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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Freak Cancerous Organism Devouring the World

Zen Gardner: When you witness this pacman type insatiable banking and corporate devouring of any and everything possible from countries to companies to public branding to full spectrum media and advertising dominance, you have to liken this insanity to a cancer. One organism is seeking to devour and own it all. This organism is not benevolent. It seeks its own agenda and self-serving survival. Independence and diversity are its enemies. Homogenous universality of a standardized, easily controlled diluted human morass is its design. Don’t be pounded into becoming another minion of their universal one-world bullshit. It’s dehumanizing, degrading, destructive and downright demonic. You will no longer be your own person, but a programmed gnome doomed to a life of volunteer slavery.

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