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Sunday, 8 December 2019

Galah - Totem Bird of the Week

The Galah is the totem bird of the week for Sunday 8th December to Sunday 15th December 2019. Galah medicine will enable you to step back from anxiousness, letting your sense of humour to surface in those difficult moments. By acting instead of reacting, you will find yourself experiencing the commencement of a period of significant changes in your life.

As a native bird totem symbol, Galah can indicate learning without understanding, or understanding without ensuring this increased awareness is correctly integrated into actions being taken. Correct application of Galah medicine can ensure that action follows thought; in actions take precedence over reactions.

Galah, like the Cockatoo and the other parrots, can also indicate the archetypal comic. This can be observed by their youthful, noisy sense of play, where the Galah is completely in 'the now moment'.

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