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Friday, 3 May 2013

Oracle Insight For Today

Insight Meaning: "The desired outcome may be long away on the horizon. You may feel embittered and rejected at this time. But know you’ve faced this difficult road many times before, and you always overcome these times. Follow your own intuition at this time; let your instincts lead you forwards through the long dark night of the soul. Your instincts are correct."

Glyph Affirmation“ Let your intuitive senses be the compass needle. Follow where instinct will lead you”

Tarot Image: 9 Of Wands

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Light Of Truth Oracle Cards™ by Matthew James 2012

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The Light Of Truth Oracle can be used as traditional tarot cards with both the minor and the major arcana linked to the oracle cards. However, their strength is in their association with The Kabbalah. Each Sephira (Including Daath) and all the 32 paths are represented by the images. There is also a card attributed to the mysterious eternal light of Ain Soh Aur. The Light Of Truth Oracle have their own unique suits - PATH, PERCEPTION, PERSONALITY, PURPOSE as well as a unique Gematria code for each card. These oracle cards are an absolute must for mystics seeking something new and refreshing to work with!