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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Types of Attachment

Blues Age Institute: We humans are doing our best to understand the nature of our own mind and the nature of this physical reality in the face of incredible interference. Due to the nature of this work, everything that comes up in a session is accepted as described, but not necessarily regarded as absolutely "true". The astral world is full of liars. The client and therapist simply work in good faith together, and good results occur.

The following categories are based on the way clients express what they find within themselves. In a larger sense, these elements could also be regarded as holographic programming. If this is all a hologram, what is the source? In what dimension of being?

Common types of attachment are:
1.Earthbound Spirits
2.Dark Force Entities
3.ET's and Aliens
4.Congested Astral Matter
5.Thought Forms and Beliefs
8. Soul Fragments ... ... more>>>...