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Saturday, 30 June 2018

The Rune Cweorth

The Rune Cweorth is an additional rune to the Elder Futhark, and is actually a much newer rune than the original Runic alphabet.

It is a rune of cremation and purification; of ritual and transformation. It is assigned to the 'uncovering of what previously lay hidden' and is very symbolic of the magical transformation process whereby the subconscious will reveal the hidden treasures or bindings that had been governing a life path.

The Rune Cweorth provides the ability to clear out and burn the deadwood and permit new growth to begin a new cycle of experiences.

It highlights a necessary and natural process whereby fire cleanses and cleans ... permitting new growth and new opportunities.

“One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end.” ― Jiddu Krishnamurti

Just For Fun - England Vs Columbia

Well here we are again. We're doing it early. The World Cup 2018 round of 16 England Vs Columbia. There were no clues whatsoever last time around for the England Vs Belgium game, but we did say England would finish 2nd in their group.

Here we have no clear indications of the outcome between England and Columbia. Plenty of zeros and plenty of suggestions of penalties. Surely not? 5 v 6? Not a score line but a score after penalties?

The card symbology gives nothing away. Its a very hard result to even sense a result on from this imagery. Adding the gematria numbers .... 5-0-6, 0-6-0 and 6-6-0 we arrive at 11-12-6 which broken down to lowest numbers is 2-3-6 which goes back to the 5-6 and penalties again!

At this point it appears England are going out of the World Cup at the hands of Columbia according to this symbology. 

Making Choices from a Place of Balance

Daily Om: Each of the myriad decisions we make every day has the potential to have a deep impact on our lives. Some choices touch us to our very cores, awakening poignant feelings within us. Others seem at first to be simple but prove to be confusingly complex. We make the best decisions when we approach the decision-making process from a balanced emotional and intellectual foundation.

When we have achieved equilibrium in our hearts and in our minds, we can clearly see both sides of an issue or alternative. Likewise, we can accept compromise as a natural fact of life. Instead of relying solely on our feelings or our rationality, we utilize both in equal measure, empowering ourselves to come to a life-affirming and balanced conclusion.

Balance within and balance without go hand in hand. When you are called upon to choose between two or more options, whether they are attractive or distasteful, you should understand all you can about the choice ahead of you before moving more>>>...

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"Memory Lane" - 30th June 2016


Crow - Totem Bird of the Day

Friday, 29 June 2018

"Our way of thinking creates good or bad outcomes.” ― Stephen Richards

The Rune Laguz

The Rune Laguz (Or Lagu) literally means 'Water'. It often deals with the subconscious mind and the creation of perceptions and the effect of thoughts and thinking on the manifest plane.

It deals with the fluidity of actions. for is symbolised by the ebb and flow of the emotions that are represented by the body of water. The depth of the water, the depth of the emotions. The speed of flow ... the movement of those emotions. Unlike the obstacles and barriers of Hagall and Is, which both represent the fluidity of water inhibited, the Rune Laguz deals with the subconscious and its effect on the characteristics of the emotions in a situation.

"Water is the symbol of unconscious and invisible Life forces. All of life is dependent on water, and therefore Laguz represents the universal ocean, the supreme unity of all life: past, present and future. The dream state and the Jungian “shadow” element both linger beneath its surface, and the human unconscious is revealed when explored and exposed to the conscious mind. We ‘take the plunge’. To the runic initiate the unconscious forces are controlled for good use through mastery of runic skills. Still, the initiate understands the potency of the unconscious sea to break loose from its control and is ever watchful." (Runic Secrets)

Why Sound Heals

Waking Times: What produces the healing power of sound?

We can feel it when we turn on the radio and our favorite song happens to be playing, or when we sit quietly and listen to the rain. There is a palpable peace when we are absorbed in quiet and a different kind of rejuvenation when we hear the wind in the trees. There is no doubt that sound has subtle, but profound effects on our body, minds and spirits. How exactly does sound work, though, to heal us? more>>>...

"Some things are more than we can understand" - Christie Watson

Public health fraud: Why water fluoridation is one of the greatest crimes against humanity

Daily Om: The mass medication of citizens via water fluoridation may be one of the greatest crimes against humanity taking place today — and it’s also one of the most under-reported scandals, too. Daring to speak out about the real facts on fluoride will get you stamped as a “crazy conspiracy theorist,” just like questioning vaccine safety or talking about the dangers of glyphosate will get you a fast-pass to being labeled “anti-science.”

But, even though the cost may be great, a few brave souls are still willing to speak out about the health hazards foisted upon us by the powers that be. Dr. David Kennedy, a biological dentist, recently called water fluoridation a “public health fraud,” and his description couldn’t be any more more>>>...

A Future Hidden

So we got it wrong with the England/Belgium game. The Light Of Truth images we're not even close. Number 1's were missing from the gematria ... and the images were misleading. All reference was to balance and being equal. Anything but! It goes to prove that the future can remain hidden to us ....

.... moving on next to the England Vs Columbia match .... we will try again!

Virgin Media - Still Bad!

Virgin Media Broadband has been abysmally slow over the last few days - hence the reason why the number of points have been drastically reduced. We've just not been able to even load a web browser page, its been that bad.

Hopefully, tonight will prove to be an exception to the rule - so far so good. Its all loading up ok at the moment. But that could soon change so easily and so suddenly. It seems that the broadband has been over subscribed and what we get as the reasonable service is shared with others. So when we go slow its because someone else has our band width, and when we go fast they are experiencing a slow service. Its bad news really. It certainly warrants this negative publicity ... we once endeavoured with an internet service at an Internet Cafe in Doha, Qatar ... it was painfully slow. We have to say that Virgin Media has been as bad as that ... slower than an old dial up modem. New Zealand, Australia and our first UK AOL dial up account in 2001, are all faster than when Virgin Media is slow. Its chronic and can only be rectified in around a year's time when our contract finishes.

We also have another gripe with Virgin Media; we can't use the 5G connection .... which is the faster one for close location to the router. The reason being - an illegal router somewhere in our street that blocks the signal. Can we get it sorted? Na ... no chance. We should therefore get our rental cost reduced ... so we only pay for the bog standard 2G .... which is for connections further away from the router. Our connection is on the 1st floor .... and that is the problem. We find Virgin Media 2G is ok for machines on the ground floor of the house, but anywhere else it is poor to bad. Why should we relocate our office to downstairs (We can't anyway) to accommodate Virgin Media? When their service advertising states its good all over the house?

Favourite's Collection #11

Ravens have always played a big part in my own personal medicine and magic. I was surrounded by Ravens in Canberra and it enabled me to capture Raven shots on a daily basis. This particular shot has been chosen due to the stance of the Raven; it was used in some artwork for my Magic Of The Raven project.

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Peregrine Falcon - Totem Bird of the Day

"Memory lane" - 29th June 2016


Thursday, 28 June 2018

Buddhist Quote for the Day

England 0 v 1 Belgium

England will face Colombia in Moscow in the World Cup's last 16 after Adnan Januzaj's spectacular strike ensured Belgium finished top of Group G in Kaliningrad.

Manager Gareth Southgate made eight changes from England's win against Panama while opposite number Martinez made nine alterations of his own - proving victory was not exactly the top priority as the tournament moves towards the knockout phase.

And it was illustrated by a largely mediocre, lifeless encounter that was settled by former Manchester United attacker Januzaj's six minutes after the break, cutting inside before curling a left-foot finish high past goalkeeper Jordan Pickford.

England, who desperately missed absent captain and leading World Cup scorer Harry Kane, barely threatened apart from when Marcus Rashford should have equalised, Belgium keeper Thibaut Courtois touching his effort wide after he ran clear. (BBC Sport)

Everything Is in Divine Order

Daily OM: We can only see so much from where we sit in our particular bodies, in the midst of our particular lives, rooted as we are in the continuum of space and time. The divine, on the other hand, is not limited to the constructs of either space or time, and its wisdom and workings often elude us as we try to make sense of what is happening in our lives. This is why things are not always what they seem to be and even the best-laid plans are sometimes overturned.

Even when we feel we have been guided by our intuition every step of the way, we may find ourselves facing unexpected loss and disappointment. At times like these, we can find some solace in trusting that no matter how bad or just plain inexplicable things look from our perspective, they are, in fact, in divine order.

Even as we take our places in this earthly realm, a part of us remains completely free of the confines we face here. Regardless of what is happening in our lives, this part of us remains infused with joy and gratitude, connected to the unbroken source from which we come. Our small self, on the other hand, who is caught up in our false identity as a being limited in space and time, regards happiness as the result of things going the way it wants them to go. It is this part of us that suffers the greatest confusion and upset when the logic of events does not more>>>...

"Be yourself because an original is always worth more than a copy" - Suzy Kassem

Cockatoo - Totem Bird of the Day

Favourite's Collection #10

This is the 2nd of my favourite Kestrel photographs added to the expo folder.

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'Memory Lane' - 28th June 2016


Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Rune Berkano

The Rune Berkano (Beorc) literally means Birth or continued renewal. It is said to be the rune of becoming.

A very good portend for the start of a new cycle of experiences; a new work project; a new relationship even.

As Beorc it signifies 'birth' and when pulled with certain other runes it can mean the actual birth of a child.

"This is the rune of maternity and represents the ready womb for child-bearing. Also represented here is the the concealment and protection of what is coming into being, in the most mundane sense, pregnancy shelters the baby until it is ready to enter this world." (Rune Secrets)

Altering Human Genetics Through Vaccination

Waking Times: The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has launched efforts to create a vaccine that would protect people from most flu strains, all at once, with a single shot.

Over the years, I’ve written many articles refuting claims that vaccines are safe and effective, but we’ll put all that aside for the moment and follow the bouncing ball.

Massachusetts Senator and big spender, Ed Markey, has introduced a bill that would shovel no less than a billion dollars toward the universal flu-vaccine more>>>...

Another 2018 Crop Circle

"What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out, which is the exact opposite" - Bertrand Russell

"What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out, which is the exact opposite" - Bertrand Russell


Daily OM: Life is a collage of beginnings and endings that run together like still-wet paint. Yet before we can begin any new phase in life, we must sometimes first achieve closure to the current stage we are in. That's because many of life's experiences call for closure. Often, we cannot see the significance of an event or importance of a lesson until we have reached closure. Or, we may have completed a certain phase in life or path of learning and want to honor that ending.

It is this sense of completion that frees us to open the door to new beginnings. Closure serves to tie up or sever loose ends, quiets the mind even when questions have been left unanswered, signifies the end of an experience, and acknowledges that a change has taken place.

The period of completion, rather than being just an act of finality, is also one of transition. When we seek closure, what we really want is an understanding of what has happened and an opportunity to derive what lessons we can from an experience. Without closure, there is no resolution and we are left to grieve, relive old memories to the point of frustration, or remain forever connected to people from our past. A sense of completion regarding a situation may also result when we accept that we have done our more>>>...

Just For Fun - England Vs Belgium

And so we come to England's final group game against Belgium. The Light of Truth Oracle have proven to be accurate in both the 2 v 1 victory against Tunisia and the 6 v 1 victory against Panama with both results being shown clearly in the gematria numbers along the bottom of the cards. In the Panama result it was only human intuition that got it wrong, despite all the signs being on the cards!

So, what is this score going to be? Possible (Realistic) scores are:

England 0 v 0 Belgium
England 2 v 2 Belgium
England 2 v 0 Belgium
England 0 v 2 Belgium

The symbology of Infinity suggests a draw as does the symbology of Duality (And the name). But Duality also implies a 2 v 0 and 9pts for either team. So this is a hard call.

Intuition goes for a 2 v 2 draw with the winner of the group being drawn by lots? Perhaps its Belgium who win the group and England 2nd? Its a very close call as the cards suggest.

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Favourite's Collection #9

Sometimes its the more 'common or garden' birds that present a photo opportunity and produce an interesting image. This photograph of a Blackbird, taken at Gold Creek in Canberra Australia, has been included in my Favourite's folder ...

Welcome Swallow - Totem Bird of the Day

'Memory Lane' - 27th June 2016


Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Life's Repeating Cycles

Life can spin around in the same repeating cycles if our perceptions, and therefore our thought processes, stay the same. Life is the physical manifestation of those thoughts, so if they remain unchanged then certain sequences of events, in our lives, are going to keep playing like a scratched record until we suss out how to think in a different way.

Then like magic a certain sequence suddenly stops and we can move on from something that has led to great frustration every time the trigger mechanism arrives, we read the signs, but still react in the same way. Vowing to recognise the signs next time and avoid the frustration!

'The logic behind magic is that we create what we are imagining' - Mary Faulkner

'The logic behind magic is that we create what we are imagining' - Mary Faulkner

Some 2018 Crop Circles Debunked!

The 'jury is out' on the creation of some of the recent 2018 crop circles. With the World Cup 2018 in full force at the moment, the timing of the crop circles with their 'football-like' and 'flag-like' appearances is very suspicious.

We are tending towards the 'man-made' side of the crop circle creation fence with many of the current circles.

We are skeptical of so many crop circles over the years, but have noticed that there is a certain percentage of circles that defy logic, and are most certainly 'supernatural' in origin.

Popular Notions Concerning the Sidhe Race

(Sacred Texts): From the earliest ages the world has believed in the existence of a race midway between the angel and man, gifted with power to exercise a strange mysterious influence over human destiny. The Persians called this mystic race Peris; the Egyptians and the Greeks named them demons, not as evil, but as mysterious allies of man, invisible though ever present; capable of kind acts but implacable if offended.

The Irish called them the Sidhe, or spirit-race, or the Feadh-Ree, a modification of the word Peri. Their country is the Tir-na-oge, the land of perpetual youth, where they live a life of joy and beauty, never knowing disease or death, which is not to come on them till the judgment day, when they are fated to pass into annihilation, to perish utterly and be seen no more. They can assume any form and they make horses out of bits of straw, on which they ride over the country, and to Scotland and back. They have no religion, but a great dread of the Scapular (Latin words from the Gospels written by a priest and hung round the neck). Their power is great over unbaptized children, and such generally grow up evil and have the evil eye, and bring ill luck, unless the name of God is instantly invoked when they look at any one fixedly and in silence.

All over Ireland the fairies have the reputation of being very beautiful, with long yellow hair sweeping the ground, and lithe light forms. They love milk and honey, and sip the nectar from the cups of the flowers, which is their fairy wine.

Underneath the lakes, and deep down in the heart of the hills, they have their fairy palaces of pearl and gold, where they live in splendour and luxury, with music and song and dancing and laughter and all joyous things as befits the gods of the earth. If our eyes were touched by a fairy salve we could see them dancing on the hill in the moonlight. They are served on vessels of gold, and each fairy chief, to mark his rank, wears a circlet of gold round his head.

The Sidhe race were once angels in heaven, but were cast out as a punishment for their pride. Some fell to earth, others were cast into the sea, while many were seized by demons and carried down to hell, whence they issue as evil spirits, to tempt men to destruction under various disguises; chiefly, however, as beautiful young maidens, endowed with the power of song and gifted with the most enchanting wiles. Under the influence of these beautiful sirens a man will commit any and every crime. Then when his soul is utterly black they carry him down to hell, where he remains for ever tortured by the demons to whom he sold himself. 

The fairies are very numerous, more numerous than the human race. In their palaces underneath the hills and in the lakes and the sea they hide away much treasure. All the treasure of wrecked ships is theirs; and all the gold that men have hidden and buried in the earth when danger was on them, and then died and left no sign of the place to their descendants. And all the sold of the mine and the jewels of the rocks belong to them; and in the Sifra, or fairy-house, the walls are silver and the pavement is gold, and the banquet-hall is lit by the glitter of the diamonds that stud the rocks....Read More>>>...

Insight for the Day

There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.
- Ray Goforth

'When you connect to the silence with you, that is when you can make sense of the disturbance going on around you" - Stephen Richards

'When you connect to the silence with you, that is when you can make sense of the disturbance going on around you" - Stephen Richards