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Friday, 29 February 2008

Programming A Crystal

Crystal are a tool for natural healing which can be health practitioners to accelerate their own methods. The human body is a series of energy systems. Crystals are devices for adjusting and balancing these systems.

The essence of the body is energy. Crystals functions as transformers and amplifiers of various energies into biological energies that rebalance and re-energise our biological system on the cellular level, as well as on our emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Crystals can receive and hold thought forms. When this is done consicously, it is called programming. The term "Programming" is used because this process is similar to computer programming. Information or commands are stored in the molecular structure of the quartz crystal as magnetic charged data.

Thoughts are energy, and they are magnetic in form. All data is programmed crystals are stored as thought forms. Thought form are pictures and/or other sensory data, powered or intensified by emotion.

The Brow (between both the eyes) method is an effective way of programming a crystal. First, determine the purpose of the program. Then think of the end result you would have if the program worked. Place the crystal against your brow. The direction the crystal is pointing doesn’t matter. Close your eyes and go inside your crystal. (See Merging, Section) Picture the end result happening inside your crystal. Create it with as many of your senses as you can. See it, smell it, tough it, hear it, taste it, make it real. When it feels real, come out of your crystal and open your eyes.

Some examples of programming: if you want a healing crystal, see someone picking it up. Watch frowns leave their face, replaced by happy grins. See the individual dancing, running, leaping, full of good health and happiness.

If the crystal is for a person with a special problem, see the person functioning and happy without the problem.

If a crystal is to be used for meditation, fill it with your own unique mantra. Call in all the masters, angels, and archangels etc you want. Invoke the Light and the Rays of the Light. Infuse the crystal with the feeling you have when you reach the place of Silence, when your senses disappear and you experience true peace within.

Perhaps you simply want to program the crystal with love. Think of all the people and things you love. Create the unconditional love feeling you have when you hold a small baby, a cuddy puppy or a kitten. Fill the crystal with a soft, soothing pink colour.

Remember the rules for programming. First, determine what you want. Second, picture the end result. Third, hold the crystal against the Brow chakra. Fourth, go inside the crystal and picture the end result with great intensity.]

Reprogramming can often increase the working ability of the crystal. Repeat all the steps with great intensity and feeling, as often as you want. (

Daily Tarot Card of the Day

Where do you belong? Are you feeling out of place, not knowing where you "fit"? Stuck in an identity crunch?

Let’s look at the up side. How do you create your own personal rules? Or, perhaps, I should ask if create you own personal rules? Today is the day to realize that you have created them and that means you have the power to change them. Know this. You are always in control of the rules, how they work and what they mean. Since this is the year of change and the breaking of old and worn out patterns and habits, this is something to look over and make some decisions.

The down side of this card is to live by everyone else’s rules rather than the rules that you have created for yourself. This is not about doing anything you want at any time you want. This is about knowing the difference between what works for you and what is devised to work for another.

If someone wants to control you, they cannot do it without your permission. This down side is about manipulation.

Whenever this card appears, it is time to get rid of the old and make way for the new. Like pruning. Take the time today to see if you are a manipulator of if you allow yourself to be manipulated. You can’t change things if you are not aware of how they work!

Oops! Builder's crane topples over and destroys brand new £1m luxury home

A monstrous 50-ton crane has destroyed a million-pound home which builders had just finished.

The towering lorry's 50ft boom arm was part of a clean-up at the site in Broadstairs, Kent, when it toppled over - taking a roof with it.

Neighbours in Kingsgate Avenue, who live yards from the collision said their homes shook as if they had been hit by an earthquake.

The empty home is based in one of the most sought-after areas in Dickens' country.

Retired RAF man Thomas Hindmarsh, 70, said: "It was an unbelievable noise, like an explosion. It took the whole roof off, the thing could've done the same to any property on this road. My house was given a right old shake.

"They are building luxury flats and houses on the site, I wasn't a witness but I think whoever was driving the crane probably didn't think to keep it on even ground. However it happened, it's lucky no one was hurt.

"I can't wait to see the size of crane they get to shift this one." Health and Safety Executive investigators are probing the accident. (Daily Mail Friday 29th February 2008)

The "Energy Breathing" Technique

Fresh air and proper breathing are essential to a strong and vital aura. Breathing for maximum energy to the aura should be done through the nostrils. Many people have a bad habit of mouth breathing, not realising that nostril breathing is more natural and healthy.

Mouth breathing makes an individual more susceptible to diseases. It impairs the vitality of the aura. It can even weaken the constitution. Between the mouth and the lungs, there is nothing to strain the air. Dust, dirt and other impure substances have a clear track to the lungs. Mouth breathing also admits cold air to the lungs, which can lead to inflammation of the respiratory organs.

Nostril breathing, on the other hand, is more vitalising and healthy to your entire energy system. The nose provides specialized surfaces for the absorption of prana from the air. Prana can be likened to the vitalising aspect that exists within air. Many Eastern breathing techniques require a conscious focus upon the tip to the nose and the entire nasal area during inhalation. This enhances the prana absorption, raises the vitality of the entire aura and stimulates the entire energy system of the human being.

The nostrils and the nasal passages are designed with hair to filter and sieve the air. They also warm the air through the mucous membranes. This makes the air fit for the delicate organs of the lungs, and breath is them more energising and strengthening to your auric field.

In yoga, the moon breath is termed the Ida and the sun breath is termed the Pingala. The balance of the two is Susumna. Your energy has polarity, positive and negative, male and female, sun and moon. This breathing technique quickly energises the aura and balances the polarity of the body. It also enhances your ability to remember and assimilate information. It balances the hemispheres of the brain. It can be used before studies to shorten learning time. It can also be used as a quick-me-up during the day.

The basic technique is comprised of alternate breaths, breathing in one nostril and then breathing out the other. (Remember that conscious attention to the tip of the nose, especially during the in-breath, will magnify the effects of this technique.) The rhythm is aided by holding the nose with the thumb and fingers.

1. Begin with your right thumb and fingers over your nose and exhale. Place your tonque against the roof of your mouth behind your front teeth.

2. Use your thumb and close your right nostril; then inhale through your left nostril for a slow count of four.

3. Keeping your right nostril closed, clamp your fingers down over your left nostril, pinching your nose closed between your thumb and fingers.

Hold for a count of 16. (If you have never performed any concentrated rhythmic breathing, the count of 16 may be too long for you. If this is the case, reduce it or count faster).

With practice, you will develop the ability to hold your breath for more extended periods. Try inhaling and then exhaling for a count of three. Work to find the rhythm that is most effective for you and then build upon it.

4. Release your thumb, opening your right nostril. Keep your left nostril closed with your fingers. Exhale slowly out through your right nostril for a count of eight.

5. Release your nose, raise your left hand up and, with your thumb, close off your left nostril. Inhale for a count of four through your right nostril and then clamp your fingers closed on it. Hold for a count of 16.

6. Release your thumb and your left nostril. Keep your right nostril clamped with your fingers. Exhale for a slow count of eight through your left nostril.

7. Repeat four to five breaths, alternating each side. Breath in one nostril, hold and exhale out the other. Reverse it and repeat the procedure.

Do at least four to five breaths for each side for a quick pick-me-up.

This will saturate your entire body and aura with quick energy

Feeling & Sensing Subtle Energies

The in and out movement of the hands causes the energy surrounding them to accumulate between them, making it more perceptible to you. The hands are becoming more sensitive to the subtle energies.

As the hands become more sensitive, you can use them to detect the auric energies emanating from other parts of the body as well. These detections may feel like heat, pressure, tingling etc.

Hold your dominant hand about a foot and a half above your bared forearm. Slowly lower your hand toward the forearm. Pay attention to anything that you might feel. How close do you come to the forearm before you can feel the energy from it? Remember that the feeling may be one of pressure, heat, coolness, thickness etc. It will feel much like what you experienced between you hands. It may not be as strong, but you should be able to feel it. If you cannot, slowly repeat it. Remember that you are reawakening your ability to consciously be aware of the subtle energies around you.

Lateral Thought

Lateral thought is, literally, the bridge between the persona-oriented realms of linear and associative thought and the soul-oriented realm of spherical thought. Lateral thought is based on pure mental processing, integrated with emotional response and physical sensation. Lateral thought proceeds from a set of FACTS, but not assumptions.

Lateral thought, in fact, makes NO assumptions; determining that it is the initial assumptions that limit the possibilities of the solution. The classic example of a person using near-pure lateral thought is the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. His uncanny ability to determine the solution to otherwise unsolvable problems was due largely from his ability to observe the facts of a situation and make no initial assumptions about it.

Lateral thought, therefore, is pure deductive reasoning. Many people believe that they are engaging in pure deduction when, in fact, they are proceeding from a strictly linear perspective and arriving at a conclusion that they already held from their previously fixed assumptions and opinions. Deductive reasoning is being able to deduce a solution from observable facts without preconditioned assumptions or opinions.

Today, "lateral thought" is a popular corporate buzzword that is too often equated with problems of dwarves standing on ice blocks, little boys in elevators, and other ridiculous, impractical situations. These problems are exercises in using lateral thinking, but they are NOT lateral thought, and to reduce the entire field of lateral thought to "parlor games" and "creativity skills training seminars" is to do it a great disservice.

Edward DeBono identifies four critical factors associated with lateral thought:

1) recognition of dominant ideas that polarize perception of a problem,
2) searching for differ ways of looking at things,
3) relaxation of rigid control of thinking (linear thought), and
4) use of chance to encourage other ideas.

Thus, using lateral thought, one breaks up the elements (facts) of a problem or situation and rearranges them in a (seemingly) random pattern to arrive at a different view of the situation, and a possible solution. Those who are adept at doing this are the Sherlock Holmes of the world, while the rest of the world stumbles along like Dr. Watson, proceeding along the crystallized lines of post-assumptive thought. Lateral thought is thus both creative and dynamic, and incorporates the properties of associative thought (the ability to regroup and reassign associative meanings) as well as linear thought (the ability to proceed along a line of thought to a conclusion).

Lateral thought techniques are now being taught to people in management, and even in school today, to bring people to a new level of creative thinking. Lateral thought is the bridge between the lower human-based thought forms and the ultimate cognitive process: spherical thought ..

McCann pals to face cop quiz

Portuguese cops are to jet to Britain to interview Kate and Gerry McCann and their pals in a last-ditch bid to solve Maddie’s disappearance. (The Sun Friday 29th February 2008)

They want to quiz David Payne, Jane Tanner and partner Russell O’Brien, it was claimed.

Authorities have waited months for UK approval, but a source told newspaper 24 horas: “We are finalising the last few details. Within ten days’ a team of investigators will travel to the UK.

This is truly like a wheel going round and round back to the same point again and again (we've been at this point before .... PJ on a plane to Blighty to question the Tapas 9? This is a scratched record .... oh yes I forgot the PJ DJ ... what was that song again? 'The Mudslinger's Rap'? Or something like that ....

Made of Tears

Joe Satriani Live at The Grove, Anaheim 2006

The Meaning of Colours

Colour can be constructive or destructive. It can stimulate or depress, repel or attract. It can even be male or female in its character. It can reflect positive or negative, and when perceived within the aura it provides a key to the personality, moods, maturity and health of the individual. It reflects physical and spiritual aspects.

It takes a great deal of practice to interpret the colour shades seen within the aura. Each colour has its general characteristic,but each shade of that colour change that characteristic a little. The location of the colour, the intensity and even the from the colour takes in the auric field must be considered.

The colours closest to the body reflect aspects of the individual's physical condition. They also indicate those energies manifesting and energies further away often indicate the energy that the person will be able to determine time elements of certain energy patterns by the colour and the location of the colour with respect to the physical body.

Red is the colour of strong energy, fire and primal creative force. It is the life-promoting energy. It is hot. It can indicate strong passion, mind and will. It is a dynamic colour that can reflect anger, love, hate and unexpected changes. It can indicate new birth and transmutation.

It is a colour that affects the circulatory system of the body, the reproductive system (sexual energy) and an awakening of latent abilities and talents. Too much red or a muddiness can reflect overstimulation, inflammation or imbalance. It may reflect nervousness, temper, aggression, impulsiveness or excitement.

Orange is the colour of warmth, creativity and emotions. It is an indication of courage, joy and social awareness. It is a colour which can reflect an opening of new awareness-especially to the subtle realms (the astral plane) of life.

Depending on the shade, it can also indicate emotional imbalances and agitation. Some of the muddier shades of orange can reflect pride and flamboyance. It may reflect worry and vanity.

Yellow is one of the first and the easiest aura colours to be seen. Pale yellow around the hairline can indicate optimism. Yellow is the colour of mental activity and new sunshine. It can reflect new learning opportunities, lightness, wisdom and intellect. The more pastel shades often reflect wisdom and intellect. The more pastel shades often reflect an enthusiasm for something (especially in the pale yellow to white spectrum). Yellow is a colour which represents the power of ideas and awakening psychic abilities and clairsentience.

Deeper and muddier shades of yellow can reflect excessive thinking and analysing. It can reflect being overly critical, feeling of being deprived of recognition and being dogmatic.

Green is the colour of sensitivity and growing compassion. It reflects growth, sympathy and calm. It can reflect a person who is reliable, dependable and open-minded. Bright green moving toward the blue spectrum in the aura indicate healing ability. It is a colour of abundance, strength and friendliness.

The muddier or darker shades of green can reflect uncertainty and miserliness. The muddier shades often reflect jealousy and possessiveness as well. It can indicate self-doubt and mistrust.

Blue, next to yellow, is one of the easiest colours to see in the aura. It is the colour of calm and quietness. It reflects devotion, truth and seriousness. It can indicate the ability for clairaudience and for the development of telepathy.

The lighter shades of blue reflect an active imagination and good intuition. The deeper shades of blue can indicate a sense of loneliness, which on one level reflects a life-long quest foe the Divine. The deeper shades of blue reflect levels of devotion. Royal blue shades indicate the person has found or is about to find his or her chosen work.

The muddier shades of blue can reflect blocked perceptions. They can indicate melancholy, rushing and worrying, domineering, fearfulness, forgetfulness and oversensitivity.

Violet and Purple
Violet is the colour of warmth and transmutation. It is the colour for the blending of the heart and the mind, the physical with the spiritual. It reflects independence and intuition, as well as dynamic and important dream activity. It can reflect one who is searching. The purple shades often reflect an ability to handle affairs with practicality and worldliness. The paler and lighter shades of violet and purple can reflect humility and spirituality. The red-purple shades can indicate great passion strength of will. They may also reflect a need for greater individual effort.

The darker and muddier shades can reflect a need to overcome something. They can also reflect intense erotic imaginations as well. Tendencies toward being overbearing, needing sympathy and feeling misunderstood are also reflected in muddier shades.

Other Colors of the Aura

Pink is a colour of compassion, love and purity. It can reflect joy and comfort and a strong sense of companionship. When seen in the aura, it can indicate the quiet, modest type of individual, along with a love of art and beauty.

Depending on the shade of pink, it can also reflect an immaturity, especially the muddier shades. It can reflect truthfulness or a lack of it. It can also reflect times of new love and new vision.

Gold is a colour that reflects dynamic spiritual energy and a true coming into one's own power. It reflects the higher energies of devotion and great inspiration. It indicates a time of revitalizing.

Muddier shades of gold can indicate the person is still in the process of awakening higher inspiration and has not clarified it yet within his/her life. It reflects the alchemical process still being active; i.e.' the person is still working to turn the lead of his/her life into gold.

White is often seen in the aura, prior to any actual colours. It is often seen as a diaphanous shades. White has all colours within it, and when it does appear strongly within the aura, it is often in conjunction with other colours. This is how you can know whether it is an actual energy colour or just a poor perception of the aura. When the white does stand out as a colour in the aura, it reflects truth and purity. It indicates that the energy of the individual is cleansing and purifying itself. It often reflects an awakening of greater creativity as well.

Grey is a colour of initiation. It can indicate a movement toward unveiling innate abilities. Those shades of grey that lean more toward the silver reflect an awakening of the feminine energies. Those are the energies and abilities of illumination, intuition and creative imagination.

The darker shades of grey can indicate physical imbalances, especially if seen next to specific areas of the physical body. They can also indicate a need to leave no task undone. Much gray in the aura can indicate a person who is secretive and who is the lone wolf type.

Brown often appears in the auric field. Although many people think of as reflecting a lack of energy or an imbalance, this is not always so. Brown is the colour of the earth. When it shows itself in the aura, especially in areas above the head and around the feel, it can reflect new growth. It indicates establishing new roots and a desire to accomplish. It is a color that can reflect industry and organization.

On the other hand, brown across the face or touching the head may indicate a lack of and need for discrimination. It seen in the areas of the chakras, it can indicate that those centres need to be cleaned. It will reflect in such cases a clogging of their energies. Brown is often difficult to interpret, as it can easily reflect problem areas in the physical, but you must be careful about jumping to conclusions when you see it. Feedback from the other person is the best means of understanding it.

Black is one of the most confusing of colours in the auric spectrum. It is often said that, when black shows up in the aura, it is an indication of death or terrible disease. There is no truth in this claim!

Black is a colour of protection. It is a colour which can shield an individual from outside energies. When seen in the aura, it can reflect that the person is protecting himself or herself. It can also indicate that person has secrets. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as it is not taken to extremes. Black can also indicate that a new understanding of burdens and sacrifices is going to manifest.

Black can also indicate imbalances. Physical imbalances often show up as black or darkened areas in the aura around the physical body. the location provides clues to this. In the outer edges of the aura, black can indicate holes in the auric field. Black is often seen in the auras of those who were victims of child abuse and those who are or were strong substance abusers ( alcohol, drugs, tobacco etc.).

The Aura Revisited

Everyone has an aura. Everyone has already seen or experienced the auric fields of others. The problem is that most people ignore the experience or chalk it up to something that it is not.

Mystics from all parts of the world speak of seeing lights around people's heads, but you do not have to be a mystic to see the aura. Anyone can learn to see and experience the aura more effectively. There is nothing magical about the process. It involves recognising it for what it is and not ignoring the experience. It simply involves a little understanding, time, practice and perseverance.

Children are very good at seeing and experiencing the aura. Those experiences are often translated into their drawings. Around the figures, they will shade in unusual and different colours. These colours often reflect the subtle energies they have observed around what they are drawing.

The human aura is the energy field that surrounds the physical body. It surrounds you in all directions. It is three dimensional. In a healthy individual, it makes an elliptical or egg shape about the body. It is said that the auras of the ancient masters could extend outward from the body for several miles; and it is often believed that this is one of the reasons they could draw such large numbers of followers in any area where they travelled. It is worth noting that a common depiction of many masters included the halo, a portion of the aura that is most easily seen by the average individual.

The aura is weakened by:
1. Poor diet
2. Lack of exercise
3. Lack of fresh air
4. Lack of rest
5. Stress
6. Alcohol
7. Drugs
8. Tobacco
9. Negative habits
10. Improper psychic activity

Spherical Thought

Spherical thought is soul-based thought; holistic in its processing, seeing all sides of an issue or situation simultaneously and understanding it on all of its possible levels.

Unlike the frenetic concrete mental nature of lateral thought, spherical thought flows naturally from the Buddhic plane to impact upon the lower planes of awareness. Spherical thinking is true Esoteric cognition in its very essence; transcendent in its awareness, abstract rather than concrete, process rather than end product, and unlimited to three dimensions.

Unlike concrete thought, which is limited to the level of lateral processing (see above), spherical thought transcends concrete consciousness into universal consciousness. Spherical thinking can only be approximated while in a relaxed or meditative state of mind; unaccessible from beta-wave brain frequencies, it can only be accessed at alpha- and theta-wave frequencies.

Whereas lateral thought observes a set of FACTS and, without prior assumptions, arranges and rearranges them to come up with a correct solution to a situation, spherical thought begins with a concept and proceeds to make observations about that concept, widening its orb of understanding of the concept with each new observation made, until a total comprehension of the concept is reached (if possible).

Remember, spherical thinking is process-oriented rather than product-oriented, and thus is an infinite process. Spherical thought will approximate total understanding of a concept, but never fully reach it since there is always one more possible view of the concept. In this setting, spherical thought is pure Inductive reasoning, as lateral thought is pure deductive reasoning.

For an example of spherical thought, consider the concept of "World Peace." What does World Peace mean to you? What do you think it would mean to others whom you know, such as your mother/father/brother/sister/kids? Would they view this concept the same way that you would? What do you think "World Peace" would mean to someone living in a war-torn country (or neighborhood)? Or someone who lived in a country where over 30% of the population were starving? Or someone in a country in which a tyrannical dictator governed every aspect of their life and survival? How would they view "World Peace" differently from you? Would there be any similarities? How would World Peace be viewed from a purely masculine perspective? From a feminine perspective? From the perspective of a marine biologist? From the perspective of a priest? From the perspective of a polititian? From the perspective of an average everyday worker in your own country?

As you keep adding different perspectives on to the meaning of the concept of "World Peace," and refining the meaning as you proceed, you draw closer and closer to conceptualizing the true nature of World Peace. If one of your concerns in this life is to help bring about World Peace, it is important to understand it from as many different points of view as possible, rather than from a singular point of view (yours) or a few (your closest associates). To a soldier, World Peace may mean the cessation of all wars on Earth. To a mother of a starving child, World Peace may embody enough food and resources for all people on Earth. To a priest, World Peace may mean the establishment of the brotherhood of all Mankind on Earth. Are these goals conflicting? Can they be resolved into a working plan of action? Can you help envision all of these possibilities and, by your powers, co-create them through prayer, meditation, and a directed focus of power?

As one becomes more adept at being able to think spherically, envisioning as many different aspects of a situation, one will be able to better ideate and create reality from those ideas. World Peace is, of course, a vast concept that will take much effort to manifest; yet, with enough people ideating it in a spherical approach and radiating their interpretation of it in Divine Will, it can be manifested on the Earth. Other conceptual applications of spherical thinking can be related to artistic creation, product development, invention, and innovation, educational systems, and practical philosophies for future living. The purpose of spherical thought is envisioning and ideating the thoughts of Spirit and being able to relay them as accurately as possible to the practical realm where they may be made manifest.

The Bagua

The Bagua (pronounced ba-gwa) is a color chart with nine boxes. Each box represents a specific life situation that can be correlated with a specific part of your home or office. By using the bagua color chart to divide your space, you can improve your quality of life by importing your environment. To Feng Shui your space, follow the easy steps below.

1. In your mind's eye (or, even on an actual blueprint) visualize the space that you are attempting to Feng Shui as a perfect square or rectangle. (Note: Do not include any spaces built as additions. These areas get Feng Shui’d separately within the bagua).

2. Now, divide this space into nine equal squares or grids, like a Tic-Tac-Toe board.

3. This grid is known as the Feng Shui bagua map. Click here see illustration in top right corner; use this application to navigate through the bagua and find tips in each section.)

4. Align the bottom of the board with the same wall that includes the front or formal entrance way. This is the door that the building intentioned as the formal entrance. It does not matter what door you use the most often. We are only speaking of the front door.

5. Your entrance, then, will fall into one of the three front or bottom grids (individually called 'guas') on this Feng Shui bagua map.

6. Your entrance through the bagua map will fall into Knowledge or Career or Helpful People. There are no exceptions to this. Sometimes, though, your entrance will 'stradle' or 'bleed' into two different areas. This is fine. Just remember to divide the main floor into nine equal spaces as if there were no standing walls in the house, and it were an empty plane to work with.

7. Standing at the threshold with your back to the street side, you are now ready to identify which locations correspond to the energies of which sector on the grid of the bagua.

8. Although the basement, second and third floors in the home/office should eventually be appropriately assessed, for immediate and accurate Feng Shui response, we are only superimposing this bagua map onto what would be considered the main floor. You may, additionally, center this grid over any individual room and begin to Feng Shui as the macrocosm to the micro. But, we like to use the pecking order of; main floor first, master bedroom second, living room third, and outside property last.

9. You can even employ this method of superimposing this bagua over the top of your desk using your seating as the 'entryway.'

10. Be sure to remember that one of the three energetic grids that lie along the same wall as the front door will always be your entranceway, and the rest of the Feng Shui bagua remains fixed according to that entry. (For example, if money is an issue or concern, then stand stationary at your front entrance with your back to the street. Now, where is the far back left-hand wall located? That’s right: the wall that is farthest left and to the back of the whole space, that’s the Wealth area of the bagua map. Now, make an adjustment to stimulate the Chi and watch your fortunes become fruitful. See? Easy!

11. This method of employing the bagua is considered Western (or Black Hat Feng Shui) and disregards the more traditional practice of using compass directions and/or personal astrology in defining space/issue boundaries. (Ellen Whitehurst)

Feng Shui Tip for the day ....

Make sure all your new and supportive love energies don't all end up going down the drain. Try best to keep all bathroom doors shut, commode lids closed and drains in sinks, showers and tubs all pulled tight. This will keep healthy and happy and loving energies circulating all around your space without any fear of them getting flushed away.

An Alphabet Of Enlightenment

Many millennia ago in northern Europe, ancient peoples sought a means to understand their roles in the world at large. They created runes-an alphabet of symbols that served both as a functional writing system and as a unique system of divination. Though the symbols themselves were little more than varying combinations of straight lines carved on natural mediums such as wood, stone, or bone, these individuals devised a method of comprehending the past, making sense of the present, and interpreting the future using the runes as guides. The significance of each symbol was a product of its general orientation once cast and its location with respect to other runes. In the present, runes can play the same role in our lives that they played in the chronicles of distant history. Through them, we open ourselves to a form of universal guidance that helps us help ourselves.

There are many casting styles, each of which serves an individual function. Casting a single rune can help you answer specific questions or choose a daily meditation subject. Three runes, cast during confusing or distressing situations, provide you with insights into the past, present, and future-as represented by the first, second, and third runes cast, respectively. A nine-rune cast can help you understand where you are on your spiritual path. The runes that land face up relate to your current circumstances and the events leading up to them, and any runes touching are read as concurrences. Rune readings, however, are by their very nature subjective and open to interpretation. Your casting style should reflect your intuitive knowledge of your needs. Grabbing a handful of runes to cast at random can be just as effective as choosing a set number to cast.

Whether you buy your runes or carve them yourself is less important than your sincere desire to understand the messages conveyed to you via this alphabet of enlightenment. Your intentions will have a direct impact on the wisdom you receive while casting. The runes are representative of forces outside of the realm of human understanding, so your intent will act as your anchor. By simply reading the runes, you will find illumination in the unlimited possibilities laid out before you in each new cast.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Associative Thought

Whereas linear thought proceeds from the limited awareness of the five senses of the physical plane, associative thought proceeds from awareness of the astral plane integrated with the physical plane, and is the next step in the evolution of human cognition. Associative thought is preconscious (Lyon, Duane); below the level of conscious awareness, is conceptual rather than verbal, and non-linear rather than linear.

This level of cognition is responsible for

1) associating current experiences and thoughts with prior memories,

2) filtering unwelcome,taboo, or embarrassing thoughts and feelings,

3) implementing conscious perceptions, and

4) classifying, storing, and recalling strong emotional, self-centered memories.

Much of associative thought is positive-oriented, and can be used to stabilise and harmonise our emotional environment.

For example, a person may smell a certain fragrance, and suddenly be overwhelmed with memories and feelings of a point in time in their past when they were happy, secure, and loved. Often there is no pattern as to how these thoughts and feelings are processed; they simply wash over the person in a massive paradigm, all associated with a smell. If the person feels happy, secure, and loved when they smell this scent, they can work directly with that scent to bolster attitudes of happiness, security, and belovedness. Using the scent in times of doubt or grief may actually help the person come to terms with the challenging emotions s/he is facing.

Because the bulk of humanity cannot cognize at this level, many people are imprisoned by it within the realm of linear thought. Such people tend to view the world in terms of "black & white", or from a persecutor/victim, savior/victim standpoint.

It has been shown that subliminal programming, the process of feeding programming images to the subconsious mind at faster-than-conscious-level processing speeds (usually during audio or video transmissions), is most effective when used upon an audience that is largely unaware of their associative processes. Being thus unaware, they are subject to anyone who has the ability to manipulate their associative impressions and subconscious thoughts.

Even for those members of humanity who are beginning to work creatively with associative thought may become entrapped by preconscious associations of which they were unaware. Examples of the entrapment of associative thought are as follows:

Walking down the street, a person sees a dog and her pulse races and she develops gooseflesh. (Based on a childhood experience in which an angry dog attacked her while she was in her stroller, she now as an adult still associates "dog" with the emotion of terror.)

A student, about to give an oral report in front of his class, stammers, turns pale, sweats, and balks at following through with it. (Based on a prior experience in kindergarten when he acted in a skit, forgot an important line, and was the laughingstock of the kids in the class, who taunted him cruelly about it.)

Working in an office, a businessman hears a song playing on a radio in another office, and, without explanation, bursts into tears. (Based on an experience in his childhood when he found out that his mother had suddenly died, this same song was playing in the background.)

In each of these cases, the person is unaware of the root cause for their discomfort and emotional reaction, although this is based very strongly upon a prior event and its emotional impact upon their subconscious mind. All three of these people, very strongly conditioned in the linear realm of thought, would explain their behaviour by "I've never liked dogs", "I'm no good at giving speeches, and I never have been", and "I can't understand what came over me. I'm going crazy!"

Linear thought is unable to account for associative memories. In the case of the businessman, he was only barely aware of the event of being told of his mother's passing, and was completely unaware of the song that was playing in the background; yet, that song was associated with the depth of grief and despair that he felt at that moment.

There are several techniques by which a person can become aware of his/her associative thought processes. One is by using simple relaxation and/or meditation techniques which can connect the person to their inner subjective self and enable them to understand some of the root events that are creating their unexplainable emotional reactions. Often, people may not embark upon such a self-study until their emotional pain becomes so great that they seek out therapy or counseling.

The Bach Flower Essences are homeopathic essential oil remedies for many deep-seated emotional difficulties. These remedies work directly through the power of the associative (astral) mind-form. In use since the 1930's, the flower remedies are powerful in helping people adjust the associative thought form and work harmoniously with the bridge between thought and emotional cognition.

A highly effective technique used to gain control of the associative thought process is known as neurolinguistic programming (NLP). Using associative thought, NLP links emotions to actions or statements that serve to empower the individual and reprogram him/her from negative to positive emotional responses. NLP is used predominantly in reprogramming the associative process to where the person has cognitive control over his/her emotional reactions.

Close My Eyes Forever

Ozzy Osbourne & Lita Ford

Linear Thought

That level of humanity which is receptive only to the physical plane and the impress of their five senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell) are limited to the realm of linear thought. Linear thought is limited to the physical dense realm; proceeds from a set of fixed opinions or assumptions, and reaches conclusions based strictly on those base assumptions. These assumptions and opinions are rarely reflective or representative of outer "Truth", but are largely formulated from prior conditioning and imprinting, and may be formulated or retained out of fear.

Linear thought does not deviate from this conditioning, but proceeds directly from it to a conclusion that is nearly identical to the original formulation of the statement. Most of the paradigms of this world, including the ones upon which business, religion, and government are based, proceed from this limited sphere of information processing. Because so much of linear thought is based on fixed opinion or assumption, linear-based statements, fiats, and policies tend to be populated with "shoulds", "oughts", and "musts". A few examples of statements proceeding from linear thought are given below:

"I'll always be overweight because everyone else in my family is." (Based on the assumptions that A) there are no differences in individual genes B) the person is powerless to change their condition because of "fate" C) because XXXXX person told me so, it must be true.)

"People who believe in or do XXXXXXX are going to Hell." (Based on the assumptions that A) there is such a place as Hell to begin with B) that mere belief in or action upon XXXXXXX is cause to be damned eternally to said alleged location, regardless of other conflicting actions or beliefs."

"All women are manipulative and are out to trap men at every turn." (Based on the assumptions that A) women are this way because my dad/brother/uncle/whoever told me so B) because a girl in high school treated me this way, all girls/women will treat me the same way C) my mother took my dad to the "cleaners" during their divorce, etc.)

As you can see, linear thought is extremely limiting; yet, so many of the tenets of our society are based upon it. Our credit system, for example, biases against people who could and would pay back their debts because they have no prior credit history, based on a scant population of people who will never pay back debts. Thus, an assumption is made that "all people will cheat you unless proven otherwise," and linear thought proceeds to a conclusion that refuses to allow the "good" person a chance to prove themselves otherwise! Those credit companies who do decide to take a risk on those with unproven credit often levy enormous interest rates and penalties against such people, making it much more difficult for them to meet their obligations, based again on the above limiting linear assumption and conclusion.

To truly free yourself from the trap of linear thought, start becoming aware of it.

When someone makes a statement, especially one that seems over-generalizable or proceeding from a series of "shoulds" or "oughts", question it! Ask "why?" or "what's really being said here?" When you find yourself making such blanket statments or drawing such conclusions, think deeply upon what that conclusion is based upon and examine those base assumptions and opinions. Are they truly yours? Are they founded in outer reality, or on inner fear? Do they echo the opinions of your mother/father/ grandparents/ siblings/ teacher/ minister/ whoever? Are there alternative situations which may disprove that statement or conclusion? (For example, the linear conclusion "All women are manipulative" can be dispersed by calling to mind any personal female friends or relatives who have never manipulated you or violated your trust).

The challenges is to "not think like humans"; in short, not to engage in linear thought. Left to its own devices, linear thought propagates itself, building further erroneous conclusions based on prior erroneous conclusions and assumptions. Taking careful assessment of one's thought process and upon what it is based is a large step to freeing oneself from the "wheel of linear thought."

Esoteric Cognition

Cognition is the process of developing one's style of thinking, learning, and processing information. While third-dimensional humans cannot ideate (create an idea), and few can formulate a REAL thought, other than opinions about their emotions, the act of cognition stems from the level of the Soul; stepped down through the three lower planes to make impression upon a physical-dense brain.

There are actually four levels of cognition with which humanity in lesson may process, yet humanity en masse today only works with the lowest processing level, that of linear thought. A few people are able to cognize at the level of associative, or "inner thought", and even fewer are reaching to work with pure mental, or "lateral thought" processing.

Only those people who are working in direct contact with their souls are able to begin working with soul-thought, also known as "spherical" thought.

Daily Merlin Insight: 'Another Flying PIg'

For Thursday 28th February 2008
Using Servants of the Light tarot

Several e-mails were received today regarding the 'Maddie was in my taxi' news story which I was able to read on The Sun online. It is most definitely in line with the 'time not to be complacent' line which had been 'provided' to me by 'upstairs' a number of weeks ago. My first reaction is most certainly a whispered 'bollocks' ... in the light of the last Daily Merlin when I had the sense of 'the next sighting' which was so obviously going to appear in the tabloids. Well this is it ... the hat trick now of sightings ... South of France, Dorset and now in a taxi on the night Maddie disappeared ... a trio of 'eye witness' reports to muse over.

Most certainly the cloud making machine has been fired up again ... the other side of the coin completely this time ... with reports of a living and breathing Maddie. Totally 360 degrees the the last big 'puff' of white smoke which was so adamant in its speculation that Maddie was dead.

So now it seems there a number of Flying Pigs up there in the sky ... it appears they are growing in numbers as this latest round of speculation grows in magnitude. Are there going to be yet more sightings I wonder? What does all this symbolism mean? It is most certainly something symbolic ... it means something this total reflection of speculation. It is not just wanton news coverage; there is something significant behind it. This is a strong 'vibe' as far as I am concerned.

The latest 'sighting' ... does it have any weight or substance? I was asked this question (not in the same words though) this very morning. I'd elected not to reply as I was unable to focus on the situation being in the work place ... in a stressful Building Contractors environment as well as having my held full of our Canberra move (with all its complications) ... so I could not see inwardly very clearly. My mind is a little clearer ... incense is burning; the house is quiet and I have some meditation music on. I have a banging headache though ... but I am taking this opportunity to ponder this scenario.

For it to be Maddie in the taxi, it would most certainly mean Gerry & Kate McCann are well out with their timings of events that night OR it is the Taxi driver who is wrong. My own insights suggest Maddie was taken to a port/quayside by car ... I did not sense a taxi; why would it be a taxi? A taxi is too public and too risky. You've just taken what would soon be the world's most famous abducted child - it would be obvious surely that the taxi driver would remember Maddie and her eye at a later date? Unless of course it was not anticipated that so MUCH attention would occur with this one little girl? But the feeling of her in that taxi does not gel ... it is presenting me with an uncomfortable feeling ....

I do need to explore this further. I will use the tarot ... to be lazy ... and as the easy way to open the door to my higher consciousness. In times gone by the tarot would never be a consideration; I would meditate for an hour and visualise the scene to get the 'gen' on the situation. But .. time constraints and laziness dictate the use of the symbolism to provide the imaginative triggers to explore the situation ...

Question: "is there any truth in the taxi driver's claim that Madeleine McCann was in his vehicle on the night she disappeared?"

User of Spheres
The Hermit
Keeper of Crescents

It would have been asking too much for The Star image to pop up at this point. Even if it did I would not necessarily have said 'o look there is The Star image which is Maddie's significator therefore it means Maddie was in the taxi. I intuit someone somewhere wants folk to believe that it was Maddie in the taxi ... and also to speculate that the McCann's have been lying about the night and also to point the finger at Murat once more. It is a triple score letter in Scrabble eh? Three birds with one stone .... I don't buy it ....!!!! End of story. Again the User of Spheres ... again the mists around the events of where Maddie went right at the start of her disappearance and also mists on how she was taken. There is a real focus/spell casting to disguise this trail. It is VERY significant ... the start of the trail. Here was where the risk was. Upstairs have stated this to me over and over again. It is not where she is that is important but the fact she is to be returned that is the crux of it all. Bringing Madeleine home ... that is the issue here. It's taking longer than was anticipated for Maddie to be given back to Gerry & Kate. The User of Spheres is indicative too of when Maddie was taken 'under the rainbow' after when I speculated she WAS in Malta. It is around this time I speculate she was taken across the Mediterranean ... then over land and then 'into a conduit' ... not a literal drainage channel ... but a tunnel specifically designed in ages past to conceal travel! I intuit we are talking Italy as a possible destination in the early days of Maddie's plight. This I see in the User of Spheres ... the Juggler in the image has been able to instruct agencies to weave a mighty, mighty web of deceit to hide Maddie's trail .... laugh if you wish, but this is something that has been around me as insights since June 2007. It is something very strong around the entire mystery. Someone has wished to have Maddie in their presence ... and has been powerful enough to create a real 'confusion' to hide the fact. That is what I have here. To consider this possibility appears to slot all the jigsaw pieces together. For whatever reason this certain someone pulled strings and influenced many levels of the 'hidden pyramids' (for want of a better word or words) to have Maddie sent to them. Why? And who? It then seems like Maddie was then 'released' from this person (or persons) custodianship and then sent to 'working units' connected to this individual. It seems too that Maddie is kept hidden because of all the attention her disappearance has collected. It suits an agenda for her to still be deemed as missing. It has enabled wheels to roll that may not have been turned if there was not all this media attention ....

The Hermit is a very ominous image in the context it has fallen here. It seems the lynch pin ... the silent observer of each and every reaction in conjunction with this mystery. The Hermit's lamp is the 'political cause' of the someone somewhere which is now in the forefront of everyone's mind ... either by luck or design (I say the latter). Therefore it suits 'The Hermit' ... the silent and hidden one to keep Maddie out of sight at this time. To permit more and more stages of media coverage to reinforce the fact Maddie was abducted and is still missing. There are undertones here of Gerry & Kate & family being unwitting pawns in all of this. They had to be made 100% to believe that Maddie was indeed abducted ... when in truth her 'borrowing' was arranged by someone somewhere. Gerry & Kate's reactions are genuine because as far as they are concerned Maddie HAS been abducted. But elsewhere; someone linked to them knows that Maddie was not technically abducted ... but borrowed .... the intention is to return Maddie at some later date. This may be something speculative and perhaps a million miles away from the truth in reality ... but it is a paradigm I've considered a number of times before ... and it again helps to slot all the jigsaw pieces together.

The Keeper of Crescents implies the 'deception network' which has been put in play by the someone somewhere (the man in the moon - that untouchable soul who ordered this mystery) .. and it is his 'minions' who now undertake the stages of it all. The implication is that one of his 'agencies' have Maddie safe .... and well.

So then we are in for more flying pigs it seems ... more twists and turns in this never ending roller coaster ride. a snake forever wrapping itself around a stake driven deep into the ground ... an image that I had a sense of just then. String and even a snake has an end and a start. We are at a seemingly indeterminable point in the proceedings. It is frustrating for the most part .... but as a symbolic spectacle it is incredible. I see a night sky being lit up by fireworks. Hey presto I do STILL see a safe return. That is the frustrating point. An outcome is still written ... a line in the sand. Not an unsolved mystery ... but something with a 'dodgy explanation' at the end of it. Images in news and on silver screen of Maddie being safely returned ... but those held responsible ... a scapegoat which seems too perfect a villain to be true. A patsy in the end .... an ending to the script .... but only when the someone somewhere is satisfied he has extracted the maximum blood from the stone ... when that someone somewhere is also satisfied all stones have been turned and there is absolutely no way any trail can lead to his door ....

Temperature Monitors Report Widescale Global Cooling

Twelve-month long drop in world temperatures wipes out a century of warming

Over the past year, anecdotal evidence for a cooling planet has exploded. China has its coldest winter in 100 years. Baghdad sees its first snow in all recorded history. North America has the most snowcover in 50 years, with places like Wisconsin the highest since record-keeping began. Record levels of Antarctic sea ice, record cold in Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Mexico, Australia, Iran, Greece, South Africa, Greenland, Argentina, Chile -- the list goes on and on.

No more than anecdotal evidence, to be sure. But now, that evidence has been supplanted by hard scientific fact. All four major global temperature tracking outlets (Hadley, NASA's GISS, UAH, RSS) have released updated data. All show that over the past year, global temperatures have dropped precipitously.

A compiled list of all the sources can be seen here. The total amount of cooling ranges from 0.65C up to 0.75C -- a value large enough to wipe out most of the warming recorded over the past 100 years. All in one year's time. For all four sources, it's the single fastest temperature change ever recorded, either up or down. (Daily Tech)

The Portal

Meditation music by Aeoliah

Yin Yang Concept

In the study of Chinese medicine, we are well when the Yin and Yang of our body is in a state of balance. But when the body body goes out of balance or when when there is too much Yin or Yang, we fall sick. The aim is to keep the body in balance. This is the basic Yin Yang concept.

This is why watermelon is consumed in Summer while double boiled soup is taken in winter. Watermelon has a cooling effect and it serves to cool the body during the hot summer months. In Winter, the hot double boiled soup provide balance by warming the body.

But what has this to do with Feng Shui?

Just like our body, we are also striving for balance in our home. For example, the concrete structure of your home is Yang while the plants in the garden is Yin. A good Feng Shui home should ideally have a mix of concrete structure and landscaping.

Here are more example. A large home with very few occupants is considered to be Yin. A house that is brightly lit and painted entirely in white is too yang. A home that is dark with small doors and windows that are closed most of the time is too Yin and considered to be out of balance.

The balance of Ying and Yang is a fundamental requirement in Feng Shui.

This Yin Yang concept is pervasive in Chinese metaphysics and is use in many other disciplines. Let me give you an example from Chinese naming.

In this system we are influenced by elements that are derived from our date of birth. By charting our birth chart we can see the mix of elements that we are 'made' of. Let's say that you have too little water elements in your chart. Water is needed to restore balance. In the system of Chinese naming, one of the technique is to introduce the character 'water' or either characters that represent water such as river, lake, sea etc into the name.

This is the basic yin yang concept.

Otz Chiim - The Tree of Life

"All the divine powers form a succession of layers and are like a tree."

The Tree of Life is on one level a symbolic glyph which embodies the prime magickal axiom of "As above, so below", representing as it does both the universe (macrocosm) and the body of man (microcosm), each reflecting the other, but on a different scale. On another level it is a map of the psyche, enabling the practitioners to explore their own mental and emotional landscapes with a well-used and effective map that is designed to facilitate growth and realisation of the self through integration of the parts of the psyche to create a unified consciousness and soul.

The Tree of Life is a geometric glyph comprising ten circles, the Sephiroth, meaning "Emanations", arranged in three vertical columns and connected by twenty-two diagonal, horizontal and vertical paths. Each of the Sephira within the Tree of Life has unique qualities as an expression of the different aspects of the divine manifesting on different levels.

The first recorded images of the Tree of Life occur in thirteenth century CE Spain, and this underwent some changes as different models were postulated. The version we are familiar with in modern Qabalah dates back to around sixteenth century CE Europe.

The twenty-two paths express the subjective experiences of the self and the world necessary for the development and realisation of inner potential. To each of the paths is attributed a letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and a whole host of symbols.

The Tree of Life may be divided into parts by a variety of classifications, each of which give insight into the nature of Qabalah. These divisions include the Three Pillars, the Four Worlds, the Triads and the Seven Palaces.

Freeing Up Energy

Many of us go through our lives being aware of a well of pain that has been under our daily awareness for so long we aren’t even sure where it comes from. It almost seems as if it’s part of who we are, or the way we see the world, but it’s important to realise that this pain is something that needs to be acknowledged and processed. The longer we sit on it, the harder it is to work through, and the more likely it is that we will be forced to acknowledge it as it makes itself known to us in ways we can’t predict. Rather than waiting for this to happen, we can empower ourselves by identifying the pain and resolving to take action toward healing it.

The very thought of this brings up feelings of resistance in most of us, especially if, on the surface, our lives seem to be in order. It’s difficult to dig up the past and go into it unless we are being seriously inconvenienced by the hurt. The thing is, when we are carrying the burden of our unprocessed pain, sooner or later it will inconvenience us. If we can be brave and proactive, we can save ourselves a lot of future suffering and free up the energy that is tied up in keeping the pain down.

There are many ways to do this, but the first step is to recognize the pain and honor it by moving our awareness into it. In this process, even if it’s just five minutes during meditation, we will begin to have a sense of what the pain is made of. It might be fear of abandonment, childhood abuse, anger at being mistreated, or some other long held wound. As we sit with the pain, we will also have a sense of whether we can deal with it by ourselves or not. It may be time to work with a counselor or form a healing circle with close friends. Whatever path you choose, resolve to go deep into the pain so that you can release it fully, and set yourself free. Remember, it is never too late in life to heal what hurts, and there is never a better time than now.

Maddie & Murat were in my taxi

A Taxi driver claimed yesterday that Madeleine McCann was in his cab the night she vanished — with suspect Robert Murat. (The Sun Thursday 28th February 2008)

Antonio Cardoso, 67, insisted he took the little girl and four adults on a short journey to a hotel where they all switched to a Jeep with foreign plates. And he said of Murat, who was named by Portuguese police as the first suspect or “arguido” in the case: “I later recognised him on television. I am sure it was him."

Last night Maddie’s parents Kate and Gerry, both 39, were in shock over Cardoso’s claims but rejected them as “entirely wrong” because of timing inconsistencies. The cabbie maintained he picked up the child, three men and a woman at a taxi rank in Monte Gordo, near the border with Spain, at 8.10pm on May 3 last year.

In detail, he described how he ferried them for about two miles in silence to the Hotel Apolo in Vila Real de Santo António near Faro, the Algarve capital. He swore the man who got into the front passenger seat, wearing little rectangular glasses, was 33-year-old Murat.

And he said the girl, who sat on the lap of a man behind him, wore pink pyjamas and had a distinctive mark in her eye — just like Maddie.

He added: “She was awake but silent. She was just staring ahead with big owlish eyes. I noticed her eye because my son was born with a defect much the same. I saw her kind of twist her chin a few times in my rear-view mirror. I remember she was in pink pyjamas and wondered why they hadn’t dressed her.”

On reaching the hotel Cardoso said the group got out with their only piece of luggage, a red and black three-wheeled buggy, and switched to a dark blue Jeep. The cabbie noticed it had a yellow licence plate which was not Portuguese. Cardoso said the adults were all casually dressed and described the woman as a slim blonde.

He said the only thing any of them said on the trip was “How much please?” and that they paid four euros with a one euro tip.

Alien Nation

Music video by The Scorpions

From the Face The Heat album

Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Brân (Bran) was the king of Britain or Wales. Bran was the son of Llyr, and Penarddun, daughtet of Beli son of Mynogan, was ruler of Britain. Bran had a sister named Branwen (Bronwen); a brother named Manawyddan and two half-brothers - Nissyen and Evnissyen.

Bran was more of a king than a god in the Welsh myths. Bran seemed to rule from London. Bran was a giant that no buildings were larger enough to shelter him. An elaborate, giant tent or pavilion was erected to shelter Bran. Bran was taller than the tallest tree, and could wade through the sea, like the Greek hunter Orion, with only his head above the water surface.

Mallolwch (Matholwch), king of Ireland, came to Britain seeking a wife. Bran offered his beautiful sister Branwen to the Irish king, whom he married.

It was the quarrelsome Evnissyen's acts towards Mallolwch, which led to mistreatment of Branwen by her husband and the disastrous war between Britain and Ireland.

In the fighting, Bran received a wound from a poison-smeared spear. Before he was even wounded, he was called the "Pierced Thighs". His body was too large to be shipped back to Britain for burial, so Bran asked his brother Manawyddan to sever his head, and bury on White Hill in London. He also informed his brother that his head would keep him company in the hall of Gwales. His head would be able to talk.

However when Manawyddan returned to Wales, he found that his cousin Casswallawn had taken over power in Britain. Casswallawn had caused the death of Caradawg, the son of Bran. Manawyddan with six other survivors stayed in Gwales, possibly in Cornwall. He kept his brother's head for eighty years in Gwales that the court became known as the Assembly of Wondrous Head. They forgot all about the sorrow and losses in the disastrous war as long as they stayed in this hall.

Once the door of the hall was opened, their memories of their sorrow and losses would return. After this, they went to White Hill and buried Bran's head on the mound.

Fruit content of fruity snacks 'non-existent'

The fruit content of many fruit-flavoured drinks and snacks is either minimal or non-existent, according to a report published on Monday. A survey of strawberry-flavoured drinks, yoghurts, jelly and other snacks found that fewer than 40 per cent contained any real fruit. (Daily Telegraph)

Of 28 products examined by the campaign group the Food Commission, only 11 contained real strawberries.

Five of these - Jordans Frusli All Fruit Strawberry bars, Jubbly Strawberry ice lollies, Asda Great Stuff Strawberry Milk and strawberry teabags produced by Sainsbury's and Tesco - contained less than one per cent real strawberries.

There are about 2,700 flavourings that can be added to food, but manufacturers are not required to state on packaging which flavourings have been used and whether they are natural or artificial.

The commission said manufacturers should have to list all the flavourings used. Its spokesman, Ian Tokelove, said that while the study had focused on strawberry-flavoured products, the findings applied to other fruit-flavoured foodstuffs and drinks.

He added: "Describing a product as strawberry flavour and plastering the packet with pictures of strawberries, when that product contains just a tiny percentage of strawberry or even no real fruit at all, is misleading and deceptive. Unfortunately, it is also legal and widespread.


Santana live

A 'treat' from the master musician himself .... one of my favourites by Santana

Diana inquest: MI6 agent admits 'I plotted to assassinate Balkan warlord'

A senior MI6 agent plotted to assassinate a feared Serbian warlord using British spies or the SAS, the Diana inquest heard yesterday. (Daily Mail Wednesday 27th February 2008)

The officer - identified only as A - thought that if the extreme nationalist seized power in the former Yugoslavia during the early 1990s he would launch a campaign of genocide as bad as Hitler's.

He proposed a hit on the warlord - who was not named in court but is thought to be the notorious leader Arkan - to the head of the Secret Intelligence Service in the Balkans at the time and was told to submit the plan in writing.

It is thought to be the first time an active MI6 agent has taken the stand in a court hearing.

To protect his identity the court was cleared of everyone except the jury, lawyers and clerks, with his testimony relayed by audiolink to an annexe at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

The agent told the inquest: "I was worried about the possibility of this man taking power in Serbia and I thought we ought to think about having a contingency plan to assassinate this guy. My vague options were to use our special agents or our special forces."

Serbian dissidents opposed to the warlord were also a possibility, he said.

The agent said he felt MI6 rules which forbade assassinations needed to be reviewed to deal with the new threat. He said when he suggested the proposal to the commanding officer he appeared to be a mixture of "puzzled", "non-committal" and "curious".