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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

"The Power Of The Word"

There is a tension in the air ... a hint of anticipation,
A taste of precognition ... deja vu perhaps ..
Having been this way before ... but when and where?
Visions percolate ... impound the normal mind with their persistence
As the sense of the dead gathering in the hall ... becomes stronger and stronger
But are they really the dead ... as they lay claim to life just as much as I ...
What if this environment deliberately got it wrong ...
And we are the dead here ... what if this is ‘the other side’
What then ... how should I react to that notion ...?

I hear that voice again ... you see
The voice of truth ... it is also the sense of conscience and reason ... that urges me on
Unrelenting in its excitement ... and its sense of adventure
In truth I know no other way ... than to take its hand ...
And follow its lead to wherever it chooses to take me ...

To savage vale perhaps ... or magical world ... or the same four walls
It decrees all of this existence vital and necessary
All experiences carry the same charm ...
So much can apparently be gleaned by your thoughts in each and every one of these moments
Very few of us pay heed ... and take time to listen ...

We are too confused ... much like being trapped in death throws
Under shock ... under direction by the falsehoods laid down by this environment
We are too distracted to listen ... to hear that persistent voice
Too laboured in our toils to comprehend if this is life or death
Enslaved by the ritual heartbeat of this caustic slumber ...

I see the figure .... leaning against a wall ... waiting me to follow once more
Down more alleyways in this abecedarian maze ... this labyrinth of prosodic possibilities
There is so much power contained in words
It is a force too overlooked to realise ...
For it controls so much ... and keeps so much at bay ....

Written 29th January 2013 - Copyright Matthew James