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Monday, 28 January 2013

"How It Started"

(Part i of ‘The Rift Between Worlds’)

I am a remnant now of the force I once was
A victim of the last great holocaust
Reborn on this wheel to recall that which has been hidden
the truth that the darkness defends in its precious hives
I see their deceits despite all the efforts in hiding it all away from man
Many, many times they have decimated me and my kin through the ages
To prevent us from telling this tale and the many others that follow ...

I was an elder then, I bore a skin of red
Our land was sacred and tribal and stained with blood
the blood of our innocent women and children
Moved on by the murderous scum because they wanted what we had
the land beneath our feet which we prized
The technology which we hid; which our forefathers had vowed to guard
Butchered were we by the white race as it had been decreed many centuries before

We were the chosen race; we were a kindly race
We took only from the land that which we could replace
or what nature had intended us to eat
we were at one with the eco-cycles of the earth
We were accepted by nature and all its visiting faces

We were there when the rift was made; when the rift was shut
we witnessed all the wrongs and all the devilry
we understood the lessons the race of white had begun
and realise now as we look down on the earth, the payback has started ...

I am Shi-na-gar
I am cursed with the second sight
I have always seen things that others cannot
Always talked with the shadows that the others fear
As a child I held all my spirit’s memories
despite our teachings that our spirit’s had but one life
Always that felt wrong,
for another race; one of white with eyes of deepest blue; did visit me
and explained it all in dreams ...

In these dreams I bore a form the same as they
I saw magnificent cities and knew they had been built on the land our tribe now lived
Major cataclysms and deadly destruction wiped out this race
betrayal had come from within their ranks
All because alien factions had assumed control of their minds

I knew this doom was bound to return to the race of white
The curse it sleeps, but when it awakens it sends forth the demons
who come and adopt forms of man
who then become angels of death and slayers of flesh
This I knew was about to return but after my time on earth
But this I would witness as my spirit would take another form
and would retain my memory

These living thoughts would live on
So no matter how they tortured our flesh
or warped and twisted our legends
those thoughts would continue
Pure energy cannot be destroyed
Those memories cannot be removed from the akashi
And as another form my spirit will recover those memories
and pass them on into a desperate life

And now I sense that time has come
I have been awoken
and merged with the being who is my spirit reborn
We thus share a common goal; a common right to those memories
Memories of our spirit in a time before

A witness to the opening of the rift
A doorway between worlds on the lands which are now part of the Americas
A once magical portal constructed by an advanced civilisation
A kindly race with peaceful aspect
who became over-run by the ‘gods’ they let pass through the rift
a race of shapeshifting beings who appeared as us
but who could become fearsome reptiles on a whim
who would demand we sacrifice ourselves for them

These perversities became part of our way of life
the times of peace were lost
as we were taught to hate and fear each other
states of mind we knew soon to be those who brought closer these demons
who would ensnare us and possess us and who completely overwhelmed us

Who now control the rift and have built a civilisation on those lands
and have cast dark shadows of deceit and deception on the world
demanding constant wars and atrocities across every nation
all of the causes of this coming from the heart of their civilisation
Creating a harsh and evil time to live on this plane

My spirit prays it is all over
It grows weary of the fight
Throughout its existences since those dark times it has been a visionary
Charged with the task of spreading the word of truth
Telling its tales of how it once was in a vain hope it will be believed by sufficient souls
to form a pact which is powerful enough to counter the signals of control
the demons use to subdue the human mind
So the human mind can deny those leeches access to their minds
to blank out their signals and regain their peacefulness
For there was a time before this time the demons once came through and mankind had battled with them
Successfully closing off the rifts from their home worlds
But somehow mankind was made to forget
Mankind must be made to forget again ............

Copyright Matthew James Friday, 27 December 2002