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Monday, 6 May 2013

Chi: Your source of health, healing and longevity

Natural News: The Chinese in their search for the "elixir of immortality" researched everything from minerals, herbs, and various drug and mineral combinations, some of which would be considered complex even by today's standards. Much of this was done by a group known as the Taoists monks. Taoism is one of the three major religions of China along with Confucianism and Buddhism. The Taoists were often some of the most practical, realistic and scientific. They were searching for anything and everything they could find to help them live as long as possible. They did this not because they were afraid of death, but because the longer they could keep the body alive, the more time they had to cultivate their spiritual training and achieve enlightenment.

After four hundred years of trial and error and many thousand of deaths through mineral and drug experiments, they discovered that the true "elixir of immortality" was not in any external formula, but already existed inside the body in the form of one's own life force or more>>>...