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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Soul and afterlife do exist, say scientists

Learning Mind: The age-old question of humanity: is there life after death seems to be answered. And the answer is yes. Scientists seem to have found the proof to the theory that every human has a soul, which remains alive even after the heart stops. One of the authors of the study anesthesiologist Stuart Hamer off disclosed details of the discovery in a TV show in one of the science channels. According to the report, human soul is something more fundamental than just neurons. “I think that consciousness has always existed in the universe, perhaps, from the time of the Big Bang“, said the professor. According to him, when the heart stops, the information stored in the brain cells does not die, but continues “leaking in the universe”. This explains the fact that people who have experienced clinical death often speak of “white light” or “tunnel”, which they claim to have more>>>...