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Monday, 30 April 2007

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says next solar storm cycle in March 2008

'The next 11-year cycle of solar storms will most likely start next March and peak in late 2011 or mid-2012—up to a year later than expected—according to a forecast issued by the NOAA Space Environment Center in coordination with an international panel of solar experts.'

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Engineers say World Trade Center collapse was planned

'The premise presented by several civil engineers in the documentary “Improbable Collapse: The Demolition of Our Republic” is that the World Trade Center towers and Building 7 could not have collapsed as they did simply from the impact of the airplanes or the heat of the fires. They had been constructed to withstand such events. The collapse only could have been caused by a controlled, planned implosion, they said, such as those frequently used to take down buildings. The discussion, led by filmmaker Michael Berger, centered on who could have planned such a thing, how and why.'

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Pilots spot giant UFOs over Channel Islands

'Two airline pilots flying in separate aircraft reported seeing a large UFO hovering over the Channel Island of Alderny, in between mainland Britain and France, local newspaper. The object was described as being up to a mile wide, with the pilots having spotted it at around the same time, location and altitude 10 miles west of the island and 2,000 feet up.'

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**What's New in May**

Features planned for May 2007 are:-

** Daily Merlin - weekly predictions **
** An introduction to Astrology & Astropsychology **
** The Ancient Gods**
**Illuminati Deceptions**
** Studies of astrological charts & planetary trends **

** More Question Me & biographical blog postings **
** Introductions to the Kabbalah (the tree of life) **
** Meditations **
** Sound Therapy **

The result of well-directed energy ....

'The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus'

The first rule of success,
and one that supersedes all others,
is to have energy.

It's important to know how to concentrate it.
You must focus your energy on important matters
instead of frittering it away on meaningless things.

Nothing will add more power to your life
than concentrating all of your energy on a limited set of goals.
You must focus the full power of all you are
on what you have a burning desire to achieve,

if you truly want success.

Gather in your resources,
rally all of your faculties,

marshall all of your energy,
focus all of your capacities upon attaining your objective.
You must be single minded,
and drive for the things you have decided upon.

Remembering what the legends say

The eyes of the universe are upon you in your tiny part of the world
Watch for the falling lights from the sky
Times of doom and great darkness approach
But there in the shadows of the great trees you are protected
the mighty winds will miss your haven
and though you gaze into the newly cut clearing,

know the air you breath shall be fresh
We cut a hole through to you from the corridor to our dimension

We come close, so close
We overlap with your space in times as this
you respond to our thoughts and we to yours
we sense there are dark times ahead
you feel no joy in your new adventure

We are one voice but we are a universe within that sound
a vibration that contains all of our existence
and the voice which precedes your individual voice is disharmonic
a sound piercing to our minds
but at the top of the scale are minds like yours ... receptive
organised and aware
an open book for the likes of ours
Easy to manipulate; easy to control

Many times we have come to you in many guises; in many words; in many images
your existence has changed on the outside but within you remain the rock
Your language and your perceptions limit our descriptions
thus we dispense thence with words and input images directly to your core
and bless you with a sense of other existences to prepare you for the time they walk freely around you
energising the air; raising the vibrations of the earth until a new land is born

But we warn you a darkness first walks amongst you
deceiving you and brainwashing you to destroy each other
it sees you as slaves; indeed as its puppets made from the soil which covers your world
DISCARD YOUR FORM and it has no more power over you
walk the earth as we do; pure thoughts; pure energy
many, many of you shall be freed
Much sadness shall come to your most ignorant voices
changes to come to alter the harmonics of your single voice and only then shall you all understand as one what has come

We understand you have lived through these times before
this process your mind describes as incarnation interests us
for in your mind we would be what you call immortal
On whims we can appear on worlds
and adopt any form we wish for our true nature is devoid of form
we are light; we are stars; we are universes; we are infinity
and the question you always ask ... the nature what lies beyond all of life
how existence was born from a time of nothing; how there can be nothing
something you cannot perceive nor can we ...
‘Tis an answer so few existences can know for it alludes the many
but know a state of nothing has never existed in our perception
but it must have been and we too are curious to that pursuit

A time of questions comes and a time of revealing
of faces in the air and of voices from nowhere
but beware ... all is not what it seems
For many, many agencies shall be in pursuit of your light
learn the means of being invisible and protect your light
for we understand you are powerful and useful
you are hybrid; part of a universal experiment
‘tis true your mind has been modified throughout your life
we can see the times as a child when agencies came to you
and scared you and revealed so much to you
You have been prepared

We know you as Ezra
In previous times you were a hired scribe; told what to write
and not permitted to speak of what you did feel
your talents were wasted then
We appeared in visions

and those visions have been mis-interpreted throughout human time
Only you know what it was you described
we suggest you remember what it was you saw
and re-write your account in the word you meant to write

You foresaw a holocaust
bright lights descending from the sky
a wind which tore flesh from the bone
a land ravaged by a mighty heat; the very earth turning to dust
the air too toxic to breathe
a real threat then about to return in the EXACT same places as then
but the pyramid’s eyes turn the masses attention away from those events
declaring your reports were falsehoods
for the atom has only been split in this civilisation they say
yet the earth in those valleys is too toxic to sustain life
how can this be if this is the greatest civilisation mankind has ever known?

Ever since the dawn of mankind we have visited this earth in our ships
but the mechanisms are nothing like you perceive
we hinted once to ye of the corridors between worlds
vast avenues which were shortcuts between galaxies and dimensions
this is real; so very real; along these corridors we come
what you sense are merely our thoughts
memories and echoes which were sent before ever there was man
back then you were one with us
but you left our consciousness through temptation ...

Like comets you flew into the blackness and formed worlds
and as the vibrations slowed then the physical planes were created
even then you failed to heed the councils warnings for those before you had fallen this way too
Thus you ‘explored’ these planes and became trapped too
but somehow we were able to continue our communications
you are able to hear the consciousness of our universe
and thus you realise the mission you undertake
you come to rescue the original ones
the hunt continues; the rescue is eternal in the minds of man
for as a diamond shatters and its pieces are brittle they keep separating and separating
the task of reconnecting those pieces is most certainly impossible
but those pieces slowly reconnect but know the complication faced ...
They must all reconnect in the correct order

The human voice is almost complete
all the pieces have nearly been fitted back together but the order is wrong
thus more upheavals must come to break certain strands
in order for the artists to skilfully rebuild those pieces
Understand ...

We have explained it in the most simplistic way we can


Know many forces within our ranks are aware of this
dark forces which gain much by our continued separation
once you were part of this dark intent for you failed to listen to the truth
thus you were doomed to the cycle of fate
all the many, many lives you have led from the fall; rising and rising then falling back to the start
Back to the beginning; back to the point again and again where you kept failing
Sadly you were a great concern; you still are as are all the chosen
Much can we say to you but it is time you recalled all those memories
and wrote them in them in forms mortals will understand
Keep hidden your highest identity for they will not like what you reveal otherwise

Give then the light they require
The coming of the end is upon them and they seek the lights in the darkness for wisdom and understanding
Many will flock to the lands at the bottom of the world for that is where our corridor exists
and we reach out to your world and pull the survivors there
Many will not survive in lands currently locked in ignorance
We attune the earth to the lifting change for we understand perfectly the energy you created
we cull the earth to begin the return
we pull the first part of the strand back to our mass; the last to arrive will be the first to leave
and the first to arrive shall be the last to leave

Write tales to widen their perception of what you call the other side
explain how it is still part of the vibration on which you reside
the two dimensions are so very close
There is not here; it is still not part of your real existence
it exists out of your limiting time frame but it is still part of your earth
A place of thoughts and memories and regrets
but there we offer a chance to return only to those who transcend the desire to be human
few return; many volunteer to remain when they realise the game
you were once at that point and you too chose to remain
as did many, many of the chosen

Looking ahead on the strands and fibres of this current ‘life’
you have the chance to achieve many, many things
but know the dark agencies currently seek you
they know you walk the earth
they know not where or who you are
but they can trace your individual voice and already they pull out fibres to ensnare you
and when they find you they will try to confuse you
they will be hospitable and helpful and accept your gifts with open arms
but be not foolhardy like many of the chosen who they have caught in this way
for they will not hesitate to make a puppet of you
they know of eternal life and know you will be bound to return
but they know there is so little time
they know we are on the horizon, about to return
and when we do there comes an end to mortal life
as the human consciousness shifts and lifts and raises above the frequency they can control
thus they plan to ensnare the likes of you
to act like a spanner in the workings
to hold up time

Be aware of this their intention and recall who you really are
assume dream control and become that which they fear the most
be that which the legends say you are and devour their energy
savour the taste of their fear and return it back as love
and we shall be on the end of those strands
ready to remind them of the truth they have denied

(end of transmission)

Together we are powerful ...

You are my rock in this crazy ocean
Your love holds my life steady
A bright white light in the confusion
which gives my life meaning and a purpose

Your presence here beside me,
gives me desire
and the passion we share,
a perpetual flame
which binds and protects our souls

Together we are powerful
We are light
We are love
We are one
and you give me everything
making me whole again

And I hope I give you the same
for you are the priceless treasure I found
that day when I went overboard
and thought I was drowning in that sea

But when I surfaced
You were there
and have been here ever since
Thank you, my love for sharing your life with me

And though the cold north wind blows
and ruffles our hair
I gaze to the horizon and know it is our future
We will survive the storm
and we will prosper
and we will remain together no matter what life throws our way

I love you
always have I and always will I

Migrating Shaman

A world of unrelenting white stands beyond the opening to that stony home
A cold wind stirs the brush which surround that womb
A welcoming fire hides in the deeper recesses,
In a familiar world within the earth, away from that bitter world
And the Shaman sits in silent contemplation, cross-legged, beside that conflagration
His thoughts are distant; on the wings of the eagle; beyond the live-giver,
Connected is he with another world ...

“The Great Mother cries out to me in the night,
Soon I must leave behind this safe refuge deep within her craggy mountains;
I must venture cross this desperate lands,
Beyond the plains where no sight of the buffalo ever comes
Past the raging river who’s waters are tainted red with the heartless killings of the white man
Somehow I will gain safe passage through their cities of death and abomination
and venture to a new land; one where I can gain some time
For I know the end times are upon this sorry earth;
I have read the signs and know the fiery god comes
to crush the lands and burn the skies and redeem the mother of her burdens
For the dark ones must leave behind these lands.”

He can barely stand as he opens his eyes and waits for orientation to return
Human form is temporarily a mystery, he has forgotten
So far into the spirit lands did he fly,
and it was with regret he made his return, his kindred warriors urging him on
For he is the last of his kind, alone in this demon land
Charged by the spirits of the Elders to reach his goal
A distant land where the ancestors once lived in peace
A land once split by mighty upheaval, cast adrift on those molten seas
Coming to rest in a different ocean ... its treasures then hidden for ten thousand years
Now ready to be reclaimed by the chosen; over-run by a warlike race
A race reluctant to relinquish those magical lands

And he, The Eldritch Shaman, permits the spirits to see through his eyes
and fill his mind with their wisdom; surging realisations rocking his consciousness
And he becomes their tool, forced to disregard his life on a wanton vision quest
Charging him with total trust in their declarations
Thus he is now ready to make that journey, for he has nothing now; he cannot remain
Lest he die, poisoned by the toxins in the air, in the food, in the soil
He knows, with that perception, it is not that difficult a choice to make at all ...

“Great Spirit, protect me, lead me to that magical destination
Permit me to have the voice and the words that others will listen to
Allow me to be your tool there,
Lead your people to the success they deserve, through me
I am your servant, I ask only for a happy life
I ask for fulfilment and an ascension on the wheel
Grant me passage to the star worlds
For there are many souls there I wish to visit
Friends of mine I have not seen for so long
Ever since your impressions touched my spirit and I agreed to this mighty fall
I am your humble servant and I have done all that you ask so far,
I ask now that you grant me this wish in payment for all I have sacrificed for you”

Original Artwork 'Sarcen Magnetics' By Matthew James

Virtual revelations

So it appears that the creator god to the virtual creation known as 'mankind' is Enki. And we are intelligences trap in the material world within the virtual creation known as 'mankind'. Our true reality is beyond this material status. In our time as 'mankind' we forget where we truly come from; who our true identities really are ... and exactly how the process of us becoming trapped in the virtual creation in the first place. We forget too the relationship which must exist between our real intelligence and the intelligence behind the Anunnaki false gods. If indeed this material existence is nothing more than an experience within a virtual reality world created by a genetic computer, then we have a life and an identity outside of all of this. In a different reality entirely. Or is this virtual reality based on our true reality, much like virtual computer & console games are loosely based on the 'outside world?'

I know from years of communication and contacts that what we perceive as 'the spirit world' is NOT the other side. It is a continuation of the virtual reality but on a higher vibration. A higher vibration with its own laws and attributes; one of which is the existence of physical forms that vibrate higher than here.

The true other side exists beyond this virtual reality. For the moments we are within this reality ... and it will be moments to our true selves outside of these constraints ... we are somehow made to forget our origins and our true persona's. Why? And how?

I grasp now the process of 'forgetting' and the memories of 'remembering'. I'm now curious having gained a degree of enlightenment if true enlightenment is connection with the other side beyond the virtual reality. All the new age mumbo jumbo about separating from the selfish separate self and linking with the higher or true self ... is that referring to linking with a part of our consciousness beyond this vibration but still within the virtual universe? Or is it the moment when a connection is made between here, in this virtual reality, and the true other side beyond the virtual reality?

I intend to continue this journey of discovery and unearth (or truly remember) these momentous realisations. It is after all within us all to know these facts. As we are all perfect replicas of the total hologram it means we have the answers in every cell and in every crevice of our DNA.

We can remember if we reprogram our consciousness to do so. We've been programmed somewhere along the line to forget our origins and the mighty truths which go with it .... did we volunteer to have this amnesia? Or is it forced upon us as we descend into the virtual game? How is the link made on the true other side? Is it like being linked to a computer terminal in 'The Matrix' ... as simple as that ... with the commencement of the game when we are 'born' as a baby? I think so ....

My research to date, over the last 36 years, has revealed some astonishing revelations. Revelations I am only now 'able' to discuss. They have remained dormant in my awareness for the best part of my life ... intentionally? But now the amnesia is lifting ... lifting ... lifting .... should this posting be at the very start of the blog ... or at the end??

Daily Merlin: Remote Viewing

Okay. An experiment. Casting my awareness forward into the middle of next month in an attempt to pick out key occurrences. Anything notable. I'm focussed on a number of events which I will not reveal at this point!

Event 1: Four of Weapons & Three of Crescents. Card of recovery and of deserved rest. This card will pay dividends. The dream will NOT come true for a 'sea of blue'. Worthy opponents overcome them. Eight of weapons makes for the victor to have increased their advantage by one earlier to progress. A performance marked by a single minded 'star' on fire.
Event 2:... and 'gods' from the sea of blue to lift the sleeping babe (Prime of crescents) or is that just someone's dream because in the world of reflection a marching red stain appears to have been victorious (again) because the garden already bears blows of that colour.

Three stars in the heavens in the north oppose one in the south ...

Deep Delta

Voice 1: 100% Volume: 0.5Hz
Voice 2: 100 - 50% Volume: 0.3Hz
Voice 3: 50 - 100% Volume: 0.9 - 0 - 0.9Hz
Background: Babbling Brook: 25 - 50 - 25% Volume
Length: 1
Repeat: 2000

Mildly hypnotic. Relaxing. Releases growth hormones. Vital calming effect. Background is soothing ...mantra-like 'ur-a-ne-eta' ...

Lulu Amela & the black headed ones

So, the identity of the Biblical 'God' to mankind is the Anunnaki ENKI. He is the entity responsible for the creation of Home Sapiens. He created us as Primitive Workers to make it easier for the Annunaki to mine the gold which was required to stabilise the atmosphere on Nibiru.

The Atra-Hasis text and other 'creation of man' texts outline it. I've already outlined the basic story in the posting 'Anunnaki'.

But what these discovered texts outline in amazing detail is the tale of genetic engineering of Homo Sapiens. To achieve this feat Enki suggested that a 'being which already exists' - Apewoman - be used to create the Lulu Amelu (The Mixed Worker) by binding upon the lesser evolved beings 'the mould of the gods'.

The Anunnaki Sud purified the 'essence' of a young male Anunnaki; she mixed it into the egg of the Apewoman. The fertilized egg was then implanted in the womb of a female Anunnaki, for the required period of pregnancy. When the 'mixed creature' was born, Sud lifted him up and shouted 'I have created! My hands have made it!'

The Primitive Worker - Lulu Amela - Homo Sapiens - had come into being. This took place some 300,000 years ago through a feat of genetic engineering and embryo-implantation techniques which mankind itself is beginning to employ.

There has without doubt been a long process of evolution; the Anunnaki having taken a hand in the process and basically jumping the gun in the process, creating us sooner than we might have evolved on our own!

This feat required that the Anunnaki had considerable trial and error to achieve the desired 'perfect specimen' of the Primitive Worker. But once it was achieved, a mass-production process was launched with fourteen 'birth goddesses' at a time being implanted with the genetically manipulated Ape Woman eggs. There were seven to bear males and seven to bear female workers. As soon as the 'workers' grew up, they were put to task in the mines; and then as their numbers grew, they assumed more and more of the physical chores.

Soon the workers, known as 'the black headed ones' began to perform tasks in the mines and above ground. Here they 'bore the work and suffered the toil'; 'with picks and spades they built 'gods' houses, they built the big canal banks; food they grew for the sustenance of the gods'.

You see ... the gods ... the Anunnaki ... were of physical flesh and bone just like humans. They were not metaphysical. They were just a more advanced intelligence than mankind ... and a slightly malevolent one at that!

Eventually, the toll must have begun to pay on the young Anunnaki female 'birth goddesses'. So it was that Enki contrived to give the new creatures one more genetic 'twist'; thus granting to the sterile hybrids, the ability to have offspring - the sexual 'knowing' for having children. 'The Original Sin'!

And when Enlil discovered this further genetically engineered modification by Enlil, he ordered the expulsion of Homo Sapiens ('The Adam') from the E.DIN ('The Abode of the righteous ones'). So no longer confined to the settlements of the Anunnaki, Homo Sapien man began to roam the earth; and start to mingle with the other humanoid races which populated the planet at that time.

Pagan heritage

In so much as history is mostly written by its winners, so too do conquerors generally regard the religions of the vanquished as being 'of the devil' and having a mighty power in magical terms. This has the effect of heightening the perceived powers of the conqueror's own belief - a perception which can then be reinforced by continued successful persecution and the expropriation of that other religion's doctrines of faith.

And so, the god of the overwhelmed faith is portrayed as a 'Devil' in by the victors. This was the precise methods exercised by Christianity against Wicca when it rose to Inquisitional Supremacy; and with practitioners of the Wiccan Way keeping very much to themselves, most of what we know about 'witchcraft' comes from strategically contrived Christian propaganda.

The most visible aspects of old pagan lore were the regular festivals. However, no matter what steps the church took to overawe and suppress the festivals, it was the destiny of the festivals to persist and in doing so remained visible and popular. In order to cope with this, the bishops hit upon the clever plan of upsurging these festivals by superimposing their own self-styled calendar; to the extent that today we still celebrate many of the important days of ancient Wiccan & Pagan lore without necessarily being aware of it.

Similarly, the emblems of pre-Christian heritage are still very much apparent: the holly, ivy, mistletoe, robins, pine cones and tree decorations of christmas; Easter eggs, bunnies, baskets, flowers and hot cross buns ... all emanate from their pagan originals.

Source: 'Realm Of The Ring Lords' by Laurence Gardiner

… With concrete on their mind

By David Icke

The Skeptics Society is a forum for concrete psyches ‘devoted to promoting scientific skepticism and resisting the spread of pseudoscience, superstition, and irrational beliefs’. To speak to them would be like talking to a wall and I have one in front of me that I can use without any need to travel.

People say it’s good to be skeptical, or sceptical as we spell the word in Britain, but it isn’t. It is good to question and research, but that’s not the same as being sceptical. A sceptic is someone who comes from a fixed position and then filters all evidence to the contrary, and the main method is by always finding another explanation for something, no matter how far fetched and ludicrous. By finding another means of explaining away something that challenges their fixed position, they can maintain the fixed position; and that’s the whole idea of the exercise: defending their belief. It is irrelevant if the explanation they come with up is not valid — they never bother to research that. So long as they can find something, anything, that’s enough to preserve the perception.

Look at that line again about the Skeptics Society: ‘… devoted to promoting scientific skepticism and resisting the spread of pseudoscience, superstition, and irrational beliefs’. Who decides what is pseudoscience, superstition, and irrational belief? They do, from their fixed belief in how things are. I have met a number of these people and many are utterly desperate to find ways of dismissing anything that is different to the norms that they slavishly worship.”

Well said David! I couldn't have put it better myself; and I couldn’t agree more having experienced the brunt of the stubborn minded sceptics myself. Having been a ‘Medium’ and a ‘Clairvoyant’ brought the sceptics out of the wood work at the venues I’ve attended throughout the North West & Midlands of the
UK. They are the first to dismiss your claims; the first to try to influence the genuinely interested souls who would visit the venues. No matter what ‘proof’ you offer them … they always come up with total unprovable bollocks as the foundations for their skepticism. Yes, I’ve had my fair share of the years. But mind you, I’ve also quite proud of having ‘converted’ a number in my time to the way of the Occult. But that can only take place under exceptional cases (for example a poor young guy in Warrington who sat down before me and admitted he was a sceptic and wanted ‘proof’. I immediately pulled through his closest friend from the ‘other side’ and related to him the friend’s untimely death in a motorbike accident and also their pact that whoever went over first would come back and let the other know they were still ‘there’. The poor guy’s face dropped and he shook my hand, admitting I’d proven it to him!)

Sceptics are the scourge of the world. They seem to question and dismiss anything and everything. They are the morons of the 'scientific world'. They use very little scientific basis for their disarmament of the proof they are offered; always changing the goal posts to make it impossible for you to comply to their ‘experimentation’.

Sceptics, however, are often highly skilled in tying up their opponents in clever verbal knots. Any argument with them usually ends up with you feeling exasperated and feeling you’ve been bamboozled. I know it because I’ve been there so many times. In the end I just usually shut up and let them think they have won; I find the niche where my conversations and my insight are appreciated and let the sceptic think the world is how he or she perceives it!

One 'famous' sceptic is none other than a former Occult Magician ... James Randi. His 'One Million Pound' challenge to 'prove' paranormal activity is about the biggest con still going ...The Win A Million Pounds Con..... I know of old friends who have fantastic genuine 'paranormal' skills who've pitched themselves against this moron. Prior to the 'real thing' they were able to practice the 'test' and succeeded seven times out of ten. But then ... the time of the real test and it is IMPOSSIBLE. The object they were told to move (this was one of the tests nearly 15 years ago) was GLUED DOWN so they would fail!! One friend discovered this months later and threatened to sue the moron (fact). Needless to say he slimed his way out of the con. To date nobody has claimed the prize AS NOBODY IS MEANT TO OR WILL BE ABLE TO. It is the ultimate depth that sceptics resort to in order to prove they are right. He is part of the 'official' word that paranormal ability doesn't exist!

What is Wi-Fi?

• Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity and is, a set of standards for transmitting data from computers etc over a network without wires.
• This transmission is fast enough to allow transfer at a broadband-like rate
• If you are within a certain distance of a WI-Fi transmitter and have the necessary receiver in the device you wish to access it with, then it should be possible. This zone of connectivity is known as a hotspot.
• Many laptops and several phones and portable media players now come with built in Wi-Fi connectivity – as well as next generation consoles like the PlayStation 3
• Home computers and laptops can often be upgraded fairly cheaply to be linked into a Wi-Fi network with a plug in card or gadget.
• Wimax is a next generation version of Wi-Fi. It can integrate into current Wi-Fi technologies but has a much broader range and can send larger amounts of data per second.

Is Wi-Fi bad for your health?

Is Wi-Fi bad for your health

The argument about Wi-Fi causing health problems is rumbling on, with the news that part of London has been fitted with a new network reigniting discussions about the prudence of installation while long-term repercussions have yet to be ascertained.

There has been no firm scientific proof that Wi-Fi is detrimental to health, although many people claim to have an unusually high sensitivity to the technology – which uses microwaves to link devices such as consoles, laptops, phones and computers into a network.

Wi-Fi networks are proliferating across the UK, with many coffee shops, universities and homes now able to take advantage of a technology that allows connectivity without a cumbersome wire trailing from the device to a phone or broadband socket.

The fears about the technology are similar to those being expressed about mobile phones – although in radiation terms the amount received from a wireless network is a significant amount less than from a single mobile – simply because they are designed to operate over much smaller areas.

The Independent on Sunday suggest that 1.6 million Wi-Fi units have been sold in the past 18 months, with Internet Service Providers such as BT, Sky and AOL all including wireless in their options. The increased numbers of wireless devices mean that people are becoming less and less tolerant of being without a connection and cities such as Norwich and now part of London now have major coverage networks.

What seems to concern many people is the lack of a major study into the effects of the Wi-Fi networks.

The Professional Association of Teachers has written to Education secretary Alan Johnston to ask for an enquiry to be mounted, as a growing number of pressure groups lobby for action.
The Health Protection Agency issued a report insisting that long-term research is necessary, although their findings are more specifically about mobile phones rather than Wi-Fi.

"We believe that the level of publicly-funded research into the effects of microwave emissions falls short of an adequate programme into an area where public health implications should be regularly reviewed,"
read the report. "We recommend that the Government ensures a higher priority is given to a research programme into the health impacts of mobile phones. The public health aspects of new technologies should be incorporated into the Foresight Programme."

In the meantime, the installation of wireless networks shows no sign of abating – but it seems likely that the government will be prepared to bend to the pressure and launch a full scale health probe into the perceived long term dangers of the technology.

An Insight Into 'Readings'

What would you consider your most 'difficult' reading or consultation?
That is a difficult one! There's been so many over the years. But what springs to mind is when I did a stint on 'Dial-A-Medium in Manchester. It was one of these phone line reading scams. However, I approached the whole thing naively and totally honestly. All the other 'readers' were just saying anything to keep folk on the line. But not me. As soon as the red light came on the box & I knew I was 'on air', I would turn the cards and give what I could see and hear. What made it especially difficult was the fact there was no voice on the end of a phone! I just had a red light to let me know someone had phoned in and I had to speak through a microphone. Impossible you would say! How can you give information when you don't even had a voice link? I did it! And very accurately. I insisted that everyone sent their thoughts to me and concentrated. I would then turn the cards; get a mental image of the person and speak. I received the perfect proof one afternoon. Unbeknown to me a close friend decided to ring up Dial-A-Medium. I received an 'inkling' this particular afternoon that I knew who was on the line; so I kept a note of the time the light came on and the time when the light went off. I also noted down what I'd said. It was about a week later when I next saw my close friend. The first thing I did was ask if she'd used Dial-A-Medium? On the date and at the time I'd gleaned she'd been on the line. She could only nod in surprise. My hunch had been correct. Even down to what I'd picked up as the mental link and the information I gave her.

What then is the most satisfying reading you've ever done?
Again a difficult question. There are many. But the ones which spring to mind are the time I did a venue in Warrington Uk and I told a client, Sharon', that was going to asked to travel down to London visit a friend who'd just moved down there. I warned her she was not to go on the weekend she was invited, but change it to another weekend. Months later I revisited the same venue and was greeted by 'Sharon' and her Mum. At the time I gave her the reading she didn't know a friend down in London, so she couldn't take the information. But weeks later her close friend did move down to London. Her friend then invited her to visit her one weekend. 'Sharon's Mum remembered my warning and told her to rearrange the weekend visit. Good thing she did! The weekend she was asked to visit her friend was the weekend when there was a train crash at one of the London stations. The very station she would have used, as she would have gone down by train!!

CCTV, computers and the 'climate of fear'

Britain risks "committing slow social suicide" by allowing the Big Brother state to take over its citizens' lives, the leading privacy watchdog will warn tomorrow. Information Commissioner Richard Thomas will publish a report highlighting the "creeping encroachment" on civil liberties by the Government and official bodies. The report accuses ministers of creating a climate of fear through increasing use of CCTV cameras, the computer tracking of shopping habits and plans for ID cards.

Mr Thomas, who three years ago warned that Britain is "sleepwalking into a surveillance society", argues that his fears may have already been realised. He believes that excessive monitoring of personal information has not only damaged the rights of individuals but has also undermined society as a whole.

He will present the evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee, which is conducting an inquiry into the issue. Mr Thomas will demand new powers from the Government to protect individuals' privacy.

The UK has 20 per cent of the world's CCTV cameras, with 4.2million watching our every move - one for every 14 people.

Gareth Crossman, of the civil rights organisation Liberty, said yesterday: "Our details are held and shared not because we are under suspicion now but because we might be one day. At this rate, future generations will neither enjoy nor understand the concept of privacy"

And the flame keeps burning ...

The weekly report from Sitemeter confirms the continued good news that A Light In The Darkness still has a bright flame. The weekly traffic is around 12% down on last week; but the average time is up slightly by 5%. It is pleasing report. But, there is still room for vast improvement, which will be made. "A good vintage wine takes time to develop" .... time will tell!

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Beauty is within ...

People often say that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder,' and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves.

Delta 0.3Hz

Preparing for my 'beauty sleep' very nicely with mind wave set at 0.3Hz playing through speakers; lulled into a hypnotic momentum with the sound of a bubbling brook ...

Alien skulls?

Nothing evokes such a strange mixture of fear and curiosity, or forces us to confront our own mortality, more than human skulls. When skulls are discovered that are physically very different from how we expect human skulls to look - often unique in their shape, structure and bone composition - we find ourselves in the curious position of trying to understand how and why these extraordinary artefacts exist.

Of course it’s possible that there are rational explanations for these anomalous discoveries. Some researchers for example have proposed that the skulls may be illustrations of ancient cultural traditions, while others suggest that some can be attributed to specific medical conditions.

However, a growing number of researchers support the theory that man’s evolution could be the result of genetic engineering by extraterrestrial cultures (alien intervention theory), and believe that at least some of the skulls could offer DNA evidence of such alien contact.

These alternative theories, along with related research into the origins of these skulls, are slowly beginning to challenge the mainstream scientific paradigm regarding human evolution, and are drawing attention to our lack of knowledge about what occurred in humanity’s distant past.

Read the rest of the article here....

Me and my new shadow

The Storm Has Passed
The storm finally appears to have abated. Last weekend's events are at becoming a fading memory. The laptop is albeit back to normal. Hours of reloading data and programs has finally come to a close. But, the laptop has an irritating habit it didn't have before. It crashes and closes me out on Internet Explorer without warning. I am however patient with it; I use the 'save as draft' button and I merely smile at the laptop's screen when it locks me out! I know if I took it back and reported the habit, I would be told to restore everything again. That would mean yet still more hours of reloading everything again. No way! I will grin and bear it.
Me And My New Shadow
Much like the shadow which has attached itself to me over the last few days. Wherever I may be ... I cannot fail to notice the shadow entity over my shoulder, following me. Sticking to me like glue. A handler? A potential rider? A deceased friend or relation? I cannot tell ... communication interplay has not occurred. No contact at all has been received from the shadow. Mind you, I've not really tried. I've just taken note that some new phenomenon is taking place. I have noted too that all attempts at distraction have virtually ceased recently; my handlers seem to have backed off and left me to it. No disruption beams in meditations.
Intensive Projections
No interruptions ... but my dreams are more intense than usual. I say 'dreams'; they are not dreams. I never dream. Dreams I recall are always in black and white for me anyway. My 'dreams' are seriously more like 'projections' or 'existing on other frequencies'. They are as intense and as sensory as the waking hours in this virtual world. I have the sense of touch and smell and taste and hearing to a very finite degree. The experiences are as profound and as memorable as anything on this plane of existence. More so. As I very rarely have the distraction of a physical body complete with its ailments and its shortcomings. Everything is literally mind imagery and it is intense. It commences the moment I close my eyes and I settle down into Delta state (recent experiments with Theta Waves prior to bedtime mean I'm already on the boundary of delta anyway) and I find myself with 'dream control' in another dimension. I've always had this ability. For decades I've been able to drift into another dimension at any point of the night (or day). Moments after closing my eyes I'm gone from this plane and somewhere else entirely. But, over the last few months, it seems to have lessened in intensity due to a stressful outside world. So for it to return in recent weeks is a godsend. For the experimentations to increase the intensity is all the more reason to be cheerful. Perhaps my handlers have given me space so I can 'play' with the most recent genetic modifications which have been made to my DNA & RNA? I can only presume, as they've never actually told me what it is they do with me. They send 'suggestions' via visual facsimiles. However there have been no visual facsimiles of any description recently. They apparently have left me in peace ... but such is the way with these matters, they may well be overhearing my consciousness as it slips its cognitive processes into gear. Everything could change again this week, as it often does. Such is they way which has become my life. Perhaps one day I will chance upon a dimension during my projections where it will all be explained to me (it has before but I always forget) and this time I will retain full awareness of it.
Pay Attention To My Shadow?
In the meantime I may well turn my attention to my newly acquired shadow and investigate its consciousness. It is likely, I feel, to be someone I once knew ... after all I did hear 'I'm not dead you know' spoken in my ear a few days back ... there are a number of likely candidates. The telepathic impetus appears to be towards me 'getting back into' the mediumship and the readings and all that new age hoohah .... there are urges within me to start it back up again. I still toy with my tarot cards and I still wander down memory lane. After 25 years of professional readings it is not easy to forget about it! It feels like I've had a limb amputated in truth, though I've never been comfortable over the last 4 or so years reading here in New Zealand. I've always been on edge and not at my best in my opinion. Prior to that back in the Old Country (the UK) I was within my comfort zone. At my profound and blunt best. A standard I must admit I miss on the quiet.
A New Path Perhaps (Or The Return To An Old One)?
Perhaps it will return. Perhaps this is the cognitive process I am meant to compute. Perhaps why my handlers are in skulking in the wings. They cannot after all force freewill to do something it doesnt want to do? But do I believe that 'new age' myth? Is it true? After all those enigmatic forces due abduct and misuse folk against their will ... how do I know it is freewill which is governing my thinking at the moment? How do I know these are my own thoughts? It is so easy for the intelligences to slot in thought patterns which deceive and confuse. Thought patterns which are not a mortal's own ... very easy. They can track thoughts; they can change thoughts; they can influence thoughts and they can implant thoughts. But ... is this the case? I've appeared to wander off my current path onto a new path with my thinking. But then ... is this the return of an old path? One I once associated with? There has been so much thinking and reasoning since; so much trauma and so much change in the last five years; I've perhaps forgotten how I used to think?
A New Outlook On Life & On The Occult
I know I think differently now to how I used to think. I've lost the rose tinted glasses and lost the romance I had with the occult. I see things more as they really are. I can see beyond the myth and learn more of the truth ... but its only the truth in accordance with my own reality. It may not suit the reality of someone else. I digest the information presented by the main frame server of this virtual reality via my DNA like everyone else. But my RNA processes this information differently. So much differently than I did before. I make sense of this virtual reality more so than ever before. And it has changed the way I interact with folk and how I witness the three dimensional world around me. Because of this I lost the interest in mediumship. I saw it all as a sham and a falsehood. I reckoned I was merely seeing behind the scenes and relating that information to folk. But was I actually communicating with loved ones and deceased consciousnesses? Yes ... I believe I was but not in the way it had been assumed a decade ago. The spirit world is not that which I perceived or others perceived. It is merely another level in this virtual universe. It is the realms I project to when I am supposedly 'sleeping'. I know that now ... and it is because of this revelation I endeavour to resume my mediumship. There appears to be a great need for communication between the levels. More so than ever before ... to get the 'truth' across and begin influencing the main frame server's basic programming which provides the basic 'history' to this dimension for all intelligences linked to this virtual realm. That must be changed as it has become corrupted. This is one of the reasons for my 'incarnation' and a reason for the benevolence of the handlers who work with me.
Future Storms?
My reality no longer permits me the fear of my malevolent handlers. They no longer scare me. But it does not mean they no longer intrude on my reality. Because I was made to 'create' them at an early age means I gave them the energy to exist in my reality. Until I find a way of transforming that energy they will always be a influence in my reality. They are always likely to create another storm in my life which means more rage attacks and more frustration. My focus, as always, is to find the ways and the means to overcome them.

The Anunnaki were the builders of the Great Pyramids

The twin peaks of Mount Ararat served as a major focal point for the Annunaki. A line at forty-five degrees marked the landing path for their space craft, and a combination of natural and artificial landmarks outlined an arrowlike landing corridor. Mount Ararat served as the northern landmark, anchoring the Landing Corridor and the Landing Path in the centre of the corridor.

The Southern line of the Landing Corridor was a line connecting Ararat with the highest peak in the Sinai Peninsula, the Harsag (Mt St Katherine) and its twin, the slightly lower Mount Moses.

The Northern line of the Landing Corridor was a line extending from Ararat through the pre-deluge landing platform construction at Baalbek, and continuing into Egypt. There the terrain was too flat to offer any natural landmarks, and so it was that the Anunnaki proceeded to build the artificial peaks of the two Great Pyramids at Giza.

In order to erect an anchor to the pattern, an east to west imaginary line was conceived by the Anunnaki in their space sciences. They arbitrarily divided the skies which enveloped the Earth into three bands or 'ways'. The northern band was the 'Way Of Enlil'; the southern band was the 'Way of Enki' and the central band was the 'Way of Anu'. Seperating them were the lines which are known as the 30th parallel north and the 30th parallel south.

The 30th parallel north appears to have been of particular 'sacred' significance. Holy cities from ancient times have been located on it. It was chosen to be the line on which the great pyramids were to be built, and also the line which would indicate, in the Sinai's central plain, the site of the Anunnaki Spaceport. A line in the precise middle of the Landing Corridor, the Landing Path was lead to the exact location of the Spaceport on the 30th parallel.

This is how it has been assumed that the Landing Grid was laid out; how the size of the Spaceport was marked off, and how the great pyramids of Giza came into being.

The three pyramids of Giza would have been constructed by first erecting the smaller Third pyramid as a scale model. Then, in keeping with the preference for twin-peaked focal points, the two large pyramids were erected.

Source: 'The Wars Of Gods And Men' by Zecharia Sitchin

Temporary status

It'll do for starters. The header is ok. Quickly drawn ... but I'm not satisfied with it, being a perfectionist. It doesn't look right. I've tried adjusting the template to make the artwork go right across the page ... without success.

It's been given 'temporary status' until I create the masterpiece I really want there ...

I've tweaked the appearance more too. Changed the blue background ...

The original artwork I entitled 'Tranquility'. A simple composition done in Paint Shop Pro 5 ... the background with the hint of misty horizon and distant crashing waves. Slight foreground. The shining sun was added in Corel Photo Paint 7. The artwork is representative of gazing across the mystic sea towards the shining countenance of Kether and beyond ...

Monarch of the golden age

Until recently I never questioned ...
Then I realised ... beyond the open window ... is kind of a code;
The window would be; the letter ‘Heh’; ‘path 15 ‘ on the tree ...
The Path Of Heh ...
The ‘path which links Tipareth to Chokmah on the top right,
Wandering through the fearsome Abyss ...
‘through the billowing white mists of time’ ... one of the veils
‘Son Of The Morning’ ... a misconstrued, misplaced name,
Referring to The Morning Star ...
misplaced because foolish men of the cloth called it Satan, or Lucifer...
The original light bearer ....
Here is where I laugh ... and I smile
I chose instead to step back ... and permit the archetypal conditioning to fall like a cloak
The golden age is now ... here around me
And the monarch ... no, that is not I ...
No the monarch is the collective man’s perception of a mythical hero
So, now ... my entire perception of the mysterious open window has changed
In a moment the billowing mists dissolve
I hold the keys ... I have always held the keys ... as do nearly all of mankind ...
I am now the simple man and I am remembering the plan ... the plan of life.
The Path Of Heh is said to be ‘the substance of creation in pure darkness’
... except now the darkness is fading
All around me is the light
... the light of realisation
... the light of the Atziluth
... the plane of dimension high,
Well beyond the conceptual world of man
... well beyond the Assiah, and the Briah ....
I stand on the breach ... at the entrance to the abyss
The ladder of evolution beyond me and upwards towards the source

Magister Templi

He assumes the title ... simply because it feels right;
It stirs insight and emotion ...
As the gazes at the image of the tree,
Its countenance ... a mixture of Sephiroth and paths
Like a comet he sees himself emblazoned across those shores
In his reality ....
Along those pathways ... through time, all the many lives
He’s wandered, sweating and toiling through all the experiences
Until that time he came to a void
Until he came to the boundless passage of the abyss
It is there he made his home
Slightly above the thinking of incarnate man
As an adept ... choosing the times to incarnate
To aid fellow travellers when it was his time to be human
Hidden within the throngs ... is he
Appearing as them within them
Experiencing again ... this addiction
Magister Templi ... walker between worlds
‘Inner Planes Adept’ on earth
Obscure face ... hidden life
Observing them all around him
Aiding the human vibration ... with presence.
No man shall ever know
Few humans shall ever comprehend
For he comes from a vibration higher than the known
Yet ... he appears just like they .... deceiving them.
But that is his best defence ...

Arrest This Man!

What would the new 'Lip Reader' cameras make of this puppet I wonder?

Quakes shake North Island

By Bruce Russell

A new earthquake has been recorded at Matata, New Zealand. It measured 3.8 on the Richter scale, and was felt at 9.49 last night throughout the central Bay of Plenty.

The shake was centred within five kilometres of Matata, at a focal depth of five kilometres. Earlier a moderate earthquake was felt in the Wanganui area. It struck at 6.29 last evening and measured 4.2 on the Richter scale. It was located 20 kilometres south of the city, at a depth of 15 kilometres.

Earthquake shakes Britain

The largest earthquake to hit Britain for 10 years struck large parts of England and Wales today, triggering at least one aftershock. The quake, which measured 4.8 on the Richter scale, hit at 12.54am. The aftershock, which measured 2.7, struck at 4.32am.

Both tremors had their epicentres "right under the city of Birmingham" and people as far apart as south and west Wales, Northamptonshire, south Yorkshire and Oxfordshire felt the main quake, which shook homes, broke windows and set off alarms.

Emergency services across the region were deluged with calls, but there were no reports of serious injury.

Glenn Ford of the British Geological Survey (BGS) said the earthquake reached 4.8 on the Richter scale.

"It's an extremely large earthquake in UK terms but not large in world terms - we'd only classify it as a light earthquake. This would have been right under the city of Birmingham itself and we've already had reports of the fire brigade being called out to fallen chimneys."

The earthquake would have lasted for at least 10-15 seconds, he said.

Read Full Story

The vibrational veil

"Only by magic could they be discovered. only by sound could their faces be seen ... But, know ye, the Masters were mighty in magic, able to lift the veil from the face of the serpent, able to send him back to his place. Came they to man and taught him the secret, the Word that only a man can pronounce; swift then they lifted the veil from the serpent and cast him forth from place among men."

The key to lifting this "veil from the face of the serpent" is a sound frequency that disrobes the illusion of human form to reveal their reptilian nature. It resonates a vibration that prevents them from holding their 'human' cover.

Source: "Tales From The Time Warp" By David Icke

Saturday, 28 April 2007

Meeting their masters

A reason for the Illuminati obsession with rituals is to permit Reptilians and similar entities from other dimensions to manifest before them. Some researchers suggest that the Reptilian faction behind the Illuminati was banished from the surface of the Earth and this five-sense reality by closing the interdimensional 'portals', which allowed them to move into this reality or density very easily. These portals are vortex points on the Earth where dimensions connect and these are often the places held most sacred by the ancients. The portals are similar in theme, if not detail, to the one featured in the film Stargate, the story of an ancient Egyptian people controlled by high-tech, extraterrestrial 'gods'.

In their rituals, the Satanists summon the manipulating entities into their presence by creating the vibrational 'doorways' that allow them to manifest. Words, colours and symbols all vibrate energy and the secret rituals use the combinations that have the required vibrational effect. Researcher Alan Walton writes: "Some claim that the Crowley and Satanic rituals and Montauk projects have been very useful to them in ... tearing holes in the fabric of space-time that separates our dimension from theirs."!

As the Emerald Tablets say: "Yet, beware, the serpent still liveth in a place that is open, at times, to the world" and "Unseen they walk among thee in places where the rites have been said." (Illuminati rituals to open the 'stargates'); "Again as time passes onward, shall they take the semblance of men" (which they have).

This theme of sealing the portals might be described in the Bible's Book of Revelation, which clearly describes the 'Devil' or 'Satan' in reptilian terms. It tells of St Michael, an ancient Sumerian/Phoenician deity, defeating the dragon:

"And the great dragon was cast down. the old serpent, he that is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world; he was cast down to Earth and his angels were cast down with him.

" ... And he laid hold on the dragon. the old serpent. which is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years, and cast him into the abyss. and shut it. and sealed it over him, that he should deceive the nations no more."

This could also relate to being condemned to live in the inner-Earth.

Source: 'Tales From The Time Warp' by David Icke

Hellraiser IV - Bush Cenobite - Even More Hell On Earth

Hellraiser is a British horror film exploring the themes of sadomasochism, pain as a source of pleasure, and morality under duress and fear.

Lip Reading Surveillance Cameras To Stop Terror

'"Read my lips ..." used to be a figurative saying. Now the British government is considering taking it literally by adding lip reading technology to some of the four million or so surveillance cameras in order identify terrorists and criminals by watching what everyone says.

Electronic Design is reporting that the Home Office is interested in a project being pursued by a senior lecturer in computer vision at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England.'

Contrails or chemtrails and freak weather

'Tenerife has recently again been hit by terrible weather, which has been explained as a symptom of climate change, but what everyone seems to have missed out on is that “chemtrails” were in the skies of the island just before the storms started, and chemtrails are being used for weather modification.'

Read more ...

Creating 'reality'

Simply put, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Our thoughts determine the present and future of what is contained within our lives. It’s all about our choices. How and what we choose, upon what we focus, concentrate, or direct our attention, and where we spend our mental and emotional energies -- this is precisely what we will attract or draw to ourselves.

And the universe always provides.

The universe is wholly connected, it includes us, and it responds to our every whim. There is, however, often a “time buffer” in which we must maintain our vision over time in order for it to manifest itself. This time delay is the good news! It allows us to further define our vision, to make adjustments as we collect data on the advisability of each aspect of our dream. We may earnestly desire someone to love us, but unless we add the extra stipulation that we want to be very much in love with them as well, we may find ourselves as the recipient of a stalker, an overly possessive, smothering individual, or a Fatal Attraction scenario. Time is definitely our friend in this regard!

A “time delay” is also the key in the physics of The Fifth Element, in which it is shown mathematically that all aspects of the universe are indeed connected -- and additionally that there are no limits to what we can have. Thus, one needs to be very clear about what things one desires.

The physical mechanism that manifests our dreams and visions is important. There is, for example, the interconnection between our thoughts and feelings, our concentration or focus, all of which draws to us our present (and ultimately, our future). Our thoughts define what is (and what is to be), while our feelings, our emotions, are the energetic source, the engine, the primer, which manifests our chosen reality. The greater the depth of our emotions in desiring any given reality, the greater the likelihood of that reality predominating over other possibilities.

There is yet another caveat of our manifesting one’s own personal reality. If one focuses on the “wanting” of something, the universe will only provide more opportunities for us to continue to want, i.e. not have. The universe is simply being literal in noting how much energy we spend on desiring something, and assumes -- perhaps rightly so -- that what we earnestly desire is the opportunity to want something. This is as opposed to having something. The key is to believe you already have it! Not to simply want it.

It has been said that, “Happiness is not getting what you want, but wanting what you have.” There is some truth to this statement, but only in the context that “wanting” shall avail you not, unless you believe you already have it -- and simultaneously, are acting accordingly. If you want to win the lottery, believe you have and act accordingly. If this sounds a bit risky financially, then obviously there is a lack of faith! I know. Bummer.

In manifesting our desires, there is apparently no limits -- other than those we impose upon ourselves! To paraphrase Nelson Mandela: "Our greatest fear is not that we are powerless, but that we are far more powerful than we think."

More significantly, there is the idea that we don’t deserve something, be it the good life or whatever. The paradigm we live in, the one that is constantly reinforced by other people’s choices to remain in that paradigm, is that we must somehow -- through hard work, prayer, gifting (before and after), or simply by being upstanding, righteous, or virtuous -- earn whatever of benefit comes to us. This paradigm is fundamentally wrong. “It is not possible for any of you to earn anything. ‘Earning’ is a physical misunderstanding. It’s all vibrational.” It’s not your so-called hard work. It’s what your thoughts attract to you! If you think you must somehow earn rewards, then sure enough, you will have to earn it. But if you believe you have it already (in your heart as well as your head), then you have it!

Ultimately, everything revolves around one’s thoughts and feelings. More precisely, about one’s choices -- particularly how we choose to perceive reality. One can, for example, define optimism as: “The belief this is the best of all possible worlds”; while pessimism is defined as: “The fear that this is true.” Fundamentally, it’s all a matter of choosing our perspective. The world itself may not appear to change, but our reaction to it can be our choice.