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Monday, 30 September 2013

The Most Fulfilling Road

Daily OM: Our lives are made up of a complex network of pathways that we can use to move from one phase of life to the next. For some of us, our paths are wide, smooth, and clearly marked. Many people, however, find that they have a difficult time figuring out where they need to go next. Determining which “next step” will land you on the most direct route to fulfillment and the realization of your life purpose may not seem easy. There are many ways to discover what the next step on your life path should be. If you are someone who seeks to satisfy your soul, it is vital that you make this inquiry. Often, your inner voice will counsel you that it’s time for a change, and it is very important to trust yourself because only you know what is best for you. Personal growth always results when you let yourself expand beyond the farthest borders of what your life has been so far. When figuring out what your next step will be, you may want to review your life more>>>...

The big lie of genetics exposed: human DNA incapable of storing complete blueprint of the human form

Natural News: Genetics is an attempt by materialistic scientists to offer a purely materialist view of inheritance and development of not just physical bodies but non-physical inherited attributes such as instinctive behaviors and cellular function. According to the theory of genetics, physical gene sequences contained in chromosomes found in each cell in your body are a "blueprint" for all your body's physical structures, biochemical functions and inherited behavioral patterns. This blueprint, the theory goes, contains ALL the instructions needed to create a complete human form with all its physical structures, physiological functions and inherited behaviours fully represented and complete. Because of the enormous complexity of the human body, organ function, cell structures and instinctive behaviors, it was once believed that humans must possess somewhere around 2 million protein-coding genes. The Human Genome Project was launched in 1990 with the widespread belief that when it was finished, it would "unlock" all the mysteries of the origins of disease in humans. It was also believed that when the human genome fully mapped, scientists would be able to create humans in any form they wanted, including humans with extra arms or legs, humans free of all disease, humans with "enhanced" physical powers, and so more>>>..

Space News Suppressed – Comet ISON Approaches

Before Its News: This is something to keep an eye on. The press has been playing it down which always makes one sit up and pay attention. Notice we never really get detailed analysis from any of these mega observatory installations. Maybe a Hubble pic here and there but always superficial information, as if we’re not supposed to know about the full realities of what’s going on out there. That certainly fits their strangulating, elitist, eons old “need to know basis” meme. That ISON will be its closest to the earth near the winter solstice is significant in itself, never mind the sun being in a magnetic shut down in this general time due to its magnetic pole shift now under way. Perhaps even more importantly is the fact that we could easily pass through its debris field. That in itself is clearly something that is worth paying attention to. Researchers have discovered that major pandemics have taken place on the planet during solar magnetic shut downs since ions are not deflected from earth by the sun’s magnetic field, and they’ve proven they arrive with alien microbes from outer space. Our planet’s magnetic field is also at a low ebb, compounding our more>>>...

The 'Spook Lights' captured on film

The Spook Light can be found south of Joplin, Missouri, a town now better known as the site of a devastating F5 tornado in 2011. The anomaly is variously called the Spook Light, Ghost Light, Joplin Ghost Light, Ozark Spook Light, Devil's Jack-O'-Lantern, Hornet Ghost Light, and others.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

A Cure For Depression - Liquorice

Eco Habits: This little-known treatment for depression is actually quite effective – it has more antidepressant compounds than St. John’s Wort, but it has not enjoyed the same press. Many of its compounds are, in fact, MAO inhibitors. Better known for its role in candy flavoring, the root contains glycyrrhizin, which stimulates the adrenal glands to produce hydrocortisone in the body. Interestingly, adrenal gland dysfunction has been linked to depression and related disorders.

Licorice root can be drunk as a tea, up to three cups a day, or taken in capsule form. But be cautious about taking licorice for prolonged periods of time (more than 4 weeks) as it can cause water retention and high blood more>>>...

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The Matrix: Pentagon wants ALL data to recreate 'parallel virtual Earth' for testing and conditioning human responses to psy-ops in real time

S.O.T.T: Perhaps your real life is so rich you don't have time for another. Even so, the US Department of Defense (DOD) may already be creating a copy of you in an alternate reality to see how long you can go without food or water, or how you will respond to televised propaganda. The DOD is developing a parallel to Planet Earth, with billions of individual "nodes" to reflect every man, woman, and child this side of the dividing line between reality and AR.  Called the Sentient World Simulation (SWS), it will be a "synthetic mirror of the real world with automated continuous calibration with respect to current real-world information", according to a concept paper for the more>>>...

Friday, 27 September 2013

Clearing a Space for Change

Daily Om: In life, we tend to have an easier time acquiring possessions than we do getting rid of them. Just as we harbor emotional baggage that is difficult to let go of, our lives can tend to be filled with material objects that we may feel compelled to hold on to. Most people are not conscious of how much they own and how many of their possessions are no longer adding value to their life. They fiercely hold on to material objects because this makes them feel secure or comfortable. While it’s true that the ownership of “stuff” can make you feel good for awhile, it seldom satisfies the deep inner longings that nearly everyone has for fulfillment and satisfaction. It is only when we are ready to let go of our baggage and be vulnerable that it becomes possible to recognize the emotional hold that our possessions can have on us. It’s not uncommon to hold on to material objects because we are attached to them or fear the empty spaces that will remain if we get rid of them. Giving away the souvenirs from a beloved voyage may feel like we are erasing the memory of that time in our life. We may also worry that our loved ones will feel hurt if we don’t keep the gifts they’ve given us. It’s easy to convince ourselves that unused possessions might come in handy someday or that parting with them will cause you emotional pain. However, when your personal space is filled with objects, there is no room for anything new to enter and stay in your life. Your collection of belongings may “protect” you from the uncertainties of an unknown future while keeping you stuck in the past. Holding on to unnecessary possessions often goes hand in hand with holding on to pain, anger, and resentment, and letting go of your material possessions may help you release emotional more>>>...

Multiverse Theory' Holds That the Universe is a Virtual Reality Matrix

Axiomatica: Isn't it amazing that scientists have finally had to admit that the design of the universe is so perfectly crafted so as to indicate intelligent design and yet they still try to avoid any explanation which includes the word God. The multiverse theory has spawned another - that our universe is a simulation, writes Paul Davies.

If you've ever thought life was actually a dream, take comfort. Some pretty distinguished scientists may agree with you. Philosophers have long questioned whether there is in fact a real world out there, or whether "reality" is just a figment of our imagination. Then along came the quantum physicists, who unveiled an Alice-in-Wonderland realm of atomic uncertainty, where particles can be waves and solid objects dissolve away into ghostly patterns of quantum energy.

Now cosmologists have got in on the act, suggesting that what we perceive as the universe might in fact be nothing more than a gigantic simulation.

The story behind this bizarre suggestion began with a vexatious question: why is the universe so bio-friendly? Cosmologists have long been perplexed by the fact that the laws of nature seem to be cunningly concocted to enable life to emerge. Take the element carbon, the vital stuff that is the basis of all life. It wasn't made in the big bang that gave birth to the universe. Instead, carbon has been cooked in the innards of giant stars, which then exploded and spewed soot around the more>>>...

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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Yogis of Tibet

Daily OM: The word “yogi” means “to realize the wisdom of pure awareness.” To do this, the yogis of Tibet practice Tibetan Buddhist meditation techniques. They have gained a level of mastery that makes it possible for them to practice in isolation for periods of one to three years. During this time, they focus their complete attention on connecting with spirit and gain an extraordinary level of control over their minds and bodies. We may not want to focus on one activity for one to three years, but there are principles that the yogis of Tibet live by that we can apply to our lives. Like all yogis, we can make it a priority to connect with spirit. A few moments spent focusing our attention inward can allow us to see life with fresh eyes. We can also expand our view of the world by educating ourselves like the yogis do before they attain yogic mastery. Yogis study not only spiritual disciplines, but they also study science, philosophy, the arts, and medicine. Another way to emulate the yogis of Tibet is to focus our minds on positive thoughts that affirm the well-being of the planet. Yogis chant prayers for the well-being of the world even while doing tasks that don’t require their full concentration. It is through chanting, positive thoughts, and meditation that we learn to have compassion, feel empathy, and look for the good in every situation. We also become aware of our ability to create change in the world with our thoughts, actions, and more>>>...

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'The Matthew James Medium Hour' - Thursday 26th September 2013

Did you miss the show today? Listen here by following the link below ... Matthew James answered questions, asked on Facebook, dealing with mediumship and the spirit world .... 

Archive - Thursday 26th September 2013 8pm - 9pm AEST

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Quote For The Day

"In any situation, either I feel separate or there is presence. In separation, no matter what happens I feel separate. In presence, the self is no more and there is simply "that which is" -- Tony Parsons

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Why Is The Food Industry Poisoning Us With Trillions of Nanoparticles?

Green Med Info: The U.S. food industry is notorious for poisoning the very consumers who drive their multi-billion dollar enterprise, even spending millions against their right to informed consent (truthful GMO labeling). So, is it any wonder that this deregulated and increasingly deranged juggernaut is experimenting on its own customer base by exposing them to trillions of toxic nanoparticles? A new study published in Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy titled, "Effects of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in human gastric epithelial cells in vitro," reveals for the first time that the nanoparticle form of the common "whitening" agent known as titanium dioxide is capable of inducing "tumor-like" changes in exposed human cells. Whereas previous cell research has established that titanium dioxide (TiO2) is cytotoxic (cell damaging), this is the first study of its kind to find exposed cells undergo a 'phenotypal' transition from normal to cancerous cell traits, including an increased rate of cell proliferation and a decrease in programmed cell death – hallmark features of precancerous and/or cancerous cells associated with 'immortalization.' Owing to the fact that the researchers tested human gastric epithelial cells, a type of stomach cell in direct contact with material we eat, and considering the broad range of drug, personal care and food products nanoparticle TiO2 is commonly used within, the toxicological implications of these findings are deeply more>>>...

A Buddhist Insight ...

The greatest achievement is selflessness.
The greatest worth is self-mastery.
The greatest quality is seeking to serve others.
The greatest precept is continual awareness.
The greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything.
The greatest action is not conforming with the worlds ways.
The greatest magic is transmuting the passions.
The greatest generosity is non-attachment.
The greatest goodness is a peaceful mind.
The greatest patience is humility.
The greatest effort is not concerned with results.
The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go.
The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances.


Transforming Anger to Light

Daily OM: As humans, we all have anger, sometimes more than others. A healthy way of purging our anger from our bodies is to give it to Mother Earth. We can imagine ourselves being grounded as the electrical energy passes from us into Mother Earth below. We can see that energy go straight to the earth’s core where it becomes part of the continuous growth process of our planet and is transformed from negative to positive, from dark to light. When we choose to give our anger to the earth, we trust our connection with the natural world we live in and the great universe that fuels it all. Mother Earth will lovingly transform your anger into light so no need to feel guilty about unloading to her. We can make this offering of our energy from any location, whether many stories up or on a ship at sea. We know the earth is below us, supporting us and sustaining us. If we have the opportunity to physically connect to the earth by going outdoors and touching unpaved ground, we may find it easier to connect to nature’s energy flow. It may also be easier to receive the flow of positive, calming, healing energy that comes to fill our bodies when we have emptied ourselves of our anger. To begin, sit and breathe deeply, ask Mother Earth to accept your anger, and imagine it coming down your spine out of your tailbone, and into the earth’s deep core. To finish, be sure to honor and thank the earth for her loving more>>>... 

Quote for the Day

"More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren't so busy denying them." -- Harold J. Smith

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Image of the Day

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The Government Is Spying On Us ...

The Government Is Spying On Us Through Our Computers, Phones, Cars, Buses, Streetlights, At Airports And On The Street, Via Mobile Scanners And Drones, Through Our Smart Meters, And In Many Other Ways. But hey, mainstream media and mainstream minds, there is no conspiracy to enslave the population and create a global Orwellian fascist state, so don’t worry, it’s all fine – some celebrity will be showing her bits in a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ any minute so you will have something really serious to think about.

‘Take a Peek at How Widespread Spying Has Become. Even now – after all of the revelations by Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers – spying apologists say that the reports are “exaggerated” or “overblown”, and that the government only spies on potential bad guys.

In reality, the government is spying on everyone’s digital and old-fashioned communications.

For example, the government is photographing the outside information on every piece of snail mail. The government is spying on you through your phone … and may even remotely turn on your camera and microphone when your phone is off.

As one example, the NSA has inserted its code into Android’s operating system … bugging three-quarters of the world’s smartphones. Google – or the NSA – can remotely turn on your phone’s camera and recorder at any time.

Moreover, Google knows just about every WiFi password in the world … and so the NSA does as well, since it spies so widely on Google.’ more>>>...

Alien Intervention and Souls: A look into the Reality of Human Life

Waking Times: The reality of the existence of ancient extra terrestrials is becoming more apparent by the most recent findings presented by scientists and archaeologists. Notably, among the most recent and significant is The Ancient Alien Question by Phillip Coppens, Forbidden Archeology by Michael Cremo,The Sirius Documentary by Dr. Steven Greer, theBosnian Pyramid discovery by Dr. Semir Osmangich, archaeological research by Dr. Klaus Dona, and evidence of ancient civilizations newly reported by the work of Michael Tellinger. This, combined with the work done by Erich von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin deciphering ancient Sumerian text and comparing it to the Christian Bible and other, what we consider, oldest written accounts of ancient earth, present a compelling story for a new version of our history, the evolution theory of man-kind, and the interaction we have had in the past and are presently experiencing with civilizations from other planets in our solar system and across the more>>>...

Strange new state of consciousness could exist, researcher says

S.O.T.T: With anesthetics properly given, very few patients wake up during surgery. However, new findings point to the possibility of a state of mind in which a patient is neither fully conscious nor unconscious, experts say. This possible third state of consciousness, may be a state in which patients can respond to a command, but are not disturbed by pain or the surgery, according to Dr. Jaideep Pandit, anesthetist at St John's College in England, who discussed the idea today (Sept. 19) at the at an anesthetists meeting in Dublin. Pandit dubbed this state dysanaesthesia, and said the evidence that it exists comes partly from a recent study, in which 34 surgical patients were anesthetized, and had their whole body paralyzed except for their forearm, allowing them to move their fingers in response to commands or to signify if they are awake or in pain during more>>>...

Vast and Potent

Daily OM: All sounds, from a whisper to a classical symphony, arise out of silence and disappear into silence. But silence is always there beneath sound and is the space where sound can exist. We tend to think of silence as the absence of sound, but silence has its own weight and quality. When you listen to silence, you can perceive its intense depth and power. Taking the time to experience silence calms the mind and rejuvenates the body. Silence is the void where we can hear the many sounds that we often ignore – the voice of our intuition telling us the truth, the sound of the breeze blowing, the hum of the radiator, and the noises we make just because we are alive. One way to experience silence is to wake up before the rest of the world has come alive. Try not to move into activity, and leave off the lights, radio, and television. Sit still and simply listen. You may hear your heartbeat or your breath, but keep your attention tuned to the silence that surrounds you. Stay this way for as long as you can, and allow the sound of silence to penetrate your body until it moves into your core. Feel the gentle, pulsing waves of silence and allow it to cleanse you. Five minutes of communing with silence can leave you feeling vibrant and connected to the more>>>...

Psychic TV LIVE

Watch Psychic TV LIVE ...

"Conversations With Spirit' with Matthew James - Tuesday 24th September 2013

Miss the show earlier today? Here's your chance to listen to the latest masterpiece! Matthew James was joined by UK Medium Alex Bayley ....

Monday, 23 September 2013

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Quote for the Day

"Our inner guidance comes to us through our feelings and body wisdom first -- not through intellectual understanding. ...The intellect works best in service to our intuition, our inner guidance, soul, God or higher power -- whichever term we choose for the spiritual energy that animates life." -- Dr. Christiane Northrupï

The Hive Mind and The Invisible Thread

Waking Times: “We’re all connected.” It’s the ubiquitous mantra of new-agey types. Chances are if you’ve ever watched Oprah, were a fan of the TV show Lost, or have read just about anything I’ve written, you are very familiar with this concept. Along with its close cousin “everything happens for a reason,” it’s pretty much become a cliché that isn’t really given much thought. Yet, how exactly are we all connected? Sure, we’re all made of the same elements, live on the same planet, and are plugged into the same Internet, but the phrase usually refers to the idea that all of our minds are somehow connected, that our lives are intertwined, that actions taken by you, now, could somehow affect a struggling shoe salesman living in Uzbekistan. I think it’s about time we explored this concept and saved it from the nether regions of trite, hackneyed banality. After all, if the idea that “we’re all connected” is a given, why doesn’t anyone (with the possible exception of Oprah herself) really believe it?

Back in September, 2010, Wired magazine published a discussion between two of its tech writers, Kevin Kelly and Steven Johnson about where ideas come from. Despite the stereotype of the solitary genius toiling away in his basement, the duo argued that great discoveries typically come not from individual minds but from the hive mind, aka, the collective consciousness. History shows that the most game-changing innovations including calculus, the electric battery, the telephone, the steam engine, the radio, and thousands more, were all uncovered simultaneously by different inventors who had no knowledge of one another. As Malcolm Gladwell brought up in a 2008 New Yorker article titled “In The Air,” this phenomenon of simultaneous discovery, innovation, and invention is extremely common. So much so, historians even have a term for it—“multiples.” It’s almost as if all these breakthroughs come from the same, unseen information source, and anyone who’s tuned into it, can have more>>>...

The People's TV Station Going To Air Worldwide On November 18th.

Combating Emotional Vampires

Daily Om: Relationships are always an energy exchange. To stay feeling our best, we must ask ourselves: Who gives us energy? Who saps it? It's important to be surrounded by supportive, heart-centered people who make us feel safe and secure. It's equally important to pinpoint the emotional vampires, who, whether they intend to or not, leech our energy. To protect your sensitivity, it's imperative to name and combat these emotional vampires. They're everywhere: coworkers, neighbors, family, and friends. In Energy Psychiatry I've treated a revolving door of patients who've been hard-hit by drainers--truly a mental health epidemic that conventional medicine doesn't see. I'm horrified by how many of these "emotionally walking wounded" (ordinarily perceptive, intelligent individuals) have become resigned to chronic anxiety or depression. Why the blind spot? Most of us haven't been educated about draining people or how to emancipate ourselves from their clutches, requisite social skills for everyone desiring more>>>...

"Conversations With Spirit With Matthew James" - Monday 23rd September 2013 9pm - 11pm GMT

Hello and welcome to 'Conversations With Spirit' - a two hour live radio show on Mike Spirit Fm hosted by me, Matthew James. Show time is 9 pm - 11 pm G.M.T every MONDAY evening.

You are cordially invited to listen in to the show and to become involved ... by phoning in for a LIVE MEDIUMSHIP READING by either myself or my live studio guest !

This week we will be joined by UK Medium Alex Bayley. The two hours is guaranteed to be very ENTERTAINING and INFORMATIVE ... as we will discuss our own backgrounds and experiences gained during our own 'Conversations With Spirit' ...

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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Quote for the Day

"A person's worth is contingent upon who he is, not upon what he does, or how much he has. The worth of a person, or a thing, or an idea, is in being, not in doing, not in having." -- Alice Mary Hilton

Friday, 20 September 2013

A Word on 'Inner Planes Communication'

"My form of mediumship is quite unique. My skills were honed and tuned from magical workings where I became an 'inner planes communicator'. I dealt with and communicated with numerous inner planes contacts. Through these years of initiations and kabbalah meditations I learned how to make these communication, how to distinguish who and what was communicating with me ... and how to access the inner planes at will. This form of mediumship is a constant 'work in progress' and has been my style since the mid 80's ...connecting with loved ones as a 'traditional mediumship' is just one form of inner planes communication" - Matthew James 2013

Find out more by booking an Intensive Mentoring Training Session with Matthew James...HERE>>>... 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Quote for Today

Stealth GMOs Are Coming: Approved & Unlabelled Everywhere

Waking Times: Genetically modified organisms are a terrifying development when we know they exist, but there’s a new system of creating GMOs that’s getting a complete pass. By fiat, our governments are allowing a process that produces genetically modified ‘foods’ for sale with absolutely no oversight. They can be called natural, or simply not labeled. Nothing, absolutely nothing, interferes with their introduction into the food supply. Genetic engineering means changing the genetic material of a living plant, fungus, or animal. What we’ve been fighting is merely one type, recombinant DNA, in which the gene from one species is transplanted into another. But it isn’t the only way to change genes. Another technique has been developed and patented, technically called oligonucleotide-directed mutagenesis (ODM), but branded Rapid Transit Development System (RTDS) by Cibus, of San Diego, more>>>...

Colorado Flood 2013: Detailed Explanation of Geoengineered Event

Sugar is addictive and the most dangerous drug of the times

UK Telegraph: Soft drinks should carry tobacco-style warnings that sugar is highly addictive and dangerous, a senior Dutch health official has warned. Paul van der Velpen, the head of Amsterdam's health service, the Dutch capital city where the sale of cannabis is legalised, wants to see sugar tightly regulated. "Just like alcohol and tobacco, sugar is actually a drug. There is an important role for government. The use of sugar should be discouraged. And users should be made aware of the dangers," he wrote on an official public health website. "This may seem exaggerated and far-fetched, but sugar is the most dangerous drug of the times and can still be easily acquired everywhere." Mr Van der Velpen cites research claiming that sugar, unlike fat or other foods, interferes with the body's appetite creating an insatiable desire to carry on eating, an effect he accuses the food industry of using to increase consumption of their products. "Sugar upsets that mechanism. Whoever uses sugar wants more and more, even when they are no longer hungry. Give someone eggs and he'll stop eating at any given time. Give him cookies and he eats on even though his stomach is painful," he more>>>...

What is Cosmic Consciousness?

Axiomatica: Cosmic Consciousness was coined by the Canadian psychologist Richard M. Bucke, in his book "Cosmic Consciousness" (1902) . He describes Cosmic Consciousness as a transpersonal mode of consciousness, an awareness of the universal mind and one's unity with it. Cosmic Consciousness prime characteristic is an awareness of the life and order in the universe. An individual who at attains the state of Cosmic Consciousness is often described as 'Enlightened' and such a person is also said to have a sense of immortality, not of attaining it but of already having it. Burke saw this state of consciousness as the next stage in human evolution, very much as spiritualists have always seen it.

Bucke argues that during the course of humanity's evolutionary development there are three forms of consciousness.

* Simple Consciousness, our instinctual consciousness.
* Self Consciousness, that self-awareness that allows a human to realize hirself as a distinct entity.
* Cosmic Consciousness, a new developing faculty at the pinnacle of our evolution.

Bucke outlines the evolutionary struggle on our planet which has produced self-consciousness and then describes the appearance of a new species that possesses cosmic consciousness, a consciousness that expands to become one with all. Bucke theorizes that, with increasing frequency, persons like Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, Walt Whitman and others are making their appearance on our planet and by their teaching are helping to transform life on this planet. This evolutionary process continues up until today ... read more>>>...

Working through Silence

Daily OM: Our lives are typically filled with noise. There are the noises from the outside world that we cannot control, and there are the noises we allow into our lives. These noises, from seemingly innocuous sources like the television and radio, can actually help us avoid dealing with uncomfortable thoughts and emotions. However, using noise as a distraction hurts more than it helps because you are numbing yourself to what may be internally bubbling up to the surface for you to look at and heal. Distracting yourself with talk-radio, television, or other background noises can also prevent you from finding closure to issues that haunt you. Noise as a distraction can affect us in many ways. It can help you stay numb to emotions that you don’t want to feel, allow you to avoid dealing with problems, distract you from having to think, and make it easier for you to forget reality. Drowning out the thoughts and emotions you find uncomfortable or overwhelming can complicate your issues because it allows them to fester. By tuning out noise and relishing silence, you create the space to experience and express what you are hiding. It is only then that self-exploration can begin in earnest and you can stare down frightening issues. In silence, it becomes easier to let your strongest feelings come forth, deal with them, and find new ways of resolving your more>>>...

Image of the Day

"An Interesting Shape In The Ecto-Mist"

Life After Life : Near Death Experiences Documentary

Do near death experiences represent an authentic encounter with a world beyond? Best-selling author Raymond Moody explores the nature and significance of these profound experiences for those whose lives brush against death. This classic exploration of life after death started a revolution in popular attitudes about the afterlife and established Dr. Moody as the world’s leading authority in the field of near-death experiences.

In Life After Life Raymond Moody investigates case studies of people who experienced “clinical death” and were subsequently revived. The extraordinary stories presented here provide evidence that there is life after physical death, as Moody recounts the testimonies of those who have been to the “other side” and back — all bearing striking similarities of an overwelming positive nature. These moving and inspiring accounts give us a glimpse of the peace and unconditional love that await us all.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Quote for the Day

"You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment." -- Henry David Thoreau

Pineal Gland Our Third Eye: The Biggest cover-up in human history

Mystic Banana: The pineal gland (also called the pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis or the “third eye”) is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It produces the serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions. Its shape resembles a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and it is located near the center of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two rounded thalamic bodies join.

Every human being’s Pineal Gland or The third eye can be activated to spiritual world frequencies and enables you to have the sense of all knowing, godlike euphoria and oneness all around you. A pineal gland once tuned into to proper frequencies with help of meditation, yoga or various esoteric, occult methods, enables a person to travel into other dimensions, popularly known as astral travel or astral projection or remote viewing.

With more advance practice and ancient methods it is also possible to control the thoughts and actions of people in the physical world. Yes, it is bizarre, but the United States, former Soviet Union governments and various shadow organization have been doing this type of research for ages and have succeed far beyond our imagination.

Pineal Gland is represented in Catholicism in Rome; they depict the pineal as a pine cone in art. The ancient societies like the Egyptians and the Romans knew the benefits and exemplified this in their vast symbologies with a symbol of an more>>>...

Detoxification : Opening Doors To Spiritual Energies

Mystic Banana: Before knowing what detoxification is, we need to know what the toxins are, which we need to detox. Every day we eat potential toxins into our body, breathe them into our hearts, and track them into our homes and life without ever really knowing where they’ll end up or how much damage they’ll do when they get there! In fact, if you could peek inside your body you’d find fire-retardant chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, plastic particles, and dozens of other residues of modern life. Detoxification is the removal of toxic substances from the human body. Human body requires detoxing to allow all spiritual energies to flow in and guide us to release trapped and blocked energy emotions, beliefs and thought, detoxification (or detox for short) opens the way for cleansing on all levels – body, mind and soul. Detoxification shows positive results along with your spiritual practices. And it is important to detox our body on a regular basis in order to keep the balance with nature and our more>>>...

What Happens If You Break The Silver Cord During Astral Travel

In-depth explanation of what the Silver Cord is, how it works, and why it can never be severed. Understanding this will kill your fears for astral projection and astral travel, and let you astral project and travel with confidence.

Anapanasati Meditation for Grounding Psychic Energies

Anapana sati in Pali means ‘mindfulness of breathing ‘, “sati” means mindfulness and the word “ānāpāna” in Pali refers to The Art of Inhalation and Exhalation, Pali was a Middle Indo-Aryan language which was used by Buddha in his days. Anapanasati was originally taught by the Buddha in several sutras including vipassana and Ānāpānasati Sutta. Another synonyms of Anapanasati means to feel the sensations caused by the movements of the breath in the body, as is practiced in the context of mindfulness. Anapanasati is a core meditation practiced in various Buddhist schools of thoughts.

Grounding meditation is a process of bringing your awareness into balance with your body into the present moment, particularly during your psychic work or during healing session or while you are going through self healing process, you can shift out of resonance, leaving you feeling not quite present and connected. A speedy and easy way to bring yourself back in your body is by doing some grounding exercise.

Image of the Day

'The Matthew James Medium Hour' - Pilot Show - Wed 18th September 2013

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A testimonial from the show (Re: a live reading during the show):

"AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. Matthew you just bought my nana through on your show and you used the quote "Pearls of wisdom"…..I was using that term with a girlfriend TODAY when she jokingly asked me what i would call my Medium web site….my repose was "Rachaels Pearls of Wisdom". I am in tears Matthew James……thank you from the bottom of my heart xxxxxxx" - Rachael.

Life’s Nourishment

Daily OM: Since the dawn of time, humans have been fascinated by the sun. Radiating power from the sky, our star Sol is a creative force that is unparalleled. Its brilliant rays illuminate the seasons, give heat, imbue all living beings with vital life force energy, and banish the dangers that only come out in the dark. Sol is a sparkling though mysterious jewel and has been given many names by many cultures: Arinna in Mesopotamia, Yhi in Australia, Ra in Egypt, and Apollo in Greece.

Our lives are, to a large extent, driven by the brilliant illumination of the sun. The sun drives the cycles of our days and seasons while providing us with a framework we can use for running our lives. The reappearance of the sun after a long stretch of night has the power to inspire us when we awaken at dawn to watch a slow sunrise. Likewise, Sol can be a powerful symbol of hope, elation, joy, growth, and creativity. The sun has much to teach us. Early astronomers saw the sun’s constancy as a signifier of its great strength, courage, and power. Its illumination and steady flow of energy is there whether or not we are able to see it. The sun is the great and unselfish giver, rising into the sky at the start of each day to energize us, bathe us in radiance, and provide us with innumerable blessings. A simple, sun-centered ritual can help you harness this loving energy. Awaken before dawn and go outdoors to watch the sun’s ascent. As it rises into view, close your eyes, bask in its light, and imagine your soul ascending alongside it. Feel yourself grow as you absorb the sun’s energy. Your body will tell you when you have taken in enough. Express your appreciation for all the sun gives to the more>>>...

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

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A Self-Created State

Daily OM: We have all had the experience of worrying about something at some point in our lives. Some of us have a habitual tendency to worry, and all of us have known someone who is a chronic worrier. Worry is an extension of fear and can be a very draining experience. In order for worry to exist, we have to imagine that something bad might happen. What we are worrying about has not happened yet, however, so this bad thing is by definition a fantasy. Understood this way, worry is a self-created state of needless fear. Still, most of us worry. One reason we worry is because we feel like we’re not in control. For example, you might worry about your loved ones driving home in bad weather. There is nothing you can do to guarantee their safe passage, but you worry until you find out they have reached their destination unharmed. In this instance, worry is an attempt to feel useful and in control. However, worrying does nothing to ensure a positive outcome and it has an unpleasant effect on your body, mind, and spirit. The good news is that there are ways to transform this kind of worry so that it has a healing effect. Just as worry uses the imagination, so does the antidote to worry. Next time you find that you are worrying, imagine the best result instead of anticipating the worst outcome. Visualize your loved ones’ path bathed in white light and clearly see in your mind’s eye their safe arrival. Imagine angels or guides watching over them as they make their way home. Generate peace and well-being instead of nervousness and unease within more>>>...

Why do we eat junk food when we're anxious?

S.O.T.T: The pantheon of science includes individuals who have made enormous contributions to human health - the likes of Pasteur and Salk. A pedestal in that temple awaits the scientist who solves the following mystery: Why do we eat junk food when we feel unloved? This isn't a silly question, certainly not during September, which happens to be National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. There's an epidemic of obesity-related health problems, with adult-onset diabetes leading the way throughout the world. The fact that we eat when we're not actually hungry contributes a lot to this problem. So why do we do it? It can be because everyone around us is eating. Or because food ads can be so persuasive. Or because we want to bankrupt a hated party host by eating all his Cheetos. One of the best-understood examples of non-nutritive eating is the fact that stress tends to make us eat more. It makes sense psychologically, in that the people most prone to stress eating are those most actively restricting food intake the rest of the time: When the going gets tough and they need to be nice to themselves, this is how they ease up. They prefer to eat fats and carbs. If the boss is a creep, why not run more>>>...

Who you gonna call? Belief in ghosts is rising in UK

S.O.T.T: More than half of those taking part (52 per cent) said they believed in the supernatural, a marked increase on the two previous comparable studies, in 2009 and 2005, which both found a level of around 40 per cent. The survey also found that one in five claimed to have had some sort of paranormal experience. Interest in the supernatural has become big business in recent years, with the popularity of television shows like Most Haunted, which starred Yvette Fielding, and the spread of so-called "ghost walks" around supposedly haunted parts of city centres. English Heritage (EH) and the National Trust have both begun to attract people to their properties by identifying which ones are said to be occupied by ghosts, among them Blickling Hall, in Norfolk, Dunster Castle, in Somerset, and Dover Castle, in Kent. EH even conducted a "spectral stocktake" of "hauntings" and unexplained events recorded at its sites. The new study was carried out for the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (Assap), for its annual more>>>...

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TEPCO Official: Fukushima is Out of Control

Common Dreams: "I’m sorry, but we consider the situation is not under control." Those were the words of Kazuhiko Yamashita, executive-level fellow for Fukushima plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company when he was pressed by the opposition Democratic Party of Japan. His statements directly contradict the claims of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe, who assured the International Olympic Committee meeting in Buenos Aires Saturday that the situation is under control. TEPCO officials moved quickly to cover Yamashita's tracks, releasing a statement Friday declaring It is our understanding that the Prime Minister intended his statement ‘the situation is under control’ to mean that the impact of radioactive materials is limited to the area within the port of the power station, and that the densities of radioactive materials on the surrounding waters are far below the referential densities and have not been on continuous upward trends. According to this understanding, we share the same views.

Yet, all evidence suggests that the crisis is far beyond the current abilities of the Japanese government and operator TEPCO to contain more>>>...

Monday, 16 September 2013

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The Music of this World

Daily OM: The tool most commonly used to focus our minds in meditation is the breath. When we sit down to meditate, drawing our attention inward counteracts our habitual tendency to be scattered. Meditation on the breath helps us gather our energy into our bodies, centering and grounding us in the present moment. Almost as readily available as our breath are the sounds of the natural world. From rain to wind to the ocean and birds, meditating on these aural manifestations brings us not only a sense of peace, but also an experience of connection to the physical world. It is easy to get stuck inside our own heads and our individual lives. We get caught up in our goals and plans and almost forget that we live in a world that is always there, humming away in the background. There is an internal shift that occurs when we tune into that background and really give it our attention. It’s as if we are discovering a more expansive world, because we are. We are also experiencing ourselves in relation to something larger. This discovery makes us feel rejuvenated and more more>>>...

Quote for the Day

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Former Presidents Warn About the “Invisible Government” Running the United States

Waking Times: Past presidents of the United States and other high profile political leaders have repeatedly issued warnings over the last 214 years that the U.S. government is under the control of an “invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.” According to six of our former presidents, one vice-president, and a myriad of other high profile political leaders, an invisible government that is “incredibly evil in intent” has been in control of the U.S. government “ever since the days of Andrew Jackson” (since at least 1836). They “virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both parties… It operates under cover of a self-created screen [and] seizes our executive officers, legislative bodies, schools, courts, newspapers and every agency created for the public protection.” As a result, “we have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated, governments in the civilized world—no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and the duress of small groups of dominant men.” more>>>...

Symbols & Psyche: Exploring Gateways to Realms of Knowledge, Power & Understanding

Waking Times: The Muggle world is filled with symbols. From Coke cans to McDonald’s arches, IBM computers to Apple Macintoshs, from flags to emblems and medals, to the endless variety of product packaging, modern culture is brimming with images. Open the Yellow Pages of your phone book – with the emblematic pair of walking fingers – and you will find a myriad of professional logo designers and artists, many of whom have trained at colleges whose crests may date back a century or more. Walk or Don’t Walk based on a traffic light flashing a message designed to prevent you from being run over by a car – whose distinctive hood ornament differentiates it from its competitors, and which is fuelled by different brands of gasoline whose identity may be apprehended from afar while travelling at high speed. Look at the dashboard and you can ascertain operational norms, be warned of engine trouble, and learn by iconic means about the vehicle and its more>>>...

Dreams: Full of meaning or a reflex of the brain?

S.O.T.T: It's a question that has long fascinated and flummoxed those who study human behavior: From whence comes the impulse to dream? Are dreams generated from the brain's "top" -- the high-flying cortical structures that allow us to reason, perceive, act and remember? Or do they come from the brain's "bottom" -- the unheralded brainstem, which quietly oversees such basic bodily functions as respiration, heart rate, salivation and temperature control? At stake is what to make of the funny, sexual, scary and just plain bizarre mental scenarios that play themselves out in our heads while we sleep. Are our subconsious fantasies coming up for a breath of air, as Sigmund Freud believed? Is our brain consolidating lessons learned and pitching out unneeded data, as neuroscientists suggest? Or are dreams no more meaningful than a spontaneous run of erratic heartbeats, a hot flash, or the frisson we feel at the sight of an attractive passer-by?

A study published this week in the journal Brain suggests that the impulse to dream may be little more than a tickle sent up from the brainstem to the brain's sensory more>>>...

Focused Value

Daily OM: We live in an age of quantity. The media shapes us with the notion that larger, faster, and more are often synonymous with better. We are told that we need to find more time, more possessions, and more love to be truly happy. A smaller quantity of anything that is high in quality will almost always be more satisfying. A single piece of our favorite chocolate or a thin spread of freshly made preserves can satisfy us more than a full bucket of a product that we aren’t very fond of. Similarly, one fulfilling experience can eclipse many empty moments strung together. It is not the quantity of time that matters, but the quality that you experience during each moment. Every minute is an opportunity to love yourself and others, develop confidence and self-respect, and exhibit courage. Ultimately, quality can make life sweeter. When you focus on quality, all your life experiences can be meaningful. A modest portion of good, healthy food can nourish and satisfy you on multiple levels and, when organically grown, nourish the earth as well. Likewise, a few hours of deep, restful slumber will leave you feeling more refreshed than a night’s worth of frequently interrupted sleep. A few minutes spent with a loved one catching up on the important details about family, work, or community can carry more meaning than two hours spent watching television more>>>...

Image of the Day

Strange 'ecto-mist' and fibres ...
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Quote of the Day

"It is in the balancing of your spirituality with your humanity that you will find immeasurable happiness, success, good health, and love." - Steve Maraboli

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Today's Journal

Been back on the road again. Nothing unusual about that these days. Its been good to catch up with old friends and a host of new clients. Its been a very enjoyable day today! I actually revel in all this travelling - it must truly be in my blood ....

Spirit never fail to amaze me with their directness and their bluntness. The human personality does survive the death experience. That essence is very much retained ...

Friday, 13 September 2013

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The Science of Raising Your Vibration

Waking Times: Anyone who travels within spiritual circles has probably heard about “vibrations.” The context is usually that someone with a higher vibration is somehow more spiritual or that the goal of the individual is to raise his or her vibration. But what does this really mean? Is it all just spiritual mumbo jumbo or is there actually a science behind vibrations? As you probably figured out from the title of this article, I believe that there is absolutely a science to this spiritual concept. And I believe I can prove it. Let’s start with what we know. At the center of our solar system is our sun—a big ball of light. Around it, orbits the planets. The closer planets, such as Mercury and Venus, move more quickly around the sun because they have smaller orbits. In our universe, patterns are continually repeating. For example, the atoms that make up the matter of our world are designed just like mini-solar systems. At the center of every atom is a nucleus. Around it, orbits its electrons. The difference is that at this subatomic level, the electrons can leap from one orbit to the next, giving us the term “quantum leap.” When an electron moves from one orbit to one that is closer to the nucleus, it gives off energy or light. This is pretty much physics 101. Just about any physicist knows about this and would agree that it’s a proven fact. Unfortunately however, most scientists do not think metaphorically. Symbolism and metaphor is the realm of the artist, writer, musician, or more>>>...

iPhone 5 Fingerprint Scans Pave Way to Biometric Future

Truth Stream Media: The consumerist world is buzzing this week with news that Apple’s new iPhone 5S will include a creepy fingerprint scan to unlock the phone and facilitate the ‘secure’ purchase of apps and other products. That’s right, the unsettling development of biometric identification is moving forward in lockstep with the cashless control grid on one of the most widely popular communications technologies in history, all in the wake of fallout over the extent of NSA surveillance programs that monitor and collect data from the communications of ordinary Americans. In attempt to stay one step ahead of privacy concerns, Apple has emphasized that the fingerprint is only stored locally on the phone not on remote cloud servers. However, it is not clear whether or not Apple may still have access to fingerprint data, or whether it is shared through any other systems, or could be hacked remotely or via the physical phone. Further, the iPhone 5S will ‘only’ store a data log identifying your fingerprint, and not a digital image of the actual fingerprint images, though, vulnerabilities clearly still more>>>...

The Lion Sleeps No More – It’s Time To Fly

Reactions to Life Events

Daily OM: Our experiences color everything. The events of the past can have a profound effect on how we see our lives now and what we choose to believe about our world. Our past experiences can also influence our emotional reactions and responses to present events. Each of us reacts to stimulus based on what we have learned in life. There is no right or wrong to it; it is simply the result of past experience. Later, when our strong feelings have passed, we may be surprised at our reactions. Yet when we face a similar situation, again our reactions may be the same. When we understand those experiences, we can come that much closer to understanding our reactions and consciously change them. Between stimulus and reaction exists a fleeting moment of thought. Often, that thought is based on something that has happened to you in the past. When presented with a similar situation later on, your natural impulse is to unconsciously regard it in a similar light. For example, if you survived a traumatic automobile accident as a youngster, the first thing you might feel upon witnessing even a minor collision between vehicles may be intense panic. If you harbor unpleasant associations with death from a past experience, you may find yourself unable to think about death as a gentle release or the next step toward a new kind of existence. You can, however, minimize the intensity of your reactions by identifying the momentary thought that inspires your reaction. Then, next time, replace that thought with a more positive more>>>...

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Revealing the Matrix

Axiomatica: What they strive to create is a New World Order, a global governmental system that controls the world monetary system in a world with a more managable population of 1-2 billion. They are working to crash the current economic system which would result in mass starvation and depopulation. This would of course, lead to their pre planned solution, a one-world dictatorial government. Presided over by a concentrated group of unelected psychopaths, hell bent on becoming all powerful.This agenda is over two centuries in the making. Today, oligarchical leaders, and shadowy cabals have hijacked the monetary policies of individual nations to rack up huge deficits and create inflation for profit and power. Once a nation comes under the control of this international loansharking cartel, it loses all sovereignty and control over it's own affairs.

They have control over the mainstream media and education, to control and subvert the masses. They have created an illusionary false reality and bombarded us with sensual delights to pacify us into maintaining the status quo and ignoring the harshness of reality. They create fake enemies for us to direct our frustrations at. We are divided and pitted against each other to keep us from joining forces to destroy our true oppressors. 

They create fear in the people and to create a military apparatus to confront those who refuse to be a part of their New World Order. This is all disguised by a facade, we are spoon fed some bullshit which masquerades as reality and gives us something to swallow. It tastes bad, but we'd rather eat shit than take the red pill and endure the inconvenience of adjusting to life outside the matrix. 

We are now moving into end game- human depopulation. By creating wars, and manipulation interest rates, and destroying civil liberties, the international elite plan to implement a New World Order with a vastly reduced population. The environmental movement is being subverted to serve this agenda by promoting policies that are detrimental to the any potential for development for struggling nations. The father of the World Wildlife Fund was Julian Huxley who shared his father's view of eugenics; that the way to save to planet and to bring peace on earth was to rid the world of those with less superior genes. Eugenics today is still alive and as relevant as ever. Many of the people in power today: The Rockefellers, the Rothschild’s, the Bush’s, the house of Windsor, they all come from the same Eugenics movement that Hitler was a part of. Nothing is as it more>>>...

The Nephilim: Celestial Being In Antiquity

Axiomatica: Nephilim (or sometimes referred to as nefalim) are beings, who appear in the Hebrew Bible; specifically mentioned in the Book of Genesis and the Book of Numbers; they are also mentioned in other Biblical texts and in some non-canonical Jewish writings. The Nephilim quite literaly translates as those who were cast down from above. The book of revelations describes a war in heaven in which the rebel angels led by Lucifer were cast down to Earth. The book of Enoch also describes a fall of angels in which these angels lusted after the daughters of men, and would procreate with them.

Ancient civilization's tell of tales where gods or celestial beings would take human women as their wives, this is common in many cultures that are even separated by oceans. Every civilization tells of tales of celestial beings from the heavens that would rule societies or interact with kings and civilizations. The offsprings of these couples would be known as demi-gods. Almost every civilization has records of these demi-gods. A common theme too about these celestial beings, were that they were immortal and from the stars. This is also a common theme and pattern as well.

What is truly astounding is that many of the ancient civilizations according to conventional wisdom are completely isolated from one another yet they all have developed idea's and "stories" about celestial beings interacting with them. Perhaps these are not stories at all but are their historical records. Whether it be the Nephilim of the Bible, The Annunaki of ancient Sumerian texts, or the pantheon of God's in ancient Greek, Egyptian and south American, almost every ancient civilization has stories of immortals Gods who have interacted and shaped there more>>>...  

A Word On 'The Holofractofraphic Universal Field Theory'

Axiomatica: Everything in the observed universe is made up of energy, even matter which are bits of vibrating energy. 

Even in quantum theory it is being postulated that there is a field of electro-magnetic energy that encompasses everything in our known universe. The most recent term given to this field of energy is the zero-point field because it is believed to be the lowest state of a field. All energy is vibration and all vibration is sound. It is not a stretch to postulate that the field of energy that encompasses everything in the universe is sound waves at a frequency inaudible to the human ear. Studies pioneered by Dr. Hans Jenny has demonstrated that substances such as sands, fluids and powders, oscillated at different vibrations/sounds produced stunning fractal geometric patterns. The higher the frequency the more complex these patterns became. He called this cymatics. 

 Fractals are complex geometric patterns exhibiting self-similarity in that small details of its structure viewed at any scale repeat elements of the overall pattern. It is than not a stretch to hypothesize that this field of energy that encompasses the whole universe is fractal in nature. Fractals can divide into itself into infinity and expand into infinity making the zero-point field an inadequate term to describe this field because it implies that it is the lowest state of energy when in fact this energy is multidimensional in resolution representing an infinite amount of energy in the vacuum of space.

Fractals are found everywhere in nature and in the known universe. Ferns, trees, broccoli, flowers clouds, mountain ranges, galaxies, all display fractal repetitious patterns. Virus, mould and bacterial aggregate colonies spontaneously assume Fractal Shapes. Snowflakes are another example of fractal geometric patterns found in nature. Crystalline structures form fractal like shapes- the list goes on and on.

In physics a new hypothesis is emerging regarding the nature of black holes and the nature of the universe. This theory is called the Holofractographic Universal Field Theory. However In this theory a black hole is not just a vortex that sucks up energy at its event horizon but it spews out an equal amout of energy, maintaining an equilibrium. In this theory it is suggested that the universe is made of different scales of black holes from the universal size to atomic more>>>...

Nassim Haramein - The Pyramids & Orion Belt

Nassim Haramein was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1962. As early as 9 years old, Nassim was already developing the basis for a unified hyperdimensional theory of matter and energy, which he eventually called the 'Holofractographic Universe.'

Haramein has spent most of his life researching the fundamental geometry of hyperspace, studying a variety of fields from theoretical physics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology and chemistry to anthropology and ancient civilizations. Combining this knowledge with a keen observation of the behavior of nature, he discovered a specific geometric array that he found to be fundamental to creation and from which the foundation for his Unified Field Theory emerged.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Today's Inspiration

The Power Of Silence (Daily Guru)

"Growth takes place in a person by working at a deep inner level in a sustained atmosphere of silence." -- Dr. Ira Progoff

How can we hear our wise voice of intuition if we are always thinking, talking and distracted by outer events?

If we take time daily to experience physical stillness and to direct our attention inside, we can begin to find the peace, love, will and wisdom that exist as our essence.

"Only when one is connected to one's own core is one connected to others... And, for me, the core, the inner spring, can best be refound through solitude."  -- Anne Morrow Lindbergh

"In the sweet territory of silence we touch the mystery. It’s the place of reflection and contemplation, and it’s the place where we can connect with the deep knowing, to the deep wisdom way." 
-- Angeles Arrien

Step by step, progressivly learn basic meditation methods to relax, concentrate, focus, reflect, contemplate and illuminate. Attain inner peace and insights. De-stress quickly and easily. Experience more control, order, release and energy.

Prescription drugs kill more Brits than heroin and cocaine

S.O.T.T: UK doctors have come under fire after new figures showed more patients died from overdosing on prescription drugs than heroin and cocaine abuse in 2012. The recent report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) says the deaths from abuse of strong painkillers and tranquillizers had an increasing rate compared to the falling mortality numbers of people dying from abuse of opiate-based drugs. According to ONS, 807 people died from fatal overdose of prescription drugs last year, a rise of 16 per cent in five years, compared with 718 who fell victim to heroin and cocaine abuse. Experts say British doctors have failed to warn patients of the addictive effects of some painkillers and more>>>...