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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Believe Them At Your Peril

The climate change fear mongering frenzy is reaching its climax now.

According to the UK media the last decade has seen its top ten hottest years on record. That's easy to see when you are using TAMPERED and ALTERED weather data! this where the something must be done ... gives way to the solution. Zero CO2 emissions by 2050. Total extinction of virtually all biological life on planet earth!

They still claim the, heavier than air, gas carbon Dioxide is the culprit. Its being drummed into everyone, and so few of us even question the lie!

Carbon Dioxide is not the main constituent of 'greenhouse gases' and the weather cycle we are experiencing is nothing to do with climate change. Geoengineering and deliberate weather manipulation is; and water vapour makes up over 95% of greenhouse gases. Carbon Dioxide rarely reaches the upper atmosphere; volcanoes are the main reason it is in the upper atmosphere. And its effect up there is to COOL the atmosphere, not heat it up.

Real scientists are coming out of their silence and admitting that the data being banded about that 'proves' climate change, and is sealing mankind's return to the stone age, is TAMPERED with and deliberately misleading. It has been rehashed to suit the crazy globalist's plan to create a Carbon tax to make mankind on a whole poor, and also 'prove' their insane AGENDA to impose MANDATORY GENOCIDE on mankind.

They are tampering with the world weather to create these crazy weather systems. It's not man made climate change in the sense they claim due to too much CO2. Not at all. And anyone who falls for their lies and deceit are playing into the hands of the grim reaper.

They've spent trillions upon trillions of dollars on their agenda; so they can fool mankind and have the world for themselves. The basic truth is believe them at your peril because the current claims of climate change are total fucking lies .... deception and deceit on a crazy, mad and desperate scale by a bunch of mentally unstable families who are completely insane. Believe them at your peril ... because they are about to force governments, their playthings, to declare mandatory genocide laws to help save the planet.

The earth plane is NOT over crowded, there is NO food shortages other than the deliberate agendas THEY create. What they say about the earth and reality are total fabrications ... they are lying through their bad asses about nearly everything!

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