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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Australia: UFO Caught on Camera

Only a day after the last reported UFO sighting in the Australian Northern Territory a Katherine man has not only seen a mysterious object in the sky - he also took photos of it. David Schuman was having dinner with his boss Phil Richardson near Katherine's Strongbala Men's Healing Centre last Tuesday when an "unusual large star" caught their eyes."We were both seated around the dinner table, discussing various subject matters and running through the day's events when all of a sudden the boss changed the subject and said in a slightly raised tone 'Hey, that's an unusually large star - I have never seen one as big as that before and in fact that's too big for a star, what is that?," Mr Schuman said. "Through the open window we saw a very large brightly lit object and it just stood there, hovering there for 20 minutes or more, and motionless above the tree line." more>>>...