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Friday, 10 May 2013

The Shining Star

It's been a long & arduous journey ... a lot longer than most people anticipated ... its now over 6 years, and still there is little light appearing on the horizon.

It is a matter of utmost secrecy and compartmentalization; away from the public eyes which had the Media Machine used as a smokescreen. All was not what it appeared, with many of the characters seen on a daily basis, back then, little more than actors in a movie. There to play out the script that had been written by those within the compartments.

The matter of the survival of one little girl became a world wide concern ... with so many possibilities discussed across the WWW. One thing is very apparent in this mystery - it is not what it appears to be. The question of her still being alive? So many had given up hope, have now given up hope. I still await the nod from The Two Old Dears that anything untoward has happened. I still stand by the statement, however bold it sounds, that The Shining Star is still alive. I see this not as plainly as I did ... but I still feel the same vibration of deceit and secrecy around the entire thing. I had my own theories on what has transpired and they still are feasible, especially in the light of what has been uncovered in the last year or so. That I believe is part and parcel of this situation.

But where is She? The automatic response is still "she's safe. In a house of safety. Not with the lord but with servants of the lord. Being conditioned and prepared."

When is she going to be 'released'? 'She may never be seen in the public eye. Her role is perhaps a silent ambassador within the secret compartments. Do you ever see the faces of those who truly rule the world? No."  

© Copyright Matthew James 10/5/13