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Saturday, 11 May 2013

'Re-addressing The Mystery"

Using the Light Of Truth Oracle, let us readdress the 'Mystery of 357' and the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Not that we are likely to solve the enigma with one viewing. However, we can recover many of the insights which were so prevalent during the months after her disappearance.

The first key questions to be reviewed surfaced in my awareness are 'Fatima Fanaticism' and 'why leave it until the last day of their holiday to make Madeleine appear to disappear?'

Nowhere in the six images left do I perceive a passing. I must therefore continue with the insight that Madeleine McCann is still very much alive. Reviewing the unique suits of these cards (Cards I know rather intimately being their creator) ... we intuit an equal balance between 'purpose' and 'personality'. The disappearance can be gleaned as a story with a purpose. A shield or distraction. Very much what I've always been getting in previous reviews. The Supernatural card is twinned with The Empress in the Tarot ...

The Empress was always seen as the significator for Kate McCann. Her personality looms in this spread alongside 'the tree of life' which suggests it is something in her path through life that instigated the situation.

The Visionary image represent the personality of 'a forward planner' or someone seeing 'the bigger picture'. Thus the disappearance of Madeleine is somehow linked to a much bigger story.

The Driver personality seems to suggest that the disappearance was meant to kick start other actions. Sorry, but the whole thing seems like a black ops or 'false flag'.

Consciousness is the interesting card here ... it is a Purpose card designed to deal with the NOW. The card which say to forget about the past and the future; to focus what is around that the moment, in the now. An interesting choice as it appears the story has now faded from the light of day and has become a thing of the past. However, it is still extremely relevant as the bigger picture is still in motion. Much like a debt has to be paid or a deed undertaken before this situation is resolved.

The Understanding card is twinned with The Lovers in the tarot. The sword in the image can be gleaned as Excalibur ... either rising from, or sinking from the lake. The image is based loosely on the Lady Of The Lake and Glastonbury. A legend or a fable. Hence the separation of Madeleine McCann from family members ... is that a fable too? Or does this card represent the whole situation. There is a real suggestion of fable or fables with all the speculation and media bullshit with the situation. It has been cast in such a way so that nobody really knows. What is a certainty ... the world was meant to think Madeleine had been abducted. I get the sense that all the cover ups relating to actual sightings ... in Malta, Morocco etc... were created to counter some agency that was intent on letting the world know she was still alive. There is a real sense that someone out there was trying to blow the cover on the story. It is the way it feels here.

But is she still alive? That is the big question most people are wishing to know. I would still answer yes. Where is she now, can you locate her? That is the next big question. For some reason there is a sense of Ireland, even now ... but also regular travel ... and her not being Madeleine anymore. Given a new identity sadly. But, is this part of the plan that was hatched before it took place? Were members of her family influential enough to be in on the 'mission'? Was this the intention of her conception by controversial means? Experimental means? Pioneering means? Was she the evidence these methods were successful? How deep down the rabbit hole does this go? And how many of the children conceived in this way appear on the birth registers? And what are the lives planned for these children? These are the big questions here ... and this is what I am truly wary of. Some powerful faces are behind the 357 mystery --- © Matthew James 11th May 2013