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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Spiritual Healing – How Does It Work?

Spiritual healing is a highly disputed topic. Western medical industry runs wild and most of us don’t even know nor care, what they are putting in their mouths. People trust these big medical corporations, no questions asked. However, old ways of eastern spiritual healing practices has it’s own supporters.

Like actors, put yourself in a different state of mind. You are healthy, you are well. Absolutely nothing is wrong with you. Just keep these thoughts bouncing in your head. The hard part is to believe in them, way harder than you think. The good thing, anyway, is that it keeps getting dramatically easier once you’re successful. Because, well… you have witnessed it happen the first time. In your body floats a big stack of energy, that you can channel to do various things. Healing yourself is one thing, but you can also try to do it to others. It is much harder to accomplish, as it’s challenging for us to realize that our energy does not have boundaries. Our physical body is not something that could stop our energy to flow around the more>>>...

Spiritual Life – Are You Living It?

The truth is that spiritual life suits for everyone. Everyone has the same amount of positive energy in them, because we all share the same energy with the universe.

We are all one. Some of us just have bigger shields to protect their holiness, some of us have forgotten. And some of us sense the positive energy, but are afraid to use it or don’t know how. Even though I’ve said that modern age is full of roughness, egoism and materialism, I wasn’t completely serious. I wanted to “provoke” you, encourage you to challenge your idealism. There is still lots of love around our globe and the world is in a breaking point, where people start to wake up again into the spiritual life.(Spiritualism Today)

The Joy of Being

Daily OM: While celebrations are intended to honor life’s more momentous occasions, much of real life tends to happen during the in-between times. While moving from one moment in time to the next is seldom considered a significant occurrence, it is during those in-between times that we are most in tune with life’s most profound, albeit simple joys. Between birth and death, triumph and sorrow, beginnings and endings, we enjoy innumerable experiences that often happen unnoticed. These times are just as worthy of celebration. The in-between times are seldom about landmark moments. How you choose to celebrate them or which moments you choose to celebrate is up to you. You may want to celebrate the simple facts that you are alive and that every day is a chance to spend time with the people you care about or do the work that you love. Then again, when you look at the good that exists in your life, many reasons for celebrating the in-between times may become clear: a cup of your favorite tea, a beautiful sunrise, a good book, and the smell of fresh air can be reasons for more>>>...

Distance Is No Object ....

Matthew James has numerous returning clients worldwide. Contact him now for face-to-face, phone or skype readings ... visit his website at or look out for the PayPal menu here on A Light In The Darkness ....

Why you must

Instead of coming up with reasons why you cannot, come up with reasons why you must. Focus on your purpose, not on your doubts. Make sure that purpose is authentic, and truly means something to you. If you merely follow someone else’s dream, you won’t like where you end up, even if you somehow manage to get there.There’s a reason why you care about the things you care about. It’s because you are the person who can give life and meaning and substance to those things. Admit who you are and what you love. Admit your passions, your interests, your preferences and your desires. Embrace and celebrate your uniqueness. Feel the driving strength of your most genuine purpose, and let it give energy to everything you do. Remember always why you must do what you must do. Remember, and find the inspiration to make it happen — Ralph Marston (

Image of the Day

The Henge, Bywong, NSW
Copyright Matthew James 2015

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

UFOs recorded in Mississippi, Leicestershire, and Philly

Image of the Day

Light Of Truth Oracle
2nd Series Cards
Copyright Matthew James 2012

Name and Shame - Backstabbing Psychics

It's name and shame time. Now I've pondered on this information for a while and had dismissed it as being heresay. Then it was repeated to me again by another source ...

So here goes ...

I intend to find out who the Canberra Psychics are who refused to attend a certain Canberra Expo (Which has been cancelled now anyway) if I'm in the reading room! When I know who these people are (I have a very good idea of who they are!) I will be exposing the names of these individuals for all to see.

It is shameful and obscene to make comments like the ones which are coming my way at this time. The organisers of this Expo should think themselves lucky I've not named and shamed them before now. I was wrongly accused of informing a certain Australian TV of 'information' on one individual, that was easy to find on the internet anyway, in an attempt to have this individual taken off this program.. It has been proven this was NOT me ... yet to this day I have not received any apologies. Because of this slander I have suffered ongoing ridicule and scorn.

If any of these mentioned parties are reading this ... shame on you .. calling yourself spiritual and showing a 'kindly nature' to the general public whilst backstabbing a fellow psychic behind the scenes is appalling.

Empathy in Action

Daily Om: Sometimes we forget to take the time to recognize the richness that defines our lives. This may be because many of the messages we encounter as we go about our affairs prompt us to think about what we don’t have rather than all the abundance we do enjoy. Consequently, our gratitude exists in perpetual conflict with our desire for more, whether we crave time, convenience, wealth, or enlightenment. Yet understanding and truly appreciating our blessings can be as simple as walking a mile in another’s shoes for a short period of time. Because many of us lead comparatively insular lives, we may not comprehend the full scope of our prosperity that is relative to our sisters and brothers in humanity. If you find taking an inventory of your life’s blessings difficult, consider the ease with which you nourish your body and mind, feed your family, move from place to place, and attend to tasks at more>>>...

Has Spirituality Become Another Ego Identity?

Spirituality in the West has been severely distorted; being a marketplace of trinkets, self-help gurus, healers, a huge variety of spiritual practices, substances and so on.

Somehow this culture has taken something very pure and simple and turned it in to something commercial, something competitive and into that which it is not. Our western mind is moulded into wanting to attain something and some people on the spiritual path have spent their entire lives trying to attain, only to be as stuck and bound as they ever were.

It’s this very desire to attain something, this wanting to reach a ‘higher state of consciousness’, which is what keeps people bound and seeking. By definition, to be a seeker, you have not yet sought, and therefore those who are always seeking do not find ... read more>>>...

When The World Knows We Are Not Alone – Whose Explanation About “Them” Will You Believe?

There is no doubt about it, as we move through 2015 and beyond the human race inches closer and closer to the realization that we are not alone in the universe, and never have been. Major organizations have started preparing how to break the news to the world; whether it be microbial life or intelligent extraterrestrial life, the planning has begun.

When it comes to information and “news” our world has suffered from a severe lack of truth. Much of what is dished out on mainstream media is far from any type of truth, and we’ve seen the control of information (in North America) consolidated by a handful of corporations. Mainstream media has shared many stories that are not true, and most of the time it’s responsible for shifting the perception of the masses regarding major global events – 9/11 is a great example.

There is much that is not presented on mainstream news.

Information in our world is heavily controlled and it is also manipulated and again, used to sway the opinion of the masses. That being said, there is very little you can learn about our world by “watching the news” or from picking up a newspaper. More people are starting to realize this, and to quench their thirst for finding out what is really happening on our planet many are starting to gravitate towards non-corporate, alternative media, or a mix of the two.

So, when it comes to the extraterrestrial phenomenon, when the truth is “officially disclosed,” who are you going to believe? Will you sit in front of your television for an explanation? Will you purchase some books to learn more about it? Will you read more articles on websites like Collective-Evolution?... read more>>>...

Understanding Tarot Cards To Understand Your Thoughts

Collective Evolution: The major and minor arcana of the tarot are 78 cards that are essentially tools to explain the archetypes of personality, and the human experience. A common misconception is that the tarot is a mystical medium that divines your future, as though the future is a fate sealed in stone.

This idea can be dangerous because there is a fine line between prediction and manifesting. If your thoughts create your reality – implanting a thought of a “prognosis” for the future, can lead you to invest emotionally in the result, and attach energy to the thought, which can then signal a “dent” in time to create the result, instead of the result existing to begin with. However, if you look at the tarot as a means to temporarily “time travel”, the medium can give you a glimpse into a possible future result by what your thoughts are projecting. If all time is happening at once, and all that ever was, will be, and all that ever will be, was – the future is completely malleable, because you control your reality. If you wish to change your future, change your thoughts…and to change your thoughts, you must first identify more>>>...

500 Year Old Map Was Discovered That Shatters The “Official” History Of The Planet

Our world is no stranger to unexplained mystery, and there are numerous examples of verified phenomenon, ancient monuments, books, teachings, understandings and more that lack any explanation and counter what we’ve already been taught. We are like a race with amnesia, able to put together small bits and pieces of our history yet unable to provide any sort of verified explanation. There are still many missing pieces to the puzzle.

One great example is the Piri Reis map, a genuine document that was re-made (copied from older documents) at Constantinople in AD 1513, and discovered in 1929. It focuses on the western coast of Africa, the eastern coast of South America, and the northern coast of Antarctica. It was drawn by the military intelligence of Admiral Piri Reis of the Ottoman era. He is a well-known historical figure whose identity is well established. The Admiral made a copy of it, and the original was drawn based on documents that date back to at least the fourth century BC, and on information obtained by multiple explorers.

Right off the bat, one of the most compelling facts about the map is that it includes a continent that our history books tell us was not discovered until 1818.

Secondly, the map depicts what is known as “Queen Maud Land,” a 2.7 million-square-kilometer (1 million sq mi) region of Antarctica as it looked millions of years ago. This region and other regions shown on the map are thought to have been covered completely in ice, but the map tells a different story. It shows this area as ice free, which suggests that these areas passed through a long ice-free period which might not have come to an end until approximately six thousand years ago, which again, totally goes against what is taught and currently believed. Today, geological evidence has confirmed that this area could not have been ice-free until about 4000 BC.

Official science has been saying all along that the ice-cap which covers the Antarctic is millions of years old. The Piri Reis map shows that the northern part of that continent has been mapped before the ice did cover it. This means that it was mapped a million years ago, but that’s impossible, since mankind did not exist at that time. Quite the conundrum isn’t it? ... read more>>>...

New Ancient “Mystery Human” Species Identified Shakes Up The Theory Of Evolution

Evolution is something scientists have observed at several different levels in nature, and when it comes to human ancestry, they’ve been able to collect bits and pieces of the giant puzzle that is human evolution. We do know that some form of evolution (scientifically speaking) has occurred on various levels, but there are still many missing links to our evolutionary journey, and new discoveries made every year are continuing to re-write what we previously believed to be true.

It’s important to remember that there is still much we do not know, and the evolutionary tree is far from understood, let alone complete.

One great example is a discovery that was made just over a year ago where researchers discovered what looks to be an entirely new species of hominin that is currently unknown to modern day science. The discovery was made in a Siberian cave.

A DNA analysis of the subject’s genome detected traces of what is known as a “Denisovan,” who are considered to be the mysterious cousins of the Neanderthals. The alarming part is the fact that the genome also contains odd bits of DNA which seem to come from a completely unknown, unidentifiable group of “people.”

The genome from a Neanderthal was also analyzed from the excavation, and the results suggest that interbreeding occurred among members of multiple ancient human-like groups in Europe and Asia more than 30,000 years ago, “including an as yet unknown human ancestor from Asia.” ... read more>>>...

ALITD Opinion: It seems very straightforward to me. With my mind switch permitting my perceptions to consider alien intervention and genetic modification this newly found race of mankind fits in perfectly with the genetic modification framework. There was an advanced alien race, or races, that altered the human DNA structure. There was also alien-human hybridisation.  It was contrived in order to make the human physical vehicle much closer to that of their own. It provided a means too of gaining control of the growing human slave population. A special genetic experiment.

Something in the Night Sky ....

This was taken of the sky over South Canberra. It's not the best image ever ... but look closely. The image ringed in red is NOT a plane; it is NOT a bird; it is NOT girt on the camera lens. It IS classic UFO oval in shape. I will let you decide what it is ... 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

IMage Of The Day - LIfe On Mars?

You will either see it or you won't. It all depends how your brain is wired. There is a mental switch that our minds have that permit us to cut out that which we don't want to see, or what we are told not to see. This image is a perfect example. Without much effort I can see clear evidence of Life On Mars on this image of the martian surface. My mind switch permits me to accept life on other worlds, therefore I see what is in this image. Minds with the mind switch clicked to the 'there is no life on Mars' programming will see nothing within this image. 

Look closely and see if you can spot the evidence of intelligent life which is within this image ...

Echoes of Power

Speech is a vehicle for vows, but the sacred vows we speak are more than just words. When we make a promise, a subtle yet powerful shift takes place in our souls where intentions are housed. A vow is both a tool we employ in order to facilitate transformation within ourselves and an expression of will.

Thus, to make an oath is to communicate to the universe and our deeper selves our commitment to the principles most important to us. Fulfilling a sacred vow—whether it is as complex as "'till death do us part" or as simple as "I promise"—challenges us, exercising our willpower and aiding personal growth.

When we speak a sacred vow out loud rather than reciting it in our minds or recording it on paper, our voices project our promises into the deepest reaches of the universe. It is important that we remember that a vow made with the sincerest of intentions has the power to carry on past our earthly lifetimes. A well-chosen vow encourages commitment and dedication.

The presence or approval of a spiritual teacher is not necessary to success, as true oaths are a product of the heart. A sacred vow, once spoken, becomes a part of your existence forevermore. Your view of the world around you may change, and your predominant thoughts and feelings will no doubt evolve with time, but the spirit in which your oaths were spoken will remain unaffected.

It is up to you to determine how you will stay true to your vows while your inner- and outer-world existence is transformed. Your strength and character will inevitably be tested as circumstances make keeping promises increasingly challenging, but after you have shown yourself steadfast many times, your appreciation of the sanctity of vows will be cemented in your mind and soul.

Mystic Insights

"When mystics use the word love, they use it very carefully -- in the deeply spiritual sense, where to love is to know; to love is to act. If you really love, from the depths of your Consciousness, that love gives you a native wisdom. You perceive the needs of others intuitively and clearly, with detachment from any personal desires; and you know how to act creatively to meet those needs, dexterously surmounting any obstacle that comes in the way. Such is the immense, driving power of love." -- Eknath Easwaran

"Therefore, when I say that ‘I love,’ it is not I who love, but in reality Love who acts through me. Love is not so much something I do as something that I am. Love is not a doing but a state of being - a relatedness, a connectedness to another mortal, an identification with her or him that simply flows within me and through me, independent of my intentions or my efforts." -- Robert A. Johnson

"When you are aware that you are the force that is Life, anything is possible. Miracles happen all the time, because those miracles are performed by the heart. The heart is in direct communion with the human soul, and when the heart speaks, even with the resistance of the head, something inside you changes; your heart opens another heart, and true love is possible." -- Don Miguel Ruiz

How Aspartate (and Glutamate) Cause Damage

Aspartate and glutamate act as neurotransmitters in the brain by facilitating the transmission of information from neuron to neuron. Too much aspartate or glutamate in the brain kills certain neurons by allowing the influx of too much calcium into the cells. This influx triggers excessive amounts of free radicals, which kill the cells. The neural cell damage that can be caused by excessive aspartate and glutamate is why they are referred to as "excitotoxins." They "excite" or stimulate the neural cells to death.Aspartic acid is an amino acid.

Taken in its free form (unbound to proteins) it significantly raises the blood plasma level of aspartate and glutamate. The excess aspartate and glutamate in the blood plasma shortly after ingesting aspartame or products with free glutamic acid (glutamate precursor) leads to a high level of those neurotransmitters in certain areas of the brain.

The blood brain barrier (BBB), which normally protects the brain from excess glutamate and aspartate as well as toxins, 1) is not fully developed during childhood, 2) does not fully protect all areas of the brain, 3) is damaged by numerous chronic and acute conditions, and 4) allows seepage of excess glutamate and aspartate into the brain even when intact.
The excess glutamate and aspartate slowly begin to destroy neurons. The large majority (75 percent or more) of neural cells in a particular area of the brain are killed before any clinical symptoms of a chronic illness are noticed...READ MORE...

NASA Probe to Land on Ceres to Check Out Mysterious Bright Spots

(Sputnik News) The Agency’s Dawn spacecraft, which snapped photos of mysterious bright lights on the dwarf planet Ceres last week, will be landing on the planet Friday to determine what those intriguing flashes are all about. Recent images of Ceres, the largest object in the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, show two small points of light NASA scientists have dubbed “bright spots.” They believe these spots could be clues as to how Ceres formed and whether the planet’s surface is changing. "Dawn is about to make history," said Robert Mase, project manager for the Dawn mission at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. "Our team is ready and eager to find out what Ceres has in store for us." more>>>...

ALITD OPINION: Like they are going tell us what REALLY is the cause of these lights? NASA will says its carbon dioxide reflection, or metallic rocks or some other crap. They will never say what is really the cause. Is this further proof of life on other worlds? Strange lights similar to those spied on our own 'space ship moon' ???

US Military Satellite Explodes, Sending Chunks of Debris Into Orbit

After detecting what has been described as a “sudden spike in temperature,” a 20-year-old weather satellite used by the US military exploded, sending dozens of chunks of debris hurtling into Earth’s orbit. According to the US Air Force, the ageing Defense Meteorological Satellite Program Flight 13 (DMSP-F13) was said to have suffered a “catastrophic event” and exploded into 43 unsalvageable pieces. CelesTrak, a civilian company, was the first to notice the explosion of the DMSP unit, which the Air Force then confirmed was lost. Air Force Space Command told SpaceNews that the “catastrophic event” happened after “a sudden spike in temperature,” followed by “an unrecoverable loss of attitude.” more>>>...

Magic Eye

Another Magic Eye image ... what do you see in this one, then?

Listening with Your Heart

Daily Om: Most of us were born and raised in cultures that value the head over the heart and, as a result, we place our own hearts below our heads in a sort of inner hierarchy of which we may not be conscious. What this means is that we tend to listen and respond from the neck up, often leaving the rest of our bodies with little or no say in most matters. This is a physical habit, which sometimes feels as ingrained as the way we breathe or walk. However, with effort and awareness, we can shift the energy into our hearts, listening and responding from this much deeper, more resonant place.

The brain has a masterful way of imposing structure and order on the world, creating divisions and categories, devising plans and strategies. In many ways, we have our brains to thank for our survival on this planet. However, as is so clear at this time, we also need the wisdom of our hearts if we wish to continue surviving in a viable more>>>...

Awesome UFO 'Re-entry' Footage

Monday, 2 March 2015

Clairgustance Explained

Clairgustance is being aware of tastes without putting anything physically in the mouth. Literally it means clear tasting, from the French word for clear, “clair”. Like clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and clairalience, this too refers to the psychic manifestation of a physical sense with which one can perceive the other worlds and communicate denizens of those worlds.

Clairgustance is way to perceive, through taste, the essence of a substance from the spiritual or ethereal realms. They believe that in those who possess the ability for clairgustance, the sensation of what one tastes is often linked to a spirit on the other side. The effect is ultimately very similar to the normal sense of taste, but the items one tastes are not physically present. Mediums rely on clairgustance most often, to identify the source or reason for a message, or to communicate with the consciousness of a loved one who has passed. In this case the various tastes are directly associated with those they are communicating with. Psychics who work in law-enforcement or forensics, for example, benefit greatly from their ability to become aware of the taste of chemicals, drugs or blood. It often provides clues to how a victim died, or how they were kidnapped or more>>>...

Ogham for the Day

Phagos / Beech 

Beech wood is closely grained, very easy to work giving a smooth even surface. At one time Beech tablets were used as writing surfaces because of the above mentioned qualities. Beech and book have the same word origins. Beech is concerned with ancient knowledge as revealed in old objects, places and writings. Beech indicates guidance from the past to gain insight which protects and provides a solid base upon which all relies.

Physical: Reviving memories will bring understanding that is needed. Do not neglect the past it is rich in experience.
Mental: Heed the echoes within your mind, they will give wisdom to make the changes necessary.
Spiritual: Do not discount the past as old fashioned, words written, buildings erected and experiences gained have come with a price. Remember and respect and listen to the inner voices and you will not go wrong.(Ogham Liberty)

The Inevitable Awakening

Zen Gardner: The waking up process is a very personal experience. Once we become aware of the existence of a fabricated world we thought to be real and that our true nature is anything but what we’ve been told, there’s no turning back. It may appear to be a lonely path, but we are by no means alone in this awakening. It is happening in all walks of life. Whether a banker or corporate employee wakes up to the scam being perpetrated on humanity and pulls out of the matrix, or a normal taxpaying worker realizes they’re contributing to a military industrial machine hell bent on war, control and world domination, we’re all the same. And those are just surface issues compared to the deliberate socially engineered suppression of man’s innate spiritual nature, whether we call it social liberty or the freedom to create and manifest as we truly more>>>....

How Fear Blocks Creativity

Daily Om: To understand how fear blocks creativity, take a moment to imagine yourself telling a story. First, imagine telling the story to someone you love and who loves you. You probably feel warmth and energy as you fill in the details of your tale to your friend’s delight. Now, imagine telling the same story to someone who, for whatever reason, makes you uncomfortable. The wonderful twists and turns, the fine points and colorful images that unfolded in your mind for your friend probably won’t present themselves. Instead of warmth, energy, and creativity, you will probably feel opposite sensations and a desire to close down. When we feel unsafe, whether we fear being judged, disliked, or misunderstood, our creative flow stops. Alternately, when we feel safe, our creativity unfolds like a beautiful flower, without conscious effort.

Knowing this, we can maximize our creative potential by creating the conditions that inspire our creativity. In order to really be in the flow, we need to feel safe and more>>>...

Introducing The Bohemian Animal Tarot

I highly recommend The Bohemian Animal Tarot! They are a perfect blend of animal symbolism and tarot ...

My close friend Scott Alexander King is co-creator of these magical cards ...

They can be obtained from numerous spiritual outlets including 'Embrace' at Miranda Westfield, NSW.

From Rockpool Publishing: "The Bohemian Animal Tarot offers a totally unique Tarot experience. Representing our archetypal aspects as part human and part animal, it explores the fundamental types of people and life situations entrenched in the collective psyche of all people. The humanistic qualities of the Major Arcana may also symbolically represent our emotional and spiritual development from the newborn infant to adult, while the animalistic side could be said to mirror our inherent primordial strengths and weaknesses."

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Image of the Day

Copyright Matthew James 2014

Chakra Insight

The Mystica: Chakra is Sanskrit for "wheel." Chakras are described as being shaped like multicolored lotus petals or spoked wheels which whirl at various speeds as they process energy. They are described in Hindu and Buddhist yogic literature. Both systems describe them differently, and their descriptions vary in Western literature as well.

Scientifically chakras are not recognized as no evidence of them exists. It is only until recently that they have not completely been dismissed by Western medicine. Their increased acknowledgment has came about from the use of acupuncture meridians and other Eastern systems in healing the body. Evidence for the existence of chakras, although controversial, was presented by Hiroshi Motoyama of Japan. He hypothesized that if an enlightened individual could influence the chakras, the energy output would be measured. Using a lead-lined recording booth, Motoyama measured the energy field opposite various chakras which subjects claimed to have awakened, usually through years of meditation. His findings were that energy levels at those areas were significantly greater than over the same areas of controlled subject.

There are seven major chakras and hundreds of minor ones. In the aura the etheric, astral, and mental bodies are said to each have seven major chakras. The seven major etheric centers, which are most directly concerned with the physical heath, lie along the spinal column. Each is associated with an endocrine gland, a major nerve plexus, a physiological function, and a psychic function. The higher the position along the spinal column, the more complex is the chakra and the higher are its functions.

The chakras are connected to each other and to the body through the nadis, channels of subtle energy. Of the thousands of nadis, three are the most important. The sushumna, the central channel, originating at the base of the spine and rising to the medulla oblongata at the base of the brain; its processes energy coming in from the etheric field. The ida and pingala likewise extend from the base of the spine to the brow and end at the left and right nostrils. They crisscross the sushumna in a spiral that resembles the caduceus. They wrap around, but do not penetrate the chakras, and manage the outflow of energy.

The universal life force, or kundalini, is said to enter the aura through the chakra through the top of the head, and is filtered down to the other chakras, each of which transforms the energy into the precise usable form of energy for the function it controls. When this universal force is aroused, it rises up the chakra system through the sushumna.

The methods of diagnosing the health of chakras are by clairvoyance, by energy scans with the hands, and by dowsing with pendulums. Clairvoyants say that health disturbances often manifest in the aura, and thus in the chakras, months and sometimes years before they appear in the physical more>>>...

The Three Dimensions of Time

Waking Times: Time is necessary so that experience can be gained from choices taken and changes made at an appropriate pace for learning.

In the Great Here and Now which is the underlying reality of Infinite Being, time as we know it does not exist. Any change has an instantaneous effect. Therefore, in order to enjoy the adventure of immersion in a physical universe, Infinite Being and its Creator aspect needed the dimensional property that we call Time.

The popular concept of dimensions today is that we live in a four-dimensional world – 3 dimensions of space and one of time. However, the Law of Creation points to a different reality. As you might know from our recent Spiritual Laws of Life course or our free mini-course, The Power of Cosmic Cycles, the Law of Creation has three components and a tendency to self-replicate.

There is one Creator, organized into three aspects – Intention, Attraction, and Motion – and the dimensional properties of matter are created by each of those aspects creating three varieties of itself. Three times three varieties means that there are a total of nine dimensional properties of more>>>...

Buckingham Palace naked man: Watch nude man appearing to climb out of royal residence window

Magic Eye!

This one is awesome ... 

What do you see in this magic eye image?

Luke Ruehlman, aged two: I was a woman called Pam in a past life

S.O.T.T: When Luke Ruehlman began talking about a woman named Pam, his mother Erica assumed it was just an imaginary friend. She had no idea where her toddler son had picked up the name or why he was so obsessed with it. The Ohio woman said she initially didn't think it was strange, other than the fact that the family didn't know any Pams.

But things became really strange when she quizzed him about where he had got the name from and why he liked it. The then-two-year-old told his parents he used to be Pam, a girl with black hair, he said. "I said, 'what do you mean you were?' He was like, 'Well I used to be, but I died and I went up to heaven and I saw God and eventually God pushed me back down. When I woke up I was a baby and you named me Luke," Erica Ruehlman told Fox 2, St Louis. She pressed him further, asking him how Pam died.

"He looked right at me and said, 'Yea it was fire.' And at that point he made like a motion like his hand he was jumping off a building," Ms Ruehlman said. Luke went on to explain Pam had died in a tall building and travelled on the train in Chicago.

The curious mother was baffled, since the family had never visited the city, nor mentioned it to the youngster. A quick internet search revealed a fire had killed 19 people in 1993 at the city's Paxton Hotel, including a woman in her 30s called Pam Robinson.

By now the family, including Luke's grandmother Lisa Trump, were convinced there was more to the story than just coincidence. They later appeared on a show called Ghost Inside My Child and to test Luke, they spread out a series of photos and asked the now five-year-old to pick out Pam's picture. He did it on the first go. "He goes, 'Well, I don't recognise anybody. But, I remember when this one was taken. He pointed to the correct one," his mother more>>>...

The Chronicles Of Ezra on Facebook

The writing is based on a spirit named Ezra who is a scribe of ancient Atlantis. It follows his initiation into the priesthood of Atlantis and his realisations of self. Contained in the writings are records of his philosophies and adventures along with many of the meditations and visualisations practised in the initiations. The writing I sense is automatic in much of its content. The spirit Ezra compares ancient Atlantis with modern day and the writing attempts to undercover many of the truths and philosophies desperately needed in today=s hectic world. Within the writings is an unproven account of the fall of Atlantis; a hint toward those responsible and why it happened. 

The writing begins in the modern day; the first part being very confusing and very "biblical" in its script. But then the writing leads into the philosophy of The Tree Of Life before heading off deep into the distant past. There we then meet Ezra who is a naive student of the mystical arts. This is where the story really begins; we are with Ezra through all the twists and turns of his enlightenment and beyond. 

The writing then gradually heads back full circle to modern day and focuses on all the implications of the truth behind mankind's pre-history as revealed by the spirit Ezra.

The writing may be deemed as purely fictional, the spirit Ezra imaginary; but we can only wonder if the picture of Atlantis painted by the writing is indeed the truth or near to it.

The visualisations and meditations described vividly in the writing are intended as actual meditations to be tried and experienced.

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Spotting the sociopath in your midst

S.O.T.T: Chances are, if you have a run-in with a sociopath of any kind it's not going to be a pleasant encounter, even if it seems like it at the time. Their chief attribute is mimicry. On the inside they're individuals, but on the outside, they're a blank slate. The personality they present to the world can shift and adapt, depending on the person they're interacting with. Obviously this makes them fantastic liars, but it also presents an opportunity to see them for what they really are. By observing them around other people and in different situations, you can catch their inconsistencies.

Pay attention to what they say and claim to believe, and see if they walk the walk. Remember their opinions and see if they change depending on who they're talking to. And look for extremes in their behavior. It's not unusual for a sociopath to seem introverted and quiet, only to suddenly shift gears, and become the most loud and affable person you've ever met.

They also have other, smaller tells that you can use to spot them. Because their outward personality is a blank slate, they'll often talk in a somewhat monotone voice before they get to know you better (then they'll know how they should talk to you), and they'll usually leave a lengthy pause before answering any of your questions.

What they're doing is trying to gauge your personality, while they think of the "best" way to respond to you. You have to remember that since they can't really relate to most people, they treat human interaction like you might use a computer. Everything is a simple input/output to them. "If I say this in a certain way, I'm going to get a specific response."

Sociopaths also won't reveal very much about themselves. They'll always try to keep the conversation about you, because for them, every conversation is an opportunity to extract information. However, to make the conversation seem more genuine, they'll slip personal details to you from time to time. Pay close attention to these, because what they reveal to you is either an exaggerated truth, or an outright lie. Everything they tell you about themselves is designed to illicit sympathy and trust, and impart a sense of more>>>...

Name & Shame - False Healing Claims

It is impossible to heal & cure physical illness with the mere shake of your hands! I'm sorry but anyone who claims to eradicate major health issues such as cancer, depression etc by wounded body healing is making FALSE CLAIMS

Unless there is actual documented medical evidence that the healing methods are curing these people ... this charlatan practice should be closed down. There is no way that 'the top gun ascended masters' are being channelled through this person. The claims are ridiculous and it is nothing more than the exploitation of extremely gullible and needy people. 

The psychic is either a clever scam artist or is deluded ... and the psychic firmly believes the claims that are being made. 

One this is for sure ... this psychic is not on the same planet as us. The psychic was last seen hugging the flying pigs that went flying by this morning!!!

Friday, 27 February 2015

Introducing Etheric Body Attunement

When the universe itself is held up by one cog in the wheel, it will make this fact apparent to that cog in the wheel. If you think that you, as one lowly mortal on a lonely manifest plane world, are not important. Think again. We are all parts of the whole, and when one of those parts drags its feet, the universe comes knocking!

I've been contemplating the Fire Letter experience ever since it occurred back in 2002. I've been supposed to do something about it ever since. Until now I've had no idea what ...

And then the lightbulb moment ... Etheric Body Attunement. The purple fire letter Yod was my attunement by a higher force. My recovery from serious illness the indication there is a strong energy within me alive. 

It's time to develop my own healing modality. My accuracy as a Medical Intuitive with my M.I scanning through voice vibration is part and parcel of this new technique ...

Watch this space ...

A Word on The Etheric Body

You are more than the physical body that you sense. Your mind, emotions, and soul have their own bodies. These bodies are distinct from yet connected to your physical body. You have many bodies. Highly sensitive people have always been able to perceive one or more of these nonphysical bodies.

The Etheric Body gives vitality, health, life and organization to the Physical Body. It attunes our consciousness to the principle of Energy. It steps energies from the higher bodies down into our physical consciousness. An awareness of various types of subtle energy moving through the Physical Body and in the environment. Subtle/etheric energy can be seen as well as felt.

The Etheric Body is the subtle level of the Physical Body. It is composed of various energies such as electromagnetic, chi, prana, ki, vitality, etc. It is also composed of subatomic particles, the finest of which are quarks. It glows overall with color variations in the range of blue to violet to silver.

The Etheric Body has a figure form in the same shape as the Physical Body. This figure form is made of numerous energy channels called nadis or meridians. (Energy Reality)

Image of the Day

THE TRUE SELF Personality card by Matthew James
Copyright Matthew James 2012

An Experiment in Gratitude

Daily OM: Sometimes we forget to take the time to recognize the richness that defines our lives. This may be because many of the messages we encounter as we go about our affairs prompt us to think about what we don’t have rather than all the abundance we do enjoy. Consequently, our gratitude exists in perpetual conflict with our desire for more, whether we crave time, convenience, wealth, or enlightenment. Yet understanding and truly appreciating our blessings can be as simple as walking a mile in another’s shoes for a short period of time. Because many of us lead comparatively insular lives, we may not comprehend the full scope of our prosperity that is relative to our sisters and brothers in humanity.

If you find taking an inventory of your life’s blessings difficult, consider the ease with which you nourish your body and mind, feed your family, move from place to place, and attend to tasks at hand. For a great number of people, activities you may take for granted, such as attaining an education, buying healthy food, commuting to work, or keeping a clean house, represent great challenges. To experience firsthand the complex tests others face as a matter of course in their daily lives, try living without the amenities you most often take for more>>>...

A Conversation with Maria Elita - now Mon 2nd March 2015

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Greeting the Divine Spirit

Daily Om: Bowing is a universal gesture of respect and reverence. In many cultures, it is the predominant form of social greeting, and most religions incorporate it into their rituals of worship. In many cases, bowing signifies not only respect but also an acknowledgment of the shared divinity between the bower and the recipient. Bowing can also be a turning in toward our own divinity when we bow our heads in prayer, contemplation, or meditation. Bows range in form from a slight forward nod of the head to a full body prostration on the ground, and range in meaning from a simple greeting to a complete giving over of the self to the divine.

If you have ever bowed or been on the receiving end of a bow, you know that it is different from a handshake or a hug. Bowing has the quality of consciously evoking spirit and conveys a sense of reverence for the people involved. The word “Namaste,” which accompanies bowing in yoga, actually translates as “The divine spirit in me acknowledges the divine spirit in you.” more>>>...

A Conversation With Maria Elita - Saturday 28th March 2015 - 7PM AEST

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A Traveller's Guide To The Tree Of LIfe

Remember to take each path gently. Each and every path should be trodden many times, and in different frames of mind. Over time they will begin to transform and modify themselves to become more personal to you. 

The spheres at each end of the paths are much like way-stations - places to start and stop a journey. In order to experience The Tree Of Life as most beneficially as possible, it is important to merely observe the scenery in the early stages. During the workshop for example. Leave it a week or two before immersing yourself deeper into the concepts. Plenty of links to reference material is included with these notes, should you choose to take deeper in roads into the Kabbalah. 

To truly appreciate the Tree Of Life it is necessary for you to exercise discretion and discrimination. To tread the paths is to feel the impact of the timeless teachings that have inspired them. Remember the Tree Of Life is a magical system which has been written on the aethers over many centuries. It is a system that DOES have an effect on the sub-conscious frameworks. 

1. Make sure you are not disturbed during your pathworkings. This is important. 
2. Begin and end the session at the same location. 
3. As you walk each path, take note of what you see and record it on your return. Try not to impose what you WANT to see, but let the path reveal itself to you. If you find yourself seeing something before it is described in the narration, relax, it means you are walking the ascribed path. 
4. Remember, these are not trips to Disneyland so take them seriously! 
5. At the end of each session make sure you have a hot drink and a light snack to help you close down firmly. 
6. You will NOT get attacked on any of these paths. Each pathway is protected.

Magic Eye #3

What do you see?

Remember this is just for fun ...

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People in Need

Daily Om: When we see a person in need, we may want to give them something as a way of helping them, but if we give without taking the time to see who they really are, honoring that most of all, our gift is nowhere near as powerful as it could be. We may want to give a homeless person a sandwich, for example, but if we give it without also taking a moment to look the person in the eye, making authentic contact, we rob them of the experience of being human. Being in a position of need leaves a lot of people feeling vulnerable and full of self-doubt. The greatest gift we can give is to meet people in need without judgment and with the awareness that we are not superior to them simply because we are not currently in their position. If we take the long view, we can see that we all began life in need of a lot of care and attention, and many of us end life in the same more>>>...

Saturday, 21 February 2015

The Rising Sign

The Rising sign is known as the mask of the persona, and the first impression we make on those we meet. It could be said that the qualities of the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon imprints on the outer self as we emerge into the world. After that, each time we encounter a new situation or person, this is the "face" we reveal. If you've ever been puzzled by how others describe you, it could be that they've encountered the Rising sign qualities. It's the image facing outward, and might not be how you see yourself at all. It is the front door of the self, but as much a part of the personality as the Sun sign. The Rising sign deals with First House issues like appearance and personality, and can even influence physical characteristics. If the Sun is the core self, taking action in the world, the Rising sign is the vehicle with which to do more>>>...

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

"There is nothing to fear but fear."

"There is nothing to fear but fear." -Ludwig Boerne (1786-1837)

Fear is defined as an unpleasant, often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger, a state marked by this emotion.  Also fear, dread, fright, alarm, panic, trepidation.  As if this wasn't bad enough, fear is actually much worse than this...fear is what keeps us from being and  becoming whole human beings.  You can dress fear up in any one of a number of outfits, you can call it anger, grief, rage, jealousy, depression...but fear is still fear - it is any negative emotion that keeps you from being the best you can be. 

Fear is the opposite of love and a negative emotion that you   need to eliminate from your life.  Fear never kept your safe, not one moment of your life, and it's a terrible way to live. 

One method of  facing your fear, whatever it is, is to fully go into it - feel it - think about how it would feel to do the thing you fear, or how you would cope with the loss of a loved one, or what's the worst that would happen if you spoke up to the person who's been pushing you around.  Whatever it is that you fear...go into it...feel it...and come out the other side of your fear.  Once you start to face your fears and try to come out on the other side of them, the next thing to do is to force yourself to take some low-risk chances.  

Challenge yourself, and with every low-risk challenge you take, your fear will start to fall away.  Even if you don't succeed, your confidence and self-esteem will rise with every risk you take.  The only thing you risk is failure, and it's not even failing if you take a chance.  When you confront your fears you have nothing to lose but fear...what a wonderfully freeing concept!

What is your deepest fear? Or fears? Are you ready to face them … do you know how to face them?   

The theory bit is that … scientists tell us that the journey we build in our mind is as real to the brain as our dail experiences. The world of the subconscious mind is a real world with real      beings. The water is just as wet, the sun is just as hot. The only difference is that we can do things in that world we cannot do in this world. Why? Because in the inner world we admit to no      barriers. We use the same powers and senses we have in the real world, but there we believe in them. We think we are dreaming, but it IS real and can use the finer matter of that world to change this one

Extract Taken From The Art Of Creative Visualisation Workshop notes by Matthew James 

The Power of the Conditioned Mind

Waking Times: The society and culture in which you have grown up programmed those fixed patterns of the mind into you, and your identity who you are and what your job is in this world, is based upon those patterns. These systematic patterns of thoughts, programmed into you by your parents and teachers are deeply embedded into your mind and subconscious by the psychological mechanisms of identification, and they automatically surface every now and then. Whether you like it or not, these thoughts come and go, your mind is in constant motion. These patterns strive to be self-sustaining, and they generate the work of mind. The result is the cobweb of thoughts with which you identify and that is how you live your more>>>...

The Lake District Beauty Spots To Be Sold Off

Westmoreland Gazette: Beauty spots in the heart of the Lake District are to be sold-off by the national park authority, including the 'iconic' Stickle Tarn at Langdale. Significant budget cuts have forced the authority to re-evaluate its assets, prompting the controversial sales. Chief executive Richard Leafe is adamant access and maintenance will not be affected and the authority's strict planning regulations will still apply to the new owners. However, he refused to rule out further land sales across the national park, including the Lake District's third highest mountain, Helvellyn.

Some councillors and local residents fear that selling-off more than 100 acres will have negative connotations such as:

- Public access may be restricted

- Maintenance of the land may not be handled properly

- Privatisation may prevent the Lake District becoming a World Heritage Site

- Wealthy buyers may try to build on the land... read more>>>...

Accepting Yourself

Daily OM: There is no such thing as a good person or a bad person. There are choices and actions that lead us in different directions, and it is through those choices and actions that we create our realities. Sometimes we choose or do something that takes us in the opposite direction of the reality we want to create for ourselves. When we do this, we feel bad—uneasy, unhappy, unsure. We might go so far as to label ourselves “bad” when a situation like this arises. Instead of labeling ourselves, though, we could simply acknowledge that we made a choice that lead us down a particular path, and then let it go, forgiving ourselves and preparing for our next opportunity to choose, and act, in ways that support our best intentions. Many of us experienced childhoods in which the words good and bad were used as weapons to control us—you were good if you did what you were told and bad if you didn’t. This kind of discipline undermines a person’s ability to find their own moral center and to trust and be guided by their own inner self ... read more>>>...

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Scientists store data inside DNA that could last MILLIONS of years

Daily Mail: Just one gram of DNA can store the equivalent of 14,000 Blu-ray discs. But although the potential for DNA as an alternative to hard drives has been known about for years, it is not the most reliable and secure way to keep data safe. The latest breakthrough could be about to change that, however. Chemists subjected spheres of DNA to extreme temperatures designed to mimic chemical degradation and found the material - and the data stored on it - could be successfully decoded. The research was led by Robert Grass from ETH Zurich's Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences. 'DNA lends itself to this task as it can store large amounts of information in a compact manner,' said the researchers. Unfortunately, the data is not always retrievable error-free: gaps and false information in the encoded data arise through chemical degradation and mistakes in DNA sequencing.' ... read more>>>...

Unlimited War! ISIS Psyop Theater Comes to Full Fruition

Activist Post: The CIA and the U.S. Military Industrial Complex have now invested over 6 months of ISIS branding, promotion, and public relations. It was revealed by early January of 2015 that the U.S. had already dumped over one billion dollars to fight ISIS. All supposedly invested in failed air strikes and un-televised secret battles against ISIS where the U.S. ends up attacking Syrian targets instead. The ISIS psyop has been worked on so hard by the architects of the plan that now we are seeing the final desired political goals of the entire operation - an operation which has become more of a global theater. The ISIS psyop theater is now coming to fruition and the globalists are speaking loud and clear about what they want, which is really an admission to why they concocted the ISIS psyop to begin with. They want the authorization to use "unlimited" military "force" wherever they want, whenever they want and (of course) on WHO-ever they want to use it on. Isn't this a tyrannical empire's dream come true? And with this revelation the romance between ISIS and CIA/US/Israel and the other NATO ISIS partners is now fully exposed to anyone willing to see it for what it is.

For over 6 months Americans and people all over the world who still retain their normal critical thinking skills have been subjected to painfully sloppy fake ISIS videos, heavily scripted news reports verbally dictating to us accounts of supposed battles against ISIS. All along, as the months go by, ISIS has not been affected at all by anything the U.S. and its pro-ISIS allies have done. If anything, they keep telling us that ISIS continues to more>>>...

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THE HENGE by Matthew James 2014