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Thursday, 25 July 2019

A future dominated by electric vehicles is a slow, inefficient future that tortures the planet and the people

[Natural News]: According to the New Green Deal, electric cars are the future and they will soon replace gas-powered, combustion engines.

This “green” technology supposedly produces “zero greenhouse gas emissions” and will help save the world from the throes of climate change.

This sales pitch, adopted by Democrats in the 2020 election cycle, couldn’t be further from the truth. Diesel engines are more environmentally friendly than electric vehicles.

According to an ecological assessment from the IFO Institute in Germany, electric cars have a worse carbon footprint when considering how they are manufactured and how much energy is pulled from the grid in order to keep them charged up. Tremendous amounts of energy are needed to extract the lithium, cobalt and manganese that are needed to produce the batteries for electric cars.  

This process alone requires 11 to 15 tons of CO2 just to make one Tesla model 3 battery.

Notwithstanding, in order to keep electric vehicles charged, energy is pulled from the grid mix, requiring more coal, more gas, and consequentially more CO2 emissions. Even though electric cars do not cause emissions directly from the vehicle, they do require 180 grams of CO2 per kilometer when battery manufacturing and recharge requirements are more>>>>...

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