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Thursday, 21 February 2008

Moorhen Symbolism

A strange energy to perhaps consider as a totem animal ... a scavenger and a survivor. Providing the ability to delve into situations and extract the most finite of details. An animal of both land and water. Not the most striking of birds ... one which does not stand out as anything out of the ordinary. Persistence and dedication to a purpose ... one of life's survivors ... an unassuming presence. Reliable, patient ... and there for the long run.

One of these totems 'chose' to wander in front of my vehicle this morning. It appeared out of nowhere and must have been aware of the work's car ... yet it still chose to carry on wandering to its death ...

Shamanistic symbolism demands that I acknowledge the sacrifice of this totem ... and that I am at least aware of its qualities and traits; should I choose too ... then these traits will be available to me ...

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