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Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Rune Eolh

Pagan Lore: Another rune that appears to be connected with an older symbol-the splayed human hand which it resembles, an instinctive sign for warding off harm. Outlines of the human hand have been discovered in caves where prehistoric men once lived. The American Indians used this sign for peace. similar symbols, but with five branches, are used in North Africa to turn aside the evil eye.

A reasonable objection can be made that if Eolh is meant to represent the human hand, it should have five branches. In fact, it is one of the less understood runes. In later rune poems it seems to have stood for elk-sedge, which may be though kind of marsh grass that elk feed upon. But it has also been interpreted as willow, sea-holly, swan, and even as the sign of an obscure god named Alcis mentioned by Tacitus.

One thing at least is known: the rune was carried by warriors to protect them in battle, In the Old English Rune Poem the connotation of warding off survives..Read More>>>...