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Thursday, 30 April 2015

You Are Not Crazy

Daily OM: Most of us feel a little crazy from time to time. Periods of high stress can make us feel like we’re losing it, as can being surrounded by people whose values are very different from our own. Losing a significant relationship and moving into a new life situation are other events that can cause us to feel off kilter. Circumstances like these recur in our lives, and they naturally affect our mental stability. The symptoms of our state of mind can range from having no recollection of putting our car keys where we eventually find them, to wondering if we’re seeing things clearly when everyone around us seems to be in denial of what’s going on right in front of their eyes. For most of us, the key to survival at times like these is to step back, take a deep breath, and regain our composure. Then we can decide what course of action to take. Sometimes a time-out does the more>>>...

Quote for the Day

Still Don’t Believe in Alien Life? You Need To Read This

We are collectively coming to the end of a cycle where ideas of tradition, cultural norms and social constructs have limited our potential. We are so much more than a physical vessel, and when you really feel that at your core, no scientific study or tangible proof is needed, it’s just as real as anything. The infinite universe exists outside of our container of what we consider real, so for the last time. Everything exists, creation is infinite: Aliens exist and have been interacting on our planet for some time now. There’s many that want to openly contact us but we are not collectively ready. Discern what resonates with you and what doesn’t; this is not about convincing. See what’s really going more>>>...

From The Archives: A Martian Anomaly

Look closely at the images and see the apparent advanced technology featured in both photographs.  

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Talking Sticks

Talking Sticks has been used for centuries by many Native American tribes as a means of an orderly, just and impartial hearing. Talking Sticks were most commonly used at major events such as tribal council meetings and Pow-Wow gatherings and important ceremonies but their use was also extended to storytelling circles and teaching children. Talking Sticks allow people to present and express their Sacred Point of View.

The people responsible for holding any type council meetings were required to make a Talking Stick specifically for the event. Talking sticks were therefore made from carefully selected materials that had a special meaning and significance to the maker. The size of Talking sticks was usually taken from the measurement between the elbow to the tips of the fingers. Talking Sticks were usually long, narrow, brightly colored and adorned with furs and or more>>>..

Hearing the One Voice

Daily OM: When we sit in a circle together and share our thoughts and feelings, we participate in a powerful, unifying practice whose origins stem from the very beginning of human time. All early cultures practiced some form of this ritual, which gives each individual in the group a voice, and at the same time reveals the one voice, and the ultimate unity, of the group. This profound and simple way of talking and listening has experienced a modern rebirth in counseling, social work, and spirituality.

Most circles benefit from the presence of a leader who opens the circle by calling in angels, spirit guides, and ancestors - beings of light who will be present with those taking counsel. The leader may announce a theme for the circle, or one may simply evolve from the unstructured expressions of each participant. The circle continues for as long as feels right, at which point the leader may summarize what has been said, perhaps leading everyone in a moment of silence before the circle more>>>...

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Executed by firing squad: Two Australian ringleaders of the Bali Nine are shot dead along with six others after a last meal of KFC

Daily Mail: Reformed Bali Nine ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were killed by an Indonesian firing squad shortly after midnight Wednesday local time. Chan, 31, Sukumaran, 34, and six other prisoners were taken to a jungle clearing on Nusakambangan Island. They were shot dead by firing squads comprising of 12 police privates armed with rifles at 12:25am local time (3:25am AEST). It took 27 minutes for authorities to confirm their deaths. Local media quoted an official saying they were 'shot at 00.35 and died at 01.02' more>>>...

Parents of Madeleine McCann WIN libel trial against Portuguese detective who is ordered to pay the couple £360,000

Daily Mail:A former Portuguese detective was today ordered to pay nearly £360,000 to Kate and Gerry McCann after a long-running libel trial. Goncalo Amaral had been on trial over claims he made in a book and a documentary that the couple were involved in their daughter Madeleine's disappearance. In a written verdict, a Lisbon court agreed that Amaral should pay Mr and Mrs McCann €250,000 (£179,000) each in damages and banned further sales of his book The Truth Of The Lie. The couple's lawyer Isabel Duarte also revealed that Amaral had been told to pay interest which she said stood at present at €106,000 (£76,000) more>>>...

Is the universe a hologram?

At first glance, there is not the slightest doubt: to us, the universe looks three dimensional. But one of the most fruitful theories of theoretical physics in the last two decades is challenging this assumption. The "holographic principle" asserts that a mathematical description of the universe actually requires one fewer dimension than it seems. What we perceive as three dimensional may just be the image of two dimensional processes on a huge cosmic horizon. Up until now, this principle has only been studied in exotic spaces with negative curvature. This is interesting from a theoretical point of view, but such spaces are quite different from the space in our own universe. Results obtained by scientists at TU Wien (Vienna) now suggest that the holographic principle even holds in a flat more>>>...

Seven Volcanoes In Six Different Countries All Start Erupting Within Hours Of Each Other

‘A new island has appeared in the Pacific. A submarine eruption just off Nishino-Shima Island Japan has erupted for the first time in 40 years. The Japanese Navy noticed the explosions as boiling lava met sea water giving rise to plumes of steam and ash.

Almost 7,000 miles away in Mexico, the Colima volcano blew its top after a period of relative calm. A steam and ash cloud rose two miles into the sky and the grumbling of the mountain could be heard in towns a few miles away.

In Guatemala the ‘Fire Mountain’ belched out lava and sent up a moderate ash cloud causing an ash fall over nearby towns. The explosions and shock waves occurring in the volcano can be felt by residents over 6 miles away. Doors and windows are reported to be rattling, but there has been no damage so far.’ more>>>...

Prestigious Health Magazine Covers Geoengineering

With each passing day the curtain of secrecy and controversy surrounding the climate engineering issue is being pulled back. When prestigious and reputable publications are finally willing to publish feature articles that address the ongoing geoengineering insanity head on, we are indeed gaining ground in this battle. Health Freedom News is a hard hitting publication that is dedicated to expositing the truth for the common good. Their editors have shown exceptional courage and commitment to their readers, subscribers, and supporters by printing the article below in their current issue. The magazine article can be read by clicking the individual images to enlarge them. Again, my most sincere gratitude to Health Freedom News magazine for their courage in addressing the critical issue of climate more>>>...

Music Choice: "Here I Go Again"

The original version of the Whitesnake classic 'Here I Go Again' featuring three late greats Mel Galley, Cozy Powell and Jon Lord

Monday, 27 April 2015

FDA contradicts official story about ‘inert’ homeopathy being ineffective, warns consumers to watch for side effects

After repeatedly declaring that homeopathic remedies are just inert water and no better than a placebo, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has suddenly had a schizophrenic moment and decided that homeopathy is now imminently dangerous! That's right -- the same agency that says pharmaceutical drugs, which kill hundreds of thousands of people annually, are "safe and effective" is now declaring war on energized water.

A recent FDA "safety alert" and subsequent press release warns consumers to avoid over-the-counter (OTC) homeopathic remedies specifically for asthma because such products haven't been evaluated by the agency for safety and effectiveness. And as our readers well know, any substance that hasn't been evaluated by the FDA for safety and effectiveness is automatically, in the eyes of the FDA, dangerous for consumers. This is completely absurd, of course, as homeopathy has been around for centuries, and plenty of peer-reviewed science and clinical research shows that it works. But the FDA is only concerned with promoting the therapeutic use of substances that have first undergone its multi-million-dollar drug approval process, as if the agency was the be-all, end-all of everything related to science and medicine (spoiler alert: the FDA is not God) ... read more>>>...

Matthew James - The Tumut Mind Body Spirit Expo

Image of the Day

More Daily Merlin Insights are on their way ...

The Beginning Is Here

Waking up to the realities presented before us and even more importantly what they imply is a very profound and personal experience. Once we become aware we are living in a world that’s been deliberately fabricated in ways we never would have imagined and that even our own true nature is anything but what we’ve been told, there’s no turning back. It may appear to be a lonely path at first, but we are by no means alone in this awakening. It is happening in all walks of life. Whether a banker or corporate employee wakes up to the scam being perpetrated on humanity and pulls out of the matrix, or a normal taxpaying worker realizes they’re contributing to a military industrial machine hell bent on control and world domination, we’re all the same. And those are just surface issues compared to the deliberate suppression of man’s innate spiritual nature, whether we call it social liberty or the simple freedom to create and manifest as we truly are. Not the least of which control mechanisms we are faced with is religion which works hand in hand with this suppression of humanity. All part of this repressive, controlling more>>>>...

Name & Shame - Bad Psychics - Fake Facebook Profiles & Fake Profile Pictures

 A growing concern is the number of FAKE PROFILES on Facebook which have been created by alleged 'psychic and spiritual practitioners' with the FULL intention of misleading and misguiding the general public.

In recent days, we have uncovered a number of FAKE PROFILES created by a single individual with the full intention of UNDERTAKING CYBER BULLYING. Forcing their opinion and view point on to others by collectively posting comments from their MULTIPLE PROFILES.

The same individual has also used the same multiple profiles to attack and defame other psychics. The pictures featured in the article are the profile images of two of this users known multiple profiles. Both of which have been found to have been downloaded from Getty Images.

It is obscene that this sickness is going on within the confines of Facebook. What kind of a mind would even think to create multiple profiles in this way, and then to deliberately set about deceiving people with apparent multiple people agreeing with the same topic, or group bullying individuals who disagree with the viewpoint of the creator of these profiles.

There is a deep psychosis implied here with the creator of these fake profiles. A narcissist or a sociopath looking for adoration from friends on Facebook. A serious psychological disorder is hinted at by those who misuse Facebook in this way .. or choose to create a plethora of false accounts to deceive and attack people in this way.

But sadly as one group of false accounts are found, exposed and exterminated, many more batches of false accounts will appear elsewhere on Facebook. It is human nature and part & parcel of the social media experience.

On a personal note, the two images indicated here, which are clearly taken from Getty Images, are the the profile pictures of two FAKE profiles that have personally attacked Matthew James for no reason at all. The attacks have been perfect examples of cyber bullying and cyber trolling. The keyboard warrior behind the attacks is actually known to Matthew James. It is clear who the individual is, and the reason for the attacks is also very clear. What needs to be resolved is the fact that so many people have been fooled by the slanderous claims of these false accounts. People have been foolish to fall for the slander, and have obviously realise for themselves they have been deceived by a dangerous and unpredictable individual who is prepared to treat Facebook in this way. There is so much more down the rabbit hole than has been written here. The sad individual who has created these multiple accounts has much to hide. So much more deceit to be held accounted for. They will be in time.

Tut tut Lesley ... 

Releasing the Reigns

Daily OM: Our perception of humanity as a whole is, to a large extent, dualistic. We paint people with a broad brush—some are like us, sharing our opinions and our attitudes, while others are different. Our commitment to values we have chosen to embrace is often so strong that we are easily convinced that our way is the right way. We may find ourselves frustrated by those who view the world from an alternate vantage point and make use of unusual strategies when coping with life's challenges. However ardently we believe that these people would be happier and more satisfied following our lead, we should resist the temptation to try to change them. Every human being has been blessed with a unique nature that cannot be altered by outside forces. We are who we are at any one point in our lives for a reason, and no one person can say for certain what another should be like. The reasons we try to change one another are numerous. Since we have learned over time to flourish in the richness of lives we have built, we may come to believe that we are qualified to speak on behalf of the greater more>>>...

Narcissism in High-Functioning Individuals – Big Ego or Severe Disorder?

Love seeketh only Self to please,
To bind another to its delight,
Joys in another’s loss of ease,
And builds a Hell in Heaven’s despite
 — William Blake from “The Clod and the Pebble”

Though Blake showed an intuition of the evils of pathological narcissism in the quoted verses, there are certain personality disorders that are easier to spot for the non-professional, because they dramatically hinder the normal functioning of individuals in society. While common people tend to be able to spot a common and identifiable disorder like major depression, which may prevent individuals from going to work and going out, for example, they rarely put a name on certain types of NPD, often dismissing it as just a “big ego” problem.

In fact, narcissists can be huge performers in their professional field, because their inflated sense of self-importance drives them on, to show the world just how important they really are. As society commonly associates personality disorders and psychiatric conditions with the inability to perform and function normally, these high performers may remain undiagnosed for years, and sometimes even for their whole lives. The fact that the scientific community has devoted comparatively little attention to NPD, as opposed to other personality disorders, further boasts its more>>>...

Lizard Power Animal Symbol Of Dreaming And Conservation

The psychic characteristics to be found in the lizard teaches us how to awaken our abilities by choosing one path over another that honour every part of our lives. Lizard is a powerful power animal to have, revealing your weaknesses, your strengths and prompting the energy of change.

Lizards are very sensitive to vibrations from the ground, they are adept at subtle perception. They have amazing hearing capacity, and with their sharp eyes they are able to sense the most minute of movements. If lizard is your power animal, you have the ability to utilize all aspects of psychic more>>>...

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Name And Shame: A Cyber Troll Using Fake Facebook Profiles to Cyber Bully

The following Facebook profiles have been deemed FAKE profiles. Each of these profiles have a Profile Picture which has been obtained from Getty Images or similar. Each profiles are involved in 'the anti cyber troll' league. There is a common theme and a common linking profile - which is a real person - who appears to be each one of these pages 'biggest fan' ...

The names of these apparently FAKE profiles are:

Leandra Katie Applegate
Dorothea Anna Brighton
Elisabeth Jennings
Florence Johnson

I strongly suggest you treat each of these profiles with EXTREME caution if you are on their friends list. I actually suggest you report each profile to Facebook before blocking them. They are the source of real cyber bullying on Facebook directed at Matthew James and another psychic. They will soon be part of a civil law suit investigation as all of their accounts have been screenshot and their details going into the hands of lawyers and private detectives to begin an investigation to confirm the 'real owner' of these accounts.

Governments are hiding aliens, claims former Canadian defence minister

S.O.T.T: A former defence minister has accused world leaders of concealing the presence of aliens. Paul Hellyer, who was a Canadian minister from 1963 to 1967, is now urging world powers to release what he believes to be hidden data on UFOs.

'Much of the media won't touch [the documents]', he said during a keynote speech at the Disclosure Canada Tour at the University of Calgary. You just have to keep working away and hope that someday you get a critical mass,' he said, according to a report by CTV. [The public] will say, in one way or another, "Mr President or Mr Prime Minister we want the truth and we want it now because it affects our lives."'

Hellyer, 91, first went public with his belief in aliens on Earth in 2005, becoming the first high ranking politician to do more>>>...

Quote for the Day

Name and Shame: Cyber Bullying


Is this a real profile? Or is the a fake profile riden by a Cyber Troll? Does anyone know this lady personally? Please contact Matthew James if you do ....

UFO Spotted Near Chilean Volcano

Youtube user Ana Luisa Cid has posted video of a mysterious object in the sky near the erupting Calbuco volcano in Chile. According to her description, the luminous UFO appeared near the plume, remained static, and then vanished. Some have speculated the object may be a drone or a helicopter attempting to record the eruption

Name and Shame - Find Your Psychic International Psychic Directory Part 2

A further e-mail from the administrator of the 'Find Your Psychic' web site provides PERFECT evidence of the very cyber bullying and cyber trolling Matthew James has been accused by this administrator. Parts of the e-mail read thus:

"I have received communication from the well known psychics you have attacked, and they have given me permission to prepare a class-action law suit against you. This is in response to your posting/comments on page where you indicate that these people are part of a fraudulent website; thus besmirching their names. This also impacts on my own good name and the good name of"

Matthew James contacted one of the named psychics who he knows personally, and is a CLOSE FRIEND of Matthew James, and as he expected, knows NOTHING about this alleged attack. His 'attack' was linking his psychic friend to a post letting them know they are on this site, possibly against their knowledge. The psychic friend confirmed this morning 'that she DID NOT CONSENT to being on this web site.

It is perfect evidence of a cyber bully in action. A further section of the e-mail suggests 'possible' actions Matthew James is supposed to take:

"I further ask that you write a retraction and apology to me,                  to Find Your Psychic website and include apologies to                                                         on your own facebook page, and that it remain there for a minimum of 30 (thirty) days.

This is my suggestion for your post:

(your photo)” It has come to my attention that comments I made on                          fb page earlier this month may have been interpreted to mean that                                        her website: financially defrauds others and behaves in an unethical manner. I apologise for any misunderstanding or misrepresentation that ensued and wholeheartedly withdraw my comments. I further apologise for my comments to the other psychics in our industry who are listed on the FYP website and this includes

"This is not only totally inaccurate but defamatory and it could affect their careers. Your continued attack on me personally, and on Find Your Psychic directory is also defamatory because it is totally inaccurate and provably so. I currently have several stat-dec statements from those you have offended ready for my solicitor’s office."

"You are rapidly being labelled as yet another troubled cyber troll and therefore your credibility has been questioned"

The e-mails received from this administrator have been screen shot and copied. The four psychics in question are good friends of Matthew James and have all received a copy of the e-mail. None have contacted her with regard to an alleged attack by Matthew James. The said remarks on a Facebook page were only linking them to a post commenting about the above website, asking if they knew they were on the site. 

How can this be attacking them? 

How can it be the actions of a cyber bully? The only reason for this attack on Matthew James is because the administrator probably has something to hide. 

'The best form of defence is attack'.

Friday, 24 April 2015

The Rune "Wunjo"

This rune represents the balance between all things even in this chaotic world. It is commonly a rune of joy and good tidings and when it appears in a casting, regardless of all other runes, Wunjo represents a positive outcome in the long run. It provides hope and optimism when all good fortune appears to be lost - Matthew James

Mystic Insight For Today

“No one else has access to the world you carry around within yourself; you are its custodian and entrance. No one else can see the world the way you see it. No one else can feel your life the way you feel it. Thus it is impossible to ever compare two people because each stands on such different ground. When you compare yourself to others, you are inviting envy into your consciousness; it can be a dangerous and destructive guest.”
John O'Donohue, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom

Pushing Buttons

Daily OM: We’ve all had our buttons pushed to the point where we feel we can’t take it any more, and chances are, we’ve all pushed somebody else’s buttons, with or without knowing it. The button pusher may not be conscious of what they’re doing, but in the end the buttons belong to us, and we are the ones who must deal with what comes up. The more we take responsibility for our own feelings and reactions, the less tender these buttons will be. We’ve all had the experience of having someone snap at us, seemingly out of nowhere. This happens when we unconsciously push a button in someone else we didn’t even know was there. This can happen with a complete stranger and sometimes with a person we’ve known and been close to for years. We ourselves may have a relationship with someone whose buttons we secretly like to more>>>...

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Quote For The Day

Going through the Opening

Daily Om: Sometimes our lives contract before they expand. We may be working hard on ourselves spiritually, doing good in the world, following our dreams, and wondering why we are still facing constrictions of all kinds—financial, emotional, physical. Perhaps we even feel as if we’ve lost our spirituality and are stuck in a dark room with no windows. We may be confused and discouraged by what appears to be a lack of progress. But sometimes this is the way things work. Like a caterpillar that confines itself to a tiny cocoon before it grows wings and flies, we are experiencing the darkness before the dawn. When things feel tight, it’s easy to panic or want to act in some way to ease the feeling of constriction. We might also spin our wheels mentally, trying to understand why things are the way they more ...>>>...

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Ccyle Of Life And The Delusions Of The Ego Mind

It's been such a LONG time since my near fatal illness back in October 2015. My recovery is still ongoing but is very positive. I received a wonderful positive confirmation at the weekend when a scientifically devised sound vibrational tool was able to verify the self healing being undertaken by my physical body. A gold vibration around the pancreas and the heart areas indicated regeneration of the damaged areas.

But I knew that anyway. My own soul retrieval has enabled me to step out of the physical body and thus out of the man made time continuum. This too has recently been confirmed. I undertook a house clearing for a client which led me to releasing an occupant of the house of an unfortunate attachment. In order to do this I had to leave my physical body shamanically.

Upon returning to my physical body, my client received a phone call from her offspring (Who was the one affected by the attachment) asking if I'd come to the house as he'd just spotted me walking past him in the local shops! I'd been in the house the whole time, so it proved I'd travelled out of body and out of time to collect the attached entity around him and return it to the otherworlds.

Whilst in the otherworld state I am able to perceive the timeless and cyclic experience of the human soul. We actually know out journey when we are born, as the journey has already taken place. We venture to the same place at death as we are at when we are born. This is the probable explanation for deja vu. My ability to perceive this circle of life is becoming stronger now as I accept this realisation into my life.

Thus it amuses me, when I'm trapped in my physical body, how influential the mind is ... how much the separate ego influences our life. How little the heart voice is actually listened to at times. Our instinct is to be fear based, which locks into the time illusion. The heart voice speaks of our timeless state and it will not accept the demands of the ego. The ego believes in illness and restraints. When in that state of mind we are ill and we are limited. But when we permit the heart voice to help us forget restraint and worries, we enter the timeless state ... since realising this reality my health has improved dramatically. And will continue to do so ... ....


Is Communication From the Future Already Here?

Did you know that there was a study conducted to see if someone from the future was here present in our time? Yes, it’s true! Astrophysicists – Robert Nemiroff and Teresa Wilson at Michigan Tech University did just that as reported in 2014. They figured that if someone from the future traveled back to our time, there may be trace evidence. Someone may have done internet searches of future events. The search dates would have been prior to the events and would stand out that way. Enough of them traced to one user would reveal a pattern of advanced knowledge.

According to Akashic Records theory, information has no time or distance barrier. Non-local or universal information resides outside of the mind where it is always available and can be tuned into like a radio. With some people like psychics it’s a natural right brain activity and with the population being majority left brain and it may be something that can be learned. Although mainstream scientists reject all of these claims as fake or pseudo-science. For people like Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus and others alternative explanations like trickery, fraud and coincidence are the usual more>>>...

9 Ways to Protect Yourself from Negative Energies

Do you find it exhausting to be around stressed out or negative people? Have you ever left a dramatic situation feeling drained, even if you weren’t personally involved? For most people, the answer is yes. This is because we are constantly absorbing the energies of objects and people around us. Thoughts, emotions and words of other people can have a profound impact on our psyche and physical well-being. Just as spending time in nature or working in a garden can lessen stress and improve our mood, when you’re in a crowded place you will draw in the energies of the people around you, whether you feel it or not. Here are some tools that to help you clear away negative energy and create a “shield” to maintain your personal energy and keep your psyche clear from the impact of other people and negative situations.

1. Crystals
2. Smudging Sage
3. Essential Oils
4. Incense
5. Using White Light Meditation
6. Cleansing Shower or Bath
7. Mantras
8. Sounds
9. more>>>...

Celtic Meaning of the Blackthorn Tree

Among the Celts, this sacred tree of the Ogham was considered a portent of challenges ahead, but with the promise of improvement once we push through those challenges. The Druids recognized portents struggle intuitively in the formation of the blackthorn tree's growth. This tree has some wicked thorns that are ominous looking at best. Indeed, when cut by these thorns the human flesh can turn septic fairly rapidly. In autumn it turns a sulphurous yellow and when these leaves drop they expose a contorted body. This mangled imagery brought the concept of strife and suffering to the Celtic mind. These visual observations made the blackthorn a symbol of the other half of life that we often shrink back from. When the blackthorn showed itself in Ogham oracle practices, it could be considered as a portent of war, illness or discouragement. It was a sign to get ready and brace more>>>...

Quote for the Day

We Are All Connected

Daily Om: There are times when we may feel disconnected from the world. Our actions can seem like they are of no major consequence, and we may feel like we exist in our own vacuum. Yet, the truth is that our simplest thought or action - the decisions we make each day, and how we see and relate to the world - can be incredibly significant and have a profound impact on the lives of those around us, as well as the world at large. The earth and everything on it is bound by an invisible connection between people, animals, plants, the air, the water, and the soil. Insignificant actions on your part, whether positive or negative, can have an impact on people and the environment that seem entirely separate from your personal realm of existence. Staying conscious of the interconnection between all things can help you think of your choices and your life in terms of the broader effect you may be creating. Think of buying a wooden stool. The wood was once part of a tree which is part of a forest. A person was paid to fell the tree, another to cut the wood, and yet another to build the more>>>..

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Great Carbon Credit Deception

New Dawn Magazine: In an era of economic growth, the dynamics of competition, innovation, and entrepreneurial investment were important elements of the game. In a non-growth era, the game will be based on entirely different dynamics. The mechanisms of production will become relatively static. Instead of corporations competing to innovate, we’ll have production bureaucracies. They’ll be semi-state, semi-private cartels, concerned about budgets and quotas rather than growth, somewhat along the lines of the Soviet model.

We can already see steps being taken to shift the corporate model towards the bureaucratic model, through increased government intervention in economic affairs. In the US for example, with the Wall Street bailouts, the forced restructuring of General Motors, the call for centralised regulation of banking and industry, and the mandating of health insurance coverage, the government is saying that the market is to be superseded by government directives. Not that we should bemoan the demise of exploitive capitalism, but before celebrating we need to understand what it is being replaced more>>>...

Quote for the Day

You can never win in a relationship with a narcissist

S.O.T.T: We've all met one at some point. A man or woman who seems to believe they are the centre of the universe. Arrogant, callous and manipulative, they force the world around them to accommodate this belief.

Self-important and conceited, the narcissist exaggerates accomplishments, requires endless praise, and has an uncanny ability to quash the achievements of others. They lack empathy and don't seem aware that you are a whole person with your own needs. In fact, you're only a useful tool, something to extract admiration from. The narcissist believes they're entitled to everything, including your time, your emotions and your self-esteem.

The dramatic attempts to hold your attention make your life seem tragic and fraught with anxiety. Being perpetually cut down so that the narcissist can be "better than," destroys self-confidence and eventually leads you down a spiral of gloom.

1. A narcissist won't appreciate all you go through to accommodate or satisfy them.

2. They will never remember all the things you did right, only what you did wrong. more>>>...

Tearing Down to Rebuild

Daily OM: We all know someone who has elevated the process of complaining to a high art. Sometimes funny, sometimes exhausting, these people have the ability to find a problem just about anywhere. In its more evolved form, complaining is simply the ability to see what’s not working, in one’s own life or in the external world, and it can be quite useful if followed to its natural conclusion—finding a solution and applying it. However, many of us don’t get that far, and we find that complaining has become an end in itself. In small doses, this is not a big problem, but if complaining has become a huge part of our identities, it may be time to take a good look at how we are spending our energy. Complaining is a person’s way of acknowledging that they are not happy with the way things are. In a metaphorical way, when we complain or criticize, we are tearing down an undesirable structure in order to make room for something new. But if all we do is tear down, never bothering to summon the creative energy required to create something new, we are not fulfilling the process. In fact, we are at risk for becoming a stagnant and destructive force in our own lives and in the lives of the people we more>>>...

Monday, 20 April 2015

The United Nations Admits Chemtrails Are Real

The truth is the government is spraying deadly chemtrails in hopes of population reduction. Furthermore they have been known to use chemtrails as biological testing agents on the populace; all while claiming they are nothing more than mere vapour. We’ll now we have 100% undeniable evidence that chemtrails exist.

The following video is of Rosalind Peterson, President of Agriculture Defence Coalition, who addresses the UN on chemtrails, geoengineering, and weather modification.

The acknowledgement by the UN that our skies are being polluted with aluminium, barium, lead, arsenic, chromium, cadmium, selenium, and silver should give weight to the claims that Chemtrails cause a whole host of health problems in the general population, including:

Neurological effects, heart damage, eyesight issues, reproduction failures, immune system damage, gastrointestinal disorders, damaged kidney, damaged liver, hormonal problems, and more.
The truth is the government is spraying deadly chemtrails in hopes of population reduction. Furthermore they have been known to use chemtrails as biological testing agents on the populace; all while claiming they are nothing more than mere vapor.
We’ll now we have 100% undeniable evidence that chemtrails exist.
- See more at:
The truth is the government is spraying deadly chemtrails in hopes of population reduction. Furthermore they have been known to use chemtrails as biological testing agents on the populace; all while claiming they are nothing more than mere vapor.
We’ll now we have 100% undeniable evidence that chemtrails exist.
- See more at:

Epidemic depression as a wake up call to humanity

S.O.T.T: Depression has been described as a modern epidemic. An army of highly trained theoreticians have postulated all sorts of approaches and created a vast enterprise pushing pills to cure this disease of our modern, so-called 'civilized', society. Some depression has a clear cause and effect relationship, an abusive family, job loss etc. This type of depression forces us to look at issues in our own lives that should be relatively straight forward if we can step out of ourselves for a moment and consider rational solutions to the stressors. It should, therefore, not be long lived, and should pass as soon as the immediate problem is solved. This is not the type of depression that we're concerned with here, more>>>...

Accepting Compliments

Daily OM: Many of us find it difficult to accept compliments but easy to believe the slightest criticism. Today, right now, let’s make a choice to fully accept compliments as we would a gift. Sincere compliments are gifts of praise. They are kudos given for wise choices or accomplishments or perhaps for just letting your light shine. There is no reason not to accept the gift of a kind word, but some of us argue against them, even giving reasons why they aren’t true. If we visualise the energy of a compliment, we would see beautiful, shining, positive energy being sent from the giver. That energy, if accepted graciously, would brighten our personal energy field. Our gratitude then returns to the giver as warm, fuzzy, glowing energy, completing an even circuit of good more>>>...

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Pineapple Enzyme More Effective than Chemotherapy Agent, Kills Cancer Without Killing You: Study

Global Research: Could an extract of pineapple fruit be both safer and more effective than a blockbuster chemotherapy agent?

Every once in a while a study pops up on the National Library of Medicine’s bibliographic citation database known as MEDLINE that not only confirms the therapeutic relevance of natural substances in cancer treatment, but blows the conventional approach out of the water. Published in 2007 in the journal Planta Medica, researchers found that an enzyme extracted from pineapple stems known as bromelain was superior to the chemo-agent 5-fluorauracil in treating cancer in the animal model. The researchers stated: “This antitumoral effect [bromelain] was superior to that of 5-FU [5-fluorouracil], whose survival index was approximately 263 %, relative to the untreated control.”

What is so remarkable about this research is that 5-FU has been used as a cancer treatment for nearly 40 years, and has been relatively unsuccessful due to its less than perfect selectivity at killing cancer, often killing and/or irreversibly damaging healthy cells and tissue, as well.  As a highly toxic, fluoride-bound form of the nucleic acid uracil, a normal component of RNA, the drug is supposed to work by tricking more rapidly dividing cells — which include both cancer and healthy intestinal, hair follicle, and immune cells — into taking it up, thereby inhibiting (read: poisoning) RNA replication enzymes and RNA more>>>...

MH370 search may be in the wrong place again

S.O.T.T: Australia admits it may look at a new patch of ocean. What's more worrying than the undiscovered yet is that not one piece of floating wreckage has been spotted where it should've washed up.

Something significant was missing when senior ministers from Malaysia, Australia and China announced a new effort to find the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on Thursday. There was no mention of what is fast becoming the most perplexing feature of this multi-layered mystery: why has no floating wreckage turned up? Make no mistake, the more time that passes without a single piece of floating wreckage being found the stranger it gets.

There is no previous case in the history of modern intercontinental jets where a crash into an ocean has not produced floating wreckage - and within days of the disaster. No matter how violent the impact of an airplane hitting the water there will always be some scattered debris that never more>>>...

Quote for the Day

Friday, 17 April 2015

Rethinking Complaining

Daily OM: We all know someone who has elevated the process of complaining to a high art. Sometimes funny, sometimes exhausting, these people have the ability to find a problem just about anywhere. In its more evolved form, complaining is simply the ability to see what’s not working, in one’s own life or in the external world, and it can be quite useful if followed to its natural conclusion—finding a solution and applying it. However, many of us don’t get that far, and we find that complaining has become an end in itself. In small doses, this is not a big problem, but if complaining has become a huge part of our identities, it may be time to take a good look at how we are spending our energy.

Complaining is a person’s way of acknowledging that they are not happy with the way things are. In a metaphorical way, when we complain or criticize, we are tearing down an undesirable structure in order to make room for something more>>>...