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Monday, 30 April 2012

Manchester's derby decision day

The Stretford End demanded a wave and Sir Alex Ferguson gave them a clenched fist. Manchester United led Everton 4-2 with time running out and the Premier League title was in sight. Ferguson felt so relaxed he even felt able to joke and joust on the touchline with his old foe the fourth official, this time in the shape of Kevin Friend. What happened in the ensuing minutes last Sunday lunchtime proved to be no laughing matter for United's manager. Everton mounted a late comeback to snatch two points away from the reigning champions, giving Manchester City even greater incentive to subsequently beat Wolves and set up the match of the season at Etihad Stadium on Monday. Ferguson's switch in emotions in those final moments were a graphic illustration of the mood swings that have transformed the meeting between City and United from potential dead rubber to the season's decisive moment inside the space of three more>>>...

Image of the Day

ORBS - Molonglo Gorge, NSW
Copyright Matthew James 30/4/12

Quote of the Day

"Spiritual evolution occurs as the result of removing obstacles and not actually acquiring anything new. Devotion enables surrender of the mind's vanities and cherished illusions so that it progressively becomes more free and more open to the light of Truth"-- David R. Hawkins

Daily Merlin Insight - Runic Insight of the 'now'

30th April 2012
9.55pm EST 
Runic insight to indicate the current situations around Madeleine McCann ...

Working with the runes as an oracle ... to indicate the energies around Madeleine McCann in the 'now'... at this moment.

Wynn is the 'joy' card which depicts as young girl with indications of play in the background but also of potential ceremony (There is a 'maypole' in the background). To Wynn's left is Elksedge which is the Rune Eolh. A rune of protection ... and of ancestry ... the young girl is watched and protected by the elk in the image 'as the wheat is grown' ...

The 'fellowship' rune ... Mannaz is surrounded by the rune of weapon/hostility and also injustice (Tyr reversed). This has the ominous feeling here of deception and hidden truths. Clearly it appears that it IS known that Madeleine is safe and well. Clearly the runes show she is very much alive and in a protected & secluded environment. The wheat seen growing by some water suggests she lives in a rural or secluded environment with other children? There is something ritualistic about her existence.

The blank rune ... or the Wyrd ... denotes the 'unknowable' which suggests the way that 'Joe Public' are kept in the dark about the entire situation. Weaponry and elksedge suggest an almost military operation with this mystery.

Copyright Matthew James 30/4/12

Troubling Study: Psychologists Demonstrate Implanting Non-Believed False Memories

A recent study has found that people can have memories of events that never occurred implanted in a laboratory setting, even when they know that it never actually happened. Combining these findings with the reality of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA's) hallucination-inducing technology and you have the potential for both the reliability of our memory and perception to be manipulated and thus become completely more>>>...

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The 2012 London Summer Olympics – More than Meets the “Eye”?

Beginning at the end of July, the 2012 Summer Olympics are going to be held in London. We are noticing increasing discussion on certain forums and sites suggesting that something – and we emphasize Andrew W. Griffin something – may happen at the London Summer Olympics.

We already know there are anti-terror drills being conducted in advance of the games, and a recent report said terrorists are “plotting (a) cyanide poison hand cream attack,” according to the London Telegraph.

Is this simple fearmongering to justify their tyrannical police state or is something in the works?

And just today we see a report out of Reuters noting that Pool Re, the state-backed British reinsurer that covers terror attack-related commercial property losses, has $7.3 billion of assets to cover the Olympic Games.” Just in more>>>...

Brain Magic: And We Dont Think We Get Manipulated on a Much More Larger Scale?

Difficult Times

It can be very challenging to maintain a positive attitude and a measure of faith when you are in the midst of difficult times. This is partly because we tend to think that if the universe loves us we will experience that love in the form of positive circumstances. However, we are like children, and the universe is our wise mother who knows what our souls need to thrive better than we do. Just as a young child does not benefit from getting everything she wants, we also benefit from times of constriction and difficulty to help us grow and learn. If we keep this in mind, and continue to trust that we are loved even when things are hard, it helps us bear the difficult time with grace.

This period of time in history is full of difficulty for a lot of human beings, and you may feel less alone knowing you are not being singled out. There are extreme energy changes pulsing through the universe at every level and, of course, we are all part of the growing process and the growing pains. It helps if we remember that life is one phase after another and that this difficult time will inevitably give way to something new and different. When we feel overwhelmed we can comfort ourselves with the wise saying: This too shall pass.

At the same time, if you truly feel that nothing is going right for you, it’s never a bad idea to examine your life and see if there are some changes you can make to alleviate some of the difficulty. Gently and compassionately exploring the areas giving you the most trouble may reveal things you are holding onto and need to release: unprocessed emotions, unresolved transitions, or negative ways of looking at yourself or reality. As you take responsibility for the things you can change, you can more easily surrender to the things you can’t, remembering all the while that this phase will, without doubt, give way to another.

He's (the) serving spirit! Pub regulars photograph generous ghost of former barman who keeps topping up their drinks

Spooked pub-goers claim to have pictured the spirit they say has been haunting their local ale-house for years. Regulars at the Apsley House in Southsea, Hants, say a generous ghoul, believed to be the ghost of a former barman, keeps topping up their drinks. And at a recent retirement party for one of the staff, Paul Morgan finally photographed the mysterious phantom. Father-of-four Paul, 47, who was snapping friend Gerry Goodwin, said: 'I was taking lots of photos with my iPhone because it was a fancy dress-themed party.

'I took a few of a group of friends and it was once I looked at them a while later I noticed something strange in the background." .... read more>>>...

Sunday, 29 April 2012

The United States is a Corporation not a Country

What If Using Cash Becomes a Crime?

Will the simple act of using cash to pay for things become a crime? Will it be labeled as suspected terrorist activity? Will cash be banned? We are being phased into a total cashless grid where payments and authorizations must be electronic; and the system has long been conditioning us to accept it and ditch ‘black market’ paper notes.

Let’s flashback to some rather open admissions in the media, in this case: CNBC pundits and Naval Postgraduate School white paper writers (Turn in Your Bin Ladens, Dec. 2010) They call cash the currency of terrorists, drug dealers and criminals. Yes, military figures are equating the use of cash with the War on Terror… that is a gross distortion and a bad sign.'

Image of the Day

Hamilton Lake, New Zealand
copyright Matthew James

Saturday, 28 April 2012

UFO filmed from airplane over London

Three fast flying UFOs have been filmed by passenger from an airplane, just 10 minutes before passing the London Sky (England, United Kingdom) from northwest on his way to Frankfurt, Germany on April 26, 2012. UFO Sighting near London, UK.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Quote for Today

"We all seek Soul. While Soul is always present, it doesn’t appear in our lives automatically. Soul requires our attention and reflection. Offering our respectful regard to the Soul is a way of loving it, caring for it, nurturing it." -- Benjamin Shield and Richard Carlson

UFO April 24 2012

UFO hovering over Summerdale, Alabama

Another saucer-shaped, hovering UFO was caught on video over the windy skies of Summerdale, Alabama, mystifying the witness who says it's not a balloon or a blimp. So, what is it?

The video, posted to YouTube, shows an unidentified flying object hovering in the distant sky above a grove of trees. The witness,stoneworks24, comments that a stiff, 20 MPH wind is blowing and it can be heard whipping over the microphone.

The object stays motionless in one place the entire time the two minute video plays out, proving it's no Mylar balloon. The witness states that he doesn't believe it's a blimp because there is no undercarriage common to those flying craft.

An enlargement of the UFO reveals it looks similar to the silvery, disc-shaped saucers being caught on video all around the world. Whatever it is, it's not flashing any lights, has no propellers or engines and makes no sound which can be more>>>...

Why Did Russia Ban The Use Of Microwave Ovens?

Consumers are dying today in part because they continue to eat dead foods that are killed in the microwave. They take a perfectly healthy piece of raw food, loaded with vitamins and natural medicines, then nuke it in the microwave and destroy most of its nutrition.

Humans are the only animals on the planet who destroy the nutritional value of their food before eating it. All other animals consume food in its natural, unprocessed state, but humans actually go out of their way to render food nutritionally worthless before eating it. No wonder humans are the least healthy mammals on the planet.

In Russia, microwave ovens were banned in 1976 because of their negative health consequences as many studies were conducted on their use. The ban was lifted after Perestroika in the early 90’s. Numerous documents can be found online relating to this topic.

The invention of the microwave and its mass adoption by the population coincides with the onset of obesity in developed nations around the world. Not only did the microwave make it convenient to eat more obesity-promoting foods, it also destroyed much of the nutritional content of those foods, leaving consumers in an ongoing state of malnourished overfeeding.

In other words, people eat too many calories but not enough real nutrition. The result is, of course, what we see today: Epidemic rates of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, depression, kidney failure, liver disorders and much more.

These diseases are all caused by a combination of malnutrition and exposure to toxic chemicals (plus other factors such as emotional trauma, lack of exercise, etc.). Microwaves make malnutrition virtually automatic, and being exposed to toxic chemicals is easy to accomplish by simply eating processed foods (which are universally manufactured with the addition of toxic chemicals that act as preservatives, colorings, flavor enhancers and so on) more>>>...

Why the Age of Gurus is Over and How the Truth Vibrations are Exposing Them

'For years now, from as early as 1991, David Icke has been writing and discussing the Truth Vibrations, an energy frequency which uncovers and unmasks all things including this deceptive matrix, which we call and experience as “reality”.

For decades, prophets and seers have been discussing this mysterious cosmic cloud or part of the galaxy which Planet Earth is about to enter, filled with this Cosmic Truth Serum which will help many of us who are open to the Ascension process move out of the old programming and move into the new one and help all of us to see who we really are, no more masks, no more bullshit, no more phonies.'

Walrus Totem Animal

The walrus inhabits both land and water, but is most agile when in water. It is a superb swimmer with the ability to dive as deep as the ocean floor. The walrus maneuvers quite speedily on land as well. It walks on all four fins, unlike other pinnipeds that have to drag their lower bodies with their fore fins. Walrus' live in large herds, dependent on the group for its survival. The group will join together to protect a single walrus that becomes under attack.

As a totem walrus teaches the importance of connectedness and the lesson that each individual is important. Its tusks serve as a tool for climbing out of the water onto the ice, but can also use its tusks for defensive purposes when attacked. The walrus also has a thick-skin which serves as an armor to protect it from its natural predators. The walrus is a multifaceted character that is interesting to study. Walrus is said to be the keeper of wisdom and more>>>...

Thursday, 26 April 2012

'Dust in the Wind'

A classic song by Kansas

Cosmic Detox and the Crumbling Matrix

Having any weird experiences lately? Good and bad? It appears these vibrational changes and the accompanying wake up are having some freaky consequences. Is the matrix breaking up and releasing its captive energies?

It’s nothing to fear.

Strange things are going to abound as we move into this next phase. Don’t be alarmed, but as the matrix starts to crack it will yield up caged energies of all types, again good and bad. It really is nothing to worry about but if you’re prone to fear it would be helpful to be near stronger people and/or spend extra time reading and watching uplifting information.

And stay informed. It will explain a more>>>...

With Our Thoughts, We Make the World

Those of us who grew up in the 1980s were, quite unknowingly, absorbing a healthy dose of Eastern mysticism when we watched the wonderful Japanese television series “Monkey” every weekday evening at 6.30pm. For all of the colour and movement and occasionally risqué language that appealed to my childish mind, I was also, perhaps, taking to heart the wonderful précis of Buddhist philosophy that made up the introduction to each episode: “With our thoughts, we make the world.” more>>>...

Inspiration for Today

“The law of abundance is that everything replicates after its own kind. Like is attracted to like. If you want more wealth, concentrate of wealth; think thoughts of abundance and wealth.”-- Delfin Knowledge System

"Time Away"

A personal favourite instrumental by the late and great Paul Kossoff of Free. This track is haunting and just awesome!

The Necessity of Disillusionment

The experience of disillusionment is one that is common to all. It is safe to say that at some time or another, every human being has had the experience of believing in something that turned out not to be true. The initial shock that comes when one's perception of the world is revealed to be at odds with the hard facts of reality can range anywhere from mild disappointment to a feeling of overwhelming psychological trauma.

Whatever the degree of deception, the realization that one has been believing in a lie is a painful experience, not only psychologically but physically as well. Like a punch to the stomach, it can feel like one's breath has been taken away. And because our beliefs about the world are interconnected with other beliefs fixed in our brains, the destruction of one belief can often lead to a cascade of collapse of many others.

When a person is confronted with facts that contradict currently held belief systems, they have one of two choices. The first choice is to go into denial mode by rejecting the facts as being untrue in order to prop up their chosen belief system and continue living as before. The second choice is to accept the new data and try and reconstruct a new internal paradigm or map of reality that accommodates the new information, which may mean putting into question all other beliefs associated with the old model.

The second choice is difficult and takes a great deal of strength in order to let go of one's preconceived ideas and accept the new and factual data. The first choice is easy because it requires no effort, pain, sadness, or reordering of one's life or values. It is also more comfortable, and because humans generally prefer comfort over pain, the first choice is often the default more>>>...

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MJ.TV presents Soul Numerology by Matthew James. In this first video in the series Matthew James discusses the basic principles of what he terms Soul Numerology and briefly describes the years 3 and 8 in the Soul Numerology vibrational cycle

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The ancient Egyptian goddess Sekhmet is known as the Eye of Ra. She is the power that protects the good and annihilates the wicked. Sekhmet is the wrathful form of Hathor (goddess of joy, music, dance, sexual love, pregnancy and birth). With leonine head, female human body and the strength of her father, she is the noontime sun --- intense blinding heat.

In Tibet she is known as Senge Dong-ma, lion-headed dakini, "Guardian of the Secret Tantric Teachings". She is called Simhavaktra, in India where she also has a male reflection in the lion-headed incarnation of Vishnu, Narasimha. Pure shakti, she is doubtless a close relative to lion-mounted Durga, "Keeper of the Flame". Indeed, another Egyptian title for Sekhmet is Nesert, the flame. In the ancient Near East she was called Anat, Ashtoreth and Astarte.

To the Old Kingdom Egyptians, Nu was the divine father of the primordal waters from whence Ra, the sun, came forth. Ra gave birth to Shu, god of the wind, and Tefnut who was called "the spitter" because she sent the rain. Together Shu and Tefnut were the Twins of our heavenly constellations. Tefnut and Sekhmet both have human female form with a head of the lion and both are recorded as daughters of Ra by the Egyptians. Sekhmet is perhaps a later manifestation of Tefnut, but in any event they are one and the same.

Sekhmet, goddess Hathor, is the daughter he plucked from his head and sent out into the universe to avenge his anger. Nu spoke, "Let thine Eye go forth against those who are rebels in the kingdom." Then the gods spoke together, "Let thine eye go forth against these rebels. When It cometh down from heaven, no human eye can be raised against it." more>>>...

Making Life Work for You

Sometimes we have so many varying responsibilities in our lives, ranging from work obligations to caring for children to running a household, we feel we cannot possibly make it all work. We may feel overwhelmed in the face of it all, ending each day feeling hopelessly behind schedule. However, regardless of how frustrating this can be, these are the parameters that make up our lives, and we owe it to ourselves to find a way to make it work. Rather than buckling under the pressure of an impossible to-do list, we might take a moment to view the larger perspective.

Like the president of a large organization, we must first realize that we cannot do every job ourselves. The first step to sanity is learning how to delegate some of the responsibility to other people, whether by paying someone to clean our house or trading childcare duties with another parent. In addition, we might find places where we can shift our expectations in ways that make our lives easier. For example, expecting ourselves to create a healthy home-cooked meal every night after a full day of work, errands, or caring for an infant or toddler may be a bit excessive. We might allow ourselves to order in food once in a while without any guilt. Accepting the adjustments needed to make our lives work is an essential ingredient to being at peace with our situation.

At the end of the day, we must come to terms with changing what we can and accepting what we cannot change. Sometimes the laundry piles up, a sick child demands more of our attention than usual, and we temporarily get behind with our schedule. Accepting this momentary state of affairs and trusting in our ability to get back on track when the time is right, we gracefully accept our life as it is, letting go of perfectionism and embracing life as it stands.

Maddie ‘could be alive’: Scotland Yard team reviewing the case abandoned by Portuguese find 195 leads they believe could finally end the McCanns’ torment

Madeleine McCann could still be alive, Scotland Yard declared yesterday. Detectives reviewing the case said they were pursuing 195 leads amid the firm belief she was abducted. The announcement last night put pressure on the Portuguese authorities to reopen their investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance from the Algarve on May 3, 2007. Police also released a poignant image of how she might look today as a smiling nine-year-old schoolgirl. Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, who is leading the review, said: ‘We genuinely believe there is a possibility she is alive.’

He revealed his dedicated team – of 28 officers and seven civilian staff – had identified 195 ‘investigative opportunities’ to follow up after examining a huge bundle of material, including a number of potential sightings from around the more>>>...

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

How Do Spirits Communicate?

Is it with words? Is it with feelings? Moreover, and the topic of this post: HOW do they communicate? Through energy, with extra-dimensional mouths, how? They aren't flesh and blood like us, so how can they communicate? From what I gather from spirits, how they have the ability to communicate is as much a mystery to them, as it is to us. They know a little bit more about spirits than we do, but just like us - they have a lot to learn about their own bodies. They are amazed and confused by it as we are by our own physical bodies, and they continue to experiment with different ways to use them...READ MORE>>>...

Quote for the Day

"Man loves because he is Love. He seeks Joy, for he is Joy. He thirsts for God for he is composed of God and he cannot exist without Him."-- Sathya Sai Baba

Image of the Day

Copyright Matthew James

The Power of the Circle

There are many reasons for why a gathering of people in a circle is powerful. A circle is a shape that is found repeatedly throughout the natural world, and it is a symbol of perfection. We recreate this perfect shape when we join others to form a circle. Being in a circle allows us experience each other as equals. Each person is the same distance apart from the next participant, and no one is seated higher than or stands apart from others in a circle. From tribal circles to the mythical round table of King Arthur, the circle has been the shape adopted by gatherings throughout history.

The circle is acknowledged as an archetype of wholeness and integration, with the center of a circle universally understood to symbolize Spirit - the Source. When a group of people come together in a circle, they are united. This unity becomes even more powerful when each person reaches out to touch a neighbor and clasps hands. This physical connection unites thought and action, mind and body, and spirit and form in a circle. Because a circle has no beginning and no end, the agreement to connect in a circle allows energy to circulate from one person to the next, rather than being dissipated into the environment.

Like a candle used to light another candle, the connection with spirit that results when one person joins hands with another is greater than if each person were to stand alone. People who take part in a circle find that their power increases exponentially while with the group. Like a drop of water rippling on the surface of a pond, the waves of energy produced in a circle radiate outward in circular motion. While one person may act like a single beacon that emanates light, a circle of people is like a satellite dish that sends out energy. There is power in numbers, and when the commitment is made by many to face one another, clasp hands, and focus on one intention, their circle emanates ripples of energy that can change the world.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Inspiration For Today

"It's surprising how many persons go through life without ever recognizing that their feelings toward other people are largely determined by their feelings toward themselves, and if you're not comfortable within yourself, you can't be comfortable with others."-- Sydney J. Harris

MJ.TV - Feet In Both Worlds

Renowned International Medium & Clairvoyant Matthew James discusses how he works as a Medium, and describes how he makes connections to The Spirit World. He provides fascinating behind the scenes look at life as a medium including his own perspective of being a clairvoyant, a clairsentient and a clairaudient.

Our Connection With The Spiritual Dimension

Can we possibility have any knowledge of this spirit world? We seemingly don’t have any direct connection to this realm, so all appears to be conjecture. Religious scriptures have something to say about this spirit dimension. Christian scripture tends to be a bit vague when it comes to the world of spirit. At the opposite side, the ancient Egyptians had an elaborate map/guesswork of what they thought happened after more>>>...

Is channeling spirit guides a good idea or dangerous?

Are spirit guides a good idea? Or is channeling spirit guides actually contacting dangerous entities and should be avoided? The answer may not be entirely clear. We have examples of channeling with both productive and disastrous results.

Another open question is when channeling, are we actually contacting an objective disincarnate spirit or our own inner self, higher self or subconscious. Does it make any difference? Individuals who had contact with spirit beings, real or imagined, had an impact on more>>>...

David Icke - The Road Back To Freedom (The One Great Spirit)

Image of the Day

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Music video by Dream Theater

How Psychiatry Stigmatizes Depression Sufferers

Viewing depression as a "brain defect" has resulted in the glorification of insipid happiness, particularly among our politicians. Viewing depression as a "brain defect" rather than a "character defect" is supposed to reduce the stigma of depression, according to the American Psychiatric Association, the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, and the rest of the mental health establishment. But any defect can be stigmatizing. What if depression is the result of neither a brain defect nor a character defect? more>>>...

Quote for the Day

"What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us"-Oliver Wendall Holmes

The Path of HEH

The Path Of Heh is the 15th Path which is the Constituting Intelligence, so called because it constitutes the substance of creation in pure darkness, and it is said of these contemplations; it is that darkness spoken of in scripture, and thick darkness a swaddling band of for it.

The Hebrew letter "heh" means "window," (literally wind-door). The window admits light (knowledge) and air (spirit - prana) into the house of personality. The window also permits outlook, survey, supervision, and control. The window is a frame, focusing attention. It is transparent; this alludes to the mind of the Magus. "Heh," or "ha," is also the Hebrew definite article "the." This defines, locates, particularizes, and characterises.

Sight is the sense function attributed to Key 4. Vision, examination, analysis, vigilance, attention, and investigation are all related. Insight is another form of seeing.

Constituting intelligence is a traditional way to describe this key, as in composing, framing, or authoring. This is the originator, the inventor, the founder, the generator, begetter, architect and builder. The constitution is the law, and order - what we call the "laws of nature" are definitions, and observations. This is ability to see the big picture, the Gestalt of a situation.

The Path of Heh has a special relationship with the art of ritual magic. Like the Paths of Zayin & Cheth, it serves as a connection between the Ruach and the higher centres of the self, but its endpoint is in Chokmah, not in Binah; it connects with the primal source of Force rather than of Form, and what descends it is thus power rather than perception. In a broader sense, the Path of Heh deals with the whole relationship between power and the more>>>...

A Word On "Frog Symbolism"

Frogs symbolize strength, adaptability, and creativity. People with frog totems are creative thinkers who can adapt well to any environment. Frogs have strong legs that allow them to hop and navigate the land with ease, however they are born in water and tend to live both on land and in the water. They tend to show up around well-rounded and adventurous people who are both practical, yet creative... read more>>>...

The Power of Union

The purpose of partnership is to create something greater than we can create alone. Not because of any deficiency or incompleteness in us, but because each of us is unique, with our own talents and abilities, and in partnership we increase the efforts and talents available for creating something meaningful together. All partnerships, whether romantic, creative, or professionally-based, can be powerful relationships for personal growth. In partnership we harness the power of union.

It is important to choose our partnerships consciously. Sometimes forged quickly during times of need, we may find ourselves rushing into unions with perhaps not the clearest intentions. Partnerships created from those starting point might serve our immediate needs, but the repercussions of a union so quickly fostered without much thought can be difficult to recover from. Granted, there is something to learn from every relationship, but looking to another to fix or complete us can turn a partnership into a dependent bond. If we can stay clear about what we want and what we need in a partnership, while staying grounded and remembering that we are our own source of happiness and fulfillment, we can create partnerships that support and enhance the best of who we are.

Everyone in our lives is a mirror reflecting back the parts we love and dislike about ourselves. If we have the courage to recognize our reflections in each other, we can grow through our partnerships. A partnership that offers both acceptance of who we are and an opportunity for personal transformation can be fertile ground for growing a healthy, lasting union. When we find this kind of partnership, we are more likely to want to keep it, invest in it, and nurture it.
Life is a collaborative effort. Much of what we do can be enhanced through partnership. Together we are stronger because our personal power is multiplied by two. Through partnership we experience the joys of working, living, and loving together.

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Monday, 23 April 2012

Matthew James Promo

Skype Readings & Video Readings available for anyone & everyone outside  of  Canberra
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Magical Journal Entry - 23rd April 2012

Copyright Matthew James
Magical Journal Entry for Monday 23rd April 2012
Mara Gamiel, otherwise known as 'Matthew James'
"Of Things Given Before Confirmed In The Now'

It is always an absolute joy to serve the Universal Consciousness in any way that I can; providing souls with the truthful insights received ... saying it exactly as it is, without ever questioning my client sitting before me. Indeed, being able to receive the connection an hour or a day before my client arrives - the client being a total stranger - and the Universal Consciousness providing me with the validation & the evidence of a connection written down. To see the joyful reaction & shock of a client as I recite the words written on the paper that describes exactly who is there around them ... the manner of passing; the relationship; the conditions they suffered with while on earth; even their own names and their own handwriting on the paper as evidence. It is an honour to be of service in this way.

To also be the connection between a needy soul on the other side and someone else not present at the time of the reading - but someone known by the soul to be in connection with my client ... is also an honour. It serves a perfect closure for someone other than a client ... and also acts as a further validation to a client that the information I receive is indeed from the Universal Consciousness. It is pleasing to also learn that the message from the needy soul was passed on to the person mentioned to a client ... by the client ... and that the needy soul was indeed known by the client's friend ... the manner of passing being indeed correct too ...
It is good to continue with the same consistency and accuracy at this time ... despite all the vibrational changes brought on by 2012 ... Mara Gamiel 23/4/12

A Word on 'Invocation & Evocation Processes'

The process of invocation is known to most people with some background in metaphysics. When you invoke, you open yourself to a specific energy or entity, parts of which you draw inside yourself by establishing a place of manifestation within yourself. How much you draw inside yourself is determined by how much space you make.

If the process of invocation goes out of control, then states of possession can ensue. This happens all too often when the person practicing invocations does not prepare and protect properly.

Channeling without protection can be dangerous and all too often attracts the wrong entity. This state of affairs is not helped by the naive way in which so many metaphysically inclined people believe anything told them which is the result of channeling. A stupid being does not become wise merely by dying, nor does a malicious being become benevolent. Logical thinking is needed more in metaphysical matters than in everyday affairs.

Contrary to popular belief, the process of evocation is harmless. The evocative energies becoming invocative can be the threat to the practitioner who did not know how to protect himself.

In evocation, the energies or entities evoked manifest outside the practitioner. This situation permits the triggering of immensely powerful energies. If these energies become invocative, i.e. if they invade the "circle of protection" then the practitioner may become overcharged. This is a potentially dangerous situation, and can lead to states of possession, because energies of a high order have a dimension of personification. In extreme circumstances the physical death of the unprotected practitioner could occur.

To avoid such problems with evocations, the practitioner has to have knowledge of a specific determinism and of the structure of the magical more>>>...

Inspiration for the Day

Credits: Anon

How to tell if there is a psychopath in your life and what to do about it

This kind of friend will appear from nowhere but quickly infiltrate every area of your life. They are out to get what they can, but because they are great fun to be around, it's hard not to get sucked in. They are the first to say 'let's party!' because they rarely worry about the future.

They will create intimacy by supposedly telling you their innermost secrets (which will be completely made up) in order to encourage you to do the same. It's even been shown that psychopaths are accomplished mimics, imitating your speech patterns and body language to create a rapport. That's when they start asking for favours. They might want to stay with you, or to borrow money.

Ask yourself: is this friend asking for bigger and bigger favours without doing anything in return? Do they encourage you to cut off other friendships, or use your contacts to benefit themselves? Do they seem to have no other friends?

A psychopath will find it hard to lure you in if you avoid giving them intimate information, if you do not call them and if you are not supportive of their plans. They have no sense of loyalty and will move on to the next gift horse as soon as you stop playing more>>>....

Quote of the Day

Practice silence and you will acquire silent knowledge. In this silent knowledge is a computing system that is far more precise and far more accurate and far more powerful than anything that is contained in the boundaries of rational thought-- Deepak Chopra

Our Universe Is A Gigantic And Wonderfully Detailed Holographic Illussion

In our daily life we are not aware that we may, in fact, live in a hologram and our existence is a holographic projection, nothing more. All what we believe is real, our whole physical world, is - in fact - an illusion being proved by the holographic universe, one of the most remarkable theories of 20th century. Energy fields are decoded by our brains into a 3D picture, to give the illusion of a physical world. Despite its apparent materiality, the universe is a kind of 3-D projection and is ultimately no more real than a hologram. "Our brain mathematically construct objective reality by interpreting frequencies that are ultimately from another dimension, a deeper order of existence that is beyond both space and time. The brain is a hologram enfolded in a holographic universe!" And this is an essence of Bohm and Pribram's theories which enable us to look at the world - in a new more>>>...

Fukushima is Falling Apart: Are You Ready?

Thirteen months have passed since the Fukushima reactors exploded, and a U.S. Senator finally got off his ass and went to Japan to see what is going on over there. What he saw was horrific. And now he is saying that we are in big more>>>...

2012 - A Message of Hope

Image of the Day

South Island, New Zealand
Copyright Matthew James

Opening to Understanding

There are times when we may find ourselves struggling or even fighting with our thoughts and emotions. We may feel that something must be done in a certain way or not at all, or there may be some other situation that feels absolutely black and white. But life is not this way—it’s the way we are looking at our experiences that is causing the turmoil within us. When we become aware that the struggle we are having is with ourselves, we can turn our attention to the source in order to solve the problem, but we must be being willing to look where we need to and feel emotions that may make us uncomfortable at first. Then we can choose to really open ourselves to understanding all the options we can imagine. We are likely to discover that we are resisting something based on a limited understanding, and we must then open ourselves to willingness.

When we are willing to look at all the possibilities, we also become willing to accept that there is room for more than we can imagine. We can release ourselves from the grip we had on our emotions and stop limiting ourselves. We may have been unwilling to experience feeling loss, confusion, fear, or even joy for some reason or another, but when we realize that our understanding was limited we allow space for the universe to move in our lives.

Opening ourselves to willingness may feel like we are surrendering or abandoning all that we believed. But at the same time it is an act of power and courage because it is a conscious choice we make about how to apply our personal will. Being willing is to be in a state of willing something into creation. It is at once allowing ourselves to be while also choosing to direct our energy in a focused way. It is being and doing from a place of openness, where we can work with the universe rather than resist it. It is an open hand rather than one that is clenched into a fist. When we make a step toward willingness, we open ourselves to truth, possibility, and the movement of the wise universe in and through our lives.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sources of Magick

Copyright Matthew James
One of the mistakes many people make when they consider magick—the ability to make desired changes in their lives—is to consider it as something "supernatural." The first half of that word,super, is from the ancient Latin, meaning "above" or "beyond." So many people believe that magick is something that is beyond what is natural. This has resulted in an excellent excuse for condemnation by those who are themselves fearful of the unknown or who want to use their supposed authority to prevent others from working magick: "It’s not natural. It’s beyond natural. Don’t touch it!" The truth, however, is that magick is one hundred percent natural. There is evidence that the earliest humans used magick to assure they had good hunting and fertile crops, safe births and healthy children. I guess it must have worked, because we’re here and you’re reading this! Magick began by looking to understand the subtle ways in which the universe actually works. Magick is powerful and useful because it works with nature, not because it is above or outside of it. It works with the herbs and the elements, the breath and the Moon, the stones beneath our feet, and the sounds and words that come from our mouths. What could be more natural than that? more>>>...

Just For Fun - 'Which Psychic Sense'?

OK. Puzzle Time everyone! The following letters can be unscrambled to create one of the 'psychic senses':


But which one ... and what does it mean?

Remember this is 'Just For Fun' ... no prizes (This time) but we would love you to submit your answers as comments!

Dangers of Enochian Magick

The Light Of Selfless Love
copyright Matthew James
The real danger with Enochian Magick is not that a monster will jump out at you. The real danger is that the practice of Enochian magick—treading the path of the Great Work—will by its very nature precipitate much of your stored karma. Past karmic debts, known collectively as one’s "karmic burden," can naturally be worked off over many future lifetimes. When the Great Work is attempted, one of the results is the dissipation of one’s karmic burden. In effect, the karma that would normally take lifetimes to work out is worked out in this lifetime. Obviously this situation is not limited to Enochian Magick, but is true for all paths of the Great Work. There are several safeguards a magician can use to reduce the dangers involved in the practice of Enochian Magick. The most obvious is to obtain knowledge. Know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Ignorant behavior, even when one’s motives are pure, usually ends in disaster. Another is to cultivate a sincere love for your fellow human beings—a true desire to help others. Compassion is a necessity for work in the higher Aethyrs, and without it you will be in very great danger indeed. Morality aside, it turns out that strong feelings of compassion and selfless love coat the aura with a protective shield that few demons can penetrate. Without compassion, the ego will quite often have fear for itself in some form or another. It turns out that fear attracts demons of the worst sort, and can be ruinous for many magickal operations. The magician must conduct his or her exercises without more>>>...

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Blackpool 4 v 0 Burnley

Blackpool secured their place in the Championship play-offs with an emphatic derby victory over Burnley. Stephen Dobbie fired Ian Holloway's side into the lead from 25 yards, his fifth goal in as many starts. Gary Taylor-Fletcher's header and shots by Stephen Crainey and Nouha Dicko made sure of the result as they extended their unbeaten run to six games.While Burnley had their chances, Blackpool can now dream of an immediate return to the more>>>...

Quote Of The Day

“If you want things to be different, perhaps the answer is to become different yourself.” -- Norman Vincent Peale

The Legacy

Mount Beach
Copyright Matthew James
Thus it would go down in history that we, the children of the one, would be the cause of the second fall of Atlantis. It would be written that the uprising began below ground in the caverns by a rebel force who refused to comply with the government and its laws. How fitting. The TRUE rebels. The TRUE servants of the darkness would declare the preservers of the truth as the enemy. It would be the start of a trend of accusations that would become part of The Sons Of Belial’s reportage in the eons that would follow.

Thus, we had very little choice. We would have to leave or face extermination. The legacy had to be preserved. It could not be written down, else Belial would learn of our intentions further. Luckily, the members of our group who left had been unruly and untrustworthy - thus they had been shown little of the inner workings of the legacy. Their assigned circle had been on one of the outermost circles. What they would have learned Belial would already know.

The source voice within all of us assured us collectively the structure was now a living collective consciousness. Its existence was safe. It was a vibration now in its own right. No matter where we were in existence our experiences would be added to the collective and become part of the living memory.

THE LEGACY HAD BEEN FORGED. Our initial work was done.

Without warning, a group of black robed assassins appeared in the centre of the hall. They immediately started to attack everyone close by. Their method of murder was with razor tipped crystal knives. A series of screams brought me back from a pleasant visualisation. Then I was up on my feet shaking those who had yet woken. Warning all and sundry what was happening. Sadly, before the assassins could be overpowered, at least two hundred of our group lay dead. The assassins were then treated in the same way. They had their own knives turned on them.

Then just as we had overcome the shock of the attack, another much bigger group appeared. They too were armed with crystal knives. As they cut their way through our group I heard the dreaded sound of a mining drill close by. The Sons of Belial were about to cut their way through into the hall! We all had to leave now or perish!

The sound of the drill came closer and closer. Then a hole began to form in the side wall of the great hall. Then, through the debris a large group of black robed cult members burst through with more elaborate weaponry. Quite quickly there was panic and confusion in our ranks. I watched red laser sights began to bounce off the walls of the hall of records. I was scared. We all were scared. There seemed no escape. The Sons Of Belial were more powerful than us. They had at their disposal the weaponry and technology of mass destruction and they were intent on using it on us. Very soon we would all perish if we didn’t make our escape. 
Extract taken from The Chronicles Of Ezra written by Matthew James 1997

Image of the Day

Mt Maunganui, New Zealand
Copyright Matthew James

After Nearly 40 years, Pilot Talks About Pensacola UFO Encounter

Pensacola, Florida -- After nearly four decades of keeping mum about a close encounter with a UFO over Pensacola, a retired Marine Corps pilot is telling his story in a newly released book. On the night of Feb. 6, 1975, then Marine Reserve Squadron Capt. Larry Jividen was piloting a T-39D Sabreliner combat trainer and utility aircraft with a crew of five aboard. The two-hour flight, which began around sunset, took off and landed at Pensacola Naval Air Station. As the Sabreliner was returning from the training mission, Jividen said he noticed the aircraft was being paced by a circular red light. "He was the one individual I thought would be credible to tell the story to," Jividen said. After being featured in Alexander's new edition, which was released March 28, and a recent Huffington Post story, Jividen is in the national UFO more>>>...

Being Part Of The Whole

As with all living things, a flower's intention is procreation. All the various parts of a flower work together toward this purpose, and each plays an essential role in the process. The vivid, delicate petals attract pollinators (birds and bees) who aid in the transfer of pollen. The center is the source and inspiration for the visually stunning petals and the petals, in turn, attract what the flower needs to create seeds and multiply.

When you have an opportunity to serve something larger than your individual self, you are like a petal on a flower, offering your particular brand of beauty and charisma in the service of a centralizing force. This centralizing force might be a person with a higher vision, a community with a common goal, or a spiritual path. Contemplate the ways in which you are a petal on a flower in your life. Who or what is at the center? What core values are you serving?

Consider also any situations in which you are the center of the flower, offering the nourishing seeds of an idea or quality that others are willing to gather around and perpetuate. It takes confidence and vision to be the nucleus. It also takes humility to empower the "petals" around you helping to feed your vision and enabling it to grow beyond you.

Like the parts of a flower, we are all here working together to create and be creative. Whether we are the center or the petal, it helps to be conscious of the seeds we are sowing in the world, as this is how we create the future.

In essence, we are all petals radiating outward from the unified source of energy that is life. Our time on this earthly plane is finite and fragile, and yet we branch out from our invisible source vibrantly and powerfully, attracting energy and making fertile connections that contribute to the continuation of life itself.

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Friday, 20 April 2012

'Learning The truth'

It seems the group of elders we banished moved to Atlan town and have set up an order of their own. Their teachings are in direct contrast to ours. They welcome animal experimentation; lower themselves to eating the meat of our kin and practice rituals that only further our separation. They teach that the way of the one is a falsehood; that there is no source; that our way is wrong. They have already acquired quite a following. Our being here puts our lives at risk. If you had announced our arrival in the way you had intended then The Sons Of Belial would know of our intention and have us murdered.

There is devilment and darkness afoot in Atlan. And there is more. Already, as we speak, below our feet, the Sons Of Belial are mining in search of the lost technology of our former civilisation. Should they be successful in finding the laboratories, they will be able to fire up the turbines deep within the volcano peaks. Such a discovery will lead to more destruction.

The technology they seek we abhor. The technology they seek is an abomination. As you know we are a simple race. We do not need the technology of the first civilisation.”

I was shocked. I knew of the first fall of Atlan. That it was caused by a major volcanic eruption brought on by the careless and irresponsible use of our own technology. I had thought it, at times a myth. I knew our islands to be an archipelago; the remains of a much larger single island. The story of The Sons Of Belial was new to me.

I glanced over to my friend and saw he had more to say.

“The Sons Of Belial’, he started, “are reincarnates of the group of beings who wrought terror on Atlan the last time around. They grow in number as they con and mesmerise our peoples with their teachings. They possess a strong energy, that of hate and of revulsion. They hate the one love and have permitted their manifest bodies to gain control of their souls, again. They forget the reason for incarnation. They busily teach others to forget love and oneness. Our role as elders is to teach the peoples of Atlan the meaning of love. Ours is not a simple role. I ask you, my child are you ready to help those in need of your truths?”

I could only nod. I knew I had no other choice.

Extract taken from THE CHRONICLES OF EZRA written by Matthew James 1997

'The Beach'

Ocean Beach
Copyright Matthew James
The following is an extract taken from 'The Chronicles Of Ezra' written by Matthew James:-

Imagine a beach ... the first image of a beach that springs to mind. The wind is blowing hard through your hair. It is a cold wind. You shiver and pull tight your simple robe. Concentrate on this. Bring this image to mind at the exclusion of all others. You are cold. You are shivering. Your bare feet are numb with the touch of freezing water on them. The water in which you stand is only a matter of a couple of inches deep - no deeper. Look at your feet. Look at the sand. Golden sand. Look at the water, it is golden too. The sun has only just gone down. Look and you will see its last traces on a golden horizon. A golden horizon turning black in places where the cosmos is breaking through the clouds. Concentrate. Look to your left and see the dark shapes of the rocks the pinnacles which make up this part of the shore line. Concentrate. Good ... now walk towards the nearest rocks. Walk slowly. You will still be shivering. You will be drenched with sea spray. There will be a taste of salt on your lips. Notice your feet ... they are beginning to sink into the sand. You will notice it is much harder not to walk. Your feet are being sucked into the sand. Relax. You now find it impossible to walk without sinking to your ankles ... then to your knees. Stop. Stay perfectly still. You have a problem here. You are too heavy for the sand. I have the solution. A solution which will require much mental imagery from more>>>...

David Icke - Disconnecting From the Reptilian Brain and the Parasites

2012 And Electromagnetic Effects On Consciousness

I am convinced that we are currently in the midst of a process involving the restructuring of our neuronal networks, and that the catalyst of this process is the high solar-geomagnetic activity whose consequences are feared by so many people today. However, all facts and findings add up to the undeniable conclusion that this evolution will for the first time in human history enable us human beings to use the enormous potential of our brains. David Samuels from Israel’s Weizmann Institute has estimated that the brain’s basic range of activities is driven by between 100,000 and 1 billion different chemical reactions every minute. The average human brain contains a minimum of 10 billion individual neurons or nerve cells — a figure that is even more astounding when you stop to think that each neuron can interact with many other neurons. In 1974 neurophysiologists discovered that some 10800 (10 to the 800th) interconnections come into play in this regard. The magnitude of this capacity is comparable with the following cosmic facts and figures: inasmuch as the atom is the smallest unit in the universe and the universe itself the largest, it is estimated that the universe contains a total of 1080 (10 to the 80th) atoms. In other words, the number of interactions in the human brain far exceeds the number of atoms in the more>>>...

Quote for the Day

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life, is when men are afraid of the Light -Plato

Image of the Day

Copyright - Matthew James 2003

Meditation Makes You More Creative

Certain meditation techniques can promote creative thinking. This is the outcome of a study by cognitive psychologist Lorenza Colzato and her fellow researchers at Leiden University, published 19 April in Frontiers in Cognition. This study is a clear indication that the advantages of particular types of meditation extend much further than simply relaxation. The findings support the belief that meditation can have a long-lasting influence on human cognition, including how we think and how we experience more>>>...

Worth the Time

Ironically, when we get busy, the first thing that tends to get cut back is our meditation practice. We have less time and a lot on our plates, so it makes sense that this happens, but in the end it doesn’t really help us. Most of us know from experience that we function much better when we give ourselves time each day to sit in silence. And the more we have to do, the more we need that solitary, quiet time for the day ahead. As a result, while it may sound counterintuitive, it is during busy times that we most need to spend more time in meditation rather than less. By being quiet and listening to the universe, we will be given what we need to get through our day.

Expanding our morning meditation by just 10 minutes can make a big difference, as can the addition of short meditations into our daily schedule. The truth is, no matter how busy we are, unless we are in the midst of a crisis we always have five or 10 minutes to spare. The key is convincing ourselves that spending that time in meditation is the most fruitful choice. We could be getting our dishes done or heading into work earlier instead, so it’s important that we come to value the importance of meditation in the context of all the other things competing for attention in our lives. All we have to do to discover whether it works to meditate more when we are busy is to try it.

We can start by creating more time in the morning, either by getting up earlier or by preparing breakfast the night before and using the extra time for meditation. We can also add short meditation breaks into our schedule, from five minutes before or after lunch to a meditation at night before we go to sleep. When we come from a place of centered calm, we are more effective in handling our busy schedules and more able to keep it all in perspective. If more time in meditation means less time feeling anxious, panicky, and overwhelmed, then it’s certainly worth the extra time.

A Word On 'The Enochian Language Of Angels'

In the year of 1581 through the extraordinary efforts of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelly, the secrets that were lost with the patriarch of the Bible known as Enoch were returned to those who thirst for the knowledge of Light. Dee kept close records of their intensive work. Although some of Dee's work has been lost, much of it is to be found in Sloane Documents 3188, 3189, 3191, 3677, and 3679. These documents are to be found at the British Museum in London. One of the most important breakthroughs in the rediscovery of these lost secrets was an entirely new language. This language contained its own grammar and syntax. It is an Angelic language often referred to as "Enochian." Dee and Kelly used great care and effort when receiving the lost knowledge of Enoch. The dictating Angel was the Great Angel Ave. Many hours were spent bringing forth the information by Dee and Kelly. Often times sessions would last 8 to 10 hours a day. Some of the material was actually dictated backwards by the Angel so as not to invoke dangerous forces of more>>>...

Thursday, 19 April 2012

'Headlong Flight'

A new Rush song at last!

The official lyric video for "Headlong Flight" - the first single from the new album Clockwork Angels - available everywhere June 12th.

Mara Gimel - Camel Of The Mystic Sea

On the ancient structure the Traveller stands
Amid all the disarray
Spying all the smoke screen trails
All the delusions
All the glamours.

He exists within all the confusion 
... feelings its insanity course through his veins
Panic fills his mind
... madness flares.

The earth is changing ... faster, faster now on a vibrant wheel
Base resonance affecting invented time
Sheep with tunnel vision tune in still to sport and wealth
Poverty stricken souls circumnavigate the earth
Wars and atrocity rock the walls of civilisation
Smoke screens and glamours 
... the illusions the Qliptha use to blind the children ...

His vessel spins round and round in the maelstrom
Corrosion rots his keel
... ambition plummets to earth with broken wings
Depression induces misfire 
... and plumes of insanity flow forth from his consciousness

He fails to see 
... he fails to act ...
... he only reacts to it all ...
... and that is the contribution the Qliptha wish from he ...

Adding to the confusion
Scalding the white light with visions of grey acid
The surface of the mirror tarnished by lizard's claws
... the shadow's wish for the earth and her children.

Clearly now he treks the awful Abyss
... reaching close to his destination
Through the fog ... the Camel has cross the great ocean
... has sighted land ...

But the Qliptha on the wing cannot let it know that truth
... they send compass needles spinning into a vortex
Confusing directions ... trails within trails ...
Trials of temptation to lead it away from the truth.

Within the course of changes which rock the mother earth
Know the magnetic poles are to re-align
The vibration of the orb shall quicken
... to break free from machine time.

And ... at the same instance ...
... know the Camel shall cross the mystic sea
Connecting its lower self to its super conscious true self
Forming thus a conduit between those disconnected 
... and those waiting on the outside ...

And know that the Qliptha shall attack this mortal man
... more than any other ...
For the travelling Camel is the lamb ...
... and the earth is the altar on which his flesh is seared by shadow
But his light will prevail despite all the instrusion
... despite the illusion 
... despite the confusion ...

Written by Matthew James 1998