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Thursday, 25 July 2019

Man-made or Natural?

Of course, spraying aluminium and other heavy metals into the atmosphere is 'not' contributing to the 'heating of the planet' in any way? Surely the chemtrails are not a deliberate action to f**k up the planet?? I mean, the crazy elite, controlled by their Club Of Rome' simulator, wouldn't do anything so insane would they? Surely not? It's just a massive coincidence. Right?

[S.O.T.T]; How much of this global warming is of our own doing is debatable.

"Nobody really knows the reason. There are two theories. The two foremost theories are the greenhouse effect and the shifting of the Earth's axis relative to the Sun. Both are viable," says Tsygankov.

Earth goes through cycles, heating up and cooling down over centuries. Examples include the Medieval Warm Period followed by the Little Ice Age of the late Middle Ages. What we are going through now could, essentially, be another such swing, says Yevgeny Tishkovets, the chief specialist at the Phobos weather center.

"The main factor behind climate change on Earth is the changes in solar activity. As a rule, it happens every 200 years, give or take," says Tishkovets. (Give this man a medal for speaking truth).

Despite all the apocalyptic worst-case scenarios flashing from news headlines, it's nigh-impossible to accurately predict climate in the long term. Such projections are based on climate models, of which there are plenty, and advisory bodies get to pick and choose which one to more>>>...

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