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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Fire Letter Communion

‘My Thoughts On Receiving The Fire Letter’ .. A Light In The Darkness Monday 14th May 2007. 
I need to remember the experience from many months passed. I need to summon those moments if I can to relish the intense wonder of the fire letter coursing through my awareness; becoming my awareness. I was the fire letter. The fire letter was I. The experience was the most intense, electrifying moment of my entire life. In those moments I knew without absolute doubt there was an intelligence on another dimension which was external to my own, as it was impossible for my imagination or mind to create such a fantastic and frightening experience. To date I have yet to find any reference to anyone else who has had the experience of a burning, brimming fire letter, entering and completely overwhelming the consciousness. I will keep searching until I find that another mortal who has had this privilege .... it is too much to hope to receive another when I have yet to understand the first. I cannot remember which of the Hebrew alphabet the letter was ... and it is a sadness within me I bear. I wish I could truly remember then I would perhaps understand the reason why ... 

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‘Fire Letter Communion’ … A Light In The Darkness Thursday 24th February 2011..
The Fire Letter was overwhelming in its presence. Arriving without warning. Taking over my consciousness completely with its incandescence. My every nerve ending; my every thought; my every muscle; my every molecule; became at one with the fire letter in that instance. My inner vision incandescence; incredible and overwhelming energy and potency.

I was the fire letter. I was its intention. There was nothing else. My consciousness completely over-riden by the fire letter. Its meaning unknown. Its transmission unknown. But ... I was the receiver of this incredible energy.

Then ... it left my consciousness as swiftly as it arrived. Awareness of myself; my bedroom; my life; my name returned.Never would I be the same again. The energy of the fire letter; its intentions ... activating every molecule, every part of my consciousness ....MJ

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From ‘The Keys Of Enoch’ Key 1-1-0: “Enoch said that if all five languages were used simultaneously they would activate the pictographic communication of the Brotherhood within the brain, they would create a mental time warp and quicken the light body overself to dome within the human vessel of consciousness experience. These languages form a grid connecting the higher I AM consciousness of light within the human I AM consciousness of light through a cosmic light vibration.

Spiritual man is to understand that this grid is formed by the languages which create horizontal and vertical energy patterns.

These in turn are activated by the divine vector created by the focused light force and by the imprinting of the divine fire letters (Or energy sounds) upon the vertical and horizontal grid. The horizontal pattern connects with the mental energies that are part of an interchange of knowledge with the immediate life situation on the plane of human experience.”

From ‘The Keys Of Enoch’ Key 2.0.2: “A master template code composed of the Hebrew fire letters which are used to shape the geometric relationships of the individual grids themselves, and to “fire them” into unfoldment.”

From ‘The Keys Of Enoch’ Key 2-0-7: “The fire letter calligraphy of the language of light alters the memory sub-state of language affecting the psychological, neurological, biochemical and cosmological levels of thought-attunement.

This process of reception is begun by the projection of a brightly coloured ‘Yod’ form of light upon the face of the subject so as to trigger the necessary chemical combinations which activate the mind to receive the ideographs of communication.

However, this is so complex that the letters of living light must first be seeded into the subconscious during sleep. This is to prepare the spiritual inner vehicles to unify all of the unassimilable geometries of the dark subconscious into a divine letter.

Through these geometries the soul recognises it has a counterpart known as the Overself, which it can communicate with.”

From ‘The Keys Of Enoch’ Key 2-1-3: “Instruction is given by the Brotherhood Of Light to activate sacred fire letters, coding those who are apportioned into colour embodiment of vibration. The Brotherhood Of Light activate the sacred fire letters by projecting a burning ‘Yod’ from their channel of consciousness in the higher realms to a given human circulatory system.”