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Friday, 8 September 2017

3-5-7 Remembered.

For further research on Madeleine McCann there are nearly 1200 posts on A Light In The Darkness, ranging from the new's stories at the time to our regular Daily Merlin insights during the 2007 - 2009 period of this mystery. They can be accessed by clicking HERE ...

We still have in our possession a number of personal items kindly sent to us by members of the family in order to help us with our insights. It's sad to think that the media world, and so many people, condemn the McCann's without understanding or knowing what is the real story.

From our numerous Daily Merlin insights (Insights that had been confirmed in so many instances as being 'right on track' and 'hitting the nail on the head) we discovered what we believe to be the real happenings on the evening of 3-5-7 ... a truth so far from what the media portrayed. It was done deliberately to hide so much of what was really going on.

Although the trail is deemed to have gone cold, we can still extrapolate the living thoughts of Madeleine. We are still adamant of her safety and her survival. What alarms us are the reasons for her apparent disappearance ...