief William Borucki says scientists took the number of planets they found in the first year of searching a small part of the night sky and then made an estimate on how likely stars are to have planets. Kepler spots planets as they pass between Earth and the star it orbits. (Daily Mail)

The 'healthy' flavoured water with as much sugar as three doughnuts

It is supposed to sweeten the chore of drinking a healthy eight glasses of water a day. But the bitter truth is that a small bottle of flavoured water can contain as much sugar as a plate of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. The most popular brand, Volvic’s Touch of Fruit in lemon and lime, has 27.5g of sugar in its standard 500ml bottle – equivalent to almost seven teaspoons. Drinking one bottle gives an adult a third of their recommended daily intake of sugar and is equal to eating three powdered blueberry-filled Krispy Kreme doughnuts, which each contain 9g of sugar. The drink, which promises ‘tasty hydration’, contains even more sugar than a Kit Kat bar, which has 22g. But Volvic is by no means the worst offender, according to a shocking study of the flavoured water industry, which sells 300million litres per year in Britain. Campaigners have criticised flavoured water brands for dwelling on the fruit content of the drinks in their advertising without mentioning the high sugar levels. (Daily Mail)

The Illusion of Truth

We see ads for the same products over and over again. Politicians repeat the same messages endlessly (even when it has nothing to do with the question they've been asked). Journalists repeat the same opinions day after day. Can all this repetition really be persuasive? It seems too simplistic that just repeating a persuasive message should increase its effect, but that's exactly what psychological research finds (again and again). Repetition is one of the easiest and most widespread methods of persuasion. In fact it's so obvious that we sometimes forget how powerful it is. People rate statements that have been repeated just once as more valid or true than things they've heard for the first time. They even rate statements as truer when the person saying them has been repeatedly lying (Begg et al., 1992). And when we think something is more true, we also tend to be more persuaded by it. Several studies have shown that people are more swayed when they hear statements of opinion and persuasive messages more than once....Read More...

The Little-Known Dangers of EMFs and How To Protect You and Your Family

Electromagnetic may sound like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, but they are VERY real. In fact, Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can cause symptoms of illness in infants, children and adults, particularly those who already experience low immunity. If you are sensitive to EMFs, you may experience symptoms like:

Nervous system symptoms, like fatigue, stress and sleep disturbances;
Skin symptoms, like facial prickling, burning sensations and rashes;
Body symptoms, like pains and aches in your muscles;
Eye symptoms, such as burning sensations;
Foggy thinking and depression;
A variety of less common symptoms (ear, nose, throat symptoms and digestive disorders);
Leukemia in children, breast cancer or cancer clusters have been linked to high exposure to EMFs;

What Are Electromagnetic Fields?
Electromagnetic fields are areas of energy that surround electronic devices. The World Health Organization (WHO) explains that the electric fields are created by differences in voltage and magnetic fields are created when the electric current flows. According to WHO, electromagnetic fields affect us because our human bodies have their own electric and biochemical responses (e.g., nervous system, digestion, brain function, heart function). So exposure to EMFs can interact with your body in adverse more...

Quotes For The Day

"To get to forgiveness, we first have to work through the painful experiences that require it." -- Christiane Northrup

"We must let ourselves feel all the painful destruction we want to forgive rather than swallow it in denial. If we do not face it, we cannot choose to forgive it." -- Kenneth McNoll

A Magical Mind

From blowing dandelion seeds into the air to throwing a penny into a fountain, we have all felt inspired to make a wish, to whisper our secret desires into the ears of the universe and wait for signs that we have been heard. Some wishes come true while others remain ethereal visions that either stay with us or fade like a star in the light of morning. Whether they come true or not, wishes are important missives, expressing our heart's desire as well as our intention to create something new in our lives. When we wish for something, our consciousness opens to receiving it, like a flower unfolding its petals to receive a bee. There is something innocent and magical about making a wish, something that recalls the energy of childhood. Wishing is not about formulating a plan and following it step by step to attain a goal, which is the realm of adulthood. Wishing is more like a playful volley across the universe, an invitation to play. Waiting for the response is an integral part of the process. Wishing inspires an innocent opening to the possibility of magic as we wait to see if the invisible realm will bring our wish to life. This opening is a beautiful gesture in and of itself, regardless of the outcome. We place ourselves in a magical mind, and this mind is arguably as wonderful as the fulfillment of our wish itself. In our straightforward, action-oriented society, we may tend to dismiss the power of this seemingly passive process, yet the power of a wish is well known, hence the cautionary phrase, "Be careful what you wish for." If you have given up wishing in favor of more adult pursuits, you might want to bring its magic back into your life. The next time you see the first star of the evening, or find yourself in front of a birthday cake covered in flaming candles, give yourself the gift of the magical realm that you knew so well as a child-close your eyes, open your mind, and make your wish.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Buddhist Inspiration ...

Just consider...Suppose we came to possess a very expensive object. The minute that thing comes into our possession our mind changes...'Now, where can I keep it? If I leave it there somebody might steal it'...We worry ourselves into a state, trying to find a place to keep it. And when did the mind change? It changed the minute we obtained that object -- suffering arose right then. No matter where we leave that object we can't relax, so we're left with trouble. Whether sitting, walking, or lying down, we are lost in worry---Ajahn Chah

Grounding and Centering Techniques: A Foundation of Magical and Spiritual Practice

The process of relaxing and making yourself receptive and effective for any ritual, magical, or devotional activity is called grounding and centering. It is a foundational tool of many Pagan and magic traditions. Grounding literally means visualizing yourself connected to the earth. Once you are grounded, you then visualize yourself centered in the present instead of constantly thinking of the past or the future. The reasoning behind this is that you do not want to enter into ritual in your everyday state of mind with all of your stresses. It is best to let your daily disturbances fall by the wayside even if it is only for the short period of your intended ritual. With a clear mind you will be better able to perform the ritual or magical working and also reap the most more...

Image Of The Day

Avebury Sunset
original artwork Matthew James

Shamanism As Evolutionary Medicine

Although it appears that our paleo ancestors inhabiting temperate and tropical ecosystems had no modern diet-related diseases, they did suffer dis-eases, and universally had "medicine men," also known among anthropologists as "shamans." As a medical system, shamanism maintains that many apparently physical dis-eases have spiritual causes. Indigenous/shamanic tribal cultures "believe" that spirits exist and play roles in individual, tribal, and ecological health. Shamanic interventions address traumas affecting the soul/spirit through direct interaction with the spiritual realm, achieved through altered states of consciousness that provide entrance to a non-ordinary reality. All this talk of spirits certainly makes anxiety for modern "scientific" atheists and Judeo-Christian religionists alike. The former will dismiss such talk as mumbo-jumbo without empirical basis, a threat to rationality and logic. They will tend to dismiss shamanism as dealing with non-existent "supernatural" entities. The latter believe that for some odd reason the One True God chose to reveal himself and the Rules for the Right Way of Life only to the members of several middle Eastern desert tribes, leaving everyone else in the dark. They also believe that this God gave these chosen people not only the right but the duty to convert all other tribes to their faith and way of life, if not by persuasion then by force. These people call non-believers by various names like heretic, infidel, heathen, pagan, and so on, and have called shamanic culture "demonic." In either case, shamanism directly competes with the "authorities." Atheists may consider shamans a threat to the authority of "reason," science, and scientists, and religionists certainly consider shamans a threat to the authority of their faith, dogma, and priests. Shamanism comes from non-hierarchical tribal culture in which no one has ultimate authority over another, and thus it conflicts with civilization and all types of more...

A License to Parent Your Own Children

'The eventual goal of SACWIS is to have it interlinked from state to state, across the United States of America and to eventually pass a law making it standard to run everyone’s name through the system prior to releasing their newborn child from the hospital to them to decide whether or not they should be permitted to have custody of their child.

Yes: soon, people will need to pass this "background check" in order to take their own newborn child home from the hospital....Read more:

Inspiration ... for today

“Bias and impartiality is in the eye of the beholder.” -- Lord Barnett

“I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; I lift my eyes and all is born again.” -- Sylvia Plath

Revealed: Air Force Ordered Software to Manage Army of Fake Virtual People

'These days, with Facebook and Twitter and social media galore, it can be increasingly hard to tell who your "friends" are. But after this, Internet users would be well advised to ask another question entirely: Are my "friends" even real people? In the continuing saga of data security firm HBGary, a new caveat has come to light: not only did they plot to help destroy secrets outlet WikiLeaks and discredit progressive bloggers, they also crafted detailed proposals for software that manages online "personas," allowing a single human to assume the identities of as many fake people as they'd like...Read more

Lunar Lights on a Hollow Moon?

'Strange lights and objects have been recorded on our moon for hundreds of years. In 1787, legendary astronomer, Sir William Herschel, recorded strange lights traveling across the dark lunar surface. On one particular occasion of that same year, he spotted 3 red lights in the darkness of the lunar surface, describing the brightest one as being brighter than a recently discovered comet. He also believed there to be large "lunar cities" within the moon's craters and strongly believed in extraterrestrial life - something almost laughable during the 18th century...Read more: